Bonum Certa Men Certa

Rianne Schestowitz: Poetry for Microsoft Lunatics on the Run

Cookie Monster Shining: The dumpster's puppetmaster Matt Gulag, Immibis the beast, and Brandon Lobsta

Three years of burnout, can't think straight, can't even smile.

It makes you sad and even mad. Existential threat so badly you get.

Trolling and doxing were your next weaponry. Along with your drug-dealing and stabbing sprees.

While attacking women is your pet peeve against me. By resorting to harassment you can't get free.

"Social Justice Warriors" they called themselves. But none that shows or projects from their selves.

Shouting out the word "transphobe" when getting backed onto a corner. Only to show they don't back anybody in a corner.

The pretentious wannabe. Hiding behind a community.

Piggy-backing in the organisations where they are claiming they belong. Nonetheless it won't last long.

Unmasking the puppetmaster was a great deal. When the collaborator also ran away like a real shill.

The connivances turn astray when all the betrayals show their way.

Aggressive writing they convey. In the IRC channel where they park and stay.

Passionately combative when they have the chance. Charging like a real mob.

Hostility in the community they ploy. While the trolls deploy.

The great projector is busy poor-shaming people. All the while no water running on the pipes connected to his site.

No heater, no insulation, only an electric bed mattress will warm the place at 0.6 degrees, what a disgrace.

Mr. know-it-all wants to be a plumber, but he only slumbered in a wooden place scattered.

Trying to fix things your way didn't work, as the cheapskate king is a dork.

The serial liar and serial defamer at its best. Contacted Stallman to tell about the rest.

No, Richard doesn't trust and believe what you say, coz you can no longer fool a person once upon a time you chose to betray.

Looking for sympathy on several platforms, but your true colours are now emerging through the form.

When all your deceptions are all over the place, a poker face works wonder in a masquerading place.

UEFI 'secure boot' shim is your masterpiece. A piece of malware should nobody ever miss.

Interjecting attacks into GNU/Linux wherever possible, all while sleeping with Microsoft people.

Advocating 'secure boot' must come to an end for this person who can't even make the days end.

You have been fooling people for a long time, longer than the last time you were fine.

People should know you are no longer relevant. In your presentation you don't have any participant.

Security expert, you may say, that's why nobody listens to your dismay.

Defaming people became your comfort. Escorting your emotion to resort.

All sorts of tactics you've tried, but all failed and didn't chime, you just never thrived.

Roller-coaster of emotions you felt; also sadness came and somehow you dealt.

How happily you form the army of trolls. Controlling them like no other but fools.

These gangsters can harm no more when there is eternal vigilance. Don't ever give them any chance.

These are militants and rioters in disguise and they must pay the price.

The Diablo is waiting down below, pulling your legs to the grave.

Say your little prayer while the beast blows smoke down the cave.

Matt Gulag and Brandon Lobsta were rolling like rolls, as were the trolls.

I never took food from the garbage, maybe Garrett and Lobsta did.

What the heck you just did??? Am I right, indeed?

They ate food from the trash. The dumpster specialist will not make a dash.

Not thinking about it as harmful, though it doesn't matter, at least my stomach is full.

RMS protein you were licking, and you have found it to your liking.

Tuna, cat food, baby food and Ramen noodles -- those were your favourites, you like it? That would be great.

French press you also mention, it's class! No, dude, with class you must earn it, backlash you get without it.

Doing a "line of coke off Linus dick". What the heck! You are a complete wreck.

Immibis to the rescue, muddying the water with all/any possible issue.

Working hard to get in the IRC channel, continuously spying in the tunnel.

Writing and preparing the QUIT message. Talking in the straw like you never draw.

Desperately finding some VPN "hotspot" to finally deluge the attack.

Wanted to destroy Techrights. As the ultimate goal that was.

The persisting mob on the move to get extremely fast into the groove.

The next attempt is to hijack the server. Confiscate the domain; we shall obtain.

Chicksahoy, thats why I dont sue Roy, I dont care. You only care for the carebears?

Chicksahoy, technically someone could, thats all im saying. Nah, you are just faking.

The lunatic imposter is banned from other networks. Good thing that worked.

Microsoft intentionally using this madman, so let's get them canned.

Get a job, you fool. You smell like a stool. You are a Microsoft mole.

You are a desperate human being, you are a sick-minded thing. Your life is finally ending.

What is causing your downfall is your evil deed. Do not blame other people, indeed.

While you are going down the drain stop grabbing people in the pit where only you can fit.

Chances are, no-one ever forgets that for so much time you've deceived. Nobody wants to have received.

Do not trust liars, cause less mess. You shall be dismissed.

It's time for you to go to a place where you can finally rest. Put us not to the test.

You and the collaborators deserve each other; like you say, do whatever or never ever.

Lady finger shall give you a middle finger. Salute you deserve and for you to reserve.

You touched the wrong lady, refusing to lay her ground. You are now bound to the ground.

Keep trolling wacko, so I can keep on writing about you, psycho. Peace be with you all. Until my next blog post.

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