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Connections between Microsoft and Acacia were explored especially in 2007 when Acacia sued GNU/Linux vendors. Acacia lost the case in April 2010.


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  • Data Engine Technologies (DET) Just One Among Many Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls That Pick on Microsoft's Biggest Competitors
  • Federal Circuit Doubles Down on User Interface Patents, Helps Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls Curtail the Prime Competitor of Microsoft Office

  • 2014

    Software Patents’ Demise Includes Exceptional Defeat for Microsoft-Connected Trolls, But Bar Still Lowered for Patents


  • Acacia, Which Has Former Microsoft Managers and Agenda, Apparently No Longer Good for Microsoft
  • Red Hat Pays Microsoft-Linked Patent Troll Again, Refuses to Provide Details

  • 2012

  • Microsoft Patent Trolls Get Staff From Microsoft While ‘Mother Ship’ Sues Google Over Android

  • 2011

  • The Acacia Tax on Life
  • Acacia Extorts Red Hat Again
  • Patent Cartels Galore: RPX IPO, Acacia Moves Racketeering Operation to Texas

  • 2010

  • Microsoft-funded ‘Satellites’ With Software Patents
  • Microsoft is Paying Red Hat Foe Acacia and Bruce Perens Criticises Red Hat Over Acacia NDA
  • Acacia Slanders GNU/Linux
  • ACCESS Co. (Source of Mobbyism and Attacks on the Free Software Foundation) Linked to Acacia
  • Details Needed About New Red Hat-Acacia Patent Settlement
  • Microsoft’s Patent Trolls at Intellectual Ventures and Acacia Are Attacking Again
  • Bogus Oracle Patents, Broken USPTO, Apple’s Patent Aggression, and Acacia Gets More Money to Troll
  • Microsoft Attacks Linux Competition Using Lawsuits and Threats (With Software Patents), Pays Acacia/IP Innovation After Anti-Linux Lawsuit
  • The Cost of Patent Trolls Who Attack Linux
  • Red Hat Appears to Have Done More Against Acacia (Patent Troll)
  • Acacia’s Case Against GNU/Linux is Dead
  • Patents Roundup: Acacia, i4i, Tuxera, Monsanto, Apple, and Microsoft
  • Update on Microsoft-Staffed Patent Troll and Its Lawsuits Against GNU/Linux

  • 2009

  • TomTom Sues the “Patent Troll” Microsoft
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft, Linux, Acacia, Junk Patents, and Pseudo Reform
  • Patent Trolls — Including Acacia — Attack Linux Users/Devices
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft Loses Visual Studio Case, Makes Acacia-Like Moves
  • Patents Roundup: Linux, Acacia, Microsoft, Samsung and More
  • Patents Roundup: Red Hat, Acacia, Microsoft, Apple, and the European Commission
  • Microsoft & Acacia’s Extortions Roadshow
  • Patents Roundup: Acacia Extortion, European Lobby, and Failed Systems
  • Acacia Bites Dell with Software Patents, Reform Sought at Tilburg

  • 2008

  • Patents Roundup: Trolls, Acacia vs. GNU/Linux, and Software Patents at Jeopardy
  • Latest Patent Abuse from Microsoft, Acacia, and Rambus
  • Trend Micro’s SCO-esque Business Model Backfires, Acacia Sued for Defamation
  • Acacia Buys Google Kryptonite, USPTO Urged to Change
  • Proxy Analysis - Bill Gates, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud and Acacia
  • Acacia (with Former Microsoft Employees) is Suing Apple
  • Software Patents Roundup: EPO, USPTO and Acacia
  • Acacia, Microsoft and Wishful Thinking

  • 2007

  • A Patent Reform, Acacia’s Greatest Hits, and the Risk to GNU/Linux
  • Quick Mention: Acacia Claims Inventions It Does Not Own
  • Patent Roundup: Acacia-Microsoft Hypothesis Revisited, Microsoft Loses Patent Case
  • An Issue of Mistrust: Bill Gates, BayStar, Acacia, SCO, and Linux
  • Patent Roundup: Acacia’s Trolling Suffers Prior Art Barriers
  • Quick Mention: Acacia Shares Sink, Company Moves on to Apple
  • Eye on the Patent Trolls (Acacia is Very ‘Busy’)
  • Acacia Continues to ‘Innovate’ with Portfolio

  • Also see Intellectual Ventures. Category:Patent trolls