Bonum Certa Men Certa


CNET got widely criticised when its own writers complained about censorship by editors, publishers, and the parent company, CBS. Techrights covered CNET issues in the following posts.


  • CAFC Decision Still Overridden by Overzealous Patent Lawyers in the Press, The Guardian and Other Corporate Press (CBS and AFP Included) Still Guard the Establishment

  • 2012

  • Slashdot and CBS/CNET Help Promote Patent Trolling

  • 2010

  • CNET Shows Anti-Google AstroTurf (‘Consumer’ ‘Watchdog’) is Connected to Edelman, “Microsoft Goes on the Offensive” Against Google
  • Murdoch’s Rag Hires a Microsoft Advertiser/Booster as CNET Loses Several
  • Ina Fried Receives Microsoft Payback as Gates’ Reputation Laundering Tour Kicks Off in US Colleges

  • 2009

  • “Mr Dee” from CNET Received Laptop Gift/Bribe from Microsoft
  • “Mr Dee” on the Paul Allen-funded CNET, More on Microsoft-funded Comments
  • Why Did CNET Remove Microsoft’s Attack on Open Source?
  • CNET Senility of the Day: Sun Buying Novell

  • 2008

  • Microsoft Fights GNU/Linux and Brazil with Lies
  • Some New (But Very Old) Microsoft AstroTurfing Examples
  • CNET Hypnosis: Only the Poor People of Brazil Might Want GNU/Linux