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Canonical, unlike Ubuntu, is a company that helps sell a mixture of free/libre and proprietary software. It is therefore making both commendable and dubious moves at times. Here are some Techrights' posts about Canonical.

  • Thoughts on Canonical’s Approach to Non-Free (Non-Libre) Software
  • Canonical Learned Nothing from Novell
  • Canonical is Already Aware of the Problem With Mono
  • Canonical Searches for Its Strategy, Confused About ‘Patent Protection’ for Ubuntu
  • Former Chair of Fedora: “Canonical is a Marketing Organization Masquerading as an Engineering Organization”
  • Greg DeKoenigsber Backtracks in Case of Canonical Critique
  • Canonical, Ubuntu, and Software Patents
  • Canonical Should Adhere to Freedom Principles, Keep Feet on the Ground (Not ‘Cloud’)
  • What Canonical Can Improve
  • Techrights Just the Messenger Regarding Canonical-OpenSUSE, Neither Denies the Rumour
  • Linux Magazine: “Microsoft Has Already Approached Canonical Pressuring Them to Sign up to a Patent Deal, But They Turned it Down.”
  • Bad Decision Made at Canonical Regarding Media Player
  • Canonical is Hiring Mono Developers, Losing COO
  • Microsoft Infiltrator Wants Canonical to Foster Mono as Canonical CTO (Who Opposed Mono) Leaves
  • Canonical/Ubuntu Considers Dumping Mono From Ubuntu LTS
  • Aiding Criminals
  • Ubuntu and UEFI
  • Canonical and Red Hat Receive Negative Publicity Over Submissive UEFI Choices
  • With UEFI, Microsoft Assaults the General Public License (GPL) and Computing Freedom in General
  • Canonical Adds Skype (Proprietary Software) to the Ubuntu Repository (Corrected)
  • Meet Canonical’s New CEO
  • Thumbs up to Ubuntu for Removing a Part of Microsoft; TurboHercules Likely a Psystar-Type Microsoft Shell
  • Novell is Insulting Ubuntu/Canonical Again
  • Canonical Learned Nothing from Novell