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Companies That Lost GNU/Linux Focus After Microsoft Deals

Companies that signed collaborative deals with Microsoft -- including submissive patent deals -- eventually lost their focus on GNU/Linux and thus effectively neutralised. We have given example of this in the following posts.


  • Novell Creates OpenSUSE Team But Decreases OpenSUSE Support
  • Simon Phipps: “Linux is No Longer Important Enough to Justify a Business Unit at Novell”
  • Microsoft Influence in Novell’s Management Increases, More .NET Focus
  • Novell Sets Focus on .NET
  • Reminder: Novell and Xandros Are Not Open Source Companies
  • Novell and Xandros Are Promoting Windows, Again
  • Is Linux Focus Being Lost at Novell?
  • Microsoft Acquires Novell(’s Direction)
  • Novell Selfishly Uses Mono as ‘Protection’-based Advantage
  • Got Mono? Buy Some Peace of Mind™ (SLED) (Novell's new product is patents)

  • Xandros/Linspire

  • Xandros Shows Death by Microsoft
  • Xandros: “We Are Kind of Getting Away from Being a Linux Company”
  • Xandros Thinks Linspire Customers Use Microsoft Windows
  • Xandros/Presto is Windows-Only, Xandros is Still Linux Shy
  • Xandros to Visit Microsoft Show, Samsung’s Ballnux Phones Fail
  • Linspire Sells Us Linux FUD, Not GNU/Linux

  • Devices

  • Companies That Facilitate Microsoft’s Linux Extortion Still Close Partners of Microsoft (LG for Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Dumping in SXSW, Barnardos, and Samsung (Samsung for Microsoft)

  • Corel

  • Companies That Facilitate Microsoft’s Linux Extortion Still Close Partners of Microsoft
  • Novell — Like Corel — Becomes a Microsoft Vassal, Promotes XAML-based Desktop
  • Corel, Like Novell, is Microsoft’s Friend, Not Its Competitor
  • Microsoft Executives Penetrate Corel, Yahoo; Is Novell Next?
  • Corel’s Days Seem Numbered After Selling Out to Microsoft, Just Like Novell
  • Corel: Whose side is it on anyway?

  • Asus

  • ASUS: “Currently, We’re Closely Tied up With Microsoft”
  • What is Going on with ASUS and GNU/Linux?
  • ASUS Enters the Slog Business
  • More Suspicious Moves from ASUS
  • ASUS Profits Fall 94% After Getting “Closely Tied Up with Microsoft” at the Expense of GNU/Linux
  • It’s Unofficial: Microsoft Pays ASUS (Kickbacks) to Block GNU/Linux. Will EU Commission Step in?
  • Russia’s Antimonopoly Service Targets ASUS, Toshiba, H-P, Samsung and Dell for Potentially Colluding with Microsoft

  • Misc.

  • Companies That Signed Anti-Linux Patent and FUD Deals with Microsoft Also Violate the GPL
  • Do Patent Deals with Microsoft Knock GNU/Linux Vendors Out of GNU/Linux Business?

  • "Apparently Epic Games (UT3 for Linux missing, apparently after deeper Xbox involvement)," adds MinceR. See this for details.

    Also learn what Microsoft did to OLPC.