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It's Unofficial: Microsoft Pays ASUS (Kickbacks) to Block GNU/Linux. Will EU Commission Step in?

Laundered money

Summary: "Microsoft is actually paying for using Windows [...] Asus speaker confirmed this in Germany," says an informant

According to a German Web site, some are being told that Microsoft has been paying ASUS per sale in order for them to install Windows XP and neglect or exclude GNU/Linux. There are some attempts to find the particular place where an official message from ASUS (probably E-mail) let it be known, right after someone had complained about the absence/price of comparable Eee PC with GNU/Linux. Details from the conversation are added below.

“The European Commission needs to intervene if this is provably true.”Considering the fact that less than a year ago an ASUS official said, "currently, we are closely tied up with Microsoft," the above makes sense. The European Commission needs to intervene if this is provably true. This would mean that Microsoft is still breaking the law behind closed doors. It breaks the laws in some other areas (OOXML for example), but this area should not be neglected. Kickbacks are almost a euphemism for bribes, especially when you are a monopolist. Intel will soon be fined for it in Europe.

Is Microsoft paying OEMs to deny the entry of GNU/Linux into this market (or its survival there)? Could Microsoft be actually charging nothing for Windows XP on some devices? Not even $5? What about the cost of patents that encumber each copy of Microsoft Windows?

Appendix: Conversation log

*mib_24m6za (i=58418c01@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 22 19:46
mib_24m6zadang I want to relogin with my real nick but cant even when I delete all cookies....Apr 22 19:46
mib_24m6zaanyway, MS will get taught a lesson in RussiaApr 22 19:47
mib_24m6zasimply put they will take the money but go on their wayApr 22 19:47
schestowitzYesApr 22 19:47
schestowitzRussia shows Microsoft's weaknessApr 22 19:48
mib_24m6zaI am quite sure this 300m are one of the worst investments every of BallmerApr 22 19:48
schestowitzIt can't make people payApr 22 19:48
schestowitzSo it dumpsApr 22 19:48
mib_24m6zamy only concern is that the 300m are no cash but some worthless Windows copies or training classesApr 22 19:48
schestowitzThey did something similar in other countries like IndiaApr 22 19:48
schestowitzYesApr 22 19:48
schestowitzIt's worthless to themApr 22 19:48
mib_24m6zaleaving a steaming pile of cash?Apr 22 19:48
schestowitzSee the link that says "Under no circumstance lose to Linux"Apr 22 19:49
schestowitzIf Linux wins they get $0Apr 22 19:49
mib_24m6zathat was Munich... my home town :-)Apr 22 19:49
schestowitzSo they might as well give Windows+office for $0Apr 22 19:49
schestowitzBasically, here's how it goesApr 22 19:49
schestowitzOne might say, Linux has no chanceApr 22 19:49
schestowitzBecause Microsoft competes with $0 WindowsApr 22 19:49
schestowitzBut that's nonsenseApr 22 19:50
schestowitzBecause sooner or later that becomes the price of WindowsApr 22 19:50
schestowitzSee the price of XP on subnotebooksApr 22 19:50
schestowitzAbout $5Apr 22 19:50
schestowitzbecause of LINUXApr 22 19:50
mib_24m6zaMS is actually paying for using Windows - said that already a 100 times... Asus speaker confirmed this in GermanyApr 22 19:50
schestowitzSo they won't be profitable for much longerApr 22 19:50
mib_24m6zathey charge 15 USD for Win XP Home but pay a per unit kickbackApr 22 19:50
mib_24m6zafor every netbook soldApr 22 19:50
schestowitzBallmer has just taken a cheap shot at Oracle's purchase of Sun saying it's a sw company buying a hw companyApr 22 19:50
schestowitzHe said MS would never do such a thingApr 22 19:51
schestowitzBut!Apr 22 19:51
mib_24m6zawhich is higher than the licence feeApr 22 19:51
schestowitzTheir sw becomes worthlessApr 22 19:51
schestowitzIn the cost senseApr 22 19:51
schestowitzSo they tried to sell hw without successApr 22 19:51
schestowitzNotably Zune and XboxApr 22 19:51
schestowitzThey lost ?$billionsApr 22 19:51
mib_24m6zahey - I own a MS mouse - the best MS product I ever used :-)Apr 22 19:51
mib_24m6za mib_2kldw9 mib_bs9bo5 mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy Apr 22 19:51
schestowitzmib_24m6za: can you get me that link?Apr 22 19:52
schestowitzEven in Deutsch?Apr 22 19:52
mib_24m6zayes they are shoveling money in thewir commercial grave so to say :-9Apr 22 19:52
schestowitzI need to use thatApr 22 19:52
schestowitzmib_24m6za: please please find me that referenceApr 22 19:52
schestowitzFrom ASUSApr 22 19:52
schestowitzI'd re-cite it a lot when the issue comes upApr 22 19:52
mib_24m6zalet me look this up it is buried somewhere here 22 19:52
mib_24m6zaor should be thereApr 22 19:52
mib_24m6zawas a user who mailed Asus why no Linux netbooksApr 22 19:53
schestowitzThat would change the whole way we think about this issueApr 22 19:53
schestowitzThat's literally buying one's market shareApr 22 19:53
mib_24m6zaand they answered very frankly cause they get kickbacks :-)Apr 22 19:53

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