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This is an extension of the Credibility Index. It contains names of people or organisations who consistently promote Microsoft's line. Learn more: Why identifying Microsoft talking points is important


  • Business Software Alliance
  • Association for Competitive Technology
  • Computing Technology Industry Association
  • Gates Foundation Critique

  • Government affairs with Microsoft

  • Microsoft influence in the United States government
  • Microsoft influence in the Indian government
  • Microsoft influence in Europe
  • Microsoft influence in Asia
  • Microsoft in Vietnam
  • Microsoft in Russia
  • Lists of Microsoft- and Gates-Hired Lobbyists in the United States of America
  • Details of Microsoft’s Lobbying in Europe
  • Microsoft in Jordan

  • Microsoft Marketing/PR

  • Microsoft PR Agencies
  • Microsoft Technical Evangelists
  • AstroTurfing

  • Patent Trolls

  • Patent Trolls Connected to Microsoft

  • Analysts

  • Analyst Groups

  • Journalists

  • Microsoft Drones examples
  • Credibility Index

  • External Links

  • - a Web site for documenting organisations and individuals who claim an independent opinion when promoting Microsoft products or services, or criticizing competitors, legislation, or policies that challenge Microsoft, but are closely tied to Microsoft.