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Hotmail Reality Log

  • Hotmail and Gmail Data Breach Potentially Due to Windows Trojan
  • Has Microsoft Fired Its CIO Because Hotmail Secretly Runs on Free Software?
  • Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy: Block GNU/Linux Using Silver Lie
  • Why Microsoft Doomed Exchange… and E-mail Too
  • Microsoft: Use Chrome in Hotmail
  • Microsoft: “If You Are Using High Contrast Display Mode in Windows, You May Have Difficulty Sending Mail.”
  • Microsoft Outlook is a Wiretapping Device, Just Like Hotmail and Hotmail 2.0 (Facebook)
  • Microsoft Speeds Up Hotmail’s Demise With Pure Incompetence, May Rely on Facebook Instead
  • Microsoft Confirms — and Also Spins — Loss of 17,000 Hotmail Accounts
  • Microsoft Loses All Credibility in E-mail