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The United States International Trade Commission, coupled with the USPTO, helps companies embargo competing products for alleged patent infringement.


  • The ITC Makes Embargo Using Almost-Expired Patents a Business Strategy of Intimidation and Harassment
  • USPTO FEES Act/SUCCESS Act Gives More Powers to Director Iancu, Supplying Patents for Litigation 'Business' and Embargo (ITC)
  • ITC is Serving Patent Trolls Now
  • Qualcomm and AMD Want 'Innovation' by Embargo
  • Patents on Steroids: ITC is Rushing Embargoes Before the Facts Are Even Known
  • Arista Shows How ITC Injustice (Embargo Before Facts Are Even Known) Harms Smaller Businesses, Helps Monopolists
  • Microsoft's Biggest Patent Troll Now Leverages the US 'International' Trade Commission (ITC) for Embargo Attempts
  • Cisco v Arista Networks is a Stain on the Reputation of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) and It's Beginning to Recognise This
  • In Motorola (MSI) v Hytera a Reminder That the ITC Does Not Honour PTAB
  • The International Trade Commission (ITC/USITC) Will Possibly Get Abolished Unless It Can Reform Itself
  • The US International Trade Commission (USITC) Against Comcast, Courtesy of the Intellectual Ventures-Connected Rovi

  • 2017

  • Align Technology Uses Some Software Patents Litigiously, Conjoined With Financial Sanctions/Pressure Through ITC
  • CIAA Chastises ITC for Allowing Embargo Based on Invalid Patents of Cisco
  • The United States International Trade Commission is an Embargo-Loving Bully That Ignores Invalidation of Patents at Hand
  • ITC and FTC Weigh in on Competition/Antitrust and the Patents-in-Standards Question

  • 2016

  • Creative Technology, Now Operating in ‘Patent Troll’ Mode, Shot Down by the ITC; Jawbone Too Shot Down
  • USPTO Still a Fine Mess, ITC Restricted as Sanctions/Embargo Enforcer
  • The ‘International’ Trade Commission Imposes/Reinforces Software Patents to Establish Another Embargo

  • 2015

  • Apple Makes Use of Alice v. CLS Bank (Alice/§101) to Invalidate Software Patents, But ITC Pretends Nothing Happened

  • 2012

  • Apple Presses Hard for Android Bans While Android Leapfrogs Apple in Tablets, Not Just Phones
  • Microsoft File System Patents Are Collapsing
  • The Cult of Apple Loses Against Linux/Android in ITC, Court
  • Groklaw Update on Android Patent Cases and Response to FUD From Microsoft Lobbyists
  • Apple is Sued for Anti-competitive Practices; The Court Sees Patent Lawsuits/Actions by Proxy
  • Updates on Microsoft/Nokia and Apple Patent Wars on Linux

  • 2010

  • Eye on Apple: Class Action, ITC Probe, More Flaws Found
  • ITC Considers Whether to Ban Apple Products After Apple Sued Linux (Android)
  • “US International Trade Commission Supports Patent Trolls”
  • Apple Uses USPTO/ITC Protectionism to Fight Desktop GNU/Linux
  • Federal Government Less Patents-Friendly Than USPTO, Apple’s Embargo Attempt (With Patents) Fails ITC Judgment