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Microsoft and the NSA

Microsoft is actively colluding with the NSA. No software company has been quite as collaborative with the NSA as Microsoft has, e.g. in providing direct Skype is Spy Campaign|Skype access. But this is not the story which the media tends to tell; instead it focuses on companies like Facebook and Google.

Microsoft offers back doors at the operating systems level, not just the Internet/communications level; the NSA as a whole has come to share a bed with Microsoft (even staff intersections exist) and this technology giant, Microsoft, also receives payments for these abuses of privacy. e.g. from the CIA, based on clear disclosures (leaks).

The following articles cover examples of some of the ways in which Microsoft actively spies on people, directly (for its business interests) or as a proxy for governments.


  • Microsoft: Bug Doors Are Us, With Plenty of Choices Available
  • Microsoft 'Encryption'
  • Reminder That Microsoft Lies About Its Privacy Policies
  • Video: Microsoft Working for NSA and FBI

  • 2020

  • Former Microsoft Employees Don't Like Talking About Past and Present Microsoft Back Doors (Designed for Spy Agencies)
  • When Microsoft's Actions Speak for Themselves (About Back Door Access)

  • 2016

  • With a Cybersecurity Panel Like This, Who Needs Any More Demands for Back Doors?

  • 2015

  • Microsoft BitLocker Has Bug/Back Doors, Windows Laptop/Desktop Encryption Just a Farce
  • More Back Doors Found in Microsoft's Entrapments (Proprietary Software)
  • The Huge, Collateral Cost of Microsoft's Collusion With Five Eyes Espionage Agencies
  • Microsoft is Again Demonstrating That It is Not Interested in Making Windows Secure
  • Debunking the Idea of ‘Secure’ Windows (or Proprietary Software, by Extension)
  • Back Doors/Bug Doors in All Versions of Microsoft Windows Need a Name, a Logo, and Branding Too
  • Microsoft Back Door in Windows (All Versions) Intentionally Left Open For Over a Year, Existed for 15 Years

  • 2014

    November 2014

  • Windows ‘Update’ and NSA Back Doors, Including a 19-Year Bug Door in Microsoft Windows
  • Cryptome Reveals How Microsoft Gives the FBI and the NSA Back Doors to Crack Encryption

  • July 2014

  • Former Microsoft Engineer Working on Windows BitLocker Confirms Government Asks Microsoft for Back Doors

  • June 2014

  • Microsoft and Bill Gates the Most Zealous Surveillance Proponents in the Software World

  • May 2014

  • When NSA/PRISM/Microsoft Skype Turns Voice Conversations Into Text in Real Time

  • April 2014

  • No Need For ‘Disclosure’ of Security Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Software as Microsoft Helps NSA Crack Microsoft Software and Freely Access Data/PCs

  • March 2014

  • Snowden Leaks Confirm That Microsoft Xbox is Target for In-House Camera Surveillance, Not Just Chat Surveillance
  • Microsoft and Bill Gates Are Still Defending What’s Criminal (Warrantless Mass Surveillance)

  • January 2014

  • Microsoft’s Role in Political and Industrial Espionage Concealed

  • 2013


  • Microsoft Pays CBS (ZDNet/CNET) Which Calls Snowden a Traitor, ACLU Should Sue Microsoft Over Skype
  • NSA Does Not Need Microsoft Windows Crash Reports to Spy on Windows Users, Apple Equally Spy-Friendly
  • More Details Revealed About How the NSA Infiltrates Windows and Other Proprietary Software, Governments Should Now Ban Microsoft
  • Xbox Live Shows Even Higher Degree of Microsoft/NSA Collusion

  • November

  • Microsoft Windows is a Trojan Horse for the NSA
  • NSA-Created Malware Used Politically and Relied on Microsoft-Provided Back Doors/Weak Encryption
  • New Revelation: Microsoft Gives the NSA Easy Access to Its Datacentres

  • August

  • The NSA Can Now Ping to Death Windows-running PCs
  • Windows XP Getting No More Security Patches Not the Big Issue Because It Already Has Back Doors

  • July

  • Microsoft Collusion With the NSA Shows the Harms of Monopoly: No Perceived Threat in Hurting Users
  • Privacy Scandals Are Destroying Microsoft as the Company Fails to Deny Its Abuses
  • Privacy Crimes of Microsoft Confirmed: Microsoft Colluded With the NSA in Criminal Surveillance (Illegal, Unconstitutional Program)
  • Microsoft Windows Has New NSA Back Doors, Copies Spyware From Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu and SUSE ‘Cloud’ Users Spied on Through Microsoft Windows Azure (With NSA Back Doors)

  • June

  • Confirmed: Microsoft Tells the NSA About Back Doors in Windows
  • If You Use Microsoft Windows, the NSA Can Brick Your Computer Hardware Remotely
  • Microsoft Was Lying About Skype, It’s More or Less an NSA Honeypot
  • Microsoft is Exploiting Children to Sell Its NSA Surveillance Engine, CBS Advertises It
  • Microsoft’s Very Latest Ways of Spying on People Far Worse Than Google’s and Facebook’s
  • Project Chess Teaches Us That the Government is Indeed Listening to Skype Calls

  • 2012

  • Skype in Microsoft’s Hands Gives NSA Access to International Phonecalls