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Microsoft influence in the Indian government


  • Something Rotten at NASSCOM and Microsoft (Again)
  • Are the Microsoft Memoranda of Exclusivity in India and the US Illegal?
  • What Bill Gates Did in India: Business as Usual
  • Microsoft Wants More Control of Indian Government, US Space Programs
  • Microsoft as Political Movement in the US, Maybe India Too
  • More Microsoft Antitrust and Tax Evasion, Legalised by Former Microsoft Management (Ross Hunter) in the Government

  • EDGI and Dumping:

  • Microsoft’s EDGI in India: Fighting GNU/Linux in Education
  • India Moves to Free Software, So Microsoft Fights Back with Gentle Bribes and Partners

  • Commercial, not political:

  • Microsoft May Have Bribed India for OOXML Pressure
  • Who Voted “Yes” for OOXML in India Anyway?
  • Microsoft Storms India with Patents, by Proxy
  • OOXML in India: Bullying of Critics, Even Professors
  • Fraud, Embargo and Slump at Microsoft Partners in India

  • Shooting down FOSS (2015):

  • Microsoft Lobbying in India Shoots Down or At Least Weakens Free/Libre Software Policy
  • Microsoft is Again Showing Its Hatred of Free/Open Source Software by Lobbying the Indian Government to Drop a Rational National Policy
  • Gartner Group and NASSCOM: Will Lie for FUD, on Behalf of Microsoft and Proprietary Software

  • Policy pressure (2016):

  • Microsoft Tries to Conquer Asia’s Largest Populations (India, China) But Still Fails and Should be Stubbornly Rejected