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Category:Sun Category:Comes v Microsoft Category:Antitrust Category:Microsoft Category:Hardware Category:Java This index deals with Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits which offer a glance at the history of Microsoft abuse. For a concise summary of some of the exhibits, see "Petition text - overview".


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  • Bill Gates on the JAVA crisis (Exhibit PLEX0_6109)
  • Surf the Java wave (Exhibit PX07871)
  • Key platform challenges from Java and NC (Exhibit PLEX0_5852)
  • IBM Confidential Java Strategy Update (Exhibit PX02712)
  • Java Redacted (Exhibit PX04264)

  • Harming

  • We have to avoid pure JAVA applications (Exhibit PLEX0_5879)
  • Ben Slivka: how do we wrest control of Java away from Sun (Exhibit plex0_4482)
  • A good tactic to tie java developers to windows (Exhibit PX09104)
  • Jim Allchin: piss on Java (Exhibit PX02412)
  • Microsoft terminates Sun's Java license (Exhibit PX02782)
  • Microsoft on fighting the Java infestation (Exhibit PX02916)
  • Microsoft Product Manager: “Screw Sun, cross-platform will never work. Let’s move on and steal the Java language.”
  • The Microsoft Java Language Council (Exhibit PX04258)

  • Bill Gates' Personal Role

  • Bill Gates: I am hardcore on not supporting Suns Java (Exhibits plex0_2727 and plex0_2710)
  • Bill Gates on how to cause a Java schism (Exhibit PLEX0_2727)
  • Bill Gates: An ISV that writes to COR is just f*cked (Exhibit PLEX0_2759)

  • Articles

  • Judge Likens Microsoft's Effect on Java to a Bang on the Knee
  • Jinxed by Java

  • Posts of Interest

  • Microsoft’s Nathan Myhrvold on How “to Freeze the Market at the OEM and ISV Level”
  • Microsoft on “Embrace and Extend”, the “Windows API Franchise”
  • Nathan Myhrvold/Bill Gates Use “Embrace and Extend” Against “Making it Easy for People to Do Competitive Operating Systems”
  • Bill Gates Called “LUNIX” a Threat Back in 1997 (also covers Java)