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The Guardian

The Guardian is repeatedly being funded by Bill Gates (as recently as late 2016) and it tends to cover Microsoft in a favourable fashion. Techrights wrote about The Guardian in posts including:


  • CAFC Decision Still Overridden by Overzealous Patent Lawyers in the Press, The Guardian and Other Corporate Press (CBS and AFP Included) Still Guard the Establishment

  • 2012

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  • 2011

  • What Has Happened to The Guardian?

  • 2010

  • Bill Gates-Funded Guardian ‘Writers’ Are Again Whitewashing Gates and Attacking Microsoft Rivals
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  • Transcript of The Guardian’s 10-Minute Microsoft ‘Advert’
  • Gates Foundation Purchases Famous Events, Newspapers to Brainwash the Public
  • Has Microsoft Gently Bribed the British Press?

  • 2009

  • The Guardian Tells Microsoft’s Lies
  • Response to The Guardian’s Boosting of Vista 7 (Including Transcript)

  • 2008

  • Microsoft Jack Keeps Trashing Microsoft’s Competition in The Grauniad (sic)