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VirnetX became well known for its battles against Microsoft. It was mostly covered is that context.


  • Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is Not Getting Money From Apple and VirnetX Might Not Get Any, Either
  • Patent Trolls Roundup: Microsoft's Patent Troll Collapses, Samsung Fuels Patent Troll Sisvel, and Patent Troll VirnetX Wants Apple's Cash
  • On Virnetx, Intellectual Ventures, Interval Licensing and Other Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls That Microsoft Leverages to Attack Its Competition
  • Patent Trolls in the United States Show the Importance of Stopping Software Patents (Trolls' Favourite) Worldwide

  • 2017

  • Patent Troll VirnetX a Reminder to Apple That Software Patents Are a Threat to Apple Too

  • 2016

  • VirnetX Case Against Apple Shows Not the Problem With Patent Trolls But With Software Patents

  • 2013

  • Apple’s Addiction to Patents and the Latest Patent Attack on Apple
  • Microsoft’s Skype as a Universally-accessible Backdoor, Patent Infringement
  • Militarisation of Patent Battles: Militant Patents and Microsoft Spying (Skype, Kinect, Audio/Video Surveillance)

  • 2010

  • The Supreme Court Gets Another Chance to Kill Software Patents in the United States
  • Software Patents Crisis
  • Patents Roundup: Apple Sues Android/Linux Again, ‘Anti-Microsoft’ Patent Upheld, In Re Bilski May be Due Today
  • Microsoft Settles With VirnetX After Patent Violations, is i4i Next?
  • Office Eroded Even Further by Software Patents, Microsoft Office 2010 is Losing
  • Microsoft Sued by VirnetX (Again) and Kodak Alleges That Microsoft’s Patent Troll Bullies Companies Along With Ray Niro
  • More Evidence of Potential Microsoft Involvement in Apple-HTC Lawsuit Against Linux/Android (and Microsoft Loses to Virnetx)
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Monsanto, Pfizer, and ACTA
  • Patents Roundup: TiVo Wins, VirnetX vs Microsoft Decision Imminent, Patent Rackets Thrive

  • 2008

  • Microsoft Sued Melco Group Over Linux and Microsoft is Likely to Lose Another Patent Case (VirnetX)
  • Patents Roundup: Where Microsoft Stands
  • Bilski Decision Believed to be Incredibly Long or Containing Multiple Opinions

  • 2007

  • Patents Troll, Bully, or Both? (External Sources)
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