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Zune Reality Log

Category:Audio Category:Microsoft Category:Zune Zune is quite a well-known failure from Microsoft. It failed to gain traction and below are some of our posts on the subject, starting from 2009.


  • The End of the Road for XBox, Zune, No New Products
  • Windows Mobile, Vista, and Zune Injure Microsoft: Time to Go, Say Journalists
  • Farewell, Zune?
  • Zune and Xbox Still Circling Down the Drain After Long Downtime
  • Microsoft Fails with Gadgets and Moves on to Toys
  • Microsoft Unable to Spread Through Gadgets
  • Zune Management Abandons Still
  • Zune and Windows Mobile Fail at Rebirth
  • Microsoft Pink is Already Declared Dead and Danger Dies with Permanent Data Loss
  • Microsoft’s Gadgets and Consoles Still Ridiculed and Avoided

  • 2010

  • Failures in Xbox, Zune, and Windows Mobile Mark “Microsoft’s Downward Spiral”
  • Zune and Windows Mobile Are Going Away
  • Zune is Down 54% This Quarter
  • Windows Phone 7 Falls on Its Face and Microsoft Still Wants Patent Royalties on Linux Phones (Zune-like phone)
  • Microsoft’s Gadgets/Hardware Business is Collapsing (Zune, Xbox, Mobile)
  • Latest Failures in Windows Mobile, Zune, and Xbox 360
  • Microsoft Sued for Patent Violations in Zune
  • Microsoft Kin Fails, Aggravates the Public (Microsoft’s new Zune-like phones fail to impress anyone, even huge proponents of Microsoft)
  • Microsoft’s Phone Business as Dead as Zune, But Apple Too Loses Its Mind
  • Latest Microsoft Hardware Failures: Kin, Xbox, and Zune
  • Wal-Mart Removes Microsoft Zune From Shelves — Source
  • KIN is Dead, Zune May Naturally Jump the Shark Next
  • “Walmart is No Longer Carrying the Zune“ and Microsoft’s IronPython is in Trouble
  • Two Percent Market Share for Microsoft
  • Time to Throw in the Towel on Zune, Which Becomes a Public Embarrassment

  • 2011

  • Zune is Now Dead, At Least As a Brand