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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 22nd, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 11:53 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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schestowitz Hey there, blackrabbit. Jul 22 05:41
blackrabbit hello schestowitz how are you today Jul 22 05:41
schestowitz It’s early, so still waiting for sunrise. There’s lots of trolling an slurs in USENET (seen minutes ago) Jul 22 05:43
blackrabbit I’d sooner drink bleach than post on usenet Jul 22 05:44
schestowitz Why? All of USENET or just COL[X] groups? Jul 22 05:45
blackrabbit too much noise there Jul 22 05:45
schestowitz Depends where. I used to post in low-traffic NGs prior to 2006. Jul 22 05:46
blackrabbit A few retain interesting posts, the majority are noise Jul 22 05:47
*blackrabbit nibbles on the fresh green grass Jul 22 05:48
schestowitz The responsiveness there is good nonetheless. I like USENET because Web forums don’t have a UI in your desktop, too. Jul 22 05:48
blackrabbit I despise web forums Jul 22 05:49
schestowitz One day they can vanish. Jul 22 05:51
blackrabbit I enjoyed your post about Microsoft’s financial nose dive Jul 22 05:54
blackrabbit Though won’t they continue to “feed” from Linux-pact tie ins? Jul 22 05:54
schestowitz Only Novell really, but coupon deals seem to be on the decline (fewer announcements). Linspire is now kaput and Xandros doesn’t sell much… ASUS probably pays them nothing. Jul 22 05:55
blackrabbit Xandros sells on the eee? Jul 22 05:58
blackrabbit The story on Novell recommending IE was a laugh too Jul 22 05:58
blackrabbit Linspire is completely dead? Jul 22 05:58
schestowitz Llinspire gave up (well, the president did) and tried to make it look better. Jul 22 05:59
blackrabbit I’m curious how Microsoft will “handle” Ubuntu, since it seems to be the bold and unrelenting “free” distro, apart from Red Hat, that is. Jul 22 05:59
blackrabbit Well, there is the codec tie in with Dell, that could be one way Jul 22 05:59
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blackrabbit The president of Linspire gave up, but where does the company go from there? Jul 22 06:00
RogerBacon hey ;) Jul 22 06:00
schestowitz Shuttleowrth has spoken to Microsoft about this for almost 6 months. Jul 22 06:00
blackrabbit Oh? Is this hand in hand collaboration between Shuttleworth and Microsoft? Jul 22 06:00
schestowitz That’s why he’s now refusing to attack Microsoft in public, IMHO. Same with Zemlin and Linus… they become cowards like most OEMs. Jul 22 06:00
blackrabbit It mentions codecs, but also DVD working, what is used to enable DVD playback exactly in Dell’s Ubuntu systems? Jul 22 06:01
schestowitz Hey. RogerBacon Jul 22 06:01
schestowitz Linspire sold it assets. It doesn’t truly exist now. Some staff will stay  though. Jul 22 06:01
blackrabbit Wow Jul 22 06:01
blackrabbit So CnR is dead, too? Jul 22 06:01
blackrabbit What a waste Jul 22 06:02
schestowitz No, Xandros owns it. Jul 22 06:02
schestowitz They might even put it in Xandros. Jul 22 06:02
blackrabbit Oh Jul 22 06:02
RogerBacon red hat entreprise linux or suse linux server ? Jul 22 06:02
schestowitz Red Hat probably… but there are clones. Jul 22 06:02
blackrabbit schestowitz, what is Dell’s Ubuntu systems using for DVD playback? Are they using the one known Linux DVD player available with OEM but not for retail sales? Or something else? Jul 22 06:03
blackrabbit I’m aware of one DVD player for Linux, which is only sold with hardware Jul 22 06:03
blackrabbit one *legal* DVD player Jul 22 06:03
schestowitz They use LinDVD. Jul 22 06:04
schestowitz They began using it with 7.10, IIRC. Jul 22 06:04
blackrabbit That’s it, I believe. Jul 22 06:04
blackrabbit Proprietary, right? Jul 22 06:04
schestowitz I had an argument with Jeff Waugh over this. He’s a ‘pragmatist’ (propaganda term, it would seem. Jul 22 06:05
blackrabbit Have you used it? Jul 22 06:05
blackrabbit So would you assume, if not declare, Shuttleworth is in cahoots with Microsoft now, if not indirectly? Jul 22 06:05
schestowitz No, I wouldn’t either. It’s proprietary. My new PC has a DVD burner but I doubt I’ll ever use DVD. Jul 22 06:05
blackrabbit Since it sounds like there is some form of business agreement with them, if what you say is true. Jul 22 06:06
schestowitz No. Jul 22 06:06
schestowitz Mark deals with a company that packages Microsoft codecs. He’s concerned about the need for codecs. I could search my In box and get your the details. Jul 22 06:06
blackrabbit If they would ditch Ballmer, Microsoft, in my opinion, would do well to support major Linux distros with their software, I don’t see why they wouldn’t, it could be to their advantage. Jul 22 06:07
blackrabbit Or do you believe the problems to run much deeper than the figurehead? Jul 22 06:07
blackrabbit Correct, the codecs issue is staggering. Jul 22 06:07
schestowitz They gamble here. Jul 22 06:07
blackrabbit Why companies and governments don’t adopt free solutions is beyond me Jul 22 06:08
blackrabbit Granted, it’s rooted in capitalism and greed Jul 22 06:08
schestowitz They thin they can ignore Red hat and GNU/Linux as a host and then come out winning. Jul 22 06:08
schestowitz *think Jul 22 06:08
blackrabbit more money to gain from proprietary adoption Jul 22 06:08
schestowitz Governments are run by CIOs like Richard Steele on the IT front. Jul 22 06:09
blackrabbit Why are people tolerating Novell’s contributions? Jul 22 06:09
schestowitz The CIOs are owned (sometimes bribed the soft way) by the likes of Microsoft, Gartner, etc. Jul 22 06:09
schestowitz People want to believe Novell is ‘safe’. Well Mandriva collaborated with Turbolinux now on RPMs. Jul 22 06:10
blackrabbit Is Mandriva relevant anymore? Jul 22 06:11
schestowitz Yes, very much so. Jul 22 06:11
blackrabbit What are your thoughts on: Jul 22 06:11
blackrabbit http://www.ulteo.com/home/en… Jul 22 06:11
schestowitz (Posted from a Mandriva box) Jul 22 06:11
blackrabbit heh Jul 22 06:12
blackrabbit Why is Mandriva your choice? Jul 22 06:12
schestowitz Gael needs publicity, I guess. He E-mailed me some times in the past. He could also use more developers (team size). Jul 22 06:12
schestowitz Mandriva.. well, I like changing distros when I install something. If I don’t explore, I’ll never manage to compare. Jul 22 06:13
blackrabbit Yes, it’s always good to test the distros Jul 22 06:13
schestowitz I got a message from the editor at JupiterMedia. I’ll publish a review of KDE 4.1 when it’s out (next week) Jul 22 06:13
blackrabbit I play with livecds more than installs Jul 22 06:14
blackrabbit Good, 4 was buggy Jul 22 06:14
blackrabbit I’ve always found KDE to be buggy compared to Gnome Jul 22 06:14
schestowitz For KDE 4.1 it’s almost essential (live session) at this stage Jul 22 06:14
blackrabbit can you resize the panel? Jul 22 06:15
schestowitz No bugs here really, unless I enable Compiz which is integrated less seamlessly to KDE. Jul 22 06:15
schestowitz blackrabbit: in KDE you can change *everything* on the system. Jul 22 06:16
blackrabbit Do you use Compiz? Jul 22 06:16
blackrabbit I found Compiz to be like cartoons, good for kids but not for my productivity as an adult Jul 22 06:16
blackrabbit I ask because when I first tried KDE4, I couldn’t resize the panel Jul 22 06:16
schestowitz At the moment I do, but if I say so, then the Novell developers would ask me to stop. Jul 22 06:17
blackrabbit Do you have Novell developers reading these chats and your site? Jul 22 06:17
schestowitz KDE 4 is “developer preview” in my eyes. It’s like “watch this space and develop for it before it hits prime time”. Jul 22 06:17
schestowitz It was the same with KDE 3.0 Jul 22 06:17
blackrabbit Yes, this is what I take KDE4 to be Jul 22 06:18
schestowitz I used 3.1 between 2003 and 2007, so I can see the difference. Jul 22 06:18
schestowitz Novell employees do read the site. Some are just being coy. Since Compiz is sometimes attributed to Novell, they ask about it. I ‘ve only used it for weeks. Jul 22 06:19
blackrabbit schestowitz, always a pleasure, I wish you well, I have to be on my way Jul 22 06:25
schestowitz See you soon. Jul 22 06:26
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schestowitz I’ve just noticed that Datamation and LT had begun putting Microsoft ads. I might just have to stop writing for them. As for Digg, there are now girls and videos in every page (Microsoft advertising). Must be some heavy ad campaign from Redmond. The Web is selling out. Jul 22 07:20
schestowitz Just checked… http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/arti… . Yes, it’s everywhere. Jupitermedia (LinuxToday, Datamation, and many more) have just begun giving more space to Microsoft ads. Lots of them. Even in the Linux sites, if not particularly there. I don’t think I’ll write for them anymore. :-( Jul 22 07:32
kentma It looks like a final Microsoft drive to sell Vista.  Can’t see it working, but time will tell.  I don’t think most people care much about PCs any more – it’s a mobile world now. Jul 22 07:40
schestowitz Well, the ones I see now are about VMs and VoIP. I first noticed this in LinusToday. Then I went to Konqueror, which unlike Thunderbird and Firefox hasn’t any ad blockers. Jul 22 07:42
schestowitz I’d hate to throw away my ability to write columns, but as long as those ads are there, I won’t contribute. I’ll tell the editor, too. Jul 22 07:43
kentma The VoIP push is about their “unified comms” server, which integrates exchange directory, email and their messenger with a VoIP client and softswitch.  They’re aiming at the remaining TDM PBXs as well as the Cisco CCM markets – it’s not helped by people who “believe” all kinds of rubbish about VoIP. Jul 22 07:45
schestowitz There’s a unified comms app that’s Linux based. Jul 22 07:45
schestowitz One or two, IIRC. One is in the making. Jul 22 07:45
kentma I’m not at all against the principle, indeed, one of the reasons I work in telecoms is because I’ve always been interested in “connecting things together”.  The Microsoft push, though, is to gain leverage from their existing installed base of Exchange, by increasing the exit barrier in the long-term, but “saving money” in the short term by staying with exchange. Jul 22 07:47
kentma A sensible exit strategy for most companies would be to source an exchange replacement, an MSN replacement and then install whatever PBX solution they like (personally, I like Asterisk, but there we go).  Of course, if  you already have 20,000 people on an existing system, migration is no small task. Jul 22 07:48
schestowitz Yes, that’s what competitors complained about when it comes to this Microsoft push. Microsoft only plays with its own Lego bricks. I guess I won’t publish for quite some time to come. I used to criticise linux.com writers for feeding the anti-Linux ads. It would be hypocritical for me to take the same route. Jul 22 07:49
kentma You must do what you believe is correct, Roy! Jul 22 07:50
schestowitz BTW, Nortel aligned with Microsoft on telecomms shortly after it had considered Linux for all staff. Jul 22 07:50
kentma what particularly was that? Jul 22 07:52
schestowitz I’d have to check. Jul 22 07:52
schestowitz They are still collaborating though. Jul 22 07:52
kentma Their old PBX is meridian,  but they have a new IP-based one called CS3k, the CS2k is their replacement for the DMS100 class-4 switch.   They come under teh general banner of “succession” and are designed to integrate with their existing range.  I would have thought that they’d stick with their own products here? Jul 22 07:55
schestowitz Have a look here: http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned… As I suspected, it’s unified comms that they work on, too. Jul 22 07:56
schestowitz I think Cisco-Microsoft is on the ropes because Microsoft wants to eat Cisco’s lunch. Jul 22 07:56
kentma And vice-versa.  Btw, I said CS3k when I meant CS1k above… sorry.  I know Nortel and MS have been swapping people over the last 3 or 4 years which has probably lead to some of the alliance mentioned in those articles. Jul 22 07:58
kentma Cisco will be taken apart by low-cost routers and PBB-TE over time, although some operators have decided on another round of MPLS, which will help keep Cisco afloat for longer. Jul 22 07:58
schestowitz I thought they did well with Chambers. Good reports and all, but they stopped hiring, IIRC, so there’s deflation. Jul 22 08:00
schestowitz BTW: One thing I’ve learned about Linux sites is that editors/publishers want provocation (like emotional elements that drawn in angry/fearful users). They live by the ads, not the integrity and defence of freedom. As for Microsoft facts, they are either “irrelevant” or “not substantiated”. Jul 22 08:01
kentma They had a lot of growth planning pinned on CCM, but most companies have realised by now that in order to do VoIP PBXs internally, they also had to upgrade all of their routers and network bandwidth, since VoIP is about 10x less efficient than TDM transport for voice. Jul 22 08:01
kentma Ah, interesting, although perhaps not all that surprising.  This is, perhaps, part of our “dumbed-down” culture. Jul 22 08:02
schestowitz Well, publication = business. Jul 22 08:03
schestowitz It’s money, not information. Jul 22 08:03
schestowitz Lemmie find something I saw earlier. It reminded me of a BIG BUSINE$$ called ISO. Jul 22 08:03
kentma Ah – “ISO Sold Out”  a good recursive acronym :-) Jul 22 08:05
schestowitz Oh, that’s the one from  the news: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/… (“American physicists warned not to debate global warming”) Jul 22 08:05
schestowitz MS can be another recursive acronym.. Lot of verbs starting with an S. Jul 22 08:06
kentma Wow – I think we’d better stick with the Royal Society!  that’s amazing.  On such things, I saw a Monsanto add yesterday trying to pass-off their GM weedkiller as “we got this from nature”, err, no, you didn’t! Jul 22 08:08
schestowitz Wait until the IEEE starts renting some ‘ad space’ as open access and online articles end paper and subs. Jul 22 08:09
kentma Well, I’m catching up with Digests, only about another week to do :-) Jul 22 08:10
schestowitz *LOL* Well, Timmy seems to have been stalking a little. He’s searching you on G2… and confessed in  COLA. Jul 22 08:10
kentma Odd thing to do – why’s he doing that? Jul 22 08:12
tessier timmay! Jul 22 08:13
schestowitz Investigation. He probably tried to come up with some accusation. He’s still ‘shadowing’ me in Digg and attacking me in comments. Jul 22 08:13
schestowitz tessier: you know ‘Tim Smith’, right? Jul 22 08:14
tessier Nope Jul 22 08:14
schestowitz he’s posting in  Digg and Slashdot too under harlow_monkeys and harlowmonkeys. Jul 22 08:14
schestowitz tessier: Tim from COLA? No? Jul 22 08:14
schestowitz I know that he works for a company that does some routing or forwarding with Microsoft. Jul 22 08:15
tessier I really don’t pay any attention to the cola trolls Jul 22 08:15
schestowitz Something like thin clients. Jul 22 08:15
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kentma hi again – something odd happened here… Jul 22 08:35
schestowitz IRC you mean? Jul 22 08:35
kentma indeed.  I think it was my end, though.  IP is great, but it has zero maintenance facilities, so it’s exceptionally difficult to find faults. Jul 22 08:36
schestowitz It has pingback :-) Jul 22 08:38
kentma indeed, except that’s ICMP… Jul 22 08:39
schestowitz Loopback rather, but the idea is similar. Jul 22 08:39
kentma lots of machines don’t support ping deliberately, too. Jul 22 08:39
schestowitz Lots won’t respond to them by default. Jul 22 08:39
schestowitz mandriva 2008.1 is amazingly string when it comes to received packets, unless you massage it. Jul 22 08:40
schestowitz *strict Jul 22 08:40
kentma It’s a feature of connectionless networks.  cl-ps (connectionless packet switching, like IP) can have very little maintenance facility, because of the lack of connections.  You need to rely on the underlying server network.  Unfortunately, all too often, this is ethernet, which is about as bad as IP in its raw form. Jul 22 08:41
kentma I’ve got a thompson router here which ignores pings.  I’ve yet to find a way to get the thing to respond :-) Jul 22 08:43
kentma just seen this:  Kernel space: Multiqueue networking Jul 22 08:44
schestowitz Yes. Jul 22 08:44
schestowitz They have some new stuff in the kernel. Jul 22 08:44
schestowitz If only they had big banners and acrobats dancing with slogans like “innovation!” and “wow”… Jul 22 08:45
schestowitz I’ve just noticed that your script for digests does not generate summaries. Is this due to PGP? Jul 22 08:47
kentma Sorry, what have you seen? Jul 22 08:48
schestowitz In today’s digest we have: [empty] Jul 22 08:48
kentma ohh sh*t, I see – I hadn’t noticed that! Jul 22 08:48
kentma doh! Jul 22 08:48
kentma Hmm, best take a look and see what I’ve done. Jul 22 08:48
kentma ahhh, I think I’ve found the offending bit. Jul 22 08:52
schestowitz Me? Jul 22 08:52
kentma :-) Jul 22 08:52
kentma my own fault, I fixed a minor problem but obviously didn’t check my fix well enough. Jul 22 08:54
kentma okay, fixed it now.  I’ll catch up and then go back to the ones I got wrong when I get time… Jul 22 09:06
kentma thanks very much for pointing it out, though. Jul 22 09:06
schestowitz No problem. Thanks for posting these. Some journalists use these to pick up their references (esp. the related links may help) Jul 22 09:07
schestowitz Some are always lurking by the way. For the first time a while ago, Fernando Cassia raised his head for condolences over the death of Joe Barr. The Inquirer people read it and Charlie even ‘stole’ “MEII” from [H]omer. Jul 22 09:09
kentma Homer’s ME2 was an excellent idea. Jul 22 09:09
schestowitz tessir might wish to see http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS2… Jul 22 09:10
schestowitz “What phone have you got there? What distro (spin) does it run?” A: “Oh, it dual-boots an Enlightenment spin and one is just filled with games” Jul 22 09:13
kentma As soon as there’s a 3G FreeRunner, I’ll have one. Jul 22 09:17
schestowitz We’re entering a phase of distros for telephones! Jul 22 09:18
schestowitz Don’t like your phone? Try a different distro for it rather than buy a new phone. Jul 22 09:18
kentma It lines up closely with my view that the desktop is yesterday’s technology – mobility is the key.  As you say, once the phone’s “open”, then we can have all kinds of fun.  Note, though, that phone manufacturers rely on most people changing their phone every 6 mos… Jul 22 09:19
schestowitz Well, the OpenMoko *is* a computer Jul 22 09:20
schestowitz It’s a ‘desktop’ just like a laptop is — whatever the definition du jour might be. Jul 22 09:20
kentma ah, no, I must protest… mobility is about people moving around, whereas a desktop PC is meant to stay in one place.  In the desktop model, people move between terminals, in the mobility model, they /take/ their terminal.  It’s a fundamental and critical difference in approach. Jul 22 09:21
schestowitz Nice way of putting it. Is it from your speech? Jul 22 09:22
kentma one of many :-0 Jul 22 09:23
kentma hehe Jul 22 09:23
schestowitz I might just start hacking on my Palm soon. I hardly use it anymore, not even as a calendar. Jul 22 09:24
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kentma http://www.kendra.org.uk/wik… Jul 22 09:57
kentma http://www.tribler.org/ Jul 22 09:57
schestowitz Thanks, wait… I have E-mail too. Jul 22 10:02
schestowitz (Oh, multiple recipients) One thing I know for sure is that ‘push TV’ will be replaced with ‘pull TV’like YouTube. VoD is too limited to satisfy people’s needs and YouTube is already integrated in to devices like Neuros. Price plays a role. Jul 22 10:05
schestowitz Tribler is a binary. I could just ‘pull a Real’ and spy on the user, probe the driver and who knows what else. Isn’t Democracy TV (Miro) a good alternative? Jul 22 10:07
kentma tribbler is oss Jul 22 10:08
kentma http://www.tribler.org/downloads/19 Jul 22 10:08
schestowitz I see now. It’s Python. Jul 22 10:10
*schestowitz looks for the executable Jul 22 10:10
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kentma p2p trial here: http://trial.p2p-next.org/ Jul 22 10:28
schestowitz I tried finding it in my repo, but nothing is there yet. I needed to install some more software Jul 22 10:29
kentma if you install the tribler binary (ubuntu) and then the swarm binary, then it’ll work.  you need to add their hardy repo in order to get the python-vlc package in order to see some of the videos. Jul 22 10:32
schestowitz I don’t use Ubuntu though. Jul 22 10:37
schestowitz But that’s not the issue. I don’t know if I really require this application./ Jul 22 10:37
kentma It’s more about the p2p television distribution which was interesting to me. Jul 22 10:38
schestowitz I’m on 100MBit LAN, but I guess if it’s peer-based, then you rely on th other end’s speed. Jul 22 10:39
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kentma it’s a torrent-like system, so it’s relying on the speed of multiple users, at least in principle, anyway.  It looks interesting, and is probably how the BBC should’ve done iPlayer in the first place, rather than the nasty MS system they used. Jul 22 12:10
schestowitz The iPlayer could become another botnet. They have no control over the code. Wait until vulnerabilities surface and worms passed via iPlayer. Jul 22 12:15
kentma unless it just dies.  The Flash version is much more popular, and at least is supported across more than just 1 platform, but it can’t do p2p at all.  the BBC cot themselves into a total mess on this. Jul 22 12:17
schestowitz They are like ISO in that respect. They try to throw sand at the evidence and have time ‘heal the wounds’ of loud protests and calls for sacking. It’s the same with governments really. If iPlayer becomes a vehicle of malware, scrutiny will return. Jul 22 12:19
schestowitz http://lehors.wordpress.com/2008/… “Of course, ISO’s officials attitude to recommend a straight dismissal isn’t helping the matter either. Although they are definitely being consistent I’m afraid in this case they are just being consistently wrong. They remind me of these abusive governments that spend their time trying to shush the opposition rather than understand it. They should know better tho Jul 22 12:20
schestowitz ugh. Jul 22 12:20
schestowitz Jul 22 12:20
kentma you had a quiet day posting on Sunday, Roy! Jul 22 12:20
kentma ISO are in a complete mess now.  I was more than a little disgusted to see that the British Library is still funding Microsoft through ISO and ECMA.  that’s *my* money, and I do *not* agree with this. Jul 22 12:21
schestowitz Yes, I ran lots of stuff on the Fedora clusters. Been busy that day. Jul 22 12:21
kentma I’ve got the summary listing back into the newer digests, and I’ve posted follow-ups to the ones I’d already posted with just a summary listing, which isn’t ideal, but is probably better than reposting the whole digest, as they’re rather large.  I think I’ve got them all, now! Jul 22 14:26
*baijum has quit (“Ex-Chat”) Jul 22 14:31
schestowitz Ta, Mark! Jul 22 15:23
kentma http://www.windriver.com/develope… – take a look at Glen Sieler on wind river… Jul 22 15:24
schestowitz The Engoneering mags had a couple of article about them yesterday. Jul 22 15:29
schestowitz *articles *engineering Jul 22 15:29
kentma ah, okay.  I know Glen, he’s a nice guy, in fact, he comes over in the video pretty much as he is personally.  I think he’s leading on Carrier Grade at the moment. Jul 22 15:31
kentma I’m seeing that Red Hat are unlikely to ever go for CGL certification, and Novell might well pull away. Jul 22 15:32
kentma This will leave the field open for Wind River and MontaVista. Jul 22 15:32
schestowitz MontaVista had some head changes recently. Jul 22 15:36
schestowitz First it was the CEO and now the marketing VP. But Jim remains Jim and also the main brain and motor. Jul 22 15:36
kentma yeah, I know a couple of MontaVista chaps, too.  I think that if they can sit-out the death of the proprietary embedded OS, then they’ll be in good shape, but it’ll take a while. Jul 22 15:37
schestowitz Propeller 2.0 has just been launched.   http://www.propeller.com/ Jul 22 15:41
schestowitz Can’t believe I had the same 2-year-old introduction there until now… it said “My name is Roy Schestowitz and I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Medical Biophysics at Manchester University. I regularly blog at my site where you can read about my interests, hobbies, opinions and pet peeves.” Jul 22 15:41
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schestowitz Oops. Wrong key. Jul 22 15:43
schestowitz Did I miss a message? If so, please paste it here Jul 22 15:43
kentma ah, I thought that maybe you’d banned yourself :-) Jul 22 15:43
schestowitz I thought [H]omer had plonked me for kicks. Jul 22 15:44
kentma Btw Roy, have you been following the Sats disaster with ETS Europe?  This is a classic example of cash leaving the UK to a US company which has utterly failed to deliver. Jul 22 15:50
kentma My no1 son is due to start GCSEs next year, and yet he still does not have his final assessment for this year.  Term ends today. Jul 22 15:51
kentma They have a contract with £154 millions (yes really!), look here:… Jul 22 15:53
kentma sorry, worth not with. Jul 22 15:53
kentma This is a cracking example of where an open-source solution should be the basis (INGOTS?) rather than the current QCA system, and there’s no reasonable reason at all for offshoring this, particularly to an expensive country like the US. Jul 22 15:55
*schestowitz looks (was away) Jul 22 16:13
schestowitz “The company responsible for the Sats exam marking fiasco has revealed it has been trying to clear a huge backlog by paying for staff to live and work in hotels across the country.” Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine takes a fancy hotel room at the company’s expanse and then loses her job. They party with the budget. Jul 22 16:15
kentma :-) Jul 22 16:15
schestowitz *expense      Well, SCO does this too. It doesn’t want Novell to get a penny so it’s spending like there’s no tomorrow. Jul 22 16:16
schestowitz Watch this: http://feeds.theinquirer.net/… “newsgroups _______thought_________- to be fiddling about with child pornography.” Jul 22 16:17
schestowitz See? They always use pedophiles and terrorism as an excuse to kill medium they don’t like. They just expand scope over time. Wait until political sites count as pr0n. Jul 22 16:18
kentma absurd… Jul 22 16:21
schestowitz Watch the comments too. Jul 22 16:21
schestowitz I’ll post this to COLA later. Jul 22 16:22
schestowitz Coca Cola “mat contain rat” in 0.001% of the cases, so let’s ban that too. Jul 22 16:22
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schestowitz Watch the trolls take their libel to LinuxToday: http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_… Jul 22 18:06
schestowitz Surely one of the trolls from COLA Jul 22 18:06
schestowitz kentma: I am pretty sure it’s one of the preps from  USENET using libel here… They attack the editord when they link to me… Have you had similar experiences? How can it be dealt with? Jul 22 18:22
kentma schestowitz: show me again tomorrow… Jul 22 20:13
*kentma has quit (“Leaving.”) Jul 22 20:13
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  1. IRC Proceedings: Friday, November 26, 2021

    IRC logs for Friday, November 26, 2021

  2. 38+ Years of GNU and 19+ Years of FSF Associate Membership

    “On November 25, 2002,” Wikipedia notes, “the FSF launched the FSF Associate Membership program for individuals.” As the above video points out, it all started almost 40 years ago.

  3. Gemini as a Platform for Gamers

    Contrary to what people often assume (or are led to assume), even without client-side scripting Gemini can accomplish a great deal; early adopters, many of whom are technical, test the limits of the very minimalistic (by design and intention) specification

  4. Improved Workflows: Achievement Unlocked

    Today we've completed a bunch of small projects that can make us more efficient (e.g. more Daily Links per day, more articles); the above video was recorded many hours ago to accompany the outline below

  5. Links 26/11/2021: New Complaint About Microsoft Competition Crimes in Europe, EuroLinux 8.5, GhostBSD 21.11.24, and Kiwi TCMS 10.5 Released

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  6. Links 26/11/2021: F35 Elections, Whonix, OSMC's November Refresh With Kodi 19.3

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  7. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, November 25, 2021

    IRC logs for Thursday, November 25, 2021

  8. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

    IRC logs for Wednesday, November 24, 2021

  9. Links 25/11/2021: PHP 8.1.0 Released and Linux 5.15.5

    Links for the day

  10. IBM as Master of Hypocrisy

    Free software projects and Free software developers have long been humiliated by corporations of Western misogynists, falsely claiming that the Free software community isn’t inclusive enough (these are shameless projection tactics; as a matter of public record, the exact opposite is true) and even the eradication of supposedly offensive language isn’t something IBM takes seriously

  11. Links 25/11/2021: LibreOffice 7.2.3 and Mesa 21.2.6 Released

    Links for the day

  12. [Meme] So Desperate That Edge Cannot Even Exceed 4% That They Block Rival Web Browsers

    Linux/Android/Free Software/GNU (they go by very many names/brands) may continue to grow to the point where Windows is as irrelevant as Blackberry; this means that Microsoft’s grip on the Web too has slipped — to the point where Microsoft frantically uses 'bailout' money to hijack LinkedIn, GitHub, etc. (it also rebrands almost everything as "Azure" or clown to fake a perception of growth)

  13. Windows Vista Service Pack 11 (Vista 11) Has Failed to Curb the Growth of GNU/Linux

    Windows market share continues to decrease in spite of billions of dollars spent bribing the media for fake hype, especially in light of a new Windows Service Pack (SP), Vista SP 11

  14. Links 25/11/2021: Proton 6.3-8 and Linux Mint Compared to Ubuntu

    Links for the day

  15. 3.5 Years Later the 'Master' of Fedora is Still Microsoft and IBM Cannot Be Bothered to Alter Git Branch Names (Refuting or Ignoring Its Very Own Directive About Supposedly Racially-Insensitive Terms)

    Today we demonstrate the hypocrisy of IBM; years after telling us that we should shun the term "master" and repeatedly insisting it had a racist connotation at least 65 Fedora repositories, still controlled by Microsoft, still use "master"

  16. Changing the Arrangement While News is a Bit Slow(er)

    I've made it easier for myself to keep abreast of things like IRC channels and networks (incidentally, a day ago Freenode reopened to anonymous logins) and I've improved monitoring of the Web sites, Gemini capsule etc. (this video is unplanned and improvised)

  17. Links 24/11/2021: Alpine Linux 3.15 and Endless OS 4.0 Released

    Links for the day

  18. [Meme] Jimmy Zemlin Loves Microsoft

    It’s funny, isn’t it? Lying for a living and sucking up to the liars pays off; you get to plunder actual Linux users while leaving Linux morally and financially bankrupt

  19. Links 24/11/2021: PHP Foundation and Flatpak Criticisms

    Links for the day

  20. IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

    IRC logs for Tuesday, November 23, 2021

  21. Links 24/11/2021: Rust Crisis and Team UPC Still Faking 'Progress'

    Links for the day

  22. Links 23/11/2021: New GNU Parallel and Memories of David H. Adler (Perl, Raku)

    Links for the day

  23. In Light of Fast-Accelerating Deterioration -- Sometimes Weaponisation -- Getting Off the World Wide Web (to the Extent Feasible) Makes You Saner and Less Susceptible to Manipulation, Lies

    Almost no sites are speaking about it (probably because they have no presence on the Internet except on the Web), but it's time to motivate more people to get off the Web, for their own good and for society's sake...

  24. Black Friday SPAM on the World Wide Web: A Reminder That the Web is a Dying Platform, Languishing Due to Marketing and Misinformation

    The junk that overruns the Web this 'Black Friday' week (consumerism 'on steroids') is a good reminder that the Web isn't healthy for the mind anymore; it's mostly spying on people, trying to compel them to buy particular things or vote a certain way

  25. Microsoft-Led Misinformation Campaign About Germany and Munich Reminds Us That Microsoft Hates and Actively Undermines GNU/Linux Adoption

    Regarding the latest moves to GNU/Linux in Germany we have 3 points to make

  26. Links 23/11/2021: Libreboot 20211122, Deepin Linux 20.3, Amazon Linux 2022, and Mabox Linux 21.11 Released

    Links for the day

  27. IRC Proceedings: Monday, November 22, 2021

    IRC logs for Monday, November 22, 2021

  28. Links 22/11/2021: EasyOS Dunfell 3.1.11, Microsoft 'Extends' Mesa for Windows

    Links for the day

  29. Microsoft's GitHub is Hugely Toxic and It Censors Critics of Corporations or People Sceptical of Those in Power

    Sociopaths have taken over GitHub and control over GitHub (by Microsoft) is being shamelessly misused, just as we’ve warned all along; GitHub is social control media/network for code, asserting control over projects and developers by means of censorship and other sanctions

  30. EPO Staff Engagement Survey Predates the Pandemic and Provides False Assumptions for EPO Policies or Policy-Setting

    The EPO ticks a box for "surveying the staff", but is it actually listening? Is that done often enough? It was last done almost 3 years ago...

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