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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 29th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:43 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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schestowitz kentma: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2… BT snares Silicon Valley phone firm [...] The company uses open APIs and has attracted a big community of developers. It hopes to release a consumer version of its product later this year. Jul 29 12:32
schestowitz The Symbian head appears to be out too: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505… Jul 29 12:33
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brendan_ hey Jul 29 12:53
*brendan_ is now known as ZiggyFish_laptop Jul 29 12:53
schestowitz Hey there, brendan_. Any news? Jul 29 12:53
ZiggyFish_laptop yes Jul 29 12:53
ZiggyFish_laptop IBM dominates Green500 supercomputer list <http://www.itnews.com.au/News/News… Jul 29 12:54
ZiggyFish_laptop I wonder how many of them supercomputers run linux Jul 29 12:55
schestowitz Yes, Red Hat at the top. Jul 29 12:55
schestowitz 92% of them run Linux. Jul 29 12:55
schestowitz 91% last year, if you include VMs. Jul 29 12:55
ZiggyFish_laptop yeah Jul 29 12:55
ZiggyFish_laptop finally got my computer back from the shop Jul 29 12:56
ZiggyFish_laptop and quickly as ever installed Linux Jul 29 12:56
schestowitz One of my monitors started flickering half an hour ago. Jul 29 12:57
ZiggyFish_laptop lol (was it a CRT ?) Jul 29 12:57
schestowitz I worry that it’s part of that huge Nvidia disaster (G84 and G86). They expect to lose hundreds of millions due to this. Jul 29 12:57
schestowitz Yes, one is a large CRT. Jul 29 12:58
ZiggyFish_laptop lol Jul 29 12:58
schestowitz It can do over 2000px in width. Jul 29 12:58
ZiggyFish_laptop nice, I use to have a CRT that could do that Jul 29 13:00
schestowitz [rant /] stooopid MSBBC: “In the past Microsoft has been hostile to the open source movement” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/t… Jul 29 13:01
schestowitz In the past? They don’t even mention the so-called ‘patent terrorism’ from last year, let alone the motives in this recent move. Jul 29 13:01
schestowitz The 24″ LCD that I bought is like s step back, pixel-wise. That’s hardly progress. Jul 29 13:02
ZiggyFish_laptop lol Jul 29 13:03
ZiggyFish_laptop MS is only doing it to make people think it’s open, but really it’s disabling it’s competitors (it’s been doing this for decades) Jul 29 13:08
schestowitz Spin sabotage as a good thing. Yeah, like the Novell deal. Microsoft uses it to claim that it’s nicer. Jul 29 13:09
ZiggyFish_laptop http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/h… is an interesting article Jul 29 13:12
ZiggyFish_laptop Locking down open computing Jul 29 13:12
schestowitz It’s a shame that he doesn’t mention GNU/Linux. I think he uses it. Apple is just a freerider and its platform is locked like a chastity belt (all of them). Jul 29 13:15
ZiggyFish_laptop anyway I’m off (thought I might keep you up to date with what I’m seeing in the IT industry) Jul 29 13:17
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kentma I know on the ribbit, yes.  It’ll be interesting to see what value it’ll be. Jul 29 16:54
schestowitz I heard of it before, but it’s not Linux, IIRC. Jul 29 16:56
kentma It’s VC funded. Jul 29 16:58
schestowitz How much was it bought for. 100 mil? Jul 29 17:01
kentma US$100mio, yes. Jul 29 17:06
schestowitz You should have bought ‘em for a pint. Jul 29 17:08
kentma We’ve a lot of new people in making decisions on stuff. Jul 29 17:08
schestowitz Microsoft has just ‘bought’  Apache for just $100,000 Jul 29 17:08
kentma And there I was thinking that IIS was a really good platform… Jul 29 17:09
schestowitz Well, they didn’t actually /BUY/ anything, but Apache sort of sold out. Jul 29 17:09
schestowitz I reckon we’ll need to wait some months before seeing the effects. The OOXML thing was bad enough to begin with (POI) Jul 29 17:10
schestowitz One of the seniors from Apache was angry with my assessment and left a bunch of comments. Many unknown visitors read those posts too, so I imagine it came up in popular mailing lists or something (about a thousand more visits than the average). Jul 29 17:12
*DB42 (n=wy@ has joined #boycottnovell Jul 29 17:23
DB42 hi, anybody here ? Jul 29 17:24
DB42 how can i know if my comp’s ACPI is borked for linux? Jul 29 17:24
schestowitz What brand is it? Jul 29 17:28
schestowitz See http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pa… Jul 29 17:33
DB42 Lenovo 3000 N100 Jul 29 17:34
DB42 whenever it comes back from sleep mode, the fans stop working and it overheats Jul 29 17:35
schestowitz They should have OK compatibility. Have you tried it yet (or considering a buy)? Jul 29 17:35
DB42 ? Jul 29 17:35
DB42 i’m usin git Jul 29 17:35
DB42 using it Jul 29 17:35
DB42 both ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04 have this problem (i guess others as well) Jul 29 17:35
schestowitz ACPI misbehaving? Jul 29 17:36
DB42 this is what i thought Jul 29 17:36
DB42 but i have no idea on how to investigate this Jul 29 17:36
schestowitz I’d try to find if other people report the same issue with the same unit/model. Jul 29 17:37
DB42 i tried looking for some inf Jul 29 17:38
DB42 o Jul 29 17:38
DB42 i saw some other complaints here and there, but with no concreate answer Jul 29 17:38
schestowitz Have you contacted Lenovo? They are now IBM-free. Jul 29 17:38
DB42 nop Jul 29 17:39
DB42 i rather invstigate this issue :) Jul 29 17:40
DB42 besides this is an old / deprcated model, i don’t think they would answer anything that might help Jul 29 17:40
DB42 is there ACPI checking howto ? i’ve seen the blog entry you had on this Jul 29 17:40
schestowitz What happens when you hibernate? Jul 29 17:40
kentma schestowitz: if the apache folk are angry, it’s most likely because y ou were right. Jul 29 17:41
DB42 same issue Jul 29 17:41
schestowitz I don’t know, kentma, but they actually ignored my arguments and preferred insults. Jul 29 17:42
schestowitz BTW, Perens thought the same thing. Same with SJVN, Ballard, etc. Jul 29 17:42
schestowitz I know there’s a large ACPI acticle in Wikipedia Jul 29 17:43
schestowitz [H]omer’s site is cited there. Jul 29 17:43
DB42 i tried asking in all #linux channels but didn’t get any helpfull answers Jul 29 17:44
DB42 i need a more linux-oriented tools for checking info :) Jul 29 17:44
schestowitz Have you tried phoronix? Jul 29 17:45
schestowitz They have some hardware experts there. Jul 29 17:45
DB42 they have an irc chan ? Jul 29 17:47
DB42 heh Jul 29 17:47
DB42 :) Jul 29 17:47
schestowitz #phoronix. I’m always there, too. Jul 29 17:48
DB42 you run this site? Jul 29 17:48
DB42 (boycott) Jul 29 17:48
schestowitz Which one? No, not phoronix. But I’m friends with Michael, the guy who runs it. Jul 29 17:49
DB42 no… boycottnovell … Jul 29 17:49
schestowitz Yes, Shane created the site, but he’s busy with other things these days. That may change in the future if my capacity to run the site is no more. Jul 29 17:52
schestowitz Subscribe to our RSS feed if you find the posts interesting. The stories are typically unique. :-) Jul 29 17:53
*lis` (n=lis@pub082136126031.dh-hfc.datazug.ch) has joined #boycottnovell Jul 29 18:09
DB42 very idle channel :) Jul 29 18:11
schestowitz Yes, I can see.  I sometimes go there for quick tips. Jul 29 18:13
*Casperin (n=casper@h148n8-m-kr-gr100.ias.bredband.telia.com) has joined #boycottnovell Jul 29 18:19
DB42 is mjg59 on irc ? Jul 29 18:36
schestowitz Who’s that? Jul 29 18:38
schestowitz It’s actually michaellarabel who would be helpful. Jul 29 18:39
DB42 http://mjg59.livejournal.com/ Jul 29 18:46
schestowitz Oh, Matthew Garrett. Why not leave a comment or submit a bug report assigned to him? Jul 29 18:46
DB42 in launchpad? Jul 29 18:48
schestowitz Yes, but they will need technical details. Jul 29 18:49
DB42 checking http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforu… noe Jul 29 19:15
DB42 w Jul 29 19:15
schestowitz Linux setup is the one challenging part (a one-time thing). That’s why OEMs ought to get their act together and /TEST/ the hardware if not preinstall a free O/S by default. Jul 29 19:18
schestowitz One thing you can do is repartition and set up another distro like… ummm… Mandriva 2008.1… see if it works. The partitioner that comes with the installer is very good. Jul 29 19:19
DB42 partitioning is not the issue for me Jul 29 19:27
schestowitz I recently read about Mandriva resolving some ACPI issue, but don’t take my work for it. I saw it in ZDNet UK Community, I think. Jul 29 19:28
*Tallken (n=Tallken@ has joined #boycottnovell Jul 29 19:29
schestowitz Maybe it was WiFi out of the box. Either way, that ought to take not so long to test. Jul 29 19:29
DB42 i might try it Jul 29 19:29
schestowitz I installed 3 distros when I last decided to set up a new machine. Trying just one blindly is a gamble. You wear blinders. Jul 29 19:29
DB42 thats hardly making a case for linux.. Jul 29 19:30
schestowitz It’s mainly for the fun of it. Jul 29 19:32
schestowitz Changing distro is OK, I think, as long as you don’t change desktop environments (that’s where the change becomes radical) Jul 29 19:32
Tallken I changed from Gnome to KDE to Gnome a lot of times Jul 29 19:33
DB42 yeah, but most people don’t wanna do fun stuff with os, just make it do the stuff they want Jul 29 19:33
schestowitz True. That’s why things like preinstalls have been important. Next week in LinuxWorld Dell will deliver an announcement about more GNU/Linux laptops Jul 29 19:33
schestowitz Tallken: same here. Jul 29 19:34
DB42 i actually don’t like all the duplicity linux offers Jul 29 19:36
schestowitz I think of it like this: advocating against diversity in this case is like complaining about a meal comprising fries *and* burgers. Jul 29 19:38
schestowitz You can have just *one* if you want, but it’s always good to have more ‘on the menu;. Jul 29 19:38
DB42 nah Jul 29 19:38
DB42 mroe like a meal comprising of burgers and steak Jul 29 19:38
schestowitz :-) Good. One day it’s burger and another it’s steak. More to savour. Jul 29 19:38
DB42 well Jul 29 19:39
DB42 it’s basicaly all down Jul 29 19:40
DB42 if you use linux as the cause for using the computer Jul 29 19:40
DB42 or doing something with the computer on linux Jul 29 19:40
schestowitz The setup phase is important and if you are sat on the saddle with your favourite apps, then all is well. Have you seen Gates’ memo on ACPI? Jul 29 19:42
DB42 yes Jul 29 19:45
schestowitz How long does booting up take for you? (Although the issue is probably resolvable) Jul 29 19:47
DB42 ubuntu ? Jul 29 19:49
DB42 didn’t count, about a min ? Jul 29 19:49
schestowitz Try identifying people with the same notebook who resolved this. Failing that, try a GNOME-based distribution that has a new kernel or no roots in Debian. Jul 29 19:51
DB42 archlinux ? :) Jul 29 19:53
schestowitz No, it’s for adventures.. Jul 29 19:54
DB42 i’m actually using it on another computer Jul 29 19:55
DB42 works pretty nice Jul 29 19:55
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovell Jul 29 19:55
DB42 but true, it has it’s problems Jul 29 19:55
schestowitz Like Gentoo, it’s only the setup phase that takes time. One could follow the manual and get it down. Same with the BSDs. Since I run the same programs (mainly Mozilla and KDE), there’s no messing around after setup. Jul 29 19:57
DB42 gentoo didn’t take me too long Jul 29 19:58
schestowitz I was going to test KDE 4.1 as a Live CD, but guess which one came out first? Jul 29 19:59
schestowitz OpenSUSE. ‘Thanks’ to Novell, OpenSUSE is ‘permitted’ only as long as you don;t make money from  it (hobbyist). Better wait for other KDE 4.1 distros. Jul 29 19:59
*Tallken has quit (“Ex-Chat”) Jul 29 20:17
DB42 rofl Jul 29 20:38
DB42 money from what ? Jul 29 20:38
DB42 modding the os ? Jul 29 20:38
schestowitz Deploying it for businesses. It was popular across Germany. Jul 29 20:39
*lis` has quit (“baibai<3″) Jul 29 20:51
*DB42 has quit () Jul 29 23:05
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