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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 6th, 2008 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:34 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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Omar87 Hi all. Dec 06 06:57
Omar87 I’ve had a tough conversation with my cousin a hours ago, and unfortunately, it turned out he completely despises the Freedom of knowledge. Dec 06 06:59
Omar87 When I told him about free software, he said something that would kill you before it manages to make any bit of sense to you: “Oh but cars, are not free, airplanes are not free, why should software be free?” Dec 06 07:01
Omar87 As if freedom was all about money. Dec 06 07:01
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Omar87 Imagine guys, if Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Albert Einshtein had done the same thing to their inventions, would we still be at the same level we are at now? Dec 06 07:03
Omar87 If each one of them decided to monopolize his invention to his own brain and not share with the world, how would have we been right now? Dec 06 07:04
Omar87 It makes me sick every time I think about it. And it also makes even more determined to fight this satanic selfishness away! Dec 06 07:06
Omar87 Proprietary, DRM, and organized satanic selfishness MUST burn to the grown. And FOSS, CC, and the philosoph philosophy of Ubuntu MUST rise and rule the world! Dec 06 07:08
Omar87 Are you with me people? We have to unite against the evil selfishness that lurks within this world! Dec 06 07:10
Omar87 I’m not playing Braveheart here, nor am I big fan Lord of The Rings, but I’m saying what everyone of should say. Dec 06 07:10
Omar87 YES to freedom and sharing, and NO to selfishness!! Dec 06 07:11
anivar schestowitz:  some links from kerala Dec 06 07:18
anivar http://www.hindu.com/2008/12/0… Dec 06 07:18
anivar http://www.hindu.com/2008/12/05/storie… Dec 06 07:20
anivar http://pramode.net/2008/12/05/a-window-to-freedom-re… Dec 06 07:21
Omar87 anivar: What do you think of what I just said? Dec 06 07:33
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Omar87 schestowitz: Hi Dec 06 09:00
schestowitz Hey Dec 06 09:00
schestowitz I was asleep earlier, but I got the message Dec 06 09:00
Omar87 Did you read what I wrote? Dec 06 09:02
schestowitz Yes. Dec 06 09:02
schestowitz You should read this: [fetches link] Dec 06 09:03
Omar87 I personally felt very sad that my cousin, the one whom I really admire, has turned out be a selfish man.. Dec 06 09:03
schestowitz http://slated.org/the_right_to_own_knowledge Dec 06 09:03
schestowitz Some people create products; other create fences. Dec 06 09:05
schestowitz *others Dec 06 09:05
schestowitz Hehe. Carla’s reaction was the same as mine: http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?… Dec 06 09:07
Omar87 Imagine that he explained his point of view by saying that technologists also need money to pay the bill, man.. -_- Dec 06 09:09
schestowitz That’s fine Dec 06 09:10
schestowitz They should make products. Dec 06 09:10
schestowitz Not by ‘selling’ ideas. Dec 06 09:10
Omar87 As if he (or the “technologists”) were the only ones who need money to eat and pay the bills. Dec 06 09:11
schestowitz There’s the notion of commons Dec 06 09:11
schestowitz The CC guys stress this. Dec 06 09:11
schestowitz For each person making money, there is another losing money or being deprives access to knowledge Dec 06 09:11
schestowitz That’s feudal. Dec 06 09:12
Omar87 That’s also dictatorship. Dec 06 09:12
schestowitz http://mafiaa.org/ Dec 06 09:14
Omar87 Because people are not allowed to use the technology the way they want to. They are locked down to the inventor’s own rules and regulations, even if they were wrong and against humanity. Dec 06 09:14
Omar87 My cousin also claimed. and this is what hurt most, that FSF and CC ppl don’t even know what they’re talking about. Dec 06 09:15
Omar87 As if he were the only man who knows anything in the world. Dec 06 09:16
schestowitz That’s intolerance. Dec 06 09:17
schestowitz When a person declares the other person’s view as irrelevant Dec 06 09:17
schestowitz That’s fascism. brb Dec 06 09:17
Omar87 It’s disgusting how a pathetic human being can sometimes forget that whatever he has learned and invented is all the creation and knowledge of God, and he was only guided by God to reveal this thing or that for the human kind. Dec 06 09:19
Omar87 Oh, yeah, and that’s what made me sure that I have defeated him successfully. :) Dec 06 09:20
Omar87 But I didn’t mention that to him of course. Dec 06 09:20
Omar87 Because, apparently, it seems as though my cousins worst nightmare is when someone gets close to proving him wrong. Dec 06 09:21
Omar87 Of course, let alone being someone half his age, and has less than 0.0001%  of experience than he does. Dec 06 09:23
Omar87 experience in programing and soft/hardware dev. of course. Dec 06 09:23
Omar87 take your time. :) Dec 06 09:25
Omar87 And I’ll b r b too. Dec 06 09:25
schestowitz It’s a question of scarcity. There’s none on the Web, except superficial ones. Dec 06 09:29
schestowitz WMD Used by 2013 < http://technocrat.net/d/2… > Dec 06 09:51
schestowitz Server market takes a tumble < http://www.itwire.com/content/vi… > Dec 06 09:56
Omar87 schestowitz: That’s his(my cousin) latest answer to my question(the same one I’ve posted here): http://paste.ubuntu.com/81295/ Dec 06 10:20
schestowitz People kstify what they do Dec 06 10:21
schestowitz *justify Dec 06 10:21
schestowitz I imagine that he makes money by withholding so-called trade secrets of some kind Dec 06 10:21
Omar87 Of course he does. Dec 06 10:22
schestowitz That’s OK Dec 06 10:24
Omar87 Yes it is. Dec 06 10:24
schestowitz It’s a class thing. As soon as we rid ourselves from this exploitation of mental monopolies, that’s a solves problem Dec 06 10:24
schestowitz Ito needs to travel the world and ‘unbrainwash’ people affected and inflicted by the ‘copyrights cartel’ Dec 06 10:24
Omar87 Yeah Dec 06 10:26
Omar87 I wish I could bring my cousin down here. Dec 06 10:26
Omar87 I can assure you’ll be taking good care of him for me. ;) Dec 06 10:27
Omar87 But, yet he still never gives himself a minute to stop looking at life from his own corporate eyes. Dec 06 10:28
Omar87 That’s unfortunate. Dec 06 10:28
schestowitz That would be worthwhile Dec 06 10:31
Omar87 That’s how I answered him. Dec 06 10:47
Omar87 http://paste.ubuntu.com/81304/ Dec 06 10:47
Omar87 What would be worthwhile? Dec 06 10:48
schestowitz Ideas Are Everywhere… So Why Do We Limit Them? < http://techdirt.com/articles/20080507/… > Dec 06 10:49
Omar87 You read my pastebin? Dec 06 10:51
schestowitz Yes, I have/ Dec 06 10:52
Omar87 What do you think?? Dec 06 10:53
schestowitz It’s true. Dec 06 10:53
schestowitz Being an ahteist, however, I attribute knowledge only to society Dec 06 10:53
Omar87 ok Dec 06 10:54
schestowitz We’re all weird creature. Trying to enslave others for ‘daring’ to think something Dec 06 10:54
schestowitz Microsoft bullies Linux vendors for daring to write instructions. Dec 06 10:54
Omar87 Oh man. :) Dec 06 10:56
Omar87 And yet, my cousin points out Bill Gates, the filthy backstabber, as an exceptional inventor. :) Dec 06 10:56
schestowitz There’s brainwash around it. Dec 06 10:57
Omar87 How hilarious./ Dec 06 10:57
schestowitz There are many known people who merely copied others. Dec 06 10:57
Omar87 Yeah, and I showed him a link about the unusual story of MS-DOS, the one where Bill Gates backstabs Gary Killdal. Dec 06 10:58
Omar87 However, I can bet 1000000% that he never even clicked it. Why? because it falsifies his claims. Dec 06 10:59
Omar87 It’s been a pleasure to talk to you Roy. Dec 06 10:59
schestowitz Exactly. Dec 06 10:59
schestowitz Exactly. [to that former: ” because it falsifies his claims.”) Dec 06 11:00
Omar87 Oh yeah! When I showed him www.fsf.org, only two words came out of his mouth: “Not interested.”. :) Dec 06 11:00
Omar87 Yeah, I know [to that former: " Exactly"] Dec 06 11:01
Omar87 Anyhow, I talk to you soon. Dec 06 11:01
Omar87 Best wishes, and thanks for your time. :) Dec 06 11:01
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trmanco http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/worl… Dec 06 11:19
schestowitz “Linux needs a Wine 1.0 release, installed and preconfigured on desktop distributions.” Dec 06 11:20
trmanco it is old Dec 06 11:21
schestowitz I know Dec 06 11:21
trmanco the comment carrying this link on the wine release was dugg down Dec 06 11:22
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Eruaran hello Dec 06 11:23
trmanco hi Dec 06 11:24
schestowitz Hey Dec 06 11:24
Eruaran Welp Dec 06 11:24
Eruaran I’m using Gnome now Dec 06 11:24
Eruaran My KDE 4.2 install didn’t go so swimmingly Dec 06 11:25
Eruaran :P Dec 06 11:25
schestowitz Could you go back? Dec 06 11:25
Eruaran KDE is all broken Dec 06 11:26
schestowitz It’s beta Dec 06 11:26
Eruaran I should have done a separate install for 4.2 Dec 06 11:26
schestowitz Yes Dec 06 11:26
Eruaran I was way to cavilier about it :P Dec 06 11:26
Eruaran But I was like, “she’ll be right” Dec 06 11:27
Eruaran A while later I was saying, “ah crap” Dec 06 11:27
Eruaran Not to worry though Dec 06 11:27
schestowitz “Eruaran> Welp >> I’m using Gnome now” Sounds like “they forced me to use Windows” Dec 06 11:27
Eruaran heh Dec 06 11:27
schestowitz did you files a bug report? Dec 06 11:28
Eruaran I installed Gnome to get a working desktop up and running again Dec 06 11:28
schestowitz Maybe you can fetch an update to this update, which will fix it. Dec 06 11:28
Eruaran well I might… If and when I figure out what happened Dec 06 11:28
Eruaran I cringed as I installed Gnome though Dec 06 11:28
schestowitz It’s a good DE Dec 06 11:29
schestowitz Nothing evil about ot Dec 06 11:29
Eruaran There were far too many “libmono…” things flying up the screen during the install Dec 06 11:29
schestowitz Mono is not GNOME Dec 06 11:29
schestowitz Sorry to hear that Dec 06 11:29
Eruaran I don’t mind gnome itself Dec 06 11:29
Eruaran The new Dust theme is nice Dec 06 11:29
Eruaran Its not that I hate gnome or anything Dec 06 11:30
Eruaran I’m just not really excited by it Dec 06 11:30
Eruaran Its a nice rock solid desktop Dec 06 11:31
Eruaran Which is what you want when you’ve just broken your other desktop Dec 06 11:32
schestowitz With a beta Dec 06 11:32
Eruaran yes :D Dec 06 11:32
schestowitz Best thing is to use what’s preinstalled with Distro X version Y. Dec 06 11:33
Eruaran yes Dec 06 11:33
Eruaran But I wanted to seeeee Dec 06 11:33
Eruaran :P Dec 06 11:33
Eruaran KDM still works :P Dec 06 11:34
Eruaran How good is it though Dec 06 11:35
Eruaran You can totally bork your desktop and just install another and carry on Dec 06 11:35
schestowitz LXDE? Dec 06 11:36
Eruaran No, I installed Gnome Dec 06 11:36
schestowitz What if……. Dec 06 11:36
Eruaran All my usual KDE apps are automatically in the menus and everything Dec 06 11:36
schestowitz You backed up ~./.kde + more, then deleted them and fetched a stable KDE version? Dec 06 11:37
Eruaran yes Dec 06 11:37
schestowitz I don’t see why you can’t just fix it, by backing up, removing and then installing. Dec 06 11:37
Eruaran I can Dec 06 11:37
Eruaran But this was last night Dec 06 11:37
schestowitz The b0rkness is at the home dir and install packages, so remove them. Dec 06 11:37
Eruaran And it was late… Dec 06 11:37
schestowitz You can do it later. Dec 06 11:38
Eruaran yes Dec 06 11:38
schestowitz Which distro is this? Dec 06 11:38
Eruaran kubuntu Dec 06 11:38
schestowitz Ah, easy Dec 06 11:38
schestowitz sudo apt-get rmove kubuntu-desktop Dec 06 11:38
schestowitz or sudo apt-get rmove kde-desktop Dec 06 11:38
Eruaran yep Dec 06 11:38
schestowitz then install (should get the stable release) Dec 06 11:38
Eruaran yes I already ## my experimental source Dec 06 11:39
Eruaran uninstalling now Dec 06 11:40
Eruaran I think I’ll keep both desktops Dec 06 11:44
schestowitz Why not? It’s the same price. Dec 06 11:45
schestowitz $0 Dec 06 11:45
Eruaran :) Dec 06 11:45
Eruaran My brother is coming down next weekend, so I want him to have a look at both Dec 06 11:45
schestowitz Just remove mono >:-| It’ll poop on your KDE. j/k Dec 06 11:45
Eruaran maybe creat a script which you start with the command, “unpoop” Dec 06 11:46
Eruaran sudo sh unpoop Dec 06 11:47
Eruaran I like Fedora’s new animated boot with Plymouth Dec 06 11:48
Eruaran Shortly after, suddenly there’s video’s on youtube of Windows 7 with a somewhat less impressive animated boot Dec 06 11:49
schestowitz There’s mononono Dec 06 11:53
schestowitz http://tim.thechases.com/mononono/ Dec 06 11:54
Eruaran yes Dec 06 11:57
schestowitz Eruaran: did Fort 25 approves your comment in their Microsoft Fort? Dec 06 12:29
schestowitz *approve Dec 06 12:29
Eruaran haven’t checked Dec 06 12:36
Eruaran nope Dec 06 12:37
Eruaran I tried to comment on the “FOSS in India” entry Dec 06 12:37
schestowitz Do they /ever/ accept comments? Dec 06 12:42
schestowitz Maybe it’s in moderation? Dec 06 12:42
Eruaran Yes, thats what it is ;) Dec 06 12:50
MinceR geekings Dec 06 13:30
Eruaran hello Dec 06 13:32
schestowitz Greetingz Dec 06 13:36
trmanco hi Dec 06 13:37
trmanco Microsoft partners with Strawberry Perl to improve the CPAN: http://use.perl.org/~Alias/journal/38036?from=rss Dec 06 14:10
trmanco Microsoft infiltrating itself in FOSS again Dec 06 14:10
trmanco Silvershell 0.6 Released: http://ironpython-urls.blogspot.com/2008/12/… Dec 06 14:13
trmanco “It runs in the browser with Silverlight 2 or on the desktop with a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation – which means it won’t run on Mono) User Interface.” Dec 06 14:13
trmanco weird :| Dec 06 14:14
schestowitz Yuck Dec 06 14:16
trmanco LOL Dec 06 14:16
schestowitz They want to leave Linux naked Dec 06 14:17
schestowitz It’s Embrace and Extand. Dec 06 14:17
schestowitz *Extend Dec 06 14:17
schestowitz And I was gonna write about it soon because there are more examples. Dec 06 14:18
trmanco I would prefer to use Mono/Moonlight then pure Windows/Silverlight Dec 06 14:22
trmanco even better is to avoid, avoid,avoid Dec 06 14:24
trmanco http://ubuntu-tweak.com/2008/12/05/ubuntu-twe… Dec 06 14:33
trmanco It would be better if they could rename it to Fedora Tweak Dec 06 14:34
schestowitz haha. Dec 06 14:35
schestowitz it makes it sounds like Fedora needs tweaking to “be more like Ubuntu” Dec 06 14:35
trmanco Most recent Windows infections result from the same simple trick: http://www.heise-online.co.uk/news/Most-recent-Wi… Dec 06 14:37
*schestowitz is glad he needs to know nothing about viruses Dec 06 14:41
schestowitz A computer should like a toaster… you need to clean it before you use it ;-) Dec 06 14:42
trmanco I do clean my computer Dec 06 14:43
trmanco :-P Dec 06 14:43
schestowitz Dust. Dec 06 14:43
trmanco yes dust :-P Dec 06 14:45
trmanco among other things, system stuff Dec 06 14:46
trmanco I clean apt-cache to save disk space, I clean grubs boot menus só that I don’t have a bunch of kernels to boot from, etc Dec 06 14:46
twitter if you remove old kernels, grub will clean it’s boot menu.  ;-) Dec 06 14:48
trmanco I only remove unnecessary kernels when I do a system upgrade Dec 06 14:51
trmanco grub just hides the kernel, in my case Dec 06 14:51
trmanco old kernels* Dec 06 14:51
twitter I’m lazy about it myself, so I’ll sometimes end up with four kernels.  It would be better for me to free the disk space, but as long as they sit there, I might as well have a way to use them. Dec 06 14:52
twitter My Thinkpad 600 had a lot of kernels under Sarge and Etch.  It had a nasty sound chip, and one or two of those kernels worked it.  Lenny seems to have fixed that. Dec 06 14:54
twitter I still had to load the module with irq and other parameters with /etc/modules to make it work though.  :’( Dec 06 14:55
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schestowitz hey, traveler3 Dec 06 15:02
traveler3 hi there .. Dec 06 15:02
schestowitz Hey, what’s up? Dec 06 15:03
traveler3 I’m on a web gateway .. Dec 06 15:03
twitter what does your gateway do? Dec 06 15:03
schestowitz getaway Dec 06 15:04
traveler3 IS a web to IRC gateway .. Dec 06 15:04
twitter mine stays in the same place Dec 06 15:04
traveler3 http://java.freenode.net/ Dec 06 15:04
twitter if your gateway is on a getaway, catch it quickly. Dec 06 15:05
traveler3 Any idea how to set up your own applets on your own website ? Dec 06 15:06
trmanco http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?o… Dec 06 15:09
*kentma (n=user@ellandroad.demon.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 15:10
traveler3 trmanco: what’s the significence of that slashdot article ? Dec 06 15:11
schestowitz simson.net? Dec 06 15:13
traveler3 simon.net ? Dec 06 15:15
schestowitz That’s the domain Dec 06 15:17
schestowitz I didn’t click Dec 06 15:17
traveler3 “Microsoft Word and Excel, on the other hand, set the timestamp on the ZIP archive to be January 1, 1980″ Dec 06 15:19
twitter So? Dec 06 15:20
traveler3 Not much good for forensics then :) Dec 06 15:20
twitter is that what you do? Dec 06 15:20
*kentma1 (n=user@host86-154-251-92.range86-154.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 15:21
traveler3 Well, I do test out security, don’t want to leave any tracks :) Dec 06 15:23
twitter is it true that XP and Vista leave more tracks than Word then? Dec 06 15:24
schestowitz It’s an antifeature Dec 06 15:24
*kentma has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Dec 06 15:24
schestowitz How do they market it? “Recovery” purposes? Dec 06 15:24
twitter undo features are nice to have Dec 06 15:24
schestowitz Cellphones… buy one… use one… you must… see how everyone on TV has one. Dec 06 15:24
schestowitz It’s ‘good’ for you so that “YOUR FRIENDS” know where you are (also good for government surveillance… SHEESH) Dec 06 15:25
twitter I like persistent, personal communications, not what telcos do with the information. Dec 06 15:25
schestowitz Vista shadowcopy (or whatever it’s called)… good for the user? Or good for the police? Dec 06 15:25
traveler3 Linux Unified Kernel 0.2.2 was released[->] Dec 06 15:26
traveler3 http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl… Dec 06 15:26
traveler3 “Linux Unified Kernel is a computer operating system kernel intended to be binary-compatible with application software and device drivers made for Microsoft Windows and Linux” Dec 06 15:26
twitter If it’s like most M$ things, it is good for neither police nor user.  It will be unreliable. Dec 06 15:26
twitter Roy pointed to a few opinions of what a bad idea that is recently. Dec 06 15:27
schestowitz Which idea? Dec 06 15:28
twitter binary interfaces for the kernel Dec 06 15:28
twitter http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/26/one-m… points to http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/N… Dec 06 15:30
twitter free software does not need a fake standard like a “stable” binary interface. Dec 06 15:31
twitter Such things are only good for non free software and that is bad for everyone.  The more non free software you add to a GNU/Linux distribution, the closer that distribution comes to the Windows cesspool. Dec 06 15:33
traveler3 Microsoft tackles auction pirates .. :) Dec 06 15:36
traveler3 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/te… Dec 06 15:36
traveler3 “These dealers are peddling bogus products that can put customers and their personal information at serious risk,” Dec 06 15:36
twitter Yes, Windows does that. Dec 06 15:38
traveler3 Gates Meets with Obama .. Dec 06 15:41
traveler3 http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/1… Dec 06 15:41
schestowitz He’ll corrupt him Dec 06 15:41
schestowitz As usual. Dec 06 15:41
schestowitz Visas.. concessions… tax, antitrust… Dec 06 15:42
schestowitz There’s some BS about Zune, which Microsoft probably gave him to flog its wares Dec 06 15:42
traveler3 It’ll be interesting seeing if Obama is allowed to do any actual reform .. Dec 06 15:42
schestowitz Haha. “capitalist-turned-philanthropist.” Capitalist turned to oil tycoon under “philanthropist” undercover it should state.. with tax exemption for running as a ‘charity’ Dec 06 15:43
traveler3 Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Dec 06 15:43
traveler3 http://www.gather.com/viewArticle… Dec 06 15:43
schestowitz traveler3: /whose/ reform? Dec 06 15:43
traveler3 “I have just released eChicken2008, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file your important documents, and balance your checkbook. Internet Explorer is an integral part of eChicken2008. This new platform is much more stable and will never crash.” Dec 06 15:44
traveler3 Obana: he said he wanted to help the ‘middle class’, extend healtth care, promote bio-fuels, up taxes for the richest .. etc .. Dec 06 15:45
traveler3 Compare what he said he was going to do, with what he is doing … Dec 06 15:46
*kentma1 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 06 15:48
traveler3 He said the morgage bailout plan must extend to the home owners, asked the banks to pause on evictions .. Dec 06 15:48
traveler3 Instead, the bailout is only goig to help wallstreet and evictions are going full speed ahead .. Dec 06 15:49
*kentma (n=user@host86-154-251-92.range86-154.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 15:50
twitter How do PC World and Bill Gates take themselves seriously?  Bill Gates giving economic advice to the president?  Why not medical advice or home surgery? Dec 06 15:50
traveler3 he called for a family tax rebate to be funded by taxing the huge OIL profits .. that’s gone .. Dec 06 15:51
twitter ” Gates emphasized that he’d like the government [to do a list of things]”  Me too, but I pay a higher proportion of my income for taxes. Dec 06 15:51
traveler3 seriously: they should put Gates in charge of the car industry .. Dec 06 15:52
schestowitz Who did, traveler3? Dec 06 15:53
twitter no thanks Dec 06 15:53
schestowitz The guy is delusional. Dec 06 15:53
schestowitz He is polluting planet eartyh in Africa  because it’s cheaper Dec 06 15:53
schestowitz In the process, he kills Nigerian kids too. Dec 06 15:53
schestowitz Becuase it’s cheaper, i.e. it’s “good money” Dec 06 15:53
schestowitz So here he talks about green fuels.. Dec 06 15:53
schestowitz And advising on finance???????/ The guy is a lawyer who knew how to screw the technical people, steal from them and then play politics with his patents in order to escape convictions. Dec 06 15:54
schestowitz Gates does not even pay tax Dec 06 15:54
schestowitz Neither does Microsoft. Dec 06 15:55
traveler3 delusional: who Gates, he’s only very good at market capitalism .. Dec 06 15:55
twitter M$ is one of the worst things to happen to education, ever.  Their insane attacks on sharing and the Winblows monopoly have made it impossible to implement the kind of universal public library that should exist based on P2P. Dec 06 15:55
schestowitz Microsoft operates from Ireland and Gates puts his stash in a can called “charity”, from which he invests in tobacco, alcohol, gas, oil, etc. Dec 06 15:55
traveler3 What does my info show up as ? Dec 06 15:56
twitter Bill Gates gave the world Encarta.  Freedom has given the world Wikipedia, which is universally hated and attacked by big publishers like M$. Dec 06 15:56
schestowitz easynet Dec 06 15:56
schestowitz hah. Dec 06 15:56
schestowitz Trust Microsoft with encyclopedias Dec 06 15:56
schestowitz Last night I showed W-E brushing up their articles in Wikipedia Dec 06 15:56
twitter Free enterprise and charity created the OLPC project.  Intel and M$ have worked relentlessly to destroy it. Dec 06 15:57
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/0… Dec 06 15:57
twitter Saw it, thanks. Dec 06 15:57
schestowitz Let Churchill write history Dec 06 15:57
schestowitz Better yet, let the neo-Nazis do it. /sarcasm Dec 06 15:57
traveler3 I don’t know why you berate Gates, it’s just business .. Dec 06 15:58
twitter Wikipedia is just the start.  Professional groups will naturally start their own, specialized wikis. Dec 06 15:58
traveler3 As someone once said, s**t sells :) Dec 06 15:58
schestowitz traveler3: shit sells, but people should know Dec 06 15:58
schestowitz Like the “X recommends Windows Y” Dec 06 15:59
twitter I would not berate Mr. Gates so much if he did not use so much government protection and purchasing to prop himself up. Dec 06 15:59
MinceR traveler3: that’s no excuse for doing evil things Dec 06 15:59
twitter His company has warped laws around the world to suit his purposes. Dec 06 15:59
schestowitz They still do it. Dec 06 15:59
schestowitz They derail EU and Indian laws Dec 06 15:59
schestowitz They single-handedly (With their Windows support companies) lobby to legalise patents on thought. Dec 06 16:00
twitter bbl Dec 06 16:01
traveler3 For example: way back in Hollywood, a group of actors/directors got fed up with the system of beign told what to make by a few all powerfull film companies. They went out and created United Artists. To create real artistic movies instead of the factry produced pap that was the nowm. Well, over time, they became just like the rest. You see, producing quality is difficult and expensive. You can make more money out of selling mass Dec 06 16:01
traveler3 Same with the car industry. When anything really innovative came along, the car industry acted to suppress it. Dec 06 16:02
traveler3 http://www.imdb.com/title/t… Dec 06 16:04
traveler3 More recently we have the OIl industry acting to supress bio-fuels in the US, and the car industry draging-their-feet on electric cars .. Dec 06 16:05
traveler3 nick Dec 06 16:11
schestowitz Yes, but it doesn’t change the subject at hand. Dec 06 16:13
schestowitz That’s the “equally evil” pattern of defence. Dec 06 16:13
schestowitz X is OK because Y is “equally evil” Dec 06 16:13
schestowitz Microsoft tries this game, using Apple and Google as scapegoats (sometimes rightly) Dec 06 16:13
*traveler3 (n=traveler@ip-217-204-51-230.easynet.co.uk) has left #boycottnovell Dec 06 16:25
*_doug (n=traveler@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 16:26
_doug hi all Dec 06 16:27
_doug “Microsoft Corp .. is now eying a search deal with the internet major” Dec 06 16:28
_doug http://www.domain-b.com/infotech/itnew… Dec 06 16:28
schestowitz Bullies. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/06… Dec 06 16:29
_doug “Carl Icahn .. held talks with the software company about a purchase of Yahoo2019s Internet search business” Dec 06 16:30
_doug http://news.ebrandz.com/yahoo/2008/2304-yah… Dec 06 16:30
_doug 201che is in favor of pursuing a transaction with Microsoft relating to the Yahoo!2019s search business.201d Dec 06 16:30
schestowitz What’s with the chars? Dec 06 16:30
schestowitz Icahn is their proxy fighter Dec 06 16:31
schestowitz Can he be put in prison for agitation and abuse of companies? Dec 06 16:31
_doug WSJ:  (2026) Are there any kind of talks about a search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo at the moment? Dec 06 16:32
_doug Ballmer: The answer is no, but I wouldn’t tell you if there were. But in this case it’s easy. Dec 06 16:32
_doug http://www.tgdaily.com/content/v… Dec 06 16:32
schestowitz Maybe they’ll punch it some more before grabbing the broom. Dec 06 16:33
twitter heh, Bruce Byfield was handed his ignorant ass by Bruce Perens the other day, http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1045… Dec 06 16:33
*_doug has quit (“Java user signed off”) Dec 06 16:34
*traveler5 (n=traveler@ip-217-204-51-230.easynet.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 16:34
*traveler5 has quit (Client Quit) Dec 06 16:34
*_doug (n=_doug@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 16:45
_doug company patents video uploading .. Dec 06 17:03
_doug http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2008/1… Dec 06 17:03
_doug “Make A Star uses a patented online process .. uploading a video of their performance” Dec 06 17:03
_doug You mean like Youtube ? Dec 06 17:04
schestowitz They should auction it. Dec 06 17:04
schestowitz Maybe some troll will sue the world. Dec 06 17:04
twitter 1 in 10 US are either in foreclosure or more than 30 days late on their mortgage http://www.latimes.com/business/investing… Dec 06 17:05
schestowitz What’s the diff b/w uploading text and a video? Dec 06 17:05
_doug company patents application whitelisting .. Dec 06 17:05
_doug http://pr-canada.net/index.php?option=com_conte… Dec 06 17:05
schestowitz twitter: it’s probably worse. Dec 06 17:05
schestowitz They say 90% of the couple are unhappy. The rest don’t talk about it.;-) Same with debt… Dec 06 17:05
schestowitz *couples Dec 06 17:06
schestowitz _doug: you should become a patent troll. Dec 06 17:06
schestowitz “Do what *they* do* Dec 06 17:06
_doug yea, if only I had gone to lawyer school :) Dec 06 17:06
_doug VI Labs patent Piracy Analysis .. Dec 06 17:08
_doug http://press-releases.techwhack.com… Dec 06 17:08
twitter NYT recommends buying a house.  That’s a good idea but you have to be rich enough to buy outright to do it. Dec 06 17:08
twitter You can’t always do what’s in your best interest. Dec 06 17:08
_doug Through V.i. Labs2019 patented technology .. are able to easily detect .. and protect against the threat of piracy ..” Dec 06 17:09
twitter Prior art, Spanish Armada. Dec 06 17:09
twitter arrrr Dec 06 17:09
_doug Intel sues UW-Madison .. Dec 06 17:10
_doug http://www.madison.com/… Dec 06 17:10
twitter fuckers! Dec 06 17:11
_doug Comtech patents patented forward error correction .. Dec 06 17:14
_doug http://seekingalpha.com/article/109434-comtec… Dec 06 17:14
_doug “A combination of carrier-in-carrier technology and our patented forward error correction technology enables” Dec 06 17:14
schestowitz “Intel fires back, sues WARF” seems like crossfire Dec 06 17:14
_doug Scalado patented software technologies .. Dec 06 17:20
_doug http://www.symbianone.com/conte… Dec 06 17:20
_doug “With unique and patented software technologies, it is solving critical performance issues using less memory and CPU requirements. Scalado CAPS is the leading imaging solution for camera phones, embedded in 200 million devices” Dec 06 17:20
_doug Even technologies patents video compression  .. Dec 06 17:21
_doug http://www.mediacastermagazine.com/issues/IS… Dec 06 17:21
schestowitz They need fences, I guess. Dec 06 17:21
schestowitz They can’t compete based on perit Dec 06 17:21
schestowitz They build some walls instead of better products. Dec 06 17:22
_doug “High quality, interactive IPTV can be distributed to entire telco networks without upgrading the network infrastructure” Dec 06 17:22
_doug I’ll believe it when I see it .. Dec 06 17:22
_doug how is any IPTV program going to scale to 10 million simultainous viewers ? Dec 06 17:23
schestowitz Fibre Dec 06 17:23
schestowitz Forget about it now amid depression Dec 06 17:23
schestowitz BT already curled its tail and ran away with that plan for broadband improvment. Dec 06 17:24
_doug From what I’ve read, it’s a hack of peer-to-peer, the broadcast flag and VPN .. Dec 06 17:24
schestowitz *improvement Dec 06 17:24
twitter IPTV would work great as p2p Dec 06 17:24
schestowitz With Windows it’s risky Dec 06 17:24
twitter everything with Windows is risky. Dec 06 17:24
schestowitz You never know if a cyber-criminal goes down the line. Dec 06 17:24
schestowitz But if you validate the data, then it’s OK Dec 06 17:25
_doug I mean p2p at the ISPs and at the users desktop. For instance, if one user is viweing a prog on a local DSL switch, the switch should share that stream .. locally … Dec 06 17:25
schestowitz Had content been shared it would be easier Dec 06 17:25
schestowitz DRM expires Dec 06 17:25
schestowitz Imagine a network where the data pervades PCs more widely. Dec 06 17:26
schestowitz Like Akamai in a sense, but not quite Dec 06 17:26
_doug There’s a lot of loot to be makde from delivering rich content to the end-users … Dec 06 17:26
twitter I mean real p2p, not a bunch of expensive and owned ISP boxes.  ATT is using those in giant metal boxes on street corners.  It’s absurd. Dec 06 17:26
_doug Would Akamai work with streaming video ? Dec 06 17:26
twitter There’s a lot of loot in …. warfare, that does not make it right. Dec 06 17:26
schestowitz _doug: ask MS Dec 06 17:26
_doug maybe we need a video Akamai network, the media companies would subscribe to this .. Dec 06 17:27
twitter It would be better to let people share. Dec 06 17:27
twitter fuck the media companies Dec 06 17:27
schestowitz Media companies, securing centralisation Dec 06 17:28
schestowitz Of media, power, money. Dec 06 17:28
schestowitz A world where knowledge is free would do justice to society Dec 06 17:28
schestowitz But here we have those patents _doug is listing on trivial ideas. Dec 06 17:28
schestowitz “Maths you can’t use” Dec 06 17:28
_doug OLPC Patent Infringement Suit Dismissed by Middlesex Judge .. Dec 06 17:29
_doug http://tech.mit.edu/V128/N60/olpc.html Dec 06 17:29
schestowitz Most people can’t afford such a suit Dec 06 17:29
schestowitz (unless you’re rich, you go under) Dec 06 17:29
_doug Corinex patents noise reduction .. Dec 06 17:30
_doug http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20081204-… Dec 06 17:30
schestowitz OLPC also lost confidence when dealing with govt. (at the same time under lawsuits) Dec 06 17:30
twitter I like that RMS quote about patents and mosquitoes Dec 06 17:30
schestowitz Bilski killed many Mosquitoes. Dec 06 17:30
twitter injustice creates unrest http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-… Dec 06 17:33
_doug pirated CD detector to be patented .. Dec 06 17:33
_doug http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/story… Dec 06 17:33
_doug Company patents computerized health care billing .. Dec 06 17:35
_doug http://www.pr-inside.com/knobbe-martens-wins-3-… Dec 06 17:35
twitter ugh. Dec 06 17:36
twitter Medical billing in the US is insane.  When you have something done in a US hospital, you often get labwork bills from other places.  What you end up with is a blizzard of bills.  Anyone can walk in and send fraudulent bills and people would tell because they don’t know what’s real. Dec 06 17:38
_doug Form a readign of such a patent, is it possible to design and construct such a system. No, not from a bunch of ‘A method’ statements .. Dec 06 17:38
twitter there’s another windows virus making the rounds.  Why won’t the press call it a windows  virus?  http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=v… Dec 06 17:39
twitter This is nice http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?… Dec 06 17:41
twitter pictures donated to wiki by German government. Dec 06 17:41
twitter while US government starts using silverlight Dec 06 17:41
_doug Hothand Wireless patent web to mobile gateway .. Dec 06 17:42
_doug http://www.wirelessdevnet.com/news… Dec 06 17:42
*_doug has quit (“Java user signed off”) Dec 06 17:43
schestowitz twitter: the press didn’t get the memo which says “COmpiter != WIndows” Dec 06 17:45
schestowitz Carla wrote about it twice recently. Dec 06 17:46
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 17:46
schestowitz She says Microsoft pressure might be to blame] Dec 06 17:46
Omar87 schestowitz: The Slated post you gave me was amazing. Dec 06 17:47
Omar87 schestowitz: I covered all the points I wanted to make and more! :) Dec 06 17:48
Omar87 schestowitz: I contained an answer to every single claim they made. Dec 06 17:49
schestowitz It’s from [H]omer  (in IRC) Dec 06 17:49
Omar87 Thanks both of you. Dec 06 17:49
Omar87 It was a great enlightenment. Dec 06 17:49
schestowitz He uses that too (Enlightenment) Dec 06 17:50
schestowitz I’m off for some exercise, or else I’ll need to consider a career as a sumo fighter. Dec 06 17:53
*schestowitz back at 8 Dec 06 17:53
Omar87 Enjoy your time. Dec 06 18:00
twitter ha ha, Obama not a Zune user after all, http://www.macworld.com/article/137347… Dec 06 18:18
MinceR being an iPoo user isn’t better either Dec 06 18:24
twitter it is if you use Rockbox. Dec 06 18:24
MinceR except if you value things like warranty and having enough processing power to play Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. Dec 06 18:25
twitter ?! Dec 06 18:26
MinceR iirc most DMPs are too weak to play them even with rockbox Dec 06 18:27
twitter I can play ogg on my Trekstore and Zaurus.  Are iPod ARMS really that sad? Dec 06 18:27
MinceR and warranty probably breaks if crApple finds out you’ve put other firmware on it Dec 06 18:27
MinceR i’ll check Dec 06 18:27
twitter buy the iPod used. Dec 06 18:27
MinceR if the server is willing to talk to me, that is. Dec 06 18:28
twitter Everything I’ve read gives Rockbox the thumbs up. Dec 06 18:28
twitter I would not consider iPod without it. Dec 06 18:29
twitter Every division of M$ is looking bad, http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=2… Dec 06 18:29
twitter ” Microsoft may be avoiding job cuts, Bellini said. That is making it hard to reduce costs quickly enough, she said.             “It takes a long time to take costs out, it’s not easy,” she said.” Dec 06 18:34
kentma “Among the 25 most popular laptops on Amazon.com today, only one, the 18th best seller, runs Vista” Dec 06 18:35
twitter ” Bellini, the top-ranked software analyst by Institutional Investor magazine, said every one of Microsoft’s five divisions may miss the company’s and analysts’ sales forecasts. The world’s biggest software maker won’t be able to cut enough costs to meet profit goals “ Dec 06 18:35
twitter “You see the unemployment numbers — I don’t think people are worrying about upgrading laptops and desktops.” Dec 06 18:35
kentma But… Bellini thinks Oracle is in a better position… clearly, Bellini hasn’t heard of mysql and postgres Dec 06 18:36
zoobab pong Dec 06 18:38
twitter Bellini is an optimist.  Oracle’s 50% recurring contracts mean Oracle will only lose half their business but M$’s 35% recurring contracts tell a less assuring story for M$. Dec 06 18:39
twitter Here’s an odd story.  http://affiliatetip.com/news/a… Dec 06 18:39
twitter Oh how a select few love the M$. Dec 06 18:39
kentma twitter: I think you miss my point – the contracts will only be renewed whilst customers remain unaware of postgres, mysql and so on… Dec 06 18:39
twitter I like how M$ sent them a nasty gram. Dec 06 18:39
kentma hehe – that’s funny! Dec 06 18:40
twitter kentma, I understand, thanks.  Losing half your business is a hell of a thing, so I think Bellini’s stance is wildly optimistic. Dec 06 18:40
kentma twitter: ah, okay I see what you mean… Dec 06 18:41
twitter It’s like Bellini said, “Oracle is in better shape than M$ because they may only lose 60% of their business next year.”  Investor asks, “Where’s the exit?” Dec 06 18:42
twitter It may be true that Oracle is in better shape than M$, but they are both well, you know. Dec 06 18:43
kentma I suspect that the proprietary software business is on the verge of a total collapse Dec 06 18:43
twitter There are a few niche businesses that will survive, but yeah. Dec 06 18:43
twitter it’s about time. Dec 06 18:43
trmanco I’m trying out emacs Dec 06 18:44
*trmanco-on-emacs (n=user@bl8-233-241.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 18:44
trmanco LOL Dec 06 18:44
trmanco-on-emacs cool,emacs has an irc client :-) Dec 06 18:44
kentma trmanco:  emacs probably has an emacs. Dec 06 18:45
trmanco let me check Dec 06 18:45
trmanco :| Dec 06 18:45
trmanco I just forgot how to open a new buffer :| Dec 06 18:45
twitter one of my favorite things about knoqueror is vi motion commands.  emacs, I’m sure, is more powerful the way you are using it. Dec 06 18:46
trmanco twitter, emacs has VI mode :-P Dec 06 18:46
trmanco haha Dec 06 18:48
trmanco found a tab bar plugin Dec 06 18:48
trmanco now thats more like it Dec 06 18:48
trmanco-on-emacs I’ll be going now Dec 06 18:55
kentma cu Dec 06 18:56
trmanco crap Dec 06 18:56
kentma ? Dec 06 18:56
trmanco I can’t kill the buffer now Dec 06 18:56
kentma :-) Dec 06 18:56
*trmanco-on-emacs (n=user@bl8-233-241.dsl.telepac.pt) has left #boycottnovell (“ERC Version 5.2 (IRC client for Emacs)”) Dec 06 18:57
trmanco haha Dec 06 18:57
trmanco killed Dec 06 18:57
schestowitz It was so cool what they did at the health club. Lots of winning notifications there with my name. :-D Dec 06 20:04
schestowitz twitter: no Zune, eh? Dec 06 20:04
schestowitz I guess Gates hasn’t convinced him yet. He’ll push him into ‘bigger’ things. Dec 06 20:05
schestowitz ‘According to the Wall Street Journal, an Obama spokesperson put the rumor to rest, saying “Not true, the President-elect uses an iPod.” It’s good to see the incoming administration is on top of the important issues of our day. I feel better about the future already.’ Dec 06 20:05
schestowitz Another ‘phony controversy’ http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9WhO3L85tKE Dec 06 20:06
schestowitz At least the Microsoft booster took advantage of this lie while it lasted. Dec 06 20:06
schestowitz twitter: tell Belini that Microsoft is ALREADY axing jobs Dec 06 20:07
schestowitz First the TEMPs and the subsidiaries.  That’s what BillG and Folks love employing people on Visa.. cheaper and disposable. Dec 06 20:08
schestowitz twitter: re unemployment, I talked about an hour ago with a friend. The assumption is that the Chinese (or others) will sweep the big companies like GM and if they really feel like it they’ll give some jobs to Americans (which are ‘expensive’) Dec 06 20:09
schestowitz Turns out the health club I go to has some ‘redundancies’ near it. Dec 06 20:09
schestowitz zoobab: ACK Dec 06 20:10
schestowitz kentma: if they renew with Oracle, they’ll feed the titans while being forced to lay off their own. The CIOs responsible for such a thing should be laid off. Dec 06 20:11
schestowitz kentma: the non-Free software biz is already collapsing, AKAIK, with the exception of the very top elites like Intel and Oracle (both appears to be fraudulent, BTW). Dec 06 20:12
schestowitz Ellison was caught deleting mail, IIRC Dec 06 20:12
schestowitz This means that choosing non-Free software is no longer the ‘safer’ route because even big names like Sun may have uncertain futures. Best one can do is OWN the code. Dec 06 20:13
schestowitz trmanco: can emacs emulate emacs? Dec 06 20:14
trmanco schestowitz, I haven’t tried yet :-P Dec 06 20:14
trmanco I’ll see if I can find a plugin for it Dec 06 20:14
trmanco emacs^2 Dec 06 20:14
*wispy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-61709a893d8a5c91) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 20:15
twitter Bellini seems to understand M$ layoffs.  What they said was “might be resisting” layoffs. Dec 06 20:15
wispy hi roy! Dec 06 20:15
wispy hello twitter Dec 06 20:15
twitter hello Dec 06 20:15
twitter Forry Ackerman, ruined by US healthcare failure http://entertainment.slashdot.org/articl… Dec 06 20:18
wispy rip Dec 06 20:19
kentma that’s a great shame Dec 06 20:19
kentma All the key guys of this era are passing away – Asimov, Clarke and now Ackerman Dec 06 20:20
wispy so true Dec 06 20:20
wispy and carlin Dec 06 20:21
twitter What kills me is that he was ruined to pay for healthcare.  If he can’t afford to die, who can? Dec 06 20:21
wispy the system is broken :( Dec 06 20:25
wispy do you guys know where roy is? Dec 06 20:25
twitter Ballmer wants a quick smack down for Yahoo, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122851712… Dec 06 20:25
twitter Roy is here somewhere. Dec 06 20:26
wispy oh ok thanks Dec 06 20:26
twitter ” joint interview Friday with Qi Lu, the newly appointed president of Microsoft’s online services business, Mr. Ballmer argued for the two companies to quickly come to an agreement.” Dec 06 20:27
twitter - drink my koolaid as fast as you can. Dec 06 20:27
wispy i still think google will win Dec 06 20:27
twitter Yahoo has been damaged.  They have to hold out for an honest justice department. Dec 06 20:28
schestowitz Cool, RMS helps in organising  a protest Dec 06 20:28
wispy Hey Roy! Dec 06 20:29
schestowitz Watch MS here: http://www.linuxasia.net/la07/ 2008: Diamond Sponsor: Microsoft http://www.osiweek.com/ Dec 06 20:29
schestowitz Hey, wispy Dec 06 20:29
wispy :) Dec 06 20:29
schestowitz Just a moment. Dec 06 20:29
wispy ok Dec 06 20:29
twitter “Interoperability” and panel stacking.  Somewhere in the Slog literature is a reference to killing Apple conferences with “cross platform” development hype. Dec 06 20:34
wispy interesting Dec 06 20:35
wispy linuxasia.net takes you to osiweek.com, just to let you know Dec 06 20:36
twitter M$ would hype any given conference as being all about Winblows development.  That turned off real Apple developers who had no interest in it.  M$ would then gloat about low attendance and say, “Apple is dying” Dec 06 20:36
wispy haha Dec 06 20:36
wispy do you know VB, twitter?  i never learned it Dec 06 20:38
schestowitz wispy: wait. I found that out. Dec 06 20:39
schestowitz I’ll post a copy here. Dec 06 20:39
wispy cool Dec 06 20:40
twitter VB?  Stay far away. Dec 06 20:40
wispy i thought so ;) Dec 06 20:40
twitter Why would you think of it? Dec 06 20:41
wispy you reminded me of that when you mentioned cross platform Dec 06 20:41
wispy and developer conferences Dec 06 20:41
twitter VB is cross platform? Dec 06 20:41
wispy i dont think so Dec 06 20:41
schestowitz OK, here’s what I found Dec 06 20:41
schestowitz RMS is willing to help organise a protest Dec 06 20:41
schestowitz It’s not my proposal. Dec 06 20:42
wispy where’s it held? Dec 06 20:42
schestowitz Here is the 2007 Web site… Watch Microsoft and Novell here: http://www.linuxasia.net/la07/ Dec 06 20:42
schestowitz wispy: I don’t know yet. He asked me. Dec 06 20:42
schestowitz 2008 brought this other conference from the same strand: http://www.osiweek.com/ . It seems like they renamed Linux Asia (to “Open source”). In 2006 it was still called Linux Asia and took place in New Delhi < http://www.linuxasia.net/la06/ >. Dec 06 20:42
wispy cool, Roy Dec 06 20:42
schestowitz Microsoft was not a sponsor that year, but it changed after they had signed the patent deal with Novell. They are listed in alignment now. See? “Diamond Sponsor: Microsoft” Dec 06 20:42
schestowitz Microsoft is listed on top.  I ought to add that Microsoft also was a sole sponsors of SourceForge.org Awards this year. I think a few others joined much later but did not contribute much money. Dec 06 20:43
schestowitz It’s in Bn somewhere. I wrote about it like 5 times.. Dec 06 20:43
wispy ms supports sourceforge?? Dec 06 20:43
schestowitz Yes Dec 06 20:43
schestowitz Also Linux.com by association Dec 06 20:43
wispy O_o Dec 06 20:43
wispy lol Dec 06 20:43
schestowitz and formerly.. NewsForce and other sites of this network Dec 06 20:43
schestowitz That’s why Slashdot is sponosroed by MS Dec 06 20:44
wispy they’re everywhere! Dec 06 20:44
schestowitz That’s also why they have so many Microsoft ads (as ads and ‘news’) Dec 06 20:44
schestowitz Pseudo-news Dec 06 20:44
wispy hah Dec 06 20:44
schestowitz It’s a matter of money. The SF.net awards included patent-inspiring and lawsuit-inspiring things, which were probably related to this sponsorship. SourceForge.org was flogging Visual Studio to ‘open source’ developers (it is proprietary software that mostly targets Windows). I have detailed listings of other such examples. OSBC and OSCON are part of this wave too. Dec 06 20:44
schestowitz It’s time to set a foot down and say “no morE”. Dec 06 20:44
wispy yes Dec 06 20:45
wispy so are you going to that protest, Roy? Dec 06 20:45
wispy or is it held in India/ Dec 06 20:45
twitter Indeed, the hijack is sickening.  “… it was time to grow beyond Linux.” into non free software?  Barf. Dec 06 20:46
wispy that’s a step backwards Dec 06 20:47
twitter So what’s the protest plan? Dec 06 20:48
twitter I think the best thing that can happen is that people go to the conference and ignore the M$/Novell/Mono stuff in a way that can be observed. Dec 06 20:50
schestowitz wispy: no, no protest from me Dec 06 20:50
schestowitz Unless it’s in the UK Dec 06 20:50
twitter I imagine pictures of empty rooms with a few protest banners here and there. Dec 06 20:50
schestowitz twitter: where is the quite from? Dec 06 20:50
schestowitz “… it was time to grow beyond Linux. [sic]“? Dec 06 20:51
twitter Quote is front and center of site. Dec 06 20:51
schestowitz It’s GNU/Linux first of all (there’s a philosophy), but eh Shafters like to make it seem like fanboi games of names and some ‘idol’ called Linus. Dec 06 20:51
wispy shafters haha Dec 06 20:51
twitter It’s the caption to the image of free software people.  ” The last four years, this event has been held under the brand LinuxAsia. But now, with many more open source champions gaining popularity, it was time to grow beyond Linux. Plus, with the event growing from a Delhi-only affair to a week-long, three city mega event–it has been named Open Source India Week.” Dec 06 20:51
schestowitz GNU is now Apple. Dec 06 20:51
twitter Apple is using GNU. Dec 06 20:52
schestowitz wispy: there are weasel words and terms like “Linux fans” Dec 06 20:52
schestowitz It would be harder to say “Freedom fans” Dec 06 20:52
schestowitz That’s like saying “water lovers” Dec 06 20:52
wispy oh ok, Roy Dec 06 20:52
schestowitz LinuxWorld is also changing Dec 06 20:53
schestowitz It ‘opens up’ to more things. Dec 06 20:53
wispy they look defensive when they call Linux advocates names Dec 06 20:53
schestowitz (not  GNU stuff and GPL necessarily) Dec 06 20:53
wispy it’s childish Dec 06 20:53
schestowitz They don’t Dec 06 20:53
schestowitz They use proxies like Enderle to do that Dec 06 20:53
schestowitz He calls them named Dec 06 20:53
schestowitz *names. Aggravate, then accuse them of being intolerant or children. it’s a bair game Dec 06 20:54
wispy ok Dec 06 20:54
schestowitz *bair Dec 06 20:54
schestowitz Arghhh *bait Dec 06 20:54
wispy hehe Dec 06 20:54
wispy trolling? Dec 06 20:54
wispy i see that a lot in the comments for some articles Dec 06 20:55
schestowitz Yes, lots of heckling today Dec 06 20:55
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/06/linu… “Keep up the good work, Roy.  You can tell by the name calling that you have been hitting nerves.” Dec 06 20:56
wispy XD Dec 06 20:56
schestowitz They don’t talk about the posts much Dec 06 20:56
schestowitz They just shoot from the hip Dec 06 20:56
wispy Roy, don’t listen to the haters Dec 06 20:56
wispy you are much better than them Dec 06 20:56
schestowitz They deraila the Dec 06 20:58
schestowitz They derail the  page off topicv Dec 06 20:58
wispy :( Dec 06 20:59
twitter If they do that, label them as the hecklers they are. Dec 06 20:59
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/06/ooxml… “Seriously, it’s gone past silly now. Are you on something?” Dec 06 20:59
wispy if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all Dec 06 20:59
schestowitz Oh, I see… first pathology (calling me senile or something) Dec 06 20:59
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  3. An Update on Sirius 'Open Source' Pensiongate: It's Looking Worse Than Ever

    It's starting to look more and more like pension providers in the UK, including some very major and large ones, are aiding criminals who steal money from their workers under the guise of "pensions"

  4. Services and Users TRApped in Telescreen-Running Apps

    TRApp, term that lends its name to this article, is short for "Telescreen-Running App". It sounds just like "trap". Any similarity is not purely coincidental.

  5. Links 19/03/2023: Release of Libreboot 20230319 and NATO Expanding

    Links for the day

  6. Great Things Brewing

    We've been very busy behind the scenes this past week; we expect some good publications ahead

  7. Links 19/03/2023: LLVM 16.0.0 and EasyOS Kirkstone 5.1 Releases

    Links for the day

  8. IRC Proceedings: Saturday, March 18, 2023

    IRC logs for Saturday, March 18, 2023

  9. Links 18/03/2023: Many HowTos, Several New Releases

    Links for the day

  10. Links 18/03/2023: Tor Browser 12.0.4 and Politics

    Links for the day

  11. Links 18/03/2023: Docker is Deleting Free Software Organisations

    Links for the day

  12. IRC Proceedings: Friday, March 17, 2023

    IRC logs for Friday, March 17, 2023

  13. New Talk: Richard Stallman Explains His Problem With Rust (Trademark Restrictions), Openwashing (Including Linux Kernel), Machine Learning, and the JavaScript Trap

    Richard Stallman's talk is now available above (skip to 18:20 to get to the talk; the volume was improved over time, corrected at the sender's end)

  14. Links 17/03/2023: CentOS Newsletter and News About 'Mr. UNIX' Ken Thompson Hopping on GNU/Linux

    Links for the day

  15. The European Patent Office's Central Staff Committee Explains the Situation at the EPO to the 'Yes Men' of António Campinos (Who is Stacking All the Panels)

    The EPO’s management is lying to staff (even right to their faces!) and it is actively obstructing attempts to step back into compliance with the law; elected staff representatives have produced detailed documents that explain the nature of some of the problems they’re facing

  16. Links 17/03/2023: Linux 6.2.7 and LibreSSL 3.7.1 Released

    Links for the day

  17. GNU/Linux in Honduras: 10% Market Share? (Updated)

    As per the latest statistics

  18. Links 17/03/2023: Update on John Deere’s Ongoing GPL Violations and PyTorch 2.0

    Links for the day

  19. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, March 16, 2023

    IRC logs for Thursday, March 16, 2023

  20. RMS: A Tour of Malicious Software, With a Typical Cell Phone as Example

    Tonight in Europe or this afternoon in America Richard M. Stallman (RMS), who turned 70 yesterday, gives a talk

  21. Skyfall for Sirius 'Open Source': A Second Pension Provider Starts to Investigate Serious (Sirius) Abuses

    Further to yesterday's update on Sirius ‘Open Source’ and its “Pensiongate” we can gladly report some progress following escalation to management; this is about tech and “Open Source” employees facing abuse at work, even subjected to crimes

  22. NOW: Pensions Lying, Obstructing and Gaslighting Clients After Months of Lies, Delays, and Cover-up (Amid Pension Fraud)

    The “Pensiongate” of Sirius ‘Open Source’ (the company which embezzled/robbed many workers for years) helps reveal the awful state of British pension providers, which are in effect enabling the embezzlement to carry on while lying to their clients

  23. Links 16/03/2023: War Escalations and More

    Links for the day

  24. Links 16/03/2023: OpenSSH 9.3 Released and WordPress 6.2 Release Candidate 2, Lapdock News

    Links for the day

  25. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

    IRC logs for Wednesday, March 15, 2023

  26. Links 16/03/2023: OpenSSL 3.1 Released, 10,000 More Staff Cut in Facebook, and Windows Loses 10% in Speed

    Links for the day

  27. Links 15/03/2023: Transmission 4.0.2 and Lots in Geminispace

    Links for the day

  28. Links 15/03/2023: Qubes OS 4.1.2, Mozilla Swallows Buzzwords

    Links for the day

  29. Founder of the Free Software Movement, Richard Stallman, Turns 70

    In some parts of the world it is already the 16th of the month; that’s the 70th birthday of Richard Stallman

  30. Links 15/03/2023: DietPi 8.15 and digiKam 7.10.0

    Links for the day

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