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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 13th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 6:04 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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jose__ to stop mono/etc bug reports in their tracks Feb 13 16:55
*mib_pwf5tl has quit (Client Quit) Feb 13 16:55
jose__ leaving mono around is like leaving options around.. it doesn’t hurt supposedly Feb 13 16:55
schestowitz BTW, I have most of the future texts in http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/inde… along with PDFs (+OCR). Next, I intend to get full text of all PDFs there. Feb 13 16:56
schestowitz If you want to have a look with me, that would help a lot Feb 13 16:56
jose__ but it does because not taking a stand makes it much easier for the mono to spread Feb 13 16:56
jose__ and infest Feb 13 16:56
schestowitz It’s the story of Microsoft assassinatng NetPC with FUD and corruptible analysts, as told by internal correspondence. Feb 13 16:56
jose__ and it means a lot more users are likely to develop ties with any given mono app Feb 13 16:56
schestowitz I don’t think the pres captured the real story at the time because it did not have those Comes exhibits Feb 13 16:57
schestowitz I should also write about Monilight[sic] Feb 13 16:57
schestowitz New York plane crash….. Feb 13 16:58
jose__ so are you saying that those pdfs on that page are mostly transcribed but not totally? Feb 13 16:58
jose__ what ny plane crash Feb 13 16:59
schestowitz http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/02/13… Feb 13 16:59
jose__ is it april 1 Feb 13 16:59
jose__ let me read it Feb 13 16:59
schestowitz jose__: yes, I have just portions of the text. There’s OCR.. just needs completion and proofrading. Feb 13 16:59
jose__ ok, i’ll start from the bottom up and email you when done Feb 13 17:00
jose__ with a pdf Feb 13 17:00
schestowitz It wasn’t long ago that a plane landed in a Nr river, no? Feb 13 17:00
schestowitz Was it NY also? Feb 13 17:00
jose__ the pilot became a hero Feb 13 17:00
schestowitz Maybe their quality control is declining just lime the airlines industry Feb 13 17:00
jose__ everyone wanted to thank him and talk to him Feb 13 17:01
schestowitz They cut corners maybe Feb 13 17:01
jose__ supposedly it was experience/skill that saved everyone on board Feb 13 17:01
schestowitz With planes in half/quarter capacity, the costs of new components (lifecycyle) outweigh other standards. Feb 13 17:01
schestowitz When I come to think of it, this erodes confidence in planes and could do even WORSE damage to the airlines industry worldwide. Feb 13 17:02
jose__ >> CNN has listened to a tape of communications between air traffic control and the flight crew. The first officer was calm. The plane was cleared for approach. About two minutes later, the air traffic controller came back, his voice full of stress. Radar contact was lost. Feb 13 17:02
schestowitz Which in turn causes even more harm to the industry of production, quality control, etc. Feb 13 17:03
jose__ never mind Feb 13 17:03
schestowitz Some people whom I know from the gym have it as a full-time job to just inspect planes. That can’t be cheap Feb 13 17:03
jose__ i thought maybe the prob was originated from traffic controller Feb 13 17:03
jose__ but apparently they panicked once they saw the plane blip disappear ..or something like that Feb 13 17:03
schestowitz That’s like 2 in a month Feb 13 17:04
schestowitz In one city? Feb 13 17:04
schestowitz Not good.. Feb 13 17:04
jose__ per plane maybe another staff member ?? Feb 13 17:04
jose__ and of all cities, too Feb 13 17:04
jose__ ny has had funding provs Feb 13 17:05
jose__ probs Feb 13 17:05
jose__ financial industry hit hard means ny hit hard Feb 13 17:05
jose__ tax revenues have been reported to have gone donw Feb 13 17:05
jose__ private sector must be bas as well Feb 13 17:05
schestowitz I wonder how they pay rent these days Feb 13 17:05
schestowitz Rent must come down. Feb 13 17:05
schestowitz balzac lives and work in NYC Feb 13 17:06
jose__ rent has come down everywhere Feb 13 17:06
schestowitz works Feb 13 17:06
jose__ well, in some big cities Feb 13 17:06
balzac yo Feb 13 17:06
schestowitz Got the news yet? Feb 13 17:06
jose__ not sure what is their unemply number Feb 13 17:06
balzac what news? Feb 13 17:06
schestowitz Scroll up Feb 13 17:06
jose__ if you have money/skill and you lose job, you can move.. or at least keep spending for a while Feb 13 17:07
schestowitz jose__: 5 years can be a long “while” Feb 13 17:08
schestowitz It’s not a seasonal drought Feb 13 17:08
balzac how far to scroll up? Feb 13 17:08
schestowitz It can also be permanent for old empires, including European ones and countries like Iceland that used to enjoy themselves Feb 13 17:08
schestowitz balzac: http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/02/13… Feb 13 17:08
balzac I read about that last night in the wee hours Feb 13 17:09
balzac I was prepared for the worst when the plane crash-landed in the Hudson. I heard about it by text message and was very pleasantly surprised. Too bad there was nothing miraculous about this latest crash. Feb 13 17:11
schestowitz When two datapoints appear so closely, what prevents a third? Feb 13 17:13
jose__ http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/02/13/plane… Feb 13 17:13
schestowitz Remember why Concordes were grounded… Feb 13 17:13
jose__ She was traveling to Buffalo for a weekend celebration of what would have been her husband’s 58th birthday, according to the Buffalo News — the first news agency to report her presence on the fatal flight. Feb 13 17:13
jose__ >> Feb 13 17:14
jose__ >> Friends, relatives and acquaintances were shocked to hear the news that Beverly Eckert, the widow of a September 11 victim, was aboard the Continental flight to Buffalo, New York, that crashed Thursday night. Feb 13 17:14
schestowitz *gasp* Feb 13 17:14
schestowitz ” 9/11 widow among Buffalo flight victims” Feb 13 17:14
schestowitz http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/afri… “A Russian heavy missile cruiser stopped three pirate ships off the coast of Somalia, and detained 10 pirates, according to a statement released Friday by Russian Navy headquarters in Moscow.” Feb 13 17:15
schestowitz REAL pirates… not the ones whom the MAFIAA labels “pirates” Feb 13 17:16
*silentivm (n=renan@ has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 17:16
jose__ what was the bounty on these guys’ heads Feb 13 17:16
schestowitz In Soviet Russia, cruiser downloads pirates Feb 13 17:17
jose__ i heard the BSA picked up 3 pirates onboard the russian cruisers afterwards Feb 13 17:17
jose__ http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/02/12… Feb 13 17:18
jose__ that could be political or not Feb 13 17:18
schestowitz http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/bus… ( The recession’s unexpected winners ) Feb 13 17:19
schestowitz There’s too much press about Microsoft looking for someone else to blame for their bad engineering Feb 13 17:19
jose__ did i miss the Linux OS column? Feb 13 17:20
schestowitz http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/te… (I’ve seen like 12 articles like this one…. it’s like MS PR… go Microsoft! Catch the bad guys, never mind if Windows is a POS for being so easy to hijack) Feb 13 17:20
schestowitz ” Kindness will help economy, homeless woman’s rescuer says” Feb 13 17:21
schestowitz That’s a way of saying… forget about your rights, about freedoms… live in fear and gloom while “us elites” at Merill Lynch receive  $3 billion in bonuses paid _by you_ (tax money -> bailout) Feb 13 17:22
jose__ it would be nice (assuming it were true) to see “Linux sales increased X during recession” appear in a feature mainstream article Feb 13 17:22
schestowitz People should not accept this abuse… there’s no change coming. Feb 13 17:22
jose__ the fed gov is very powerful Feb 13 17:22
schestowitz jose__: Linux is not sold, it’s distributed Feb 13 17:22
jose__ in theory Feb 13 17:22
schestowitz It’s like saying “more water was sold” Feb 13 17:22
schestowitz “Water sales have increased…” well, with Linux there’s no limit, either, unlike natural resources Feb 13 17:23
schestowitz The next big wars might be over water Feb 13 17:23
balzac <@schestowitz> In Soviet Russia, cruiser downloads pirates:  heheh Feb 13 17:24
schestowitz Not just global warning which is a lot to do with water too Feb 13 17:24
jose__ recovering “gracefully” from the pickle the financial industry got itself in Feb 13 17:24
jose__ is what the us is trying Feb 13 17:24
schestowitz Let me find a vid Feb 13 17:24
jose__ greed has no end, but i am hoping that the bailout will have a positive effect or at least keep a problem from getting worse Feb 13 17:25
jose__ the feds can always react differently in the future if things don’t pan out Feb 13 17:26
schestowitz Skip 1 minutes into this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7… The guy sounds like an ass, but it makes some valid point Feb 13 17:26
balzac every time the ultra-wealthly slip a little bit in their death-grip around the throats of the working-poor, there is some intervention on behalf of the ultra-wealthy. Feb 13 17:26
jose__ i do worry we are being taken for a ride, but i’m waiting for now Feb 13 17:26
jose__ it’s the federal governments money Feb 13 17:27
schestowitz Money? Feb 13 17:27
schestowitz They have no money Feb 13 17:27
schestowitz They have 11tr in debt. Feb 13 17:27
jose__ what i mean is Feb 13 17:27
balzac what is the most juicy 3d desktop for gnu/linux without any trash code from Novell in it? Feb 13 17:27
jose__ that they could inflate the currency Feb 13 17:27
jose__ and that would be one way to wipe out debt/debtors Feb 13 17:27
*r0ver has quit (Remote closed the connection) Feb 13 17:28
schestowitz balzac: Looking Glass? Feb 13 17:28
balzac looking into it Feb 13 17:28
jose__ kde4 might have drawn some of the 3d desktop folks Feb 13 17:29
jose__ ? Feb 13 17:29
jose__ looking glass is all java i think Feb 13 17:29
jose__ there is mantese or something Feb 13 17:29
silentivm metisse Feb 13 17:29
silentivm but I’ve never tried it, I have long given up on 3D desktops Feb 13 17:30
schestowitz Novell is a root: http://smspillaz.googlepages.co… Feb 13 17:30
balzac compost fusion Feb 13 17:31
balzac jk Feb 13 17:31
schestowitz I used metisse with my Mandriva Live CD Feb 13 17:31
silentivm I never cared for 3D effects Feb 13 17:31
jose__ thanks silentivm i always always forget that Feb 13 17:31
silentivm :D Feb 13 17:31
balzac there are cases where 3d interfaces could make some things more efficient Feb 13 17:32
balzac but I would have to be in charge of designing it Feb 13 17:33
balzac looks like compiz is mostly just decorative, not actually very useful Feb 13 17:33
silentivm it was nice to show to “Linux has no GUI” trolls Feb 13 17:33
jose__ yes Feb 13 17:34
balzac yeah, but I just can dig Novell’s offerings Feb 13 17:34
jose__ balzac  you could always design on paper (explanations or drawings) and submit that Feb 13 17:34
balzac no Ballnux for Balzac Feb 13 17:34
balzac jose__: nobody will get it Feb 13 17:35
jose__ yeah, i thought you weren’t being serious Feb 13 17:35
balzac until they get it and then I’ll be like, alright there goes another fine idea… Feb 13 17:35
jose__ :-) Feb 13 17:35
balzac I should be the CEO of Hewlitt Packard Feb 13 17:36
balzac If that PR-hack Carly Fiorini could be CEO of a venerable IT company like HP, I could crush every other company in the world like Genghis Khan Feb 13 17:36
balzac I’m using an new HP and it has a “club hp” button on it Feb 13 17:37
balzac a row of buttons for email, search, help, and I don’t know what else Feb 13 17:37
schestowitz Sounds like their thinking Feb 13 17:37
schestowitz Not collaborating. Feb 13 17:37
schestowitz ” crush every other company in the world” Feb 13 17:38
balzac crappy little buttons which you hit instead of tab, caps-lock ,shift, ctrl Feb 13 17:38
schestowitz Innovation by Crushing(R) Feb 13 17:38
balzac Roy, I’m just saying if I were CEO of a company like HP, there would be big changes Feb 13 17:38
silentivm balzac, can’t you remap them to other functions? Feb 13 17:38
schestowitz Can you imagine the kindergarten equivalent? Feb 13 17:38
balzac Microsoft would be immediately wiped out Feb 13 17:38
silentivm I use xmodmap to bind all the multimedia keys of this keyboard to useful features Feb 13 17:38
balzac silentivm: these buttons aren’t worth having at all Feb 13 17:38
schestowitz A lot of companies like HP are /already/ paid for by the public Feb 13 17:39
balzac I’d pry them out with a knife if I was going to be stuck with this keyboard Feb 13 17:39
silentivm if properly bound, they can be useful, IMHO Feb 13 17:39
schestowitz They are paid to make some ‘electted l33ts’ rich by design and selection Feb 13 17:39
silentivm I used to pry the Power/Sleep/WakeUp keys from keyboards Feb 13 17:39
schestowitz Like the Gateses and their government friends who gave monopolies and help Feb 13 17:39
schestowitz Mandriva picks up all the multimedia keys Feb 13 17:40
schestowitz About 15 of them Feb 13 17:40
silentivm hmmm Feb 13 17:40
jose__ does the latest mandriva use beryl (ie, is beryl the default “top eye candy”)? Feb 13 17:42
jose__ from twitter’s slashdot submission Feb 13 17:45
jose__ >> Microsoft said it will share the lessons it learns from its own stores with other retailers. Feb 13 17:45
jose__ ! Feb 13 17:45
jose__ I almost can’t believe they said that (w/a straight face) Feb 13 17:46
jose__ I’m sure they will sell the lesser or incorrect lessons Feb 13 17:46
jose__ they’ll share like they share OS design with Linux Feb 13 17:47
balzac Sun’s 3d desktop requires java Feb 13 17:47
schestowitz Yes Feb 13 17:47
balzac I don’t like Sun’s licensing ofjava Feb 13 17:47
schestowitz They have Ubuntu binaries Feb 13 17:47
schestowitz Or “had” Feb 13 17:47
balzac Sun is quite annoying Feb 13 17:47
schestowitz I haven’t heard about it in like a year Feb 13 17:47
silentivm Looking Glass was painfully SLOW here the last time I tried Feb 13 17:47
PetoKraus * [PetoKraus] (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus): Peter Kraus Feb 13 17:47
PetoKraus shinyyyy :D Feb 13 17:47
schestowitz MinceR hates Sun Feb 13 17:47
silentivm the type of thing which you can’t use without lots of pain Feb 13 17:47
balzac They need to find everyone within their company who thinks like Carly Fiorini and fire them. Feb 13 17:47
balzac and then let all the old unix farts know they are now to bow to the gnu Feb 13 17:48
balzac dry your tears about the demise of proprietary unix Feb 13 17:48
schestowitz Britain should prepare for massive loss of landmass, warn engineers < http://www.guardian.co.uk/enviro… > Feb 13 17:49
jose__ what’s the highest mountain there? Feb 13 17:49
schestowitz Some islands will disappear, leaving angry refugees Feb 13 17:49
PetoKraus hah Feb 13 17:49
schestowitz Or worse, they might be flooded without warning. Feb 13 17:49
PetoKraus jose__: i believe it’s ben nevis Feb 13 17:49
PetoKraus 1310 Feb 13 17:49
jose__ what’s the tallest building Feb 13 17:50
schestowitz Maybe us humans can evolve fast enough to grow gills. Feb 13 17:50
balzac we should throw the climate-change deniers into the water Feb 13 17:50
balzac jk Feb 13 17:50
PetoKraus i’m going skiing there next week Feb 13 17:50
PetoKraus whee :) Feb 13 17:50
PetoKraus jose__: no idea Feb 13 17:50
schestowitz jose__: building? Feb 13 17:50
balzac Actually, put Anne Coulter, Limbaugh, Bush in a compound on an ice-shelf in Antarctica. When it melts, tough sh!t. Feb 13 17:50
jose__ alright 1310 is sufficient Feb 13 17:50
balzac cheney too Feb 13 17:50
schestowitz Do you have in mind going to building waiting for the next “Ice era”? Feb 13 17:51
PetoKraus 1344 actually Feb 13 17:51
PetoKraus 1310 is where the ski resort thing ends Feb 13 17:51
schestowitz What about crops? Feb 13 17:51
schestowitz And Belgium/Holland? Feb 13 17:51
jose__ i don’t live there Feb 13 17:51
jose__ we have more land over here Feb 13 17:51
PetoKraus well the problem is Feb 13 17:51
jose__ of course not in florida Feb 13 17:51
schestowitz I’m finding these links in FOSS blogs, which shows that awareness rose Feb 13 17:51
jose__ flat land Feb 13 17:51
schestowitz jose__: isn’t it true that parts of Florida is made by grafting land? Feb 13 17:52
PetoKraus IMechE said that sea levels are predicted to rise by 2m by 2250 and 7m by the end of that century. Feb 13 17:52
PetoKraus that’s not much Feb 13 17:52
PetoKraus 50cm is enough to flood half of netherlands Feb 13 17:52
schestowitz The amount of energy it takes to ‘level’ up continents leads to even more pollution. Feb 13 17:52
schestowitz A bit like ethanol requiring more energy to process than it eventually gives Feb 13 17:52
jose__ what percentage of florida land was dumped from elsewehre.. i don’t know but it must be negligible when you look at the whole state Feb 13 17:52
PetoKraus well literally everything creates pollution Feb 13 17:53
schestowitz Or the burning of foods to make energy (how dumb an idea) Feb 13 17:53
PetoKraus it’s actually not Feb 13 17:53
schestowitz jose__: miami Feb 13 17:53
jose__ yes Feb 13 17:53
schestowitz My cousins tols me Feb 13 17:53
PetoKraus most of the foods you burn are either grown on lands which are unsuitable for arable farming Feb 13 17:53
schestowitz Check what number of cm you can spare before house goes under water Feb 13 17:54
PetoKraus or smaller part is from fungus-riddled crops Feb 13 17:54
PetoKraus schestowitz: i don’t need to. It’s enough for me to start worrying when we’ll lose Brighton Feb 13 17:54
jose__ new orleans have levees Feb 13 17:54
jose__ http://www.google.com/search?q=levees&am… Feb 13 17:54
jose__ has Feb 13 17:55
schestowitz Holy cr.. http://elchackal.wordpress.com/2007/08/31/hu… Feb 13 17:55
PetoKraus hah Feb 13 17:56
schestowitz As the economy recedes, the pressure for FOI should grow < http://www.yrtk.org/2009/as-the-economy-… > Aww. Feb 13 17:58
schestowitz My dad reckons the economic collapse hasn’t happened yet, but I don’t know what he read/heard Feb 13 17:59
PetoKraus well Feb 13 17:59
PetoKraus i dunno but Feb 13 17:59
schestowitz A friend of mine from the gym thinks the banks will collapse later.. not the just keep quiet Feb 13 17:59
PetoKraus scotland is holding off pretty well Feb 13 17:59
schestowitz Yes Feb 13 17:59
PetoKraus couple of shops closed, yes Feb 13 17:59
schestowitz Comparibly Feb 13 17:59
PetoKraus but the prices are quite low still Feb 13 17:59
schestowitz *prarably Feb 13 17:59
PetoKraus what’s quite annoying, €vs£ is getting better for pount Feb 13 18:00
PetoKraus *d Feb 13 18:00
PetoKraus (annoying for us, funded by €) Feb 13 18:00
schestowitz “IMechE said that sea levels are predicted to rise by 2m by 2250 and 7m by the end of that century.” Feb 13 18:00
PetoKraus yeah, i quoted that awhile ago ;) Feb 13 18:00
PetoKraus the difference makes as much as £15 a day Feb 13 18:01
PetoKraus i guess I should move my money from slovakia… Feb 13 18:01
schestowitz LOL http://twitter.com/glynmoody/statuses/1206076038 “glynmoody: What?!? TweetDeck is currently eating up a gig of RAM on this Ubuntu system…anyone else getting that?” Feb 13 18:01
PetoKraus and hope that the £ will keep rising Feb 13 18:02
schestowitz Same here. Feb 13 18:03
PetoKraus monday solves. Feb 13 18:03
schestowitz Which currencies will sink.. who knows? Feb 13 18:03
schestowitz I wonder how Iceland is doing Feb 13 18:03
PetoKraus hah Feb 13 18:03
jose__ >> The TPA report, which contains figures for every council in the country, can be read in full here. It shows a 22 per cent increase in the number of staff receiving remuneration packages of over £50,000 a year. All this in the context of a recession, when taxpayers are cutting back or losing their jobs. Feb 13 18:03
jose__ >> Ultimately, as Obama knows, public sector elitism and freedom of information are part of the same debate. Full and easy disclosure, by breaking down the barriers to information, enables greater scrutiny across the private and public sectors so that there can be greater equality and efficiency of state action. In scrutiny is accountability and in accountability is better government. Feb 13 18:03
jose__ linux would gain Feb 13 18:04
schestowitz http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/bentl… “Remember last week when a MarketWatch writer suggested the Madoff whistleblower, Harry Markopolos, should be handed the Securities and Exchange Commission chairmanship? “ Feb 13 18:04
schestowitz twitter: for failurelog: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft… Woman sues Microsoft over Vista to XP ‘downgrade’ fee Feb 13 18:06
schestowitz “She’s seeking class action status for her complaint.” Feb 13 18:06
PetoKraus hmm Feb 13 18:07
PetoKraus i find it quite retarded to apply for a job with Lloyds Feb 13 18:07
PetoKraus when there’s a chance I’m going to sue them Feb 13 18:07
schestowitz http://media.scenedaily.com/do… Feb 13 18:10
schestowitz Banks? Feb 13 18:10
schestowitz Why would you want to work for them? Feb 13 18:10
PetoKraus need ££ Feb 13 18:10
schestowitz Let them die peacefully. Feb 13 18:10
PetoKraus and they have evening callcentre job Feb 13 18:10
schestowitz Go to a job that has prospects. Feb 13 18:10
PetoKraus no Feb 13 18:10
schestowitz OK Feb 13 18:11
PetoKraus i need money, for prospects there are placements in the summer Feb 13 18:11
PetoKraus :) Feb 13 18:11
PetoKraus there was this funny placement application Feb 13 18:11
PetoKraus for British Energy Feb 13 18:11
schestowitz Oh, short term, well, then go for it Feb 13 18:11
PetoKraus in Hartpool or where is the Nuke power plant Feb 13 18:11
PetoKraus doing some database management…. I might quite like it Feb 13 18:12
PetoKraus *Hartlepool Feb 13 18:12
schestowitz Mysql? Feb 13 18:12
schestowitz Surely PHP-Nuke Feb 13 18:12
PetoKraus :) Feb 13 18:12
PetoKraus no idea Feb 13 18:13
PetoKraus but they want someone computer-literate with scientific background Feb 13 18:13
schestowitz Mummy.. http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/02/12/… Feb 13 18:14
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection) Feb 13 18:16
schestowitz “Charter Communications Inc, which is controlled by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by 1 April after striking a deal with senior debt holders yesterday.” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… Will CNET be next? Paul Allen invested in them too and it’s very pro-MS Feb 13 18:18
schestowitz Microsoft’s pleas for bailout are signs that it’s likely still a con artist, in terms of finances. Feb 13 18:19
trmanco what happens when I check “public terminal” on the slashdot login? Feb 13 18:23
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 18:23
PetoKraus trmanco: it won’t cookie you? Feb 13 18:23
PetoKraus anyway Feb 13 18:23
PetoKraus off to movies ;) Feb 13 18:23
schestowitz Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. cookie. Feb 13 18:24
*zer0c00l advices schestowitz not to drink too much coffee :P (Hmmmmmmmmmmm) Feb 13 18:26
trmanco PetoKraus, I have no idea Feb 13 18:27
schestowitz zer0c00l: I drink teas these days Feb 13 18:28
zer0c00l :D Feb 13 18:29
schestowitz Coff33 makea m3 j9ttery Feb 13 18:29
schestowitz Ian slams The Register: http://ianmurdock.com/2009/01/28/… Feb 13 18:31
*sanskumar (n=Shanthos@ has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 18:32
twitter The Register has not been good for a while.  Way too forgiving of M$ and less investigative than they were a few years ago. Feb 13 18:33
schestowitz Great chart here: http://www.cringely.com/2009/02/wa… Feb 13 18:34
schestowitz Must SEE Feb 13 18:34
schestowitz twitter: yes, I hear from people that The Register sold out to Microsoft. They also have Microsoft-sympathetic writers among their staff Feb 13 18:35
schestowitz Look at CItigroup Feb 13 18:36
schestowitz Old Code and Old Licenses < http://blogs.sun.com/webmink/entry/old_… > Feb 13 18:37
schestowitz Lightning talk: Linux defenders a.k.a. Open Invention Network – Keith Bergelt < http://lxer.com/module/newswire… > Feb 13 18:42
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 18:42
twitter a friend is looking for stock images.  Where do you get yours? Feb 13 18:43
schestowitz http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/i… “Hence my suggestion of a separate mailing list. If the only list mentioned in the LC is “ietf-comments”, I think people are not likely to find “ietf” on their own.” Feb 13 18:44
schestowitz http://www.ietf.org/mail-archiv… Feb 13 18:45
schestowitz Hehe. Their list got flooded Feb 13 18:45
schestowitz Complaints about those patents Feb 13 18:45
schestowitz http://www.ietf.org/mail-archiv… http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/we… Feb 13 18:46
schestowitz twitter: http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml Feb 13 18:46
twitter thanks Feb 13 18:48
schestowitz Hehe. Watch the comments: http://microsoftontheissues.com/cs/blogs/m… Feb 13 18:48
schestowitz Microsoft gets told the truth in its own public corruption (affairs) blog Feb 13 18:48
jose__ roy, i worry a bit about noel’s idea and noel Feb 13 18:48
jose__ it’s reasonable to have more than one list Feb 13 18:48
jose__ but to think a small number would man that list means you might end up with a certain amount of censoring Feb 13 18:49
jose__ by default Feb 13 18:49
jose__ who decides what are “novel” ideas? Feb 13 18:49
jose__ anyway, if the list was accessible to many, then many might look at it Feb 13 18:49
jose__ noel is actually one that probably just wants peace Feb 13 18:50
jose__ the circles contrasting the market cap changed of the financial companies is the sort of thing that i imagine wall street loves to show off.. deception plays big.. show off the lies while you place your bets. Feb 13 18:53
schestowitz Con artists Feb 13 18:56
schestowitz Just watch that MS site with the comments… they lie and hope that people will be stupid to buy it Feb 13 18:56
schestowitz ‘”She said Dish shares have been battered by a satellite launch failure, the loss of an AT&T contract and a lawsuit over patents held buy TiVo Inc. ”If any one of these issues reverses, the share price could move upward,” she told clients in a note. ‘ http://cbs4denver.com/businesswir… Feb 13 18:57
jose__ how much do i have to pay to get Congress to hear me out? Feb 13 18:57
*sanskumar has quit (“Leaving”) Feb 13 18:58
schestowitz jose__: let me check Feb 13 18:59
*r0ver has quit (Remote closed the connection) Feb 13 18:59
jose__ :-) Feb 13 18:59
schestowitz What’s the name of Obama’s wife? Feb 13 18:59
schestowitz It escaped me. Feb 13 18:59
jose__ umm Feb 13 18:59
jose__ michelle Feb 13 18:59
jose__ not sure how to spell it Feb 13 18:59
jose__ i think Feb 13 18:59
schestowitz Let me wikiIt Feb 13 18:59
schestowitz Mivhelle Feb 13 19:00
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obama Feb 13 19:00
schestowitz Michelle Feb 13 19:00
schestowitz Here: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/07/mi… Feb 13 19:01
schestowitz Leaked Feb 13 19:01
schestowitz “The campaign is pushing most breakfast attendees to contribute the $2,300 amount.” Feb 13 19:01
schestowitz “Even if you have already contributed the $4,600 maximum, the campaign can now also accept up to $28,500 per person through the Obama Victory Fund -the National Democratic Party’s Presidential campaign fund.” Feb 13 19:01
schestowitz Welcome to the State of Bribery. Feb 13 19:01
jose__ did you post that already Feb 13 19:02
jose__ ah, yes, from january Feb 13 19:02
schestowitz Guess what? Most of that $2300 isn’t spent on omlette  and coffee :-D Feb 13 19:02
jose__ i remember Feb 13 19:02
schestowitz That’s also how Microsoft bribes analysts Feb 13 19:02
schestowitz “We’ll pay you $300/hour to hive a talk” Feb 13 19:02
jose__ there is a little bit left over for a rainy day Feb 13 19:02
schestowitz *give Feb 13 19:02
jose__ *have Feb 13 19:02
jose__ if you can do both, why not hive a talk Feb 13 19:03
schestowitz EPO got its suffixed wrong. It should be .COM. Feb 13 19:04
schestowitz http://www2009.org/silver.html “”The European patent system also offers a high level of legal certainty, as European patents are only granted following an in-depth examination and a comprehensive novelty search based on a collection of over 60 million documents. For more information, visit www.epo.org.” Feb 13 19:05
schestowitz It’s pro- and for-profit “Staff at the European Patent Office went on strike accusing the organization of corruption: specifically, stretching the standards for patents in order to make more money.” http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-jul-o… Feb 13 19:05
schestowitz Marshall Phelps, Microsoft: “[The EPO] can’t distinguish between hardware and software so the patents get issued anyway.” Feb 13 19:06
schestowitz If the economy degrades, EPO should be among the first to go. In Denmark, examiners were already laid off. Feb 13 19:06
schestowitz These are smart people. They should really learn or develop stuff rather than spend time granting people monopolies that do nothing but IMPEDE science. Feb 13 19:07
*zoobab01 (i=zoobab@vic.ffii.org) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 19:14
schestowitz yo, zer0c00l Feb 13 19:14
schestowitz bac from FOSDEM? Feb 13 19:14
schestowitz Oops. zoobab01 Feb 13 19:14
zer0c00l FOSDEM? Feb 13 19:15
zer0c00l ok Feb 13 19:15
zer0c00l for zoobab01 Feb 13 19:15
schestowitz No, wrong person, sorry Feb 13 19:15
zer0c00l :) Feb 13 19:15
schestowitz Yes. Feb 13 19:15
zer0c00l yeah…..tea too  works Feb 13 19:15
zer0c00l :D Feb 13 19:15
schestowitz Asus braces for layoffs < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/9… > Feb 13 19:16
schestowitz Good picture here: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/… Feb 13 19:17
balzac I just borked my installation with compiz Feb 13 19:17
schestowitz What installation? Feb 13 19:18
jose__ novel can be anything Feb 13 19:18
jose__ there are so many combinations possible of common things Feb 13 19:19
jose__ never mind……. Feb 13 19:19
schestowitz all ideas are combinations. Feb 13 19:20
schestowitz novel=”we believe this combination was not tried before” Feb 13 19:21
jose__ >> we’ll share learnings from our stores with our existing retail and OEM partners that are critical to our success Feb 13 19:21
jose__ to say that with a straight face Feb 13 19:21
schestowitz Vizio to Stop Selling Plasma TVs < http://www.pcworld.com/article/159500/vizio_… > Feb 13 19:21
schestowitz jose__: hehe. Sounds Familiar? NotSoSure. Feb 13 19:22
schestowitz http://web.archive.org/web/200512301552… Feb 13 19:22
schestowitz Taken down due to patent extortion/threat Feb 13 19:22
jose__ what was taken down Feb 13 19:23
schestowitz Now MS has a new spiel: Vista7 out by xmas Feb 13 19:23
schestowitz “just wait.. don’t touch macs or Linux… we have another vista coming and we pay a lot of people to rave about it….” Feb 13 19:24
schestowitz jose__: the plugins was taken down by sw patent harrassment Feb 13 19:24
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/21/t… Feb 13 19:25
schestowitz I wrote about this in ther.e Feb 13 19:25
schestowitz Good: http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/200… Feb 13 19:27
jose__ i missed that one roy.. about the gimp Feb 13 19:28
jose__ does pubat have a collection for foss Feb 13 19:29
jose__ do you Feb 13 19:29
jose__ anyway, what is really bad about mono Feb 13 19:29
schestowitz Human rights committee calls Miliband and Smith for questioning over torture claims < http://www.guardian.co.uk/world… > Feb 13 19:29
jose__ is that it’s not a result that is stopped, because that could apply no matter how you make it Feb 13 19:29
jose__ it’s that no matter what you make (if ms patents appropriately) you will have a problem Feb 13 19:29
jose__ you don’t lose part of some application Feb 13 19:30
jose__ you lose every part of every application Feb 13 19:30
jose__ at least if ms did the patenting thing right Feb 13 19:30
jose__ and i don’t think it’s difficult at all (relatively) to get right Feb 13 19:30
jose__ i mean ms does have enough cash and developers and lawyers Feb 13 19:31
jose__ and anger and fear Feb 13 19:31
schestowitz RMS: “Urgent Note: Boycott Kellogg’s” http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-nov… Feb 13 19:31
schestowitz jose__: yes, agreed Feb 13 19:31
jose__ fwiw, i don’t do pot.. i get the impression the cost/benefit is not worthwhile.. then again, i avoid pain killers and a bunch more things as much as possible so i may not be the best judge Feb 13 19:34
trmanco just 3 hours to 1234567890 Feb 13 19:34
jose__ oh Feb 13 19:34
jose__ that’s one of those moments that happens not too frequently, right? Feb 13 19:34
schestowitz trmanco: make popcorn Feb 13 19:35
trmanco jose__, yes Feb 13 19:35
jose__ what’s the “date” command that converts from seconds since epoch to human time Feb 13 19:35
trmanco schestowitz, I might :-P Feb 13 19:35
silentivm jose__, date -d@<seconds> Feb 13 19:36
schestowitz jose__: firefox and waaabits will fly out of your computer if Linux is installed on it (or UNIX) Feb 13 19:36
zer0c00l good night Feb 13 19:36
*zer0c00l has quit (“Leaving”) Feb 13 19:36
jose__ he’s probably going back to fosdem now Feb 13 19:36
jose__ j/k Feb 13 19:37
schestowitz No, that’d be zoobab01 Feb 13 19:37
jose__ date -d@0123456789 occurred in 1973 Feb 13 19:37
schestowitz *LOL* Feb 13 19:38
schestowitz microslft.com is DOWN Feb 13 19:38
schestowitz And other MS sites Feb 13 19:38
jose__ ie, -d1234..9 or less occurred by 1974 Feb 13 19:38
schestowitz It would be funny if they got pwned Feb 13 19:38
jose__ placing the zero the right way…. Feb 13 19:38
jose__ popcorn Feb 13 19:38
*tacone (n=tacone@213-156-53-16.ip.fastwebnet.it) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 19:38
tacone hey schestowitz Feb 13 19:38
jose__ too bad linux didn’t do something bigger with this Feb 13 19:38
schestowitz try it on your side Feb 13 19:39
schestowitz http://microsoft .com Feb 13 19:39
tacone schestowitz: i posted a comment on your site, in the 12th feb links Feb 13 19:39
schestowitz tacone: thanks, I got it Feb 13 19:39
tacone but it got deleted. did you read it? Feb 13 19:39
tacone ok Feb 13 19:39
schestowitz Deleted? Feb 13 19:39
tacone yeah Feb 13 19:39
tacone http://boycottnovell.com/2009/02/12… Feb 13 19:39
tacone no prob. for me. I’d have said on irc but you were not here and I thought it was important. Feb 13 19:40
tacone guess it’s just un-approved. Feb 13 19:40
tacone no need to approve it as long as you know the content. Feb 13 19:40
schestowitz I got this one: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/02/0… Feb 13 19:40
tacone schestowitz: just me posting on a page and recalling wrong Feb 13 19:41
tacone lol Feb 13 19:41
schestowitz Phew Feb 13 19:41
tacone :-) Feb 13 19:41
schestowitz I hate it when something is claimed to be faulty Feb 13 19:41
tacone interesting, isn’t it ? Feb 13 19:41
schestowitz :-) Feb 13 19:41
tacone interesting novell developed the desktop not the low level stuff. Feb 13 19:42
schestowitz Yes, I saw Novlel involvment and was gona write about it Feb 13 19:42
tacone interesting they didn’t ask to canonical Feb 13 19:42
schestowitz Yes Feb 13 19:42
schestowitz Dell has a patent deal with MS/Novell I reckon Feb 13 19:42
schestowitz They ‘joined’ their deal Feb 13 19:42
tacone could be for MS sw integration Feb 13 19:42
tacone novell has the exclusive Feb 13 19:43
schestowitz Microsoft is back online Feb 13 19:43
tacone and that could allow(novell) to leverage their license to do MS stuff to get some extra work. Feb 13 19:43
tacone so Dell makes a step out of Microsoft slavery, but they still have to stay under novell. Feb 13 19:44
schestowitz Yes, good point Feb 13 19:45
schestowitz let me post about it in BN Feb 13 19:45
tacone furthermore, linux will be the booting process of windows Feb 13 19:45
tacone works like that: Feb 13 19:45
tacone computer starts and boots linux in arm. Feb 13 19:45
twitter I wonder if Asus losses have anything to do with XP on EEEPCs. Feb 13 19:45
tacone in the meant time windows 7 loads its libraries and viruses Feb 13 19:46
schestowitz /s/Linux/ballnux/ Feb 13 19:46
tacone “ballnux” always make me lol Feb 13 19:46
schestowitz Today: Asus braces for layoffs < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/ne… > Feb 13 19:47
*Tallken (i=f2f93bf5@ has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 19:47
schestowitz wb, Tallken Feb 13 19:47
Tallken hi schestowitz Feb 13 19:47
schestowitz YouTube Goes Offline < http://www.youtube.com/blog?ent… > Feb 13 19:54
trmanco Windows 7 gets 0wN3d http://nudel.kelbv.com/W7E_VID_D… Feb 13 19:56
schestowitz Is that news?? :-D Feb 13 19:58
trmanco no Feb 13 19:58
trmanco but it is good for the trolls Feb 13 19:58
trmanco remember the rm -fr / with SU powers? Feb 13 19:59
trmanco on Linux, coreutils got updated and that “bug” if we can call it a bug, no longer works Feb 13 19:59
*tinagasperson has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Feb 13 20:01
trmanco now they can shut up, they have a lot to worry about Feb 13 20:01
MinceR nice Feb 13 20:02
*tacone (n=tacone@213-156-53-16.ip.fastwebnet.it) has left #boycottnovell Feb 13 20:03
trmanco http://www.informationweek.com/news/windows/operatings… Feb 13 20:03
schestowitz Yes, I got it Feb 13 20:04
schestowitz I’ll post the PDF to BN later. Feb 13 20:04
*kentma1 (n=user@host81-157-149-167.range81-157.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 20:07
schestowitz http://wftlbytes.com/content/wf… “Interesting factoid about LJ and Bob Young. Does Bob still run Lulu?” Feb 13 20:09
*kentma has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Feb 13 20:11
*jose__ has quit (“Leaving”) Feb 13 20:18
twitter ah ha, ” Asustek missed its low-cost Eee notebook computer [target]” http://www.etaiwannews.com/etn/news_co… Feb 13 20:31
twitter the price of M$ Partnership. Feb 13 20:31
twitter ” Fourth-quarter Eee PC shipments of 1.4 million to 1.5 million were lower than the company’s Oct. 30 target of 1.6 million to 1.8 million.” Switched to XP, flunked out. Feb 13 20:32
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 20:32
schestowitz SUN is corrupting the LAMP term: http://www.informationweek.com/blog/mai… Feb 13 20:33
twitter “Global computer shipments dropped 0.4 percent” – in other words, someone else took their market Feb 13 20:33
schestowitz ASUS could have invested in developing its unque platform further. Feb 13 20:33
schestowitz Instead it became “just another” sub-notebook vendor with thin margins it begs for from Microsoft Feb 13 20:34
schestowitz “Global shipment…” Don’t believe that.. I bet it’s from the liars from IDC.. someone pays for fake numbers Feb 13 20:34
twitter Could be, but M$ and partner declines are in excess of that 0.4%.  M$ was in decline last year when PC shipments were up. Feb 13 20:37
twitter ASUS did, indeed, blow it. Feb 13 20:37
schestowitz Windows down 11% according to the conartists Feb 13 20:37
schestowitz I don’t know the real numbers and nobody knows. Feb 13 20:38
twitter M$ will punish ASUS, even though they screwed themselves. Feb 13 20:38
schestowitz They are a fierce business (Microsoft), they’ll do what’s good for Microsoft Feb 13 20:38
schestowitz But ASUS was stupid to allow a dependence on Microsoft Feb 13 20:38
schestowitz Linux has no proprietor really. Feb 13 20:39
twitter That’s the funny thing about M$ threats.  M$ threatens.  Victim complies.  M$ punishes anyway. Feb 13 20:39
schestowitz HP was smart enough to OWN its OS… Ubuntu derivative Feb 13 20:39
twitter Yes, that’s very smart but M$ can still punish them. Feb 13 20:39
schestowitz ASUS needs to familiarise itself with Comes vs Microsoft Feb 13 20:39
twitter Every Windows dependency is bad news for those who have it. Feb 13 20:39
twitter bbl Feb 13 20:40
balzac ok, I made a quick recovery Feb 13 20:45
balzac I had to purge compiz and reinstall the gnome desktop Feb 13 20:45
balzac the mistake I made was installing compiz for the hell of it and enabling one effect after another until I had to recover from the command line because gnome-desktop-environment wouldn’t even launch Feb 13 20:46
PetoKraus compiz… Feb 13 20:47
schestowitz It’s prebaked into distros Feb 13 20:47
PetoKraus some. Feb 13 20:47
schestowitz It’s actually very robust on here. Feb 13 20:48
PetoKraus yeah, i believe it is Feb 13 20:48
schestowitz And Novel/SUSE will give me flak for having it enabled (Madnriva  default) Feb 13 20:48
PetoKraus i’ll just wait for DRI2 Feb 13 20:48
PetoKraus so I can actually use some DRI application when i need it instead of fancy window manager Feb 13 20:48
schestowitz My desktop is 8 dual-head spaces that surround me Feb 13 20:49
PetoKraus what GPU do you have? Feb 13 20:49
schestowitz XChat is on desktop 4 (convention) Feb 13 20:49
schestowitz NVIDIA 8600 something. Feb 13 20:49
PetoKraus ah Feb 13 20:49
PetoKraus using the blob, eh? :P Feb 13 20:49
PetoKraus i managed to cramp all my IM onto one desktop Feb 13 20:50
PetoKraus people can’t understand it when they see it Feb 13 20:50
schestowitz Someone ought to sell prebuilt machines like this Feb 13 20:50
PetoKraus and sometimes I think 2 workspaces for actual work are quite low Feb 13 20:50
PetoKraus *not enough Feb 13 20:50
schestowitz Having people set up their own might scare them. But it’s very user friendly. I can envision my grandparent using this thing without complaining. Feb 13 20:50
PetoKraus yeah Feb 13 20:51
PetoKraus you’ve got 2 displays, right? Feb 13 20:51
PetoKraus i have heard that theoretically the drivers have support for 4 already Feb 13 20:51
schestowitz Yes, I could do with one, I guess, but for the past  years I’ve always used 2 Feb 13 20:51
PetoKraus obviously, that needs SLI card or whatever Feb 13 20:51
schestowitz *past 8 Feb 13 20:51
PetoKraus yeah… i can figure it’s nice Feb 13 20:51
schestowitz That’s why I don’t like working on other people’s PCs Feb 13 20:52
PetoKraus i hate working with cinelerra on my laptop Feb 13 20:52
PetoKraus though i don’t have anything else Feb 13 20:52
PetoKraus i could bloody use one screen just for the timeline :) Feb 13 20:52
schestowitz PetoKraus: I wanted to do triple, but I gave up on it (SLI) Feb 13 20:52
PetoKraus yup Feb 13 20:52
schestowitz Someone in Manchester Computing does triple. Feb 13 20:52
PetoKraus that makes interesting gaming experience Feb 13 20:52
schestowitz If it gives decent framerate Feb 13 20:52
PetoKraus especially when you’ve got some games which do depth of field Feb 13 20:52
schestowitz If you lower the res, then what’s the point Feb 13 20:53
*toros (n=toros@ubuntu/member/toros) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 20:53
schestowitz dual for FPS is no good Feb 13 20:53
PetoKraus yeah Feb 13 20:53
PetoKraus yeah Feb 13 20:53
schestowitz The gun and target is right at the split Feb 13 20:53
PetoKraus well Feb 13 20:53
PetoKraus you can use different-sized monitors :D Feb 13 20:53
schestowitz Unless you have one widescreen Feb 13 20:53
PetoKraus that’d just kill the point :D Feb 13 20:53
schestowitz Yes, you beat me to it Feb 13 20:53
schestowitz I do here. Feb 13 20:53
PetoKraus hah Feb 13 20:54
schestowitz Let me run xplane if I can find it Feb 13 20:54
balzac well, I didn’t do anything crazy, I just made some configurations on the effects Feb 13 20:54
PetoKraus what’s xplane? Feb 13 20:54
balzac and it brought gnome-desktop down so that it wouldn’t even launch Feb 13 20:54
schestowitz MS Flight Simulator is dead. Feb 13 20:54
schestowitz Its developers might actually manage to do something decent for society now Feb 13 20:54
balzac now I have to be productive for a while. Feb 13 20:54
PetoKraus balzac: go on :) Feb 13 20:55
schestowitz Wow, look how badly Silver Lie is doing: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/1009… (Charts) Feb 13 20:56
PetoKraus hmm there seems to be an opensource MMORPG Feb 13 20:56
MinceR schestowitz: get 3 monitors then :> Feb 13 20:56
schestowitz No wonder Novell needs the vassals/primates to help them out for cash Feb 13 20:56
MinceR or an odd number, anyway Feb 13 20:56
schestowitz MinceR: electricity bill Feb 13 20:57
PetoKraus MinceR: yeah, you need SLI though for that Feb 13 20:57
MinceR :) Feb 13 20:57
PetoKraus as most cards give you 2 outports only AFAIK Feb 13 20:57
schestowitz Also, one is widescreen 24′, so it’s OK Feb 13 20:57
PetoKraus man, i really want to have this new Xorg stack released ASAP Feb 13 20:58
PetoKraus they are doing such nice things Feb 13 20:58
PetoKraus (phoronix being the prime source of news) Feb 13 20:58
schestowitz Let’s say that a 2nd display adds 30% to pace, then a third might help by 15% (made up figure) and a fourth another 7.5%… Feb 13 20:59
schestowitz So it’s not worth the money at some stage. Feb 13 20:59
PetoKraus pace? Feb 13 20:59
schestowitz Productivity/work pace Feb 13 20:59
PetoKraus aha Feb 13 20:59
PetoKraus well i am glad I don’t need to have multiple displays Feb 13 21:00
PetoKraus desktops are fine Feb 13 21:00
PetoKraus i’m gonna crash now Feb 13 21:00
schestowitz http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2… Feb 13 21:00
PetoKraus well Feb 13 21:04
PetoKraus it needs to download updates Feb 13 21:04
PetoKraus at AWFUL 220kB/s Feb 13 21:04
*rigwit (i=0c6e3a0a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-82e906e5ffd87953) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 21:09
schestowitz Hi, rigwit Feb 13 21:09
rigwit hello Feb 13 21:09
schestowitz What’s up? Feb 13 21:09
rigwit notta, checking out the widget at the moment Feb 13 21:09
schestowitz PetoKraus: with good windows management you don’t need multi-head Feb 13 21:10
PetoKraus yeah Feb 13 21:10
schestowitz It also depends on what you do, e.g. CAD, data processing, gaming, etc. Feb 13 21:10
PetoKraus there are things where it’s needed though Feb 13 21:10
schestowitz I only need dual for reading/browsing stuff Feb 13 21:10
PetoKraus Graphics, dense research Feb 13 21:10
schestowitz Preview/edit split Feb 13 21:10
PetoKraus i quite don’t like having to switch VD’s when I need to check something on google/periodic table from my document Feb 13 21:11
PetoKraus it’s still better than alt-tabbing though Feb 13 21:11
schestowitz In compiz go to upper right conrner (by default) Feb 13 21:11
schestowitz Or use CTRL+Fx Feb 13 21:11
PetoKraus ALT+Fx here Feb 13 21:11
schestowitz Huh? Feb 13 21:12
schestowitz alt+f4 too? :-) Feb 13 21:12
PetoKraus E17 Feb 13 21:12
PetoKraus yeah Feb 13 21:12
*rigwit has quit (Client Quit) Feb 13 21:12
PetoKraus for closing window i’ve got win+C Feb 13 21:12
schestowitz e17 is getting ompiz Feb 13 21:12
schestowitz did you see? Feb 13 21:12
PetoKraus no it isn’t Feb 13 21:12
PetoKraus :) Feb 13 21:12
schestowitz Sort of Feb 13 21:12
PetoKraus there is a module, called ecomorph Feb 13 21:12
schestowitz http://www.elivecd.org/Main/News/elive-de… Feb 13 21:13
PetoKraus which is compiz backend which works with E17 as a window manager Feb 13 21:13
PetoKraus elive != E17 Feb 13 21:13
PetoKraus ;) Feb 13 21:13
PetoKraus i seen the news Feb 13 21:13
PetoKraus compositing is not planned until… uh, E19 i think Feb 13 21:13
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=ES&… Feb 13 21:13
PetoKraus once E is pushed out, it’ll make life easier Feb 13 21:14
PetoKraus stable API’s to write modules Feb 13 21:14
PetoKraus as there is no trayer ATM and no compositing ATM Feb 13 21:14
schestowitz I’ll oggify it Feb 13 21:14
PetoKraus nah, i can dl from youtube Feb 13 21:14
PetoKraus i’m thinking about yorkshire pudding with cheese, ham and olives Feb 13 21:15
PetoKraus what do you say? :) Feb 13 21:15
PetoKraus i’ve been using elive quite a lot Feb 13 21:16
PetoKraus it’s been my first distro Feb 13 21:16
schestowitz I’ll post it to FP Feb 13 21:17
schestowitz I’m waiting for my dinner to cool down still.. Feb 13 21:17
PetoKraus the music is irritating Feb 13 21:17
*MethodOne (n=MethodOn@173-107-53-191.pools.spcsdns.net) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 21:18
schestowitz Yes, it’s kind of strong. Feb 13 21:18
PetoKraus the video is poorly edited Feb 13 21:18
schestowitz Makes it look like elive is for anachists Feb 13 21:19
PetoKraus there are some QUITE annoying effects used Feb 13 21:19
PetoKraus i mean, in terms of video editing Feb 13 21:19
PetoKraus but it looks pretty Feb 13 21:20
trmanco http://unhappybirthday.com/ Feb 13 21:23
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/200… Feb 13 21:24
schestowitz PetoKraus: it’s good to show that there are not just two games/shows in town Feb 13 21:24
schestowitz Meh. Another FileZilla Fan < http://blog.datamation.com/blog/2009/02… > Feb 13 21:27
schestowitz Konqueror reigns Feb 13 21:27
schestowitz trmanco: licensing@ascap.com  ….. this reminds me o the Mono thing. Feb 13 21:28
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/22/prote… Feb 13 21:29
trmanco ascap, weird name Feb 13 21:31
schestowitz ‘Don’t Click’ Attack Strikes Twitter Users — “Using the simplest of social engineering hacks — an enticing message with a link, labeled “don’t click” — a “clickjacking” exploit of the Twitter microblogging service flooded its network today, hijacking users’ status to spread itself before the link could be shut down. ”  http://www.internetnews.com/security/article.php/38… Feb 13 21:36
schestowitz trmanco: maybe pronnounced As-cape Feb 13 21:36
trmanco *LOL* Feb 13 21:36
schestowitz Someone need to invest a libre HB song. Feb 13 21:37
schestowitz need to check though for violation of cords Feb 13 21:37
schestowitz Some stupid musicians have their notion of “violating” music… and good luck ‘browsing’ or searching music for infingments Feb 13 21:38
schestowitz People’s music is an expression of what they simply hear anyway Feb 13 21:39
PetoKraus yeeechaaaa Feb 13 21:47
PetoKraus i won a trial Feb 13 21:47
PetoKraus i shouldn’t be happy, but i still am Feb 13 21:47
schestowitz Settlement? Feb 13 21:52
schestowitz Or trial of BetaVista7? Feb 13 21:52
PetoKraus no… Feb 13 21:52
PetoKraus alimony Feb 13 21:52
PetoKraus (for me, not from me) Feb 13 21:52
PetoKraus from £60 to £250 a month. He’s not going to pay it anyway, but still Feb 13 21:54
PetoKraus feels good to be right. Feb 13 21:54
*MethodOne has quit (“used jmIrc”) Feb 13 21:57
schestowitz Anti-GPL: http://lucumr.pocoo.org/2009/2/12/are-y… Feb 13 21:58
schestowitz Advocacy of Mono toyz: http://maketecheasier.com/gnome-do-d… Feb 13 22:06
*Tallken has quit (Client Quit) Feb 13 22:07
*Casperin has quit (“Leaving”) Feb 13 22:12
trmanco http://www.1234567890countdown.co.uk/ Feb 13 22:19
*mikankun (n=mikankun@unaffiliated/angelfly) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 22:24
schestowitz Geez. IDG *IS* ful of trolls http://www.mepis.org/node/14212 Feb 13 22:28
*PetoKraus np: Genesis – Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (Selling England By The Pound) Feb 13 22:29
PetoKraus this song is especially true for today’s economic situation Feb 13 22:29
schestowitz Heh. Feb 13 22:30
schestowitz If it were not for IDG having SJVN, it would be garbage worthy Feb 13 22:37
schestowitz Fighting Dell’s customer support service… < http://artipc10.vub.ac.be/wordpress… > Feb 13 22:37
*kentma1 has quit (“Leaving.”) Feb 13 22:38
schestowitz Classic this one (on why people foolishly forget about _Freedom_ and think FOSS is about visibility alone): http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/… Feb 13 22:39
PetoKraus heh Feb 13 22:43
PetoKraus couple of my friends can Feb 13 22:43
PetoKraus expect some text messages Feb 13 22:43
PetoKraus >.> Feb 13 22:43
schestowitz Some people misunderstand…. sort of. “There are many, perhaps 300, distributions of Linux. A distribution is the Linux kernel with hundreds or even thousands of GNU programs included. ” http://cyrwyn.wordpress.com/2009/0… Feb 13 22:44
PetoKraus haha! it works!!!!! Feb 13 22:56
schestowitz UK Sticks with 70 Years for Music Copyright < http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2009/02/uk… > Feb 13 22:57
schestowitz More proof that people can only ever RENT the iPhone: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… Feb 13 23:03
schestowitz They pay a lot for a license to hire APPLE’s ‘I’ phone. Feb 13 23:03
silentivm try and tell that to an Apple fanboy Feb 13 23:03
silentivm they will never accept this fact Feb 13 23:04
silentivm :) Feb 13 23:04
schestowitz They love Apple Feb 13 23:04
silentivm yes, I know a fanboy which blindly loves Apple Feb 13 23:04
schestowitz Stevie Jooby is their buddy.. can trust him even if he bricks their phonie. Feb 13 23:04
silentivm anything that Apple makes is great, but if (say) Nokia had created the iPhone, they would say “OK, nobody needs it” Feb 13 23:04
schestowitz The Inquirer/Register calls it “Jesusphone” for a reason. Feb 13 23:05
silentivm :D Feb 13 23:05
schestowitz Content Is Advertising; Advertising Is Content… On SNL < http://techdirt.com/articles… << – realisation that in broadcast the advertising is called “content” and the show/song is called “fill” Feb 13 23:08
*MethodOne (n=MethodOn@173-107-53-191.pools.spcsdns.net) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 23:11
schestowitz “However, when police demand to be able to access the recordings even when there was no crime, as they apparently want to do in the pub in Islington, that is dangerous. We know they will use this against protestors and dissidents.” http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-n… Feb 13 23:25
trmanco epoch time has passed Feb 13 23:28
schestowitz                                 o Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz                                  /\ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz                                /::\ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz                                /::::\ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz                 ,a_a         /\::::/\ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz                 {/ ”\_      /\ \::/\ \ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz                 {\ ,_oo)    /\ \ \/\ \ \ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz                 {/  (_^____/  \ \ \ \ \ \ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz      .=.       {/ \___)))*)    \ \ \ \ \/ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz     (.=.`\    {/   /=;  ~/      \ \ \ \/ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz          \ `\{/(   \/\  /        \ \ \/ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz           \  `. `\  ) )           \ \/ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz      jgs  \     // /_/_            \/ Feb 13 23:30
schestowitz             ‘==”—)))) Feb 13 23:30
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has left #boycottnovell (“Leaving”) Feb 13 23:33
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 23:33
*mib_2widr8 (i=5c1844ae@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-c4bfc3d1770f62e1) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 13 23:35
*mib_2widr8 has quit (Client Quit) Feb 13 23:35
*toros has quit (“leaving”) Feb 13 23:38
*MethodOne has quit (“used jmIrc”) Feb 13 23:40
schestowitz MySQL competitor says something and InfoWeek puts it in the headline as though it’s undeniably true:  MySQL Exits May Open Sun Customers To Other Databases  < http://www.informationweek.com/news/software/d… >. Sensationalism. Feb 13 23:44
MinceR happy 1234567890 Feb 13 23:49
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