IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 20th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:40 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz Who gets fireed for using Mysql? It’s ORACLE! :-) Apr 20 13:37
oiaohm Exactly. Apr 20 13:38
schestowitz “But boss, I told you MySQL is an Oracle product” Apr 20 13:38
oiaohm Mysql quality in places has to go up. Apr 20 13:38
oiaohm Or it will give Oracle a black eye. Apr 20 13:38
schestowitz I like that. Apr 20 13:38
schestowitz “But boss, blame Oracle for the data loss. I told you MySQL is an Oracle product” Apr 20 13:39
schestowitz By the way, I never found out why the Wiki DB in BN went titsup for the first time some months ago, then restored from BU Apr 20 13:39
oiaohm Simple fact Oracle knows they cannot keep there current margins against enterpised db. Apr 20 13:39
oiaohm Support contracts is money. Apr 20 13:40
schestowitz Oracle reported good results actuallty Apr 20 13:40
schestowitz Showing that Microsoft’s pains are not universal Apr 20 13:40
oiaohm Oracle contracts are 5 years. Apr 20 13:40
oiaohm Yep they will not be effected yet. Apr 20 13:40
schestowitz Microsoft has disappointed investors since April 2008. That’s 4 consecutive quarters now. Apr 20 13:40
oiaohm The investers should be waking up. Apr 20 13:41
oiaohm Most IT companies are making profits. Apr 20 13:41
schestowitz Most? Apr 20 13:41
oiaohm Microsoft and Novell are both sinking like a stone. Apr 20 13:41
schestowitz What IT company size? Apr 20 13:41
schestowitz This is not  linear curve of scale Apr 20 13:41
schestowitz It’s like a hyperbole with few companies actually making big profits Apr 20 13:42
oiaohm Netbooks they are selling like hot cakes. Apr 20 13:42
schestowitz And many 1-man business getting none Apr 20 13:42
schestowitz oiaohm: at whose expense? Apr 20 13:42
oiaohm Microsofts. Apr 20 13:42
schestowitz No matter what the netbooks run, they hurt MS Apr 20 13:42
schestowitz And 20-30% run Linux Apr 20 13:42
schestowitz (Globally) Apr 20 13:42
oiaohm IT support personally still have to configure them. Apr 20 13:42
oiaohm So they get paid. Apr 20 13:42
oiaohm Sales volume is making up for the lower price. Apr 20 13:43
schestowitz IT config is a niche Apr 20 13:43
schestowitz Sorta Apr 20 13:43
oiaohm So shops not being hurt. Apr 20 13:43
schestowitz Well, what you count as IT doesn’t necessarily account for producer Apr 20 13:43
oiaohm Intel and amd are selling chips. Apr 20 13:43
schestowitz FOSS made producers different Apr 20 13:43
schestowitz It makes it worthwhile for them to work in peer mode Apr 20 13:43
schestowitz Maintainers sumbit patches Apr 20 13:43
schestowitz Like WordPress users and Linux users like oracle Apr 20 13:44
schestowitz They sell low-end chips now Apr 20 13:44
schestowitz Or they could lower the price of multi-cores which they do Apr 20 13:44
oiaohm Lot of 1-man businesses are not making profits because they are not running right. Apr 20 13:44
schestowitz Else they sell almost none anyway, except in servers (Google et al) Apr 20 13:44
oiaohm More people with computers the more they screw them up. Apr 20 13:45
oiaohm So more repair work. Apr 20 13:45
schestowitz tacone for example is a web developer Apr 20 13:45
schestowitz He can deploy FOSS for people Apr 20 13:45
schestowitz That’s how people make money Apr 20 13:45
schestowitz There’s competition there from developing countries though Apr 20 13:45
oiaohm Web developers have taken a hit. Apr 20 13:45
oiaohm Not that bad. Apr 20 13:45
schestowitz I see many businesses in India that design and develop sites, but with FOSS Apr 20 13:45
oiaohm Most of the IT market is not harmed. Apr 20 13:46
oiaohm My main field is. Apr 20 13:46
oiaohm security analyst  There is basically no jobs in it. Apr 20 13:47
schestowitz But security needs are up Apr 20 13:47
schestowitz Cybercrime is up Apr 20 13:47
oiaohm I know. Apr 20 13:47
oiaohm Businesses are not paying. Apr 20 13:47
schestowitz Even you pal Microsoft spoke about it last week Apr 20 13:47
schestowitz oiaohm: they’ll pay Apr 20 13:47
schestowitz [The other way] Apr 20 13:47
oiaohm Yes I know. Apr 20 13:47
schestowitz They’ll pay in losses of data and secrets Apr 20 13:47
oiaohm I am getting more datarecovery work. Apr 20 13:47
oiaohm From ones who did not pay for the secuirty in advance. Apr 20 13:48
oiaohm I am kinda a all rounder. Apr 20 13:48
oiaohm This down turn is an annoyance. Apr 20 13:48
schestowitz http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/8… ” Apple netbooks manufactured by Foxconn rumoured” Apr 20 13:48
schestowitz Data recovery can’t be offshored Apr 20 13:49
schestowitz “What Microsoft calls a “release candidate” is what everyone else calls a “beta”.” Apr 20 13:50
schestowitz Microsoft seems to be rushing out a product that can’t be ready this year Apr 20 13:50
schestowitz Vista SP2 (aka Vista7) Apr 20 13:50
tacone they have to change name. Apr 20 13:50
tacone in a hurry Apr 20 13:51
schestowitz Micro-soft? Apr 20 13:51
tacone vista => w7. Apr 20 13:51
oiaohm Big problem of this downturn are companies that are not all rounders. Apr 20 13:52
schestowitz http://computershopper.com/s… Apr 20 13:52
tacone also they have to provide an excuse for a new version. (i.e. the toolbar) Apr 20 13:52
schestowitz tacone: Mojav7 Apr 20 13:52
tacone i’m starting to think mark shuttleworth liking w7 was just a bluff Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz kentma: BT wins Starbucks Wi-Fi deal < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009… > Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz tacone: nope Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz it was Gavin Clarke Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz Pathetic troll Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz Microsoft er in El Reg IIRC Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz Unless it came from more sources Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz They take words out of context Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz See more recent interview Apr 20 13:53
tacone i guess he said for real. Apr 20 13:53
schestowitz I’ll find it Apr 20 13:53
tacone no, it’s ok. Apr 20 13:54
schestowitz tacone: like Gates aid Vista Sucks Apr 20 13:54
tacone i’m going out in a few moments. Apr 20 13:54
tacone yeah, but gates know that vista sucks. Apr 20 13:54
tacone ;-) Apr 20 13:54
kentma schestowitz: one wonders why T-mobile lost the deal. Apr 20 13:54
schestowitz Bill Gates says “Vista Sucks” < http://www.youtube.com/watc… > Apr 20 13:54
kentma still, I prefer coffee cost-a-lot :-) Apr 20 13:54
schestowitz That was the headline Gizmodo used, IIRC Apr 20 13:55
schestowitz This video is from [h]omer Apr 20 13:55
schestowitz Shuttleworth: Windows 7 an Opportunity for Linux < http://www.internetnews.com/hardware/articl… > From a week ago Apr 20 13:55
schestowitz See? Apr 20 13:55
schestowitz Shuttleworth has a hardon for Mac OS X, not Vista7 Apr 20 13:56
schestowitz Now *that* is an issue Apr 20 13:56
schestowitz He’s deceived by Sugar-coated BSD Apr 20 13:56
schestowitz BSOD/BS Apr 20 13:56
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl8-48-172.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 13:58
oiaohm MS is feeling the clock ticking. Apr 20 14:00
oiaohm If they cannot get the price of OS’s up they are in trouble. Apr 20 14:00
oiaohm Windows 7 a flop.  MS could have big share holder problems. Apr 20 14:01
schestowitz I’m waiting to see MSFT’s reaction to buy(ORCL,JAVA/SUNW). If Microsoft hater it, then it\’s good for Linux. Apr 20 14:02
schestowitz oiaohm: daemonfc gave us some more evidence Apr 20 14:02
schestowitz As you may recall, Windows Vista7 hype is dead Apr 20 14:02
schestowitz Based on last week’s new Apr 20 14:02
schestowitz *news Apr 20 14:02
schestowitz From 15 or so posts in the week beforehand there was a decline to about 5 last week Apr 20 14:03
schestowitz I wrote about it in IRC Apr 20 14:03
schestowitz it’s like a Google Trend thing — but applies to news volume, not queries Apr 20 14:03
schestowitz Vista has been wiped off the headlines since PDC 2008 Apr 20 14:04
oiaohm MSFT reaction most likely not be much. Apr 20 14:04
oiaohm Thinking MS requires Orcale to be good terms with them so they sell servers. Apr 20 14:04
schestowitz JG Ballard just passed away: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… Apr 20 14:04
oiaohm Think about it if Orcale went all out with a marketing compain anti-MS how much damage could they do. Apr 20 14:05
oiaohm Orcale is trusted. Apr 20 14:05
schestowitz oiaohm:  Oracle deploys on Linux 80% of the time (2006 figures, IIRC) and maybe 90% at this stage, as seen recently Apr 20 14:05
schestowitz They release their crown jewel DB to Linux first, Windows later Apr 20 14:05
oiaohm Oracle recommend Linux. Apr 20 14:05
schestowitz The Oracle situation is probablty better for Linux than it would have been otherwise. Apr 20 14:06
oiaohm They don’t fully attack.  Last time MS made that mistake of wake sleeping dragon Oracle was in 1997 Apr 20 14:06
oiaohm MS is not in as strong location now. Apr 20 14:07
oiaohm Really I do hope someone at MS has forgot. Apr 20 14:07
oiaohm I would love to see Oracle go after blood out of MS again. Apr 20 14:07
schestowitz Old video of Oracle’s CEO on Microsoft: http://boycottnovell.com/2007/0… Apr 20 14:08
oiaohm Oracle deciding to hammer MS would be savage. Apr 20 14:09
oiaohm Problem for MS it would be all facts. Apr 20 14:09
schestowitz What do you mean by “all facts”? Apr 20 14:10
oiaohm Oracle CEO shows they still have teeth.  Just does not send in the marketing department. Apr 20 14:10
schestowitz Microsoft is actually more fearful of IBM Apr 20 14:10
schestowitz What would be the IBM (Symphony) relationship with Oracle (OOo) and Novell (Go-OOXML) Apr 20 14:11
oiaohm There are enough defects in Windows Oracle finds all the time to attack MS with. Apr 20 14:11
oiaohm IBM and Oracle have quite a good relationship Apr 20 14:11
schestowitz “Mark_Antony @schestowitz from a propoganda perspective the MySQL thing works, but how sympathetic will Oracle *actually* be to other DBs?” Apr 20 14:11
schestowitz oiaohm: they do? Apr 20 14:11
schestowitz No evidence that I saq… Apr 20 14:11
schestowitz *saw Apr 20 14:12
schestowitz IBM deploys Oracle too? It has its own variety Apr 20 14:12
oiaohm Join supply contracts. Apr 20 14:12
oiaohm Oracle provide OS and database Ibm provide the hardware. Apr 20 14:12
schestowitz But IBM has its own proprietary DBs Apr 20 14:13
schestowitz Cisco has Postpth now BTW Apr 20 14:13
schestowitz Fighting against Excahnge Apr 20 14:13
oiaohm Also with AIX support in Oracle. Apr 20 14:13
schestowitz Oh yeah… Apr 20 14:13
schestowitz Does Oracle deploy much on UNIX at all? Apr 20 14:13
schestowitz What about Solaris? Apr 20 14:13
schestowitz Well, obviously Apr 20 14:14
schestowitz Sun used to have no DB Apr 20 14:14
oiaohm Solarias AIX   what ever HP version of Unix is. Apr 20 14:14
oiaohm Basically most Unix’s. Apr 20 14:14
oiaohm Oracle has not been seen as a competitor. Apr 20 14:14
oiaohm Oracle is not going to be stupid with Solarias. Apr 20 14:15
schestowitz Ah! Smell the freedom: Tory terror police were ‘fishing’ for Liberty < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… > Apr 20 14:15
schestowitz What about h/w, oiaohm Apr 20 14:16
schestowitz Will they keep SPARC alive? Apr 20 14:16
schestowitz We need the Free chips Apr 20 14:16
oiaohm That is the ? mark Apr 20 14:16
schestowitz Even as proof of concept or starting point Apr 20 14:16
oiaohm So far they say they will. Apr 20 14:16
schestowitz oiaohm: didn’t see it Apr 20 14:17
oiaohm Sparc have been great at particular workloads. Apr 20 14:17
schestowitz What about small devices Apr 20 14:17
schestowitz Storgae.. Apr 20 14:17
schestowitz Oracle in storage… Apr 20 14:17
schestowitz And Apr 20 14:17
schestowitz Oh wait! Apr 20 14:17
schestowitz Sun patents go to OIN now. Apr 20 14:17
oiaohm Yep. Apr 20 14:17
schestowitz That’s great Apr 20 14:18
oiaohm OIN now becomes scary. Apr 20 14:18
schestowitz Well, kind of like the IV of Linux Apr 20 14:18
trmanco ah crap Apr 20 14:18
schestowitz Microsoft has its share of trolls too Apr 20 14:18
trmanco oracle buying Sun? Apr 20 14:18
schestowitz trmanco: yes Apr 20 14:18
oiaohm Rember Sun has patents on shipping container servers. Apr 20 14:18
schestowitz Who would you rather see buy them? Apr 20 14:19
trmanco there goes one of my favorite companies down :| Apr 20 14:19
oiaohm So Oracle could sue MS over there new datacenter in construction. Apr 20 14:19
schestowitz trmanco: Ian Murdock Apr 20 14:19
trmanco and mysql Apr 20 14:19
schestowitz Oracle employee Apr 20 14:19
trmanco mysql should have never been bought buy sun Apr 20 14:19
trmanco by* Apr 20 14:19
oiaohm mysql under Oracle should be ok. Apr 20 14:19
schestowitz Debian founder becomes Oracle senior…. now, *there’s* something to think about. Apr 20 14:19
oiaohm Oracle was one of the first members of the Linux foundation. Apr 20 14:20
schestowitz I can now shout at webmink when Ellison says the darnest things ;-) Apr 20 14:20
trmanco I just hope this brings benefits to the foss community that’s all Apr 20 14:20
oiaohm So debian founder there is not strange. Apr 20 14:20
oiaohm Oracle taking over sleepy cat did not harm trmanco Apr 20 14:21
oiaohm I don’t see this time will be any different. Apr 20 14:21
oiaohm Only this time its larger. Apr 20 14:21
schestowitz Sleepy Cat was bad Apr 20 14:21
schestowitz The founder quit Apr 20 14:21
trmanco what was sleepy cat? Apr 20 14:21
oiaohm With OpenOffice Oracle will be in the location to do what MS does 100 percent intergration. Apr 20 14:21
schestowitz Started Cloudera Apr 20 14:21
trmanco never heard of such company before Apr 20 14:22
schestowitz And he left in anger, AFAIK Apr 20 14:22
schestowitz Others followed him Apr 20 14:22
schestowitz trmanco: it’s new Apr 20 14:22
oiaohm http://www.oracle.com/technol…  << sleepy cat was the producer of this. Apr 20 14:22
schestowitz It has some good employees in it. I think Diane Green is an advisor there too (Microsoft and its Joe Tucci0lef mafia threw her out) Apr 20 14:22
schestowitz *Tucci-led Apr 20 14:23
*_boo_ (n=oiewq@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 14:23
oiaohm Hostile take over. Apr 20 14:23
schestowitz Diana/Dianne? I can’t recall this, ever. Apr 20 14:23
oiaohm But really berkeley db never looked back. Apr 20 14:23
schestowitz Tim Bray works for Oracle now. Will Oracle do more Ruby? Apr 20 14:24
trmanco interesting Apr 20 14:24
oiaohm Just expect a lot of the programs to end up with Oracle stuck on there name. Apr 20 14:24
oiaohm Open Office is going to be wrong. Apr 20 14:25
schestowitz There was speculation about Oracle buying Zend (PHP) Apr 20 14:25
oiaohm Oracle OpenOffice.org now OOOO Apr 20 14:25
trmanco Oracle Office Apr 20 14:25
schestowitz Maybe IBM will do it Apr 20 14:25
trmanco ha Apr 20 14:25
trmanco maybe they will finally improve that database program Apr 20 14:25
_boo_ lol Apr 20 14:25
trmanco who knows Apr 20 14:26
schestowitz OOOOh noes!!1 Apr 20 14:26
oiaohm Aquirement of Zend would complete most of there stack. Apr 20 14:26
trmanco oh crap, Zend, no way Apr 20 14:26
*schestowitz needs to download OOOO30 Apr 20 14:26
trmanco LOL Apr 20 14:26
Omar87 Well, if OOO went wrong, what else will we be using as an alternative to MS Office? Apr 20 14:26
trmanco I still have the sun logo on mine Apr 20 14:26
schestowitz Still have 2.4 installed. I never use it Apr 20 14:26
trmanco I have 3.0.1 Apr 20 14:27
oiaohm Omar87: Koffice is slowly forming up as plan B. Apr 20 14:27
schestowitz OOOO31 to be out later this month and replace OOOO30. So advocacy of OpenOffice is now Oracle marketing. Eeeek. Apr 20 14:28
oiaohm That is something Oracle is great at.  Marketing. Apr 20 14:28
Omar87 oiaohm: Yeah, but: a)by the time Koffice becomes as good many people will get sick of Linux because it has no good alternative. b)Koffice is designed specifically for KDE. Apr 20 14:28
schestowitz Brand power Apr 20 14:28
schestowitz Oracle has very strong brand, like Apple and Cisco Apr 20 14:29
schestowitz Google’s pretty good too Apr 20 14:29
_boo_ what’s so pretty in google? Apr 20 14:29
schestowitz Microsoft — from the people who brought you… Zune, Vista, and Red Rings of Death Apr 20 14:29
schestowitz _boo_: people love Google (many do) Apr 20 14:29
_boo_ what’s red rings of death? Apr 20 14:30
oiaohm Koffice is designed for KDE and KDE is going cross platform. Apr 20 14:30
_boo_ i don’t love google but i use it Apr 20 14:30
schestowitz Google is perceived as an information-giving friend, free of chanrge Apr 20 14:30
schestowitz Same with Wikipedia and Mozilla Apr 20 14:30
schestowitz People LOVE Wikipedia and Mozilla Apr 20 14:30
_boo_ oh yeah, it’s also info collecting friend Apr 20 14:30
_boo_ that’s the charge Apr 20 14:30
schestowitz _boo_: sheesh. That’s the secret ;-) Apr 20 14:30
_boo_ :P Apr 20 14:30
Omar87 Guys, can you please stop this extremism? We can’t make everything 10000% free, and neither is that a good thing either. Apr 20 14:31
oiaohm Support costs. Apr 20 14:31
schestowitz Oracle says it will carry on with the h/w Apr 20 14:31
oiaohm That is never going to be free. Apr 20 14:31
schestowitz oiaohm: any proof? Apr 20 14:31
schestowitz Like a link? Apr 20 14:31
_boo_ Omar87, of course, but this info that google collects doesn’t allow you to make any terroristic act Apr 20 14:31
_boo_ you can’t plan terrorism with google, gmail and chrome Apr 20 14:32
Omar87 _boo_: So? Apr 20 14:32
_boo_ and googledocs Apr 20 14:32
_boo_ Omar87, ’cause it’s already terrorism Apr 20 14:32
schestowitz Ask brings back butler Jeeves < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/tech… > not even a butler can save them. Apr 20 14:33
oiaohm Oracle as not said either way yet schestowitz Apr 20 14:33
schestowitz _boo_: googledocs? Apr 20 14:33
schestowitz What for? Investory? Apr 20 14:33
oiaohm It is also why give up a profit marking department schestowitz Apr 20 14:33
_boo_ oh yeah Apr 20 14:33
schestowitz “dynmaite.. check” Apr 20 14:33
schestowitz Maybe spreadsheets material Apr 20 14:34
schestowitz Actaully, this is interwetsing Apr 20 14:34
_boo_ schestowitz i don’t remember the exact name ’cause i used it once Apr 20 14:34
schestowitz Some people download manuals on building bombs Apr 20 14:34
schestowitz With Google tracking use it can see who sends and views which documents Apr 20 14:34
schestowitz No need for HTTP or E-mail Apr 20 14:34
_boo_ you see, they wanted to make a bomb Apr 20 14:34
_boo_ but google knows dat Apr 20 14:35
schestowitz “Ohhhhhhhhh… and he LOVES Big Google…” Apr 20 14:35
_boo_ you can’t now freely make a bomb Apr 20 14:35
_boo_ to explode m$ Apr 20 14:35
oiaohm What do you mean cannot make a freely bomb. Apr 20 14:35
_boo_ ’cause you use google Apr 20 14:35
oiaohm You can make a shock wave device. Apr 20 14:35
_boo_ yeah, free as in “free bomb” Apr 20 14:35
oiaohm Will not kill but scare the crap out of people. Apr 20 14:36
_boo_ +shipping free of charge Apr 20 14:36
_boo_ i took a week of holidays to put my brains together Apr 20 14:36
oiaohm Over the years lots of Open source person have been picked up by MS. Apr 20 14:37
schestowitz Glyn Moody with a detailed analysis of what OracSun means to FOSS: http://www.computerworlduk.com/commun… Apr 20 14:37
_boo_ that’s why i wanna build a bomb Apr 20 14:37
*Omar87 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 20 14:38
schestowitz IBM Buying Sun Would Be Great News For Linux, Java, and Open Office a < http://daveshields.wordpress.com/2009/0… > (from @daveshields) Apr 20 14:38
_boo_ lol Apr 20 14:39
schestowitz I think it’s an IBM employee who wrote it Apr 20 14:39
_boo_ oracle should buy ibm Apr 20 14:40
_boo_ for no sane reason Apr 20 14:40
MinceR lol Apr 20 14:40
_boo_ but i’m on vacation Apr 20 14:40
MinceR oracle should by ibm, microsoft and apple Apr 20 14:40
MinceR s/by/buy/ Apr 20 14:40
_boo_ so it’s okay Apr 20 14:40
schestowitz MinceR: yeah, why have competition Apr 20 14:41
MinceR :) Apr 20 14:41
schestowitz Let’s drive Pada, too Apr 20 14:41
schestowitz *Lada Apr 20 14:41
MinceR why have competition like m$ and apple? Apr 20 14:41
MinceR someone should buy and stop them Apr 20 14:41
schestowitz MinceR: to destory one another Apr 20 14:41
_boo_ don’t ever buy lada Apr 20 14:41
schestowitz Like US and USSR Apr 20 14:41
schestowitz Eventually they disarm Apr 20 14:41
_boo_ i already got 1 Apr 20 14:41
schestowitz And realise that a nation called China is running rounds with low-cost competition Apr 20 14:42
MinceR well, they don’t seem to be destroying each other Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz A bit liek FOSS Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz And Microsoft is like the Soviwett Empire Apr 20 14:42
MinceR both are owned by companies Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz Bit but rather poor Apr 20 14:42
_boo_ russia will be second china in 30 years Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz And people outside overestimate its power Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz Like the US did Apr 20 14:42
MinceR US is owned by companies like m$ and recording companies Apr 20 14:42
oiaohm Yes it bad news or good new for IBM. Apr 20 14:42
MinceR russia is owned by putin :> Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz Microsoft is not omnipotent Apr 20 14:42
*zer0c00l_ (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 14:42
_boo_ and then they procreate Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz Neither was the Soviet Union Apr 20 14:42
oiaohm IBM already has its own fork of OpenOffice. Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz It collapse Apr 20 14:42
*zer0c00l has quit (“let me buy some coke first”) Apr 20 14:42
schestowitz Apple is like the US… living in fantasies Apr 20 14:43
_boo_ russia is owned by jews Apr 20 14:43
_boo_ as usa Apr 20 14:43
schestowitz Washington and Apple thriving in selling people selusions Apr 20 14:43
schestowitz *delusions Apr 20 14:43
*zer0c00l_ has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 14:43
_boo_ and part of europe Apr 20 14:43
oiaohm So really SUN and IBM merging would have been bad for Open Office. Apr 20 14:43
_boo_ merging is akways bad 4 smth Apr 20 14:44
schestowitz less choice Apr 20 14:45
_boo_ but don’t touch oo! Apr 20 14:45
schestowitz _boo_: power is not an ethnic thing Apr 20 14:45
_boo_ read their thora, schestowitz Apr 20 14:46
_boo_ in fact you should be killed for reading it Apr 20 14:46
schestowitz Hehe. Apr 20 14:46
_boo_ as written in there Apr 20 14:46
schestowitz Well, I don’t care for religions Apr 20 14:46
_boo_ but you could read it still Apr 20 14:46
schestowitz A lot of religious writings are intolerant by design Apr 20 14:46
schestowitz Literature of hate Apr 20 14:46
_boo_ i don’t share tolerant views Apr 20 14:47
schestowitz What do you mean? Apr 20 14:47
_boo_ to tolerate means to accept unnecessary pain Apr 20 14:47
schestowitz Depends whose. Apr 20 14:47
_boo_ nope, it’s by def Apr 20 14:47
schestowitz I think ethics need to be taugfht Apr 20 14:47
schestowitz Not the whole patriotic/expansionist doctrine Apr 20 14:47
_boo_ you can’t just put 1m of black people to white people and tell them: TOLERATE Apr 20 14:47
schestowitz Just watch US and EU schools and how they preach for making money and many kids Apr 20 14:48
_boo_ while supporting black Apr 20 14:48
schestowitz That’s a recipe for destruction of the human race Apr 20 14:48
oiaohm Now what would be scary is of Orcale aquires IBM next. Apr 20 14:48
_boo_ no Apr 20 14:48
_boo_ for destruction of white race Apr 20 14:48
schestowitz It assumes convenienctly that the world is an infinite garbage sump Apr 20 14:48
schestowitz And that some wonderman up in the sky will take care of everything despite advisaries Apr 20 14:48
_boo_ it’s just ’cause jews can’t have healthy babies with white people Apr 20 14:48
_boo_ of european type Apr 20 14:49
_boo_ that’s why borders are open to any south nationalities Apr 20 14:49
_boo_ just to make white inexistant Apr 20 14:49
schestowitz The issue of borders is another thing Apr 20 14:49
_boo_ it’s ALL connected Apr 20 14:49
schestowitz It’s like creating exclusionary clubs Apr 20 14:49
_boo_ no Apr 20 14:50
schestowitz And the forces usually encourage occupation and suppression of others Apr 20 14:50
_boo_ there was a nationality that lived on some region Apr 20 14:50
_boo_ if nationality fails to defend itself in every case Apr 20 14:50
_boo_ it vanishes Apr 20 14:50
schestowitz _boo_: the populations that expand the most are not the ones you mention Apr 20 14:50
_boo_ they can’t just merge in years Apr 20 14:50
schestowitz In fact, the largest populations are in the east Apr 20 14:50
_boo_ yeah Apr 20 14:51
_boo_ but they are different thing Apr 20 14:51
schestowitz And China is probably quite as intolerant in other ways. But they are run differently Apr 20 14:51
_boo_ it’s just enough to open borders and tomorrow you’re no more Apr 20 14:51
schestowitz It’s better to engage and integrate Apr 20 14:51
_boo_ no Apr 20 14:51
schestowitz The antisocial types are the issuem IMHO Apr 20 14:51
_boo_ china is aggressive Apr 20 14:51
schestowitz Sure Apr 20 14:51
schestowitz many nations are Apr 20 14:51
schestowitz The British too used to occupy many coutnries Apr 20 14:52
schestowitz The United States has been doing that for over 100 years Apr 20 14:52
_boo_ i gotta take a pie Apr 20 14:52
_boo_ to drink beer properly Apr 20 14:52
oiaohm So did the Britsh for about 100 years. Apr 20 14:52
_boo_ united states is misaprehension Apr 20 14:52
schestowitz From north Amerian to South American and other areas where it now has over 1000 military bases  (in foreign soil) Apr 20 14:52
_boo_ it’s that mix Apr 20 14:53
_boo_ that shows the world how to mix Apr 20 14:53
oiaohm USA has the most numbers of bases not on there soil. Apr 20 14:53
_boo_ and that mix stinks Apr 20 14:53
schestowitz oiaohm: its military budget is stunning, too Apr 20 14:53
schestowitz They should provide welfare, less for military Apr 20 14:53
oiaohm Australian mil has never kept a base where ever it been. Apr 20 14:53
_boo_ what could you expect out of nation of murderers, thiefs and stuff… Apr 20 14:53
schestowitz There’s poverty there Apr 20 14:53
oiaohm All left behind Australian bases get taken over by local forces. Apr 20 14:54
schestowitz Shoting rah rah rah for the military is no substitute for things like healthcare Apr 20 14:54
schestowitz *Souting Apr 20 14:54
*_boo_ piemilking Apr 20 14:54
trmanco Oracle’s HQ is beautiful Apr 20 14:54
oiaohm Australia even has a few USA bases. Apr 20 14:54
schestowitz UK has many Apr 20 14:54
schestowitz Disguised as RAF bases Apr 20 14:55
schestowitz Some of them at least Apr 20 14:55
_boo_ usa is completely driven by jews Apr 20 14:57
_boo_ and every president nowadays is part of masonic order Apr 20 14:57
_boo_ *almost any Apr 20 14:58
_boo_ all of them got masonic initiation Apr 20 14:59
_boo_ and they are not even elite in masonry Apr 20 15:00
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 20 15:02
trmanco “Content Server Request Failed Apr 20 15:02
trmanco Server is too busy to handle request. “ Apr 20 15:02
trmanco wow Apr 20 15:03
trmanco http://www.oracle.com/us/corpora… Apr 20 15:03
*tacone (n=tacone@93-32-186-60.ip34.fastwebnet.it) has left #boycottnovell (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting.”) Apr 20 15:05
_boo_ it’s not opening… i’m too much into torrents Apr 20 15:05
trmanco lol Apr 20 15:05
_boo_ yeah, content server error Apr 20 15:06
_boo_ but google obviously cached it Apr 20 15:06
trmanco What’s new in Tomboy 0.14.1 Apr 20 15:07
trmanco ========================= ========================= Apr 20 15:07
trmanco Major changes in Tomboy 0.14.x series include the following: Apr 20 15:07
trmanco * Tomboy is now fully supported on Windows and Mac OS X Apr 20 15:07
trmanco great Apr 20 15:07
trmanco (not) Apr 20 15:07
*ChanServ has quit (shutting down) Apr 20 15:09
trmanco wow Apr 20 15:11
trmanco chanserv died Apr 20 15:11
_boo_ it should die more ofte Apr 20 15:13
_boo_ n Apr 20 15:13
_boo_ a spying user… Apr 20 15:13
*ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 15:14
*irc.freenode.net gives channel operator status to ChanServ Apr 20 15:14
_boo_ even op Apr 20 15:14
schestowitz trmanco: Tomboy might be replaceable Apr 20 15:14
trmanco schestowitz, I hope so Apr 20 15:14
trmanco Gnote ftw, it’s already replaceable Apr 20 15:15
schestowitz trmanco: there was a global announcement Apr 20 15:15
schestowitz It wasn’t posted here Apr 20 15:15
schestowitz from #gnu: “-christel- [Global Notice] Hi all, I’m going to need to take services down for a few minutes — this is to let you know that the network will be without Chan, Nick, MemoServ et al for the next few minutes. They’ll be back up again soon and apologies for the inconvenience.” Apr 20 15:16
schestowitz trmanco: see links in COLA. KDE 4.2 shapes up. MinceR doesn’t feel ready for it, though Apr 20 15:16
trmanco hehe Apr 20 15:16
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 15:16
_boo_ i don’t even feel like installin kde ova debian at home Apr 20 15:17
_boo_ even though i disliked gnome in mandriva Apr 20 15:17
schestowitz Which version did you try? Apr 20 15:18
_boo_ 3.5.10, 4.2.2 Apr 20 15:18
_boo_ 4.2.1 in windows Apr 20 15:18
_boo_ gnome? idk Apr 20 15:18
schestowitz That’s experimental Apr 20 15:18
_boo_ debian is 5.0.1 Apr 20 15:18
_boo_ kde is always experimental Apr 20 15:19
_boo_ it will be experimental for 1-2 years more i think Apr 20 15:20
_boo_ until it stabilizes Apr 20 15:20
_boo_ and becomes sane enough Apr 20 15:20
_boo_ or completely vistuglish Apr 20 15:20
trmanco wow Apr 20 15:21
trmanco this is still supported: Apr 20 15:21
trmanco “Hello, Apr 20 15:21
trmanco As there have been a few minor fixes pending for a while now, I thought Apr 20 15:21
trmanco it was time to release Most of these fixes concern minor Apr 20 15:21
trmanco security issues which have been backported from 2.6 (mostly local DoSes). Apr 20 15:21
trmanco In my opinion, only people with local users might consider upgrading, if Apr 20 15:21
trmanco those people still exist ! Apr 20 15:21
trmanco Apr 20 15:21
_boo_ lol Apr 20 15:22
schestowitz hehe. Apr 20 15:22
_boo_ why debian is not using latest stable kernel? Apr 20 15:22
schestowitz I ran 2.4. until 2007. Apr 20 15:22
_boo_ i ran winxp 32bit until last summber Apr 20 15:23
_boo_ summer Apr 20 15:23
schestowitz Last bummer :-) Apr 20 15:23
_boo_ no, until a year ago Apr 20 15:23
_boo_ in fact i’m about 15 years old in linux Apr 20 15:23
_boo_ 15 months Apr 20 15:23
_boo_ XD Apr 20 15:23
_boo_ 15 years… that could make me a pro Apr 20 15:24
schestowitz 15 -> 1994 Apr 20 15:24
schestowitz Some people can say that about their desktop Apr 20 15:24
_boo_ by 1994 i had zx80 Apr 20 15:25
schestowitz oiaohm since 1995 iirc Apr 20 15:25
_boo_ with BASIC Apr 20 15:25
_boo_ in 96 or 97 it was 80286 Apr 20 15:26
_boo_ not for linux Apr 20 15:26
*mib_m78v7r (i=c21d8902@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-33f65c100a4232f4) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 15:31
*mib_m78v7r has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 15:31
schestowitz _boo_: now it’s an age of Internet, so code will be shared more and Microsoft will be left out Apr 20 15:34
schestowitz Had Microsoft been smart like IBM in 1998 and Oracle in 1999 (IIRC), it would have found a way to mingle with FOSS somehow or exploit it. Instead it attacked it Apr 20 15:35
schestowitz Microsoft capitalised on the network effect and already had a well-earned reputation of crime and racketeering, but not even network effect will endure now that it makes more enemies in FOSS. Apr 20 15:35
schestowitz I care more about MSFT’s results on Thursday than I care about Ubuntu 9.04 being released Apr 20 15:36
trmanco haha Apr 20 15:36
trmanco you really hate that company don’t you :-P Apr 20 15:36
schestowitz Microsoft will need to lay out a plan and if TomTom-type lawsuits are the plan, then investors should bail out Apr 20 15:36
schestowitz SCO had done the same thing Apr 20 15:36
schestowitz trmanco: w/o ms, linux will thrive Apr 20 15:36
schestowitz Brazilians, Germans, Chinese, Russians, Norwegians, etc. don’t care about Macs so much Apr 20 15:37
schestowitz Some don’t even have access to them Apr 20 15:37
schestowitz Mac is a US phenomenon mostly and it spread to some other rich countries including Japan Apr 20 15:38
schestowitz But Mac/Apple PCs are a minority in the world Apr 20 15:38
schestowitz Less than 5% of the hardware Apr 20 15:38
_boo_ schestowitz, hawky animals always attack someone that don’t answer with aggression Apr 20 15:38
_boo_ foss is humanic Apr 20 15:39
schestowitz Ha :-) Apr 20 15:39
schestowitz So if we bark back and expose them it’ll make them more afraid to do stupid things like invade committees, bribe people, and shove their employees into competitors….? Apr 20 15:40
_boo_ at least you will descend to the animal level in this case Apr 20 15:42
_boo_ and they will start to understand you Apr 20 15:42
_boo_ and if you bite them hard enough then they would try to act like they’re above attacking ya or even fear Apr 20 15:44
schestowitz Unrest across Europe: Swedes Demonstrate Against Pirate Bay Verdict < http://torrentfreak.com/swedes-de… > Apr 20 15:45
_boo_ nice Apr 20 15:45
schestowitz _boo_: let me find a video I was sent on Fridat,. Apr 20 15:45
schestowitz http://www.flixxy.com/game-… high-res video Apr 20 15:46
MinceR _boo_: nope, kde 3.5.8 .. 3.5.10 is not experimental Apr 20 15:46
MinceR it’s stable, therefore it’s deprecated. :> Apr 20 15:46
schestowitz :-D Apr 20 15:46
_boo_ i told ya Apr 20 15:46
_boo_ kde is always experimental Apr 20 15:46
schestowitz MinceR: u used Kubuntu with kde 4.2 right? Apr 20 15:46
MinceR indeed Apr 20 15:46
schestowitz Kubuntu is not as good as Mandriva for KDE, I hear Apr 20 15:46
MinceR my main complaint is that plasma is unstable and it eats screen space like candy Apr 20 15:47
MinceR also, it isn’t quite configurable Apr 20 15:47
schestowitz I get the impression that Canonical does not put emphasis or effort into it, but it’s the Buntu brand, so people drink it Apr 20 15:47
schestowitz madnriva did a stunning job integrating gtk and Qt+kde 3.5 Apr 20 15:47
schestowitz And it has admin tools that are priceless Apr 20 15:47
schestowitz It’s like the dream OS, to me at least Apr 20 15:48
schestowitz Network tools out of the box too… then again, they include Flash and nvidia binary drivers out of the box too Apr 20 15:48
schestowitz I showed it to my sister.. Metisse too Apr 20 15:48
schestowitz They think that computers are TellytubbyXP Apr 20 15:49
schestowitz That’s what they are taught and that’s why Microsoft carefully controls exposures to Linux Apr 20 15:49
schestowitz Like, Microsoft virtually forbids having PCs with Linux on display Apr 20 15:49
schestowitz Imagine customers seeing 3D Linux desktops that are better priced than xp/Vista counterparts. Apr 20 15:50
schestowitz That would change how people perceive computers (Mac vs PC) Apr 20 15:50
_boo_ schestowitz, bears are naturally afraid of cats Apr 20 15:51
_boo_ they just run away at sight Apr 20 15:51
schestowitz Egypt lifts its unenforceable ban on GPS < http://www.ogleearth.com/2009/… > Apr 20 15:51
schestowitz _boo_: big cats Apr 20 15:52
schestowitz That was a sub Apr 20 15:52
schestowitz *cub Apr 20 15:52
_boo_ i will show you real video Apr 20 15:52
_boo_ cats are actually kings of wildlife Apr 20 15:53
schestowitz “Set up a torrent tracker, get fined, go to jail. Join a bank, destroy the economy, profit.” http://blogs.harvardbusiness.org… Apr 20 15:56
balzac lart Apr 20 15:57
schestowitz http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_p… (Smear row ‘over’ says Mandelson). They still deny the seriousness of the economic situation, calling it “recession”. That’s propaganda. Apr 20 15:58
schestowitz balzac: scroll up a bit Apr 20 15:58
schestowitz I posted  a link to Kucinich endorsement. Apr 20 15:59
balzac ok Apr 20 16:00
schestowitz “Vienna’s city council has been using GNU/Linux [...] Ubuntu-based software distribution called Wienux.” and open source for years and has developed its own Apr 20 16:01
balzac I wasn’t able to find that url Apr 20 16:02
_boo_ schestowitz, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7M… Apr 20 16:03
schestowitz http://www.osor.eu/news/at-vie… Apr 20 16:03
_boo_ and it’s not even a tiger Apr 20 16:03
schestowitz balzac: http://www.youtube.com/watch?… Apr 20 16:03
schestowitz _boo_: it’s a cougar. Apr 20 16:03
_boo_ yeah, it’s a cat, tigers are more massive and with more stamina Apr 20 16:04
_boo_ that poor bear would be just dead Apr 20 16:04
schestowitz In pictures: 19th Century China  < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_p… > Apr 20 16:07
schestowitz Secret police intelligence was given to E.ON before planned demo  < http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/apr… > Apr 20 16:09
schestowitz What a quick world it is when people are arrested for defending the environment Apr 20 16:09
schestowitz /quick/sick Apr 20 16:09
schestowitz “surfer and one-time dirt-biker stands to reap the lion’s share of a US$388 million (NZ$681 million) damages award from Microsoft” http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/f… Apr 20 16:11
_boo_ seems like m$ started the game that it’s unable to win Apr 20 16:13
schestowitz To Win[dows] Apr 20 16:13
_boo_ house md is so funny :) Apr 20 16:14
schestowitz zoobab01: ping Apr 20 16:17
schestowitz I confuse IP Watch what IAM Apr 20 16:17
zoobab01 ah? Apr 20 16:17
schestowitz It’s IAM that seems zealous about patents Apr 20 16:17
schestowitz IP Watch is better Apr 20 16:17
zoobab01 sure Apr 20 16:17
schestowitz I mailed a little with them Apr 20 16:17
schestowitz IAM is the annying one Apr 20 16:17
zoobab01 IAM is made by patent attorneys Apr 20 16:17
schestowitz And now they hide behind a regitration wall Apr 20 16:17
zoobab01 sure Apr 20 16:18
schestowitz “It is free to view the IAM blog, however you must first register below or login using the “Subscriber login” link above. “ Apr 20 16:18
schestowitz I think I insulted IP Watch by calling them maximalists or something Apr 20 16:18
schestowitz “part of the IP media group” Apr 20 16:18
schestowitz (IAM) Apr 20 16:18
schestowitz Internet protocol media? ;-p Apr 20 16:18
schestowitz “I can’t help feeling that once again the IP community in Europe is letting itself down by failing to engage effectively with the mainstream media.” Apr 20 16:19
schestowitz “IP community…” LOL Apr 20 16:19
schestowitz Read: the community of parasites that try to establish a system of consent on monopolies to act as middlemen and piggpyback engineers Apr 20 16:20
schestowitz IAM: “It’s little wonder that the anti-software patent FFII sought to piggy-back (forgive the pun) the Munich event. “ Apr 20 16:20
schestowitz me: “It’s little wonder that the anti-science lawyers patent sought to piggy-back (forgive the pun) the pigs and generate profit” Apr 20 16:20
schestowitz zoobab01: http://www.digitalmajority.org/forum/t-1… points to bad URL (404) Apr 20 16:21
zoobab01 ah Apr 20 16:22
schestowitz zoobab01: change to http://eetimes.eu/uk/216600083 Apr 20 16:22
*amarsh04 had a quick irc conversation with Bdale Garbee earlier on… glad he had the time for a brief chat Apr 20 16:23
MinceR hm, apple decided they invented the videotelephone in 2007 Apr 20 16:24
MinceR (my only link is hungarian: http://index.hu/tech/mobil/2009… ) Apr 20 16:24
MinceR i wonder what has nokia, lg, samsung, etc. have to say about that) Apr 20 16:24
schestowitz amarsh04: what did he say about the server? Apr 20 16:30
MinceR s/\)// Apr 20 16:31
schestowitz amarsh04: here is Microsof telling Intel not to run Linux on their servers: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/1… Apr 20 16:31
schestowitz MS: “I also have a personal ask that if we do the 64bit work that we get INTEL.COM to be a 64bit ASP.NET sites. “ Apr 20 16:32
schestowitz Apple invested worms Apr 20 16:32
schestowitz *invented… or invited (think Apple with a hole in it) Apr 20 16:33
MinceR :) Apr 20 16:33
schestowitz Watch the picture Apr 20 16:33
schestowitz The iPhones are presented like effigies on sticks Apr 20 16:33
schestowitz Maybe that’s why they call it jesusphone in El Reg Apr 20 16:33
MinceR lol Apr 20 16:33
MinceR i think they call it jesusphone because of all the hype that surrounds it Apr 20 16:34
MinceR and unreasonable love Apr 20 16:34
schestowitz iPhone is an insult to Jesus Apr 20 16:42
schestowitz CIA waterboarded individual suspects up to 183 times < http://www.boingboing.net/2009/04/… > That’s now what the founding fathers wanted. Apr 20 16:45
schestowitz FBI controls MS Windows: Documents: FBI Spyware Has Been Snaring Extortionists, Hackers for Years < http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke… > Apr 20 16:47
schestowitz zoobab01: nice SSP post Apr 20 16:49
zer0c00l schestowitz, nice post :) “ITs a crime that these guys (intel) are running linux” http://boycottnovell.com/2009/0… Apr 20 16:50
schestowitz Music industry sites DDoSed after Pirate Bay verdict < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… > Apr 20 16:50
schestowitz zer0c00l: yeah, well… as gates said, it’s a “jihad” Apr 20 16:51
schestowitz Wait until Melinda and Bill pull out the machete and go out on a wild night in Kirkland Apr 20 16:51
*mib_havgvs (i=29dd8bef@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4ace124845dfdaa7) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 17:01
*mib_havgvs has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 17:01
schestowitz http://www.theinquirer.net/inqu… “I’ve basically read this same article on 3 sites now and there has been no mention at all about VirtualBox. I know that Oracle and VMWare have been good friends in the past, so I wonder what will happen with this situation now that Oracle owns VirtualBox.” Apr 20 17:05
Balrog schestowitz: any comment on this acquisition? Apr 20 17:05
zoobab01 what about oracle patent  policy? Apr 20 17:06
schestowitz zoobab01: what policy? :-) Apr 20 17:06
zoobab01 Will Oracle give money to FFII, like MySQL was doing in the past? Apr 20 17:06
schestowitz zoobab01: they give patents to the OIn umbrella. Apr 20 17:07
schestowitz Dell culls UK advisers  < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquire… >\ Apr 20 17:07
zoobab01 OIN does not work Apr 20 17:07
schestowitz zoobab01: mysql’s patents page was already extinguished by Sun Apr 20 17:07
schestowitz The management of mysql is out the door Apr 20 17:07
zoobab01 does not matter Apr 20 17:07
schestowitz Mickos, Ax*, Monty.. Apr 20 17:08
schestowitz zoobab01: OIn said it would retalisate over FAT Apr 20 17:08
schestowitz It said within weeks Apr 20 17:08
schestowitz Keith told ZDNet Apr 20 17:08
schestowitz No word since then Apr 20 17:08
zoobab01 http://www.economic-majority.com/te… Apr 20 17:08
schestowitz I’d challenge them if nothing happens Apr 20 17:08
schestowitz And mock OIn for just taking money from TomTom to achieve nothing, AFAICT :-) Apr 20 17:09
zoobab01 time for an Open Letter to Oracle Apr 20 17:09
schestowitz Oracle has just been sued over DBS Apr 20 17:10
schestowitz this can include mysql Apr 20 17:10
schestowitz zoobab01: you do it :-p Apr 20 17:10
schestowitz zoobab01: does Oracle attack with patents? Examples? Apr 20 17:10
zoobab01 the point is to make Oracle answer precise questions Apr 20 17:11
zoobab01 Like: Does Oracle embrace the following statement made by the CEO of MySQL AB in 2005: “This is why we support those who work for an abolishment of software patents.” Apr 20 17:12
schestowitz ” Also MySQL is open source so they can’t kill it, in fact it’s already been forked by some MySQL developers who left Sun recently.” Apr 20 17:13
zoobab01 if you don’t write precise questions, they will spin it Apr 20 17:13
schestowitz zoobab01: do it in SSP maybe.. Apr 20 17:14
zoobab01 I am not the President of the FFII for nothing Apr 20 17:16
zoobab01 we have enough people on our press list Apr 20 17:16
zoobab01 nearly 2000 subscribers Apr 20 17:16
schestowitz Dell Laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed are hard to find < http://www.itrunsonlinux.com/news/56… > Apr 20 17:18
schestowitz Is that a full-time job, zoobab01 Apr 20 17:18
zoobab01 no Apr 20 17:20
zoobab01 not a job at all Apr 20 17:20
amarsh04 schestowitz… he said they switched servers around a bit and it’s now running apache (presumably on linux) Apr 20 17:26
amarsh04 I remember the story you did on ms telling intel not to run linux Apr 20 17:26
schestowitz Digg DUMPS Microsoft (and how much Microsoft paid for this PR at the time):  http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/20… Apr 20 17:26
schestowitz zoobab01: same here. Apr 20 17:27
schestowitz Fighting for corruption pays; the opposite rarely does Apr 20 17:27
schestowitz amarsh04: they do this with other companies. Remember GoDaddy? Apr 20 17:27
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/12/… Apr 20 17:28
schestowitz http://www.groklaw.net/article.ph… “Here’s the press release. So they own Java and Solaris and MySQL, not to mention all the patents Sun pledged to use to defend Red Hat and Ubuntu when Microsoft began patent saber rattling, plus whatever patents Sun had that made Jonathan Schwartz say he had been approached to sue Linux but decided not to” Apr 20 17:29
schestowitz I remember that.. Apr 20 17:29
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2007/05/16/sun… Apr 20 17:30
schestowitz http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn_te… “With consumer credit ratings plummeting, more American car owners could soon be driving around with an electronic Big Brother on board.” Apr 20 17:40
amarsh04 zoobab01 – roles like you have with FFII have a tremendous responsibility… I don’t know how anyone does it. Apr 20 17:43
amarsh04 yes, lots of spin on netcraft numbers schestowitz Apr 20 17:44
amarsh04 remember some years back when ms made claims about web server performance and the gnu/linux folk fixed problems that were bottlenecking performance? Apr 20 17:45
*trmanco has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 20 17:51
*tessier_ (n=treed@kernel-panic/sex-machines) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 17:51
tessier_ whee Apr 20 17:51
schestowitz amarsh04: yes, it was mentioned in BN Apr 20 17:52
schestowitz tessier: there is an Asterisk intsllfest Apr 20 17:52
schestowitz http://www.thevarguy.com/2009/04… Apr 20 17:52
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl8-48-172.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 17:53
trmanco oh crap Apr 20 17:55
trmanco trmanco-desktop gdm[3548]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error – Restarting :0 Apr 20 17:55
tessier_ schestowitz: cool Apr 20 18:28
schestowitz http://www.grokdoc.net/index.php/M… Apr 20 18:38
*vida18 (i=4f5ac43c@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-335747a67fd7648c) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 18:47
vida18 hello Apr 20 18:48
*vida18 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 18:49
schestowitz I’m gonna have to hack on MediaWiki Apr 20 18:53
schestowitz To change RSS header.. Apr 20 18:53
trmanco good luck Apr 20 18:55
schestowitz It’s not a good idea because of updates Apr 20 18:56
schestowitz I might as well just do another thing and catch just new visitors Apr 20 18:56
zoobab01 mediawiki sucks a lot Apr 20 18:59
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 20 19:04
schestowitz zoobab01, trmanco: is this ready to become front page? http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index.p… Apr 20 19:08
MinceR http://kuvaton.com/kuvei/stupid… Apr 20 19:08
schestowitz It’s mostly for new visitors who just put boycottnovell.com in their Web browser or use Google Apr 20 19:08
trmanco schestowitz, some images would be nice Apr 20 19:09
schestowitz MinceR: old news Apr 20 19:09
schestowitz The front page is viewed a lot so.. Apr 20 19:09
schestowitz trmanco: OK Apr 20 19:09
trmanco oh, and if there is anyway to make the columns even that would be nice too Apr 20 19:10
trmanco after that, imo, it’s ready Apr 20 19:10
schestowitz Even in what sense? Apr 20 19:17
trmanco you were doing it right Apr 20 19:21
trmanco even at the end of the page Apr 20 19:21
trmanco yeah, it’s almost even Apr 20 19:22
schestowitz Ah, I see.. Apr 20 19:25
schestowitz Well, the Wiki is still messy, but it’s for newcomers mostly Apr 20 19:25
schestowitz What was permanent redirect code? Apr 20 19:27
schestowitz 301 is temporary Apr 20 19:28
trmanco its 301 Apr 20 19:29
trmanco 307 is temporary Apr 20 19:29
trmanco http://www.w3.org/Protocols… Apr 20 19:29
schestowitz Redirect permanent / http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/ind… Apr 20 19:30
schestowitz Yes, I got that wrong Apr 20 19:30
schestowitz http://httpd.apache.org/docs/… Apr 20 19:30
schestowitz Oops Apr 20 19:31
schestowitz That didn’t work Apr 20 19:31
Balrog schestowitz: you’re doing a redirect …? Apr 20 19:32
schestowitz It seems to be matching that whole expresssion: Going to “http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index… Apr 20 19:32
Balrog well if you keep the wiki page updated, it’s fine Apr 20 19:32
schestowitz Balrog: I’m trying to redict only from “/” Apr 20 19:33
schestowitz to the Wiki Apr 20 19:33
Balrog then use a .htaccess Apr 20 19:33
schestowitz I do Apr 20 19:33
schestowitz Redirect permanent / http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/in… Apr 20 19:33
schestowitz This does not do it right Apr 20 19:33
Balrog like redirect 301 /index.html /wiki/ Apr 20 19:33
Balrog ‘redirect 301 /index.html /wiki/’ Apr 20 19:33
Balrog that redirects requests for /index.html to /wiki Apr 20 19:34
Balrog you probably want ‘redirect 301 / /wiki’ Apr 20 19:34
Balrog in your html root Apr 20 19:34
Balrog in the .htaccess file Apr 20 19:34
schestowitz That’s what I tried Apr 20 19:34
Balrog correct permissions? Apr 20 19:35
schestowitz I see what’s causing the problem Apr 20 19:35
schestowitz Wait, it’s a WordPress thing Apr 20 19:35
schestowitz “RewriteRule . /index.php [L]“ Apr 20 19:36
Balrog ah. I run wordpress in subdirectories and use 301 redirects to make it work Apr 20 19:36
*conley has quit (“Leaving.”) Apr 20 19:37
*conley (n=ibcliffo@cowcreamer.cs.vt.edu) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 19:38
schestowitz Maybe I should keep the front page the same Apr 20 19:39
schestowitz And then lead new visitors (front page only to the Wiki) Apr 20 19:39
Balrog the wiki looks like a good front page Apr 20 19:40
schestowitz I’m sure there’s a simple way to achieve what we need. Apr 20 19:40
schestowitz I’ll try cpanel (gui) Apr 20 19:41
Balrog schestowitz: you’ll have better luck with .htaccess Apr 20 19:42
schestowitz It’s no good. It’s catching everything under main dir Apr 20 19:44
Balrog hrm. wordpress redir plugin? Apr 20 19:46
schestowitz Oops. Apr 20 19:51
schestowitz Dman Apr 20 19:51
schestowitz I might have to restore from BU Apr 20 19:51
schestowitz But no… Apr 20 19:51
schestowitz I’ll try from mymyadmin Apr 20 19:51
schestowitz I locked myself out of the options by changing settings Apr 20 19:54
schestowitz So now I can’t open the settings page Apr 20 19:54
schestowitz I’ll hack the DB Apr 20 19:54
Balrog argh. Do you have ssh access to the server? Apr 20 19:55
schestowitz Assuming I can find it Apr 20 19:55
*DavidGerard (i=c3bcb401@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-40e6b36e2abf2a3c) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 19:57
DavidGerard hello Apr 20 19:58
DavidGerard so, you’ve discovered that mod_rewrite is the work of satan. Apr 20 19:58
DavidGerard definitely so in the context of mediawiki and trying to run anything else whatsoever on the url. Apr 20 19:58
*magentar has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Apr 20 19:58
schestowitz I found it Apr 20 19:58
schestowitz I think… Apr 20 19:58
Balrog why is mod_rewrite so bad? Apr 20 19:59
DavidGerard balrog: because the rewrite rules are *evil*. like building a skyscraper from regexps but worse. Apr 20 19:59
schestowitz “Showing rows 0 – 29 (215 total, Query took 0.0078 sec)” Apr 20 19:59
Balrog ew. Apr 20 19:59
Balrog sounds horrible Apr 20 19:59
DavidGerard basically you break your server, then you hack on them until you unbreak your server. Apr 20 20:00
DavidGerard at least the java irc works ;-) Apr 20 20:00
DavidGerard ahahaa, there’s the css back :-) Apr 20 20:00
DavidGerard now let’s see if i can leave a comment Apr 20 20:00
schestowitz OK, I am definitely NOT trying that again Apr 20 20:00
schestowitz Enough trouble for one day Apr 20 20:01
DavidGerard *cough* still broken! Apr 20 20:01
Balrog schestowitz: what did you do wrong this time? Apr 20 20:01
DavidGerard go to main page, click on a heading for one of the stories Apr 20 20:01
schestowitz How about I stick a big notification at the top of the front page inviting new visitors? Apr 20 20:01
DavidGerard that *should* be a link Apr 20 20:01
DavidGerard instead, you get a wiki subpage of Main Pabe Apr 20 20:01
DavidGerard Page Apr 20 20:01
schestowitz At least until I find a workaround? Apr 20 20:01
DavidGerard whatever works ;-) Apr 20 20:01
schestowitz DavidGerard: maybe cache? Apr 20 20:02
DavidGerard see, stuff like this is why we keep config at work in svn … Apr 20 20:02
DavidGerard could be Apr 20 20:02
schestowitz What is not broken? Apr 20 20:02
schestowitz I changed the DB manually Apr 20 20:02
DavidGerard the css is showing up now Apr 20 20:02
schestowitz To fix the issue Apr 20 20:02
schestowitz It’s not server confid Apr 20 20:02
schestowitz I messed up wordpress Apr 20 20:02
schestowitz So I couldn’t access it to even change it back Apr 20 20:02
DavidGerard heee Apr 20 20:02
DavidGerard ok, story links appear working now Apr 20 20:02
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