Novell News Summary – Part III: PlateSpin, GWAVA Conference, and More

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Salt Lake Temple
Salt Lake Temple

Summary: The remainder of Novell’s news for this week

IT was a dry week for Novell’s proprietary business, but here are some highlights.


Novell will report its financial results two and a half weeks from now, having done quite poorly in the previous quarter and the one before that.

Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL) today announced it will issue a press release providing its third fiscal quarter 2009 financial results on Thursday, August 27, 2009, following the market close.

Networking and Other Proprietary Software

Novell’s ZENworks was mentioned by Novell’s PR people because of pricing.

PB & J, Abbott & Costello, America & apple pie… it seems some things just go together. Today Novell is bringing you another great pair — the robust management capabilities of ZENworks Configuration Management Enterprise Edition and the all-in-one productivity of Novell Open Workgroup Suite. This pairing, available in the new Novell ZENworks Extension for Open Workgroup Suite, gives customers a cost-effective and integrated endpoint management solution.

Novell’s eDirectory was mentioned before (on a couple of occasions in fact) in relation to Zend 1.9 and here is some more coverage regarding the subject.

LDAP support has been improved and now allows connectivity with MS ActiveDirectory and Novell’s eDirectory and the Zend_Feed_Reader component provides a common API to Atom and RSS feeds. DBUnit support has been added to Zend_Test and integrates with Zend_Db, allowing for functional and integration testing against databases using data fixtures.

On OES2, which is based on SUSE:

Implementing Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 for Linux (course 3089) is designed to provide hands-on experience using the Linux platform to host Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 services. This course should reduce the fear of migrating to Linux the services currently running on NetWare.

Another old Novell network gets mentioned in relation to Banstead Borough Council.

Ian Machen, project manager at Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, said: “When it came to choosing a log management solution, we consulted a number of local authorities who had recently gone through the selection process. Not only were we drawn towards LogRhythm on the recommendations by our peers, but it was one of the few suppliers which could interface with our Novell-based network.


Novell made some noise about PlateSpin around July 14th, so coverage of PlateSpin announcements continues to appear. As InfoWorld points out, PlateSpin is not in a healthy shape after fairly major departures.

Since the acquisition of PlateSpin, Novell has made a few changes within the virtualization management company. Several key management team members left PlateSpin soon after the acquisition — names like Steven Pollack (CEO), Paul Philp (CTO), and Mark Pilesky (director of corporate marketing), but it doesn’t look like Novell intends to slow down.

…Well, not in terms of marketing anyway. Novell’s PR people carry on making some noise about SUSE virtualisation.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with integrated Xen has more than 75,000 customers worldwide including, Keller Homes, O’Reilly Automotive, Sesame Workshop, Siemens IT Services & Solutions, VIST Financial Corp. and Western & Southern Financial Group .


GWAVA is organising a conference which will take place in Berlin.

Novell Teaming and GroupWise conference to be held October 17-19 in Berlin

There is almost no GroupWise coverage out there, but this pair of extensive reviews did mention RIM’s GroupWise support.

Identity Management

Novell’s encounter with the Burton Group was mentioned in [1, 2, 3] and here it is again, widely syndicated in IDG.

Last week at The Burton Group’s Catalyst Conference, Novell demonstrated a pre-release version of its Cloud Security Service, designed to synchronize login and authentication data between external clouds and internal systems without exposing internal security data.


Jeff Jaffe wrote about security in Fog Computing, whereas Ben Goodman, a marketing manager from Novell, published this article about security — an article he had placed in ZDNet. ZDNet has a habit of letting quite a few Novell employees contribute articles.


There are all sorts of people who used to work at Novell and are now seen moving between companies, gaining, or losing responsibilities. Examples from the news are:

i. Reseller profile: Thomas Duryea

“My early projects involved large-scale desktop transformation, migrating to NT4, packaging applications and bringing the desktop under management using products such as Novell Zenworks and the early versions of Microsoft SMS.

ii. ControlCircle Appoints Ian Finlay as Chief Technical Officer

In addition to his work with Interoute Communications and FLAG Telecom, Ian has held senior positions at Vanco Ltd and Novell UK Ltd.

iii. Business briefcase

Camera Corner/Connecting Point hired Michael D’Amico as a senior engineer. He brings 12 years of experience to Camera Corner/Connecting Point, specializing in Microsoft, Novell and network infrastructure technologies.

The former CEO of Novell, Eric Schmidt, is leaving the board of Apple. His past role at Novell is mentioned here and here.

Eric Schmidt has stepped down from the board of Apple, three years after being elected.


Novell was mentioned briefly in here and here.

Those certifications include Web design, Mac, Linux and Novell.

A lot more significant was the following announcement:

Novell separately announced it will demonstrate the Novell Cloud Security Service with PivotLink during the event. The solution allows PivotLink to extend its security model by integrating PivotLink’s application and data level security into the overall framework.

“Our collaboration with PivotLink is a great example of our vision for transparent and trustworthy cloud computing based on robust identity and access management,” said Justin Steinman, vice president, Solution and Product Marketing at Novell. “The Novell Cloud Security Service enables enterprise customers to impose their security standards and policies in a cloud computing environment, which means customers can confidently use cloud-based applications.”

It turns out that Novell also backed the Kantara Initiative.

…Kantara Initiative, which has backing from Intel, Oracle, Sun and Novell, among others.


Almost nothing can be shown here, except this new video from Novell.

Novell deserves credit for at least promoting GNU/Linux, never mind the patent tax it helps Microsoft advocate.

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