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Owning Jobs

Posted in Site News at 6:25 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Chairman Jobs

Summary: Apple gets all zealous about the appearance of its CEO while customers of Apple have their human rights totally tarnished

APPLE views itself as a privileged child — the one to whom special rules apply. Outrageously enough it gets away with it a lot of the time and Apple still thinks it owns Steve Jobs, which means censorship of this man’s image. He is all “IP”, isn’t he? Anyway, Techrights hopes that more people begin to see Apple for the malicious entity which it has become in recent years. Humility does not start with an “i” and products like iPad and iPhone are said to be leaking data on their users right now:

Two groups of iPhone and iPad users are suing Apple saying apps for the gadgets leak personally identifiable data.

The groups want to stop personal data being passed around without owners being notified or compensated.

It’s funny that Apple lets users’ data leak whilst it’s shutting down sites which leak information about Apple’s future products and also shutting down Wikileaks apps [1, 2, 3]. Shame on Apple. It’s 1984 on Steroid.

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  1. troydog32 said,

    January 2, 2011 at 7:09 pm


    Roy, I think that Doctor stuff has gone to your head. Apple may be responsible for the leaking of info but you don’t know that for sure, but if you really want to write a story about leaked personal info look into Google not Apple! I think you fall into the iHaters club! Don’t be jealous though of the great minds and great things Apple is doing to change the tech world, besides you are a big Doctor! How many lives have you saved?

    It is hard to find negative things to write about Apple but nice try! Maybe one of the 600 million Iphones that they sell in the coming years will have a battery that fails so that will give you something else to write about!! Don’t be mad, just embrace it! Apple is KING!!

    leoplan2 Reply:

    are you a consumist? please open your eyes and see reality! Apple is not the king… It is only like a dictatorship…

    leoplan2 Reply:

    sales don’t mean anything. I think the most important part of a company or an organization is their ethics. And Apple doesn’t have much of them. Money isn’t anything.

    (sorry for my English, I speak Spanish)

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    People are rarely taught to judge companies by their ethics but by their “success” (which usually means how rich they get).

    Robotron 2084 Reply:

    Yes, but most people don’t agree with Roy’s ethics. He thinks that proprietary software, that is making software to sell for profit without disclosing the source code, is itself an immoral act. To anyone else outside the FOSS cult, this concept is laughably stupid.

    Roy is not a real doctor, but he’s doing what he “thinks” is the best way to help humanity.

    Adrian Malacoda Reply:

    I find Dr. Schestowitz to be magnitudes more authoritative on the subject of free software than “Robotron 2084″ who believes that the owners of computers and electronics in general should be explicitly denied the right to know what makes their gadgets tick, the right to adapt it to do what they want, basically the right to assert real ownership of the products that they have bought, with their actual money. I also assume Mr. (or Ms.) 2084 supports the privilege of technology monopolies to abuse their monopoly status to kill competition and mistreat their customers. It is about autonomy in the digital world; if you think the power of a billionaire to wring more billions out of “consumers” trumps the autonomy of those “consumers”, you have the right to believe that (but please keep “consuming” somewhere else and not here, please).

    Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t make it stupid, or a “cult.” No one forced you into the “free software cult.” Of course free software won’t become “bigger” than proprietary software any time soon, because the free software ideal requires that the user actually think about what software they use and ask questions more important than “does it cost money?”/”how hard is it to crack?” Free software is about empowering the user, but they need to be conscious about their choice of software. Proprietary software, on the other hand, is developed with the intention of keeping people from thinking too hard. This isn’t necessarily “evil” in the sense that people just generally hate thinking (for whatever weird reason) and like it when companies do the thinking for them. I guess you could say it’s good marketing sense. Free software isn’t just about pushing specific software, though, it’s a message, and those are always harder to sell than a product.

    And for the record, Techrights isn’t explicitly against proprietary software. It’s against the really bad companies like Microsoft and Apple, but it doesn’t go after every proprietary company simply for being proprietary. He even mentions proprietary software (usually Opera) in those daily link collections he keeps posting. Techrights is against the abuse of intellectual monopoly law, which is why its main focus is patents, lawsuits, and the ways such companies “game the system.”

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    It’s not an ordinary Internet troll. He attacked Tim and his family vulgarly, becoming the only person to have even been banned from OpenBytes. It’s a thug.

  2. troydog32 said,

    January 3, 2011 at 9:09 am


    You are correct, Apple is protecting everything it creates! If that is immoral, then you should be writing about other companies as well. Roy just wants the headlines because regardless about leoplan thinks APPLE is KING and will soon be the largest company by Market Cap. So say what you wish those are the facts!
    As an educator there is real value in what Apple has created and their technology is what is helping close the learning gap in low income minority settings. That is value to me!! That is success!! That is making a difference for the good.
    Give me a break on judging companies by how rich they are!! If you are really trying to make a difference you should be going after companies that are really hurting people! Example Goldman Sachs!! Then we can talk about ethics!! Posting stupid pictures of Steve Jobs doesn’t cut it for me. Where is your post on Enron? Worldcom? Lehman Bros? If you want to clown someone it should be someone like Bernie Madoff! That would be the best way to help humanity!! These are people who have destroyed lives and in Bernie’s case even his own son’s!!!
    Lets get real before we start slinging mud!!!

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:


    I write about these firms too.

  3. The Mad Hatter said,

    January 4, 2011 at 7:52 am


    Ah, Robotron 2084. It is probably the most unpleasant creature I’ve ever meet on the internet, and that takes some doing.

    For those who missed the fun, I was commenting on the threads that Robotron 2084 decided to ruin on OpenBytes. He/She/It showed a truly spectacular lack of judgement and good taste, making attacks on Tim and his family. I’m surprised that Tim put up with it as long as he did.

    Too bad he showed up here Roy, that sort gives rabid dogs a good name.


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