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Unified Patent Court/UPC/Unitary Patent: Our Latest Fake News Watch (and Some Occasional Reminders That This is in Fact Faked, But Team UPC Does Not Care What’s Legal and What’s True)

Posted in Deception, Europe, Patents at 11:19 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Miquel Montañá (Clifford Chance): UPC: four reasons on why the PPA is not legally in force: Reality check

Webinar on Women and the Unified Patent Court: Femmewashing; Vapourware; Patents are about gender now?

Netherlands: UPC Sunrise Period: Decide On Opting Out Your European Patents: Wake up, everyone! It's SUNRISE! Opting out of something that does not exist? Talk about false prophecies...

Mondaq/Worldwide: Guide To The Unified Patent Court (UPC): Guide to something which does not exist, just like 10 years ago... I profit more when I mislead you

JD Supra/The Unified Patent Court is (Finally) Coming to Europe and Bringing Some Pretty Fundamental Changes with It: Illegal and unconstitutional; You have said it every year for over 10 years; It's not about Europe but about suing Europe

Goodwin Procter LLP - Sabrina Poulos and Maria C. Smith: The Unified Patent Court is (Finally) Coming to Europe and Bringing Some Pretty Fundamental Changes with It: Googlebombing services for law firms

Lexology/The Unified Patent Court - Work areas - Getting The Deal Through: Pay to be lied to

Rouse - Rebecca Baines/What can SMEs expect from the Unified Patent Court? Totally false; UPC is an SME killer, but they don't want to tell you that

The National Law Review/EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Intellectual Property — Will the Unified Patent Court Change Everything? [PODCAST]: Monopoly, not a right; Say patents, not this meaningless BS, 'IP'; Very loaded question. It wants us to assume UPC is already a reality.

Gill Jennings & Every LLP: The Unified Patent Court: Pay us money for consultation on something that does not exist! Will or would? There are many legal obstacles, don't wish or fake them away; Uppercase P, lawyers need to get the formalities right

Ronny Amirsehhi/Europe Welcomes a New Era of Patent Litigation under UPC: Europe or litigation firms? Nothing to do with innovation. Paid-for plugs, not journalism, not even pretending otherwise

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP - Sebastian Moore, Emily Bottle, Rachel Montagnon and Trevor Lowe: UPC Advisory Committee and UPC Budget Committee hold inaugural meetings: More shills and lobbyists; Webchats... For something they fake

Patrick Wingrove/MIP: UPC plan to limit doc access will ‘kill system from start’: counsel:  The voice of patent trolls for many years already; In something that cannot legally exist? Vienna Convention and all? Straw man etc.

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP - Rachel Montagnon: UPC hopes to be operational by end of 2022 or early 2023 and opt-out sunrise period to start immediately Germany deposits instrument of ratification: No, the UK needs to ratify but cannot ratify, so this is a disaster in the making

Golda Lai and 	M. Andrew Holtman/Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP: Unified Patent Court to Officially Open in Europe: No, it cannot

Golda Lai and 	M. Andrew Holtman/Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP: Unified Patent Court to Officially Open in Europe: Scattering the fake news some more, as this is the lobbying tactic since 2021

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys - Piotr Godlewski: Life science entities proceeding before the European Patent Office faced with a difficult choice to make: False. Make believe. You've been saying this for ages.

Taylor Wessing - Verena Bertram, Michael Schächinger, Philipp Krusemarck, Jan Phillip Rektorschek and Alina Krukover: Patents: The Unified Patent Court: No such patents; Multinationals' court

Bardehle Pagenberg - Georg Anetsberger, Alexander Haertel, Tobias Kaufmann and Klaus Reindl: The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court - What applicants and patent proprietors need to know already now: Four boosters of illegal software patents, hoping to replace or bypass patent courts with some  kangaroo court/s connected to the EPO, the granting authority; Already or now? Based on fake new spread by UPC boosters/profiteers

Bardehle Pagenberg - Georg Anetsberger, Alexander Haertel, Tobias Kaufmann and Klaus Reindl: The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court - What applicants and patent proprietors need to know already now: What we cannot do with quality of arguments we make up for with quantities of copies, spread around the Web to mislead

Bardehle Pagenberg - Joachim Mader: Unitary Patents - Differences to regular EP patents: Fictional as none exist

Lexology/JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys - Tomasz Gawliczek: Unitary Patent system shall improve the effectiveness of innovation protection in the EU: Litigation revenue for protectionism; No, patents are not innovation, they are monopolies; Based on fake news and illegal moves by the lobbyists

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys - Tomasz Gawliczek: Unitary Patent system shall improve the effectiveness of innovation protection in the EU:  Look, ma! My firm pays to googlebomb the term 'Unitary Patent' with my lies. We get paid to lie.

Berggren Oy - Michael Nielsen and Mariella Massaro: The European Patent Attorney Who Cried Wolf: How To Stop the Unified Patent Court From Eating All Your Sheep: Like lying about the UPC happening 'soon' since 2010?

Summary: Debunking lies (and liars) without sending them any traffic is no easy task; we hope that the annotated screenshots help equip the general public with information as well as evidence of the lies; we’ll do a video on this subject shortly…

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