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Links 03/10/2022: GNU Linux-Libre 6.0

Posted in News Roundup at 6:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • 9to5Linux9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: October 2nd, 2022

      This has been a great week for Linux news and releases as Linux 6.0 is finally here and it’s coming soon to our distros, new 4K Linux laptops are on their way, KDE’s Plasma Mobile Gear advances tablet support, and Raspberry Pi fans got a new Raspberry Pi OS update.

      On top of that, early adopters got their hands on the development versions of Ubuntu 22.10 and Linux Lite 6.2, and I share details about the latest Xfce app updates and upcoming Xfce 4.18 desktop environment, and the upcoming Linux Mint 21.1 release, both due out this Christmas. Below, you can enjoy these and much more in 9to5Linux’s Linux weekly roundup for October 2nd, 2022.

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • OpenSource.comIs your old computer ‘obsolete’, or is it a Linux opportunity?

        You may often hear someone claim a computer, tablet, or smartphone is “obsolete.” When you hear such a statement, take a minute to ask yourself, “Is this person speaking an opinion or a fact?”

        Many times, their statement is an opinion. Let me explain why.

        When someone declares a computer “obsolete,” they often speak from their own point of view. So, if you’re a technology professional, a five-year-old computer might indeed be obsolete. But is that same five-year-old computer obsolete to a refugee family fleeing war or famine? Probably not. A computer that is obsolete for you might be a dream computer for someone else.

    • Kernel Space

      • CNX SoftwareLinux 6.0 release – Main changes, Arm, RISC-V, and MIPS architectures – CNX Software

        The previous Linux 5.19 release brought us support for BIG TCP for high-speed networks (100Gbps+), AMD’s Secure Nested Paging and Intel’s Trusted Domain Extensions mechanisms, the Loongson “LoongArch” CPU architecture, and completely removed the a.out executable format on x86, among many other changes.

      • GamingOnLinuxLinux kernel 6.0 is out now

        The latest and great version of the Linux kernel has been released with Linux 6.0 out now. From the release announcement:

      • 9to5LinuxGNU Linux-Libre 6.0 Kernel Released for Those Who Seek 100% Freedom for Their PCs

        Based on the recently released Linux 6.0 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre 6.0 kernel (codename ETOOSIXY) kernel is here to clean up proprietary code in the UCSI interface driver for STM32G0 and the CS35L41 HD-audio side codec driver, as well as to adjust the cleaning up scripts for the updated MediaTek MT76 drivers.

        In addition, the GNU Linux-libre 6.0 kernel cleans up the blob names of multiple DTS files for Qualcomm and MediaTek AArch64 systems, as well as in updated versions of the AMDGPU, Adreno, Tegra VIC, Netronome NFP, and Habanalabs Gaudi2 drivers.

    • Graphics Stack

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux CapableHow to Install NVIDIA Drivers on Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu

        The Nouveau driver is an open-source graphics device driver for Nvidia video cards. The driver is pre-installed in most Linux Desktop systems. The only reason you may need to install the official proprietary Nvidia Linux driver is if you wish to squeeze as much power as possible from the Nvidia VGA card. The installation procedure is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once the driver is installed, you will need to restart your computer. After your computer has restarted, you can use all of the features of your Nvidia VGA card.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install NVIDIA Graphic Drivers on Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu short-term release using three methods that should suit most user requirements.

      • Linux BuzzHow to Use Conditional Statements (if-else) in Bash Script

        In this guide, we will cover how to use conditional statements in the bash script.

        Linux users often write scripts to automate repetitive tasks. We can use the conditional statements within the scripts to make them more robust. The conditional statement executes the block of code when certain condition evaluates to true.

        There are different forms of conditional statements such as – if, if-else, if-elif-else, and, nested if-else. In this beginner friendly guide, we will understand their usage with practical examples.

      • LinuxConfighosts.deny format and example on Linux

        The hosts.deny file can be used on a Linux system to deny connection attempts from one or more IP addresses, hostnames, or domains. It can work with any TCP wrapped service on your system. The hosts.deny file is used in conjunction with hosts.allow to determine whether a connection attempt gets accepted or denied.

        The hosts.deny file is just a plain text configuration file with a rather simple syntax. In this tutorial, you will see an example of the hosts.deny file, as we show you how to format the file for different possible scenarios.

      • LinuxConfighosts.allow format and example on Linux

        A Linux system can utilize the hosts.allow file to specify which IP addresses, hostnames, or domains are permitted to connect to it. This works specifically for TCP wrapped services. The hosts.allow file is used in conjunction with hosts.deny to determine whether a connection attempt gets accepted or denied.

        The hosts.allow file is just a plain text configuration file with a rather simple syntax. In this tutorial, you will see an example of the hosts.allow file, as we show you how to format the file for different possible scenarios.

      • LinuxConfigAlias example accepting arguments and parameters on Linux

        Creating an alias is a good way to make commands easier to remember and quicker to type. In case you want to extend the functionality of your aliases even further, it is possible to have them accept arguments and parameters. This gives users the ability to execute complex and lengthy commands in only a few keystrokes on the command line.

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an alias that can accept arguments or parameters on the command line. We will give you a simple example, which you can copy and paste onto your own system, and adapt it to your own scenarios as needed.

      • LinuxConfigHow to write Nautilus extensions with nautilus-python

        Nautilus, also known as “Files”, is the default file manager of the GNOME desktop environment. In a previous tutorial we saw how to create and call custom scripts from the Nautilus context-menu: this feature can be really useful but is somehow limited. By installing the nautilus-python package in our favorite Linux distribution, and writing just few lines of Python code, we can overcome such limitations and create proper Nautilus extensions.

        In this tutorial we learn how to write Nautilus extensions using Python and the bindings provided by the nautilus-python package.

    • Games

      • HackadayMaking A Handheld NES By Turning DIP Chips Into…QFN?

        You can achieve a lot with a Dremel. For instance, apparently you can slim the original NES down into the hand-held form-factor. Both the CPU and the PPU (Picture Processing Unit) are 40-pin DIP chips, which makes NES minification a bit tricky. [Redherring32] wasn’t one to be stopped by this, however, and turned these DIP chips into QFN-style-mounted dies (Nitter) using little more than a Dremel cutting wheel. Why? To bring his TinyTendo handheld game console project to fruition, of course.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Red Hat / IBM

      • Enterprisers ProjectThe future of payments: 6 predictions | The Enterprisers Project

        These days, cash on hand is no longer a requirement, and I’d argue that traffic isn’t either – just post online, and people worldwide can buy “virtual” lemonade. In today’s world, cash is rarely required, and credit cards are becoming less so as more people pay with their phone, watch, or Venmo. I ponder how far off we are from biometric payments: Place items in your cart, a quick face scan, and you’re on your way.

      • Enterprisers ProjectKubernetes by the numbers, in 2022: 11 stats to see

        It’s been a while – two years, to be precise – since we last took stock of Kubernetes by poring over the wide variety of publicly available numbers that illustrate the container orchestration platform’s rise in IT.

        News flash: Kubernetes is an even bigger deal now.

        That’s not so much news as a straightforward confirmation of what many IT leaders already know: The forces that have helped propel Kubernetes (K8s) growth – such as containerization, application modernization, cloud-native development, and hybrid cloud infrastructure – are here to stay.

        Two-thirds (68 percent) of IT leaders are already running containers in their organizations, according to Red Hat’s State of Enterprise Open Source 2022 report. Nearly one-third said they plan to significantly increase their container usage in the next 12 months.

      • IBM i 7.3 Loses Standard Support On April 28, 2023 – IT Jungle

        Big Blue just got the IBM i 7.5 operating system and system software stack out the door for Power8, Power9, and Power10 machines back in May, and from that moment the clock was ticking on regular support for the IBM i release that came out in April 2016 and that represents the second most popular release on primary machines based on data from the most recent IBM i Marketplace Survey.

      • IBM i PTF Guide, Volume 24, Number 40
    • Devices/Embedded

      • Linux GizmosPro Dev Kit features DA1470x BLE SoCs for portable IoT devices

        The DA1470x is a BLE 5.2 SoC combining an Arm Cortex M33 processor along with a 2D GPU, PMU, Crypto Engine, voice detector and a 240 dMIPS FPU. Renesas also offers a Pro Development Kit giving access to all the GPIOs from the DA1470x and daughterboards with additional peripherals.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • [Old] Radxa CommunityIntroduce the Radxa Zero

        We are happy to announce the Radxa Zero, a new member of our SBC family. We’ve been wanted to make the Zero form factor since long time ago but there is no good SoC choice. RK3326 was the close one but it doesn’t support HDMI. Until we read the news of Xiaomi TV Dongle announcement, it’s powered by the Amlogic S905Y series. It turned us on. After we checked the spec of Amlogic Y series chips, we decide to make it immediately. Amlogic Y series chips is stripped for small dongle applications both on footprint and power. We can pack as large as 4GB LPDDR4 ram, 256G eMMC and WiFi5 into a 66*30mm small board, it’s really amazing.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

  • Leftovers

    • HackadayA Compressor Of Compressors Breaks The Noise Barrier

      Having compressed air available in a workshop can be extremely useful. Having a compressor isn’t such a pleasure though, because unless it’s a very expensive model, it will be one of the noisier devices you own. Other than putting your compressor outside, is there a solution to the noisy side of having an air line? [Dominik Meffert] may have found one for his CNC plasma cutter in the shape of a rack of much quieter fridge compressors arranged in parallel with an air tank.

    • TruthOutReading William Rivers Pitt Was Like Traveling. I’ll Miss the Journey.
    • Science

      • HackadayHackaday Links: October 2, 2022

        “Necessity is the mother of invention,” or so the saying goes. We’ve never held to that, finding that laziness is a much more powerful creative lubricant. And this story about someone who automated their job with a script is one of the best examples of sloth-driven invention since the TV remote was introduced. If we take the story at face value — and it’s the Internet, so why wouldn’t we? — this is a little scary, as the anonymous employee was in charge of curating digital evidence submissions for a law firm. The job was to watch for new files in a local folder, manually copy them to a cloud server, and verify the file with a hash to prove it hasn’t been tampered with and support the chain of custody. The OP says this was literally the only task to perform, so we can’t really blame them for automating it with a script once COVID shutdowns and working from home provided the necessary cover. But still — when your entire job can be done by a Windows batch file and some PowerShell commands while you play video games, we’re going to go out on a limb and say you’re probably underemployed.

      • HackadayIn A Way, 3D Scanning Is Over A Century Old

        In France during the mid-to-late 1800s, one could go into François Willème’s studio, sit for a photo session consisting of 24 cameras arranged in a circle around the subject, and in a matter of days obtain a photosculpture. A photosculpture was essentially a sculpture representing, with a high degree of exactitude, the photographed subject. The kicker was that it was both much faster and far cheaper than traditional sculpting, and the process was remarkably similar in principle to 3D scanning. Not bad for well over a century ago.

    • Education

    • Hardware

      • HackadayWinged Drone Gets Forward Flight Capability

        Drones are pretty common in the electoronics landscape today, and are more than just a fun hobby. They’ve enabled a wide array of realtors, YouTubers, surveyors, emergency responders, and other professionals to have an extremely powerful tool at their disposal. One downside to these tools is that the power consumption tends to be quite high. You can either stick larger batteries on them, or, as [Nicholas] demonstrates, just spin them really fast during flight.

      • HackadayCamera-Mounted Stereo Mic Is Fluffy And Capable

        Typically, the audio coming out of your camera is not of the greatest quality. An external mic is generally a great upgrade, and this build from [DJJules] aims to be just that.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • The Independent UKUK ‘blind’ to new immune-evasive Covid variants creating ‘perfect storm’ for devastating wave

        The UK is heading into a “devastating” Covid wave this autumn exacerbated by a drop in testing and inadequate surveillance of new immune-evasive subvariants, experts have warned.

        Covid-19 infections in the UK have risen 14 per cent, according to the latest figures.

      • New York TimesBritish Ruling Pins Blame on Social Media for Teenager’s Suicide

        The dispassionate and declarative judgment concluded a legal battle that pitted the Russell family against some of Silicon Valley’s largest companies. Delving into many parents’ worst fears about the influence of the internet and social media on their children, the case reverberated in Britain and beyond. A crowd of television cameras and photographers gathered outside the courtroom when the decision was announced.

      • New York TimesWhy Can’t We Pay Attention Anymore?

        Johann Hari’s book “Stolen Focus” and Jacob Ward’s book “The Loop” discuss how technology and modernity are negatively and chronically affecting our brains and behavior. They focus on the individual experience of living in this moment, and how modern technology is limiting our choices and personal notions of freedom and consciousness. These well-researched surveys draw attention to important concerns while avoiding simplistic self-improvement recommendations.

        In “The Loop,” Ward, an NBC technology correspondent, argues that artificial intelligence in particular is not only predicting our actions but increasingly causing our actions, narrowing our scope of options and imprisoning us in an automated existence.

    • Security

      • Airbus AoA – Angle of Attack sensor issue | Pen Test Partners

        I read a lot of air incident investigation reports. The aviation industry is a shining example of sharing and learning, resulting in increased safety. I wish that the cyber industry on the ground could find a way to effectively share similar experiences and learnings.

        Anyway, one report caught my attention as it had echoes of the Boeing 737 Max 8 MCAS issues. Except this incident report related to an Airbus A321 several years earlier. Fortunately, the incident happened at cruising altitude and was resolved after a loss of ~4,000 feet. The plane landed safely at its intended destination as planned.

        An emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) was issued with instructions for pilots to identify and handle the scenario in future. How different it could have been though, had the incident occurred at a lower altitude with less height for the pilots to handle the uncommanded descent.

        It appears to have started with an Angle of Attack (AoA) sensor issue. Airbus aircraft have a feature called AlphaProt which prevents high angles of attack being reached in phases of flight where this could cause a stall. If the AoA exceeds a value appropriate to that phase of flight, the systems will cause a nose down input.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • HackadayHomebrew LED Strips That Are HomeKit-Compatible

          Google, Amazon and Apple are all duking it out for supremacy in the smart home space. As you’ve probably noticed, cheaper smart lights and the like typically don’t offer connectivity with Apple’s HomeKit system. However, if you want some smart lighting that works in that ecosystem without breaking the bank, you can always build your own!

    • Defence/Aggression

      • RFERLTurkey’s Erdogan Renews Threat To Block NATO Bids By Sweden, Finland

        Following negotiations, Erdogan said he would drop his objections but indicated he could still block their membership bids if they failed to follow through on promises, some of which were undisclosed.

      • Middle East MonitorFrance closes another mosque

        The government in France has announced that it is closing another mosque. Media reports yesterday said that the closure of the Obernai Mosque in the Bas-Rhin region is because the Imam has been accused of extremism, taking an anti-French position and making provocative comments against the values of the republic.

        The Interior Ministry has apparently started the process to have the mosque closed. A tweet from Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that 23 mosques have been closed by the government over the past two years on suspicion of being linked to “separatist activities”. He added that President Emmanuel Macron has asked the authorities to fight such activities.

      • Craig MurrayStriding Towards Armageddon – Why Putin’s Annexations Are Wrong

        Anyone who knows the former Soviet space well understands the crucial difference between “grazdanstvo” – citizenship – and “narodnosc” – nationality. It featured on all identity documents, including passports, in the Soviet Union and on post Soviet national passports, at least until countries joined the EU.

      • MeduzaRussian hockey player fined for draft evasion bribe attempt — Meduza

        A court in Ufa has fined hockey player Vladislav Lukin 2.2 million rubles (about $37,900) for attempting to evade military service by paying a bribe back in 2019, TASS reported. According to investigators, Lukin transferred 230,000 rubles to an intermediary, who Lukin expected to transfer the money to military commissariat workers but did not. Lukin pleaded guilty.

      • MeduzaKalmyk Buddhist leader speaks out against war in Ukraine — Meduza

        Telo Tulku Rinpoche, the Supreme Lama of the Kalmyk People, said in a newly posted interview that Russia’s war against Ukraine is wrong and that the Ukrainians are in the right for defending their country.

      • MeduzaZelensky reports liberation of two villages in Kherson region — Meduza

        Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated two villages in the country’s Kherson region: Arkhanhelske and Myrolyubivka. In his daily address to the nation, Zelensky said the following:

      • MeduzaA Putin-style history lecture The Constitutional Court of Russia rules on the annexation of Ukrainian territory — Meduza

        The Constitutional Court of Russia issued four rulings on Russia’s annexation of the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk “people’s republics” as well as the Ukrainian territories of Zaporizhia and Kherson. The rulings approved the annexation, one of several necessary procedural steps in making the annexations “official.” The text of the rulings – all nearly identical – features lengthy musings on regional history, similar in style to Putin’s speech about the annexations on September 30. An abridged version of the Court’s words is below.

      • MeduzaState Duma committee gives details on annexation — Meduza

        Pavel Krashennikov, head of the State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation announced that “the hryvnia will be allowed to circulate” until the end of 2022 in Ukrainian territories annexed by Russia, Interfax reports.

      • MeduzaThe Constitutional Court of Russia approves documents on occupied territories’ ‘admission into Russia’ — Meduza

        The Constitutional Court of Russia approved the treaties on “admission into the Russian Federation” of occupied Ukrainian regions, which were signed on September 30 in the Kremlin. An announcement was published on the court’s website:

      • MeduzaZelensky on Russian retreat from Lyman — Meduza

        In his evening address on October 1, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky commented on Russian troops’ departure from Lyman in the Donetsk region – a region which Moscow tried to annex a day earlier as the result of its “referendums on joining Russia.”

      • ScheerpostUS and UK Sabotaged Ukrainian Peace Deal

        The West’s aim “is not the victory of Ukraine, It’s the defeat of Russia,” Baud says. “The problem is that nobody cares about Ukraine. We have just instrumentalized Ukraine for the purpose of US strategic interests — not even European interests.”

      • Counter PunchIs Putin in a Corner?

        Russians of all nationalities have pushed back. Demonstrations broke out in 43 cities immediately after the announcement of the mobilization, and the authorities have detained nearly 2,400 people. Seventeen recruitment centers have been attacked in the latest upsurge of anger (and 54 in all since the launch of the invasion). All too aware of how this particular game will end, a lot of Russians have simply headed to the exits: more than a quarter of a million men have joined the exodus since the announcement, on top of the nearly 4 million people who left in the first quarter of the year.

      • Counter PunchOpportunistic Interests: The US-Pacific Island Declaration

        Harris also acknowledged the Pacific Islands had not been in Washington’s diplomatic radar in recent years.  They had not received deserving “attention and support”.  This, she promised, would change.  As a start, embassies would be established in Tonga and Kiribati.  A United States Envoy to the Pacific Islands Forum would be appointed.  USAID would also expand its operations and re-establish a regional mission in Suva, Fiji.

      • Counter PunchImperial Delusion is the Enemy of Peace and Prosperity

        Washington, Lavrov declared, is trying to “stop the march of history” against “sovereign states ready to defend their national interests … resulting in the creation of an equal, socially-oriented, multipolar architecture.”

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • NatureEconomic estimation of Bitcoin mining’s climate damages demonstrates closer resemblance to digital crude than digital gold

          This paper provides economic estimates of the energy-related climate damages of mining Bitcoin (BTC), the dominant proof-of-work cryptocurrency. We provide three sustainability criteria for signaling when the climate damages may be unsustainable. BTC mining fails all three. We find that for 2016–2021: (i) per coin climate damages from BTC were increasing, rather than decreasing with industry maturation; (ii) during certain time periods, BTC climate damages exceed the price of each coin created; (iii) on average, each $1 in BTC market value created was responsible for $0.35 in global climate damages, which as a share of market value is in the range between beef production and crude oil burned as gasoline, and an order-of-magnitude higher than wind and solar power. Taken together, these results represent a set of sustainability red flags. While proponents have offered BTC as representing “digital gold,” from a climate damages perspective it operates more like “digital crude”.

        • TruthOutAd Parodying Chevron for Contributing to Climate Crisis Goes Viral
      • Wildlife/Nature

        • Counter PunchDolphins of Heavens and Earth

          The largest of the islands, Crete, displayed originality and vigor in the second millennium BCE, which carries the name Minoan Age from its greatest king, Minos, son of Zeus. Other regions in the mainland and Aegean islands that advanced the foundations of Greek civilization included Thessaly in north Greece, Mycenae, and Sparta in Peloponnesos and Thebes and Delphi in Central Greece, Athens, and the Aegean islands of Lemnos, Thera, and the tiny islands Daskalio and Keros. The god of metallurgy, Hephaistos, had his workshop in Lemnos.

    • Finance

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • Hong Kong Free PressNational security police arrest 2 Hong Kong men for allegedly publishing seditious social media posts

        Local media reported that the men published content related to Hong Kong independence, while HK01 cited sources saying those posts included “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times” and “one nation, one Hong Kong” – slogans that were commonly used during demonstrations in 2019.

        Protests erupted that June over a proposed amendment to the city’s extradition bill that would have allowed fugitives to be transferred to mainland China, where the legal system is notoriously opaque. They escalated into sometimes violent displays of dissent against police behaviour, amid calls for democracy and anger over Beijing’s encroachment.

      • Hong Kong Free Press2 Hong Kong speech therapists apply to challenge conviction over ‘seditious’ children’s books

        Two Hong Kong speech therapists are set to challenge their convictions after they were jailed for 19 months each under the colonial-era sedition law earlier this month. A local court ruled that they had conspired with three other people to publish a series of illustrated books about sheep and wolves that effectively “brainwashed” young readers with anti-China sentiment.

        The Department of Justice confirmed on Thursday that speech therapists Lorie Lai and Samuel Chan submitted applications to apply for leave to appeal against their convictions. A hearing date has not yet been fixed.

      • RFAHow China and its allies pool resources to target overseas dissidents

        In an Orion Policy Institute online seminar held days after Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping returned from a leadership summit of the regional Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), experts said authoritarian regimes are increasingly bolstering each other’s domestic security in the name of pursuing “terrorists”, “separatists” and “extremists.”

      • duvaRTurkish singer İrem Derici has concert cancelled after targeted by Islamist parties

        Turkish singer İrem Derici had her concert cancelled in the eastern province of Elazığ after she was targeted by Islamist parties HÜDA-PAR, New Welfare Party and Felicity Party.

        Derici was invited to a gastronomy festival in the province and scheduled to take the stage on Sept. 30. However, HÜDA-PAR provincial head Yasin Kavaklı claimed that Derici was “not appropriate for the moral values of Elazığ people” and that the singer “is a person who adopts and supports perversion.”

    • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

      • Hong Kong Free PressHong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai appeals against failed bid to block police from searching his phones

        Lai has identified thousands of items on the two phones as journalistic materials. However, the commissioner of police has disputed claims that more than 8,000 of those items were legally privileged.

        The High Court is expected to hand down a ruling on those disputes on Friday, Senior Counsel Jenkin Suen, who represented the police, said on Wednesday.

      • AxiosScoop: Trump threatened to go after Maggie Haberman’s phone records

        Why it matters: News organizations go to great lengths to prevent the government from seeing their communications, in part to protect the identity of sources who help expose what’s really going on.

      • MeduzaRussian police seek criminal charges against Ksenia Sobchak — Meduza

        Russian police have filed to initiate criminal proceedings against journalist and socialite Ksenia Sobchak, TASS reported on Monday, citing an unnamed “law enforcement representative.” According to the outlet’s source, authorities are seeking to charge Sobchak with spreading “disinformation” about the Russian authorities, namely regarding “state funding of festivals.”

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • FirstpostIran: Woman arrested for having breakfast without wearing hijab

        Even as anti-hijab protests continued in Iran and spread to Afghanistan, an Iranian woman named Donya Rad was arrested for having breakfast without wearing a hijab on Friday.

        The information was shared on Twitter by Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad whose post read, “The woman who posted this photo got arrested for the crime of having breakfast without hijab! This is the horrific story of being a woman in Iran in 21st century.”

      • Christian PostUgandan woman killed after attending church, accepting Christ

        “In the morning as I went back home, I found my husband very furious on the compound, and he asked about where I slept,” Nazziwa told Morning Star News. “I told him the truth that I had gone for an overnight prayer in the church. After hearing the words ‘overnight prayer,’ he just jumped on my neck shouting, ‘Prayers, not in my house,’ and started beating and strangling me while shouting, ‘Allah akbar [God is greater]! Kafir, kafir [infidel]!’”

        Two men heard Nazziwa’s cries and rushed over to rescue her, but Mudogo chased her and her two younger children away, and they took refuge at an undisclosed location, she said. The couple has three other older children who were away at the time.

      • ANF News“The Mullah regime cannot contain the women’s revolution”

        Given the various forms of daily repression and oppression in Iran, one would always expect to see popular protests. Indeed, there have always been protests in Iran, most recently in 2019 when 1500 unarmed protesters were killed.

        However, the scale, spread and duration of the current protests were unexpected by most people, including me. More importantly, the central and leading role of women in the current protests in post-revolution Iran is unprecedented.

      • Pro PublicaAlleged Cambodian Pig Butchering Scam Operations Raided

        The moves are likely to disrupt — perhaps only temporarily — the lucrative global scam known as “pig butchering.” Named for its analogy to a farmer fattening up a hog before slaughtering it, the fraud relies on convincing people to deposit more and more money into fake online platforms controlled by swindlers. Once the targets become unable or unwilling to deposit more funds, they’re informed that they’ve lost access to their cash and can retrieve it only by depositing more money or paying a hefty fee, a process that compounds their losses.

      • TruthOutSchools Should Ban Corporal Punishment — and Teach Restorative Justice Instead
      • Counter PunchGoing to Prison as an Act of Resistance to Empire
      • Counter PunchMore Important Than Roe v. Wade

        Yet each one of these unborn, unfertilized little humans contains all future requirements (the elitists speak of genes, or is it DNA?) for tiny hands and fingers, for feet with adorable little toes, for hearts and minds and at least for half-souls.

      • ScheerpostStephen King Reviews New Dystopian Novel That Mirrors Present Day

        In what could become one of the next great dystopian novels, Stephen King finds myriad events that mirror the reality of the world today in his New York Times review examining “Our Missing Hearts.”

      • Counter PunchIn Italy, a Setback for a More Equal Future
      • Counter PunchAn Organizer for Our Time: Frank Watkins and the Rainbow Coalition

        I could list hundreds of famous and not so famous people and those just trying to get to another day that he gave support, advice and intellectual grounding to. But I’d still leave scores out.

    • Monopolies

      • Software Patents

        • ALMRecently Introduced Bill Would Revise Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Framework

          In August of this year, Senator Thom Tillis introduced the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act of 2022 which would provide guidance for how to analyze patent claims to determine eligibility. This article discusses the potential impact the bill would have on software and biotechnology inventions and also patent litigation.

      • Copyrights

        • Torrent FreakCourt Blocks 13,445 ‘Pirate’ Sites Proactively to Protect One Movie

          A court in India has granted what appears to be the most aggressive site-blocking injunction in the history of copyright law. In advance of the movie ‘Vikram Vedha’ premiering in cinemas last Friday, a judge handed down an injunction that ordered 40 internet service providers to proactively and immediately block an unprecedented 13,445 sites.

        • Torrent FreakRIAA Thwarts Yout’s Attempt to Declare YouTube-Ripping Legal

          The RIAA has booked a landmark victory against YouTube-ripper Yout.com. The Connecticut District Court dismissed Yout’s request to declare the service as non-infringing. In a detailed ruling, Judge Stefan Underhill concludes that the service failed to show that it doesn’t circumvent YouTube’s technological protection measures. Yout is disappointed and will appeal the verdict.

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  3. Microsoft is the Problem, Not the Solution

    The media is doing anything it can to suppress discussion about the national or international security crisis caused by Microsoft; instead, some publishers go as far as lionising Microsoft, portraying it as the 'Jesus' of computer security

  4. GNU Emacs Pointing to Microsoft Servers With Microsoft Ads (Spying) and Other Brainwash

    An attempt to study another Gemini client resulted in a disturbing revelation; Unless something went very wrong, it seems like GNU Emacs doesn't exercise caution with users' privacy; it leaks out information to Microsoft in its Web browser mode

  5. Links 26/11/2022: Maui 2.2.1 and Wine 7.22

    Links for the day

  6. IRC Proceedings: Friday, November 25, 2022

    IRC logs for Friday, November 25, 2022

  7. Legislating Against Free Software in the United States and in Europe, Thanks to Lobbying by Microsoft et al

    There’s legislation that would discriminate against Free software, boosted by Microsoft and its creeping interests, which include the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation (a force of corporate occupation against the GNU/Linux community and its collective interests)

  8. Unitary Patent Lobbying: Stacked UPC Panel With 250 People in Attendance Spun as “3000 Viewers Followed the Conference” (a Lie)

    Bolstering the criminal acts of António Campinos from the EPO is a supportive “conference in Brussels” which was more like staged Unified Patent Court (UPC) propaganda for lobbying purposes; Kangaroo courts are being promoted to legitimise fake European Patents, granted in violation of the European Patent Convention (EPC)

  9. [Meme] Monopolies Presumed Valid

    The EPO is trying to put patent maximalists in charge of a court it wishes to control, in effect dismantling independent auditory functions for the granting of European Patents

  10. “Bringing Teams Together” at the EPO Means Exactly the Opposite

    The European Patent Office’s (EPO) staff is complaining that the EPO's “Bringing Teams Together” or “New Management of Office Space” is basically done without consulting staff and to the detriment of staff, in effect making life miserable for those who can stop or prevent unwarranted monopolies

  11. Links 25/11/2022: Bugfixes in Linux and podlators 5.00

    Links for the day

  12. Links 25/11/2022: Uruk GNU/Linux 3.0 and Ubuntu Touch OTA-24 Released

    Links for the day

  13. Geminispace Can Graduate at 3,000 Capsules Quite Soon (2,900 This Week)

    From less than 500 capsules to 2,900 capsules in 24 months? That's how quickly Gemini is spreading.

  14. [Meme] Kiss the Ring (of the Patent Litigation Mafia)

    Patent litigation giants and their international lobbies/clients are working to create an absurd situation where the courts themselves exist in violation of constitutions, laws, and international conventions (they're also run by corporations)

  15. This Won't End Well for the UPC Lobby (Unitary Patent Profoundly Discredits the Rule of Law)

    Unified Patent Court (UPC) lobbyists may be acting jubilant and triumphant, but they're in effect dancing on the grave of the real legal system they're working to bury, replacing it with something that cannot and will not stand

  16. Taking Communications Private With Mumble (Privacy by Self-Hosting and End-to-End Encryption)

    The prospects of self-hosting for communications have improved greatly; for voice chat, Mumble is definitely worth a look

  17. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, November 24, 2022

    IRC logs for Thursday, November 24, 2022

  18. Links 24/11/2022: AudioTube Improved

    Links for the day

  19. [Meme] Judges That Break the Rules to Get Richer

    The EPO‘s latest controlled ‘judge’ is a proponent of software patents and opponent of proper due process or presumption of innocence; can they fake their way into a Unified Patent Court? It would be a breach of laws, constitutions, and conventions, dismissing any notion that the “legal industry” honours legality while tarnishing the reputation of some key institutions and governments.

  20. Klaus 'Kangaroo' Grabinski Does Not Understand Software Development 'As Such', He is a Symptom of the Patent System's Loss of Legitimacy (Acting to Curtail, Not Advance, Science)

    EPO corruption has become a major threat to the legitimacy of the German government, the German legal system, the European Union, and the European Commission because the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is advancing through the political process without consultation with actual scientists and in defiance of laws, constitutions, and conventions

  21. Links 24/11/2022: Stratis 3.4 and LibreOffice 7.4.3

    Links for the day

  22. Links 24/11/2022: OBS Studio 29.0 Beta

    Links for the day

  23. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, November 23, 2022

    IRC logs for Wednesday, November 23, 2022

  24. Links 24/11/2022: Redox OS 0.8.0, Mozilla Turns Privacy Into Product

    Links for the day

  25. Links 23/11/2022: Proton 7.0-5 and Cockpit 280

    Links for the day

  26. Links 23/11/2022: Tor Browser 11.5.8

    Links for the day

  27. IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, November 22, 2022

    IRC logs for Tuesday, November 22, 2022

  28. Links 23/11/2022: GNU Parallel 20221122 and Proxmox VE 7.3

    Links for the day

  29. Links 22/11/2022: Alpine Linux 3.17 and Tails 5.7

    Links for the day

  30. Kangaroo Tribunal For Xmas? Santa Klaus Grabinski Breaking the Law, Crushing Constitutions, Violating International Conventions For Personal (Financial) Gain... Again

    Now that António Campinos is doing photo ops with Klaus Grabinski (for lobbying purposes; they both know this kangaroo court is still illegal/verboten) it’s time to remember who Klaus Grabinski really is (patent maximalist) and what a liability this becomes to the German 'justice' system, not just to the EU (this perpetuates the growing and correct perception that the Government of Germany looks the other way while EPO commits crimes on German soil because it's economically beneficial to Germany although the EPO is presented to the public as an office by — and for — nearly 40 members states)

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