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Links 30/01/2023: Coreboot 4.19 and Budgie 10.7

Posted in News Roundup at 4:12 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • 9to5Linux9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: January 29th, 2023

      This has been a fantastic week with lots of great news and releases, starting with Canonical’s Ubuntu Pro announcement and continuing with openSUSE Linux’s move to stronger security for its packages.

      Next week we got even more exciting news and releases, so stay close to 9to5Linux. Below, you can read the hottest news of the week and access all distro and software downloads available in 9to5Linux’s Linux weekly roundup for January 29th, 2023.

    • Kernel Space

      • LWNLinux 6.2-rc6
        Here we are, one week later, and rc6 is out.
        It's suspiciously small, but who am I to look a gift horse in the
        mouth? I'll take it and hope it's not an aberration, but instead a
        sign that 6.2 is shaping up nicely. Call me optimistic, call me naive,
        but let's enjoy it and hope the trend continues.
        The diffstat looks pretty normal too, with various driver fixes
        (networking, gpu, i2c and x86 platform drivers stand out) and
        netfilter fixes leading the pack. But there's the usual arch updates,
        random filesystem fixes, and misc other things going on too. The
        shortlog is appended for people who want to scan through the detailed
        I've already mentioned this a couple of times earlier: despite rc6
        being nice and small, I expect to drag 6.2 out to an rc8 just because
        of the time lost to the holidays. But I'll be much happier if we can
        *keep* the remaining rc's nice and small. Ok?
    • Applications

      • XRechnung Viewer

        The XRechnung format is a E-Government standard for electronic invoicing. At some point it will be mandatory for every company dealing with German governmental partners to send the invoices in this XML format.

        Many commercial vendors have already caught up and provide ways to generate XRechnung formatted documents with their software. However, to my knowledge, the availability of open source end user software is very limited. Since the standard itself is at least very open and transparently documented, so I think it is worthwhile to also support it with free software on the desktop.

      • TecMint5 Most Notable Open Source Centralized Log Management Tools


        Centralized logging, just like security, is a fundamental aspect of monitoring and sound management of core resources in an IT infrastructure including web applications and hardware devices. Competent operation teams always have in place

      • TecMint5 Open Source Log Monitoring and Management Tools for Linux

        These events may happen

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • It’s FOSSInstall and Setup ZSH on Ubuntu Linux

        Want a cool looking Linux terminal? Try Zsh. Learn how to set up Zsh on Ubuntu Linux with Oh My Zsh.

      • Matthew GarrettMatthew Garrett: Further adventures in Apple PKCS#11 land [Ed: Adventure in proprietary 'security', relying on companies that snitch to the NSA]
      • Network WorldUsing Linux hexedit and xxd commands to view and modify binary files | Network World

        The hexedit command provides a way to edit binary files, but to view and save the content in a file for later analysis without editing, try the xxd command.

      • DebugPointLearn Gzip Command in Linux with Examples

        Gzip command in Linux is a lossless compression algorithm based on encoding LZ77 (Lempel-Ziv of 1977). It is also known as LZ1 compression, which is the basis for many lossy formats.

        Compressing files using gzip creates a compressed archive with the extension .gz and preserves the file permissions, ownership modes (read/write/execute) and access/modify date timestamps. It compresses regular files and ignores symbolic links. The same program, gzip, can compress and decompress files in Linux.

        Let’s take a look at some working examples.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • 9to5LinuxBudgie 10.7 Desktop Environment Adds Dual-GPU Support, New Power Dialog

        Budgie 10.7 arrives ten mounts after the Budgie 10.6 release and promises a more polished user experience thanks to the implementation of dual-GPU support in the Budgie Menu, allowing users to launch apps with a dedicated graphics card out of the box.

        The Budgie Menu also received a new “personal user menu” feature that promises to let you open a file manager straight to predefined directories like Home, Documents, Download, Video, or Music. Moreover, Budgie Menu now features new buttons for launching Settings, Control Center, and the new Power Dialog.

      • LinuxiacBudgie Desktop 10.7: A Sleek and Improved User Experience

        Budgie is a GTK-based desktop environment built on GNOME technologies by the Buddies of Budgie organization, traditionally associated with Solus as its flagship desktop environment. The desktop emphasizes simplicity, minimalism, and elegance, featuring some unique aspects, including a sidebar.

        The brand new Budgie Desktop 10.7, released today, offers a sleek and improved user experience that will impress both new and experienced users alike. So without further ado, let’s see what’s new.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • New Releases

      • LibreELEC (Nexus) 11 Beta1 – LibreELEC

        With the new release cycle we add a Generic-Legacy image supporting nVidia cards, Chrome Browser add-on, and older hardware. We also reintroduce support for older Amlogic devices (S905, S905X/D, S912). If you use them make sure to read the paragraphs below.

        LibreELEC 10.0 installs will not automatically update, but you can manually update. Older LibreELEC installs must make a clean install due to the Python 3 changes since Kodi v19.

    • PCLinuxOS/Mageia/Mandriva/OpenMandriva Family

      • Distro WatchReview: OpenMandriva ROME

        The main characteristic of OpenMandriva, which kept coming up time and again, was that the distribution was unreliable – particularly early on. Sometimes the distribution failed to boot. Sometimes it failed to login. The Calamares installer failed on its first time through, but not future times with the same settings. Discover and DNF report the status of updates differently. The desktop crashed frequently, especially with compositing enabled. With the default settings, and whenever I used the Wayland session, the system would lock up if I tried to logout. Once I stood up to get a glass of water and left my computer unattended for two minutes and, when I returned, there were multiple error reports waiting, indicating Plasma had crashed twice while I was away. I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a desktop distribution which was so error prone and unreliable. To make matters worse, almost any time I launched a software management tool, such as DnfDrake, I’d be prompted for my admin password twice. Apparently once for the graphical tool and once for the underlying DNF utility.

        Once I had disabled compositing and installed updates the experience got measurably better, but it still wasn’t great. The desktop crashed less often and I was able to shutdown the system, but it still wasn’t stable.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • SJVNUbuntu Pro: Security updates for all your Linux and open-source desktop and server needs | Open Source Watch

        Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, is offering a new security take on its popular Ubuntu desktop and server: Ubuntu Pro. This is an expanded security take on the Ubuntu Long-Term Support (LTS) releases. It offers expanded security coverage for critical, high, and medium Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) to all of Ubuntu’s open-source applications and toolchains for ten years.

        That’s right, you get security patches not just for the operating system, but for all of Ubuntu’s open-source applications for a decade. Most are server programs, such as Ansible, Apache Tomcat, Drupal, Nagios, Redis, and WordPress. But, it also includes such developer essentials as Docker, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Python 2, and Rust.

        Altogether, with Ubuntu Pro, Canonical supports more than 23,000 packages. The standard Ubuntu Pro subscription covers the full security updates for all packages in Ubuntu Main and Universe repositories. In short, as Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical’s CEO, said, “Security coverage to every single package in the Ubuntu distribution.”

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • ArduinoLet your coworkers know how you feel with this stress level indicator

        Asking your boss for a raise when they are in a bad mood is not ideal, and this is what prompted Mark from element14 Presents to create a stress level indicating project that could show this mood to everyone else so they could avoid this awkward situation. Mark started this project by laser cutting several panels from

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Coreboot (Official)Announcing coreboot release 4.19 – coreboot

      The 4.19 release was completed on the 16th of January 2023.

      Since the last release, the coreboot project has merged over 1600 commits from over 150 authors. Of those authors, around 25 were first-time committers to the coreboot project.

      As always, we are very grateful to all of the contributors for helping to keep the project going. The coreboot project is different from many open source projects in that we need to keep constantly updating the codebase to stay relevant with the latest processors and technologies. It takes constant effort to just stay afloat, let alone improve the codebase. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed, both in this release and in previous times.

    • Web Browsers/Web Servers

      • Mozilla

        • Computing UKIndia launches indigenous BharOS mobile operating system

          New open source OS, aimed at breaking Android’s dominance, is claimed to be incapable of running malware

          India on Tuesday unveiled BharOS, a new mobile operating system with a focus on security and privacy. BharOS is a project financed by the Indian government to create a free and open source operating system….

        • Mozilla#AskFirefox host Chenae Moore on internet pranks and losing sleep over recipe videos

          Here at Mozilla, we are the first to admit the internet isn’t perfect, but we are also quick to point out that the internet is pretty darn magical. The internet opens up doors and opportunities, allows for people to connect with others, and lets everyone find where they belong — their corners of the internet.

    • GNU Projects

      • GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)2022 annual report – GIMP

        Pursuing the newfound tradition started a year ago, here is my report for past year 2022.

  • Leftovers

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Technical

      • Album #159: The Hissing Of Summer Lawns

        This album is an unhappy marriage of ’70s ‘folk’ and ‘world music’ with a touch of jazz. Like Paul Simon’s Graceland (⭐), the hodge-podge it creates is interesting only as a pointer to better, more interesting music. It never really melds together, feeling more like borrowing aspects of other music without properly incorporating it. I guess the same criticism is also valid for S&M by Metallica (⭐) – maybe fusion just does nothing for me.

      • Album #160: Beyoncé

        I came in to this one expecting not to enjoy it, having never having listened to a whole Beyoncé album.

      • A pull-er computing paradigm

        The unrestricted flow of information towards our computing devices needs to be stopped because it makes us lose control of the level of information we want to see, resulting in an informational overload.

        As I’m trying to switch to a more offline computing life style, I’ve found that once I go check for something (e.g. email, IRC ect.) I usually get blocked into that task and lose more time than I’d like to.

        So one day, when I was looking at my email, I thought, why not apply the pull principle of email to everything, instead of the default push? You connect once to the internet, you sync everything, and you can go on with your life just fine, not requiring a constant internet connection that is prone to kill your attention.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Plain text is the best

          In the old days, we didn’t know any better than to use plain text:

          - email was just text, no html, no images
          - gopher was just text, sometimes you downloaded an image file
          - Usenet was just text, no html, no images
          - IRC was just plain text

          It took several years before email got poisoned with html, markup and images.

          Also it took some time before people started posting images, and other media on Usenet, and we got “binary” newsgroups.

        • Parasocial Blues

          Modern social media feels so hollow and sad. I seldom come away from it with the feeling of satisfaction in sharing one may from Smolnet/Pubnix. Strange, that. Fediverse often feels like the masked Hellfire Club in Eyes Wide Shut: perverse psychological fast food, empty communal calories. I may end up deleting it. I warrant we have all seen enough of the internet to know that one can have pseudonymity and intimacy both. But parasocial media is for the birds.

      • Programming

        • Re: Validate email address using Regex in C++

          This is well known to be impossible. The site that Martin links to claims 99.99% accuracy. Does that mean that for every billion addresses there’s 10 million that don’t match the regex!? I bet there are quite a few billion email addresses.

          And it’s not impossible just for regex reasons. Some addresses that work are invalid according to the RFC. Some addresses will be valid but not work. The way to validate an address is just to send email because it has to be handled correctly by whatever buggy mail software it passes through.

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    This month’s picture from the world’s most populous nation does not look good for Microsoft (it looks good for GNU/Linux); anonymous rumour mills online say that Microsoft isn’t moving to India but is actually firing staff based in India, so it’s a case of shrinking, not offshoring. When even low-paid (much lower salaries) staff is discarded it means things are very gloomy.

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    The chief UPC ‘judge’ is basically seeking to break the law (and violate constitutions, conventions etc.) to start a kangaroo court while dodging real courts, just like Vladimir Putin does

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    Lots of Microsoft layoffs lately and so-called ‘journalists’ aren’t reporting these; they’re too busy running sponsored puff pieces for Microsoft, usually fluff along the “hey hi” (AI) theme

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    Amid fraud investigations the management of Sirius ‘Open Source’ finally removed our names from its “Meet the Team” page (months late); but it left in the page about half a dozen people who left the company years ago, so it’s just lying to its clients about the current situation

  19. Amid Fraud at Sirius 'Open Source' CEO Deletes His Recent (This Month) Past With the Company

    Not only did the Sirius ‘Open Source’ CEO purge all mentions of Sirius from his Microsoft LinkedIn account; he’s racing against the clock as crimes quickly become a legal liability

  20. Web Survey Shows Microsoft Falling Below 15% Market Share in Africa, Only One Minuscule African Nation Has Windows Majority

    A Web survey that measured Microsoft Windows at 97% in Africa (back in 2010) says that Windows has become rather small and insignificant; the Microsoft-sponsored mainstream media seems to be ignoring this completely, quite likely by intention...

  21. Rumours of More Microsoft Layoffs Tomorrow (Including Managers!), Probably Azure Again (Many Azure Layoffs Every Year Since 2020)

    Amazon is laying off AWS staff and Microsoft has been laying off Azure staff for 3 years already, including this year, so it seems like the “clown computing” bubble is finally bursting

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    The story behind a misleading slogan told above

  23. The Photo Ops Festival of the Funky President António Campinos and Revolt From the Patent Examiners Whom He Perpetually Oppresses

    European Patents are being granted for no reason other than application and renewal fees, awarding European monopolies to companies that aren't even European (only about a third are actually European); staff of the EPO is fed up as it regards or views all this as an extreme departure from the EPO's mission (and it's also outright illegal)

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  25. Back Doors Proponent Microsoft Infiltrates Panels That Write the Security Regulations, Press Fails to Point Out the Obvious

    Cult tactics and classic entryism serve Microsoft again, stacking the panels and basically writing policy (CISA). As an associate explained it, citing this new example, Stanford “neglects to point out the obvious fact that Microsoft is writing its own regulations.”

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  28. Standard Life (Phoenix Group Holdings): Three Weeks to Merely Start Investigating Pension Fraud (and Only After Repeated Reminders From the Fraud's Victims)

    As the phonecall above hopefully shows (or further elucidates), Standard Life leaves customers in a Kafkaesque situation, bouncing them from one person to another person without actually progressing on a fraud investigation

  29. Standard Life Paper Mills in Edinburgh

    Standard Life is issuing official-looking financial papers for companies that then use that paperwork to embezzle staff

  30. Pension Fraud Investigation Not a High Priority in Standard Life (Phoenix Group Holdings)

    The 'Open Source' company where I worked for nearly 12 years embezzled its staff; despite knowing that employees were subjected to fraud in Standard Life's name, it doesn't seem like Standard Life has bothered to investigate (it has been a fortnight already; no progress is reported by management at Standard Life)

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