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XRevan86I'm pretty upset with how my teeth were genetically engineered.Aug 07 00:00
phanesbritney, so how would a mason meet a neanderthal to get their ordersAug 07 00:00
XRevan86I just realised I already claimed to be a reptilian and now I'm implying that I'm human.Aug 07 00:00
XRevan86 "‘Putin’s chef’ Prigozhin visits prisons in person to recruit fighters for Ukraine War"Aug 07 00:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Новая газета. ЕвропаAug 07 00:01
XRevan86phanes: ^ something like that maybe?Aug 07 00:01
phanesXRevan86, oh are the neanderthalls all in russian prisons?Aug 07 00:01
XRevan86phanes: Well they have to be somewhere.Aug 07 00:02
phanesXRevan86, they really don'tAug 07 00:02
phanesand aren'tAug 07 00:02
XRevan86phanes: Right.Aug 07 00:02
phanesthere is no somewhere that they exist because humans literally killed them way before we even spoke as a speciesAug 07 00:02
britneysays a masonAug 07 00:03
XRevan86phanes: That's arguably not correct actually.Aug 07 00:03
XRevan86phanes: There were a number of factors at play that killed the Neanderthals off, and Homo Sapiens may not be the largest one.Aug 07 00:03
phanesXRevan86, well there's some evidence of interbreeding but largely the fought and fucked them into obscurity before they died off as a distinct subspeciesAug 07 00:03
britney 07 00:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Silence is BetrayalAug 07 00:03
XRevan86phanes: And they also kind of all froze to death.Aug 07 00:04
MinceRthey were humansAug 07 00:04
XRevan86That's why I used "Homo Sapiens" in my sentence.Aug 07 00:04
phanessee this is the problem with bizarre stories about reptilians and neanderthals.  in order for populations to exist at the numbers they do, we'd have to regularly be capturing sapient lizards and neanderthals which would attract all kinds of publicity that even a deep state would not be able to containAug 07 00:05
phanesthere'd be a daily little influx of lizards getting hit by cars and coroners completely losing their shit on the newsAug 07 00:06
phanesinstead of the expected evidence, we get in its place an adamant britney who insists its real because mackey, who she clearly did not read, said so, though he didn't, and glen kealey, who has a financial interest in people believing his misinformationAug 07 00:07
phanesno physical evidence to speak of, how interesting and obviousAug 07 00:08
XRevan86On the bright side, people who believed Alex Jones just got a smack on the face :).Aug 07 00:08
phanesXRevan86, yeah, right up there with flat earth theorists, they're just talking about something elseAug 07 00:08
XRevan86britney: And phanes is right, a book is not evidence, not even close.Aug 07 00:10
XRevan86There are *a lot* of wacky books around, some of them even claim to be the 100% Truth. Or even truthier than that.Aug 07 00:10
XRevan86britney: What makes your assertions better than the one's Scientologists have?Aug 07 00:11
phanesthe problem is, i'd reconsider my whole position if she could produce just one reptilian and one neanderthal. you'd think that'd be easy for 3 advanced civilizations living side by side for thousands of years as she claimsAug 07 00:12
phanesbritney, if not then id like you to explain what your real purpose is here, as i think it's pretty clear that you have less belief in these things as you do interest in claiming to in this contextAug 07 00:16
phanesthe problem with civilizations remaining hidden is its not remotely feasible.  even a small civilization produces so many artifacts and signals that you can see them from other planets.Aug 07 00:21
MinceRyeah, if there was a civilization on earth, we'd know about it by nowAug 07 00:22
britney 07 00:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Invidious: 07 00:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights--> | GLEN KEALEY - Investigations with the CELL (2018) - InvidiousAug 07 00:25
phanesthat's that same glen kealey guyAug 07 00:26
britneyyeah hes the one who found themAug 07 00:26
phanesi mean Aug 07 00:26
phaneshow do you not recognize this as a hoax, he has no evidence and is basically a talk showAug 07 00:27
britneythere is also a podcast: 07 00:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TalkShoe - Free Podcast Platform | Best Podcast HostingAug 07 00:27
phanesthis guy is a mini alex jones and you're glen kealey's mini-proud boysAug 07 00:27
britneyi dont know what you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Aug 07 00:28
britneywatch the kealey videos to get a better understandingAug 07 00:28
phanesbritney, apologizing to every single person you've ever lied to about this would be a good startAug 07 00:28
britneyyou can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drinkAug 07 00:29
phanesbritney, i mean, surely you want to be seen as a credible person againAug 07 00:29
britneyoh yeah like i care what some master mason thinks?Aug 07 00:29
phanesor really anyoneAug 07 00:30
phanesi mean you're literally walking around pretending lizard people rule the world with underground neanderthalsAug 07 00:30
britneyits your job to put these theories out of circulation, you work for the enemyAug 07 00:30
phanesits either a delusion or a lieAug 07 00:30
ulfit is a misrepresentationAug 07 00:31
ulfand a distractionAug 07 00:31
ulffrom the cartell of mobsters, to talk about insteadAug 07 00:31
phanesbritney, do you have a therapist you talk to about these "theories"Aug 07 00:33
phanesor are therapists part of the masonic information suppression plotAug 07 00:33
britneyim on anti psychotic medication because i was suffering from psychosis, im not crazyAug 07 00:34
phaneswell there it isAug 07 00:34
britneytherapists would be part of the masonic information supression plotAug 07 00:34
britneyif you talk about masons and such, they'll call you crazyAug 07 00:34
XRevan86phanes: I want to reference a cult that has a reptilian twist to it, but I fear that britney might get indoctrinated.Aug 07 00:34
phanesbritney, perhaps its time to get re-evaluated in case your prescription needs to be adjusted, eh?Aug 07 00:34
britneyphanes, im perfectly sane, haven't had psychosis since i started the medsAug 07 00:35
XRevan86phanes: But I'm considering that it may be funny if that does happen.Aug 07 00:36
phanesbritney, you're literally in a chat room telling at least 30k people that a secretly hidden species of sapient lizard rules the world in tandem with an underground hidden species of neanderthals Aug 07 00:36
britneynot in tandemAug 07 00:36
britneythey fight for controlAug 07 00:36
XRevan86Here goes…Aug 07 00:36
XRevan86britney: What's your opinion on AllatRa?Aug 07 00:36
phanesbritney, no, they do not, and you need to go back to the doctor that helped you last timeAug 07 00:36
britneyXRevan86, AllatRa? never heard of itAug 07 00:36
britneyIlluminati - reptilians, Freemasons - neanderthalsAug 07 00:37
XRevan86britney: It's a (originally) Ukrainian/Russian ~scam~ quasi-religious organisation.Aug 07 00:37
phanesROFLAug 07 00:37
phanesoh dear, please tell me about the illuminatiAug 07 00:37
britneythey infiltrated the free masons about 100 years agoAug 07 00:38
XRevan86One thing about it is that they have a woman posing to be a reptilian with some cheap CGI effects.Aug 07 00:38
phanestried toAug 07 00:38
MinceR 07 00:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - AntimatterAug 07 00:38
XRevan86britney: Could be your thing.Aug 07 00:38
britneyXRevan86, interestingAug 07 00:39
phanesbritney, the bavarian illuminati was dissolved and the person behind it spent most of their life fleeing across europe after his plan backfired horrendouslyAug 07 00:39
britneythats what the media sayAug 07 00:39
phanesyou mean historyAug 07 00:40
phaneslike Aug 07 00:40
britneythe mediaAug 07 00:40
phanesdocumented historyAug 07 00:40
phanesi mean this all predates the media so you're full of it on that count tooAug 07 00:40
britneyhistory: hi story, high storyAug 07 00:40
XRevan86Also if I remember correctly they're putinists.Aug 07 00:40
britneyits the story from the topAug 07 00:40
phanesroflAug 07 00:40
britneyXRevan86, im not a fan of PutlerAug 07 00:40
phanesim sorry but i just can't tell if you're batshit or just too stupid to be allowed to voteAug 07 00:41
phanes"documented history is just media liez, yo"Aug 07 00:41
britneyit is just the mediaAug 07 00:42
phanesroflAug 07 00:42
XRevan86People with Magical thinking have a tendency to see dictators and irredentists as Saviors of the Nation.Aug 07 00:42
phanesjust talk to your doctor before you hurt someone ehAug 07 00:42
britneycuz i generally accept advice from neanderthal apologistsAug 07 00:43
phanesyes you should accept advice from people with levels of sanity and intellect not known to your family for generationsAug 07 00:44
XRevan86phanes: That's an assumption, ye don't know what her family is like.Aug 07 00:44
phanesXRevan86, stuff like this isn't isolatedAug 07 00:45
phanesits not "genetically hereditary" but its a cycle of magical thinking that is passed downAug 07 00:45
phanesit almost reminds me of dark ages villagers who have a kid that say the lord of host is a dark monster, and the kid takes it literally, and then they grow up to meet another person who thought it, and they just start this mult-thousand-year blemish of stupor on the species timelineAug 07 00:47
britney 07 00:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Invidious: 07 00:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights--> | Ancient Aliens: ALIEN REPTILES MANIPULATE HUMAN DNA (Season 14) | History - InvidiousAug 07 00:49
phaneslol @ Ancient AliensAug 07 00:49
phanesi mean all of this shit follows the same patternAug 07 00:49
phanesthere's just no evidence to support thisAug 07 00:50
XRevan86I wanted to make a REN TV reference, but then I remembered that today, in the year 2022, all of Russian TV is like that, and also the foreign policy.Aug 07 00:50
XRevan86The Hiss-Tory ChannelAug 07 00:53
XRevan86britney: Are ye British by any chance?Aug 07 00:53
britneyXRevan86, 77%Aug 07 00:53
XRevan86britney: I mean the citizenship.Aug 07 00:54
britneyi should say 77% british/irish actually because thats how its classified in 23andmeAug 07 00:54
britneycanadian otherwiseAug 07 00:54
XRevan86I know a person (well, schestowitz also does, it's zlax) who believes in that the Anglo-Saxons rewrote the history in the XVIII century, and the monuments of the past are all fake, like the pyramids, et al.Aug 07 00:56
britneyi would say more irish than britishAug 07 00:56
britneythey could haveAug 07 00:57
XRevan86He would've appreciated the Tory part of that stupid pun I guess.Aug 07 00:57
britneythe only thing we know about the past is what is written down and you can modify that pretty easilyAug 07 00:58
XRevan86britney: Everything that he claimed and I could verify, I verified as false.Aug 07 00:58
XRevan86Shockingly enough, he doesn't care.Aug 07 00:59
XRevan86britney: I'm not surprised ye find this a plausible scenario.Aug 07 00:59
britneywith everything on computers this is even easierAug 07 01:00
XRevan86In the XVIII century especially.Aug 07 01:02
MinceR> the monuments of the past are all fake,Aug 07 01:03
MinceRbrings Last Thursdayism to mindAug 07 01:03
MinceR 07 01:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Last Thursdayism - RationalWikiAug 07 01:03
britneyLast Thursdayism is interestingAug 07 01:08
britneyThis is my favourite: 07 01:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Simulated reality - RationalWikiAug 07 01:13
britneySo on top of everything else, our reality is just a computer simulation.Aug 07 01:16
MinceRyeahAug 07 01:16
MinceRit's a "modern" videogame: great graphics, crap gameplayAug 07 01:17
britneydreaded micro transactions Aug 07 01:18
Ariadneschestowitz[TR2]: btw, as a result of dropping wordpress, the RSS feed on my blog has changedAug 07 01:22
phanesAriadne, what did you replace wordpress with?Aug 07 01:26
Ariadnephanes: hugo, and some CI scripting to automate announcing new postsAug 07 01:26
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*emmatebibyte (~emmatebibyte@c53wmwbdesx7c.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 01:51
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ulfseems there is some ia32 SoC available for deployment onto FPGA...Aug 07 02:52
ulfproblem with those too, a few dozen MHz maximum, inconclusive specs...Aug 07 02:53
ulfone SoC proposed seems missing USB(1.x) and uartAug 07 02:54
ulfif at least vt100 over serial could be terminated with clean hardware/softwareAug 07 02:55
ulfi think RISC-V is not desirable, because it's new, and requires recent kernel/compiler/etc. versions... which are all problematicAug 07 02:56
ulfthe advantage of an ia32 over software support etc.Aug 07 02:57
ulfif an opensource ia32 SoC can be pushed to decent performance together with USB1.x and uartAug 07 02:58
ulfsince one criteria remains: must be capable of self-hosting, meaning all software should be possible to compile itself on such hardware, with tcc for exampleAug 07 02:59
ulfand a 40MHz i386 seems far below a decent minimum even for tcc compilerAug 07 02:59
ulfi mean, as a rough estimate, i am willing to crunch down "free software" to run and compile on a 400MHz 256MiB RAM type ia32Aug 07 03:00
ulfwith usb1.x and serial portAug 07 03:00
ulf 07 03:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - archlabo/Frix: IBM PC Compatible SoC for a commercially available FPGA boardAug 07 03:01
britneyulf, would that even work? the i386 40mhz seems like it would be too slow Aug 07 03:01
ulfjust as said, it's too limited for the use-case of mineAug 07 03:02
*ulf has quit (connection closed)Aug 07 03:03
*ulf (~ulf@h4u9xfjejv5y4.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 03:03
ulfweirdAug 07 03:03
ulfanyway, what i had seen is too limited, with both processing speed and peripheral options (usb1.x)Aug 07 03:04
ulfanother idea is, to drop Linux and get along with FreeDOS... i think tcc compiler will work on DOS tooAug 07 03:05
*techuser has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 03:05
ulfi mean, what i had seen in recent weeks, to tailor a GNU/Linux for a c-only toolchain profileAug 07 03:06
ulfi consider the build-system of the entire "free software" wrecked beyond repair, and that's not the only concern by farAug 07 03:07
ulfneither micros~1 windoze pc nor mapple mac os or similar are any alternative, and even if, it's much worse with those tooAug 07 03:07
ulfhowever, there's still FreeDOSAug 07 03:08
britneyFreeDOS is coolAug 07 03:08
britneywhat about FreeBSD?Aug 07 03:09
ulfthe disadvantage with this, the software utilities for development, related to Altera/Intel... typically require a IBM Wintel Pentagon Comuter nearbyAug 07 03:09
ulfbritney: if you followed argument, then you would realize any of the *BSD aren't an alternativeAug 07 03:09
britneya IBM Wintel Pentagon computer?Aug 07 03:09
ulfyes, i don't want to depend on any such spywareAug 07 03:10
ulfnot at work, not at home, nowhereAug 07 03:10
ulfand the *BSD (aka Mapple) are merely the sh*tware installed onto IBM Wintel Pentagon Computers... Aug 07 03:12
ulfanyway, thinking about it, having a compiler is crucial, and tcc is just that, a compiler to enjoy free softwareAug 07 03:13
ulfquestion is, in which shape FreeDOS is, and which type of "free software" is available: irc client, mail client, text web browser etc.Aug 07 03:15
britneylynx has a version for dos iircAug 07 03:16
ulfthe ia32 FPGA SoC proposed is missing USB1.x and serial uartAug 07 03:17
ulfat least the specs are inconclusiveAug 07 03:17
ulfand there is other potential problemsAug 07 03:18
ulfanyway, i would be willing to ditch GNU/Linux entirely, and this too applies to *BSD alikeAug 07 03:18
britneyhave you looked into hakiu os?Aug 07 03:19
ulfnot sure, think i did, it was written in C++Aug 07 03:21
ulfwhich excludes it, if so, in principleAug 07 03:21
ulflong story short, i am not willing anymore to accept what's advertised as "free software" by pentagon corp. usaAug 07 03:22
ulffor that many reasons, i could write several books about itAug 07 03:22
ulfone cornerstone of proof, get tcc compiler, and compile an entire "free software" distro with it... no cheating ... no gcc no binutils no llvm, and see how far you'll get: nowhereAug 07 03:24
ulfit's not at least possible to compile linux kernel and busybox without the build system freaking out all over the placeAug 07 03:24
ulfand this is an insult to any intact intellect to label this "free software"Aug 07 03:24
ulfit's a fraud which deserved the biggest anti-trust in historyAug 07 03:25
ulfremarkably, the entire world economy depends on this gigantic wreckage, which is clusterfucked beyond repairAug 07 03:27
ulfi mean, if an ia32 SoC operated at 100MHz with 64MiB RAM, i could live with it i thinkAug 07 03:29
ulfusb1, serial uart, vga, ps/2Aug 07 03:29
britneywhy would you use such a slow computerAug 07 03:29
ulfa DOS on such a system should be fast enough, for some IRC, mail, and text browserAug 07 03:30
ulfwhy? just answered, i don't accept IBM Wintel Pentagon spywareAug 07 03:32
britneyyou could get a rock64, no?Aug 07 03:32
ulfaarch32 is closed-source, and i consider GNU/Linux wreckedAug 07 03:33
ulfbtw. aarch64 too is closed sourceAug 07 03:33
ulfsituation is, i will probably finish most of the userspace to compile with tcc compiler at least, got 620/700 builds succeed already with thisAug 07 03:35
ulfit's the missing pieces of GNU/Linux (and *BSD) alike, which give me headache ... kernel, busybox, gcc, binutils, libc, python/liffi... there's some particular problems with all of thoseAug 07 03:35
ulfsome of which can be repaired too, yet even then, i consider the entire system integration and build-system/autotools/makefiles wrecked beyond repairAug 07 03:36
ulfwhat gentoo does with their portage system, is merely some palliative treatment to keep this shitware alive somehowAug 07 03:36
ulfand even with gentoo, i am forced onto an unmaintained branch of my own, with some 10year old gccAug 07 03:37
ulfit's just dead end and wreckage at too many frontlinesAug 07 03:37
britneyFreeDOS looks like a good choiceAug 07 03:43
ulfdon't know yetAug 07 03:44
techrights-news"There's this interesting theory I saw pop up the other saying that the Wayland XDG shell was tailored entirely for GNOME's needs, lets go throught he arguments and see if it makes any sense. " 07 03:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Invidious: 07 03:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights--> | Is Wayland Tailored Only For GNOME's Needs? - InvidiousAug 07 03:47
ulf^ at least i know with absolute certainty what to think of this type of "free software" from GNOMEAug 07 03:48
ulfanother fact, which scared the hell out of me, was the linux syscall api... last time i checked, more than 320 syscallsAug 07 03:49
techrights-newsGitLab U-turns on deleting dormant projects after backlash 07 03:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GitLab Plans to Save Up to $1M by Deleting Inactive Projects by Free Users | Tux MachinesAug 07 03:50
techrights-newsLake County, Illinois Health Department leaving voicemails with me and my spouse over Monkeypox. - BaronHK’s Rants ⚓ ䷉ Source: baronhkAug 07 03:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lake County, Illinois Health Department leaving voicemails with me and my spouse over Monkeypox “Grindr vaccine”. – BaronHK's RantsAug 07 03:51
britneybut is it more than 420 syscalls? cuz that would be dankAug 07 03:52
DaemonFCThe FSF planned to have a FOSS version of DOS.Aug 07 03:55
DaemonFCThey had "GNU DOS" and it never went anywhere.Aug 07 03:55
DaemonFCEventually they recommended FreeDOS I think.Aug 07 03:55
schestowitz[TR2]<Ariadne> schestowitz[TR2]: btw, as a result of dropping wordpress, the RSS feed on my blog has changedAug 07 03:55
schestowitz[TR2]I still got updates, they just showed up as all new postsAug 07 03:55
Ariadneah :)Aug 07 03:56
ulfDaemonFC: a FreeDOS on some opensource ia32 SoC... Aug 07 03:56
ulfproblem is, opensource hardware is limited, almost always far below of what "free software" needsAug 07 03:56
techrights-newsA Guile Steel smelting pot -- Dustycloud Brainstorms ⚓ ䷉ Source: dustycloud | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 03:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Guile Steel smelting pot -- Dustycloud BrainstormsAug 07 03:58
DaemonFCIt needs a BIOS.Aug 07 03:59
DaemonFCYou could use SeaBIOS and it would work.Aug 07 03:59
DaemonFCSeaBIOS is much more pleasant than Matthew J. GULAG Firmware Interface.Aug 07 03:59
ulfit's probably less troublesome than uboot-loader tooAug 07 04:00 extensible there's code that references Windows 98 and Linux 2.6.4 in there.Aug 07 04:00
DaemonFCEven though it can't boot them.Aug 07 04:00
DaemonFCFigure that shit out.Aug 07 04:00
DaemonFCmjg59_ is only now revealing some of the nasties particular to Lenovo, but not nasties that are just generally hanging on because it's easier to copy and paste shit you don't understand that will never work again than to fix or remove it.Aug 07 04:01
ulfwell, DOS and ia32 assembly... if GNU/Linux didn't drive me mad yet, i'll surivive DOS and ia32 asmAug 07 04:01
techrights-news208: Linux 5.19, Linux Mint 21, DreamWorks, Fedora Linux, SCALE 19x and more Linux news! - This Week in Linux - TuxDigital ⚓ ䷉ Source: TuxDigital | GNU | Linux | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 04:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-208: Linux 5.19, Linux Mint 21, DreamWorks, Fedora Linux, SCALE 19x and more Linux news! - This Week in Linux - TuxDigitalAug 07 04:02
DaemonFCThere should NOT NOT NOT be code in there that says "Windows 98", but there is!Aug 07 04:02
DaemonFCIt was so important to scoop out CSM without pruning the ACPI crap.Aug 07 04:02
DaemonFCThere's codepaths that say Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 in my UEFI firmware from 2021.Aug 07 04:03
techrights-news#Techrights Bulletin for Saturday, August 06, 2022 full archive: #gnu #linux #freesw #plaintextAug 07 04:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bulletin ArchivesAug 07 04:06
techrights-news#Techrights full #IPFS index updated just now available as plain text @ #dweb #sharingAug 07 04:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Techrights Full IPFS IndexAug 07 04:06
britneyso there we have itAug 07 04:08
britneythe safe os is FreeDOSAug 07 04:08
ulfcertainly not, if at all, FreeDOS sources and build system need verification, and i referred to DOS on an opensource IA32 SoC deployed onto FPGAAug 07 04:09
ulfand with an FPGA deployment, the trouble with Pentagon continues... which is the software tooling from Altera (in case of Intel) requires just thatAug 07 04:10
techrights-newsClojure Tricks: Replace in String - (think) <p><img src="" border="0" align="left" width="30%" hspace="20" vspace="20" style="padding: 17px 17px 17px 17px; box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #222;" /> <p class="dropcap-first"> <a class="readon" href="">Read on</a>Aug 07 04:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NO TITLEAug 07 04:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Clojure Tricks: Replace in String - (think)Aug 07 04:10
techrights-news"Today I saw a clever bit of Clojure code involving clojure.string/replace, that reminded me how powerful the Clojure standard library is." 07 04:10
ulfa crapware PentagonOS Computer, PentagonOS aka POSAug 07 04:11
techrights-news"Many programming languages have a function for combining the elements of multiple collections (e.g. arrays or lists) together." 07 04:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Clojure Tricks: Zipping Things Together - (think)Aug 07 04:11
ulfthat's why, Gigatron TTL remains appealing, because it doesn't need thatAug 07 04:11
ulfhowever, with Gigatron TTL 7400 series computing, which is late 1960s tech... this is internet disconnectAug 07 04:12
ulfat least with some FreeDOS, some chances are to avoid almost all of the GNU-toolchain and autotools wreckageAug 07 04:13
ulfwhich is, what was giving me the final stroke, when integrating tcc compilerAug 07 04:14
techrights-newsMy HCI toolbox: Methods for designing and evaluating UIs 07 04:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | My HCI toolbox: Methods for designing and evaluating UIs - Austin Z. HenleyAug 07 04:14
britneyi wonder if x11 could be ported to DOSAug 07 04:14
techrights-news ䷉ Source: utcc | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 04:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chris's Wiki :: blog/unix/HostLookupHistoryAug 07 04:16
ulfgood question, terminal I/O and terminal multiplexingAug 07 04:16
ulfand multi-taskingAug 07 04:16
techrights-newsMicrosoft systemd sucks at the basics 07 04:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chris's Wiki :: blog/linux/SystemdWarningRatelimitWishAug 07 04:16
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], Basically, I think the Health Department is working through gay men to test out the vaccine on because they want a group where nobody will raise hell when the vaccine itself causes problems. If it does.Aug 07 04:19
DaemonFCNobody knows if it does yet.Aug 07 04:19
DaemonFCIt's an unethical medical experiment using a disaster as "justification:.Aug 07 04:19
DaemonFCThey don't call it a "study" or warn that it could cause harm.Aug 07 04:19
DaemonFCThey have a sales pitch attitude about the whole thing.Aug 07 04:19
techrights-newsIs there a limit for the total variables size on the Memory Stack? 07 04:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Is there a limit for the total variables size on the Memory Stack? - GeeksforGeeksAug 07 04:20
DaemonFCThey don't have enough of the only vaccine they're allowed to use to meaningfully alter the course of the "pandemic", and they admit that the Smallpox vaccine works and we've got all we need of that one.Aug 07 04:20
schestowitz[TR2] 07 04:21
schestowitz[TR2]keypox-fears-may-rescue-endangered-corporations/Aug 07 04:21
DaemonFCThis makes the Monkeypox Jynneos Vaccine an unethical medical experiment.Aug 07 04:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered CorporationsAug 07 04:21
schestowitz[TR2]keypox-fears-may-rescue-endangered-corporations/Aug 07 04:21
DaemonFCI'd like to go down to the Health Department and put my foot up someone's ass and tell them to cut the shit.Aug 07 04:23
DaemonFCHonestly, I would.Aug 07 04:23
DaemonFCThis is incredibly corrupt.Aug 07 04:23
britneyDo you generally talk about violently assaulting people?Aug 07 04:23
ulfwhy is it labeled "monkeypox"? normally it's cv19 ba5 something somethingAug 07 04:23
ulfmonkeypox for gay males?Aug 07 04:24
DaemonFC 07 04:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Ford boss Jim Farley admits job cuts are coming following Q2 earnings call: 'We have too many people' | FortuneAug 07 04:24
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], Big Ford Layoffs coming.Aug 07 04:24
DaemonFC"Technical Recession"Aug 07 04:24
schestowitz[TR2]about timeAug 07 04:24
schestowitz[TR2]I was gonna say,Aug 07 04:24
schestowitz[TR2]what kills tghe most people?Aug 07 04:24
ulfwhatever the diseases wa... it got it's origin in the brain somewhereAug 07 04:24
schestowitz[TR2]climate?Aug 07 04:24
schestowitz[TR2]poverty?Aug 07 04:24
britneyulf, daemonfc thinks there is a media conspiracy to paint monkeypox as a gay male thingAug 07 04:24
schestowitz[TR2]you cannot sell vaccines for thoseAug 07 04:24
schestowitz[TR2]with automobiles, huge contribution to pollutionAug 07 04:25
DaemonFCIt's painting it as "all gays have a problem because of this".Aug 07 04:25
schestowitz[TR2]fewer cars on the road would mean lives savedAug 07 04:25
DaemonFCWhen it's really just ones that fuck around a lot.Aug 07 04:25
ulfbritney: it's not a conspiracy, it's not secret, and it's a cartell of criminals acting in public with a smirking visageAug 07 04:25
schestowitz[TR2]same with lesure flights... the idea of families with multiple cars is impractical, usually showoffAug 07 04:25
DaemonFCThey'll rope enough people who believe in government propaganda to get their "test subjects".Aug 07 04:25
DaemonFCThey don't need to involve us.Aug 07 04:25
schestowitz[TR2]now they push the "gay man... disease" lineAug 07 04:26
schestowitz[TR2]maybe tomorrow the "gay man... pedophila" lineAug 07 04:27
DaemonFCYeah, you should see Fox News comments.Aug 07 04:27
schestowitz[TR2]and the "Conservatives" will have a day tripAug 07 04:27
DaemonFCPeople on Matrix dot org calling it "Gaypox".Aug 07 04:27
DaemonFCThat's what you get for letting some people on gay fuck apps hide behind the rest of us.Aug 07 04:27
schestowitz[TR2]so it's the |new aids"Aug 07 04:27
schestowitz[TR2]does the bill and lolita gaids foundation have shares in thew companies that make this vaccines?Aug 07 04:28
DaemonFCYeah, there's a political agenda here. These lefty rags are pushing it as a gay disease.Aug 07 04:28
DaemonFCWhat gives?Aug 07 04:28
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR2]> does the bill and lolita gaids foundation have shares in thew companies that make this vaccines?Aug 07 04:28
DaemonFCI don't know for sure. I'd guess they probably do.Aug 07 04:28
schestowitz[TR2]research it a bitAug 07 04:28
schestowitz[TR2]I'm not saying there is a connectionAug 07 04:29
schestowitz[TR2]but the pervert has his finger in every pieAug 07 04:29
DaemonFC 07 04:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Monkeypox Outbreak Triggers New Conspiracy Theories About Bill Gates As #BillGatesBioTerrorist TrendsAug 07 04:29
schestowitz[TR2]ForbesAug 07 04:29
DaemonFCThe media is out in front painting people as conspiracy theory nuts already.Aug 07 04:29
schestowitz[TR2]Gaids propaganda outletAug 07 04:29
schestowitz[TR2]and they will latch onto the craziest peopleAug 07 04:29
schestowitz[TR2]won't susprise me if he's an investorAug 07 04:29
schestowitz[TR2]and they'll mock that factttt using the craziest peopleAug 07 04:30
schestowitz[TR2]best to find out who profits from the patentsAug 07 04:31
schestowitz[TR2]and their control over states, mediaAug 07 04:31
schestowitz[TR2]then you can figure out who stands to gainAug 07 04:31
schestowitz[TR2]also, if it causes fights againbst gaysAug 07 04:31
schestowitz[TR2]that helps distract from the robbery by the looting class, the ruling classAug 07 04:31
schestowitz[TR2]which hikes up the prices of food... not because it needs to. same for oilAug 07 04:32
schestowitz[TR2] 07 04:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Twitter: We Suspend Your Account For Quoting the Media About Bill Gates | TechrightsAug 07 04:32
schestowitz[TR2] 07 04:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ » Blog Archive » While the BBC is Whitewashing a Criminal That Sponsors the BBC COVID-19 Kills Many More (and That BBC Sponsor Profits From Those Deaths)Aug 07 04:33
schestowitz[TR2]"conspiracy theory"Aug 07 04:33
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], I'm not at all happy with how the media is portraying this. They just say "gay men" and leave it there.Aug 07 04:34
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: : did you know bill was friends with Epstein? CONSPRACY! THEORY!Aug 07 04:34
DaemonFCYou fuck a hundred people you'll get a few things, you know.Aug 07 04:34
DaemonFCSome people fuck their way through a hundred people a year or over 6 months.Aug 07 04:34
schestowitz[TR2]ddi you know he profits from the COVID vaccines? You crank! conspiracy buffAug 07 04:34
schestowitz[TR2]according to media that bags bribes from him.Aug 07 04:34
schestowitz[TR2]<techrights-news> Twitter: our shareholders and our owners cut journalists to pieces (literally). But we're banning "extreme" users... like leftists. Also: we at Twitter proudly take money connected to Jeffrey Epstein (child sex trafficking), as Bill Gates needs to shift attention and ban his critics.Aug 07 04:35
DaemonFCI probably haven't had sex with 50 people in my life. I don't know exactly what the "count" is, but you know. Maybe 20-25?Aug 07 04:35
DaemonFCBut there's like, people like John, where he learns to drive a car so he can put Grindr on his phone and drive around until he gets a disease or someone stabs him to death.Aug 07 04:36
DaemonFCI certainly would not be doing anything on Grindr right now even if I wasn't married.Aug 07 04:37
DaemonFCThis Monkeypox thing is going to blow through that crowd in a year, maybe two.Aug 07 04:37
DaemonFCThe vaccine won't do shit because there's never going to be enough doses of it to matter.Aug 07 04:37
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], It's spreading through them exponentially right now. The feds are talking about maybe getting 500,000 Americans vaccinated in the next 12 months, but say that they won't really get underway until January.Aug 07 04:38
DaemonFCYou tell me how much good this will do.Aug 07 04:38
DaemonFCNo vaccine is perfect, so you have to account for that.Aug 07 04:38
DaemonFCThen if you vaccinate 500,000 people, you may prevent 250,000-300,000 actual cases. Meanwhile, 99%+ of the population gets no protection at all.Aug 07 04:39
DaemonFCSo what the fuck is the point of all this?Aug 07 04:39
DaemonFCIf they took it seriously, they'd open up the Smallpox Vaccine Stockpile.Aug 07 04:39
DaemonFCThere would be National Guard soldiers giving it out.Aug 07 04:40
DaemonFCThat tells me this is an experiment, not a solution.Aug 07 04:40
DaemonFCThey have absolutely no intention of protecting LGBT people from this. Aug 07 04:40
DaemonFCThey just want lab rats.Aug 07 04:40
schestowitz[TR2]to me it seems the media incites hatreAug 07 04:41
schestowitz[TR2]not class hateAug 07 04:41
schestowitz[TR2]infightingAug 07 04:41
schestowitz[TR2]you would call it "hate speech"Aug 07 04:41
schestowitz[TR2]if some certain sites did thisAug 07 04:41
schestowitz[TR2]but no... this is "medical"Aug 07 04:41
schestowitz[TR2]"stay away from gay people, sonnie... they're like diseased monkeys..."Aug 07 04:42
schestowitz[TR2]meanwhile we have urgent issues like climate, pollution and food availabilityAug 07 04:42
schestowitz[TR2]this is not all the fault of "putin"Aug 07 04:42
DaemonFCI don't have Monkeypox. Do you?Aug 07 04:43
DaemonFCMaybe GULAG. Who knows.Aug 07 04:43
DaemonFCThey're basically going to use our worst to say damn all of them.Aug 07 04:44
DaemonFCThat's the plan.Aug 07 04:44
DaemonFCThe people who get Monkeypox have probably already had the clap so many times it's the applause.Aug 07 04:44
DaemonFCMy whole way of thinking about sex when I was single was not "Let's see how many I can rack up." it was "I'm not going to take a risk unless this is going to be good."Aug 07 04:46
DaemonFCIf you lower your standards to 0 then you can fuck all sorts of people, and that's who is at the most risk for Monkeypox.Aug 07 04:46
DaemonFCIf you have standards like "If I can't do at least THIS well, then Pornhub it is then." you probably won't get it.Aug 07 04:46
techrights-news"The team has had many great players since World War II, but it was Mr. Scully, a gifted storyteller and a master of the graceful phrase, who became the enduring face of the franchise." 07 04:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Vin Scully, Voice of the Dodgers for 67 Years, Dies at 94 - The New York TimesAug 07 04:48
britneyI'm watching a documentary on John McAfee, that guy is awesomeAug 07 04:49
techrights-newsThe Metaverse Real Estate Boom Turns Into a Bust — The Information ⚓ ䷉ Source: theinformation | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 04:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Metaverse Real Estate Boom Turns Into a Bust — The InformationAug 07 04:49
schestowitz[TR2]docu or hagiography?Aug 07 04:51
britneydocuAug 07 04:52
britneyits called "Gringo - The Dangerous Life of John McAfee"Aug 07 04:52
DaemonFC"Ironically the seeds of their current difficulties were in part planted by the carmakers themselves."Aug 07 04:53
DaemonFCFew can afford one, they stop buying one if they can, the company freaks out and fires people.Aug 07 04:53
DaemonFCYes, this is going well.Aug 07 04:53
DaemonFCPrice hikes spiraling out of control due to greed finally bite them in the ass.Aug 07 04:54
DaemonFCPeople who learn how to live without a car probably never buy one again.Aug 07 04:54
DaemonFCMarket finds equilibrium. Aug 07 04:54
techrights-newsApple ships defective things takes control remotely to 'fix' thingsAug 07 04:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Apple Releases Studio Display Firmware Update to Fix Speaker Issue - MacRumorsAug 07 04:57
schestowitz[TR2]<DaemonFC> People who learn how to live without a car probably never buy one again.Aug 07 04:59
schestowitz[TR2]that's meAug 07 04:59
schestowitz[TR2]the nuisance of the ownership is endless. I cannot even recall all the reasons, but to name a fewAug 07 04:59
schestowitz[TR2]repair, insurance, cleaning, MOT, parking, cops, spying, life risk, traffic jams, disputes over scratches etc.Aug 07 05:00
schestowitz[TR2]you end up spending a lot more time than the cars  saves youAug 07 05:00
schestowitz[TR2]insurance alone costs you like a thousand a yearAug 07 05:00
schestowitz[TR2]that's like 100 taxi ridesAug 07 05:00
schestowitz[TR2]hort distance even 200 taxi ridesAug 07 05:03
schestowitz[TR2]the problem is magnified on most fronts with "modern" and so-called 'smart' carsAug 07 05:03
schestowitz[TR2]the conspiracy is to sell more carsAug 07 05:03
schestowitz[TR2]not lessAug 07 05:03
schestowitz[TR2]but the way they go about, the incentive to by one may in fact decreaseAug 07 05:04
schestowitz[TR2]hence theior layoffsAug 07 05:04
techrights-news[cat] gemini:// 07 05:05
schestowitz[TR2]a kid costs abou quarter million pounds/euros/dollarsd to raise    to 18, per kid, depending where and how you liveAug 07 05:05
schestowitz[TR2]cars can cost about as much in one's lifetimeAug 07 05:05
schestowitz[TR2]if you're a working class person netting 30k a year for full time, that's like 10 years of your life just covering the costs of all your carsAug 07 05:06
schestowitz[TR2]go to work to buy a carAug 07 05:06
ulfif, netting 30kAug 07 05:06
schestowitz[TR2]buy a car to get to workAug 07 05:06
ulftypically the situation is this: netting nothing and not car eitherAug 07 05:06
schestowitz[TR2]go to work to buy a house (pay a mortgage)Aug 07 05:06
ulfno car no house no kids nothing, that's the futureAug 07 05:07
schestowitz[TR2]never live in the house, as you're too busy at work trying to pay the mortgage for that house you just shower and sleep inAug 07 05:07
schestowitz[TR2]ulf: trueAug 07 05:07
schestowitz[TR2]I was gonna say 20kAug 07 05:07
schestowitz[TR2]for me, annual salary is 26.5Aug 07 05:07
schestowitz[TR2]but expenses are very lowAug 07 05:08
ulfafter taxes and insurance? that's decent salarayAug 07 05:08
techrights-newsOn abuse gemini:// 07 05:08
schestowitz[TR2]ulf: no, beforeAug 07 05:09
schestowitz[TR2]that's gross, not netAug 07 05:09
schestowitz[TR2]net is less than 20Aug 07 05:09
techrights-newsDon't check your phone now! gemini:// 07 05:10
*techrights-news has quit (Received malformed line)Aug 07 05:11
*techrights-news (~techrights-news@x6gnqyt8r46u8.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 05:11
schestowitz"So far, I’ve been very tired and mildly congested, like I have bad allergies or something. No cough, no sneezing, just a funny feeling in my chest and nose. I still have a sense of taste and smell, though perhaps they are a little dulled.Aug 07 05:11
schestowitz" gemini:// 07 05:11
techrights-news"Though I'm not home yet, as there is also a 7 day quarantine for everyone who's visting this place who doesn't come from China. The trip was fine. Needed to do a lot of assist for finding locations, but the events have all been done successfully." gemini:// 07 05:12
techrights-news[cat] gemini:// 07 05:12
techrights-news"Britain’s finance minister Nadhim Zahawi remains confident the country is taking the right actions to overcome global economic challenges, after the Bank of England hiked rates and warned inflation would top 13 per cent." 07 05:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | UK 'can overcome economic challenges' - Michael WestAug 07 05:24
techrights-news"Oil languished near its lowest price since the start of the war in Ukraine on Friday on fears of a global recession, though stocks ignored such worries, gaining ahead of US jobs data that will give another clue to the health of the world’s largest economy." 07 05:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Oil languishing on fears of recession - Michael WestAug 07 05:24
techrights-newsFinding hooks with windbg 07 05:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Finding hooks with windbg – NVISO LabsAug 07 05:26
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], If things continue deteriorating, we'll have to figure out how to do without a car eventually.Aug 07 05:27
schestowitz[TR2]we as in you and mandy?Aug 07 05:27
schestowitz[TR2]or we collectively?Aug 07 05:27
techrights-news"Kids’ noses may be better at fighting off COVID-19 than those of adults. Dr Kirsty Short from the school of chemistry and molecular biosciences at the University of Queensland says it may be one reason immune responses among children have proved more effective against the virus." 07 05:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Clue to children's COVID immune response - Michael WestAug 07 05:28
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: do you have experience coding?Aug 07 05:30
techrights-news"A major reason that cryptocurrencies have become such a problem is that mainstream journalists normally just regurgitate the hype they are fed by people Talking Their Book. Kevin Roose is a New York Times "technology columnist" who is infatuated with cryptocurrencies." 07 05:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | DSHR's Blog: HeliumAug 07 05:31
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR2]> DaemonFC: do you have experience coding?Aug 07 05:38
DaemonFCNot really, no.Aug 07 05:39
DaemonFCVarious versions of BASIC on old computers, if that counts.Aug 07 05:39
DaemonFC 07 05:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The notification message "The clearkey plugin has crashed" occasionally appears on some websites, despite the fact that no such plugin should be running : firefoxAug 07 05:40
DaemonFCFirefox might be hiding a "plug-in" called clearkey.Aug 07 05:40
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: would you consider working in something technical?Aug 07 05:41
schestowitz[TR2]Mozila?Aug 07 05:41
schestowitz[TR2]or just Firefox third party thing?Aug 07 05:41
schestowitz[TR2]Mozilla reckons doing "puff" about "privacy" something every other day would confuse people as to its true motivesAug 07 05:41
DaemonFCI don't know. This person claims that this pop-up is appearing in Firefox itself, not part of a Web page.Aug 07 05:41
schestowitz[TR2]Mozilla did worse already..Aug 07 05:42
DaemonFCObviously, they've slipped in something that is both invisible (user shouldn't know about it) and is crashing, and they forgot to shut up the "plug-in has crashed" dialog when it fails.Aug 07 05:42
DaemonFCSo we know it's called "clearkey", but nothing else.Aug 07 05:43
DaemonFC[–]panoptigram 1 point 2 months ago Aug 07 05:43
DaemonFCClearkey is a basic content protection system built into the browser like a very weak DRM. Does this Clearkey example video trigger the crash? See if the crash corresponds with any reports in about:crashes, submit pending reports and share the IDs here.Aug 07 05:43
techrights-newsApple bullshit: "This explanation seemed off to me, because while iMessage data is end-to-end encrypted in transmission" oh year? and who may have a copy of the private keys? Apple? NSA PRISM...Aug 07 05:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | iMessage and the Secret Service – Six ColorsAug 07 05:43
DaemonFCOh that's nice. DRM that they don't even tell you is there.Aug 07 05:43
DaemonFC[–]likerfoxl 1 point 23 days ago Aug 07 05:43
DaemonFCThis happened to me too, when trying to sign in on dropbox.comAug 07 05:43
DaemonFC[–]tyllatylla 1 point 10 days ago Aug 07 05:44
DaemonFCSame here, the Clearkey example video produces the crash, as does some detail pages on 07 05:44
DaemonFCThe crash IDs: bp-519c3d12-5d17-4260-b132-153e00220727 and bp-0744596b-3267-41a8-a6d0-472120220727Aug 07 05:44
techrights-newsApple "privacy" is like "Democratic" US... you have to be gullible to believe itAug 07 05:44
DaemonFC 07 05:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Clearkey DRM instantiation exampleAug 07 05:44
DaemonFCThis is part of dash.js.Aug 07 05:44
*GNUmoon2 has quit (connection closed)Aug 07 05:45
schestowitz[TR2]Mozilla and WWW are "Done"Aug 07 05:45
DaemonFCInteresting.Aug 07 05:45
DaemonFCFirefox plays the video but Video Download Helper doesn't list the video.Aug 07 05:45
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@x69gs6e5y4ynk.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 05:45
techrights-newsMicrosoft Pelosi 07 05:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | China fires missile strikes over Taiwan Strait after Pelosi visit : NPRAug 07 05:46
DaemonFCLibreWolf plays it too.Aug 07 05:46
DaemonFCGNOME Web doesn't.Aug 07 05:46
techrights-newsSweatshop giant Apple fights to keep slaves Microsoft also: 07 05:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Apple warns suppliers to follow China rules on 'Taiwan' labeling - Nikkei AsiaAug 07 05:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft - Sweatshops - TechrightsAug 07 05:47
DaemonFCSeaMonkey sits there with a spinning beach ball thing where the video would be.Aug 07 05:47
DaemonFCSo even if you turn off DRM, Firefox has DRM.Aug 07 05:47
DaemonFCJust not WideVine.Aug 07 05:48
schestowitz[TR2]it's waitinf to be enabledAug 07 05:48
schestowitz[TR2]if you lkand into a page with DRMAug 07 05:48
schestowitz[TR2]Moz will suggest you turn it onAug 07 05:48
schestowitz[TR2]I can show you by going to one and take a screenshotAug 07 05:48
DaemonFC 07 05:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | javascript - What's the difference between PlayReady/Widevine and ClearKey? - Stack OverflowAug 07 05:49
techrights-newsPopular Science is posting webspam now. Popular Science used to be good. Not it's trying "to cash in on the way out" as some of us like to put it...Aug 07 05:49
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: gemini is missing this "feature"Aug 07 05:50
DaemonFCIt seems that Webkit is too.Aug 07 05:50
DaemonFCNo support for MPEG-DASH, and Clearkey is part of DASH.Aug 07 05:50
schestowitz[TR2]this tries to push you to use drm 07 05:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CityTV - Man City Latest Videos - Manchester City F.C.Aug 07 05:51
schestowitz[TR2]but afaik, you can still get by without it sometimes open this in firefoxAug 07 05:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Getting better is what motivates me, says GuardiolaAug 07 05:51
schestowitz[TR2]or in librewolfAug 07 05:52
schestowitz[TR2]see the topAug 07 05:52
schestowitz[TR2]it still works without enabling itAug 07 05:52
techrights-newsToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 06:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesAug 07 06:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's howtosAug 07 06:07
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], I think Clearkey is just "the site owner doesn't want to have to be compatible with Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay and is fine with making extension authors violate the DMCA to help you so that they won't".Aug 07 06:09
DaemonFCIt hides where the video is coming from and scares off Video Download Helper.Aug 07 06:09
DaemonFCInteresting.Aug 07 06:13
DaemonFCWebkitGTK says it supports DASH and HLS, and both have DRM.Aug 07 06:13
DaemonFCBut it seems if you go to use DRM on it, the video just won't load.Aug 07 06:14
schestowitz[TR2]DRM being DRMAug 07 06:16
techrights-news"The major design goal of permissionless cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum was to evade regulation by diffusing responsibility; conflating the two systems suggests permissioned systems are "digital assets" just like Bitcoin, so immune from regulation." 07 06:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | DSHR's Blog: Regulating "Digital Assets"Aug 07 06:19
DaemonFCgemini:// 07 06:24
DaemonFCThe Tuskeegee Syphilis Study.Aug 07 06:24
DaemonFCThey claim since it "ended" in 1972 there were "reforms" to make something like it impossible.Aug 07 06:25
DaemonFCInstead, we have Bill Gates experimenting on Americans with dodgy untested products via his investments.Aug 07 06:25
DaemonFCThings are finally so corrupt here at home he doesn't have to go to some country nobody cares about.Aug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]I know what you meanAug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]he started in Africa and IndiaAug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]clinical trialsAug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]or in NigerAug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]and Burkina FasoAug 07 06:26
DaemonFCI mean, nobody knows what you're talking about when you say girls died in his HPV trials in India and the government finally stopped it.Aug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]illegal in the USAug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]so try somewhere elseAug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]more corruptAug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]paint that as a giftAug 07 06:26
DaemonFCIt's documented in credible sources, and nobody knows what you mean, or they'll say you're a weirdo.Aug 07 06:26
schestowitz[TR2]from Rich Uncle from AmericaAug 07 06:27
schestowitz[TR2]actually, the indian government got infuriatedAug 07 06:27
schestowitz[TR2]but now they'll sayyyy you're "antivaxx" for pointing this pintAug 07 06:27
schestowitz[TR2]*outAug 07 06:27
schestowitz[TR2] 07 06:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | India May be Taking Bill Gates to Court for Misusing His So-called ‘Charity’ to Conduct Clinical Trials Without Consent on Behalf of Companies He Invests in | TechrightsAug 07 06:28
schestowitz[TR2] 07 06:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Conspiracy Theories Have Successfully Distracted From Perfectly Legitimate and Real Scandals of Bill Gates in India, the Fertile Ground for Unethical Mass Experimentation on Humans | TechrightsAug 07 06:28
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], I think the circumcision experiments were designed to see what the overall seroconversion rate to AIDS was if you go into countries where almost nobody is circumcised and do it to them.Aug 07 06:28
DaemonFCIn the US, many are, but you have an unsuitable test environment.Aug 07 06:29
techrights-news"someone figured out that "delta" and "omicron" are an anagram for "media control."" 07 06:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pluralistic: 04 Aug 2022 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory DoctorowAug 07 06:29
DaemonFCMost of the people who aren't do have higher HIV/AIDS rates in their communities, but they're also black and Hispanic.Aug 07 06:29
DaemonFCSo you can't just compare infection rates against a background population with similar features that well.Aug 07 06:30
DaemonFCFor starters, although non-circumcision is higher in impoverished communities, there's other factors.Aug 07 06:30
DaemonFCThey're still in the US, so a sizable minority are circumcised already.Aug 07 06:30
DaemonFCSo like, 20-30%.Aug 07 06:30
DaemonFCIt makes it harder to compare even within that group.Aug 07 06:31
DaemonFCThen when you look at risky sexual behavior, it doesn't compare even within black circumcised vs. non-circumcised, because circumcision likelihood is based on how much money your parents had when you were born.Aug 07 06:32
DaemonFCPeople with more money are more likely to do it to their children here.Aug 07 06:32
DaemonFCBut that contaminates your research.Aug 07 06:32
DaemonFCIf you compare the uncircumcised black Americans to the circumcised ones, the circumcised ones probably got a better education too, and are less likely to have unprotected sex or have people in their family who strongly disapprove of homosexuality.Aug 07 06:33
DaemonFCSo you're comparing less afluent blacks to more affluent blacks, and obviously the less affluent ones are already out there taking lots of risks anyway. They commit more crimes, they get in trouble with the law a lot. Death stares them in the face every day. It's called the guy they pissed off selling drugs on his corner. Malnutrition.Aug 07 06:34
DaemonFCAnd if you did circumcise some to see what happens, you'd have to take them to an American outpatient healthcare setting where it's going to cost $3,000 or so.Aug 07 06:35
DaemonFCIf you can snip a bunch of them in Africa and follow them around, you're probably out $5-10 each.Aug 07 06:35
DaemonFCSo it's cheaper to run the study there, they mostly have similar background risk, Americans don't care what happens, and virtually none of them were circumcised already.Aug 07 06:36
DaemonFCIt's a perfect test environment.Aug 07 06:36
DaemonFCNone of them are going to get together and figure out how to get it into an American courtroom even if you exaggerate the possible risk reduction benefit.Aug 07 06:37
DaemonFCWhich I'm told Gates did.Aug 07 06:37
DaemonFCWhich contaminates the testing!Aug 07 06:37
DaemonFCIf you tell people do this and you won't get AIDS, then you get a group most likely to get AIDS self-selecting for the test to begin with, then they're more likely to go out and take more risk.Aug 07 06:38
DaemonFCSo now you have a group that is incredibly likely to get AIDS as your test group when your background population probably isn't as likely.Aug 07 06:39
DaemonFCSo in this setting, it's entirely possible that you have more people in the test group getting AIDS than the people who never got circumcised, even though circumcision didn't increase the risk. It may have decreased it, but you've completely fucked up your own research.Aug 07 06:39
DaemonFCIt sounds like that's what happened. And it also sounds like that's why Gates cut them loose and declared it a loss and left.Aug 07 06:40
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], So it reeks of corruption, yes, but also being too incompetent to formulate a proper test.Aug 07 06:40
DaemonFCImpertinent, even.Aug 07 06:41
DaemonFCIt takes years to run a study like this. Maybe 10-20 years, right? Gates probably wanted headline results in 3-5, so they just cut corners.Aug 07 06:41
DaemonFCSetting up a proper test, you'd get 50% circumcised and 50% uncircumcised from same background and expected risk factor. So you start following them at age 14 or so and then see how many have HIV/AIDS in each group by the time they're 27 or 28.Aug 07 06:42
DaemonFCThen you know about how well circumcision works.Aug 07 06:43
DaemonFCThat's another reason why vaccines now don't need 3-5 year testing phases. They just dump something out and see what the consequences are for the people who roll up their sleeves first.Aug 07 06:44
DaemonFCI'm not going to be the first to try out Monkeypox vaccine. I have higher odds of getting struck by lightning.Aug 07 06:44
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], They just have you sign away your rights to sue if anything goes wrong. It's an Emergency. Don't read that. Legal contracts are boring.Aug 07 06:45
*britney has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 06:46
DaemonFCMonkeypox isn't an emergency to me.Aug 07 06:46
DaemonFCThe people who it is an emergency for were on Grindr fucking many people anonymously without a condom on.Aug 07 06:46
DaemonFCCircumcision does merit a study. A legitimate study.Aug 07 06:47
DaemonFCHIV risk reduction may be the only benefit, but they haven't even conclusively proven this.Aug 07 06:48
schestowitz[TR2]studies are "offensive"Aug 07 06:49
schestowitz[TR2]worse yet, they can be blasphemousAug 07 06:49
schestowitz[TR2]fgm studies offend islamAug 07 06:50
schestowitz[TR2]circumcision studies offend judism and moreAug 07 06:50
schestowitz[TR2]*judaismAug 07 06:50
schestowitz[TR2]don't do such studies if you want tenured positionAug 07 06:50
schestowitz[TR2]there will be students with placard calling you adold eichmann Aug 07 06:50
schestowitz[TR2]*adolfAug 07 06:50
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: cutting off your ears lowers the chance of ear cancer/tumourAug 07 06:51
schestowitz[TR2]it also improves your aerodynamicsAug 07 06:52
schestowitz[TR2]you can run a little fasterAug 07 06:52
schestowitz[TR2]swimmers shave their whole body, maybe cutting    of "unnecessary" body parts is nextAug 07 06:53
schestowitz[TR2]*offAug 07 06:53
schestowitz[TR2]anyway, all those rituals are not about healthAug 07 06:53
schestowitz[TR2]they are about controlAug 07 06:53
schestowitz[TR2]submissive acid testAug 07 06:53
DaemonFCForeskin isn't necessary, it's just that it's weird and costly to surgically remove it.Aug 07 06:53
DaemonFCSo why would you?Aug 07 06:53
schestowitz[TR2]iirc,Aug 07 06:55
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsAug 07 06:55
schestowitz[TR2]it's considered to be more "sexually pleasurable"Aug 07 06:55
schestowitz[TR2](this is going off topic)Aug 07 06:55
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], I might edit that blog post.Aug 07 06:55
schestowitz[TR2]so this religious ritual, like fgm, is about harming people's sexual gratifiiiiication, for the "tribe"Aug 07 06:55
DaemonFCAs to why gay men at the health department would participate in this Monkeypox crap.Aug 07 06:56
schestowitz[TR2]I need to restart barrier, it does multiple keystokes in oneAug 07 06:56
DaemonFCA black nurse, Eunice Rivers, knowingly participated in the Syphilis experiments.Aug 07 06:56
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Aug 07 06:56
DaemonFCOr I may just do a new post.Aug 07 06:56
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsAug 07 06:56
DaemonFCAbout how they trick people with "folks who look like you".Aug 07 06:56
DaemonFCThat's how they turned Peter Staley from AIDS activist to drug company salesman.Aug 07 06:57
schestowitz[TR2]oil companies do thisAug 07 06:57
schestowitz[TR2]they give jobs to the activistsAug 07 06:57
DaemonFCYou make a big PR problem for them and then you get a job making money as long as you knock it off.Aug 07 06:57
schestowitz[TR2]to suppress and piss off activistsAug 07 06:57
*darwin has quit (connection closed)Aug 07 06:57
DaemonFCYeah, Peter Staley was an activist who sold out to the drug companies.Aug 07 06:57
*darwin (~darwin@7d3n498busjrn.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 06:58
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Aug 07 06:58
DaemonFCStaley started off by protesting $10,000 a month for AZT while men were dying, and now he runs Web sites that are a sales pitch for all the latest HIV pills, which cost $6,000-7,000 a month.Aug 07 06:58
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsAug 07 06:59
DaemonFCSo he made basically no difference in the horribleness of HIV treatment accessibility, but he was shushed with money/Aug 07 06:59
DaemonFCAnd that sicko down at the Health Department who was basically drooling everywhere while saying I got married to have condomless sex will be pitching Monkeypox vaccines.Aug 07 07:00
DaemonFCNever trust someone who "looks" or "sounds" like you.Aug 07 07:00
DaemonFCThat's how they get you.Aug 07 07:00
*yuhong (~yuhong@freenode-7ng.fme.p9dfrp.IP) has joined #techrightsAug 07 07:04
yuhongI wonder if you would let Marginalia search crawl your site.Aug 07 07:05
*yuhong has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 07:06
*yuhong (~yuhong@freenode-7ng.fme.p9dfrp.IP) has joined #techrightsAug 07 07:08
phanesmjg59_, what's the context on this? 07 07:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@mjg59: If someone hosts a rapist in their lab, supports another rapist's lawsuit, and then writes 5000 words just asking q… 07 07:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@mjg59: If someone hosts a rapist in their lab, supports another rapist's lawsuit, and then writes 5000 words just asking q… 07 07:09
*yuhong has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 07:10
*yuhong (~yuhong@freenode-7ng.fme.p9dfrp.IP) has joined #techrightsAug 07 07:16
*yuhong has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 07:22
*yuhong (~yuhong@freenode-7ng.fme.p9dfrp.IP) has joined #techrightsAug 07 07:28
*horseface (~horseface@indtg3mjhr7pa.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 07:28
yuhong(your site used to have Google ads, right)Aug 07 07:28
phanesD.J. BernsteinAug 07 07:31
mjg59_phanes: I dunno, maybe you should establish context before asserting things about my behaviour?Aug 07 07:31
*yuhong has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 07:31
phanesSo what rapist did DJ Bernstein host in his lab by the way?Aug 07 07:33
mjg59_You realise that's an extremely easy thing to work out, rightAug 07 07:33
phanesmjg59_, can you identify the rapist or is this something you invented because you disagree with him about his lawsuit?Aug 07 07:34
mjg59_Oh I absolutely canAug 07 07:34
phanesWho?Aug 07 07:35
mjg59_Well, good for you for admitting that you're responding before establishing factsAug 07 07:36
mjg59_Google should be able to help you out hereAug 07 07:36
phanesYou keep saying things for me that I never suggested or provided requisite proofs for.  That's not been working out well for you through this process and surely you realize is adding to supplementary documentation of a consistent pattern of behaviour.Aug 07 07:36
phanesYou are so outclassed, here, and don't realize your resistance to the process going on here is actually hurting your case as much as helping it.Aug 07 07:37
mjg59_That's fineAug 07 07:37
mjg59_You could maybe do a trivial amount of research yourself and have the answerAug 07 07:37
phanesWell, admittedly yes, but, for folks with your psychological profile it's always fine until it's not, and then you're victims until that's disproven too.Aug 07 07:38
mjg59_But you've already taken longer than that would takeAug 07 07:38
DaemonFC"nd yes, it is legitimate to sue to force the US government to release documents they are legally obliged to release."Aug 07 07:38
phanesI get it.  You're a coward whose words are so fabricated that you can't even squeeze a nut hard enough to stand by them.Aug 07 07:38
DaemonFCSounds like a meme.Aug 07 07:38
DaemonFCVillains laughing.Aug 07 07:38
*phanes does not have this problemAug 07 07:38
DaemonFC"And then we said, 'Sue the government in a government court to force it to obey its own laws!'"Aug 07 07:39
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Aug 07 07:39
mjg59_You're already on record as having lied about preserving a twitter accountAug 07 07:39
phanesI can't relate to your intellectual and moral cowardice, or your deliberate deceit to try to counter it, but you're losing again, and don't seem to understand why.  All you would need to do is explain yourself.Aug 07 07:39
mjg59_Still waiting for you to define what "losing" actually looks like hereAug 07 07:40
phanesAnd no, I am not on record about lying about preserving anything.  That's just the dumber, weaker argument you made up when reality was not helping you anymore.Aug 07 07:40
phanesAlso a recurring habit.  You think that undermining my credibility is going to somehow help you.Aug 07 07:40
phanesYou call it fighting, I call it drowning.Aug 07 07:41
phanesSo anyway, what rapist did DJ Bernstein host in his lab?Aug 07 07:41
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 07:42
phanesmjg59_, is it Henry de Valence?Aug 07 07:44
phanesif only he explained his accusations as liberally as he threw around the word "rapist" and "rape apologist"Aug 07 07:45
phaneshe doesn't actually want anyone to try to validate his claims, so long as he is able to destroy a reputation no doubtAug 07 07:45
phanesI think based on the reluctance to share that we're dealing with a potential "garretism"Aug 07 07:46
*emmatebibyte has quit (connection closed)Aug 07 07:47
phanesQuite the timeline we're forming, this is good stuff.Aug 07 07:49
*horseface has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 07:51
mjg59_phanes: Is the twitter account that is now present at the same as the twitter account that was present at on the 27th of March, 2021?Aug 07 07:55
mjg59_Easy questionAug 07 07:55
mjg59_Especially since we both already know the answerAug 07 07:56
phanesYour sophistries don't work on me.Aug 07 07:59
phanesYour friends' sophistries don't work on me.Aug 07 07:59
phanesYou're a lower animal, Matt.  Aug 07 07:59
phanesIn any case, since the time of your initial accusation, the account has been preserved.Aug 07 07:59
mjg59_I note that you're not answering the questionAug 07 08:00
phanesThis is to showcase just one minor incident of defamation in a long, long string of continuous defamation of others.  At the moment, we were discussing your current accusation of DJ Bernstein on twitter, accusing him of hosting a rapist in his lab and supporting another rapist's lawsuit, so we're trying to figure out if your words are real enough for you to even stand by them.Aug 07 08:00
mjg59_And if you did even the smallest amount of work yourself you'd know who I was talking aboutAug 07 08:01
phanesNow, I picked up on that you're adapting to this process, or trying to, by deliberately holding out Bernstein's name from the accusation, but, as you said, it's relatively easy to work out.Aug 07 08:01
phanesThat way, you can pretend "I didn't say that about Bernstein" later as things start to finally catch up to you.Aug 07 08:02
mjg59_I mean you are right now literally refusing to answer a questionAug 07 08:02
mjg59_So that seems fair rightAug 07 08:02
phanesNo, I answered it, I just didn't give you the answer you were fishing for.Aug 07 08:02
phanesSee now you're trying to distract with an obvious falsehood, so that we can get derailed about a me thing instead of talking about the you thing that's going on right now on twitter (again).Aug 07 08:03
phanesThis is just one more of your behaviours I'm completely immune to.Aug 07 08:03
phanesDo you think we can talk about which rapist DJ Bernstein hosted in his lab?Aug 07 08:03
phanesIt is, after all, your accusation.Aug 07 08:04
phanesPerhaps you were angry and didn't mean it?Aug 07 08:04
mjg59_phanes: You literally didn't answer itAug 07 08:05
phanes>In any case, since the time of your initial accusation, the account has been preserved.Aug 07 08:06
phanes^ just so no one is confused by his lying to get distracted from his other lyingAug 07 08:06
mjg59_Is the same account as ?Aug 07 08:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Void Witch on Twitter: "… "Aug 07 08:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 400 @ )Aug 07 08:07
phanesI mean, you probably think witholding information is somehow helping you, but what it actually does is forces me to research in great depth and focus on format, which will result in a far more developed exposure of the problem here.Aug 07 08:07
phanesAs you've seen repeatedly now.Aug 07 08:07
mjg59_Are those two links the same Twitter account?Aug 07 08:07
phanesSo, let's see if Matthew Garrett posesses the ability to learn.Aug 07 08:08
mjg59_The answer that you keep refusing to provide is that they're not the same Twitter accountAug 07 08:08
mjg59_And this is easy to demonstrateAug 07 08:08
phanesYour distraction is noted as having taken place but is not relevant to what's being asked of youAug 07 08:08
mjg59_Is it defamatory for me to say that?Aug 07 08:08
mjg59_Or am I telling the truth?Aug 07 08:09
mjg59_I feel like if I were lying here you'd be quick to say so, so let's assume I'm telling the truthAug 07 08:09
mjg59_And that you did, in fact, rename the first instance of the account and then create a new account under the same nameAug 07 08:10
mjg59_Am I lying?Aug 07 08:10
phanesGiven that you lied about the disposition of the todd case repeatedly it's just generally assumed to anyone following these dialogues that you're lying, and in this case, in a bizarre way:  By accusing me of something, you're trying to undermine my credibility when exposing you for repeatedly lying about people, using a lie to do it, and then somehow thinking this will redeem you for the long timeline already established as a matter of public record.Aug 07 08:10
mjg59_Dude all you need to say here is "These are the same account" but your refusal to do so is tellingAug 07 08:11
phanesYour usual tricks are going to continue to fail.Aug 07 08:11
mjg59_Because you know they aren't the same accountAug 07 08:11
mjg59_Can we agree on that point?Aug 07 08:11
mjg59_You might not think it's relevant, but it's trueAug 07 08:11
phanesIf you answer my questions I'll answer some of yours.Aug 07 08:11
mjg59_I've answered many of your questionsAug 07 08:11
mjg59_You've never answered this oneAug 07 08:11
mjg59_Why do you refuse to answer it?Aug 07 08:11
phanesLet's start with Bernstein.  There are two rapists you've alleged he supported, one by hosting in his lab, and the other by supporting his lawsuit.  Which two rapists are we talking about?Aug 07 08:12
mjg59_SeeAug 07 08:12
mjg59_You can easily find the answer to that questionAug 07 08:12
mjg59_Just as I easily found the answer to my questionAug 07 08:12
phanesI need to look to open sources to know what you meant when you said something?  Sounds like a lie.Aug 07 08:12
mjg59_So it's odd that you continue to imply that these were both the same accountAug 07 08:13
mjg59_When it's trivial for anyone to determine that they aren'tAug 07 08:13
phanesIn any case, I can note that you were asked to clarify and refused to provide so because you didn't seem to actually mean what you were saying if you'll agree to that.Aug 07 08:13
mjg59_I stand by what I said, and absolutely meant itAug 07 08:13
mjg59_Dan, who as we have established knows how to find a lawyer, is free to sue me if he thinks I'm lyingAug 07 08:14
phanesYou've accused someone of hosting a rapist to attack their credibility when filing a FOIA request, yet won't identify the rapist.  What bizarre behaviour.Aug 07 08:14
phanesIt's also bizarre that you left his name off to obscure liability.  Almost like a statement crafted to defame.Aug 07 08:15
phanesWe've established that you're a lying shithead, but that's a whole new low.Aug 07 08:16
mjg59_Given how easily you worked out who I was discussing, it's pretty clearly not obscuring liabilityAug 07 08:16
phanesSo who are the rapists you say he hosts?  I do not see this inference popping out in public sources.  Perhaps it would be vindicating for you in this instance.Aug 07 08:17
mjg59_Ok hypothetical: if I were to tweet " and are both Twitter accounts owned by Chris Punches, but they are different Twitter accounts" would that be defamatory?Aug 07 08:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Void Witch on Twitter: "… "Aug 07 08:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 400 @ )Aug 07 08:17
mjg59_Would any part of my statement there be untrue?Aug 07 08:17
phanesWhen you've identified the two rapists you referred to.Aug 07 08:17
mjg59_As I said, trivial for you to work that outAug 07 08:18
phanesYou know that I don't bend, so, trying to lock horns on it is just going to waste your energy.Aug 07 08:18
mjg59_If you can't, you're just bad at the internetAug 07 08:18
phanesHey, it's your article.Aug 07 08:18
mjg59_I meanAug 07 08:19
mjg59_Anyone who cares about me who reads anything you write here is going to know who I was talking aboutAug 07 08:19
mjg59_SoAug 07 08:19
phanesDo you still have the diagram?Aug 07 08:19
mjg59_I don't think you're going to be making a terribly effective pointAug 07 08:19
phanesSee, you think there's no strategy here, and this is why you keep tripping up with me.Aug 07 08:20
mjg59_LookAug 07 08:20
mjg59_Maybe you're right and your secret strategy is going to destroy everything I value in my lifeAug 07 08:20
phanesThere's no look.Aug 07 08:20
phanesThere is only truth.Aug 07 08:20
mjg59_And all those I care about will turn against meAug 07 08:20
mjg59_I admit that that's a possibilityAug 07 08:21
phanesI hope notAug 07 08:21
mjg59_But you should be able to describe what that outcome looks likeAug 07 08:21
phanesMy desire is not that at allAug 07 08:21
mjg59_How do we measure the success of your strategyAug 07 08:21
mjg59_One is that I publicly apologise to everyone I have apparently wrongedAug 07 08:21
phanesmy desire is that you right the wrongs you've committed to every person you have damaged with these Garretisms, these reputational attacks with stigmatic labelsAug 07 08:21
mjg59_What do other successful outcomes look like?Aug 07 08:21
mjg59_Because if that's the only successful outcome, and if I don't do that, then you've failedAug 07 08:22
mjg59_And I don't think you're the sort of person that optimises for single outcomesAug 07 08:22
mjg59_So what are the others that you'd consider success?Aug 07 08:22
phanesThat depends on many factors.Aug 07 08:22
phanesIn the meantime, if you could clarify which two rapists you meant in your statement, that would be helpful for evaluating whether or not there's any merit to your claim, which is relevant to me.Aug 07 08:23
mjg59_Relevant to you, not to anyone I care aboutAug 07 08:23
mjg59_Do your own researchAug 07 08:23
phanesHere you are operating on a fixed model againAug 07 08:23
phanesIt's worked out so well before.Aug 07 08:23
phanesAre you sure you don't want to just clarify?Aug 07 08:23
mjg59_I'm sure I already told you that a very small amount of research would give you your answerAug 07 08:24
mjg59_I'm pretty sure you even already have evidence of it in your posessionAug 07 08:24
phanesYou're telling me to research what -you- meant by your own statement as if you had published the identity of these two rapists before.Aug 07 08:24
phanesAgain we're not ascertaining whether thew two men were rapists, we're ascertaining whether you were aware of their identities or not.Aug 07 08:24
mjg59_I'm telling you to stop being so fucking lazyAug 07 08:25
phanesThis is not somethign that's going to be in an open source.Aug 07 08:25
mjg59_It really isAug 07 08:25
phanesUnless you just are so emotionally hijacked from being reigned in again that you can't process that there is no statement you've ever made that identifies these two men in this context.Aug 07 08:25
phanesIt may be easy to work outAug 07 08:26
phanesbut it's not easy to work out what -you thought-Aug 07 08:26
phanesunless you clarifyAug 07 08:26
phanesSurely you're smarter than this.Aug 07 08:26
phanesI refuse to believe that you're -this- dumb.Aug 07 08:26
mjg59_My statement really isn't confusingAug 07 08:27
phanesSo, again, you are brave enough to accuse him of hosting rapists in his lab and supporting rapists lawsuits but don't stand by your words enough to actually identify them so that any truth to the claim can be established or dispelled.Aug 07 08:27
phanesExemplary of a weak, weak character indeed.Aug 07 08:28
mjg59_Oh, the truth is trivially establishedAug 07 08:28
mjg59_You're just not interested in looking for itAug 07 08:28
phanesThere is no document on the internet establishing what -you meant- when -you- said these things.Aug 07 08:29
mjg59_But also, your statement is incorrectAug 07 08:29
mjg59_I did not accuse him of hosting rapistsAug 07 08:29
phanesSure you didAug 07 08:29
mjg59_Show meAug 07 08:29
phanes 07 08:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@mjg59: If someone hosts a rapist in their lab, supports another rapist's lawsuit, and then writes 5000 words just asking q… 07 08:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@mjg59: If someone hosts a rapist in their lab, supports another rapist's lawsuit, and then writes 5000 words just asking q… 07 08:29
mjg59_"A rapist"Aug 07 08:30
*schestowitz[TR2] knows mjg likes to accuse his "enemies" or somethign rapeAug 07 08:30
phanesWhich rapist would that be?Aug 07 08:30
mjg59_phanes: A singular one, not a plural oneAug 07 08:30
phanesAccording to you, which rapist, not what the internet thinks.Aug 07 08:30
schestowitz[TR2]ritualistic defamer, at least in my caseAug 07 08:30
mjg59_Do you accept that your claim that I accused him of "hosting rapists in his lab" is false?Aug 07 08:30
schestowitz[TR2]and worded in such a way so he cannot be sued for associating people with rapeAug 07 08:30
schestowitz[TR2]go back to your therapists, mjgAug 07 08:31
phanesschestowitz[TR2], i will find a way to bind him to justiceAug 07 08:31
schestowitz[TR2]seems you marry another ritualistic defamerAug 07 08:31
schestowitz[TR2]some lady told me agora likes to falsely accuse people of rapeAug 07 08:31
mjg59_phanes: Did you just falsely describe what I said?Aug 07 08:31
phaneshe's wordsmithing againAug 07 08:32
phanesto distract from the fact that he's screwed up here and doesn't have the brains to navigate itAug 07 08:32
mjg59_You literally just said something untrue about meAug 07 08:32
mjg59_"Oops I made a mistake" is an easy thingAug 07 08:32
phanesor the self control, or the characterAug 07 08:32
schestowitz[TR2]person x: mgj helps monopolies attack freedomAug 07 08:32
schestowitz[TR2]mjg: don't listen!! it's a rape something!!Aug 07 08:33
phaneshe's lost on all five planesAug 07 08:33
schestowitz[TR2](also: i am "sjw" something... who works for companies that bomb gays and women)Aug 07 08:33
phanesagainAug 07 08:33
mjg59_phanes: Do you refuse to correct your claim about me?Aug 07 08:33
phanesmjg59_, i categorically refuse most requests until you identify the two rapists you claim Dr. Bernstein supportsAug 07 08:34
mjg59_kAug 07 08:34
phanesand your lawyer isn't going to do shit about itAug 07 08:34
schestowitz[TR2]from the people who insinuated rms supported epsteinAug 07 08:34
schestowitz[TR2]when it was in fact bill gatesAug 07 08:34
schestowitz[TR2]from microsoftAug 07 08:34
mjg59_Yeah I'm not going to threaten to sue you over that that would be ridiculousAug 07 08:34
schestowitz[TR2]the company that wants mjg to work for itAug 07 08:34
schestowitz[TR2]but he ALREADY works for itrAug 07 08:34
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: You understand how recruitment in this field works, rightAug 07 08:35
phanesschestowitz[TR2], ITR?Aug 07 08:35
mjg59_Recruiters who have no idea who you are reach out to youAug 07 08:35
mjg59_And you tell them you're not interestedAug 07 08:35
schestowitz[TR2]you work fir nmcrosoft, gratisAug 07 08:35
schestowitz[TR2]for nowAug 07 08:35
schestowitz[TR2]*for microsoftyAug 07 08:35
phanesmjg59_, in all fairness, that's different strokes for different folks.  people know who i am when they call me with a contract.Aug 07 08:35
schestowitz[TR2]microsoft<3mjgAug 07 08:35
phanesmjg59_, if they know who i am, they know who you are, as they're usually the same folksAug 07 08:36
mjg59_I had a recruiter from Amazon contact me last week because they were looking for someone with experience in Apache AuroraAug 07 08:36
phaneslol well there's keyword scrapers and there's networkersAug 07 08:36
mjg59_Because they'd just typed "aurora" into LinkedinAug 07 08:37
phanesmjg59_, so, toning it down, last olive branch on this topic, any chance you can clarify who you meant when you said bernstein hosted a rapist in his lab and supported a rapist's lawsuit?  Just want to know who "you" thought they were as it's relevant to the publication, and whether you refused to clarify or not will be part of the article in ways you won't expect.Aug 07 08:39
mjg59_It is abundently obvious to anyone with any awareness of the context who I'm referring to thereAug 07 08:40
mjg59_If you choose not to figure that out yourself, that's your problemAug 07 08:40
phanesOk, so, anonymous rapists that you refuse to name.Aug 07 08:40
schestowitz[TR2]all I have to say is,Aug 07 08:42
schestowitz[TR2]a) this is sort of off-topicAug 07 08:43
schestowitz[TR2]b) from my personal experience, mjg uses shrewdly-worded innuendo to associate people he dislikes with rapeAug 07 08:43
phanesoh that's a givenAug 07 08:43
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Examples?Aug 07 08:43
schestowitz[TR2]c) if challenged on it, he reaches out to lawyers, trying to create an illusion of parity, or making him the "victim"Aug 07 08:43
phaneshe's got himself a nice little timeline and even upcoming nodal associations once i tackle framingAug 07 08:44
schestowitz[TR2]bblAug 07 08:44
schestowitz[TR2]it's OT anywayAug 07 08:44
schestowitz[TR2]busy day today, configuring high-throughput ipfs for techrightsAug 07 08:44
phanesill drop it for now, i think we've seen all the courage he can muster for one nightAug 07 08:44
mjg59_Huh that sounds like an accusation made without any supporting evidence being providedAug 07 08:44
mjg59_I'm sure it'll end up on some sort of website that documents such thingsAug 07 08:45
phanesmjg59_, probably somewhere close to here starting out:,%20Matthew/2022-08-07/starting_notes.mdAug 07 08:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TAODBAug 07 08:45
mjg59_phanes: Huh odd I'm pretty sure I explicitly said that the lawsuit was fineAug 07 08:47
mjg59_I'm sure you'll issue a correctionAug 07 08:47
phanesYou explicitly said FOIA requests in general are fine after saying that maybe this one isn't because of unrelated factors such as hosting a rapist and supporting another's lawsuit, neither of which you'll identify who you meantAug 07 08:47
phanesperhaps bears the weight of correction in a courtroom, but as you've noticed wordsmithing to skirt around liability doesn't work on thisAug 07 08:48
mjg59_I said no such thing. That's your interpretation of what I said.Aug 07 08:48
*britney (~britney@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 08:49
phanesYou're right, not cooperating with this process does make it easier.  For me.Aug 07 08:49
mjg59_If you want to make me the primary subject of your website then, well, nothing I can do to stop youAug 07 08:49
mjg59_But don't imply that you're some paragon of virtue in comparison to meAug 07 08:50
phanesof course i amAug 07 08:50
phaneswe're like a different species in that categoryAug 07 08:50
mjg59_You just admitted that you said something that you wouldn't be able to defend in courtAug 07 08:50
phanesno, that's just the dumber argument you made on my behalf when reality failed youAug 07 08:50
mjg59_I really wish I knew what went wrong in your lifeAug 07 08:51
phanesstart drafting those apology letters to everyone and it'll become abundantly clearAug 07 08:51
phanesthen live a new lifeAug 07 08:51
phanesas a better youAug 07 08:52
schestowitz[TR2]mjg59_: you are projecting againAug 07 09:04
schestowitz[TR2]what ahve you done with your life?Aug 07 09:04
schestowitz[TR2]look at youAug 07 09:04
schestowitz[TR2]just picked some salaries to do bad shitAug 07 09:04
schestowitz[TR2]you don't even have a blogAug 07 09:04
schestowitz[TR2]you're a tenant in some rotting blogging platformAug 07 09:04
schestowitz[TR2]posting crap from a dying company, which isn't sure if musk will own it or it'll drownAug 07 09:05
schestowitz[TR2](sorry if I'm being too harsh)Aug 07 09:07
techrights-news𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴: Google #Android Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 09:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesAug 07 09:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Android LeftoversAug 07 09:10
phanes 07 09:12
techrights-news"Mcdonald's announced that its Monopoly promotion is coming back this year. Mcdonald's ran its first Monopoly-themed promotion in 1987. You'd collect scratch-off tokens corresponding to different properties on the monopoly board" 07 09:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gacha GameAug 07 09:13
techrights-newsIRC Proceedings: Saturday, August 06, 2022 | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 09:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC Proceedings: Saturday, August 06, 2022 | TechrightsAug 07 09:14
techrights-newsLearning to become Microsoft drone 07 09:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Search less, browse more • ButtondownAug 07 09:16
techrights-news"So now, assuming you can pay back the debt when it becomes due, you have your £10 and £2 of equity" 07 09:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | DSHR's Blog: Another Infinite Money PumpAug 07 09:18
techrights-newsThe New Wave Frontend Toolchain 07 09:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The New Wave Frontend ToolchainAug 07 09:29
techrights-newsFree software "developers are rarely compensated relative to the impact that their code has. So how should we fund code that might be considered a public good?" 07 09:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 308 @ )Aug 07 09:30
techrights-newsHow to look up a Nix package's Nix store path from flake inputs 07 09:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to look up a Nix package's Nix store path from flake inputs - XeAug 07 09:31
*britney has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 09:31
techrights-newsDo I need Kubernetes? 07 09:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Do I need Kubernetes? - XeAug 07 09:31
techrights-newsCanonical,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ 07 09:32
techrights-newsThe story of the 1991 HP DOS Palmtop - by Bryan Lunduke ⚓ ䷉ Source: lunduke | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 09:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The story of the 1991 HP DOS Palmtop - by Bryan LundukeAug 07 09:36
techrights-newsFive Years of Fosstodon Questions - Kev Quirk ⚓ ䷉ Source: kevq | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 09:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Five Years of Fosstodon Questions - Kev QuirkAug 07 09:39
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*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Aug 07 10:18
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techrights-news"Everyone notices when a content delivery network or distributed denial of service protection vendor goes offline, because they take half the modern web with them. Much of the world’s Internet traffic is transmitted and delivered by just a handful of these vendors." 07 10:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: When CDNs and DDoS vendors go offlineAug 07 10:40
MinceR07 083906 < DaemonFC> "And then we said, 'Sue the government in a government court to force it to obey its own laws!'"Aug 07 10:45
MinceRlolAug 07 10:45
techrights-newsWhy we chose the Clojure programming language for Penpot | ⚓ ䷉ Source: FreeSW | RedHat | IBM | GNU | Linux | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 10:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Why we chose the Clojure programming language for Penpot | Opensource.comAug 07 10:46
schestowitz[TR2]MinceR: Sounds like EPOAug 07 10:47
schestowitz[TR2]org controls the lawsAug 07 10:47
schestowitz[TR2]org controls the courtsAug 07 10:47
schestowitz[TR2]can you sue org in its courts, using the laws it controls?Aug 07 10:48
schestowitz[TR2]it's like making CoC complaint about the CoC committeeAug 07 10:48
schestowitz[TR2]saying they bully youAug 07 10:48
techrights-news[GIT PULL] ACPI updates for v5.20-rc1 ⚓ ䷉ Source: kernel | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 10:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [GIT PULL] ACPI updates for v5.20-rc1Aug 07 10:49
MinceR07 052738 < DaemonFC> That's what you get for letting some people on gay fuck apps hide behind the rest of us.Aug 07 10:49
techrights-news[GIT PULL] fbdev updates fixes for v5.20-rc1 - Helge Deller ⚓ ䷉ Source: ls3530 | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 10:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [GIT PULL] fbdev updates & fixes for v5.20-rc1 - Helge DellerAug 07 10:49
MinceRno, that's what you get in a world in which fascism is everywhereAug 07 10:50
schestowitz[TR2]fetishismAug 07 10:50
techrights-newsDeath of journalism patriarch, Barnett 07 11:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Death of journalism patriarch, Barnett - Michael WestAug 07 11:02
techrights-newsSubmit Your Jetson Project to the SparkFun and NVIDIA Community Project Contest! 07 11:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Submit Your Jetson Project to the SparkFun and NVIDIA Community Project Contest! - News - SparkFun ElectronicsAug 07 11:03
techrights-news10 Fun Free and Open Source 2D Shooter Games - Part 2 • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 11:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 10 Fun Free and Open Source 2D Shooter Games - Part 2 | Tux MachinesAug 07 11:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — 10 Fun Free and Open Source 2D Shooter Games - Part 2Aug 07 11:04
techrights-news"Arti is our ongoing project to create a working embeddable Tor client in Rust. It’s not ready to replace the main Tor implementation in C, but we believe that it’s the future." 07 11:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Arti 0.6.0 is released: bugfixes, error improvements, and preparation. | The Tor ProjectAug 07 11:20
techrights-newsNaturally Ungood gemini:// 07 11:22
MinceR 07 11:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - OkayAug 07 11:24
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@pizjd6872z3m6.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 11:40
DaemonFC 07 11:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 1136707 - Unchecking "Play DRM Content" disables Clear KeyAug 07 11:42
DaemonFC"IMHO, though Clearkey is not a "real" DRM, we should keep its behavior for content protection."Aug 07 11:42
schestowitz[TR2]"cotent protection"Aug 07 11:44
schestowitz[TR2]I don't want to use software from people who use such termsAug 07 11:44
schestowitz[TR2]the banality of cartelAug 07 11:44
schestowitz[TR2]"intellectual property"Aug 07 11:45
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@memzbmehf99re.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 11:53
DaemonFC 07 11:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CVE-2016-2837 : Heap-based buffer overflow in the ClearKey Content Decryption Module (CDM) in the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) API iAug 07 11:53
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], Since EME is on all the time to enable ClearKey, there are security vulnerabilities due to DRM whether the user thinks it's on or off.Aug 07 11:54
DaemonFCThe point of ClearKey seems to be that the user turns off DRM and then sites can use it anyway.Aug 07 11:55
DaemonFCIt's not effective as a technical measure, because the server ends up giving the client everything it needs in order to decrypt and play the video, but rather some sort of obfuscation method that's designed to stop video downloaders. Since it's a "technical protection" mechanism even though it's easy to work around, they can demand DMCA takedowns if people start telling you how to work around it.Aug 07 11:57
DaemonFC 07 11:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- · Issue #3391 · yt-dlp/yt-dlp · GitHubAug 07 11:58
DaemonFC pukkandan commented 17 days ago •Aug 07 11:58
DaemonFCWhile many sites like to pretend clearkey is DRM, you need to stretch the defenition of DRM quite a bit for it to qualify. So it is supported by yt-dlp. Other DRMs will not be supported.Aug 07 11:58
DaemonFCI have verified that atleast the given example URL does not contain any real DRMAug 07 11:58
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: I've spent my life making choices that have resulted in me having a strong circle of friends, and in the process also getting to write a bunch of free software that's used by a lot of peopleAug 07 11:59
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: How much of your code is used by other people?Aug 07 11:59
MinceRthat might be the attraction in systemdAug 07 12:01
MinceRalso shit like uefiAug 07 12:02
MinceR"force your code on lots of people and then brag about it!"Aug 07 12:02
schestowitz[TR2]uefi secure boot is for microsoftAug 07 12:02
schestowitz[TR2]not for LinuxAug 07 12:02
schestowitz[TR2]it's a force AGAINST usAug 07 12:02
DaemonFCmjg59_, Strong circle of Microsoft.Aug 07 12:02
DaemonFCI think they're most of the people who comment on your Twitter page.Aug 07 12:02
MinceR"friends"Aug 07 12:02
MinceRsociopaths aren't really likely to be your friendAug 07 12:02
MinceRbut maybe they haven't stabbed you in the back yet.Aug 07 12:03
DaemonFC<mjg59_> schestowitz[TR2]: How much of your code is used by other people?Aug 07 12:03
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Oh the amount of code I wrote for secure boot is pretty small in comparison to everything elseAug 07 12:03
DaemonFCI try to disable what you're mainly known for.Aug 07 12:03
DaemonFCAnti-Linux DRMAug 07 12:03
DaemonFC"Secure Boot"Aug 07 12:03
MinceR:>Aug 07 12:03
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: But that's still you avoiding the question - how much code have you written that's used by other people?Aug 07 12:04
mjg59_DaemonFC: I think I know a total of one person who works at Microsoft now, and she lives in Seattle?Aug 07 12:04
DaemonFCI don't want to use your crap. I wish distributions would delete it and sue Microsoft.Aug 07 12:04
DaemonFCLike what would have happened had you just gone away and done something productive with your life.Aug 07 12:04
mjg59_Linux would work on fewer laptops?Aug 07 12:05
DaemonFCInstead, you just refuse to talk about what you do in actual, factual terms.Aug 07 12:05
DaemonFC<mjg59_> Linux would work on fewer laptops?Aug 07 12:05
DaemonFCYou helped Microsoft avoid regulatory attention and punishment while they slowly find more roadblocks to put up as "oopses".Aug 07 12:06
DaemonFCAs you yourself recently admitted. (The Lenovo thing.)Aug 07 12:06
DaemonFCThe whole "Oh, now you need to change a bunch of settings that result in Windows blowing itself up, so most people won't.".Aug 07 12:07
mjg59_Hey if Microsoft are breaking the law someone should do something about thatAug 07 12:07
DaemonFCI did while you helped them attack me for it.Aug 07 12:07
mjg59_The entire point of the work we did was to avoid anyone needing to fuck with bios settingsAug 07 12:07
DaemonFCNo, what you did was to defame me while I was trying to deal with Lenovo by implying that I was lying so that the media would quit reporting on the sabotage on my previous laptop.Aug 07 12:08
techrights-news"A while ago I wrote an OpenBSD guide to fairly share the Internet bandwidth to the LAN network, it was more or less working." ☛ | Source: Data SwampAug 07 12:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Solene'% : Fair Internet bandwidth management on a network using LinuxAug 07 12:08
techrights-news"Users of AfterEffects are used to a plethora of presets for text animation." ☛ | Source: Niels ProvosAug 07 12:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Type-On Typewriter Animation in Nuke | Niels ProvosAug 07 12:08
DaemonFCYou did so indirectly by claiming there were valid reasons for them to make firmware like that.Aug 07 12:08
mjg59_I didn't assert you were lying in that case. I merely said you were wrong.Aug 07 12:08
MinceRi wish the industry got its shit together and made this "modern" shit that's forced on us completely optionalAug 07 12:08
MinceRincluding this garbage train wreck on fire called uefiAug 07 12:08
techrights-news"rca Noae is pleased to announce the immediate availability of release 12.13 of our USB stack." ☛ | Source: Arca NoaeAug 07 12:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | USB driver package version 12.13 now available - Arca NoaeAug 07 12:09
mjg59_You lied about other things, but you were earnest in this case (but still wrong)Aug 07 12:09
DaemonFCThen why did it work fine after the Attorney General intervened?Aug 07 12:09
DaemonFCBecause that's where it ended up and then they undid their modification, and I switched the setting, and it worked fine.Aug 07 12:09
mjg59_We've been though this a large number of times now?Aug 07 12:10
DaemonFCWhich means you were wrong. Whether or not it was intentional....Aug 07 12:10
DaemonFCNo, it has nothing to do with "power management".Aug 07 12:10
mjg59_If it had been a Microsoft requirement it wouldn't have just been LenovoAug 07 12:10
mjg59_HeyAug 07 12:10
mjg59_RyanAug 07 12:10
mjg59_You care a great dealAug 07 12:10
mjg59_But also you're not actually that smartAug 07 12:10
DaemonFCWindows got absolutely TERRIBLE battery life on that laptop.Aug 07 12:11
DaemonFC<mjg59_> But also you're not actually that smartAug 07 12:11
MinceRlolAug 07 12:11
DaemonFCIt beats being a dishonest sack of shit.Aug 07 12:11
MinceRpwntAug 07 12:11
DaemonFCBut what do I know?Aug 07 12:11
mjg59_DudeAug 07 12:11
mjg59_You signed my email address up to a spam service and then denied itAug 07 12:11
techrights-news"" ☛ | Source: Tom's HardwareAug 07 12:12
mjg59_Honesty isn't your middle nameAug 07 12:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Use Raspberry Pi Pico W With Node-RED | Tom's HardwareAug 07 12:12
DaemonFCApparently Hillary Clinton is yours I guess.Aug 07 12:12
mjg59_You're a perfectly average guy who understands some shitAug 07 12:12
techrights-news"" ☛ | Source: Old VCRAug 07 12:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Old Vintage Computing Research: The Pong you could program, possibly: the MOS 7600/7601Aug 07 12:13
techrights-news"There was a period in the late ‘70s and into the ‘80s when typewriter manufacturers tried to keep up with the tide of the digital age" ☛ | Source: ArduinoAug 07 12:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Reading typewriter key presses with an Arduino | Arduino BlogAug 07 12:13
schestowitz[TR2]mjg59_:  so you're above averageAug 07 12:13
mjg59_And you just have less experience dealing with this shit to be able to make good judgements about itAug 07 12:13
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC is just... averageAug 07 12:13
schestowitz[TR2]mjg59_:  nhow many icnhes ae you *lol)Aug 07 12:13
DaemonFCLenovo does a lot of nasty things and then just tries to do damage control.Aug 07 12:13
DaemonFCmjg59_, I don't need you to tell me their UEFI code is shit.Aug 07 12:14
schestowitz[TR2]ego -> <mjg59_> You're a perfectly average guy who understands some shitAug 07 12:14
DaemonFCWake me up if you find anything they put in there that isn't shit.Aug 07 12:14
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: I've got a PhD from Cambridge, so eh? I'm not the smartest person in the room, but I think I'm ok in that respectAug 07 12:14
DaemonFCIt's a poor biologist who doesn't understand gender.Aug 07 12:14
DaemonFCIt's like failing Kindergarten.Aug 07 12:14
mjg59_Thanks Mr. TransphobeAug 07 12:14
schestowitz[TR2]I was nearly a phd in cambridge at age 21Aug 07 12:15
MinceRlolAug 07 12:15
techrights-news"It may not seem like it, but the central square on each side of a Rubik’s Cube remains stationary" ☛ | Source: ArduinoAug 07 12:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Arduino-controlled robot solves Rubik’s Cubes in a couple seconds | Arduino BlogAug 07 12:15
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Oh? How did that work?Aug 07 12:15
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: I was accepted into a Cambridge PhD at 20, it would have been hard to have graduated a year laterAug 07 12:15
techrights-news"Here’s a not-so-brief story about troubleshooting a problem that was at times vexing, impossible, incredibly challenging" ☛ | Source: J PieperAug 07 12:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Debugging bare-metal STM32 from the seventh level of hell | A Modicum of FunAug 07 12:16
DaemonFCmjg59_, The banality of evil. You know, about how "average" the Nazis were and how "totally average" people accomplished all of what they did. It wasn't just the Nazis. I was talking to schestowitz[TR2] last night about this Monkeypox experiment.Aug 07 12:16
DaemonFCAnd how the Health Department will use gay men to pitch it.Aug 07 12:16
DaemonFCThe same way the drug companies made Peter Staley into a turncoat.Aug 07 12:16
techrights-news"He then wrote a MicroPython class to give easy access to the pins that control particular motors in Billy’s various fishy moving parts" ☛ | Source: Raspberry PiAug 07 12:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Big Mouth Billy Bass meets Raspberry Pi Pico W - Raspberry PiAug 07 12:16
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Cambridge's regulations require at least 3 years of living within a certain distance of the city to get a PhD, so you'd have had to be accepted at 18Aug 07 12:16
DaemonFCMaybe he started out with good intentions and the money was just too good to pass upAug 07 12:17
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: So, uh, you got accepted to Cambridge for a PhD at 18, nearly got a PhD at 21, and then left to go to Manchester?Aug 07 12:17
DaemonFCIt doesn't matter. He started out by chaining himself to the NYSE protesting $10,000 AZT and 40 years later, the situation hasn't improved much and they've turned him into a drug company ad.Aug 07 12:17
DaemonFCmjg59_, You figure there's much of a difference between that and an "open source guy" who implements what Microsoft wants?Aug 07 12:18
DaemonFCI mean, maybe one of them doesn't kill people and go "Meh, the money's good.".Aug 07 12:18
techrights-news"The goal of this is to find out pain points when using sq: what is easy and straightforward; what is difficult to understand" ☛ | Source: SequoiaPGPAug 07 12:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Blog - Plan for user testing of sqAug 07 12:18
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: If you'd said you nearly got a DSci then that's actually theoretically possible given the university regulationsAug 07 12:18
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: But you saying you were nearly a PhD at Cambridge at 21 is just a fucking lieAug 07 12:19
schestowitz[TR2]phd programmeAug 07 12:19
techrights-news"A dashboard shows that you have access to your data. And that is a huge deal." ☛ | Source: Terence EdenAug 07 12:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The point of a dashboard isn’t to use a dashboard – Terence Eden’s BlogAug 07 12:19
techrights-news"The answers to these questions will take up way more than the 500 characters allowed by Mastodon, and as regular readers will know, I really dislike threads. So it made sense for me to post the answers here." ☛ | Source: Kev QuirkAug 07 12:20
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Oh so when you said you nearly got a PhD you mean you were nearly accepted into a PhD program?Aug 07 12:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Five Years of Fosstodon Questions - Kev QuirkAug 07 12:20
DaemonFC"Hey, try this $10,000 drug! It's terrific! I survived a plague! Remember that time I put a giant condom on the Washington Monument? Fun times, right?" (Staley in a nutshell)Aug 07 12:20
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Those are extremely different things!Aug 07 12:20
schestowitz[TR2]I had 3 offers hereAug 07 12:20
DaemonFCHe survived. They pay him six figures. His problems are over.Aug 07 12:20
schestowitz[TR2]inc. head of CS dept.Aug 07 12:20
schestowitz[TR2]so I took thatAug 07 12:20
DaemonFCHe creates more for others.Aug 07 12:20
schestowitz[TR2]friend of furberAug 07 12:20
DaemonFCmjg59_, I don't respect people like this.Aug 07 12:20
DaemonFCEven if they are "intelligent", how does that benefit others?Aug 07 12:21
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Did Cambridge offer you a PhD position?Aug 07 12:21
DaemonFCThey may as well be jamming crayons up their nose. They'd be hurting others less.Aug 07 12:21
techrights-news"Eugene Debs supported the struggles of workers everywhere for power on the job. That included Chicago teachers..." ☛ | Source: Jacobin MagazineAug 07 12:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Eugene V. Debs: “Back Up the Teachers”Aug 07 12:21
DaemonFCPeople who use "intelligence" to harm others create negative value for society.Aug 07 12:22
DaemonFCWe would be better off if they were only smart enough to work at a Taco Bell.Aug 07 12:22
techrights-news"Ticketmaster formed this partnership with TikTok because it wants to reach fans on their favorite platforms." ☛ | Source: Digital Music NewsAug 07 12:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 520 @ )Aug 07 12:23
mjg59_Oh some of my best coworkers have had no degreeAug 07 12:23
mjg59_I do not believe any sort of academic requirement is necessary to do fucking amazing workAug 07 12:23
DaemonFCThis Monkeypox experiment will use "people who look like us" to lower the bullshit threshold of their victims.Aug 07 12:23
DaemonFCLike the Tuskegee Experiment using a black nurse.Aug 07 12:24
mjg59_I mean, my degree is irrelevant to what I do nowAug 07 12:24
DaemonFCThen saying "Well, at least they got some vitamin pills they wouldn't have had while we watched Syphilis killing them and didn't say a word.".Aug 07 12:24
DaemonFCI mean, you use moral relativism in some strange ways.Aug 07 12:24
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: But you didn't answer whether Cambridge actually made you a PhD offer in 2001Aug 07 12:24
techrights-newsSurveillance by Bezos/Pentagon inside homes: "iRobot sells its products worldwide and is most famous for the circular-shaped Roomba vacuum" ☛ | Source: NPRAug 07 12:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Amazon is buying Roomba vacuum maker iRobot for $1.7 billionAug 07 12:25
DaemonFC"If I didn't implement what Microsoft wanted, we would have had to wait for a class action lawsuit against Microsoft to be rid of the whole damned thing."Aug 07 12:25
DaemonFC"In the mean time, a few laptops wouldn't have worked."Aug 07 12:25
DaemonFCWho says that would have been worse? Even if the court cases didn't go anywhere, even if the government didn't step in and stop them, people may have used computers that were outside of their reach and harmed their revenues.Aug 07 12:27
*Despatche (~desp@u3xy9z2ifjzci.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 12:27
DaemonFCWe'll never know because instead of letting nature take its course, we have a proprietary bootloader that has to be signed by Microsoft now. And it stops the user from running their own modified operating system.Aug 07 12:27
techrights-news"The role of drastic inequality in worsening in the climate crisis is not itself news." ☛ | Famous Criminal Bill Gates has SEVERAL and still flies pedo planesAug 07 12:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Private Jets Should Be IllegalAug 07 12:27
techrights-newsLithuania ☛ | Source: LRTAug 07 12:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lithuania is paying 100 times more for electricity than Sweden – why? - LRTAug 07 12:28
MinceRlol @ "Private Jets Should Be Illegal"Aug 07 12:28
techrights-news"Lies, damned lies and statistics" ☛ | Source: OverpopulationAug 07 12:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | World population is growing faster than we thought - The Overpopulation ProjectAug 07 12:28
DaemonFCmjg59_, Lenovo's UEFI update release notes often have one or two dozen CVEs per month.Aug 07 12:29
mjg59_DaemonFC: How does it stop a user from running their own modified operating system?Aug 07 12:29
DaemonFCI mean, the ones they list. It's very very bad.Aug 07 12:29
DaemonFCAnd you've pointed out they have no idea what they're doing. So how do we know they're even fixed?Aug 07 12:29
DaemonFCWe don't.Aug 07 12:29
mjg59_I released a bootloader that would let anyone boot whatever they wantedAug 07 12:29
DaemonFCThey push them out, shit breaks.Aug 07 12:29
DaemonFCThey don't take responsibility for that.Aug 07 12:30
DaemonFCYou're better off leaving it alone as long as what you have isn't doing anything really outrageous.Aug 07 12:30
DaemonFCThat's a big problem.Aug 07 12:30
DaemonFCLenovo and other PC OEMs ship such terrible firmware you go "You know what? Just don't touch that. You'll only make it worse!".Aug 07 12:31
techrights-news"We had worked with just one reseller, PiShop in South Africa, when I wrote my last blog post." ☛ | Source: Raspberry PiAug 07 12:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers, Design Partners, and more in Africa - Raspberry PiAug 07 12:31
DaemonFCIf they even spent 5 minutes with it, they'd see the terrible problems their firmware updates cause, which tells me they don't even test them.Aug 07 12:31
DaemonFCThey don't even take an actual system, install it, and make sure Windows boots up.Aug 07 12:31
mjg59_DaemonFC: You didn't answer the questionAug 07 12:32
DaemonFC<mjg59_> DaemonFC: How does it stop a user from running their own modified operating system?Aug 07 12:32
DaemonFCWhat you have to go through with Secure Boot turned on is so ridiculous that you may as well just turn it off.Aug 07 12:32
DaemonFCIt doesn't help you. It's just a constant aggravation.Aug 07 12:32
mjg59_For Linux? No.Aug 07 12:32
mjg59_DaemonFC: You didn't answer the questionAug 07 12:33
DaemonFCI booted Ubuntu and then Fedora once and it told me Fedora violated a security policy and couldn't boot.Aug 07 12:33
DaemonFCI should not have to figure these things out.Aug 07 12:33
mjg59_Yeah Canonical fucked that upAug 07 12:33
mjg59_That doesn't seem like my fault?Aug 07 12:33
DaemonFCIf you turn it off, they can't do that again.Aug 07 12:33
techrights-news"the approaching 14th Saeima elections" ☛ |Aug 07 12:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Elections will come with cyber challenges, say experts / ArticleAug 07 12:34
DaemonFCI just want the damned thing to fuck off and stop bothering me with nonsense.Aug 07 12:34
mjg59_Man look I'm asking a simple question hereAug 07 12:34
mjg59_Given I ensured there was a signed bootloader that would always allow anyone to boot their choice of OSAug 07 12:34
*techuser (~techuser@nbnsvpfizihkw.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 12:34
DaemonFCThe simplest way to modify your kernel is turn Secure Boot off and then modify it however you want.Aug 07 12:34
mjg59_How did I prevent people installing operating systems of their choiceAug 07 12:34
DaemonFCIt's not the OS of their choice if they can't run a modified version.Aug 07 12:35
DaemonFCOr can't do so easily without pouring through a pile of documents that they'll have to find first.Aug 07 12:35
DaemonFCWhich may well suffer from documentation rot and quit working.Aug 07 12:35
mjg59_You run one command, on next boot it'll boot anythingAug 07 12:35
DaemonFCBeing able to turn it off will go away at some point.Aug 07 12:36
mjg59_sudo mokutil --disable-valiationAug 07 12:36
mjg59_Follow the instructionsAug 07 12:36
mjg59_DisabledAug 07 12:36
techrights-newsMisinformation ☛ | Source: NPRAug 07 12:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A jury tags Alex Jones with $45.2 million in punitive damages for 2 Sandy Hook parentsAug 07 12:37
techrights-news"According to [SUPO], it would be necessary to evaluate and find out whether the most blatant forms of disinformation..." ☛ | Source: YLEAug 07 12:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Supo: Spreading fake news on behalf of foreign power should be illegal | News | Yle UutisetAug 07 12:37
DaemonFCI would like to delete all of Microsoft's certificates from the store and add my own.Aug 07 12:38
DaemonFCIn which case, this would be a feature.Aug 07 12:38
techrights-newsArti 0.6.0 is released: bugfixes, error improvements, and preparation. • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 12:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Arti 0.6.0 is released: bugfixes, error improvements, and preparation. | Tux MachinesAug 07 12:38
DaemonFCAs far as I know, no firmware will allow you to do that and no distributions other than openSUSE prompt you to add something they control to the store.Aug 07 12:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Arti 0.6.0 is released: bugfixes, error improvements, and preparation.Aug 07 12:38
DaemonFC"Custom Mode" seems to keep being patched out by companies like Lenovo.Aug 07 12:39
MinceR07 132922 < mjg59_> DaemonFC: How does it stop a user from running their own modified operating system?Aug 07 12:39
DaemonFCSo the user really has no control over what "Secure Boot" does except that it is on or off, and they may even lose that in a few years.Aug 07 12:39
MinceRby crashing because of a firmware bug before it lets you do anything, for exampleAug 07 12:39
techrights-news"This summer, Italy is experiencing its worst drought and heatwave in 70 years." ☛ | Source: France24Aug 07 12:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Italy: Images shared online make false claims about the country’s heatwaveAug 07 12:39
MinceRbecause it's an overcomplicated train wreck that was hauling dog shit on fireAug 07 12:39
mjg59_DaemonFC: I have literally offered money to people who would suggest such a system and nobody has taken me up on itAug 07 12:39
MinceRalso i wonder if mokutil is like efibootmgrAug 07 12:40
mjg59_UghAug 07 12:40
MinceRi.e. does something that makes the firmware crash the next time you attempt to bootAug 07 12:40
mjg59_You could just look at the codeAug 07 12:40
techrights-news"We are living in an age of unprecedented creativity, they tell us. But there was a dark time not long ago..." ☛ | Source: NeritamAug 07 12:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Serfing the Net – neritamAug 07 12:40
MinceRyeah, someone could just audit all of TianoCoreAug 07 12:40
techrights-newsIndonesia ☛ | Source: NetblocksAug 07 12:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Indonesia cracks down on unlicensed online platforms and services - NetBlocksAug 07 12:41
DaemonFCMinceR, My favorite is how you go to install a UEFI update from Lenovo and then the firmware can't find the Windows Boot Manager at the next reboot.Aug 07 12:41
mjg59_MinceR: The MOK stuff is all handled in shim, so the firmware has no idea what's going onAug 07 12:41
mjg59_We literally wrote this 10 years ago?Aug 07 12:41
DaemonFCThen you have to figure out how to reinstall Windows from Emergency Recovery Mode because you installed an official firmware update that nobody actually tested before sticking it on the Lenovo download site.Aug 07 12:41
mjg59_Awh fuck why are we talking about Windows being a problemAug 07 12:42
DaemonFCIf the UEFI updates don't break Windows Boot Manager, they'll cause Bitlocker to get messed up.Aug 07 12:42
mjg59_You want to install a free operating system, install a free operating systemAug 07 12:42
DaemonFCmjg59_, One of the reasons why I don't make a Windows PE boot stick and continue updating my firmware is....Aug 07 12:42
mjg59_You bought a laptop that doesn't support LVFS?Aug 07 12:43
DaemonFCI have no idea what the fuck will happen when I reboot my computer. Lenovo doesn't even install it and reboot to make sure Windows still works.Aug 07 12:43
techrights-newsBarry Rosen ☛ | Source: Torrent FreakAug 07 12:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Leaseweb Asks Court to Dismiss Copyright Infringement Lawsuit * TorrentFreakAug 07 12:43
DaemonFCLenovo doesn't push UEFI updates through LVFS for their "Linux Certified" laptops, no.Aug 07 12:43
DaemonFCThey don't.Aug 07 12:43
*ohama has quit (Ping timeout: 120 seconds)Aug 07 12:44
techrights-news"With a new regulation, the EU border agency has set up its own aerial surveillance with aircraft." ☛ | Source: Site36Aug 07 12:44
MinceR07 134213 < mjg59_> Awh fuck why are we talking about Windows being a problemAug 07 12:44
DaemonFCThey're basically a really shitty Windows OEM that says "Hey, Canonical tells us Ubuntu runs.".Aug 07 12:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Secret aerial surveillance: What does an hour’s flight with a Frontex drone cost? – Security Architectures in the EUAug 07 12:44
MinceRprobably because we're talking about firmware that was designed to lock alleged computers into windows, or at least give the owners lots of trouble if they attempt to run anything other than windows on their own propertyAug 07 12:44
MinceRthis question comes from someone who reported being locked out of windows for changing a uefi setting recently.Aug 07 12:44
mjg59_MinceR: I have repeatedly asked for evidence of such laptops and nobody has given me one even if I'd pay for itAug 07 12:45
MinceR(and that "lots of trouble" naturally includes bricking the alleged computer)Aug 07 12:45
MinceRuh huhAug 07 12:45
DaemonFCYes, mjg59_ can't even tell you what will happen when you toggle a setting and try to reboot into the "Lenovo Supported" OS.Aug 07 12:45
mjg59_MinceR: The "Secured Core" stuff is the first example of thisAug 07 12:45
DaemonFCMuch less anything about updating the firmware and whether Linux will ever boot again if you do.Aug 07 12:45
MinceR 07 12:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | “Security expert” Matthew Garrett blows up Windows by enabling the Microsoft 3rd Party UEFI CA certificate, then says the Bitlocker Backdoor (for police) saved his data from the TPM. – BaronHK's RantsAug 07 12:45
mjg59_MinceR: Yeah but he's a fucking idiotAug 07 12:45
mjg59_MinceR: I mean come on you see him here all the timeAug 07 12:46
DaemonFCEven the Very Stable Genius himself can't tell you what it will do without poking around.Aug 07 12:46
MinceRmjg59_: i wonder if this means that screenshot is a fake, you were lying on shitter, or you're being deliberately obtuse just nowAug 07 12:46
*ohama (ohama@freenode-0df.kav.vc6dkt.IP) has joined #techrightsAug 07 12:46
MinceRmjg59_: yes, i see him here all the time. unfortunately, i also see you here all the time.Aug 07 12:46
mjg59_MinceR: The "Secure Core" thing is bullshit and Microsoft should be fucked over itAug 07 12:46
MinceRdid "secure core" come as a surprise to you?Aug 07 12:47
mjg59_Actually yes!Aug 07 12:47
mjg59_I bought a laptop and Fedora didn't bootAug 07 12:47
mjg59_So now I need to fix thatAug 07 12:48
MinceRafter "secure boot", the attempt to add a requirement to lock people into "secure boot" as a requirement for the windows logo (which OEMs seem compelled to include) and the various attempts to make it harder for users to disable "secure boot"?Aug 07 12:48
DaemonFCYeah, but it's still not the nastiest thing Lenovo ever did.Aug 07 12:48
MinceRand you're bragging here about your PhD and how smart you are?Aug 07 12:48
DaemonFCAt least on mjg59_'s laptop you could change a setting without contacting the government and asking for an antitrust investigation.Aug 07 12:48
mjg59_Ok in 2012 Microsoft said that they were going to mandate Secure Boot and there'd be no requirement for a disable switchAug 07 12:48
MinceRafter a lot of backlashAug 07 12:48
MinceRand only on x86[_64]Aug 07 12:49
MinceRon ARM, they did what they originally wantedAug 07 12:49
MinceRand what they would have done on x86[_64], were it not for the backlashAug 07 12:49
mjg59_And we figured out a way to get free software to still work in that worldAug 07 12:49
mjg59_And now they're trying to walk that backAug 07 12:49
DaemonFCmjg59_, Did they tell you it couldn't run Linux because of a hinge? They told me "only Windows supports the hinge". Which I assume means tablet mode. Windows 10 only had a virtual keyboard for 3-4 applications at that time.Aug 07 12:49
mjg59_And it's bullshitAug 07 12:49
DaemonFCNothing else triggered it to come up.Aug 07 12:49
MinceRoh, i almost forgot the 32bit uefi implementation they came up for intel atom just to fuck with people who wanted to run a real OS on their own propertyAug 07 12:49
DaemonFCGNOME had better tablet support.Aug 07 12:49
DaemonFCAnd it automatically detected me flipping it over into tablet mode.Aug 07 12:50
mjg59_MinceR: Oh Microsoft actually hated the 32 bit uefi stuffAug 07 12:50
DaemonFCLenovo is just very very dishonest, but mjg59_ likes them for some reason even though they were sued for putting malicious software into Windows and lost.Aug 07 12:50
MinceRMICROS~1 and intHell have been doing many things in uefi publicly to try to fuck with people who were trying to run anything other than windows or macOS, and "secure core" somehow comes as a surprise to you.Aug 07 12:50
DaemonFCSuperfish laptops....Aug 07 12:50
MinceRi liked lenovo back when they made laptops that weren't garbageAug 07 12:51
DaemonFCThen there was the one that used the UEFI "theft recovery" feature to reinstall all the crapware the minute you reloaded Windows.Aug 07 12:51
DaemonFCEven from a Microsoft-provided ISO.Aug 07 12:51
MinceRlaptops that had comfortable keyboards, TrackPoints that actually worked, a case that was designed for serviceability and no uefiAug 07 12:51
DaemonFCmjg59_ thinks this is a company worth siding with over the users, I guess. I don't know. That's what he seems to be implying to me.Aug 07 12:51
DaemonFCThey're very misunderstood, you know.Aug 07 12:52
MinceRoh and batteries that didn't swell up in a few yearsAug 07 12:52
MinceRand didn't need 3 hands to remove from the deviceAug 07 12:52
DaemonFCThey keep doing such innocent little things like Superfish and the crapware-reinstalling BIOS.Aug 07 12:52
MinceRbecause the retards at lenovo even forgot why one of the latches for the ThinkPad battery wasn't spring-loaded.Aug 07 12:52
mjg59_MinceR: I am not going to defend Lenovo on those pointsAug 07 12:52
DaemonFCmjg59_, They're just super shady.Aug 07 12:53
DaemonFCThey have been for a long time.Aug 07 12:53
DaemonFCWhat I've gone with them was a bad act in a litany of prior bad acts, and I think you know that.Aug 07 12:53
MinceRbut then the whole industry went to shit anywayAug 07 12:53
DaemonFC*gone throughAug 07 12:54
MinceRyou can't buy a new device the "modern" web will run on that doesn't have at least one hardware backdoor, at least one battery you aren't supposed to be able to remove and boot firmware that tries to prevent you from running the OS of your choiceAug 07 12:54
DaemonFCAt this point, Lenovo has been caught with their pants down so many times that to suggest that we default to giving them the benefit of a doubt is insane.Aug 07 12:54
MinceRthe same applies to MICROS~1 and intHellAug 07 12:55
MinceRespecially when it comes to uefiAug 07 12:55
DaemonFCIntel makes a lot of money. Their sales are down so now we all have to pay them through the IRS and get nothing at all.Aug 07 12:56
DaemonFCSee how that works?Aug 07 12:56
techrights-newsBy the end of the day, we hope, all ipfs objects of techrights will be fully available again. Over the past year it was hard to reach them due to severe lack of capacity.Aug 07 12:57
*schestowitz[TR2] catches up with channelAug 07 12:57
*schestowitz[TR2] sees mjg59_ might wrap his head around the fact Linux users hate him, as he did more harm than goodAug 07 12:57
DaemonFCThat's how Capitalism works. When you are really big and start losing money, the public has to carry you so "jobs won't be lost", then the CEO fires people anyway and buys back the companies own shares with the bailout money.Aug 07 12:58
schestowitz[TR2]mjg59_: you could go on with your dick-measuring content comparing achievement, but I, unlike you, didn't attack Linux and GNUAug 07 12:58
schestowitz[TR2]you not only did this, you profited from itAug 07 12:58
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: buybacks are embezzlemewntAug 07 12:59
schestowitz[TR2]it's "legalised" by the same people who make "TAX EVASION" just "tax breaks"Aug 07 12:59
schestowitz[TR2]in effect LEGALISING THE CRIMEAug 07 12:59
MinceR> at least one battery you aren't supposed to be able to removeAug 07 12:59
schestowitz[TR2]who's gonna stop them?Aug 07 12:59
MinceRwell, for mobile devices only, obviouslyAug 07 13:00
schestowitz[TR2]he seems to be awayAug 07 13:00
schestowitz[TR2]trying to find some way to tie MinceR and DaemonFC  to "rape" somethingAug 07 13:00
MinceRlolAug 07 13:00
schestowitz[TR2]not here... in TwitterAug 07 13:00
schestowitz[TR2]here it's "hostile"Aug 07 13:00
schestowitz[TR2]we have no CoC and Saudi overloards like in TwitterAug 07 13:01
schestowitz[TR2]*lordsAug 07 13:01
techrights-news"The Espionage Act Reform Act would change the law in a couple of ways" ☛ | Source: ReasonAug 07 13:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Proposed Bill Would Protect Journalists from Espionage ChargesAug 07 13:01
techrights-news"In the context of Assange, Britain has been a willing gaoler from the start" ☛,16617 | Source: Independent AUAug 07 13:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Penal assassination: The gradual effort to kill Julian AssangeAug 07 13:02
schestowitz[TR2]Assange... rapse... somethingAug 07 13:02
schestowitz[TR2]sometthng something... phobeAug 07 13:02
techrights-news"the experiences and knowledge of nearly two dozen Afghan journalists" ☛ | Source: CPJAug 07 13:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CPJ to publish ‘Afghanistan’s Media Crisis,’ an assessment of the state of press freedom one year after the return of the Taliban - Committee to Protect JournalistsAug 07 13:03
techrights-news"Locals took Ehsas, unconscious, to a clinic and later to the Fetame Zahra Public Hospital" ☛ | Source: CPJAug 07 13:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Taliban members beat Afghan journalist Selgay Ehsas, force her to record video message - Committee to Protect JournalistsAug 07 13:03
DaemonFCSomething something rape rape rape transphobe this and that. Suuuuuuuuuuper genius!Aug 07 13:03
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: What did Cambridge offer you in 2001?Aug 07 13:04
schestowitz[TR2]iirc, the closest they got wasAug 07 13:04
schestowitz[TR2]wikileaks had soime irc chat Aug 07 13:04
schestowitz[TR2]and some people there said somethingAug 07 13:04
schestowitz[TR2]and thus assange si responsible for what they said thereAug 07 13:04
schestowitz[TR2]in 2001 I was 19Aug 07 13:04
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: And Cambridge offered you a PhD place?Aug 07 13:05
schestowitz[TR2]I only started uni 3 months before 2001Aug 07 13:05
schestowitz[TR2]I was 19Aug 07 13:05
DaemonFCIf mjg59_ and partner walked into a psychiatrist's office, he'd find out a lot about psychiatry. They never stop. They just become less overt.Aug 07 13:05
DaemonFC"Must be more subtle. Must be more subtle!"Aug 07 13:05
schestowitz[TR2]mjg59_: go to sleep, you are drunkAug 07 13:05
mjg59_12:15 < schestowitz[TR2]> I was nearly a phd in cambridge at age 21Aug 07 13:06
DaemonFC"Dial it down a few notches. Keep changing the name."Aug 07 13:06
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: What did you mean there?Aug 07 13:06
DaemonFCPsychiatrists have degrees too, Matt.Aug 07 13:06
DaemonFCRead the DSM sometime.Aug 07 13:06
DaemonFCIt's a hoot.Aug 07 13:06
MinceR> Keep changing the name.Aug 07 13:06
MinceRMICROS~1's favorite tacticAug 07 13:07
techrights-newsWhy Free software ☛ | Source: NeritamAug 07 13:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The owner of the proprietary software controls the computer, not the owner of the computer – neritamAug 07 13:07
DaemonFCYeah, back in the 1970s they'd have just said "Disgusting faggot. Put him in the looney bin".Aug 07 13:07
DaemonFCNow they call it something softer.Aug 07 13:07
DaemonFCThey make sure it goes into notes you'll have a hard time obtaining.Aug 07 13:07
DaemonFCThey use euphemisms.Aug 07 13:07
DaemonFCShorthand.Aug 07 13:07
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: How were you nearly a PhD in Cambridge at age 21?Aug 07 13:07
DaemonFCThey do things like this, and they have college degrees.Aug 07 13:08
DaemonFCEven from the same place mjg59_ went.Aug 07 13:08
DaemonFCThe biology department down the hall from the psychiatry department.Aug 07 13:08
schestowitz[TR2]Duke of Cambridge Aug 07 13:09
DaemonFCJust because a person has a degree doesn't mean they're intelligent or not a bigot.Aug 07 13:09
DaemonFCPsychiatry is very bigoted.Aug 07 13:09
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: Oh, William offered you a PhD?Aug 07 13:09
schestowitz[TR2] 07 13:09
DaemonFCA lot of people who aren't that intelligent get a degree in psychiatry because nobody cares what happens to their patients.Aug 07 13:09
DaemonFCEveryone knows that once you start seeing a psychiatrist, nothing good will happen.Aug 07 13:10
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: How did you get offered a PhD at Cambridge?Aug 07 13:10
DaemonFCCareer opportunities go away, wife uses it in the divorce proceedings.Aug 07 13:10
DaemonFCYou may be trying to get better, but society around you just uses it for more ammunition.Aug 07 13:10
MinceRwell, gyorgy matolcsy got a PhD in economics from corvinus "university", and he can't even countAug 07 13:10
mjg59_schestowitz[TR2]: phanes would say that your refusal to answer this question meant you were doing something badAug 07 13:10
DaemonFC<MinceR> well, gyorgy matolcsy got a PhD in economics from corvinus "university", and he can't even countAug 07 13:11
MinceRalso known as karl marx "university"Aug 07 13:11
DaemonFCThe local community college kept trying to reopen in person because they were freaking out.Aug 07 13:11
DaemonFCLosing money hand over fist.Aug 07 13:11
MinceRit's also the same place as the one that gave steve ballmer an awardAug 07 13:12
techrights-newsPixMob ☛ | Source: HackadayAug 07 13:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-PixMob Wristband Protocol Reverse-Engineering Groundwork | HackadayAug 07 13:12
DaemonFCIn most cases, college is a scam to load people up with debts. In some cases, no, but in many cases it is.Aug 07 13:12
DaemonFCThey bait in kids who have never worked for a dollar and don't know what they're signing.Aug 07 13:12
DaemonFCEven doctors work for many years before they reach a "break even" and start making enough that the degree they paid for was worth it.Aug 07 13:13
techrights-news"Brian Kernighan tells the story in his book Unix" ☛ | Source: OpenSource.comAug 07 13:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Old-school technical writing with groff | Opensource.comAug 07 13:14
DaemonFCYou have to basically put off earning a substantial amount of money for like 8 years, and then you're racking up six figures worth of debt with compounding interest, during years you're not even working and earning very much.Aug 07 13:14
DaemonFCSo you start out way behind and in your late 20s and then come the loan repayments.Aug 07 13:14
techrights-news"Hot on the heels of Proton 7.0-4 getting a Release Candidate" ☛ | Source: GamingOnLinuxAug 07 13:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Proton Experimental gets Halo Infinite working plus Airborne Kingdom | GamingOnLinuxAug 07 13:15
techrights-news"The processor on this tiny board is the Dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor with a maximum clock frequency of 133MHz." ☛ | Source: Linux GizmosAug 07 13:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 520 @ )Aug 07 13:15
techrights-news"four Cortex-A55 cores" ☛ | Source: Linux GizmosAug 07 13:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 520 @ )Aug 07 13:16
DaemonFCIn the 90s, I had a neighbor. His name was Lynn. He got a degree in psychology and another one in philosophy.Aug 07 13:16
DaemonFCIt came in very handy, you know.Aug 07 13:16
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: what you are descriibing is divided by time, not placeAug 07 13:16
DaemonFCI used to see him at work all the time.Aug 07 13:16
schestowitz[TR2]universities used to pffer something decentAug 07 13:16
DaemonFCHe was sweeping the floor at the movie theater.Aug 07 13:16
schestowitz[TR2]now they are training centresAug 07 13:16
schestowitz[TR2]for corporationsAug 07 13:16
MinceRdepends on the university in questionAug 07 13:16
schestowitz[TR2]and then there's the tuiton/debt and publication cartel aspectAug 07 13:16
schestowitz[TR2]that's s distortion that hapepend over timeAug 07 13:16
schestowitz[TR2]and honrary degrees as a scheme/scamAug 07 13:17
MinceRi suspect universities run by dictatorships are pretty much always uselessAug 07 13:17
schestowitz[TR2]to help rraise bribes from oligarchsAug 07 13:17
DaemonFC<schestowitz[TR2]> and honrary degrees as a scheme/scamAug 07 13:17
MinceR(like karl marx "university" in budapest, and fudan)Aug 07 13:17
schestowitz[TR2]yeahAug 07 13:17
DaemonFCHere the local community college puts black people in to debt teaching them to hate white people.Aug 07 13:17
MinceRbeing controlled by sociopaths that believe they have the right to decide what the facts are usually doesn't do much good for academic freedomAug 07 13:17
*psydroid2 has quit (connection closed)Aug 07 13:17
DaemonFCThey actually teach racism. They have books from Trevor Noah that encourage blanket anti-white hate.Aug 07 13:18
MinceRwhich in turn drives away scientistsAug 07 13:18
DaemonFCI have no idea how this is something people pay for.Aug 07 13:18
techrights-newsMerits of GNU/Linux 07 13:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 403 @ )Aug 07 13:18
DaemonFCYou want to read bullshit? I'm sure they have plenty of his bullshit down at the free library. The Democrats run that too.Aug 07 13:18
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@memzbmehf99re.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 13:18
techrights-newsiophk: will they then finally crack down on Microsoft boosters and shills? 07 13:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Supo: Spreading fake news on behalf of foreign power should be illegal | News | Yle UutisetAug 07 13:18
MinceRfideath first put commissars from their own ranks in charge of most or all hungarian universitiesAug 07 13:19
DaemonFCI can't imagine who hates white people so much they take on debt to learn how to hate white people more.Aug 07 13:19
DaemonFCWhat's the career market like in hating white people?Aug 07 13:19
MinceRthen they started handing them off to "foundations" run by their own cronies (to retain power just in case they lose an election)Aug 07 13:19
techrights-newsDoes the PGP public key at 07 13:19
DaemonFCDoes that boost your earnings potential much when you get a degree in hating white people?Aug 07 13:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to share documents and news tips with Washington Post journalists. - The Washington PostAug 07 13:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Does the PGP public key at 07 13:19
MinceRDaemonFC: well, they get to be paid by corporations like MICROS~1 to force CoC-s onto free software projects, for exampleAug 07 13:20
MinceRit could be lucrative, i guessAug 07 13:20
techrights-newsEU 07 13:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | EU upphäver rätten till privat korrespondensAug 07 13:20
MinceRalso, they get to be paid by corporations like MICROS~1 and dehomag to cancel people like RMSAug 07 13:20
techrights-newsHow Humans’ Ability to Digest Milk Evolved from Famine and Disease - neritam ⚓ ䷉ Source: neritam | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 13:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Humans’ Ability to Digest Milk Evolved from Famine and Disease – neritamAug 07 13:20
DaemonFCmjg59_ probably wouldn't personally know any subversives that are paid by Microsoft to sabotage us, I suppose.Aug 07 13:20
techrights-newsAustralia 07 13:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Assange family barred from taking book about WikiLeaks founder into Australia’s parliament | Julian Assange | The GuardianAug 07 13:21
MinceRlike himself?Aug 07 13:21
DaemonFCWelp, there goes the air conditioner again.Aug 07 13:22
DaemonFCA block of ice formed and fell into the fan.Aug 07 13:22
DaemonFCWhat a piece of shit.Aug 07 13:22
schestowitz[TR2]of iceAug 07 13:22
DaemonFCYou can't really run it that long if it's under 75 outside or it starts freezing itself.Aug 07 13:23
DaemonFCIt's really really old. Like 50 years old.Aug 07 13:23
techrights-newsWayland is ICBM nuclear bomb (surely approved by Microsoft too, as it can hurt GNU/Linux, much like systemd)'s:9Aug 07 13:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Is Wayland Tailored Only For GNOME's Needs?Aug 07 13:24
DaemonFCNo if it's like 90, you can run it all day and it won't freeze.Aug 07 13:24
DaemonFCIt had to be hot enough that the air moving over the condenser won't allow it to freeze itself.Aug 07 13:24
DaemonFCThat's unfortunate.Aug 07 13:24
techrights-newsWho controls you? 07 13:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The owner of the proprietary software controls the computer, not the owner of the computer – neritamAug 07 13:24
DaemonFCI like to be as cold as the city morgue in here.Aug 07 13:25
DaemonFCEspecially while I'm sleeping. Which is exactly when you can't trust the piece of shit.Aug 07 13:25
schestowitz is a video TR posted as webm this year, it's hotlinked Aug 07 13:25
DaemonFCThis apartment has needed a complete tear down for probably 20 years.Aug 07 13:26
techrights-news"We Thought We Knew Ye" ☛ | Source: Scheerpost "This paper is pointing toward a journalistic monoculture"Aug 07 13:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-To the New York Times – “We Thought We Knew Ye” – scheerpost.comAug 07 13:27
DaemonFCBut the landlord has no incentive to do that. Many landlords slap a coat of paint on it and rent it out again.Aug 07 13:27
DaemonFCThat's especially easy these days because it's hard to get an apartment.Aug 07 13:27
DaemonFCSo people will rent one even if it's not the greatest.Aug 07 13:27
techrights-news"A Manual for Readers, authored by David Bollier" ☛ | Source: Common DreamsAug 07 13:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Opinion | The New York Times' Slide Toward Mediocrity | Ralph NaderAug 07 13:28
schestowitz[TR2]<DaemonFC> It's really really old. Like 50 years old.Aug 07 13:30
schestowitz[TR2]the a/c??Aug 07 13:31
schestowitz[TR2]Ryan " perfectly average guy who understands some shit" FarmerAug 07 13:32
techrights-newsUnions ☛ | Source: TruthOutAug 07 13:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hundreds of California Farmworkers Are Marching for Union Voting RightsAug 07 13:33
DaemonFC 07 13:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me (Official Music Video) - InvidiousAug 07 13:33
DaemonFCYeah, that.Aug 07 13:34
schestowitz[TR2]"my a/c saw nixon"Aug 07 13:34
schestowitz[TR2]"and the dick of cambridge"Aug 07 13:35
schestowitz[TR2]("Andrew"Aug 07 13:35
schestowitz[TR2]'prince')Aug 07 13:35
DaemonFCIf they made it like they do things now, it wouldn't even work for 5 years.Aug 07 13:35
DaemonFCThen it would make a loud bang and you'd need a new one.Aug 07 13:35
techrights-newsCalifornia ☛ | Source: TruthOutAug 07 13:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | California and Maine Are Implementing Universal Meal Programs for All ChildrenAug 07 13:36
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: I have a stereo from age 13 or 14Aug 07 13:36
schestowitz[TR2]and alarm clock from the 1990sAug 07 13:36
schestowitz[TR2]still using themAug 07 13:36
schestowitz[TR2]but my new branded kettle lasted just over a yearAug 07 13:36
schestowitz[TR2]enough for earranty to expireAug 07 13:36
DaemonFCThey keep sending mom washing machines that break down after like 6 months.Aug 07 13:37
schestowitz[TR2]maybe they make them for chip resueAug 07 13:37
DaemonFCThey realized there's no punishment for making appliances and cars like this.Aug 07 13:38
schestowitz[TR2]for the "suppy chain shortages " ;-)Aug 07 13:38
DaemonFCPeople will just buy more of them.Aug 07 13:38
schestowitz[TR2]we stopped buying kettlesAug 07 13:38
schestowitz[TR2]I use a pot on the hob nowAug 07 13:38
schestowitz[TR2]protestAug 07 13:38
DaemonFCAn old style whistling tea pot?Aug 07 13:38
DaemonFCProbably for the best. Nothing to break, really.Aug 07 13:39
schestowitz[TR2]no whistlingAug 07 13:39
schestowitz[TR2]but there is a timer on the hobAug 07 13:39
schestowitz[TR2]andddd it beepsAug 07 13:39
schestowitz[TR2]matey tolld me he too does thisAug 07 13:39
DaemonFCI have an electric kettle.Aug 07 13:39
DaemonFCDon't ask me how, but it was from Amazon for $10 and it's on its third year.Aug 07 13:39
schestowitz[TR2]let's see it lasting till 2030Aug 07 13:39
schestowitz[TR2]my mom's microwave is nearly as old as meAug 07 13:40
schestowitz[TR2]afaik, no repairs neededAug 07 13:40
DaemonFCYou'd think it would be easy for an electric kettle to last 30 years.Aug 07 13:40
DaemonFCI have a coffee maker from the 1940s, Roy.Aug 07 13:40
DaemonFCStill working.Aug 07 13:40
techrights-newsIndiana ☛ | Source: TruthOutAug 07 13:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Indiana Becomes First State to Pass Extreme Abortion Ban After Roe's FallAug 07 13:40
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: it it can survive the war, it can withstanding anythingAug 07 13:41
schestowitz[TR2]*WithstandAug 07 13:41
DaemonFCIt's a percolator. I had a shop get me a new cord for it.Aug 07 13:41
schestowitz[TR2]I saw some cookware from ww2Aug 07 13:41
schestowitz[TR2]still in useAug 07 13:41
schestowitz[TR2]now you have appliance that come with usb pots, dongles, wifiAug 07 13:42
schestowitz[TR2]like wifi will still be around 30 years from now...Aug 07 13:42
schestowitz[TR2]or serial portAug 07 13:42
DaemonFCMatthew J. GULAG.....suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper genius will figure it all out.Aug 07 13:43
techrights-news"When we first saw the PZ1 laptop — a 6502 laptop-style computer with a small display and 512K of RAM — we couldn’t help but think of the old AIM 65 computer from Rockwell, although that only had 1K of memory." ☛ | Source: HackadayAug 07 13:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Laptoppin’ Like 1975 | HackadayAug 07 13:43
DaemonFCHis ACME anvils come from Amazon.Aug 07 13:43
DaemonFCThey're Cloud Enabled.Aug 07 13:43
techrights-news"Sometimes a problem seems hard, but the right insight can make it easy." ☛ | Source: HackadayAug 07 13:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Compare PDFs Visually | HackadayAug 07 13:45
DaemonFC 07 13:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Acme Corporation - WikipediaAug 07 13:45
*yuhong (~yuhong@freenode-7ng.fme.p9dfrp.IP) has joined #techrightsAug 07 13:50
DaemonFC 07 13:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Looney Tuesdays | Coyote's Best Failed Plans | Looney Tunes | WB Kids - InvidiousAug 07 13:50
*yuhong has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 13:53
DaemonFCIt was called the Golden Age of Cartoons because they didn't have people like GULAG complaining about them and making sure nothing funny was allowed.Aug 07 13:54
DaemonFC 07 13:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Looney Tunes | Be Vewy Quiet, I'm Hunting Wabbits! | Classic Cartoon | WB Kids - InvidiousAug 07 13:55
DaemonFCClearly transphobic. :PAug 07 13:55
DaemonFCThis particular cartoon made me laugh very hard when I was a kid.Aug 07 13:56
DaemonFCNobody will remember the cartoons they make now.Aug 07 13:59
DaemonFCThey put them on some streaming site and they're censored by China and the Woke Cancel Crowd first, so they're not even funny.Aug 07 13:59
DaemonFCAnd then it doesn't even matter if they die and can't be shared.Aug 07 14:00
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techrights-newsLinks 06/08/2022: Five Years of Fosstodo and Arti 0.6.0 | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 14:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 06/08/2022: Five Years of Fosstodo and Arti 0.6.0 | TechrightsAug 07 14:07
techrights-newsProgramming leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 14:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Programming leftovers | Tux MachinesAug 07 14:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Programming leftoversAug 07 14:08
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techrights-newsOpen Hardware: MQTT, Pong, STM32, and MicroPython • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 14:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Open Hardware: MQTT, Pong, STM32, and MicroPython | Tux MachinesAug 07 14:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Open Hardware: MQTT, Pong, STM32, and MicroPythonAug 07 14:08
techrights-newsToday’s 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 HowTos • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 14:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesAug 07 14:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's howtosAug 07 14:08
techrights-newsToday’s 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 14:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesAug 07 14:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's leftoversAug 07 14:09
techrights-newsGraft: manipulating the market at taxpayers' expense to keep the rich even richer 07 14:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The CHIPS Act and industrial policy, explained | The WeekAug 07 14:31
techrights-newsMany reasons why VR never caught on. This isn't even a major factor: the RealThing(TM) is betterAug 07 14:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-VR Still Stinks Because It Doesn’t Smell | WIREDAug 07 14:33
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techrights-newsBuilding a Practical Quantum Computer beyond hype or not?Aug 07 14:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Building a Practical Quantum Computer | News | Communications of the ACMAug 07 14:34
techrights-newsICBM has the audacity to do this? After its racism in this area. AdWeek = lie week, propaganda week 07 14:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | An AI Fix to Advertising Bias? Industry Giants Commit to IBM's TechAug 07 14:42
techrights-newsIBM Racism 07 14:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM - TechrightsAug 07 14:42
techrights-newsWWW as surveillance pool 07 14:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tool for extracting content from CMSsAug 07 14:44
techrights-newsThis does not sound innovative at all, they just throw buzzwords like "HEY HI" into the mix 07 14:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | This Startup Is Using AI to Help Keep Store Shelves Stocked - IEEE SpectrumAug 07 14:45
techrights-newsNo innovation here except the display is on the glasses 07 14:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-New AR glasses allow deaf people to ‘see’ conversations by turning audio into subtitles | EuronewsAug 07 14:46
techrights-newsCalling everything "HEY HI" again. Same stuff that was done 20+ years ago 07 14:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | AI scours brain data to spot mental illness patterns - FuturityAug 07 14:47
techrights-newsMostly surveillance applications here, spiced up with buzzwords like "HEY HI" 07 14:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 403 @ )Aug 07 14:47
techrights-newsHow to get NixOS hosted at OpenBSD Amsterdam gemini:// 07 14:49
techrights-news"As mentioned in a previous blog post of mine, I started using a Zettelkasten about three months ago. It currently has about 240 zettel (without templates and journals)" gemini:// 07 14:50
techrights-news"In my last post I wrote about finding a 13-yr old not functional windows laptop and throwing Lubuntu on there and having a 'new' to me snappy computer. In this post I'm writing about re-using 'trash.'" gemini:// 07 14:51
techrights-newsConférence Richard STALLMAN - Congrès ADULLACT 2022 4 days agoAug 07 14:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Conférence Richard STALLMAN - Congrès ADULLACT 2022 - InvidiousAug 07 14:54
schestowitz[TR2] 07 14:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Stallman canta alma llenera en la usta tunja - InvidiousAug 07 14:56
techrights-newsLast month, Linux Torvalds' dad: Committee on Environment Public Health and Food Safety 11.7.2022 07 14:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Committee on Environment Public Health and Food Safety 11.7.2022 - InvidiousAug 07 14:59
techrights-newsSystemRescue 9.04 is out 07 15:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | SystemRescue - System Rescue HomepageAug 07 15:02
techrights-newsThe SDDM Login Manager Has So Many Amazing Themes - Invidious ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 15:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The SDDM Login Manager Has So Many Amazing Themes - InvidiousAug 07 15:04
techrights-newsA clown of buzzwords 07 15:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Internxt - Web3 Ready Privacy-centric Cloud Storage with Linux clientAug 07 15:05
techrights-newsLilah? Is that you? This place... it's... amazing... 07 15:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ScummVM :: HomeAug 07 15:05
techrights-news[GIT PULL] RISC-V Patches for the 5.20 Merge Window, Part 1 - Palmer Dabbelt ⚓ ䷉ Source: palmer-mbp2014 | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 15:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [GIT PULL] RISC-V Patches for the 5.20 Merge Window, Part 1 - Palmer DabbeltAug 07 15:06
techrights-newsradv: Refactor/rewrite acceleration structures (!17028) · Merge requests · Mesa / mesa · GitLab ⚓ ䷉ Source: gitlab | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 15:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | radv: Refactor/rewrite acceleration structures (!17028) · Merge requests · Mesa / mesa · GitLabAug 07 15:06
techrights-news"One of the things that had perplexed me about the Immix collector was how to effectively defragment the heap via evacuation while keeping just 2-3% of space as free blocks for an evacuation reserve." 07 15:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | coarse or lazy? -- wingologAug 07 15:07
techrights-newsBUS1: more Microsoft traps for Linux from the Microsoft GitHub trash heap (like systemd and rust). Proprietary hosting, censorship, and so on...Aug 07 15:10
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techrights-newsMicrosoft loses money in GitHub because the sole goal is to SABOTAGE the competition. This is the Microsoft modus operandi. Quit participating in it.Aug 07 15:11
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techrights-newsProprietary, bloat (JS), spyware 07 15:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | - Entertaining And Educational Games For EveryoneAug 07 15:14
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techrights-newsArch Linux-Based SystemRescue 9.04 Distro Brings New Packages, Improvements • Tux Machines ⇨ 07 17:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Arch Linux-Based SystemRescue 9.04 Distro Brings New Packages, Improvements | Tux MachinesAug 07 17:33
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techrights-newsAnother reason you should not carry one 07 17:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bluetooth Signals Can be Used to Identify and Track SmartphonesAug 07 17:38
techrights-newsTransforming Science through Cyberinfrastructure 07 17:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Transforming Science through Cyberinfrastructure | August 2022 | Communications of the ACMAug 07 17:39
techrights-newsApple also gives your data and passwords to the NSA, so... 07 17:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Apple's Passkey Replaces Passwords With iPhone and Mac Authentication | WIREDAug 07 17:40
techrights-newsAdding some hype factor with "Blockchain" 07 17:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How Blockchain Can Bring Transparency and Privacy to the Supply Chain | SupplyChainBrainAug 07 17:42
techrights-newsAdding mystique with the word "quantum" to make things sound impenetrable 07 17:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New quantum encryption method could lead to truly secure communicationAug 07 17:43
techrights-news"Most web3 applications will probably be more off-chain than on-chain. And I think that's OK." 07 17:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Sufficiently DecentralizedAug 07 17:44
techrights-newsThe End-to-End Principle in System Design 07 17:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 308 @ )Aug 07 17:45
techrights-newsDon't ever rely on Intel. Bad for business. 07 17:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel Arc Board Partner Ceasing Production, Report | Tom's HardwareAug 07 17:46
techrights-news“This is an opportunity for the whole of the parliament to be on the right side of history" 07 17:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Greens to vote for climate change bill - Michael WestAug 07 17:46
techrights-news"If you are gadget-minded you are now thinking: “Wireless earbuds!” But no thanks. The last thing I need in my life is more devices to keep track of, charge, and sync with other devices." 07 17:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Subtracting devices – Jon UdellAug 07 17:47
techrights-news"Computer security is really, really important. It was important decades ago, when computers were merely how we ran our financial system, aviation, and the power grid. Today, as more and more of us have our bodies inside of computers (cars, houses, etc) and computers in our body (implants), computer security is urgent." 07 17:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pluralistic: 28 Jul 2022 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory DoctorowAug 07 17:50
techrights-newsSecurity Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 17:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Security Leftovers | Tux MachinesAug 07 17:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Security LeftoversAug 07 17:50
techrights-news"At home, I'm running my own router to manage Internet, run DHCP, do filter and caching etc... I'm using an APU2 running OpenBSD, it works great so far, but I was curious to know if I could manage to run NixOS on it without having to deal with serial console and installation." 07 18:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Solene'% : Creating a NixOS live USB for a full featured APU routerAug 07 18:04
techrights-news"The risk of foot and mouth disease reaching Australia is diminishing as Indonesia suppresses its outbreak, state and territory leaders have been told." 07 18:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Foot and mouth outbreak risk 'diminishing' - Michael WestAug 07 18:05
techrights-newsElectronic Music Production: Patch Your Network (feat. AENDZI) 07 18:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Electronic Music Production: Patch Your Network (feat. AENDZI) | Niels ProvosAug 07 18:24
techrights-newsWill v8 Isolates Coexist With Containers? 07 18:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Will v8 Isolates Coexist With Containers?Aug 07 18:25
techrights-newsis this news or marketing? 07 18:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Purism's 'Librem 5 USA' Smartphone Achieves Major New Shipping Milestone - SlashdotAug 07 18:28
techrights-newsAnnouncing the availability of two openSUSE mirrors in Mauritius ⚓ ䷉ Source: sysadmin-journal | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 18:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Announcing the availability of two openSUSE mirrors in MauritiusAug 07 18:30
techrights-news"For everyone in or near Boston (USA), I'll be around at the end of the month (30/31 August)! If you have any ideas about the organisation of a meeting, a signing session, a pleinair sketch group, or a Krita workshop, contact me." 07 18:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | August in Boston - David RevoyAug 07 18:38
techrights-newsPerfect start today 07 18:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 500 @ )Aug 07 18:50
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techrights-newsThis statement was issued on a Sunday; they've solved none of the underlying issues, they're just gagging those who speak about Debian issues 07 18:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Debian -- News -- Ownership of "" domainAug 07 18:52
techrights-newsGNU Shishi version 1.0.3 (stable) released on 6 August 2022 07 18:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Shishi - Free Software DirectoryAug 07 18:53
techrights-newsDirk Eddelbuettel: RApiSerialize 0.1.1 on CRAN: Updates 07 18:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Thinking inside the boxAug 07 18:53
techrights-newsBaCon dependency removed from OE 07 18:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | BaCon dependency removed from OEAug 07 18:55
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techrights-newsCan a Fork Save Cutefish OS (or Its Desktop)? 07 18:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What Happens to Cutefish OS? Users Are Concerned Whether the Project Is Still Alive | Tux MachinesAug 07 18:57
techrights-newsList Files and Directories in Style Using lsd and exa • Tux Machines ⇨ 07 18:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | List Files and Directories in Style Using lsd and exa | Tux MachinesAug 07 18:58
techrights-newsSurveillance with dumb "consumers" as the enablers 07 19:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Google Starts Real-World Testing for Augmented Reality Glasses That May Employ North Focals Tech - Voicebot.aiAug 07 19:00
techrights-newsNecrobotics: Dead Spiders Reincarnated as Robot Grippers - IEEE Spectrum ⚓ ䷉ Source: spectrum | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 19:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Necrobotics: Dead Spiders Reincarnated as Robot Grippers - IEEE SpectrumAug 07 19:01
techrights-newsHEY HI HEY HI HEY HI HEY HI HEY HI HEY HI ... MOAR buzzwords and hype 07 19:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How AI Search Can Boost Retail Sales Through Product Discovery | SupplyChainBrainAug 07 19:02
techrights-newsResearchers use wearable tech to detect COVID-19 before onset of symptoms 07 19:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Researchers use wearable tech to detect COVID-19 before onset of symptoms  – Brighter WorldAug 07 19:02
techrights-newsA secret language of cells? New cell computations uncovered | King Abdullah University ⚓ ䷉ Source: kaust | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 19:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A secret language of cells? New cell computations uncovered | King Abdullah UniversityAug 07 19:03
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techrights-news"Hey all! My name is Mariah Kelly and I will be your Technical Documentation and Content Support Specialist for this evening. Now, if you’ll take a moment to review the safety guide located in the seatback pocket in front of you – ah, just messin’ with ya!" 07 19:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Meet Mariah! - News - SparkFun ElectronicsAug 07 19:37
techrights-newsMost British COVID-19 mourners suffer PTSD symptoms: survey | News ⚓ ䷉ Source: news | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 19:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Most British COVID-19 mourners suffer PTSD symptoms: survey | NewsAug 07 19:43
techrights-newsSmaller is neater 07 19:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Nibble Stew: Implementing a "mini-LaTeX" in ~2000 lines of codeAug 07 19:50
techrights-newsMarkov Chains for Queueing Systems 07 19:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Markov Chains for Queueing SystemsAug 07 19:51
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techrights-newsCapital v labour: where is the poll on neo-liberalism? - Michael West ⚓ ䷉ Source: michaelwest | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 19:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Capital v labour: where is the poll on neo-liberalism? - Michael WestAug 07 19:52
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techrights-newsMulti-layered strategies needed to protect public health from oil and gas drilling impacts - Yale School of Public Health ⚓ 07 19:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Multi-layered strategies needed to protect public health from oil and gas drilling impacts < Yale School of Public HealthAug 07 19:56
techrights-newsThe Reverse Bradbury: your electricity bill and the ACCC’s gas report 07 19:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Reverse Bradbury: your electricity bill and the ACCC's gas report - Michael WestAug 07 19:56
techrights-newsYahoo... looks at your emails and sends them around. Don't follow such bad advice. Yahoo! also gets cracked. 07 20:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Yahoo Mail looks… good!Aug 07 20:11
techrights-newsViolence as the "new normal" 07 20:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Path to a New 1914? - TomDispatch.comAug 07 20:11
techrights-news"To recap the situation, Insteon hubs lost access to the Insteon servers in April." ^_^ ^_^ 07 20:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How upset should you really be about Insteon's subscription plans? - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysisAug 07 20:13
techrights-newsCops: we get all violent against peaceful people and won't do anything about violent people 07 20:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-‘Brave’ SWAT Squad Races to School, Then Waits 40 Minutes as Parents Scream for Action - CounterPunch.orgAug 07 20:14
techrights-newsMultiple Inline SVGs (From QuickChart) 07 20:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Multiple Inline SVGs (From QuickChart) - Jim Nielsen’s BlogAug 07 20:16
AdmFubar 07 20:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'Complete Chaos' Inside Oracle Marketing As Mass Layoffs Hit the GroupAug 07 20:27
techrights-newsLegalizing women’s inequality and powerlessness - neritam ⚓ ䷉ Source: neritamAug 07 20:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Legalizing women’s inequality and powerlessness – neritamAug 07 20:32
schestowitz[TR2]AdmFubar: oh, good newsAug 07 20:33
schestowitz[TR2]same in ICBMAug 07 20:33
schestowitz[TR2] 07 20:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Many IBM Layoffs (in Marketing), But the Media Is Not Mentioning Those Layoffs At All | TechrightsAug 07 20:33
techrights-newsGas crisis really a transparency crisis, says architect of the “Trigger” Rex Patrick 07 20:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gas crisis really a transparency crisis, says architect of the "Trigger" Rex Patrick - Michael WestAug 07 20:34
techrights-newsType-On Typewriter Animation in Nuke 07 20:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Type-On Typewriter Animation in Nuke | Niels ProvosAug 07 20:35
techrights-newsEverything we know about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as of August 2022 07 20:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Everything we know about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as of August 2022Aug 07 20:37
techrights-newsLamborghini Crisis: Australia crippled by critical shortage of Lamborghinis - Michael West ⚓ ䷉ Source: michaelwest | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 20:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lamborghini Crisis: Australia crippled by critical shortage of Lamborghinis - Michael WestAug 07 20:38
techrights-newsNew Zealand’s unemployment at 3.3 per cent - Michael West ⚓ ䷉ Source: michaelwest | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 20:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Zealand's unemployment at 3.3 per cent - Michael WestAug 07 20:40
techrights-news"I don’t mean to criticise everyone here. For every churn factory producing low-quality clickbait (the Linux equivalent of those 5 Minute Craft lifehack videos)" 07 20:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: Superficial Linux distribution reviewsAug 07 20:41
*phanes busts out the taodb files and starts processing the todd case again :)Aug 07 20:43
techrights-newsABC exodus from Pyrmont to Parramatta: what’s the scam? - Michael West ⚓ ䷉ Source: michaelwest | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 20:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ABC exodus from Pyrmont to Parramatta: what's the scam? - Michael WestAug 07 20:44
techrights-news"I’ve noticed comments that end with an ellipsis disproportionately skew towards trolls and condescending people. They often accompany a “you do know that” as well." 07 20:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rubenerd: People who end comments with an ellipsis…Aug 07 20:46
techrights-news"The fiasco over the appointment of former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro to a plum post in New York may yet do some good for long-suffering taxpayers." 07 20:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | If we can cancel New York, we can cancel anywhere - Michael WestAug 07 20:47
techrights-news"The federal government is being warned to rein in its spending on industry assistance as Australia’s economy bounces back from the COVID-19 pandemic. At least $16 billion was spent on aiding various industries in 2020/21, a $4 billion increase on the previous year, a report by the Productivity Commission has found." 07 20:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Warning on $16bn industry assistance bill - Michael WestAug 07 20:48
techrights-newsGovernment "assisting" businesses and people with "stimulus" and de facto bailouts is just the government taking money from taxpayers (or debt with taxpayers as collaterals)... to give that to the taxpayers. Not solving any real issue. Sleigh of hand.Aug 07 20:49
techrights-newsInstead of saving lives, e.g. reducing exposure to COVID-19, the regimes are putting capitalism on "life support"Aug 07 20:50
techrights-newsA reluctant thank you, Mr Christensen: what we learnt about a travelling MP - Michael West ⚓ ䷉ Source: michaelwestAug 07 20:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A reluctant thank you, Mr Christensen: what we learnt about a travelling MP - Michael WestAug 07 20:51
AdmFubar 07 20:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Citing Danger of “Ink Spills” Epson Programs End of Life for Some PrintersAug 07 20:53
techrights-news"The MGR Window System (via) is a brief introduction to MGR, an interesting and under-mentioned Unix windowing system, including a screenshot. I once used MGR myself and have reasonably fond memories of it, so it's nice to see more writing about it on the Internet." 07 20:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chris's Wiki :: blog/links/TheMGRWindowSystemAug 07 20:53
schestowitz[TR2]AdmFubar: nice DRM you got thereAug 07 20:54
schestowitz[TR2]would be a shame if...Aug 07 20:54
AdmFubareveryone boycotted epsonAug 07 20:55
techrights-news"In the old days, I used to send press releases to news websites etc…and maybe I’ll still do that once I’m testing this and have some screenshots to show. Not that screenshots of Democracy 4 are exactly a visual feast that makes people’s jaws drop as they gasp at the photorealism…but there ya go." 07 20:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Officially announcing the next Democracy 4 expansion – Cliffski's BlogAug 07 20:55
AdmFubar 07 20:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Purism's 'Librem 5 USA' Smartphone Achieves Major New Shipping Milestone - SlashdotAug 07 20:55
techrights-newsLights out and blinds drawn on the Australian dream as black money fuels house prices - Michael West ⚓ ䷉ Source: michaelwest | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 20:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lights out and blinds drawn on the Australian dream as black money fuels house prices - Michael WestAug 07 20:56
techrights-newsNSA, NIST, and post-quantum cryptography: Announcing my second lawsuit against the U.S. government. 07 20:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 2022.08.05: NSA, NIST, and post-quantum cryptographyAug 07 20:57
techrights-newsNIST: we make recommendations... that work AGAINST youAug 07 20:57
AdmFubar:) 07 20:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Shaun the Sheep will join NASA’s Artemis 1 flight to the Moon | EngadgetAug 07 20:58
techrights-news"Amid large capital outflows, downward pressure on the rupee and reserve drawdowns, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced on July 6 a slew of measures to attract greater foreign exchange flows to India." 07 20:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Will RBI’s New Measures Open Forex Floodgates? - MadhyamAug 07 20:59
techrights-news"Blogging. Emailing. Tweeting. Coding. Configuring. None of these are about the practice themselves. They’re all about the friends we make along the way :)" 07 21:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Reading Notes, July 2022 - Jim Nielsen’s BlogAug 07 21:00
techrights-newsAustralia’s creeping surveillance state: Big Brother is on the march - Michael West ⚓ ䷉ Source: michaelwest | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Australia's creeping surveillance state: Big Brother is on the march - Michael WestAug 07 21:01
techrights-newsPorting Doom to a payment terminal 07 21:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Porting Doom to a payment terminal - th0mas.nlAug 07 21:02
techrights-newsSUSE is killing Reiser 07 21:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Future of reiserfs in Tumbleweed (and beyond) []Aug 07 21:05
techrights-newsRapidDisk Tutorial - Episode 2: NVMe Target Exporting - Random [Tech] Stuff ⚓ ䷉ Source: koutoupis | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RapidDisk Tutorial – Episode 2: NVMe Target Exporting – Random [Tech] StuffAug 07 21:06
techrights-newshecticgeek used to cover GNU/Linux, but these days it's a part-time WEBSPAM site, e.g. catalogues disguised as "stories" 07 21:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Best Laptops For Data Science in 2022Aug 07 21:06
techrights-news"When Debian cabalists wanted to steal the domain in 2014, they didn't go to a lawyer or the World Intellectual Property Organization." 07 21:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lucas Nussbaum & Debian attempted exploit of OVH Hosting insiderAug 07 21:07
techrights-newsICBM is nuking Fedora 07 21:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Unsettled by Unison’s Fadeaway from Fedora – The Open SourcererAug 07 21:08
techrights-newsNow the US, according to MIT media (funded by Gates and Epstein), wants to add DoD to CoC... for the military to control free/libre software. Hardly shocking that GAFAM gives bribes to SPI while ICBM et al try to weed out any remaining Free software communities. It's disgusting. FIGHT BACK. GPL gives us the power of forking etc.Aug 07 21:11
techrights-newsOh, yes, they also 'killed' the GPL founder... to distract from what Gates did with Epstein at MIT and on the Lolita Express.Aug 07 21:11
techrights-newsFree software is under attack by US government-connected corporations, inc. IBM, i.e. including Red Hat. They're not on the side of the community anymore. Only the name (Trademark(TM)) remains while many Red Hat engineers and managers leave the building.Aug 07 21:12
techrights-newsPlanet Debian has been rather dead lately. Where have we seen this before? Oh, yes, Fedora. No morale, no volunteers.Aug 07 21:13
techrights-newsFor a while there Planet Fedora was mostly IBM employees (Red Hat). Now.... barely even that. As so many resign.Aug 07 21:14
techrights-newsWhat the Krita Developers Are Up To, Part II • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What the Krita Developers Are Up To, Part II | Tux MachinesAug 07 21:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — What the Krita Developers Are Up To, Part IIAug 07 21:16
techrights-newsReview: KDE neon 5.25 • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Review: KDE neon 5.25 | Tux MachinesAug 07 21:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Review: KDE neon 5.25Aug 07 21:16
techrights-newsFuture of reiserfs in Tumbleweed (and beyond) • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Future of reiserfs in Tumbleweed (and beyond) | Tux MachinesAug 07 21:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Future of reiserfs in Tumbleweed (and beyond)Aug 07 21:17
techrights-news[GIT PULL] Staging driver changes for 6.0-rc1 ⚓ ䷉ Source: kroah | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [GIT PULL] Staging driver changes for 6.0-rc1Aug 07 21:20
techrights-news𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴: Google #Android Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesAug 07 21:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Android LeftoversAug 07 21:23
techrights-newsJean-François Fortin Tam: Unsettled by Unison’s Fadeaway from Fedora • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Jean-François Fortin Tam: Unsettled by Unison’s Fadeaway from Fedora | Tux MachinesAug 07 21:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Jean-François Fortin Tam: Unsettled by Unison’s Fadeaway from FedoraAug 07 21:28
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techrights-newsTechrights back fully on IPFS following the hardware failure at home.Aug 07 21:34
techrights-newsGames: Porting Doom, ScummVM, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 21:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Games: Porting Doom, ScummVM, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Tux MachinesAug 07 21:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Games: Porting Doom, ScummVM, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildAug 07 21:35
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techrights-news"I am definitely paying attention to Gemini. Yep. Anyway, I made a couple things. A program, and an "album"." gemini:// 07 21:48
techrights-news"Recently I have been reading x86-64 SysV ABI documentation, and I found curious paragraph there" gemini:// 07 21:49
techrights-news"Continuing musing on how to recover C language optimization lost to separate compilation." gemini:// 07 21:49
techrights-news"Gemtext is line-based; you can implement a gemtext parser with a fixed amount of global state and no lookbehind. In other words, the gemtext language is strictly more restricted even than context-free grammar." gemini:// 07 21:50
techrights-news# My experience writing a Lisp system shell gemini:// 07 21:51
techrights-news🔤SpellBinding: ACIPTVY Wordo: BOWIE gemini:// 07 21:52
techrights-news"A week ago, I switched my life to being primarily 'offline'. Or, perhaps it is better to say I took steps in that direction. I was still online during working hours, and I left the messaging apps on my phone online." gemini:// 07 21:53
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schestowitzGemini Search Results Study, Part 1 gemini:// "This is going to be a fairly brief post that will be further expanded upon in Part 2, which probably won't be published for at least a few days.Aug 07 21:54
schestowitz"Aug 07 21:54
MinceR(cat) 07 22:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- 07 22:02
techrights-news⚓ links-07082022-systemrescue-9-04 | ♾ Gemini address: links-07082022-systemrescue-9-04Aug 07 22:06
techrights-newsLinks 07/08/2022: SystemRescue 9.04 Out, Debian Officially Celebrates Censorship | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 22:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 07/08/2022: SystemRescue 9.04 Out, Debian Officially Celebrates Censorship | TechrightsAug 07 22:06
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techrights-news𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Programming Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 22:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Programming Leftovers | Tux MachinesAug 07 22:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Programming LeftoversAug 07 22:09
techrights-newsToday’s 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 HowTos • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 22:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesAug 07 22:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's howtosAug 07 22:09
techrights-newsToday’s 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 22:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesAug 07 22:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's leftoversAug 07 22:09
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DaemonFCNo matter how much I get, no matter how hard I work, someone always comes and takes it from me. So I realized, why bother?Aug 07 22:21
DaemonFCYou save money, the government inflates it all away.Aug 07 22:21
DaemonFCYou make more, they take away your healthcare and you have to figure it all out in the "individual market".Aug 07 22:21
DaemonFCEvery dollar you make past a certain point doesn't even result in a 10 cent benefit to you.Aug 07 22:22
DaemonFCToday, the Democrats in the Senate are blowing each other for passing an "Inflation Reduction" bill, whose only permanent feature is a bigger, nastier IRS.Aug 07 22:23
DaemonFCIt spends a lot of my money buying expensive toys for rich people (EVs).Aug 07 22:23
DaemonFCAnd their signature amendment, the one that was actually supposed benefit people with lower drug costs, got stripped out by Manchin, Sinema, and the Republicans.Aug 07 22:23
DaemonFCAffordable Insulin for diabetics is pretty much gone. Only helps old people on Medicare.Aug 07 22:24
DaemonFCMedicare negotiating the price of drugs was cut back to, a few dozen, eventually, years from now, out of many thousands that are bankrupting Medicare today.Aug 07 22:24
DaemonFCThe enhanced Obummercare subsidies were extended, for 12 months, so they end if you don't vote for Joe Biden again.Aug 07 22:25
DaemonFCBut the IRS bullshit goes on for the entire 10 year budget window.Aug 07 22:25
schestowitz[TR2]0/Aug 07 22:25
DaemonFCIf Bernie Sanders was a real progressive, then instead of rolling over on this, he'd fight like hell.Aug 07 22:25
DaemonFCHe'd tank it until they brought back something better.Aug 07 22:26
DaemonFCHe goes, "Well, there's the environment!" while the thing props up Manchin's coal plants and includes mandatory lease issuance for oil and gas companies.Aug 07 22:26
DaemonFCThis is a horrible bill, and it would be better had they not passed anything at all, like most of what they do.Aug 07 22:27
DaemonFCThen it lobs news taxes that will get pushed down to consumers and make inflation even worse than it is now.Aug 07 22:28
DaemonFCThe entire thing is just spend spend spend, and they're going to take it out of our asses again. Someone needs to do something to neuter the Biden administration even if it is vote for the Republicans.Aug 07 22:29
DaemonFCI've had it.Aug 07 22:29
DaemonFCPeople wised up a bit with Obama. They threw in a divided government and he was in there signing executive orders for 6 years.Aug 07 22:29
DaemonFC 07 22:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | After Supreme Court ruling, it's open season on gun laws in Colorado and across the U.S.Aug 07 22:31
DaemonFCI don't think even Stallman supported the idea of arbitrary bureaucrats deciding what "a good reason" is. I told him about FOID in Illinois and how the State Police are supposed to monitor dangerous individuals, however, they gave Robert Crimo III a FOID Card after (1) being thrown out of public school for being fucking psychotic and having a kill book showing him gunning down a school, complete with a red inkpen for blood, and then his parents Aug 07 22:34
DaemonFCrefused a psychiatrist that the state offered to pay for. Then (2) years later, the police came out because he was threatening suicide and took 19 knives and swords from his house, and then (3) responded again a few months later because he was threatening to kill family members _and_ himself.Aug 07 22:34
DaemonFCSo how effective are the laws the court is throwing out?Aug 07 22:34
DaemonFCThe Illinois State Police gave our most recent horrific mass shooter permission to buy a high powered assault rifle even though they ignored three major red flags that were on his permanent record.Aug 07 22:35
DaemonFCIt's very interesting how they operate in there. If they can't bother to verify they have the correct pictures on several hundred cards and don't realize what they're doing for an entire monht.Aug 07 22:36
DaemonFC*monthAug 07 22:36
DaemonFCThe State Police offered me automatic FOID card renewals if I submitted fingerprints.Aug 07 22:40
DaemonFCI asked where I could go to do that and they said there are no places where they'll accept fingerprints from.Aug 07 22:40
DaemonFCI asked if they knew when they would start doing that, and the guy on the phone told me now.Aug 07 22:40
DaemonFC*noAug 07 22:40
DaemonFCThe law changes to allow that, and so they undermine the intent of the legislature by not authorizing anyone to collect fingerprints they'll accept.Aug 07 22:41
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #techrightsAug 07 22:41
MinceR 07 22:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - ProveAug 07 22:41
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 22:48
*techuser has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 22:51
ulfnice, www-client/w3m finished compilation with tcc compiler... another dozen of builds to repairAug 07 22:52
ulfand some nasty blockers remaining which locked into gcc/binutils, hence i created a temporary exception for thoseAug 07 22:53
ulfperl, python/libffi, gcc itself, binutils, musl-libc... Aug 07 22:53
ulfalot of careful review remainingAug 07 22:53
ulfideally i can remove this entirely: gcc, binutilsAug 07 22:53
ulfat least i do not want anything to depend on this anymore, because i had to block at gcc-4.7/binutils-2.22Aug 07 22:54
*techuser (~techuser@nn58qcu3qngy2.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 22:55
ulfnext one to repair: alsa-lib which uses some symbol-versioning magic incompatible with tcc compiler/linker... not sure how difficult this one will be to cope withAug 07 22:55
ulfcurrently, it is 3 failed builds remaining only, which block another dozen dependening on those... not much, however those seem to be the more difficult ones to deal withAug 07 22:56
ulfand i had excluded gnu gettext/intltool temporarily... because related perl dependencies and their makefiles are f**ckedAug 07 22:56
ulfi mean, i have finished almost the entire userspace alreadyAug 07 22:57
ulfreminds me, sys-apps/busybox needs repair too... which utilizes linux kbuild system, and this freaked out over tcc compiler/linker tooAug 07 22:57
ulfnot easy to repair, at least it is possibleAug 07 22:58
*techuser has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 22:58
ulfand i mean, this is a breakthrough, revolutionary, to "Free Software", i could rescue a c-only profile and compile almost the entire userspace with tccAug 07 22:58
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #techrightsAug 07 23:00
*techuser (~techuser@4wr2j48cc8cmq.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 23:07
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR2], I sat down and figured it all out. How many hours Mandy can work where we keep all of our money, or substantially all of it.Aug 07 23:26
schestowitz[TR2]i see..Aug 07 23:26
schestowitz[TR2]well, you can always pick a job tooAug 07 23:26
schestowitz[TR2]it's a GREAT ecopnomyAug 07 23:26
DaemonFCI save up throughout the year, and then I have him take unpaid time off work and he ends up taking a week at Thanksgiving or Christmas or something and some unpaid vacation days and stuff.Aug 07 23:27
schestowitz[TR2]according to CNN et talAug 07 23:27
schestowitz[TR2]the economy is HUNGRY for more workers ;-)Aug 07 23:27
DaemonFCIf he ever quits, they're going to have to pay him quite a lot.Aug 07 23:27
schestowitz[TR2]otherwise they're "lazy"Aug 07 23:27
schestowitz[TR2]quites? or fired?Aug 07 23:27
DaemonFCHe has like 18 days of sick time and over a month of vacation.Aug 07 23:27
DaemonFCEither way.Aug 07 23:27
DaemonFCThe law says that's yours.Aug 07 23:27
DaemonFCHe has vacation that will turn into sick if it rolls over at the end of this year.Aug 07 23:28
DaemonFCSo that starts going into sick, which is even better.Aug 07 23:28
DaemonFCBecause vacation is just vacation. It doesn't cover you for being pointed. You can use sick however you want.Aug 07 23:28
schestowitz[TR2]anmyway, back to tech nowAug 07 23:28
schestowitz[TR2]I got ipfs    all working againAug 07 23:28
schestowitz[TR2]better than beforeAug 07 23:28
schestowitz[TR2]catching up with news now.Aug 07 23:28
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: personal diaries are for another channelAug 07 23:29
DaemonFCYou earlier mentioned not making much money per year.Aug 07 23:29
schestowitz[TR2]i make enough to liveAug 07 23:29
DaemonFCI try to keep us at the ceiling for not having to pay the IRS and keeping my health insurance.Aug 07 23:29
schestowitz[TR2]at least I don't waste my life doing things I dislike or which only benefit other pricks like Gulag or MSFTAug 07 23:29
DaemonFCIf we earn more than that, it defeats the point because we can't earn so much more than that, that it would make up for paying the taxes and losing the insurance.Aug 07 23:29
schestowitz[TR2]biabAug 07 23:30
DaemonFCI didn't say that earning some and stopping there was wrong.Aug 07 23:30
DaemonFCIt's smart.Aug 07 23:30
schestowitz[TR2]the main goal is to run techrights for 10, 20 more yearsAug 07 23:30
DaemonFCThe more you fight to earn, the more they take from you and give to someone else.Aug 07 23:30
schestowitz[TR2]should be doable Aug 07 23:30
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: if you want to help with some programming bits, good experience in the processAug 07 23:31
DaemonFCThere's no real reason to try to earn a six figure salary unless you have kids.Aug 07 23:31
DaemonFCI don't have any.Aug 07 23:31
techuserdonate to somewhereAug 07 23:31
techuserIRC friends?Aug 07 23:31
schestowitz[TR2]3 kids are like a million bucks, depends how and where you liveAug 07 23:31
schestowitz[TR2]and they're not a special projectAug 07 23:32
schestowitz[TR2]billions of people worldwide have offspringAug 07 23:32
techusercuddlybear66: relevant?Aug 07 23:32
schestowitz[TR2]DaemonFC: your parents made you for themselvesAug 07 23:32
DaemonFCYeah, it's better to just read books all day until the neighbors smell something and that's when the police find the cat eating you.Aug 07 23:32
schestowitz[TR2]to make them offspringAug 07 23:32
DaemonFCIt draws social ire though, contempt.Aug 07 23:32
schestowitz[TR2]felta felt kinda buyer's remorseAug 07 23:32
schestowitz[TR2]no grandkidsAug 07 23:32
DaemonFCMy black and white cat likes my mother for some reason.Aug 07 23:33
schestowitz[TR2]that's goodAug 07 23:33
DaemonFCShe's a very good natured cat, but I've never seen her jump into someone's lap before.Aug 07 23:33
schestowitz[TR2]I might want to write something about ipfs now... maybe a video evenAug 07 23:34
schestowitz[TR2]biabAug 07 23:34
DaemonFCShe's the cat I found in the hallway of an apartment building and she turned out to be pregnant.Aug 07 23:34
techrights-newsHow to install PhpStorm on Pop!_OS 22.04 - Invidious ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 23:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to install PhpStorm on Pop!_OS 22.04 - InvidiousAug 07 23:35
DaemonFCSo for a while I had 7 cats. Until the 5 kittens were old enough to be weaned.Aug 07 23:35
techrights-newsCage: What In The World Is A Wayland Kiosk?? - Invidious ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 23:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cage: What In The World Is A Wayland Kiosk?? - InvidiousAug 07 23:35
DaemonFCI found good homes for 3 of them and took the other two to a nice no-kill shelter.Aug 07 23:35
DaemonFCSo they all survived.Aug 07 23:36
DaemonFCI take in stray kittens sometimes it seems. There was one when I lived in Indiana that came running up to me and jumped into my hands one winter, and I wasn't just going to leave him out there to freeze. I don't know how he got separated from his mother. Maybe someone dumped him.Aug 07 23:37
DaemonFCThere's a lot of people. There's many cats that could use a home. The cats exist already. They don't need a lot. Just bags of food.Aug 07 23:37
techrights-news[GIT PULL] smb3 client fixes - Steve French ⚓ ䷉ Source: kernel | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 23:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [GIT PULL] smb3 client fixes - Steve FrenchAug 07 23:37
DaemonFCI can even use coupons and my Walmart discount card on that.Aug 07 23:38
techrights-newsUsually takes two weeks after major release for Torvalds to call it RC. Maybe next week (Sunday) then... 07 23:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LKML: Headers for 100 newest messagesAug 07 23:39
techrights-news"The GNU libc version 2.34 has just been accepted into unstable. Getting it ready has been more challenging than other versions, as this version integrates a few libraries (libpthread, libdl, libutil, libanl) into libc." 07 23:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Aurélien Jarno - GNU libc 2.34 in unstableAug 07 23:40
techrights-newsDirk Eddelbuettel: RcppCCTZ 0.2.11 on CRAN: Updates 07 23:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Thinking inside the boxAug 07 23:40
techrights-newsMicrosoft Windows is frying CPUs, so.. 07 23:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Undervolt Your CPU With Throttlestop in Windows - Make Tech EasierAug 07 23:41
*CrystalMath (~coderain@3wfyah776n64s.irc) has joined #techrightsAug 07 23:42
schestowitz[TR2]CrystalMath: 0/Aug 07 23:43
CrystalMathhi schestowitz[TR2]Aug 07 23:43
schestowitz[TR2]CrystalMath: next month we have a series about corruption in montenegroAug 07 23:43
phanesCrystalMath, o/Aug 07 23:44
CrystalMathoh, that's gonna be pretty long then :PAug 07 23:44
techrights-newsGNU-like Mobile Linux Update and Linux Weekly Roundup • Tux Machines ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 23:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GNU-like Mobile Linux Update and Linux Weekly Roundup | Tux MachinesAug 07 23:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — GNU-like Mobile Linux Update and Linux Weekly RoundupAug 07 23:44
CrystalMathhi phanesAug 07 23:44
schestowitz[TR2]CrystalMath:  yes, exactlyAug 07 23:44
schestowitz[TR2]also why it'll take till next monthAug 07 23:44
techrights-newsMore of a Windows thing 07 23:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Restart a ComputerAug 07 23:47
*Achylles (~Achylles_@2804:431:d725:d87b:def0:5845:5ed6:f001) has joined #techrightsAug 07 23:48
techrights-newsKDE Neon not rebooted here for 3 months. I actually dread their updates a bit, they update the whole system, like Microsoft does. Also a very lengthy process... but Neon isn't for production systems. Neither is Windows ;-)Aug 07 23:48

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