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techrights-newsFSD meeting recap 2022-10-14 meeting moderated by people who demanded that FSF founder be removed from FSFOct 15 00:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | FSD meeting recap 2022-10-14 — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareOct 15 00:10
techrights-news"October 7, 2022 meeting, where we saw a couple of new programs added, an update to a collection page, and a discussion on the value of providing licensing and copyright notification file headers to every code file." " 15 00:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | FSD meeting recap 2022-10-07 — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareOct 15 00:11
techrights-newsLibera* Software Foundation. (*see Code of Conduct for things you cannot see or say)Oct 15 00:12
techrights-news"If you have Windows installed on your computer and then installed a Linux distro next to that, your computer may not boot from the correct drive." 15 00:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to change the Windows boot drive in BIOS - Android AuthorityOct 15 00:14
techrights-news"The FIRST first was on, which I quickly left after realizing it was completely unmoderated. The SECOND first was on, which is a lovely place with a great dev, but over time I came to decide I wanted to keep my gemlog here on my capsule and maintain it myself." gemini:// 15 00:16
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Doctor Pizza not the "Doctor" with the DoorDash Pizza?Oct 15 00:20
MinceR   ( )Oct 15 00:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Cyanide & Happiness ( 15 00:21
DaemonFCDon't mind mjg59_.Oct 15 00:26
MinceR:>Oct 15 00:26
DaemonFCHe was just getting in a quick Pepperoni pizza before the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes has their pork ban go into effect.Oct 15 00:27
DaemonFCFucking morons.Oct 15 00:27
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DaemonFC 15 00:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The FDA has officially declared a shortage of ADHD drug Adderall : NPROct 15 00:54
DaemonFC"So some people are just going without," he said. "You know, they're not doing as well at their jobs. They're not really able to keep up as much in professional and personal relationships. Some people I've talked to are trying to compensate with other sort of stimulants, drinking a lot of coffee, energy drinks – people I've talked to who have thought about going to the black market." Oct 15 00:55
DaemonFCDrug addicts.Oct 15 00:55
DaemonFC 15 00:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CEO of poll worker scheduling software company Konnech charged in Los Angeles : NPROct 15 00:57
DaemonFCSlipping data to the Chinese.Oct 15 00:58
techrights-newsTrying to blame "GoLang" because people write programs in GoLang and "Linux" because people can install malware on Linux 15 01:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux, Windows and macOS Hit By New "Alchimist" Attack FrameworkOct 15 01:11
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): The Wine development release 7.19 is now available. ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 01:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — The Wine development release 7.19 is now available.Oct 15 01:12
techrights-newsUsing Wikipedia from the Linux command line | Network World ⚓ ䷉ Source: Network World | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 01:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Using Wikipedia from the Linux command line | Network WorldOct 15 01:13
DaemonFC 15 01:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | These are the faces of the rising number of Black gun owners in the U.S. : The Picture Show : NPROct 15 01:32
DaemonFCThey mean ones with a permit, I'm assuming?Oct 15 01:33
DaemonFCThe ones with the permits are getting them because of the people without the permits that the cops just watch commit felonies and then go "What do you want us to do about it? Oh here, we'll frame you for a traffic ticket while we're here.".Oct 15 01:35
XRevan86 15 01:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenWrt 22.03.1 - Service Release - 12 October 2022Oct 15 01:37
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whiteniggafrog: you're insane dawgOct 15 01:59
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*starstreak picks up her vape, presses the button and inhalesOct 15 02:04
*starstreak exhales smoke out of her noseOct 15 02:04
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reptilian_thrillsstarstreak! if there must beee streeeeaaak, pleeeeease let this staaaarrstreeeeaaaaak...Oct 15 02:28
reptilian_thrillsstaaaaaayyy.....Oct 15 02:28
reptilian_thrills</billmurray>Oct 15 02:28
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techrights-news🅸🆁🅲 techpol + social irc ■ Yesterday's #boycottnovell-social and #techpol IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: GEMINI GemText: gemini:// GEMINI Plain Text: gemini:// 15 02:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social and #techpol @ Techrights IRC Network: Friday, October 14, 2022Oct 15 02:41
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techrights-news✩░▒▓▆▅▃▂▁𝐁𝐔𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐍▁▂▃▅▆▓▒░✩ Yesterday's bulletin is now ready! 🅷🆃🆃🅿: | 🅶🅴🅼🅸🅽🅸 gemini:// (tentative address, to work an hour from now)Oct 15 02:48
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AdmFubaroh this is just wrong 15 03:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Researchers make cyborg cockroaches that carry their own power packs | Ars TechnicaOct 15 03:05
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DaemonFC 15 03:24
DaemonFCMinceR, ^Oct 15 03:24
DaemonFC 15 03:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Raphael Warnock and Hershel Walker discuss race in Georgia Senate contest : NPROct 15 03:25
DaemonFCAh, yes, the contender on the right. A dumb piece of shit football celebrity with 150 traumatic brain injuries, who sired kids with women all over Georgia that he wasn't married to, and ran out on all of them. Endorsed by Trump.Oct 15 03:26
DaemonFCAnd the contender on the left, a longtime married man, pastor, and father.Oct 15 03:27
DaemonFCHow is the polling on this even close?Oct 15 03:27
DaemonFCI could never vote for a man like Herschel Walker. I mean, for fuck's sake. The guy's favorite pastime is obviously making lots and lots of illegitimate kids from broken homes and having women chasing him for child support.Oct 15 03:30
DaemonFCAt least Trump managed to find a guy who went to college (on the football team, so.....they find you classes that are almost impossible for anyone to fail).Oct 15 03:32
DaemonFC:)Oct 15 03:32
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geertsupsupsupsupOct 15 03:36
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AdmFubarand you think you have it bad... 15 03:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Potty prices: Sydney studio apartment with toilet in kitchen on market for $520 a week | Housing | The GuardianOct 15 03:40
geertthats not regular inflation effects anymoreOct 15 03:41
geertuh ohOct 15 03:41
DaemonFCIf Illinois had voter ID, it wouldn't be this nonsense from the 18th century where they're at the county clerk going "That doesn't look like Ryan Farmer's signature!".Oct 15 03:44
DaemonFCAnd it's a couple of 90 year old women without their readers on.Oct 15 03:45
DaemonFCBecause there's nothing better to do when you're on Social Security waiting to die.Oct 15 03:45
DaemonFCIn Indiana, there's no question of who can vote or not.Oct 15 03:46
DaemonFCIf you're a felon, you can't vote.Oct 15 03:46
DaemonFCIf you're anyone else, bring some form of state-issued photo ID on it with your address listed.Oct 15 03:46
DaemonFCUnfortunately, then you run into other problems.Oct 15 03:46
DaemonFCLike that lady who confused me with another Ryan Farmer living in the county and said "You already voted! I'm calling the police!" Again, 90 year old woman, nothing better to do, on a power trip.Oct 15 03:47
DaemonFCMy fucking God. Can you believe how much the limo liberals like mjg59_ would be shitting themselves if I was black and running into these people?Oct 15 03:47
DaemonFCIt's almost like it just happens to white men too, you know?Oct 15 03:48
DaemonFCNobody covers it on the news.Oct 15 03:48
DaemonFCThe cops pull white men over and kill them.Oct 15 03:48
geertvoting dont make much sense anyway when some people figure the so called 'masses' 'dumb deplorables' who would threaten state security by un- or mis-informed voting instead of more of correctly addressing underlying issuesOct 15 03:48
DaemonFCThe election workers threaten to call the police on a white man trying to vote.Oct 15 03:48
geertdoesnt* voting doesn'tOct 15 03:48
DaemonFCYou ask for an apartment with a misdemeanor on your record, they threaten you there too.....white man.Oct 15 03:49
DaemonFCWon't someone please think of the white men?Oct 15 03:49
geertso many people kind of tangled up with them 'colors' i guessOct 15 03:49
geertso much nonsenseOct 15 03:49
geertits not the 'colors'Oct 15 03:49
DaemonFCI've seen Darren Bailey's tax returns. Five years of them.Oct 15 03:50
geertbesides its not black and white either, those are not considered 'colors' and actually nobody really is black or whiteOct 15 03:50
geertits more like everybody is 'colored', some more dark, others less darkOct 15 03:50
DaemonFCSometimes he doesn't have any money to tax because his farm lost money that year.Oct 15 03:50
geertit kind of begins there alreadyOct 15 03:50
DaemonFCHe makes more money as a Illinois State Senator than he does farming.Oct 15 03:50
geertif we dont get to adress it more properly, e.g. stopping the nonsense about black and white and just regarding everyone colored, i dont get to expect much improvement soonOct 15 03:50
DaemonFCIt's true that he could sell the land for a few million bucks, and it's also true that on the whole he makes some money with his farm, but I mean, the guy is not a multi-billion dollar hotel heir.Oct 15 03:51
DaemonFCLike what he have in there now.Oct 15 03:51
DaemonFCLike, it's a guy that's out on his tractor in blue jeans, filling out his income tax forms like everyone else.Oct 15 03:51
DaemonFCI don't like Pritzker.Oct 15 03:51
DaemonFCI voted for him last time because Brucer Rauner was an incompetent fool who was essentially a Democrat in the worst ways and as crooked as any of them are.Oct 15 03:52
DaemonFC*BruceOct 15 03:52
DaemonFCHe made money with a hedge fund. He signed a bill that created taxpayer-funded abortion for all state employees and women on Medicaid.Oct 15 03:52
geertbtw whats up with the kind of inflexible old hacker space decoration called MinceR maybe?Oct 15 03:53
DaemonFCAnd he got into a pissing match with Mike Madigan, who offered him a "compromise package", and Rauner threatened a veto. So Madigan just kept the state government unfunded for two years. And in those two years, stuff still got done in Madigan's district, including a brand new High School.Oct 15 03:53
DaemonFCIt's ridiculous. Once every couple years you get a ballot and maybe there's even a few choices on it.Oct 15 03:55
DaemonFCAnd they try to stop it from going in the box.Oct 15 03:55
geertmany so calledpromises are more to lure you in on purpose than planned to be kept as wellOct 15 03:55
geertkind of complications in regard to voting process as well i guessOct 15 03:55
DaemonFCI suppose if voting made no difference at all, then what happened to me today wouldn't be possible.Oct 15 03:56
DaemonFCAfter all, what difference does it make, so why would they care?Oct 15 03:56
DaemonFCThey're panicking. The Democrats are.Oct 15 03:56
geertwell of course it got effects, called 'difference', although not necessarily as appointed officiallyOct 15 03:56
DaemonFCThey're sending out panicked emails to me saying that they need "3,000 more voters" in Waukegan than last time or they could lose the Supreme Court.Oct 15 03:57
geertoof not just them, much 'republicans' arent really in their right minds eitherOct 15 03:57
DaemonFCGood, fuck em.Oct 15 03:57
DaemonFCI already voted for the Republican for the Supreme Court.Oct 15 03:57
DaemonFCI want the FOID Act gone.Oct 15 03:57
geerti think it basically comes down to; not just voting process but underlying so called 'politics' basically got hijackedOct 15 03:57
DaemonFCNow they need to find 3,001 voters in Waukegan, I suppose.Oct 15 03:57
geertsee this so called politics it kind of get influence in public affairs and commercial interest got kind of heftier lobby than regular workers, even if bundled via unionsOct 15 03:57
DaemonFCThey obviously don't have this thing in the bag if they've lost me.Oct 15 03:58
geertmeaning the one lobby got more influence than the other, and supposed politics couldnt stay with 'common interest' so shifted to heftier lobby, but without provoking conflict by explaining it properly to 'voters'Oct 15 03:58
DaemonFCI don't know about Bailey and lobbyists.Oct 15 03:59
DaemonFCThe business groups were trying to prop up Richard Irvin.Oct 15 03:59
geertvoting process effects is more of result to such complications, it should be expected as corrupted as so called politics moved from common interest to particular interest so to speakOct 15 03:59
DaemonFCKen Griffin lost $50 million on Irvin and then said he was leaving Illinois.Oct 15 03:59
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geertoof im not really into those names in depth from the netherlandsOct 15 03:59
DaemonFCGriffin was one of the few Republican megadonors in Illinois politics.Oct 15 03:59
DaemonFCHe was the one behind Rauner too.Oct 15 03:59
geertwe got quite some stuff going in netherlands ourselves so to speak, currentlyOct 15 04:00
DaemonFCThe big money was all on Irvin.Oct 15 04:00
geertnot trying to be rude, maybe in a bit i get to look up a bit into those names, probably would stimulate better discussion hereOct 15 04:00
DaemonFCAnd once he lost the primary election, big time, they haven't been so excited.Oct 15 04:00
DaemonFCI don't like being bribed and Pritzker was trying to bribe me.Oct 15 04:01
DaemonFCThey sent $50 for me and $50 for my spouse, but $100, really?Oct 15 04:01
DaemonFCIn the middle of THIS?Oct 15 04:01
DaemonFCAnd where did the state come up with that?Oct 15 04:01
DaemonFCAnd why are couples with two kids who make $400,000 getting $200?Oct 15 04:02
DaemonFCDoes $200 make much difference on an income of $400,000?Oct 15 04:02
DaemonFCI was talking to schestowitz[TR] about the cash bribes with your own money.Oct 15 04:02
DaemonFCAnd they slip them to people who ARE....NOT....POOR. not need it!Oct 15 04:02
DaemonFCIf they cut that shit out and set a $75,000 household cap or something, they could double it and at least make some difference to people getting crushed under inflation right now!Oct 15 04:03
DaemonFCI don't think there should be a stimulus check for any household making over $75,000 unless maybe they have kids, and then they should probably make the cap $95,000 or something.Oct 15 04:03
DaemonFCI'm just not okay with stimulus checks going to people with six figure incomes.Oct 15 04:04
geertone should strive for less corruption in any system, which would favor the systems original purpose, so to speakOct 15 04:04
DaemonFCIt's a psychologically important thing, you know?Oct 15 04:04
DaemonFCWhat do people with $400,000 a year do with a $50 check from the government? MMM?Oct 15 04:04
geertbut we get to deal with kind of peculiar situations, in many aspects of society, where quite some people try utilize the corruption with systemsOct 15 04:04
DaemonFC:)Oct 15 04:04
DaemonFCGood for one free oil change at Walmart. -PritzkerOct 15 04:05
geertthis is basically described where fast most difficulties stem from, from a more of direct perspectiveOct 15 04:05
DaemonFCI wonder if Matt GULAG got his California stimulus from Governor French Laundry.Oct 15 04:05
geertwhether its law system, digital system, voting system, systems should basically not be corrupt as it stimulates 'dysfunction'Oct 15 04:05
DaemonFCOr if it just went to illegal immigrants.Oct 15 04:05
DaemonFCmjg59_, Chime in buddy.Oct 15 04:06
geertand that is not why people tried systemsOct 15 04:06
DaemonFCDon't hold it back. I hate French Laundry too, you know!Oct 15 04:06
geertthey tried systems to deal experience of difficulties/hardship betterOct 15 04:06
geertand dysfunction doesnt favor that dealingOct 15 04:06
geertso regarding money, definition of money, so called monetary system, we get to see that quite some people favor predictability within market than the volatility of market consisting of more authentic difficulties and tries to match possibilities to those difficulties, sometimes referred to as 'problems - solutions dynamic'Oct 15 04:07
geertthat trying to favor predictability over quality, as an example, is basically coming down to utilzing corrupting the system instead of minimizing corrupting the systemOct 15 04:08
DaemonFCCalifornia is so mismanaged that they chased out like 560,000 of their residents, net, over the last ten years.Oct 15 04:08
geertwithout that, regarding money, you BET all lobying would be stimulated in very different functioningOct 15 04:08
DaemonFCAnd that's on top of the ones that keeled over of COVID and had to deal with the fires.Oct 15 04:08
DaemonFCGovernor French Laundry dining with no mask on with rich pals, sending prisoners out to deal with fire.Oct 15 04:09
DaemonFCmjg59_, That's your governor!Oct 15 04:09
geertso lobbying is result to that, to a quite significant extent, to which suppposed 'politics' is result to lobbying to which voting process is result to supposed politicsOct 15 04:09
geertso malicious corrupted cause leading to expectable malicious corrupted resultsOct 15 04:09
DaemonFCI don't think many of us would mind if California finally fell into the ocean.Oct 15 04:09
DaemonFCI'm glad, watching what's happening to San Francisco.Oct 15 04:09
geertwell that suggestion seems a bit harsh to meOct 15 04:10
DaemonFCThey're experiencing like 500-600 layoffs a day there now.Oct 15 04:10
DaemonFCSoon there won't be anything left of the place.Oct 15 04:10
geertyou dont need to be overly hostile because they refuse to do something else than make many mistakes there, so to speakOct 15 04:10
geertwell its not going all too good, thats for sureOct 15 04:10
geertbut hey some so called 'red states' got issues too bro no kidding yaOct 15 04:10
DaemonFCThe "red states" grow the food and manufacture things and have power generation.Oct 15 04:12
DaemonFCThe blue states get freaks like mjg59_ whose work will be wiped out soon in a tech crash bankruptcy.Oct 15 04:12
geertoh its might be different issuesOct 15 04:12
geertbut without addressing the corrupting the system against each other, i dont think many red or blue change muchOct 15 04:13
geertlook its both sides not muchpolitics leftOct 15 04:13
geertlots of crap, hijacked crap, and those trying to utilize misuse of money behind it, well, those pretty much dont care much color anywayOct 15 04:13
geertthats more like elitism to what they consider stupid and replacable, or uber/untermensch kind except not so much with race as with hitler but more with whats considered 'economical interest representation'Oct 15 04:14
DaemonFCYeah, so they spend their time mocking people. The people who run the economy that they depend on. Who do actual work.Oct 15 04:15
geertvery much corrupted 'economical interest' thoughOct 15 04:15
DaemonFCAnd then they wonder where people like Trump come from.Oct 15 04:15
geert'market effects' has lead to things like 'top dog' positions moving FAR AWAY from 'top of the bill mentality within group'Oct 15 04:16
geertmeaning group as system got corrupted thus gain of dysfunctionOct 15 04:16
geertthis monetary flawed design doesnt stimulate top of the bill mentality closer to top dog position so to speakOct 15 04:16
geertits reverse, so without addressing these relatively easy matter more properly, there is not much improvement to be expectedOct 15 04:17
geertit dont matter much if its called red, blue, democratic or republican, the shit is paid pretty much by what we call moneyOct 15 04:17
geertso we got to deal them dynamics first if we collectively get to aim for more improvement so to speakOct 15 04:17
geerttheres not much 'but' there.Oct 15 04:17
geertits gotten this much of misery, that much so called 'status quo' is considered professionalism within system a threat and tries to attack itOct 15 04:18
geertand then some people under disguise of great reset pretty much rather 'de-populate' in order to keep the corrupted monetary crapthan to address it properlyOct 15 04:19
geerti mean the corrupted monetary crap that gets to cause almost all the other crapOct 15 04:19
geertso to speakOct 15 04:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 04:20
geertmaking this great reset caller, on the outside, in reality more of a build up of a 'vierten reich' albeit the organizers strive for much more succesful one than hitlers dritten reich triesOct 15 04:20
geertyea we got some serious issues these days, it go bit beyond cali and what not blue or red states, pretty much throughout the globeOct 15 04:20
geertdid you get to know that without supposed 'globalist' warmongerers .ru still wouldn't have gotten to annex crimea TO THIS FRICKEN DAY?Oct 15 04:21
geertas an exampleOct 15 04:21
geertboy we got quite the issues currently and more than quite some decades ago, lots of supposed knowledged people that meanwhile just more of conformistically repeat nonsense from goons than actually fricken understand muchOct 15 04:21
geertyea, we got some serious issuesOct 15 04:21
geertoh wow i didnt got banned yetOct 15 04:24
geertyeayea we getting some hackers a bit moarinto hacking lately i guesOct 15 04:25
geertyeayea theydont need to like meOct 15 04:25
geertbut fuck they start to get some it seemOct 15 04:25
geerthahaOct 15 04:25
geertoh welli might had better post this in #2600 but i guess it dont matter much these daysOct 15 04:26
geertin this interconnectedworld lolOct 15 04:26
geertj/k anyways.. but i wasnt kidding about the monetary system, red/blue, politics, viertenreich/great reset, crimea etc.Oct 15 04:27
geertjust a little bit sassy last few linesOct 15 04:27
geertlets see if we get MinceR going a bit as an exampleOct 15 04:27
geertanywaysOct 15 04:27
*reptilian_thrills (~reptilian_thrills@6v8cjbvydcdre.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 04:37
geertgtg maybe ttyl :)Oct 15 04:53
*geert has quit (Quit: leaving)Oct 15 04:53
*reptilian_thrills has quit (connection closed)Oct 15 04:58
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DaemonFCWe have the Democrats in Illinois causing gridlock again by promoting heavy traffic, only with toll roads and surge pricing instead of freeways.Oct 15 05:52
DaemonFCWe wouldn't need 8 lanes in every direction and the whole city breathing smog if they'd do work from home from now on.Oct 15 05:52
DaemonFCWhen we had the COVID lockdowns and people were working from home, there was almost no rush hour at all. They were pulling some people over for going 150 miles an hour through Chicago on the freeway just because they could.Oct 15 05:53
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techrights-news#Techrights Bulletin for Friday, October 14, 2022 full archive: #gnu #linux #freesw #plaintextOct 15 07:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bulletin ArchivesOct 15 07:02
techrights-news#Techrights full #IPFS index updated just now available as plain text @ #dweb #sharingOct 15 07:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Techrights Full IPFS IndexOct 15 07:02
techrights-news"LaTeX — the age-old typesetting system — makes me angry. Not because it's bad. To clarify, not because there's something better." ☛ |Oct 15 07:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | jmtd → log → Focus writing with (despite) LaTeXOct 15 07:10
techrights-news"It’s time to get me up to speed with modern CSS." ☛ | Source: Manuel MatuzovicOct 15 07:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Day 15: the :modal pseudo-class - Manuel MatuzovićOct 15 07:10
techrights-news"What I'm documenting here is an extension of the full-bleed CSS Grid layout." ☛ |Oct 15 07:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Layout Breakouts with CSS Grid | Ryan MulliganOct 15 07:11
techrights-news"Using the shiniest new technologies is rarely the cause for success, it's usually the result." ☛ |Oct 15 07:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | You should not be using AWS. Probably.Oct 15 07:12
techrights-news"We have a reasonable number of Linux servers, almost all of them running various versions of Ubuntu." ☛ | Source: uni TorontoOct 15 07:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chris's Wiki :: blog/linux/SwapPartitionsNoMoreOct 15 07:12
techrights-news"Getting started with a new device management platform is a drag. You have to get familiar with the terminology and the environment." ☛ | Source: ArduinoOct 15 07:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Use your phone as an IoT device in the Arduino Cloud | Arduino BlogOct 15 07:12
techrights-news"For reasons I’ll discuss later, I only solved the 5-by-5 game, and the situation may be different for the 6-by-6 variant." ☛ |Oct 15 07:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | I solved the Dandelions paper-and-pencil gameOct 15 07:13
techrights-news"Capture cards aren't cheap, especially if you want to record or stream footage at a high resolution and framerate." ☛ | Source: PC GamerOct 15 07:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | This DIYer built themselves an awesome open-source HDMI capture card for only $10 | PC GamerOct 15 07:14
techrights-news"And that is it. The A3010 appears to be in full working order. Now I just need to find some time to play on it!" ☛ | Source: Andrew HutchingsOct 15 07:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Acorn Archimedes A3010: Restoration Part 4 – LinuxJedi's /dev/nullOct 15 07:14
techrights-news"You may have noticed that a Raspberry Pi is sold essentially naked." ☛ | Source: Raspberry PiOct 15 07:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 10 amazing Raspberry Pi cases — The MagPi magazineOct 15 07:15
techrights-news"The guide is aimed at the general public and uses illustrations and examples to help make the topics understandable for all." ☛ | Source: JoinupOct 15 07:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Resolving timed out after 10519 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )Oct 15 07:15
techrights-news"Greg Linares, a security researcher, recently recounted an incident that he said occurred over the summer at a US East Coast financial firm focused on private investment." ☛ | Source: The Register UKOct 15 07:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Wi-Fi spy drones used to snoop on financial firm • The RegisterOct 15 07:15
techrights-news"A year after banning most teenage girls from attending school, the Taliban are imposing sweeping restrictions on which courses women can enrol in at public universities." ☛ | Source: BBCOct 15 07:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Afghanistan: Taliban ban women from many university subjects - BBC NewsOct 15 07:16
techrights-newsThe Intimate and Interconnected History of the Internet ☛ | Source: The NationOct 15 07:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Intimate and Interconnected History of the Internet | The NationOct 15 07:16
DaemonFCWordPress Editor got extremely slow in Firefox.Oct 15 07:18
DaemonFCI wonder what it does in Vivaldi.Oct 15 07:18
schestowitz[TR]wordpress is going the wrong wayOct 15 07:19
schestowitz[TR]seems even itsfoss is moving to ghostOct 15 07:19
schestowitz[TR]on news.itsfoss.comOct 15 07:19
schestowitz[TR]many reach the conclusion static page generation is worth itOct 15 07:20
schestowitz[TR]techrights might do the same late this year or next yearOct 15 07:20
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 07:20
schestowitz[TR]editor should not be in the browserOct 15 07:20
schestowitz[TR]there are decent editors that are editorsOct 15 07:20
schestowitz[TR]not some JS in a canvasOct 15 07:21
techrights-news"Many presume that troll refers to the ugly monsters who eat people alive" ☛'t_feed_the_Troll |Oct 15 07:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Don't feed the Troll - RationalWikiOct 15 07:21
techrights-news"A few observations on how technology companies can strategically use open-source from my time working on open-source at Google" ☛ | Source: Matt RickardOct 15 07:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Short Taxonomy of Open-Source StrategiesOct 15 07:21
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techrights-news"On 6 October 2022, Advocate General (AG) Sánchez-Bordona issued his Opinion on CJEU case C-300/21 (UI v. Österreichische Post AG), the first of several preliminary ruling requests on the topic of damages for GDPR violations pending with the CJEU." ☛ | Source: NYOBOct 15 07:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Legal Analysis: No non-material damages for GDPR violations?Oct 15 07:22
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techrights-news"There are many ways to separate a project into two projects" ☛ | Source: Simon JosefssonOct 15 07:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | On language bindings & Relaunching Guile-GnuTLS – Simon Josefsson's blogOct 15 07:23
techrights-news"Konnech has provided its PollChief software to some cities and counties across the country, including Los Angeles County." ☛ | Source: NPROct 15 07:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Election software CEO is charged with allegedly giving Chinese contractors data accessOct 15 07:23
techrights-news"This led him to surmise that he was later cut off from LinkedIn due to a complaint from Cloudflare" ☛,-then-restores-his-profile.html | Source: IT WireOct 15 07:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-iTWire - LinkedIn kicks out Infosec expert, then restores his profileOct 15 07:25
techrights-news"Misinformation Amplification Factor" ☛ | Source: The HillOct 15 07:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Misinformation most amplified on TikTok, Twitter: report | The HillOct 15 07:26
techrights-news"Describing the content as AI-generated is, I think, a real stretch." ☛ | Source: 9to5MacOct 15 07:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Steve Jobs AI features in spooky 'interview' with Joe Rogan AIOct 15 07:27
techrights-news"There’s absolutely no attempt to pass this off as anything other than the latest exercise in marrying AI with voice synthesis." ☛ | Source: AFROct 15 07:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | AI-enabled voice synthesis help fake Joe Rogan and fake Steve Jobs make a podcastOct 15 07:27
techrights-news"The text of PayPal's email sent to the League of Social Democrats in September has been seen by VOA." ☛ | Source: VOA NewsOct 15 07:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PayPal Terminates Hong Kong Account of Pro-Democracy GroupOct 15 07:28
techrights-news"Media freedom activists in Uganda have decried President Yoweri Museveni's signing of the Computer Misuse Act into law" ☛ | Source: VOA NewsOct 15 07:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Uganda Media Activists Say Computer Law Meant to Silence Government Critics Oct 15 07:28
techrights-news"Chinese social media censors have blocked posts, keywords, and hashtags related to the extremely rare public protest" ☛ | Source: NDTVOct 15 07:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | China Censors Anti-Xi Jinping Protest Ahead Of Communist Party MeetOct 15 07:29
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techrights-news"Parliament adopted the law late on Thursday after it was proposed by President Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AK Party (AKP)" ☛ | Source: Arab NewsOct 15 07:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Turkish opposition calls new media law ‘censorship’, will appeal to top court | Arab NewsOct 15 07:30
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techrights-news"After Germany closed its doors to him, Hassan took his case to the European Court of Human Rights; it, too, recently denied his appeal." ☛ | Source: Frontpage MagazineOct 15 07:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Muslim ‘Officials’ Deny Persecuted Christians Refuge in Europe | Frontpage MagOct 15 07:32
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techrights-news"Assemble Media, a literary incubator which concurrently develops its book projects for film and TV adaptation" ☛ | Source: VarietyOct 15 07:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Assemble Media Closes Deals for Five Titles - VarietyOct 15 07:34
techrights-news"Well this is perhaps exciting, seems Valve are cooking up something new with a trademark application for NEON PRIME." ☛ | Source: GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Valve filed a 'computer game software' trademark for 'NEON PRIME' | GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:34
techrights-news"Valve released a really small update to Proton Experimental on October 13th, so here's what's new and how to use it." ☛ | Source: GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Proton Experimental updated helping Halo Infinite and Spider-Man Remastered | GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:34
techrights-news"Are you ready for another Sony game on Steam? The UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection arrives on October 19th, and it's been Steam Deck Verified already." ☛ | Source: GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection gets Steam Deck Verified ahead of release | GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:38
techrights-news"Valve has released another small Steam Deck Client Beta update to fix some lingering issues, plus they've announced a Docking Station update is on the way" ☛ | Source: GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Steam Deck Client Beta updated, plus official Docking Station update coming | GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:38
techrights-news"After playing with it for a few weeks, here's what I think along with how to set up the M.2 Docking Station for Steam Deck from JSAUX." ☛ | Source: GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The JSAUX M.2 Docking Station for Steam Deck is a great choice | GamingOnLinuxOct 15 07:38
techrights-newsiophk: EC pushing m$ gimmicks 15 07:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Webinar on 'Trends in geospatial data' | JoinupOct 15 07:40
techrights-newsGulag taking over schools? Terrible. 15 07:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | U-M partners with Google to offer job-ready tech skills program | The University RecordOct 15 07:40
techrights-newsWhy the Internet Needs the InterPlanetary File System - SoylentNews ⚓ ䷉ Source: Soylent News | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 07:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why the Internet Needs the InterPlanetary File System - SoylentNewsOct 15 07:40
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techrights-newsIt is proprietary, it is vendor lock-in, and it lets Microsoft spy. It ought not be promoted. 15 07:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Install Visual Studio Code on Manjaro - Linux NightlyOct 15 07:48
techrights-newsHow to Get Started with Shell Scripting in Linux 15 07:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Get Started with Shell Scripting in LinuxOct 15 07:48
techrights-news"I started my automation journey when I adopted Gentoo Linux as my primary operating system in 2002. Twenty years later, automation is not yet a done deal." ☛ | Source: OpenSource.comOct 15 07:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Can Kubernetes help solve automation challenges? | Opensource.comOct 15 07:49
techrights-news`code here`➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Games: Steam, Proton, and More ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 07:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Games: Steam, Proton, and MoreOct 15 07:49
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Today's 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 HowTos ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 07:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's howtosOct 15 07:49
techrights-news"It is often important to know how many packages are installed on your computer. You may not know it, but there are many packages installed on your computer" ☛ | Source: VituxOct 15 07:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How to List Installed Packages on Ubuntu 22.04 - VITUXOct 15 07:54
techrights-news"The rolling release was coasting along with some smaller snapshots earlier in the week and the latest snapshot updated an enormous amount of packages" ☛ | Source: OpenSUSEOct 15 07:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Plasma, Frameworks, Kernel, LLVM update in Tumbleweed - openSUSE NewsOct 15 07:55
techrights-news"In this guide, we are going to learn what is TCP Wrappers" ☛ | Source: OSTechNixOct 15 07:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Restrict Access To Linux Servers With TCP Wrappers - OSTechNixOct 15 07:56
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techrights-news"The Topton FU02 is a fanless Mini PC featuring the Ryzen 3, 5, 7 mobile processors." ☛ | Source: Linux GizmosOct 15 07:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 520 @ )Oct 15 07:56
reptilian_thrillsc# in the free software directory (since 2009) 15 07:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | WikiAccess Library - Free Software DirectoryOct 15 07:57
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schestowitz[TR]worse yet:Oct 15 07:58
schestowitz[TR]c#, windows only, github onlyOct 15 07:58
schestowitz[TR]with ooxml aupport onlyOct 15 07:59
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▁█▆▇▂▆▇▂▆▃▅▂▂▁▁▂▁▂▁▁▁▁▃▅▃▄▅▃▃███▁▆▁ avg(k/sec) 68.48 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▇█▁█▁▁█▁▂▁█▁██▁▁▁▁▁██▁▁▁▁▁▇██▁█▁ avg(k/sec) 99.76▕ swarm size (avg): 64.51  ⟲Oct 15 07:59
reptilian_thrillsi just removed it from my forkOct 15 07:59
schestowitz[TR]wiki fork of fsd?Oct 15 08:00
reptilian_thrillsfork of the fsdOct 15 08:00
reptilian_thrillsnot wiki, cc licensedOct 15 08:00
reptilian_thrillswritten in gemtextOct 15 08:00
schestowitz[TR]if you kee a diff somewhere,Oct 15 08:01
schestowitz[TR]then you have a list of tainted parts in FSDOct 15 08:01
reptilian_thrillsyeah, so Oct 15 08:01
reptilian_thrillsthere are roughly 35,000 entriesOct 15 08:01
reptilian_thrillsincluding repeatsOct 15 08:01
reptilian_thrillsabout 80% are either on github or belong to the coupOct 15 08:01
reptilian_thrillsmy removing those, you see whats still faifOct 15 08:01
reptilian_thrillsof course ill include information about things they depend on Oct 15 08:02
reptilian_thrillsthe license is a free copyleft license, unlike the fdl-- so im not using the data in the fsd except the urlsOct 15 08:02
reptilian_thrillsfrom the urls, i got thousands of webpages.Oct 15 08:03
reptilian_thrillsfrom the thousands of webpages i got thousands of webpage titlesOct 15 08:03
reptilian_thrillsfrom the thousands of titles i separated things by letter. harder to do that with urls.Oct 15 08:03
reptilian_thrillsof course its an imperfect system, it becomes increasingly easy to maintain.Oct 15 08:04
reptilian_thrillsabout 7,000 entries divided by 26 letters (plus 0-9)Oct 15 08:04
techrights-news"On October 5, authorities arrested Amiremad (Jadi) Mirmirani—a blogger and one of Iran’s leading technologists and digital rights defenders." ☛ | Source: EFFOct 15 08:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Stop the Persecution: Iranian Authorities Must Immediately Release Technologists and Digital Rights Defenders | Electronic Frontier FoundationOct 15 08:04
reptilian_thrillsi dont bother including javaOct 15 08:04
schestowitz[TR]now you sound  like herr doktor sixelOct 15 08:05
schestowitz[TR]why not java?Oct 15 08:05
schestowitz[TR]because.. float?Oct 15 08:05
schestowitz[TR]*bloatOct 15 08:05
techrights-news"Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is one prominent exception." ☛ | Source: Common DreamsOct 15 08:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | With Most Dems Silent, Warren Slams Fed for Pushing US Toward Painful RecessionOct 15 08:06
*liberty_box (~liberty@ngvjyiryrrbba.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 08:09
*rianne_ (~rianne@freenode-vjf.peq.k31cok.IP) has joined #techrightsOct 15 08:09
*techright-sec is now known as techrights-secOct 15 08:09
techrights-news"At the 30-year mark, CounterPunch has veered insignificantly from its founding blueprints." ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 08:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-A Year of Milestones for CounterPunch - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 08:10
reptilian_thrillsi dont think it needs javaOct 15 08:13
reptilian_thrillssomeone can make a directory of java code that doesnt suckOct 15 08:13
schestowitz[TR]that's not a very formal explanationOct 15 08:14
reptilian_thrillsno its notOct 15 08:14
schestowitz[TR]java "sucks"Oct 15 08:14
reptilian_thrillsi havent used a java program in like a decadeOct 15 08:14
schestowitz[TR]it's content-free name-callingOct 15 08:14
schestowitz[TR]lots of programs that run the world use javaOct 15 08:14
schestowitz[TR]and I wrote some java alsoOct 15 08:14
reptilian_thrillsname oneOct 15 08:14
schestowitz[TR]lots of middleware and "enterprise" stuffOct 15 08:14
reptilian_thrillsand I wrote some java also <- is it in the fsd?Oct 15 08:14
schestowitz[TR]openfireOct 15 08:14
schestowitz[TR]rssowlOct 15 08:14
reptilian_thrillsah, enterprise stuff. Oct 15 08:15
reptilian_thrillsopenfire <- okayOct 15 08:15
schestowitz[TR] JBoss Enterprise Application PlatformOct 15 08:15
schestowitz[TR]runs a TON of thingsOct 15 08:15 <- openfire Oct 15 08:15
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ignite Realtime: Openfire ServerOct 15 08:16
schestowitz[TR]Downloads 32,169,480Oct 15 08:16
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ignite Realtime: DownloadsOct 15 08:16
reptilian_thrillsRSSOwl does not work with Java 9, but it may still work with Java 8.  Oct 15 08:17
schestowitz[TR]they offer the jar files from their siteOct 15 08:17
schestowitz[TR]e.g. 15 08:17
reptilian_thrillsDownloads 32,169,480 <- youre missing the point, the fork doesnt list things that are developed on github.Oct 15 08:17
reptilian_thrillsrssowl is on github and sf, im comparing dates now.Oct 15 08:17
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ignite Realtime Community ForumsOct 15 08:18
schestowitz[TR]theya re not so shithub-dependentOct 15 08:18
reptilian_thrillsrssowl is developed on githubOct 15 08:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 08:20
reptilian_thrillsthe only thing that gets by are mirrors (no prs)Oct 15 08:20
reptilian_thrillstrue mirrors Oct 15 08:20
schestowitz[TR]that typically predates microsoftOct 15 08:20
schestowitz[TR]oh, github seems to have added lots of JSOct 15 08:20
*psydroid2 has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Oct 15 08:20
schestowitz[TR]a lot off stuff does not workOct 15 08:20
schestowitz[TR]even with JS onOct 15 08:20
schestowitz[TR]using the 'wrong' browserOct 15 08:20
schestowitz[TR]such as falkonOct 15 08:20
reptilian_thrillsyeah ive been lenient on projects that last updated before 2018.Oct 15 08:20
schestowitz[TR]it's becoming another gitlabOct 15 08:21
schestowitz[TR]accessibility no-goOct 15 08:21
reptilian_thrillsRSSOwl does not work with Java 9, but it may still work with Java 8.  Oct 15 08:21
reptilian_thrillsso it says-- idkOct 15 08:21
reptilian_thrills and I wrote some java also <- is it in the fsd?Oct 15 08:22
schestowitz[TR]noOct 15 08:22
reptilian_thrills^ if its not in the fsd then its not removed from the forkOct 15 08:22
reptilian_thrillsso its mootOct 15 08:22
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@memzbmehf99re.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 08:23
schestowitz[TR]my siblings do a lot of java and c++Oct 15 08:23
schestowitz[TR]java is very widely usedOct 15 08:23
reptilian_thrillsRed Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform <- Oct 15 08:23
schestowitz[TR]but if you ran some apache sites, you won't reealise thatOct 15 08:23
schestowitz[TR]or some gnu/linux desktopOct 15 08:23
schestowitz[TR]not much java thereOct 15 08:23
reptilian_thrillsso jboss is red hat?Oct 15 08:23
schestowitz[TR]yes, duhOct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]they bought jboss ages agoOct 15 08:24
reptilian_thrillswhy would i consider ibm free?Oct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]oracle does a lot of javaOct 15 08:24
reptilian_thrillsibm tanked the fsf.Oct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]even prior to buying sunOct 15 08:24
reptilian_thrillsthey stabbed it to death like julius caesarOct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]ibm is everywhereOct 15 08:24
reptilian_thrillsi dont careOct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]esp. former [sic] staffOct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]it's the grandpa os us computingOct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]*ofOct 15 08:24
reptilian_thrillsthey can all go to hellOct 15 08:24
schestowitz[TR]ibm is massiveOct 15 08:25
schestowitz[TR]the former elementOct 15 08:25
schestowitz[TR]they were like 3 times bigger than microsoftOct 15 08:25
reptilian_thrillsfigures, butOct 15 08:25
schestowitz[TR]a decade ago their market cap was also bigger than microsoft'sOct 15 08:25
reptilian_thrillsits basically microsoft already owns github anywayOct 15 08:25
schestowitz[TR]ibm triggers a lot of angerOct 15 08:25
reptilian_thrillssince microsoft is merely one of ibms avatarsOct 15 08:25
schestowitz[TR]when it threw away 2 decades of good willOct 15 08:25
schestowitz[TR]in just 2 yearsOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]*goodwillOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]it's not the FSFOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]or GNUOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]it's a lot of other stuffOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]centos is one of severalOct 15 08:26
reptilian_thrills2 decades of good will <- in just 2 years <- heres another theoryOct 15 08:26
reptilian_thrillsthey spent 2 decades moving the chess piecesOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]it's true thoughOct 15 08:26
reptilian_thrillsthen made their moveOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]they used to be on our side with opendocumentOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]and they were quick to adopt linusOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]and hire many kernel devsOct 15 08:26
schestowitz[TR]and give some good things to linusOct 15 08:26
reptilian_thrillsibm read the halloween docsOct 15 08:27
schestowitz[TR]in the late 90s onwardsOct 15 08:27
reptilian_thrillsthey must have implemented their own version of themOct 15 08:27
schestowitz[TR]icbm used the community to get ahead fasterOct 15 08:27
schestowitz[TR]and it workedOct 15 08:27
reptilian_thrillsthey used to be on our side <- maybe they were only infiltratingOct 15 08:27
schestowitz[TR]but now they outsource to shithub, work with gafam, and slander usOct 15 08:27
reptilian_thrills used the community <- bingoOct 15 08:27
schestowitz[TR]like community is some bunch of pedosOct 15 08:27
reptilian_thrillsbut now they outsource to shithub, work with gafam <- giafamOct 15 08:27
schestowitz[TR]move over, rms, we'll take it from hereOct 15 08:27
reptilian_thrillswe'll take it from here <- s/it/gcc/Oct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]giafam could aldo be i for intelOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]not just gccOct 15 08:28
reptilian_thrillsgdb tooOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> ICBM and Microsoft are attacking GNU via 'Linux' Foundation 15 08:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GNU Toolchain Leaders Support Moving Their Infrastructure Under The Linux Foundation - PhoronixOct 15 08:28
reptilian_thrillssystemd-gnudOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) is Facilitating a Hostile Takeover by Corporations (Privatising Free Software) 15 08:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) is Facilitating a Hostile Takeover by Corporations (Privatising Free Software) | TechrightsOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> Linux Foundation is not about Linux but about proprietary software companies swallowing everything, with the brand "Linux" used as a decoy 15 08:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation - TechrightsOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> "Does this have any technical or logistic meaning for users or developers? Or is it just a principle thing?" 15 08:28
reptilian_thrillspronounced guh-nudeOct 15 08:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GNU Toolchain Leaders Support Moving Their Infrastructure Under The Linux Foundation - Phoronix ForumsOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> FSF says almost nothing this year. Paralysed. 15 08:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | FSF blogs — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareOct 15 08:28
reptilian_thrillsof guh-nudieOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> Not even 12 months passed since ICBM expressed intent to buy Red Hat and as Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein scandal surfaced the attack on RMS and FSF began, led by many Red Hat staff 15 08:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mansion of Pedophilia – Part II: Dr. Stallman Defamed in the Media One Day After Request Made for King County Sheriff’s Office to Divulge Information About Pedophilia in Home of Bill Gates | TechrightsOct 15 08:28
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> "7 work for Red Hat, owned by the FSF’s largest publicly known sponsor" 15 08:29
reptilian_thrillsorOct 15 08:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Guix Petition Demographic Data, by Figosdev | TechrightsOct 15 08:29
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> ICBM is a big pile of lies 15 08:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM (Red Hat) Lectured FSF That It Needed More Diversity, But Was It Looking at the Mirror? IBM and Red Hat Are Even Less Diverse. | TechrightsOct 15 08:29
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> ICBM is also racist in 2021 15 08:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Imperialistic Blacklist Machines: Racist IBM and Red Hat — Just Like Donald Trump — Have Turned Fedora Into an Utterly Racist Project That Blacklists, Shuns and Permanently Bans People Based on Their Nationality Alone | TechrightsOct 15 08:29
reptilian_thrillsgcc is the most important thingOct 15 08:29
reptilian_thrillswhat are you going to compile gnu withOct 15 08:29
reptilian_thrillsclang?Oct 15 08:29
reptilian_thrillsibm wants gccOct 15 08:29
reptilian_thrillsand the gnu.fools are in on thatOct 15 08:30
reptilian_thrillsibm.foolsOct 15 08:30
reptilian_thrillsgiant nazi underminingOct 15 08:30
reptilian_thrillsthe gnu.fools had a whole list of alternative gnu acronymsOct 15 08:31
reptilian_thrillsoliva had a list of parodiesOct 15 08:31
reptilian_thrillsof their listOct 15 08:31
reptilian_thrillsgnus now underminerOct 15 08:31
reptilian_thrillsunderminedOct 15 08:31
reptilian_thrillsname an important java program that isnt github basedOct 15 08:32
schestowitz[TR]sorry, was distracted in another channelOct 15 08:32
schestowitz[TR]jbossOct 15 08:33
reptilian_thrillsjboss is on githubOct 15 08:33
schestowitz[TR]primary repo?Oct 15 08:33
reptilian_thrillsidk where the "official" repo isOct 15 08:33
schestowitz[TR]doubt itOct 15 08:33
reptilian_thrillsim checkingOct 15 08:33
schestowitz[TR]jboss predates githubOct 15 08:33
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): This week in KDE: QA pays off ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 08:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — This week in KDE: QA pays offOct 15 08:33
reptilian_thrillsdoesnt mention mirrors 15 08:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-jboss · GitHubOct 15 08:33
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴: Google Android Leftovers ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 08:33
reptilian_thrillsjboss predates github <- so does python and php, which moved thereOct 15 08:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Android LeftoversOct 15 08:34
reptilian_thrillsso do java and perl, which moved thereOct 15 08:34
reptilian_thrillsall of which are more important than jboss imoOct 15 08:34
reptilian_thrillsthe world would be okay without ibmOct 15 08:34
reptilian_thrillsif anything it would be better offOct 15 08:34
*rowbee (~augh@freenode-j20rl4.4u0f.d8e9.59jtia.IP) has joined #techrightsOct 15 08:35
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PHP: DownloadsOct 15 08:35
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PHP: ReleasesOct 15 08:35
reptilian_thrillsdownloads are not where things are developedOct 15 08:35
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PHP: PHP Manual - ManualOct 15 08:36
reptilian_thrillsthe problem is that microsoft has a monopoly on developmentOct 15 08:36
reptilian_thrills <- /me tries to run the manual, sets it to +xOct 15 08:36
DaemonFC 15 08:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gemini PortalOct 15 08:37
reptilian_thrills  Please carefully test this version and report any issues found in the bug reporting system. <- points to 15 08:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PHP: Hypertext PreprocessorOct 15 08:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Issues · php/php-src · GitHubOct 15 08:37
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PHP :: Sec Bug #81727 :: $_COOKIE names string replacement (. -> _): cookie integrity vulnerabilitiesOct 15 08:37
DaemonFCLOL....1.32 MB on CNN just for the HTML.Oct 15 08:37
schestowitz[TR] 15 08:37
schestowitz[TR]anyway, biabOct 15 08:37
reptilian_thrills <-  239 Open 8,546 Closed Oct 15 08:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Pull requests · php/php-src · GitHubOct 15 08:38
reptilian_thrills anyway, biab <- in other words youve got nothingOct 15 08:38
reptilian_thrillsi mean for all i know you have a conference call, but its invariably your response when someone has an endless supply of answers and you dontOct 15 08:38
reptilian_thrillsi didnt come here to win, but to disseminate anywayOct 15 08:39
reptilian_thrillsi dont give a shit about winningOct 15 08:39
reptilian_thrillsthe house wins, because it makes the rulesOct 15 08:39
reptilian_thrillsbut the rules are sillyOct 15 08:39
schestowitz[TR]don't want to get intoa  afight with youOct 15 08:39
schestowitz[TR]but many projects have internal fightsOct 15 08:39
schestowitz[TR]iunc. kernel Oct 15 08:40
reptilian_thrillsmicrosoft lf kernelOct 15 08:40
schestowitz[TR]2 weeks ago linus fought over mailing lists vs bugzillaOct 15 08:40
schestowitz[TR]the same is true in pythhon and apacheOct 15 08:40
schestowitz[TR]the compromise is usually "both supported"Oct 15 08:40
reptilian_thrillswheres the fight over github?Oct 15 08:40
schestowitz[TR]so they have internal and external/ outsourced trackingOct 15 08:40
reptilian_thrills the compromise is usually "both supported" <- which pretty much inevitably means it moves to githubOct 15 08:40
schestowitz[TR]so people who don't use microsoft can still contributeOct 15 08:40
schestowitz[TR]bblOct 15 08:40
reptilian_thrillsyeah they can be second-class citizensOct 15 08:40
reptilian_thrillsbbl <- have funOct 15 08:41
reptilian_thrills they can be second-class citizens <- they wont have any idea whats happening to the project, but theyll be allowed to send patchesOct 15 08:41
techrights-news</ul>Oct 15 08:41
reptilian_thrills"both supported" <- divide and conquerOct 15 08:41
techrights-newsMicrosoft systemd, not "Ubuntu" 15 08:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bad Ubuntu update causes global Azure Kubernetes outageOct 15 08:41
reptilian_thrillsno one ever got fired for moving to microsoft githubOct 15 08:42
reptilian_thrillsand i didnt migrate to free software just so ibm and microsoft could have a monopoly on itOct 15 08:42
techrights-newsNazification ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 08:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Nazification of American Society and the Scourge of Violence - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 08:45
reptilian_thrillsbut gcc is a keystoneOct 15 08:45
reptilian_thrillsibm goes after that they know the rest fallsOct 15 08:45
techrights-newsCriminalizing Journalism ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 08:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Criminalizing Journalism - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 08:45
reptilian_thrillswhat are you going to compile gnu with? ibm gccOct 15 08:45
techrights-newsAsa Winstanley ☛ | Source: The DissenterOct 15 08:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Unauthorized Disclosure: Guest Asa WinstanleyOct 15 08:46
reptilian_thrillswatch them move it to github and use a claOct 15 08:46
techrights-news"Going back many, many years, we’ve argued that paywalls are not a particularly sustainable model for most journalism enterprises." ☛ | Source: TechdirtOct 15 08:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Chicago Sun-Times Kills Its Paywall; Makes Its Content Free For Everyone | TechdirtOct 15 08:46
reptilian_thrillsgnu will resist, it wont matterOct 15 08:46
techrights-newsPublisher Wiley Lets Libraries Offer eTextbooks Again… But Only For Nine Months ☛ | Source: TechdirtOct 15 08:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Publisher Wiley Lets Libraries Offer eTextbooks Again… But Only For Nine Months | TechdirtOct 15 08:46
reptilian_thrillsibm already literally owns the gcc repoOct 15 08:47
reptilian_thrillsgnu.fools will dilute the trademark so they can do what they want with thatOct 15 08:47
techrights-newsSLAPP ☛ | Source: TechdirtOct 15 08:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-John Stossel Loses His Pathetic SLAPP Suit Against Facebook And Fact Checkers | TechdirtOct 15 08:47
reptilian_thrillsthey have like 3 or more different hooks in gcc alreadyOct 15 08:48
reptilian_thrillsall they have to do is pullOct 15 08:48
reptilian_thrillsslowly reel it inOct 15 08:48
reptilian_thrillsalready happeningOct 15 08:48
techrights-newsSanders on monopolies. Bailout Biden won't do anything, he openly mocked Sanders to signal his blind loyalty to the plutocrats. ☛ | Source: Common DreamsOct 15 08:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Sanders Says Biden Admin 'Must Reject' Merger of Kroger and AlbertsonsOct 15 08:48
reptilian_thrillsfsf has their thumb in their arseOct 15 08:49
reptilian_thrillsscam artistsOct 15 08:49
reptilian_thrillsfree sweatshop foundationOct 15 08:49
techrights-news"Thursday’s final hearing of the January 6 committee is a segue to the criminal case that federal prosecutors are piecing together" ☛ | Source: Common DreamsOct 15 08:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Opinion | The Criminal Case Against Donald J. Trump Has Been Established, But Will the Garland Act? | Robert ReichOct 15 08:49
*oarion7 has quit (Quit: Running IRC on a charmed medieval abacus.)Oct 15 08:49
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Open Hardware: DIY, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 08:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Open Hardware: DIY, Raspberry Pi, and ArduinoOct 15 08:49
reptilian_thrillswork for ibm for free! give us money to promote the open source scam (but call it "free software")Oct 15 08:49
reptilian_thrillsbuy a tshirt so ibm can exploit free labourOct 15 08:50
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> <techrights-news> FSF says almost nothing this year. Paralysed. 15 08:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | FSF blogs — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareOct 15 08:51
schestowitz[TR]post-traumaOct 15 08:51
reptilian_thrillsoh cmonOct 15 08:52
techrights-news"We’re sharing the fourth evaluation report on projects in our Gender Balance in Computing research programme today" ☛ | Source: Raspberry PiOct 15 08:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Girls' sense of belonging in the Computing classroom: Study results - Raspberry PiOct 15 08:52
reptilian_thrillsrms maybe-- all of them?Oct 15 08:52
reptilian_thrillsridiculousOct 15 08:52
reptilian_thrills"sorry ukraine, the entire army has ptsd"Oct 15 08:52
reptilian_thrillswhat are the oddsOct 15 08:52
techrights-newsFBI ☛ | Source: TechdirtOct 15 08:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Hundreds Of FBI Employees Are Simply Walking Away From Misconduct Charges | TechdirtOct 15 08:53
techrights-news"The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has been problematic pretty much ever since its inception." ☛ | Source: TechdirtOct 15 08:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Goes Completely Rogue, Blocks Inspector General’s Access To Files, Facilities | TechdirtOct 15 08:53
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Oct 15 08:54
schestowitz[TR]rms is the chiefOct 15 08:54
reptilian_thrillsi suppose post-trauma is why in early 2022 they were caving to demands johnua gay talked about the same week Oct 15 08:54
schestowitz[TR]demoralised chief, deemoralised operationsOct 15 08:54
reptilian_thrillsrms is the chief <- not since 2011/2014Oct 15 08:54
schestowitz[TR]he is still the echiefOct 15 08:54
reptilian_thrillshe lets duix run the show nowOct 15 08:54
schestowitz[TR]directly and indirectlyOct 15 08:54
reptilian_thrillsin name onlyOct 15 08:54
schestowitz[TR]so who is the chief then?Oct 15 08:54
schestowitz[TR]tell meOct 15 08:55
DaemonFCThe January 6th committee is going to accomplish basically, a hell of a lot of nothing.Oct 15 08:55
DaemonFCJoe Biden has done such an awful job as president that it's all anyone cares about right now.Oct 15 08:56
techrights-newsSeattle Times, which took bribes from Famous Criminal Bill Gates ☛ | Source: TechdirtOct 15 08:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Seattle Times, Brands Complain Over Senate Campaign Ad That Is Clearly Protected Speech | TechdirtOct 15 08:56
DaemonFCEvery day he figures out something to make it even worse.Oct 15 08:56
techrights-newsMasnick's site, after bagging Koch money, still an apologist for US monopolists at times. Very disappointing. ☛ | Source: TechdirtOct 15 08:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-In EU And US, Big Telecom Desperately Wants Big Tech To Pay It Billions Of Dollars For No Coherent Reason | TechdirtOct 15 08:56
reptilian_thrills so who is the chief then? <- there isnt oneOct 15 08:58
reptilian_thrillsits not that i dont think rms has the rightOct 15 08:58
techrights-newsWealth Tax ☛ | Source: TruthOutOct 15 08:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Wealth Tax on the 0.25 Percent Could Fund Biden’s Entire Student Debt PlanOct 15 08:59
reptilian_thrillsits that 1. he doesnt use his authority 2. they clearly do not recognise itOct 15 08:59
reptilian_thrillsi cant do anything about either of thoseOct 15 08:59
reptilian_thrillsbut im not going to pretend hes in power, he clearly is notOct 15 08:59
reptilian_thrillsduix runs gnuOct 15 09:00
techrights-newsMost Americans Back Reforms to Make Voting Easier ☛ | Source: TruthOutOct 15 09:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Most Americans Back Reforms to Make Voting Easier, Poll ShowsOct 15 09:00
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: █▁██▁▄█▅██▂▁▂█▁▁▃▂▃▃▃▂▂▅▄▁▁▄▁▂▁▁▂▁ avg(k/sec) 128.06 ▕  IPFS upstream: ████▁▁███▁▁▂█▅█▅█▁▆▁▁▇▇▁█▁▁█▄▆▇█▁ avg(k/sec) 72.21▕ swarm size (avg): 35.36  ⟲Oct 15 09:00
reptilian_thrillsyou may not see it, thats not my problemOct 15 09:00
schestowitz[TR]duix?Oct 15 09:00
*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@22agg6qj8dxhg.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 09:00
reptilian_thrillsits not pronounced "deex"Oct 15 09:00
reptilian_thrillsthis is a whole lot easier than "mac asay"Oct 15 09:01
reptilian_thrillsi knew of matt asay before that startedOct 15 09:01
reptilian_thrillsand i still wasnt sure you meant himOct 15 09:01
reptilian_thrillsor what he had to do with macsOct 15 09:01
techrights-newsMarijuana: Biden's election strategy is, vote Dems because "smoke weed every day" (while the country collapses) ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 09:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Biden’s Marijuana Pardons are a Seismic Shift - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 09:02
techrights-news"And the storyline for The US and the Holocaust can be succinctly summed up this way..." ☛ | Source: Counter Punch 15 09:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-We, the People Did Next To Nothing - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 09:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Documentary: IBM Founder (Watson) Gave a Nazi Salute, Admired Hitler, Said Hitler Was Doing the Right Thing | TechrightsOct 15 09:05
techrights-newsCan the Fed Control Inflation With Just Rate Hikes? ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 09:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Can the Fed Control Inflation With Just Rate Hikes? - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 09:05
reptilian_thrills <schestowitz[TR]> so who is the chief then <- who is the chief of the beothuk indians?Oct 15 09:05
reptilian_thrillsfun fact, the fsf had (may even still have) more members than the beothuk tribe hadOct 15 09:06
schestowitz[TR] 15 09:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Free Software Foundation reveals how RMS was re-elected and its future | ZDNETOct 15 09:06
schestowitz[TR]SJVN Oct 15 09:06
schestowitz[TR]anti-FSFOct 15 09:06
schestowitz[TR]paid by LFOct 15 09:06
reptilian_thrillsfsf is anti-fsfOct 15 09:06
schestowitz[TR]LF is helping the coupOct 15 09:06
reptilian_thrills <- is this new?Oct 15 09:07
reptilian_thrills LF is helping the coup <- lf is open sourceOct 15 09:07
reptilian_thrillsopen source is the bloody coupOct 15 09:07
reptilian_thrillsThe Coup is part of the coupOct 15 09:07
schestowitz[TR] 15 09:07
schestowitz[TR]"We decided to bring RMS back because we missed his wisdom. His historical, legal and technical acumen on free software is unrivaled. He has a deep sensitivity to the ways that technologies can contribute to both the enhancement and the diminution of basic human rights. His global network of connections is invaluable. He remains the most articulate philosopher and an unquestionably dedicated advocate of freedom in computing.Oct 15 09:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareOct 15 09:07
schestowitz[TR]"Oct 15 09:07
reptilian_thrillsthe coup is open sourceOct 15 09:07
schestowitz[TR]RMS is in chargeOct 15 09:07
schestowitz[TR] 15 09:07
reptilian_thrillsRMS is in charge <- of whatOct 15 09:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RMS back on the FSF board - community - GNU OctaveOct 15 09:07
reptilian_thrillson-the-fsf-board <- i believe mjg can still vote on the boardOct 15 09:08
reptilian_thrillsthis is what i thought i heard, i could be mistakenOct 15 09:08
schestowitz[TR]noOct 15 09:08
schestowitz[TR]coup plotters oustedOct 15 09:08
reptilian_thrillsive been trying to Oct 15 09:08
schestowitz[TR]and walsh leftOct 15 09:08
reptilian_thrills"ousted"Oct 15 09:08
schestowitz[TR]i know someone who wet her [sic]Oct 15 09:08
reptilian_thrillsive been trying to figure out the "hidden board" for yearsOct 15 09:08
schestowitz[TR]mattl is outOct 15 09:09
reptilian_thrillsi know someone who wet her <- wet-everOct 15 09:09
schestowitz[TR]many who plotted to remove the founderOct 15 09:09
reptilian_thrillsmany who plotted to remove the founder <- still getting their wishlist checked off in 2022Oct 15 09:09
schestowitz[TR]now she is in CCOct 15 09:09
reptilian_thrillsshe was already in ccOct 15 09:09
schestowitz[TR]which is part of the coupOct 15 09:09
schestowitz[TR]along with total weirdoesOct 15 09:09
reptilian_thrillsyes, cc is part of the coupOct 15 09:09
schestowitz[TR]who also attack SFOct 15 09:09
schestowitz[TR]CC turned its back on its inceptionOct 15 09:09
reptilian_thrills along with total weirdoes <- not sure which groups youre being prudish about hereOct 15 09:09
reptilian_thrills CC turned its back on its inception <- cc has been pretty useless most of its existence, like osi.Oct 15 09:10
schestowitz[TR]and is not just sitting there doing notjingOct 15 09:10
schestowitz[TR]sort of like eff and mozillaOct 15 09:10
reptilian_thrillseff mozilla.Oct 15 09:10
schestowitz[TR]pandering to oligarchs is no recipe for successOct 15 09:10
reptilian_thrillseff eff tooOct 15 09:10
schestowitz[TR]they just use you temporarily and toss you awayOct 15 09:10
reptilian_thrills is no recipe for success <- oh it is, unless your real job is to fight the status quoOct 15 09:10
reptilian_thrills they just use you temporarily and toss you away <- yepOct 15 09:10
schestowitz[TR]like spamnilOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]when tfir was still muktwareOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]or themuskOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]themutOct 15 09:11
reptilian_thrills <- is this new?Oct 15 09:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Free Software Foundation reveals how RMS was re-elected and its future | ZDNETOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]he did get some trafficOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]not it's like 95% clickfraudOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]and pretendingOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]and many people loathe himOct 15 09:11
reptilian_thrillsi disliked sjvn when you were still defending himOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]i saw jim salter at arsOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]he too sort of attacked rmsOct 15 09:11
schestowitz[TR]for conde nastOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]which employed "drpizza"Oct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]the penetration tester of microsoftOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]jim salter was discarded tooOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]btwOct 15 09:12
reptilian_thrillsrofllOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR] 15 09:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Jim Salter | Ars TechnicaOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]no article in 12 monthsOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]they must have canned himOct 15 09:12
reptilian_thrillsonly one Salt in the anti-rms letter fwiwOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]maybe he did not lie enoughjOct 15 09:12
reptilian_thrillsmaybe he was busy when they were passing it aroundOct 15 09:12
schestowitz[TR]last article 11/11 last yearOct 15 09:13
schestowitz[TR]"JIM SALTER /Oct 15 09:13
schestowitz[TR]FORMER TECHNOLOGY REPORTER"Oct 15 09:13
schestowitz[TR]FORMEROct 15 09:13
schestowitz[TR]he did not last longOct 15 09:13
reptilian_thrillsthe beothuk indians dont have a chief because they no longer existOct 15 09:13
reptilian_thrillsno tribe, no chiefOct 15 09:13
reptilian_thrillsif the gnu project is fighting they are VERY stealthyOct 15 09:14
reptilian_thrillspractically invisibleOct 15 09:14
mjg59_reptilian_thrills: I was never a voting member in that senseOct 15 09:14
reptilian_thrillsmjg59_ ah, okOct 15 09:14
mjg59_Leaving did not result in me having any voting rightsOct 15 09:14
reptilian_thrillsthere does seem to be a hidden board thoughOct 15 09:15
reptilian_thrillsso many people who were there who can voteOct 15 09:15
reptilian_thrillsbut idk much about itOct 15 09:15
reptilian_thrillsits entirely possible ive been misled, im not sure how id go about fixing thatOct 15 09:15
reptilian_thrillsplus if it was deliberate thats a hoot because it opens up so many new possibilities :)Oct 15 09:15
techrights-news[cat] gemini:// 15 09:15
techrights-news[cat] gemini:// 15 09:16
techrights-news"I love Smol Pub, I really do; it's simple and clean and friendly and has great users. But over time I've decided I'd rather just keep my gemlog on my capsule. So I'm moving over there." gemini:// 15 09:16
reptilian_thrillsbut honestly getting a handle on wtf the fsf doing is like trying to grasp a fartOct 15 09:16
techrights-news"social media improvement ideas" gemini:// 15 09:17
reptilian_thrillsits a power vacuum dressed up as an organisationOct 15 09:17
reptilian_thrillsmuch like iraq was after saddam was capturedOct 15 09:17
techrights-newsHow I became a Contemplative Hacker gemini:// 15 09:18
reptilian_thrillsdressed up as a countryOct 15 09:18
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 09:20
techrights-newscrypto [sic] currency [sic] ☛ | Source: FAIROct 15 09:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ahmad Abuznaid on Israeli Human Rights Crackdown, Sohale Mortazavi on Cryptocurrency - FAIROct 15 09:20
techrights-news"Janine Jackson interviewed Jacobin‘s John Logan about Amazon and Starbucks organizing for the October 7, 2022, episode of CounterSpin." ☛ | Source: FAIROct 15 09:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'People Are Taking Inspiration From Union Victories at Amazon and Starbucks' - FAIROct 15 09:21
reptilian_thrillstrue good news never comes out of there anymoreOct 15 09:21
reptilian_thrillsjust marketing and rule changes which imo are negative on the wholeOct 15 09:22
reptilian_thrillstheir anti-whistleblower policy isnt a cure, its a symptomOct 15 09:23
reptilian_thrillswell, i tried not to give zdnet any clicks but i guess if i want to know, i have little choiceOct 15 09:24
reptilian_thrills"Some board members, besides Knauth, are planning to leave the FSF board." <- that certainly dates it a bitOct 15 09:30
reptilian_thrillsThe GNU Project itself, while still organizationally tied to the FSF, is no longer largely financially supported by the FSF. Instead, its work is \"done mainly by volunteers and the Foundation mostly promotes free/libre software in other ways. The GCC Steering Committee has removed RMS from its membership.Oct 15 09:31
reptilian_thrillsibm gccOct 15 09:31
reptilian_thrillsand ibm.foolsOct 15 09:31
reptilian_thrillsthe FSF also noted that the charity rating organization Charity Navigator recently gave the FSF its eighth consecutive four-star rating <- meaningless imoOct 15 09:32
reptilian_thrillsthe rating is based on how they spend their moneyOct 15 09:32
reptilian_thrillsnot where it comes fromOct 15 09:32
reptilian_thrillsas long as they spend it on free software theyre going to have a good ratingOct 15 09:32
reptilian_thrillsso no buying a big table covered in cocaine, not that they had any plans toOct 15 09:33
reptilian_thrillsive seen large orgs buy luxurious offices for their leaders etcOct 15 09:33
reptilian_thrillsthey cant live there but they can live it up while theyre at workOct 15 09:33
reptilian_thrillsfsf doesnt do that, so they get a good ratingOct 15 09:34
reptilian_thrillsmeanwhile they get taken over by ibm, and it doesnt change the ratingOct 15 09:34
reptilian_thrillscharity navigator just goes in circlesOct 15 09:35
reptilian_thrills chasting its tailOct 15 09:35
reptilian_thrillsor chasing. or cheating. or typing, or somethingOct 15 09:35
reptilian_thrillsAs for Stallman? He's remained quiet since rejoining the FSF board. <- thats trueOct 15 09:36
reptilian_thrillsHow long he'll continue to keep a low profile remains to be seen. <- permanentlyOct 15 09:36
reptilian_thrillssjvn should kill himselfOct 15 09:37
DaemonFCMy kosher dills are coming along nicely.Oct 15 09:37
reptilian_thrillshes that good of a journalistOct 15 09:37
reptilian_thrillsi suppose if he were a doctor people would find organs he kept as souveneirsOct 15 09:38
reptilian_thrillsif he were a chef he would be the sort that urinates in the food (taken from a new story)Oct 15 09:39
reptilian_thrillsif he knew anything about computers, he would work for ibm.Oct 15 09:39
reptilian_thrillswho are we kidding, he does work for ibm.Oct 15 09:39
reptilian_thrillsOpenfire (previously known as Wildfire, and Jive Messenger) is an instant messaging (IM) and groupchat server for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) <- oh greatOct 15 09:40
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving)Oct 15 09:40
reptilian_thrillsso eventually theyll do to xmpp what the industry did to htmlOct 15 09:40
reptilian_thrillsThe project lead is Dave Cridland.Oct 15 09:41
techrights-news"She's the decisive vote we need to close the digital divide, lower the cost of broadband, and hold companies like Comcast and AT&T accountable." ☛ | Source: Common DreamsOct 15 09:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 240+ Groups Push Senate to Defy Telecom Attacks and Confirm Biden FCC PickOct 15 09:42
reptilian_thrillsanyway, removing java is an experimentOct 15 09:43
reptilian_thrillsits not like java couldnt simply be put back inOct 15 09:44
reptilian_thrillsnot that i have any intention of doing soOct 15 09:44
reptilian_thrillsim tempted to remove perl and python, but that raises an important questionOct 15 09:44
reptilian_thrillsif i remove those, what would be left?Oct 15 09:44
reptilian_thrillsjust shell scripts?Oct 15 09:44
schestowitz[TR]rightOct 15 09:44
schestowitz[TR]but that reminded me of herr sixelOct 15 09:45
reptilian_thrillswell, he actually helped inspire this forkOct 15 09:45
schestowitz[TR]where criteria are informalOct 15 09:45
schestowitz[TR]and based on ggut feelingsOct 15 09:45
reptilian_thrillsits mostly based on strict criteriaOct 15 09:45
schestowitz[TR]you might end up with a bsd-based alpineOct 15 09:45
reptilian_thrillshe went overboard on gut feelingsOct 15 09:45
reptilian_thrillsyou might end up with a bsd-based alpine <- i can think of worse things.Oct 15 09:46
reptilian_thrillsdr sixel is nuts and is trying to build with software what hitler wanted to build with politics and warOct 15 09:46
reptilian_thrillsbut id be thrilled if baph os becomes really great softwareOct 15 09:47
*scientes13 (~c62ebe51@54n9xgft8g6u2.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 09:47
reptilian_thrillseven though he will never release any of itOct 15 09:47
reptilian_thrillsits a pure rhetorical device for him. this project actually does more than thatOct 15 09:48
reptilian_thrillsgranted-- not a lot!Oct 15 09:48
reptilian_thrillsi had a gihub radar and nothing moved off githubOct 15 09:48
reptilian_thrillsthen i build a more elaborate radar from the gnu projectOct 15 09:48
reptilian_thrillsthis is just a radar scaled up from hundreds to tens of thousandsOct 15 09:49
schestowitz[TR]that radar is still thereOct 15 09:49
reptilian_thrillsmostly it lets me watch githubOct 15 09:49
reptilian_thrillsthat radar is still there <- obsoleteOct 15 09:49
reptilian_thrillsmine is betterOct 15 09:49
schestowitz[TR]the way I see the issue is like thisOct 15 09:49
schestowitz[TR]each day we have x new projectsOct 15 09:49
schestowitz[TR]and we have y existing projectsOct 15 09:49
schestowitz[TR]i spent hours in vain,Oct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]trying tio find ANY journalism on git market shareOct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]or change control systemd in generalOct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]in vain!Oct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]let's say y stays as isOct 15 09:50
reptilian_thrillsmmhmmOct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]and among y, many are abandonedOct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]no development anymoreOct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]so we need to jusge xOct 15 09:50
schestowitz[TR]but nobody does the workOct 15 09:51
schestowitz[TR]no journalismOct 15 09:51
reptilian_thrillsjournalists are shillsOct 15 09:51
schestowitz[TR]yes, they are nowOct 15 09:51
schestowitz[TR]like sjvnOct 15 09:51
schestowitz[TR]he used to do very good workOct 15 09:51
reptilian_thrillsmehOct 15 09:51
reptilian_thrillshe worked for open source alwaysOct 15 09:51
schestowitz[TR]to be fair to mjg59_  I greatly respected his work on cpiOct 15 09:52
schestowitz[TR]and how he lashed out at companis that stood in his wayOct 15 09:52
reptilian_thrillsi dont know his work on cpiOct 15 09:52
schestowitz[TR]*aacpiOct 15 09:52
reptilian_thrillsoh acpiOct 15 09:52
schestowitz[TR]back then many laptops stiill had issuesOct 15 09:52
schestowitz[TR]to the point where I rejected laptopsaOct 15 09:52
schestowitz[TR]and chose desktopsOct 15 09:52
reptilian_thrillsi dont know what im talking about here, thats as good a disclaimer as anyOct 15 09:52
reptilian_thrillsbut based on shuttleworths description of acpiOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]thre was a site,Oct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]linuxlaptops iircOct 15 09:53
reptilian_thrillshis work on acpi and his work on uefi arent that differentOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]or linux on laptopsOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]with howtos to help get them workingOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]nowadaysd almost any laptop picks up a gnu/linux diustro okOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]inc. wifiOct 15 09:53
reptilian_thrills(for better or worse) <- and for consistency it should be said for worseOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]no, they are differentOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]torvalds too was ok with acpiOct 15 09:53
schestowitz[TR]not 'secure boot'Oct 15 09:54
reptilian_thrillstorvalds is uselessOct 15 09:54
schestowitz[TR]microsoft'\s LP openly mocked ;'secure boot'Oct 15 09:54
schestowitz[TR]you quopted himOct 15 09:54
schestowitz[TR]and I hadn't noticed before you did soOct 15 09:54
reptilian_thrillsi take mjg more seriously than torvaldsOct 15 09:54
schestowitz[TR]torvalds gave a talk a few weeks backOct 15 09:54
reptilian_thrillsill listen to mjgs opinions-- i dont trust him, ill generally take ariadne or leah over anything he saysOct 15 09:55
schestowitz[TR]he changes his positions tro suit the employerOct 15 09:55
reptilian_thrillsif torvalds tries to tell me anything (he wont) ill just tell him to go the fuck homeOct 15 09:55
reptilian_thrillshis opinions are meaninglessOct 15 09:55
reptilian_thrillshes a puppet at this point, ill ask him which laundry soap to use sureOct 15 09:56
reptilian_thrillsi dont even care what he thinks about gitOct 15 09:57
reptilian_thrillsi dont care about git at allOct 15 09:57
schestowitz[TR]git will be passeOct 15 09:57
schestowitz[TR]but not sure whenOct 15 09:57
schestowitz[TR]and what will replace itOct 15 09:57
reptilian_thrillsnetwork effectsOct 15 09:57
schestowitz[TR]seems gitlab and github both do damageOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]they 'extend' gitOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]and then people start to associate git with bloated web uisOct 15 09:58
reptilian_thrillstheyre silosOct 15 09:58
reptilian_thrillstheyre doing to git what facebook did to websitesOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]rightOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]good analogyOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]wordpress does the sameOct 15 09:58
reptilian_thrillsyeah, fucking wordpressOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]wordpress even uses some FB crapOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]like ractJS iircOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]*react.jsOct 15 09:58
schestowitz[TR]this was mentioned earlier in the context of editorsOct 15 09:59
schestowitz[TR]I have many good editorsOct 15 09:59
schestowitz[TR]I don't need some JS shit running ina  canvassOct 15 09:59
schestowitz[TR]it's heavy, not secure, not reliableOct 15 09:59
schestowitz[TR]easy to lose your workOct 15 09:59
schestowitz[TR]last year rianne and I passed all our text ediing to an external file serverOct 15 09:59
schestowitz[TR]harder to lose data this wayOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]and there are 3 layers of failsafeOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]on the web, noneOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]browser crashes, work lostOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]if wordpress did auto-save, maybeOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]but that led to other issuesOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]like the other month I overrode a previous post of mineOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]after machine crashOct 15 10:00
schestowitz[TR]wordpress added the version control and auto0-save fuctnionality when I was still involved in the projectOct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]but that causes other issuesOct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]like in techrights,Oct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]we have about 34k postsOct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]but the db holds about 170k postsOct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]because of versionsOct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]so backup dumps become a lot biggerOct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]I can remove those "drafts"Oct 15 10:01
schestowitz[TR]but I want draftsOct 15 10:02
schestowitz[TR]just noit inm a fucking database!!!Oct 15 10:02
reptilian_thrillssure, why notOct 15 10:02
schestowitz[TR]and not one that every 24 hours gets dumped in fullOct 15 10:02
schestowitz[TR]causing temporary site access issuesOct 15 10:02
schestowitz[TR]due to the database locking up for data integrityOct 15 10:02
schestowitz[TR]the term for this is "over-engineering"Oct 15 10:03
reptilian_thrillsyepOct 15 10:03
reptilian_thrillsphbs loves itOct 15 10:03
schestowitz[TR]they don't get itOct 15 10:03
reptilian_thrillsthey get to brag how x as y and zOct 15 10:03
schestowitz[TR]they want to keep people "busy"Oct 15 10:03
schestowitz[TR]so they keep "improving" things that already workOct 15 10:03
reptilian_thrillsand then x, which is needed, becomes the red-headed stepchild to shiny unnecessary bullshtOct 15 10:04
reptilian_thrillsyepOct 15 10:04
schestowitz[TR]it's why many sites get so bloatedOct 15 10:04
schestowitz[TR]and have new bugsOct 15 10:04
reptilian_thrillssoftware tooOct 15 10:04
schestowitz[TR]sites are softwareOct 15 10:04
reptilian_thrillsyepOct 15 10:04
schestowitz[TR]they used to be not softwareOct 15 10:04
schestowitz[TR]but now they are codeOct 15 10:04
*parsifal (~parsifal@8vte7vm6885eu.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 10:04
reptilian_thrillsbut they get bloated fasterOct 15 10:04
schestowitz[TR]red hat sites are increasingly a pile of JSOct 15 10:04
schestowitz[TR]and they deny you accessOct 15 10:05
schestowitz[TR]even if you run the JS using the 'wrong' browserOct 15 10:05
schestowitz[TR]<DaemonFC> LOL....1.32 MB on CNN just for the HTML.Oct 15 10:05
schestowitz[TR]1.32MBOct 15 10:05
*scientes13 has quit (Quit: Connection closed)Oct 15 10:05
reptilian_thrillsyeah once you start mediating, youll start deciding which browsers are worth your time to supportOct 15 10:06
schestowitz[TR]I could upload a 10,000x10,000 pixel JPEG at 1.32MBOct 15 10:06
schestowitz[TR]with coarse waveletsOct 15 10:06
schestowitz[TR]or 123 small but decent webp photosOct 15 10:06
schestowitz[TR]yesterday I advocated falkon againOct 15 10:07
schestowitz[TR]dfc does not use it maybe because ./... qtOct 15 10:07
schestowitz[TR]he seems to go for the gnome thingsOct 15 10:07
reptilian_thrillsyoure out of your falkon mindOct 15 10:07
reptilian_thrills^ had to be saidOct 15 10:07
schestowitz[TR]I've used it since the startOct 15 10:07
schestowitz[TR]when it was "rekonq"Oct 15 10:07
schestowitz[TR]more than ten years agoOct 15 10:07
schestowitz[TR]iirc, dfc recommended it to meOct 15 10:07
reptilian_thrillshehOct 15 10:08
reptilian_thrillshes obviously moved onOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]because I used an unmaintained predecessorOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]oh, waitOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]konqueror (still aroundOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]rekonqOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]qupzillaOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]falkonOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]and the last is mostly maintained by one personOct 15 10:08
schestowitz[TR]who started it as an experiment of sortsOct 15 10:08
techrights-newsTeachers and parents united in demanding changes ☛ | Source: Telex (Hungary)Oct 15 10:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Telex: Teachers and parents united in demanding changes in educationOct 15 10:09
schestowitz[TR]they want to TEACHOct 15 10:09
schestowitz[TR]that's a threat to fideath, MinceR Oct 15 10:09
schestowitz[TR]like real education in the USOct 15 10:09
schestowitz[TR]not sure it happens herewOct 15 10:10
schestowitz[TR]maybe it does, but I've not noticedOct 15 10:10
reptilian_thrills like real education in the US <- not a very big threat Oct 15 10:10
schestowitz[TR]for 2 decades they said gcqhe levels and standards were loweredOct 15 10:10
schestowitz[TR]I need to see a 2022 CS syllabusOct 15 10:11
schestowitz[TR]surely I can find onje onlineOct 15 10:11
schestowitz[TR]if they have courses on "clown", then we're f*edOct 15 10:12
reptilian_thrillsthe clown has already taken overOct 15 10:12
schestowitz[TR]noOct 15 10:12
reptilian_thrillsthey dont have to teach clown, they teach githubOct 15 10:12
schestowitz[TR]it was there all alongOct 15 10:12
schestowitz[TR]:-)Oct 15 10:12
schestowitz[TR]not sure they teach thatOct 15 10:12
reptilian_thrillsgitclownOct 15 10:12
reptilian_thrillsclownhubOct 15 10:12
schestowitz[TR]maybe some worse colleges doOct 15 10:12
schestowitz[TR]need to checkOct 15 10:12
reptilian_thrillsoh they teach githubOct 15 10:12
schestowitz[TR]which uni?Oct 15 10:13
schestowitz[TR]I'm checking nowOct 15 10:13
reptilian_thrillsits not a course, its a material.Oct 15 10:13
schestowitz[TR]on my disks I have copies of the 2000 and later syllabi Oct 15 10:13
reptilian_thrillsthey teach github in the coursesOct 15 10:13
schestowitz[TR]inc. lecture notesOct 15 10:13
schestowitz[TR]yes, but who is the they?Oct 15 10:13
schestowitz[TR]mit?Oct 15 10:13
reptilian_thrillsit happens informallyOct 15 10:14
schestowitz[TR]wentworth?Oct 15 10:14
reptilian_thrillsyoull seeOct 15 10:14
reptilian_thrillsim sure youll find it all over the placeOct 15 10:14
reptilian_thrillsi feel pretty confident i could walk into just about any uni right nowOct 15 10:14
reptilian_thrillsfind them using github in coursesOct 15 10:14
schestowitz[TR] 15 10:14
schestowitz[TR]phpOct 15 10:14
schestowitz[TR]goodOct 15 10:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Current UG Study & Curriculum (School of Computer Science - The University of Manchester)Oct 15 10:14
schestowitz[TR]looks goodOct 15 10:15
schestowitz[TR]the titles at leastOct 15 10:15
schestowitz[TR]they teach the conceptsOct 15 10:15
schestowitz[TR]""Introduction to AIOct 15 10:15
schestowitz[TR]followed by "Machine Learning"Oct 15 10:15
schestowitz[TR]They used to have just "Machine Learning"Oct 15 10:15
schestowitz[TR]they had to add "HEY HI"Oct 15 10:15
schestowitz[TR]"Knowledge-based AI"Oct 15 10:16
schestowitz[TR]HEY HI!!!Oct 15 10:16
schestowitz[TR]"Introduction to Visual Computing"Oct 15 10:16
schestowitz[TR] 15 10:16
schestowitz[TR]for manchester css  the syllabus still looks solid, overallOct 15 10:17
reptilian_thrillsin communist russia, github teaches manchester uniOct 15 10:17
reptilian_thrills 15 10:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - UoMCS/COMP101: Lab manual and exercises for UoM CS101Oct 15 10:17
reptilian_thrillsthis is what i mean, its everywhereOct 15 10:17
reptilian_thrills09:14 <reptilian_thrills> it happens informallyOct 15 10:17
reptilian_thrills09:13 <reptilian_thrills> its not a course, its a materialOct 15 10:17
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 10:20
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reptilian_thrills Software engineering at the University of Manchester 15 10:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - UoMCS/softeng: Software engineering at the University of Manchester 15 10:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Welcome | Software engineeringOct 15 10:21
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@freenode/user/Noisytoot) has joined #techrightsOct 15 10:21
*Noisytoot has quit (Quit: ZNC 1.8.2 - 15 10:21
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@tkbibjhmbkvb8.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 10:21
reptilian_thrills  Library for manipulating PNG files in PHP Oct 15 10:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - UoMCS/php-png: Library for manipulating PNG files in PHPOct 15 10:25
reptilian_thrills here you want to look at the syllabus? you can visualise itOct 15 10:26
reptilian_thrills Oct 15 10:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - UoMCS/syllabus-visualisation: Syllabus VisualisationOct 15 10:26
reptilian_thrills /me visualises microsoft controlling the compsci deptOct 15 10:26
reptilian_thrills Komodo debugger used in engineering laboratories Oct 15 10:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - UoMCS/komodo: Komodo debugger used in engineering laboratoriesOct 15 10:27
reptilian_thrills even their mips stuff is on github (maybe their most popular repo on gh)Oct 15 10:27
*schestowitz[TR] backOct 15 10:27
reptilian_thrills github has taken over the schoolOct 15 10:28
reptilian_thrills granted im not picking on manchester-- i think its like this in generalOct 15 10:28
reptilian_thrills i wish it wasntOct 15 10:28
reptilian_thrills the term "monopoly" tends to imply... basically thisOct 15 10:28
reptilian_thrills github is nearly a monopoly. its bad.Oct 15 10:29
reptilian_thrills its not QUITE a monopoly, but its enough of one to predict stuff like thisOct 15 10:29
techrights-news"General Mills hiked its prices five times since June of 2021 alone, and the company saw its net earnings climb 31 percent to$820 million" ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 10:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Raise Corporate Taxes, Not Interest Rates - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 10:29
techrights-news<li>Oct 15 10:30
reptilian_thrills for uom to stand against github, they would have to care more about software freedom than the gnu projectOct 15 10:30
techrights-news"There is a huge difference between those at the top of the .1%–people such as Musk, Bezos, and Gates–and those at the entry level." ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 10:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Wealth of the U.S. Wealthiest One-Tenth of One Percent        - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 10:30
reptilian_thrills thats slightly tongue in cheek (but mostly true)Oct 15 10:30
schestowitz[TR]shithub is subsidised at a lossOct 15 10:31
schestowitz[TR]that's why many still use thatOct 15 10:31
schestowitz[TR]and they also bribe with cpu cyclesOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]github "actions"Oct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]meanwhile they need an income sourceOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]18k laid offOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]just at MicrosoftOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]frieddman was cannedOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]and they put azure person in chargeOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]they try to figure out how to 'monetise' itOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]gitlab alsoOct 15 10:32
schestowitz[TR]they wanted to cut costsOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]by removing 'inactive' projectsOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]i.e. projects that are still useful but don't have commit activity on themOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]turns out 'free' hosting is not a business planOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]it's a market share geab planOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]free sofwtare does not have this issueOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]free software does not mean free hostingOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]it means,Oct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]take this codeOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]pass it onOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]deploy itOct 15 10:33
schestowitz[TR]send back patches etc.Oct 15 10:34
schestowitz[TR]but you are on your ownOct 15 10:34
schestowitz[TR]'clown' computing is not cheapOct 15 10:34
schestowitz[TR]it's bait Oct 15 10:34
techrights-newsIRC Proceedings: Friday, October 14, 2022 | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 10:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC Proceedings: Friday, October 14, 2022 | TechrightsOct 15 10:34
reptilian_thrillswhile the world stops caring about software freedom, the fsf doesOct 15 10:35
reptilian_thrillsnothingOct 15 10:35
schestowitz[TR]yeahOct 15 10:35
schestowitz[TR]i did a post about this.Oct 15 10:35
schestowitz[TR]hang onOct 15 10:35
reptilian_thrills shithub is subsidised at a loss <- expendituresOct 15 10:35
schestowitz[TR] 15 10:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Free Speech is Becoming as Scarce as Independent Journalism (Even at the FSF) | TechrightsOct 15 10:35
schestowitz[TR]not this oneOct 15 10:35
schestowitz[TR]there was another one..Oct 15 10:35
reptilian_thrills 18k laid off <- the nazi camps laid off millionsOct 15 10:35
reptilian_thrills they still had plenty of free workersOct 15 10:36
reptilian_thrills they put azure person in charge <- i swear it was mentioned in the halloween documentsOct 15 10:36
reptilian_thrills "one 'blue sky' option..."Oct 15 10:36
reptilian_thrills they try to figure out how to 'monetise' it <- this is your circular argument, you dont get itOct 15 10:37
reptilian_thrills github is a weapon, its not a productOct 15 10:37
reptilian_thrills if a guy goes into a bank with a gun, it doesnt matter how much money they give himOct 15 10:37
reptilian_thrills the gun is not for saleOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR]meanwhile at githubOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR]dmaage controlOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR]:Oct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:32] <schestowitz> your iphone hangs up the network whgen idleOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:32] <Source> Yeah something like thatOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:32] <schestowitz> if that happens assume anything posted through irc might not go throughOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:33] <Source> Anyways I'm just saying don't assume that I am right about him resisting arrestOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:33] <Source> That is just an opinion and not anything that should be publishedOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:33] <schestowitz> i assume nothing, at least when publishingOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:33] <schestowitz> i check carefullyOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:33] <Source> I am not committing defamation by saying that there's usually a correlation between a long time in jail and posting bailOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:33] <Source> And resisting arrestOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:34] <Source> 15 10:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@natfriedman: @epowell101 Yes, a return to the belief in the importance of technocratic excellence.Oct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:34] <Source> This is interestingOct 15 10:37
schestowitz[TR][03:34] <Source> "Technocrat"Oct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:34] <Source> you mean like the one percent? [03:35] <Source> The slumlords nat?Oct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> "king of github"Oct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> xamarinOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> ximianOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> microsoft.. CEOOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> lolOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> playing "low level"Oct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> while talking about his 'homy' satya in twitter a day or so before "thank you github"Oct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> he was sacked I reckonOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> on amicable termsOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:36] <schestowitz> to avoid panic at the companyOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:37] <Source> "Mind over matter"Oct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:37] <Source> Poor victim [03:39] <Source> I wish i knew more.Oct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <schestowitz> lolOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <schestowitz> it's almost 4sam hereOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <Source> I think Alex might have already been on his last days at githubOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <schestowitz> I need sleep soonOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <Source> He's been working on documentationOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <Source> Yeah sure go to sleep thanks for taking down my picture because I really want you to do that and it's importantOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <schestowitz> yes, will do thatOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:40] <Source> I know it's public but the warrant is much better evidence[03:40] <schestowitz> in the morningOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:41] <Source> Thank you good nightOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR][03:41] <schestowitz> gnOct 15 10:38
schestowitz[TR]lots going on at github, reptilian_thrills Oct 15 10:39
schestowitz[TR]but the media is MIAOct 15 10:39
schestowitz[TR]intentionallyOct 15 10:39
schestowitz[TR]noticed how "copilot" isn't talked much about this year?Oct 15 10:39
reptilian_thrills lots going on at github <- you know where a lot isnt going on?Oct 15 10:39
reptilian_thrills free softwareOct 15 10:39
schestowitz[TR]and now it's just OSI shill talking about "HEY HI"?Oct 15 10:39
schestowitz[TR]while Microsoft pays for the placements?Oct 15 10:39
schestowitz[TR]under the name "github"?Oct 15 10:39
reptilian_thrills noticed how "copilot" isn't talked much about this year? <- i havent kept up on thisOct 15 10:39
mjg59_Copilot's kind of talked about a lot this year?Oct 15 10:39
mjg59_It GAed earlier this yearOct 15 10:40
reptilian_thrillsah here comes the fact checkerOct 15 10:40
reptilian_thrillsactually, roy could use a few of thoseOct 15 10:40
mjg59_And moved to requiring paymentOct 15 10:40
mjg59_(Outside people who qualify for free access)Oct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]it's piushing proprietary softwareOct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]vs 'core'Oct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]*codeOct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]and it'll failOct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]shithub will still lose moneyOct 15 10:40
reptilian_thrills__________ is dyingOct 15 10:40
mjg59_That's kind of a separate issue from nobody talking about itOct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]while encouraging copyright violationsOct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]which mjg59_  is OK withOct 15 10:40
schestowitz[TR]biabOct 15 10:41
schestowitz[TR]no time to fight with copilot apologistsOct 15 10:41
mjg59_Yeah I'm actually broadly good with weakening copyrightOct 15 10:41
reptilian_thrillsim good with broadly weakening itOct 15 10:41
mjg59_Free software doesn't depend on itOct 15 10:41
mjg59_The GPL is a win while strong copyright existsOct 15 10:41
mjg59_But I'd rather not have strong copyrightOct 15 10:41
reptilian_thrills The GPL is a win while strong copyright exists <- this has been my position for yearsOct 15 10:42
reptilian_thrills But I'd rather not have strong copyrigh <- this tooOct 15 10:42
reptilian_thrillshowever, as strategies for weakening copyright goesOct 15 10:42
techrights-newsWheatSystem Is A Homebrew 8-Bit OS ☛ | Source: HackadayOct 15 10:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-WheatSystem Is A Homebrew 8-Bit OS | HackadayOct 15 10:42
reptilian_thrillshaving microsoft rip people off has not weakened copyright very much, even during decades of "progress" Oct 15 10:42
techrights-newsRepRap ☛ | Source: HackadayOct 15 10:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Hackaday Podcast 189: Seven Segments Three Ways, Candle Code, DIY E-Readers, And The Badge Reveal | HackadayOct 15 10:42
reptilian_thrillsinstead, they charge royalties for bogus patentsOct 15 10:43
reptilian_thrillsbut the royalties are just as real as they would be for legit patentsOct 15 10:43
mjg59_If someone other than Microsoft trained a model on the Github data (which, I admit, would be more work) you'd end up with an equivalent model that wasn't owned by MicrosoftOct 15 10:43
reptilian_thrillsi buy an android phone, microsoft gets paid. did they make android? no. would it matter? no.Oct 15 10:43
mjg59_Would that model be evil?Oct 15 10:44
techrights-newsNpm Timing Leak = Microsoft failure ☛ | Source: Hackaday 15 10:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-This Week In Security: Npm Timing Leak, Siemens Universal Key, And PHP In PNG | HackadayOct 15 10:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft GitHub Exposé — Part XVIII — The Story of NPM | TechrightsOct 15 10:44
reptilian_thrillshaving microsoft rip people off has not weakened copyright very much, even during decades of "progress" <- if anything, copyright has gotten stronger since thenOct 15 10:44
reptilian_thrills <mjg59_> Would that model be evil? <- thats reducing the question to focus on the good and ignore the problemOct 15 10:44
reptilian_thrillsif its not a fallacy its still rhetoricOct 15 10:44
reptilian_thrillsyoure REALLY good at framing shitOct 15 10:45
mjg59_I think it's helpful to separate individual actions by Microsoft from Microsoft's overall strategy when analysing thingsOct 15 10:45
reptilian_thrillsi want to know who trained you, it cant just be a hobbyOct 15 10:45
reptilian_thrills I think it's helpful to separate individual actions by Microsoft from Microsoft's overall strategy <- you mean separate their actions from the problems it causes :)Oct 15 10:46
mjg59_Benefits of an Oxbridge educationOct 15 10:46
mjg59_(Not really, they don't teach rhetoric in biology courses)Oct 15 10:46
reptilian_thrills Benefits of an Oxbridge education <- so when the an-coms smash oxbridge ill hold my tongueOct 15 10:46
mjg59_(And I was never a member of the debating societies)Oct 15 10:46
reptilian_thrillshard to believeOct 15 10:46
reptilian_thrillsyour skill at compartmentalising is nearly unlike any ive seen.Oct 15 10:47
mjg59_Oh, I'm ideologically closer to being an an-com than anything else tbhOct 15 10:47
reptilian_thrillsyoure like rhetorical qubes osOct 15 10:47
mjg59_Microsoft as a whole certainly benefits from broadening IP protectionOct 15 10:48
reptilian_thrillsbut hypocrisy has rarely hurt their ambitions or their bottom lineOct 15 10:48
mjg59_That doesn't mean that every single thing that happens within Microsoft that could be perceived in that way is intended to be thatOct 15 10:48
mjg59_Microsoft is a giant and dysfunctional companyOct 15 10:48
mjg59_It's just not capable of ensuring that 100% of everything lines up with being evilOct 15 10:48
reptilian_thrillsMicrosoft is a giant and dysfunctional company <- but unquestionably destructive to things outside itOct 15 10:48
reptilian_thrills It's just not capable of ensuring that 100% of everything lines up with being evil <- im not sure the margin makes much differenceOct 15 10:49
reptilian_thrillsi mean i used toOct 15 10:49
reptilian_thrillsbefore free software collapsedOct 15 10:49
reptilian_thrillsi used to think we could winOct 15 10:49
reptilian_thrillsi still TECHNICALLY doOct 15 10:49
reptilian_thrillsbut its a lot more laughable nowOct 15 10:49
mjg59_Hey if I'd wanted to sell out and make a shitload of cash by working for Microsoft I've had ample opportunity, and I won't because I think Microsoft is still fundamentally incompatible with advancing free softwareOct 15 10:49
techrights-newsPro Publica talks about "Affordable Housing" while taking bribes from the world's biggest thief, Bill Gates ☛ 15 10:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How CRDA Failed on Affordable Housing in Atlantic City — ProPublicaOct 15 10:50
mjg59_But I don't think Copilot is a plot to launder free software into proprietary codeOct 15 10:50
reptilian_thrillsyeah but thats roys schtick not mineOct 15 10:50
reptilian_thrillshe thinks youre going to work for them because i thinks theyll buy auroraOct 15 10:50
reptilian_thrillsand i saidOct 15 10:50
reptilian_thrillsfor one reason or another, if microsoft buys aurora, youll probably quit not long afterOct 15 10:50
reptilian_thrillscall it a hunchOct 15 10:51
mjg59_If any company I work for is acquired by Microsoft, my resignation notice is signed in the time it takes me to write it after learning that happensOct 15 10:51
mjg59_Ditto AppleOct 15 10:51
schestowitz[TR]<reptilian_thrills> yeah but thats roys schtick not mineOct 15 10:51
schestowitz[TR]trhat's the evidenceOct 15 10:51
reptilian_thrillsand somehow that doesnt surprise meOct 15 10:51
schestowitz[TR]from the people who came up with itOct 15 10:51
schestowitz[TR]read the seriesOct 15 10:51
schestowitz[TR]serial plagiaristsOct 15 10:52
reptilian_thrillsim not sure what youre even trying to tell me right nowOct 15 10:52
schestowitz[TR]i'll be back later thenOct 15 10:52
schestowitz[TR]i saw "roy"Oct 15 10:52
reptilian_thrillsprobably something im already aware ofOct 15 10:52
schestowitz[TR]got highlightOct 15 10:52
reptilian_thrillsyeah that was about mjg working for microsoftOct 15 10:52
reptilian_thrillsi dont think he willOct 15 10:53
schestowitz[TR]want to make sure what you say with my name in it is at least truthfulOct 15 10:53
reptilian_thrillsnot on the books at leastOct 15 10:53
reptilian_thrills is at least truthful <- knowing what i was saying is a good first stepOct 15 10:53
reptilian_thrillsi was saying that its your schtick that hes going to go work for microsoftOct 15 10:53
mjg59_But seriously I don't think Copilot is fundamentally an attack on free softwareOct 15 10:53
reptilian_thrillsand i dont agreeOct 15 10:53
reptilian_thrillsthats the whole thingOct 15 10:53
reptilian_thrillsi dont think he will go work for microsoftOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]he doesn't need toOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]he already works for microsoftOct 15 10:54
reptilian_thrillsthat may be trueOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]but on the salary of another companyOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]this is very commonOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]in unievrsities alsoOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]the uni pays the salaryyOct 15 10:54
mjg59_In an abstract sense, from a free software perspective we should be in favour of tools that make it easier for people to take existing ideas and turn them into free softwareOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]but the person works against the uniOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]and for smicrosoftOct 15 10:54
schestowitz[TR]and maybe later goes work for microsoft more directlyOct 15 10:54
reptilian_thrillsIn an abstract sense <- this is too abstract, if you were a marxist you wouldnt do thisOct 15 10:55
mjg59_The problem is that any tool that makes it possible to take existing ideas and turn them into free software also makes it possible to take existing ideas and turn them into proprietary softwareOct 15 10:55
mjg59_So should we argue that because it enables a bad thing, we should consider it to be bad?Oct 15 10:55
reptilian_thrillsbecause youre creating a very abstract formula and deciding what to do based on thatOct 15 10:55
reptilian_thrills<mjg59_> So should we argue that because it enables a bad thing, we should consider it to be bad? <- what you should do is look at the situationOct 15 10:55
mjg59_Or is the tool itself neutral, and the problem is the existence of proprietary software?Oct 15 10:55
reptilian_thrillsand look at the big pictureOct 15 10:55
reptilian_thrillsand compare themOct 15 10:55
reptilian_thrillsand decide what to do based on those.Oct 15 10:55
reptilian_thrillsinstead youre creating an abstract formula and fitting your goals to an overgeneralisationOct 15 10:56
reptilian_thrillsthis looks like im complaining about your processOct 15 10:56
mjg59_I have real trouble with the position of "This thing isn't inherently bad, but it could harm free software, so we should say it's bad"Oct 15 10:56
reptilian_thrillsbut actually im complaining about the results and saying what leads to itOct 15 10:56
reptilian_thrillsI have real trouble with the position of "This thing isn't inherently bad, but it could harm free software, so we should say it's bad" <- that too is an overgeneralisation that i think is foolishOct 15 10:56
mjg59_And, like, what's the actual goal of free softwareOct 15 10:56
reptilian_thrillsi mean on the part of free softwareOct 15 10:56
mjg59_Is it the software itself, or is it the idea that knowledge should be freely ownedOct 15 10:57
reptilian_thrills<mjg59_> Is it the software itself, or is it the idea that knowledge should be freely owned <- i can give you my standard answer to thisOct 15 10:57
reptilian_thrillsthe goals of free software are 1. for all software to be free 2. for users to control their computingOct 15 10:57
reptilian_thrillsnow, im sympathetic to free culture as a goal. ive been using free culture licenses religiously for like a decadeOct 15 10:57
reptilian_thrillsi wrote a RHETORICAL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE to poke at stallmans line between software and culture-- which has SOME basis in copyright law/tradition but idgaf.Oct 15 10:58
reptilian_thrillsthe fsf has never been fair to free cultureOct 15 10:58
reptilian_thrillsand cc sucks tooOct 15 10:58
techrights-news"Copyright Management Services Ltd, a UK-based company that helped front the BitTorrent piracy lawsuit factory known as Guardaley" ☛ | Source: Torrent FreakOct 15 10:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Piracy Lawsuit Front Company Tries to Shut Down, Accounts Overdue * TorrentFreakOct 15 10:58
techrights-news"Germany's Federal Court of Justice has clarified the conditions under which rightsholders can seek site-blocking orders to restrict access to piracy sites." ☛ | Source: Torrent FreakOct 15 10:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Federal Court of Justice: Pirate Site Blocking Must Be a Tool of Last Resort * TorrentFreakOct 15 10:58
reptilian_thrillscc is just a mountain of disappointment. and suck.Oct 15 10:58
reptilian_thrillsi adore lessig. Oct 15 10:59
reptilian_thrillsthe apple falls very far from the treeOct 15 10:59
techrights-news"Back in the 1980s, the personal computer was a hip new thing, and the form this new technology would take was still up for debate." ☛ | Source: HackadayOct 15 10:59
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▄▁▁▄▁▂▁▁▂▂▁▁▁▁▂▂▁▁▁▁▄▁▁▂▂▁▂▁▁█▁▃▁▁▁ avg(k/sec) 22.76 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▁█▁▁█▄▆▇█▇█▁▃▄▂██▁▁▁▂█▁███▁▁█▁█▆▂▁ avg(k/sec) 76.16▕ swarm size (avg): 37.81  ⟲Oct 15 10:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Toteable PC Is Inspired By Macs Of Days Gone By | HackadayOct 15 10:59
mjg59_It's kind of a tragedy that the FSF and CC never got alongOct 15 10:59
reptilian_thrillsi actually stopped paying the fsf because i felt they were attacking free cultureOct 15 10:59
mjg59_Because I think a more coherent free knowledge movement would have worked better than separate free culture and free software movementsOct 15 10:59
reptilian_thrillshowever, its never been one sidedOct 15 10:59
schestowitz[TR] 15 11:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Video Release by Marcia K. Wilbur: Richard Stallman (RMS) and Larry Lessig | TechrightsOct 15 11:00
reptilian_thrillsthe two have been in the backseat screaming and pulling each others hair and kicking each other for 20 years of this fucking road tripOct 15 11:00
reptilian_thrillsyeah lessig vs rms isnt the issueOct 15 11:00
reptilian_thrillsits fsf vs cc, but cc sucks Oct 15 11:00
schestowitz[TR]divide and ruleOct 15 11:00
reptilian_thrillsif cc was more like lessig, fsf would be the main problemOct 15 11:00
mjg59_Ok, so let's take the Copilot technology, but apply it to literatureOct 15 11:00
schestowitz[TR] 15 11:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ‘Splinter Group’ SFC (Already Sued by Moglen/SFLC) is Not Really Against Microsoft GitHub, It Helps IBM/Red Hat Outsource GNU to GitHub Using the Same Excuses Microsoft Used When Lobbying for to Move to Proprietary GitHub | TechrightsOct 15 11:00
reptilian_thrillsdivide and rule <- thats not how the fsf sees itOct 15 11:00
reptilian_thrillsmark-j-wielaard <- coupOct 15 11:01
reptilian_thrillsbut you know thatOct 15 11:01
mjg59_I mean, Dall-E is basically Copilot but for graphical artOct 15 11:01
reptilian_thrillsand-sourcewar <- ibm gccOct 15 11:01
schestowitz[TR]ito was left in charge of ccOct 15 11:01
reptilian_thrills I mean, Dall-E is basically Copilot but for graphical ar <- i made this point about stable diffusion recentlyOct 15 11:01
schestowitz[TR]he then helped mit net money from gates/epsteinOct 15 11:01
schestowitz[TR]so ito was no lessigOct 15 11:01
mjg59_So do we treat those technologies the same way as Copilot? If not, why?Oct 15 11:01
schestowitz[TR]he apprarently saw nothing wrong with sex trafficking and microsoft passing bribesOct 15 11:02
reptilian_thrillsi mean there are a few ways i can poke at your generalisationOct 15 11:02
reptilian_thrillsid need time to pick one and im not sure how much they all matterOct 15 11:02
mjg59_I would genuinely love you toOct 15 11:02
schestowitz[TR] 15 11:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Joi Ito Already Admitted on the Record That Bill Gates Had Paid MIT Through Jeffrey Epstein | TechrightsOct 15 11:02
reptilian_thrillsokay, for one, we could lean on the distinction between software and other works-- which i TOTALLY think stallman overplays, and he shouldntOct 15 11:02
mjg59_Because my gut feeling is that these are the same things, and they say something about creativity, and socially we have different ideas about the creativity in graphical art and the creativity in softwareOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrillsbut making it into nothing at all is probably a mistake tooOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrills these are the same things <- im not sure theyre the same thingOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrillsin copyright theyre notOct 15 11:03
*yuhong (~yuhong@8bhg8w55itquy.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrillsin otehr ways theyre notOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrillsstallman was always good at drawing the line between themOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrillsi just think he made (way) too much of itOct 15 11:03
schestowitz[TR]here comes the microsoft trollOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrillsim not saying theres no line at allOct 15 11:03
mjg59_Can I just say that when Roy asks me why I'm here, it's because this is the sort of conversation I want to haveOct 15 11:03
reptilian_thrillsi mean he gives you the perfect excuse anywayOct 15 11:04
reptilian_thrillshe never stfu about youOct 15 11:04
reptilian_thrillsyou two didnt date in uni?Oct 15 11:04
yuhongI wonder would Shane support a transition to SSD based search engines.Oct 15 11:04
schestowitz[TR]yuhong: wtf?Oct 15 11:04
schestowitz[TR]shane has not been involved since 2007Oct 15 11:04
reptilian_thrillsi think he meant hypotheticallyOct 15 11:04
schestowitz[TR]and you keep bringing up things from 15 years ago like his google adsOct 15 11:04
reptilian_thrillsor rhetoricallyOct 15 11:04
schestowitz[TR]yuhong: grow upOct 15 11:04
reptilian_thrillsmaybe yuhong is interested in the history of techrightsOct 15 11:05
mjg59_Roy was all busy lifting and I was too busy hanging out with womenOct 15 11:05
mjg59_Not a lot of opportunity for us to hook upOct 15 11:05
schestowitz[TR]reptilian_thrills: no, he is trolling for microsoftOct 15 11:05
schestowitz[TR]like claiming we have google adsOct 15 11:05
mjg59_He seems pretty monogomous, anywayOct 15 11:05
schestowitz[TR]they existed in 2006Oct 15 11:05
schestowitz[TR]not my choise, eitherOct 15 11:05
reptilian_thrillsyeah i think hes half-amishOct 15 11:05
schestowitz[TR]*choiceOct 15 11:05
reptilian_thrillsin every conceivable wayOct 15 11:05
reptilian_thrillsprobably on his fathers sideOct 15 11:06
schestowitz[TR]techusers is like this tooOct 15 11:06
yuhongSince 2007?Oct 15 11:06
reptilian_thrills2006Oct 15 11:06
reptilian_thrillsoh different questionOct 15 11:06
yuhongI believe that you had Google ads for years.Oct 15 11:06
mjg59_But anyway, "AI" generated contentOct 15 11:07
reptilian_thrills<yuhong> I believe that you had Google ads for years. <- what would the point of that beOct 15 11:07
mjg59_I think the arguments from graphical artists have been more coherent than those from software developersOct 15 11:07
reptilian_thrillsalso the internet archive should make it clear whether their were google ads or notOct 15 11:07
schestowitz[TR]the microsofters love to bring that upOct 15 11:07
reptilian_thrillshave been more coherent <- copyright works differently for images and software. Oct 15 11:07
mjg59_I think the most powerful argument from the art side is "What does 'in the style of' mean"Oct 15 11:08
schestowitz[TR]like de icaza did in 2007Oct 15 11:08
reptilian_thrillshow copyright is/isnt weaked (it stands to reason) should be different as wellOct 15 11:08
mjg59_I think framing the discussion in terms of copyright is a problemOct 15 11:08
schestowitz[TR]it's the "you're doing it for profit" FUDOct 15 11:08
schestowitz[TR]I didn't even have access to that gulag accountOct 15 11:08
reptilian_thrills in terms of copyright is a proble <- its unavoidableOct 15 11:08
schestowitz[TR]that was shane'sOct 15 11:08
mjg59_Given that my position is basically "Fuck copyright"Oct 15 11:08
reptilian_thrills i mean, you are very insistent on framing this in a way that ignores every problem brought upOct 15 11:08
reptilian_thrillsand focuses on how it might be aweseomOct 15 11:09
reptilian_thrillsopen source has done that foreverOct 15 11:09
mjg59_Hrm let me try to rephrase thisOct 15 11:09
reptilian_thrillsbut what if its REALLY COOL THOOct 15 11:09
reptilian_thrillsi mean thats great if its really cool-- butOct 15 11:09
mjg59_If we view this argument through the lens of copyright we solidify existing beliefs about what copyright should beOct 15 11:09
reptilian_thrillsimo we should weight the pros AND the consOct 15 11:09
reptilian_thrillsnot the pros OR the consOct 15 11:09
techrights-news"Despite efforts to curb insider trading, the practice has been rampant within the US government on both sides of the aisle" ☛ | Source: ScheerpostOct 15 11:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Scandal of Congressional Stock Trading - scheerpost.comOct 15 11:09
mjg59_And maybe existing copyright law is actually badOct 15 11:09
reptilian_thrillsIf we view this argument through the lens of copyright we solidify existing beliefs <- well noOct 15 11:09
yuhongI am targeting Shane and not schestowitz anyway.Oct 15 11:09
reptilian_thrillsagain, if you were a marxist youd know more about transitioning thingsOct 15 11:10
schestowitz[TR]so you're being an s-sholeOct 15 11:10
schestowitz[TR]attacking a deaf person 15 years after he moved on to fcus on familyOct 15 11:10
reptilian_thrillsi mean an-coms are very muchOct 15 11:10
reptilian_thrillssmash now, rebuild laterOct 15 11:10
mjg59_yuhong: I've repeatedly tried to block you from commenting on my blog because almost everything you say has no relevance to whatever was written and I honestly can't believe that I'm saying this *here* but you're adding nothingOct 15 11:10
reptilian_thrillsmarxists dismantle things like they want to put it back together in a way that works.Oct 15 11:10
reptilian_thrillsyou just want to smash copyright. this argument is sloppy as hell but i think it cuts right to the heart of the matterOct 15 11:11
reptilian_thrillsim happy to see copyright disappearOct 15 11:11
reptilian_thrillsbut i dont necessarily think ANY OF THIS is going to help make copyright disappearOct 15 11:11
reptilian_thrillsits going to affect copyleft faster than it affects copyrightOct 15 11:11
mjg59_Yeah I don't think this makes copyright disappear at allOct 15 11:11
reptilian_thrillsand its going to help corporations more than it helps free swOct 15 11:12
reptilian_thrillsbut then againOct 15 11:12
reptilian_thrillsfree sw is dead soOct 15 11:12
mjg59_But it's about trying to remain consistent with what I believe copyright should protectOct 15 11:12
reptilian_thrillswe are basically coming up with a plan to not piss off the beothuk tribe, which no longer existsOct 15 11:12
reptilian_thrillseverything is open source and open source LOVES this shitOct 15 11:12
reptilian_thrillsso rah rah rah copilot yayOct 15 11:12
mjg59_And if the argument is that we need strong copyright to protect free software then I think we've lost at some other levelOct 15 11:12
schestowitz[TR]no copyrights -> you can lieft all source code of proprietary softwareOct 15 11:12
schestowitz[TR]everything becomes public domainOct 15 11:12
schestowitz[TR]and code reuse is a natural conditionOct 15 11:13
reptilian_thrillsi mean your argument-- forgive me for saying so-- is pretty much word for word what julia reda wrote years agoOct 15 11:13
schestowitz[TR]sort of like 50 years ago I thinkOct 15 11:13
reptilian_thrillsand i know what you did (im not implying anything Personal or intimate here) with julia redaOct 15 11:13
reptilian_thrillssoOct 15 11:13
reptilian_thrillsnot that it necessarily changes any of thisOct 15 11:13
reptilian_thrillsbut...Oct 15 11:13
reptilian_thrillsid feel remiss if i didnt even mention thisOct 15 11:13
techrights-newsEuropol and Interpol spying ☛ | Source: Site36Oct 15 11:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Connecting Europol and Interpol: EU provides more surveillance in Libya – Security Architectures in the EUOct 15 11:13
mjg59_reptilian_thrills: Felix Reda now, I believeOct 15 11:14
techrights-newsMedicine Dosing Spoon Discontinued ☛ | Source: HackadayOct 15 11:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Medicine Dosing Spoon Discontinued, Made 3D Printable Instead | HackadayOct 15 11:14
mjg59_But I don't think I've ever communicated with himOct 15 11:14
reptilian_thrillsFelix Reda <- this is literally the first ive heard of thisOct 15 11:14
schestowitz[TR]Reda= anti-rmsOct 15 11:15
reptilian_thrillsthe first ive hear <- not even a hint or a whisper or a rumour or an inklingOct 15 11:15
schestowitz[TR]maybe pressing resetOct 15 11:15
reptilian_thrillsid say im shocked but i have no reason to be, and im really notOct 15 11:15
schestowitz[TR]after some bad pressOct 15 11:15
reptilian_thrills maybe pressing reset <- this is mildly transphobicOct 15 11:16
mjg59_ 15 11:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Exklusiv: Ehemaliger EU-Abgeordneter Felix Reda outet sich als transOct 15 11:16
reptilian_thrillsmost people dont become trans to "press reset"Oct 15 11:16
schestowitz[TR]reptilian_thrills: no, it does happenOct 15 11:16
mjg59_Oct 15 11:16
schestowitz[TR]name changes in generalOct 15 11:16
mjg59_wtfOct 15 11:16
schestowitz[TR]no wtfOct 15 11:16
yuhongInterestingly seems dead now too.Oct 15 11:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 404 @ )Oct 15 11:16
schestowitz[TR]factOct 15 11:16
schestowitz[TR]not convenient to some Oct 15 11:16
schestowitz[TR]but always applicableOct 15 11:16
mjg59_People transition to avoid their historyOct 15 11:17
mjg59_While retaining family namesOct 15 11:17
schestowitz[TR]there are high-profile examplesOct 15 11:17
mjg59_And doing so in a way that leaves a clear link between themOct 15 11:17
schestowitz[TR]m,ental breakdownsOct 15 11:17
schestowitz[TR]and then name changeOct 15 11:17
schestowitz[TR]to start afreshOct 15 11:17
schestowitz[TR]many examplesOct 15 11:17
mjg59_Many examples of people transitioning for that purpose?Oct 15 11:17
schestowitz[TR]or after some misconductOct 15 11:17
mjg59_Name oneOct 15 11:17
schestowitz[TR]that's why states try to chain and link name changesOct 15 11:17
techrights-news"Well, there is, kinda. It’s called the Stock Act and passed in 2012. It allows stock trading, so long as the politicos eschew insider information." ☛ | Source: Counter PunchOct 15 11:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Scandal of Congressional Stock Trading - CounterPunch.orgOct 15 11:18
*psydroid2 has quit (connection closed)Oct 15 11:18
schestowitz[TR]annie machon's partnerOct 15 11:18
mjg59_Give one example of someone transitioning to escape their historyOct 15 11:18
reptilian_thrillsblacks actually commit crimes. we have records.Oct 15 11:18
reptilian_thrillsif every time someone mentions blacks i said "maybe hes a criminal"Oct 15 11:18
reptilian_thrillsit would be pretty racistOct 15 11:18
mjg59_schestowitz[TR]: Annie Machon's parter transitioned?Oct 15 11:19
schestowitz[TR]yesOct 15 11:19
schestowitz[TR]I spoke to her about itOct 15 11:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 11:20
mjg59_And did so to avoid her history?Oct 15 11:20
schestowitz[TR]but that was back in the days when according to you you were saying "transphobic shit"Oct 15 11:20
schestowitz[TR](I did not)Oct 15 11:20
yuhong still seems to be alive.Oct 15 11:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Citizen ShaneOct 15 11:20
techrights-news"When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it became clear that organizers would have to pull the plug on any large social events they had planned." ☛ | Source: HackadayOct 15 11:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-ERRF 22: After Two Years, Back And Better Than Ever | HackadayOct 15 11:20
reptilian_thrillsyuhong why are you so interested in 15-year-old techrights?Oct 15 11:21
reptilian_thrillsthere "has to" be a reasonOct 15 11:21
reptilian_thrills/me is interested in techrights history tooOct 15 11:21
mjg59_reptilian_thrills: Yuhong makes basically no sense at allOct 15 11:21
reptilian_thrillsdid you read boycott novell?Oct 15 11:21
schestowitz[TR]lol, yuhong thinks there's only one person for each nameOct 15 11:21
reptilian_thrills <mjg59_> reptilian_thrills: Yuhong makes basically no sense at all <- thats been my impression too, but im still fuzzing atmOct 15 11:22
yuhongThey had the Google ads for years. Do you remember when the ads were removed?Oct 15 11:22
schestowitz[TR]that's like thinking a Nguyen is  just one familyOct 15 11:22
reptilian_thrills Do you remember when the ads were removed? <- you can just go to the front page in the internet archive and see for yourselfOct 15 11:22
reptilian_thrillsi have no idea when the ads were there/removedOct 15 11:23
mjg59_Anyway, the argument that people transition in order to avoid their past is ridiculousOct 15 11:23
mjg59_Roy's provided no evidence to support that claimOct 15 11:23
schestowitz[TR]that's not what I even said, transphobeOct 15 11:23
reptilian_thrills ridiculous <- and sort of implies (even if not deliberately) that its just some kind of clever disguiseOct 15 11:23
reptilian_thrillsthat's not what I even said <- what you said does imply some of these things.Oct 15 11:23
mjg59_And I don't think there's any plausible suggestion that Felix Reda is trying to avoid his pastOct 15 11:24
reptilian_thrillsunless you were WILDLY misunderstoodOct 15 11:24
schestowitz[TR]even before trans was a thing people changed names to avoid association with crimesOct 15 11:24
schestowitz[TR]or other unwanted thingsOct 15 11:24
schestowitz[TR]nothing to do with genderOct 15 11:24
reptilian_thrillseven before trans was a thing people changed names to avoid association with crimes <- right soOct 15 11:24
schestowitz[TR]but about namesOct 15 11:24
mjg59_11:15 < schestowitz[TR]> maybe pressing resetOct 15 11:24
schestowitz[TR]people also change surnames for this reason sometimesOct 15 11:24
reptilian_thrillsnothing to do with gender <- exactly the point mjg is making Oct 15 11:24
schestowitz[TR]like after divorcesOct 15 11:24
schestowitz[TR]even some relatives of mineOct 15 11:24
reptilian_thrillsyou apparently are conflating name changes with gender transitioningOct 15 11:24
mjg59_Roy, you understand that transitioning is not just a matter of changing names, rightOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]many people change namsOct 15 11:25
reptilian_thrillschanging your name is easyOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]few of those are transOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]*namesOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]but you live ina  microcosmOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]of the people you've long mocked, mjg59_ Oct 15 11:25
reptilian_thrillseli5 is no good, you have to explain like hes 2.Oct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]so you hear name change and think of sex changeOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]that says a lot about youOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]not about meOct 15 11:25
mjg59_We are talking about someone who transitioned and changed his name as a result of that transitionOct 15 11:25
schestowitz[TR]let us see how many people in the Uk change a name per year?Oct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]I reckon abotu a millionOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]rianne changed her nameOct 15 11:26
mjg59_Implying that he changed his name to "press reset" is not appropriateOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]and had to send documents around to do thisOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]liekly; a million people a year change nameOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]in the UK aloneOct 15 11:26
mjg59_Cool what the fuck does that have to do with this specific caseOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]most due to marriages and divorces, I'd guessOct 15 11:26
reptilian_thrillsyou can tell roy hes conflaing the gender transition with the name change but he wont get itOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]anyway, I'm outOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]this is a waste of timeOct 15 11:26
schestowitz[TR]and trollingOct 15 11:26
mjg59_Bye, transphobeOct 15 11:27
schestowitz[TR] 15 11:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Matthew Garrett Admits Being a Transphobic Adult Before Choosing to Weaponise This to Defame and Then ‘Cancel’ People Who Aren’t Transphobic | TechrightsOct 15 11:27
schestowitz[TR]talk to the mirrorOct 15 11:27
reptilian_thrillsanyway, ive never heard of felix reda before todayOct 15 11:27
mjg59_Yeah roy the thing is that I am not the person I was 20 years agoOct 15 11:27
mjg59_Given the opportunity to go back in time and slap the shit out of myself I'd do soOct 15 11:28
schestowitz[TR]good, so maybe in 20 years you'll grow pubesOct 15 11:28
reptilian_thrillsgood, so maybe in 20 years you'll grow pubes <- random afOct 15 11:28
schestowitz[TR]but then bill agtes won't want youOct 15 11:28
schestowitz[TR]nor graveleyOct 15 11:28
reptilian_thrillsah, the connectionOct 15 11:28
mjg59_But I'm not the person I was 20 years agoOct 15 11:28
*yuhong has quit (Quit: Leaving)Oct 15 11:28
schestowitz[TR]who says men are disgusting when their body grows hairOct 15 11:28
mjg59_And I reject many things I said and did thenOct 15 11:28
mjg59_And I can explain why those things were wrongOct 15 11:28
schestowitz[TR]which makes one wonder about him being a kid lust cookooheadOct 15 11:29
reptilian_thrillsroy is the only person i know that gives a shit who you were 20 years agoOct 15 11:29
schestowitz[TR]bbllOct 15 11:29
schestowitz[TR]posting Daily Links nowOct 15 11:29
mjg59_Because over the course of my life I have learned a lot, and now I try to help encourage people not to be who I was 20 years agoOct 15 11:29
reptilian_thrills/me tries to meet 60yo mjg and get him to slap 40yo mjgOct 15 11:30
mjg59_And if more people had been doing that 20 years ago, maybe I'd have learned fasterOct 15 11:30
mjg59_Oh man I am honestly fascinated to learn who 60yo me is going to beOct 15 11:30
mjg59_I'd *love* to know what I'm going to learn in the next couple of decadesOct 15 11:30
mjg59_Maybe I'll finally grow pubesOct 15 11:31
reptilian_thrillsso would iOct 15 11:31
reptilian_thrills <mjg59_> Maybe I'll finally grow pubes <- lol, you just have to push Oct 15 11:31
reptilian_thrillsand then for gods sake, change your nameOct 15 11:31
reptilian_thrillsbecause thats how its doneOct 15 11:31
mjg59_Yeah, better cope out as a woman and deal with all the social bullshit that will follow than deal with my history up until that pointOct 15 11:32
mjg59_Er, "come out", not "cope out"Oct 15 11:32
mjg59_Anyway sorry that got super derailed you were making a good point and then I pointed out that you were understandably confused about someone's gender and then roy happenedOct 15 11:33
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): FUD and Openwashing ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 11:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — FUD and OpenwashingOct 15 11:33
reptilian_thrillsanyway, next time i meet someone whos trans ill be sure to ask them what theyre running fromOct 15 11:33
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Programming Leftovers ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 11:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Programming LeftoversOct 15 11:33
schestowitz[TR]<mjg59_> And if more people had been doing that 20 years ago, maybe I'd have learned fasterOct 15 11:33
schestowitz[TR]explain it to your partnerOct 15 11:34
schestowitz[TR]not to meOct 15 11:34
reptilian_thrillsthat got super derailed you were making a good point and then I pointed out that you were understandably confused about someone's gender and then roy happened <- just another day in #techrightsOct 15 11:34
schestowitz[TR]20 years ago was not much differentOct 15 11:34
reptilian_thrillsits good to know about felix anywayOct 15 11:34
schestowitz[TR]and even in 2022 we have gays here and starstreak says in canada also doing "LGB drop the T" protestsOct 15 11:34
mjg59_My partner seems pretty ok with understanding that who I am now isn't who I was 20 years ago?Oct 15 11:34
schestowitz[TR]like dfc basicallyOct 15 11:34
mjg59_Weird that you spend more time complaining about me being transphobic 20 years ago than you do about dfc being transphobic nowOct 15 11:35
schestowitz[TR]we don't banOct 15 11:35
reptilian_thrills Weird that you spend more time complaining about me being transphobic 20 years ago than you do about dfc being transphobic now <- i can explain it, but its stupid anywayOct 15 11:35
schestowitz[TR]not everything posted here is endorsed by anyone elseOct 15 11:36
mjg59_But you write posts about me being transphobic 20 years ago, without mentioning dfc being transphobic nowOct 15 11:36
schestowitz[TR]and now there is a person here called "whitenigga"Oct 15 11:36
schestowitz[TR]I don't endorse thatOct 15 11:36
mjg59_CoolOct 15 11:36
schestowitz[TR]and we don't police nicknames like xbox (miocrosoft) doesOct 15 11:36
mjg59_That's certainly a choice you can makeOct 15 11:36
whiteniggahello :DOct 15 11:36
mjg59_You can allow racism and transphobia to exist in your communityOct 15 11:36
mjg59_Or you can do something about thatOct 15 11:37
schestowitz[TR]sighOct 15 11:37
mjg59_Up to you!Oct 15 11:37
mjg59_Also up to other people to judge you based on thatOct 15 11:37
whiteniggayo dawgOct 15 11:38
mjg59_Anyway I'd love to get back to discussing how copyright law intersects with the goals of free softwareOct 15 11:38
whiteniggaim black but im albinoOct 15 11:38
whiteniggaso im literally a whiteniggaOct 15 11:38
schestowitz[TR]you are not antitransphobia enforcerOct 15 11:39
reptilian_thrills I'd love to get back to discussing how copyright law intersects with the goals of free software <- i think (felix) redas take on it is a mistakeOct 15 11:39
schestowitz[TR]no more than kkk whom "saw the light" speak for toleranceOct 15 11:39
reptilian_thrillsi did at the time, and i do nowOct 15 11:39
reptilian_thrillsof course i can appreciate the logicOct 15 11:39
reptilian_thrillsbut i think its overgeneralising thigns that are sometimes differentOct 15 11:39
reptilian_thrillsand the real test for whether its different or not-- is practiceOct 15 11:40
reptilian_thrillswhether its different in practiceOct 15 11:40
reptilian_thrillsso if we could fast forward to see where this goes, and it goes fine-- then theres no problem obviouslyOct 15 11:40
reptilian_thrillsi think if we fast forward we see bigger gains for microsoft and not much impact on copyright in generalOct 15 11:40
mjg59_I don't disagree with that argument, but the thing I'd question is how much of the difference in practice is down to fundamental differences and how much is down to how we socially distinguish between thingsOct 15 11:40
reptilian_thrillsthis will affect copyright-- for microsoft and other big companiesOct 15 11:41
reptilian_thrills and how much is down to how we socially distinguish between thing <- generally speaking, id say all of stallmans points about the distinction are valid, just exaggeratedOct 15 11:41
schestowitz[TR]mjg59_ is the Robert Byrd  of the trans communityOct 15 11:41
reptilian_thrills/me tries to think who robert byrd isOct 15 11:41
mjg59_If we taught kids how to look at existing software and copy it in their own style, in the same way we teach them to look at art and copy it in their own style, would that change things?Oct 15 11:41
reptilian_thrills <mjg59_> If we taught kids how to look at existing software and copy it in their own style, in the same way we teach them to look at art and copy it in their own style, would that change things? <- you move very fastOct 15 11:42
reptilian_thrillsi used to have a book Oct 15 11:42
reptilian_thrillsthat said plagiarism was more common and not such a big deal Oct 15 11:42
reptilian_thrillsuntil commercial publishing (and the printing press) got goingOct 15 11:42
mjg59_I'd prefer to frame it as "Let's skip the dull bits and get to the interesting question"Oct 15 11:43
reptilian_thrillsbefore that, people stole each others words ideas everything no problemOct 15 11:43
reptilian_thrillssimilarly, copyright has about 0 bearing on non-commerical copies for most of its existenceOct 15 11:43
reptilian_thrillsand you could even hand-copy a whole book and charge a fee, because you werent "a publisher"Oct 15 11:43
reptilian_thrillsbut once you got into "publishing" you had to follow copyright lawOct 15 11:43
mjg59_And this is actually one of my problems with Doctorow - he writes things complaining about people subverting one aspect of "IP" law, but uses the same law to prevent a range of re-uses of his workOct 15 11:44
reptilian_thrills"Let's skip the dull bits and get to the interesting question <- the thing is, thats naivete as a strategyOct 15 11:44
reptilian_thrillsi mean you want to go somewhere then figure out where we are going after-- or not at allOct 15 11:44
mjg59_(Which was kind of a problem when I ended up hanging out with him a couple of weeks ago)Oct 15 11:44
reptilian_thrillsin terms of strategy (in general) thats the opposite of what you should doOct 15 11:44
reptilian_thrills he writes things complaining about people subverting one aspect of "IP" law, but uses the same law to prevent a range of re-uses of his work <- yeahOct 15 11:45
reptilian_thrillsive read and bought several of his booksOct 15 11:45
reptilian_thrillsbut ive pretty much given up on himOct 15 11:45
reptilian_thrillsi liked makers a lotOct 15 11:45
reptilian_thrillsi started reasing information doesnt want to be freeOct 15 11:46
reptilian_thrillsi loved him in rip a remix manifestoOct 15 11:46
reptilian_thrillsthe "boring details" of this are the ones that really tell us what we need to know imoOct 15 11:46
reptilian_thrillsnot because they necessarily go my way or your wayOct 15 11:46
reptilian_thrillsbut because they let us figure out where we are going with some actual knowledgeOct 15 11:47
reptilian_thrillsyou really just want to move, imoOct 15 11:47
reptilian_thrillsand i dont want copyright eitherOct 15 11:47
reptilian_thrillsbut relaxing it for microsoft doesnt really need to result in any gains for the rest of usOct 15 11:47
reptilian_thrillsjust like increasing taxes for the poor doesnt make the rich pay for things we needOct 15 11:48
mjg59_I think the idea that we're relaxing it for Microsoft is the key point hereOct 15 11:48
mjg59_If we did the same, would that change its character?Oct 15 11:48
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Galician Region publishes Good Practices for Releasing Open Source ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 11:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Galician Region publishes Good Practices for Releasing Open SourceOct 15 11:48
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Today's 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Leftovers ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 11:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's leftoversOct 15 11:48
reptilian_thrillsyoure not going to convince the copyleft die-hards even thenOct 15 11:48
mjg59_Say we convinced Microsoft to allow us to train a free software model on the Github corpus (and yes I don't think they would, this is a thought experiment)Oct 15 11:49
reptilian_thrillsand i realise that doesnt mean we shouldnt change thingsOct 15 11:49
mjg59_Would that be qualitatively different to Microsoft owning the only example of such a modelOct 15 11:49
reptilian_thrillsimo copyleft is not a good enough reason to keep copyrightOct 15 11:49
mjg59_Or would it be an equal threat to free softwareOct 15 11:49
reptilian_thrillsbefore software became copyrightableOct 15 11:50
reptilian_thrillsbecause it wasnt, in the statesOct 15 11:50
reptilian_thrillscompanies just used ndas insteadOct 15 11:50
schestowitz[TR]<reptilian_thrills> /me tries to think who robert byrd isOct 15 11:50
schestowitz[TR]former KKKOct 15 11:50
reptilian_thrillsthanksOct 15 11:50
reptilian_thrillsif im going to compare mjg to robert byrd i might as well go full godwin imoOct 15 11:51
schestowitz[TR]for political  reasons he stopped the "kkk shit"Oct 15 11:51
reptilian_thrillsoh, now i see the nuanceOct 15 11:51
reptilian_thrillsformer kkkOct 15 11:52
schestowitz[TR]kanye west is reverse byrdOct 15 11:52
schestowitz[TR]started with "george bush dones'\t care about black people"Oct 15 11:52
schestowitz[TR]now sides with neonazi rhetoricsOct 15 11:52
mjg59_schestowitz[TR]: Is your argument that if someone has ever done something bad, it's impossible for them to understand that and change?Oct 15 11:52
schestowitz[TR]don't gloatOct 15 11:52
reptilian_thrills, it's impossible for them to understand that and change? <- projectionOct 15 11:52
schestowitz[TR]you're no role modelOct 15 11:52
mjg59_I'm clearly no role modelOct 15 11:52
schestowitz[TR]rms has at least been quite tolerant for almost 70 yearsOct 15 11:53
mjg59_rms refused to use the correct pronouns to refer to my partnerOct 15 11:53
schestowitz[TR]sorry to hear thatOct 15 11:53
mjg59_CoolOct 15 11:53
techrights-newsLinks 15/10/2022: Wine 7.19 and This Week in GNOME/KDE | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 11:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 15/10/2022: Wine 7.19 and This Week in GNOME/KDE | TechrightsOct 15 11:53
reptilian_thrillsthe thing is, if you dont have anything you can tell the copyleft die-hardsOct 15 11:54
mjg59_And maybe 20 years ago I would also have failed to, but since then I've realised I was wrong in that respectOct 15 11:54
reptilian_thrillstheyre just going to fight you every step of the wayOct 15 11:54
reptilian_thrillswhich you wont care about, but theyll also fight everyone else who supports getting rid of copyrightOct 15 11:54
reptilian_thrillsand they already doOct 15 11:54
mjg59_Yeah I think the distinction is really between whether copyleft is a tactical thing or whether copyleft is a strategic thingOct 15 11:55
reptilian_thrillsit may seem beside the point-- i dont think it is, butOct 15 11:55
reptilian_thrillsif we had a coheerent (functioning) freesw movementOct 15 11:55
mjg59_And I think some die-hard copyleftists have ended up defending copyleft to a point that they've ended up defending copyright even if that wasn't where they startedOct 15 11:55
reptilian_thrillsand a functioning free culture movementOct 15 11:55
reptilian_thrillswe wouldnt need to have this debateOct 15 11:55
reptilian_thrillsthey would all be behind if if it were workableOct 15 11:56
mjg59_This has been incredibly helpful in understanding where a bunch of the pushback comes from, thank youOct 15 11:56
reptilian_thrillsbut because we have neither, they will fight this even if its workable (i not sure it is)Oct 15 11:56
reptilian_thrillssome die-hard copyleftists have ended up defending copyleft to a point that they've ended up defending copyright even if that wasn't where they started <- no question and ive been bitching about THIS VERY THING for years nowOct 15 11:56
reptilian_thrillstechnically stallman is for reducing termsOct 15 11:56
techrights-news"During the talk there were a few connection problems which were eventually fixed. The published recording is complete and contains all of the actual speech that got through." 15 11:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Audio/Video - GNU Project - Free-Software FoundationOct 15 11:57
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #techrightsOct 15 11:57
reptilian_thrillsbut copyright is more likely to be abolishedOct 15 11:57
reptilian_thrillsi mean its all well and good to say "in a perfect world" and he doesOct 15 11:57
reptilian_thrillsbut sometimes he says "in this world" when its about free softwareOct 15 11:58
mjg59_Oh wait this is actually a perfect example of horseshoe theoryOct 15 11:58
reptilian_thrillswhat if its about copyright? then you never know what hes going to sayOct 15 11:58
mjg59_Copyleft maximalists becoming copyright maximalistsOct 15 11:58
reptilian_thrillsCopyleft maximalists becoming copyright maximalists <- hehOct 15 11:58
reptilian_thrillsi think its just political failureOct 15 11:58
reptilian_thrillsi dont know anyone who takes horseshoe theory seriously. its funny at parties but doesnt explain that muchOct 15 11:59
techrights-newsTaiwan reports 77 COVID-19 deaths, second worst after Russia. Only a crazy one thinks it makes sense that China reports 5,226 total deaths, whereas Taiwan alone has twice as many dead (in total). The West used to praise Taiwan's response... for POLITICAL reasons.Oct 15 11:59
techrights-newsThe number of new asymptomatic cases, which China counts separately, were 1,003 really? Just 1,000? How many got tested?Oct 15 12:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NO TITLEOct 15 12:01
techrights-newsOn a weekly basis the UK has about a million asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, according to KCL/UCL studiesOct 15 12:02
reptilian_thrillsthe marxist version of horseshoe theory seems to be "historical dialectics" and at least marxists take that seriouslyOct 15 12:02
reptilian_thrillsbut theres definitely a nuanceOct 15 12:02
schestowitz[TR]coipyleft and copyuright not the sameOct 15 12:03
schestowitz[TR]copyleft is about maximising sharingOct 15 12:03
schestowitz[TR]copyright maximalists are the oppositeOct 15 12:03
schestowitz[TR]one strives for scarcityOct 15 12:03
mjg59_Roy copyleft literally doesn't exist without copyrightOct 15 12:03
reptilian_thrills copyleft is about maximising sharing <- in theoryOct 15 12:03
mjg59_Learn to fucking nuanceOct 15 12:03
mjg59_The stronger copyright is, the stronger copyleft isOct 15 12:03
schestowitz[TR]learn mannersOct 15 12:03
mjg59_I'll respect you when you respect meOct 15 12:04
schestowitz[TR]go back to acpiu workOct 15 12:04
mjg59_Not a lot to do there, it works nowOct 15 12:04
reptilian_thrillshe likes your acpi workOct 15 12:04
schestowitz[TR] 15 12:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft’s Dirty ACPI Secrets: It’s Back! (Updated) | TechrightsOct 15 12:04
schestowitz[TR] 15 12:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Bill Gates on Making ACPI Not Work with Linux – OSnewsOct 15 12:04
reptilian_thrillsi want to tease him that you were transphobic back then but i think hes got that coveredOct 15 12:04
mjg59_Yeah uh you realise that the whole foxconn thing was ryan being wrongOct 15 12:05
reptilian_thrillshow was he wrong about foxconn-- im more itnerested about foxconn than even ryan being wrongOct 15 12:05
mjg59_It was a combination of their BIOS not matching the spec and Linux not matching the spec and the combination breakingOct 15 12:05
mjg59_It was nothing to do with their firmware deliberately breaking LinuxOct 15 12:06
mjg59_They'd just literally never tested itOct 15 12:06
reptilian_thrillsoopsOct 15 12:06
mjg59_They fixed their firmware, I fixed LinuxOct 15 12:06
techrights-newsPace of growth of debt in large EU/UK/American economies compared 15 12:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ » Blog Archive » National (Public) Debt Curves Compared: UK vs France, Germany, Italy, and USOct 15 12:07
mjg59_So new firmware worked with old Linux, new Linux worked with old firmwareOct 15 12:07
mjg59_I still have that motherboard somewhereOct 15 12:07
mjg59_(Foxconn sent me one to fix it)Oct 15 12:07
mjg59_Ryan responded to this by using a web service to sign me up to several hundred mailing listsOct 15 12:08
reptilian_thrillslolOct 15 12:08
reptilian_thrillsnow i understand how this all ties togetherOct 15 12:08
techrights-newsUS: where a company that makes LOSSES can CLAIM to be worth TRILLIONSOct 15 12:08
mjg59_Which I tracked back to a teenager in Canda who was running the website off his cable modem connection because some people he knew on IRC had convinced him it'd be coolOct 15 12:09
mjg59_I threatened to call his parents and he handed over the IP logsOct 15 12:09
starstreaklolOct 15 12:09
mjg59_And it matched Ryan's IRC IPOct 15 12:09
mjg59_(this was 2008, so most ircds still showed the actual hostname or IP)Oct 15 12:10
starstreakthats why daemonfc hates you?Oct 15 12:10
mjg59_I found the kid's email address because he'd advertised the quake server he was running on a forum, and his username was tied to an email addressOct 15 12:10
reptilian_thrillsno, dfc hates him because hes black and likes people who are transOct 15 12:11
reptilian_thrills(technically hes irish but thats even worse)Oct 15 12:11
mjg59_I'm actually about as white as it's possible to be without being albino, butOct 15 12:11
reptilian_thrillsyeah but who ever heard of "irish privilege"Oct 15 12:12
mjg59_Anyway yeah Ryan hates me because I made him look bad in 2008Oct 15 12:12
mjg59_Oh ha yeah I forgot that Ryan then signed *himself* up with the spam service to pretend he was also attacked, but did so with a gmail address that wasn't the one he was usingOct 15 12:14
mjg59_And then when he blogged about how he was also a victim, he deleted the comment where I pointed that outOct 15 12:14
mjg59_ 15 12:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What amuses me about complaints about censorship is that they often…: mjg59 — LiveJournalOct 15 12:14
reptilian_thrillsthis channel is like every scene of b5 with gkar and londo, except on the set of days of our livesOct 15 12:15
mjg59_I wouldn't actually hold a grudge about that except he still denies itOct 15 12:15
mjg59_I mean maybe this is all about Ryan actually wanting to fuck me? It doesn't seem like that, thoughOct 15 12:17
reptilian_thrillsi dont think your his typeOct 15 12:17
reptilian_thrillseOct 15 12:17
mjg59_Yeah I don't get that impressionOct 15 12:17
mjg59_It's not an unrequited lust situationOct 15 12:17
reptilian_thrillsi did join as ship_roy_and_mjg thoughOct 15 12:17
mjg59_Awh he fell off so he's not going to see this and respondOct 15 12:18
reptilian_thrillsbecause the tension is ridiculous!Oct 15 12:18
reptilian_thrillseven the golden gate bridge is like "damn!"Oct 15 12:18
mjg59_I do understand the perception thereOct 15 12:18
techrights-news"When there is a version upgrade, the 'init' script in the initrd creates a snapshot of the /mnt/wkg/.session folder as a 'rw-*.sfs' file. For example, when upgraded to Easy 4.4.1, /mnt/wkg/releases/easy-4.4.1/rw-4.4.1.sfs got created." 15 12:19
reptilian_thrillshowever, i dont think you have any "misplaced" feelings for royOct 15 12:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cache folders excluded from snapshotsOct 15 12:19
reptilian_thrillsas for roy, i mean hes one giant mystery, cant tell you what he really thinksOct 15 12:19
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techrights-newsThis patch was FAST 15 12:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux 6.0.2 - Greg Kroah-HartmanOct 15 12:22
mjg59_I can certainly attest to having no romantic or sexual feelings for royOct 15 12:22
schestowitz[TR]reptilian_thrills: it's purely about 'secure boot' originallyOct 15 12:23
schestowitz[TR]then, years later, the attacks on LT and then RMSOct 15 12:23
mjg59_Oh wow I'd forgotten that Ryan explicitly accused me of signing him up for SpamzaOct 15 12:23
reptilian_thrillsand poor mr tsoOct 15 12:23
reptilian_thrillswho seems alright to meOct 15 12:24
mjg59_I think he was brutally wrong on one particular point, and I make no claim about that affecting any other aspect of his communication or behaviourOct 15 12:26
mjg59_Also haha 15 12:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | To the lovely person who subscribed me to around 200 mailing lists…: mjg59 — LiveJournalOct 15 12:26
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Linux Fixes WLAN Flaw ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 12:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Linux Fixes WLAN FlawOct 15 12:27
schestowitz[TR]oooh, the cards have arrived with new PIN codesOct 15 12:27
schestowitz[TR]on monday we'll carry about 2k pounds in coins/loose changeOct 15 12:27
mjg59_Awh the forum post isn't on the internet archiveOct 15 12:27
schestowitz[TR]like going to the arcadeOct 15 12:28
techrights-news"Trekarta is released as an open source Libre project under the GPL-3.0 License." 15 12:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Trekarta Is an Open Source App for Hiking, Cycling, and Off-road ActivitiesOct 15 12:29
techrights-newsdelete chromeos and install GNU/Linux 15 12:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 403 @ )Oct 15 12:29
techrights-news5 Best Digital Wallet Apps for Android to Use on 2022 15 12:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 5 Best Digital Wallet Apps for Android to Use on 2022Oct 15 12:30
techrights-newsOpenwashing and pro-software patents cartel are not the solution to this problem 15 12:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Fintech giant The Clearing House joins open-source patent protection powerhouse OIN | ZDNETOct 15 12:31
techrights-newsNASA’s aircraft will elevate the hunt for critical minerals in the US - The Verge ⚓ ䷉ Source: The Verge | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 12:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NASA’s aircraft will elevate the hunt for critical minerals in the US - The VergeOct 15 12:33
techrights-newsEspionage painted as "SECURITY!!" Metaverse LOLs. 15 12:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Eponymous Pickle: Metaverse Safety Week EventOct 15 12:33
techrights-newsEU chat control negotiations kick off: Commissioner Johansson defends controversial surveillance law before LIBE committee - Patrick Breyer ⚓ ䷉ Source: Patrick BreyerOct 15 12:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | EU chat control negotiations kick off: Commissioner Johansson defends controversial surveillance law before LIBE committee – Patrick BreyerOct 15 12:34
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techrights-newseBPF File Watching ⚓ ䷉ Source: Matt Rickard | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 12:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | eBPF File WatchingOct 15 12:35
techrights-newsWhy Is NixOS Popular Again? 15 12:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why Is NixOS Popular Again?Oct 15 12:36
techrights-newsThe Old Computer Challenge 2022 15 12:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Old Computer Challenge 2022 - box.matto.nlOct 15 12:37
techrights-news"My plan was to draw one or two sprites for each industry type; tea tree farm, tea factory, tea house. If I had settled for that you'd probably be able to play with that mod right now." 15 12:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 21 Hours - Björn WärmedalOct 15 12:38
techrights-newsLimine version 3.20221014.1 compiled in OE 15 12:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Limine version 3.20221014.1 compiled in OEOct 15 12:40
techrights-news"After a few busy and stressful months, I decided to set aside October to rest. Of course, for me, rest does not mean a cessation of programming, but rather a shift in priorities towards more fun and experimental projects. Consequently, it has been a great month for Helios!" 15 12:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Status update, October 2022Oct 15 12:40
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techrights-newsSelf-Referential Fame: Famous for Claiming to Be Famous ⚓ ䷉ Source: Tedium | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 13:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Self-Referential Fame: Famous for Claiming to Be FamousOct 15 13:00
techrights-news"Both Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 and Plasma 5.26 have now hit Manjaro ARMs unstable branch, so it's time to get some testing in before it gets to stable branch." 15 13:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Plasma 5.26 and Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 in Manjaro ARMOct 15 13:01
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MinceR 15 13:37
MinceRnvmOct 15 13:37
schestowitz[TR]haOct 15 13:37
schestowitz[TR]probably a home with kids of somethingOct 15 13:40
techrights-news"I've been working with and on container technology for seven years, but I still learn new things every day." 15 13:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | jmtd → log → podman generateOct 15 13:41
MinceRthe work laptop lets me experience what "modern" and "ready for the desktop" are likeOct 15 13:41
techrights-newsWindows has BACK DOORS. Never ever use a password manager on Windows, no matter what software runs on it. 15 13:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 403 @ )Oct 15 13:41
MinceRtoday it froze solid while resuming from hibernationOct 15 13:41
*KiKi (~KiKi@wsiybfsi67r84.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 13:41
MinceRthen it rebooted againOct 15 13:41
MinceRi'm sure dehomag and MICROS~1 can implement both of these things in Gnome OSOct 15 13:42
MinceRthe audio stack being a useless pile of shit is probably already there thanks to poetteringaudioOct 15 13:42
schestowitz[TR]fedora ambassador: lol, buy a new pc, neckbeardOct 15 13:44
MinceRtell my employer to replace that laptop, thenOct 15 13:45
schestowitz[TR]:-)Oct 15 13:45
MinceRit's out of my hands :)Oct 15 13:45
schestowitz[TR]russian ambassar: get out of ukraine thenOct 15 13:45
schestowitz[TR](to ukrainians)Oct 15 13:45
MinceRno uOct 15 13:45
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Today's 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 HowTos ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 13:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's howtosOct 15 13:46
techrights-news[GIT PULL] sched/psi changes for v6.1 ⚓ ䷉ Source: kernel | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 13:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [GIT PULL] sched/psi changes for v6.1Oct 15 13:47
techrights-newsPulse Sensor with Raspberry PI Pico: Hearth Beat Chech with MicroPython ⚓ ䷉ Source: peppe8o | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 13:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 520 @ )Oct 15 13:48
techrights-news6 Top Free and Open Source Rust Web Micro-Frameworks - LinuxLinks ⚓ ䷉ Source: Linux Links | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 13:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-6 Top Free and Open Source Rust Web Micro-Frameworks - LinuxLinksOct 15 13:49
techrights-news"In my quest to build my Offline-First typewriter, I’m developing Offpunk, an offline-first, command-line based Gemini client (forked from AV-98 by Solderpunk)." gemini:// 15 13:50
MinceR(nsfw)   ( )Oct 15 14:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Cyanide & Happiness ( 15 14:02
schestowitz[TR][bill gates clicks]Oct 15 14:14
schestowitz[TR]no...Oct 15 14:14
schestowitz[TR][rick allen jones clicks]Oct 15 14:14
schestowitz[TR][and saves to portable disk]Oct 15 14:15
MinceR(dog) 15 14:17
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whiteniggahey dawgsOct 15 16:17
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starstreaklinucks btwOct 15 16:33
whiteniggalinucks?Oct 15 16:34
starstreaklinux is pronounced "linucks"Oct 15 16:36
whiteniggalol dawgOct 15 16:39
starstreakattack surface 😇Oct 15 16:43
starstreakthere should be an easier way to insert emojisOct 15 16:43
starstreaki have to copy pasta themOct 15 16:43
whiteniggastarstreak: dawg, im surprised im seeing them. im on a terminal and irssiOct 15 16:45
*birkoff has quit (Connection closed)Oct 15 16:47
starstreakunicode btwOct 15 16:52
schestowitzLKML: "Michael S. Tsirkin": [GIT PULL] virtio: fixes, features ⚓ ䷉ Source: uni Indiana | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 16:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LKML: "Michael S. Tsirkin": [GIT PULL] virtio: fixes, featuresOct 15 16:55
*schestowitz[TR3] has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)Oct 15 16:56
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techrights-newsGINYSTR Wordo: PUFFY gemini:// 15 16:57
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Sparky 2022.10 Special Editions ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 16:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Sparky 2022.10 Special EditionsOct 15 16:57
whitenigga 15 16:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Workers at second Apple store vote to join union | CNN BusinessOct 15 16:58
techrights-newsLKML: "Michael S. Tsirkin": [GIT PULL] virtio: fixes, features ⚓ ䷉ Source: uni Indiana | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 16:58
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starstreak 15 17:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Equifax Fires Employees for Working Two JobsOct 15 17:00
techrights-newsFake 'rich' people (or people deep in debt) like to openly brag that they are "rich" as long as that lasts (the pretence is all they have going for them). Rich people tend to keep more quiet about it. There are exceptions to all this, but in "modern society" it has become prevalent.Oct 15 17:10
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psydruidCorporations trying to control people in an era in which those very same corporations are obsoleteOct 15 17:43
psydruid"Rich" people can have as many "jobs" as they want but employees must be owned 100% of the timeOct 15 17:43
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reptilian_thrillsgee tee kay, or as i call it, jitikOct 15 17:58
*horseface (~horseface@rxm43kc67i4ek.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 17:58
reptilian_thrillsjitik is part of the TROLL desktopOct 15 17:58
reptilian_thrillstheres a fork called mate, which stands for "mate is your mate, but troll just wants to bend you over"Oct 15 17:59
reptilian_thrillstheyre waiting for enough people to like troll, then theyll scrap it and make it worseOct 15 18:00
reptilian_thrillsthen when people who liked it are sad, theyll call them neckbeards which isnt racistOct 15 18:00
reptilian_thrillstroll 3 is more than a decade old, troll 5 is better, it only needs 12 coresOct 15 18:02
reptilian_thrills(troll doesnt actually needs lots of cores, it likes ram though)Oct 15 18:03
reptilian_thrillsalternatively troll will just become the desktop environment in systemdOct 15 18:03
reptilian_thrillssystemd-trolldOct 15 18:04
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starstreaklinucks btw :DOct 15 18:07
reptilian_thrillssystemd-linucksdOct 15 18:07
reptilian_thrillsroy told me yesterday, i might end up with bsd/alpineOct 15 18:08
reptilian_thrillsi told him i can think of worse thingsOct 15 18:08
starstreakdid openbsd put code on github?Oct 15 18:09
reptilian_thrillsopenbsd has a mirror-- funnily enough, i once thought openbsd was on githubOct 15 18:09
reptilian_thrillssomeone said "thats just a mirror" and i checked, and they were rightOct 15 18:09
starstreakahh like haikuOct 15 18:09
reptilian_thrillsthis was before wesley snipes (and before i switched to bsd)Oct 15 18:09
reptilian_thrillslike haikuOct 15 18:09
reptilian_thrills <- exactly like haiku, exceptOct 15 18:09
starstreakgnome is hosted on gitlabOct 15 18:10
reptilian_thrillswith openbsd i had trusted wikipedia. this was back when my github radar was very new and unsophisticatedOct 15 18:10
reptilian_thrillsyes, troll is hosted on gitlabOct 15 18:10
reptilian_thrillsafter someone pointed out that openbsd was on github i audited my entire list of like 100 or so itemsOct 15 18:10
reptilian_thrillsby handOct 15 18:11
reptilian_thrillsi found like 3 or maybe 4 items that were mirrors or otherwise a mistakeOct 15 18:11
reptilian_thrillsso it was pretty accurate but more accuracy is betterOct 15 18:11
reptilian_thrillswith haiku i simply remembered a project being github based because they had a repo thereOct 15 18:12
reptilian_thrillsbut its a true mirror, and i dont count those. anybody can copy a freesw project to a mirrorOct 15 18:13
reptilian_thrillsand people frequently doOct 15 18:13
reptilian_thrillseverything written in perl is under a perl licenseOct 15 18:15
reptilian_thrillsbut there is no perl licenseOct 15 18:15
reptilian_thrillsisnt that weirdOct 15 18:16
starstreakeveryone who uses perl is mentally handicapped anywayOct 15 18:16
starstreakthats probably whyOct 15 18:16
reptilian_thrills everyone who uses perl is mentally handicapped anyway <- autistic lesbians can say thatOct 15 18:17
reptilian_thrillsat least irish autistic lesbians can Oct 15 18:17
starstreak😇Oct 15 18:17
starstreakdid your irc client process that emoji?Oct 15 18:18
reptilian_thrillsnice hatOct 15 18:18
starstreakits a haloOct 15 18:18
starstreakim an angelOct 15 18:18
reptilian_thrillsid sooner believe its a hat :)Oct 15 18:18
reptilian_thrills/me has a halo too O:)Oct 15 18:19
reptilian_thrillsthough from here it looks a bit like a mike and ikeOct 15 18:19
starstreak🥳Oct 15 18:19
reptilian_thrillsi should probably say mike and ickeOct 15 18:19
starstreakicke <3Oct 15 18:19
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reptilian_thrills 15 18:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Trip Through Your Wires (Remastered 2007) - InvidiousOct 15 18:20
starstreak🫠Oct 15 18:20
starstreaki have to copy and paste these from a website lolOct 15 18:21
reptilian_thrillsnot meOct 15 18:21
reptilian_thrills🥳Oct 15 18:21
starstreakthank god for unicodeOct 15 18:21
reptilian_thrills thank god for unicode <- im more likely to worship satan than thank god for unicodeOct 15 18:21
starstreakwhats wrong with worshipping Satan?Oct 15 18:22
reptilian_thrillsof course theres very little difference, unicode is digital satanismOct 15 18:22
reptilian_thrillswhats wrong with worshipping Satan <- i dunno, it makes the baby jesus cryOct 15 18:22
reptilian_thrillsso does unicodeOct 15 18:22
starstreakSatan is a badassOct 15 18:22
starstreakthe first rebelOct 15 18:22
reptilian_thrillsif you like satan you should probably like dfc tooOct 15 18:22
starstreaknahOct 15 18:23
starstreaksatan doesn't even like nazisOct 15 18:23
reptilian_thrillshaOct 15 18:23
reptilian_thrillsfair pointOct 15 18:23
reptilian_thrillsthe first rebel <- does he have a flagOct 15 18:23
reptilian_thrillsid ask if he was alt-right but you were inb4 ben shapiroOct 15 18:23
reptilian_thrillstheres just one problem, ben! whos gonna worship alt-right satan, aquaman?Oct 15 18:24
reptilian_thrills/me pictures aquaman doing a black massOct 15 18:24
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*birkoff (birkoff@freenode-adfd07.pp8t.eshf.59jtia.IP) has joined #techrightsOct 15 18:26
starstreaknazi furries: 15 18:26
reptilian_thrillsi had a bartender once who was wearing a shirt that said "angel or devil?"Oct 15 18:26
reptilian_thrillswhich i thought was a great shirt for a bartender because of the songOct 15 18:26
reptilian_thrills"angel or devil, i was thirsty, and you wet my lips"Oct 15 18:26
reptilian_thrillsbono is a guilty pleasure. hes the jersey short of musiciansOct 15 18:27
reptilian_thrillsshoreOct 15 18:27
reptilian_thrillsjersey short is a remake with just little peopleOct 15 18:27
reptilian_thrillsits like the wizard of oz but mafiaOct 15 18:27
reptilian_thrills/me is going to get a horse head on his pillowOct 15 18:27
reptilian_thrillsor a pony.Oct 15 18:28
reptilian_thrillsjersey short is a remake with just little people <- peter dinklage plays ronnieOct 15 18:30
whiteniggamidgets are hot dawgOct 15 18:32
reptilian_thrills 15 18:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (feat. Rihanna) - InvidiousOct 15 18:32
whiteniggathere is this hot female midget at my grocery store Oct 15 18:32
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@h635kpe3hju7k.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 18:32
whiteniggai dont have the confidence to ask her outOct 15 18:33
whiteniggai'd love to bang a midgetOct 15 18:33
reptilian_thrillsmidget bangerz #11Oct 15 18:33
whiteniggapornhub has quite a lot of midget videosOct 15 18:33
reptilian_thrillsbut when i look for them there i alwaye come up shortOct 15 18:34
whiteniggaLOLOct 15 18:34
reptilian_thrillsrihanna should wear that every dayOct 15 18:34
reptilian_thrillsin fact she should give up music (not that shes terrible by any means) and just rob banks, that would be awesomeOct 15 18:35
reptilian_thrillsif i was a bank id give her all my moneyOct 15 18:35
whiteniggai wouldn't even press the robbery buttonOct 15 18:35
whiteniggano dye packs for her eitherOct 15 18:36
reptilian_thrillsHAHAAAAAAAA!Oct 15 18:37
*starstreak vapes and blows a cloud of smoke into the channelOct 15 18:37
whiteniggai can't get enough of that midget bootyOct 15 18:38
whiteniggammmmmmmmmmOct 15 18:38
reptilian_thrillsTOODALOOOOOct 15 18:38
*phanes (~phanes@vdaaabp6wfeza.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 18:39
starstreaki use arch linux btwOct 15 18:39
reptilian_thrillslinucksOct 15 18:39
starstreakattack surface <3Oct 15 18:39
reptilian_thrillsphanes is here for jersey shortOct 15 18:39
*whitenigga imagines slapping the booty of a midgetOct 15 18:39
whiteniggalord have mercyOct 15 18:39
*phanes starts placing bets on how many packages he's installed from "reputable repos" that ended up being malwareOct 15 18:40
phanesre: arch linuxOct 15 18:40
starstreakim a sheOct 15 18:40
phaneswhateverOct 15 18:40
starstreaki got a picture of phanes hanging out with his friends: 15 18:41
reptilian_thrills/me thought phanes was referring to himselfOct 15 18:41
phaneswhy is it always nazis with you peopleOct 15 18:41
whiteniggalol starstreak, thats cooooold bloodedOct 15 18:42
reptilian_thrillsand only one of them is a wolf?Oct 15 18:42
reptilian_thrillswhy is it always nazis with you people <- because mike godwin is deadOct 15 18:42
whiteniggagodwin's law doesn't apply anymore because of all the actual nazisOct 15 18:43
reptilian_thrills<starstreak> i got a picture of phanes hanging out with his friends: <- wait, this isnt the KISS reunion tourOct 15 18:43
phanesgodwin's law doesn't apply because godwin was only attached to the center of human consciousness while he was alive and when he died we lost memesOct 15 18:43
phanesforeverOct 15 18:43
reptilian_thrillssimmons: i support invading every middle eastern country EXCEPT israel of courseOct 15 18:44
phanesall people do is produce cheap rebrands of prior existing memes hoping to recreate the magic but we're really all just passing around the corpses of memesOct 15 18:44
reptilian_thrillsall people do is produce cheap rebrands of prior existing memes hoping to recreate the magic <- not me, im years behind on this shitOct 15 18:44
whiteniggasounds like phanes is a nerd dawgOct 15 18:44
reptilian_thrillsi just discovered OPPALANCE OPPALANCE like 2 days agoOct 15 18:44
reptilian_thrillsi say it walking down the street waving my arms aroundOct 15 18:45
reptilian_thrills"you own everthing!"Oct 15 18:45
reptilian_thrills/me is the meme equivalent of anne hathaway in devil wears prada wearing a bargain bin shirt that meryl streep put at the forefront years beforeOct 15 18:46
reptilian_thrillsi just discovered hawaiian shirts are a thingOct 15 18:48
phanesthats because you live in a caveOct 15 18:48
reptilian_thrillsclose enough, ive never been on the internetsOct 15 18:48
starstreakthats because he uses openbsdOct 15 18:48
reptilian_thrillsroflOct 15 18:48
*kiki_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)Oct 15 18:48
reptilian_thrillsthats because he uses openbsd <- hey i had to wait for a driver for my nic okOct 15 18:49
phaneslolOct 15 18:49
reptilian_thrillsi spent a decade or so trying to get wireless to gave up and then i discovered ethernetOct 15 18:49
reptilian_thrillsto be fair part of that was in freebsdOct 15 18:50
reptilian_thrills/me checks to make sure the coax on his network card isnt looseOct 15 18:50
reptilian_thrillsi was using a null modem cable on rs232 but it turns out thats pretty slowOct 15 18:51
phaneshonestly freebsd is a fine system for personal use or even server use if you don't try to scale outOct 15 18:53
phaneslinux is in the process of being hijacked Oct 15 18:53
reptilian_thrills<phanes> linux is in the process of being hijacked <- thats why i bailedOct 15 18:54
MinceRif you don't mind the CoC, the MICROS~1 and crApple influence, and the community being mostly Backdoors and crapOS users desperately looking for some street credOct 15 18:54
reptilian_thrillsif i thought i could stop this by staying with penguinshit i would stick around longerOct 15 18:54
MinceRFreeBSD was hijacked before Linux wasOct 15 18:54
reptilian_thrills FreeBSD was hijacked before Linux was <- howsoOct 15 18:54
reptilian_thrills 15 18:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Penguin poops on friend - InvidiousOct 15 18:55
MinceR15 195436 < reptilian_thrills>  FreeBSD was hijacked before Linux was <- howsoOct 15 18:55
MinceRMICROS~1 and crApple influence, then they forced a CoC on the projectOct 15 18:55
phanesits not just the CoCOct 15 18:56
phanesthe CoC is a strategic resource placement and PR toolOct 15 18:56
reptilian_thrillsfwiw i believe they dialed down the coc to remove the worst bullshitOct 15 18:56
MinceRyeah, for the occupying corporationsOct 15 18:56
reptilian_thrillsthis isnt a pro-coc stanceOct 15 18:56
reptilian_thrillsbut they also develop their package management on githubOct 15 18:56
reptilian_thrillsof freebsd and netbsd and openbsd, freebsd is the most github-entrenchedOct 15 18:57
reptilian_thrillsroy implied they were considering leaving, which may be true, but i doubt they ever leftOct 15 18:57
MinceRa standard CoC lists comfortable excuses for removing people the corporate overlords don't like from the project and assigns the power to do so to a specific group of suitsOct 15 18:57
reptilian_thrillsa standard CoC lists comfortable excuses for removing people the corporate overlords don't like from the project and assigns the power to do so to a specific group of suits <- this is the general problem with cocsOct 15 18:57
reptilian_thrillsthey exist for one alleged purpose and are invariably used to cancel people who make trouble for corporationsOct 15 18:58
reptilian_thrillstso, stallman, appelbaumOct 15 18:58
reptilian_thrillsit turns out the progressive side of the tech industry consists entirely of people who have violated mjgs partner in some fashionOct 15 18:58
reptilian_thrillswhich im not saying didnt happenOct 15 18:58
reptilian_thrillsbut thats pretty bizarreOct 15 18:58
MinceRi don't even know what "progressive" meansOct 15 18:59
reptilian_thrillsthats why youre miserable and cynical and misanthropicOct 15 18:59
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reptilian_thrillsbut, it may be the other way around-- you might be those things BECAUSE you dont know what progressive meansOct 15 18:59
reptilian_thrillswait, i said that alreadyOct 15 18:59
reptilian_thrillsanyway, strike that, reverse itOct 15 18:59
reptilian_thrillsactually its because youre an anarchistOct 15 19:00
MinceRsounds like "progressive" means "delusional"Oct 15 19:00
whiteniggayo dawg thats pretty harshOct 15 19:00
reptilian_thrillswhcih is a perfectly reasonable thing to be in theoryOct 15 19:00
*phanes puts on some progressive rockOct 15 19:01
*starstreak runs an age detection algorithmOct 15 19:01
reptilian_thrillsbut in practice it means "lets fix the world OOH SHINY THINGS-- HEY EVERYBODY STONE HIM, HE SAID RACIST THINGS ABOUT JEHOVAH!"Oct 15 19:01
reptilian_thrills"now look, just because i said racist things about jehovah..." *everybody throws rocks*Oct 15 19:01
*starstreak reads the screen, it has determined that phanes is in fact a boomerOct 15 19:01
phanesim only 37Oct 15 19:01
starstreakwhy do you act like a boomer?Oct 15 19:02
reptilian_thrills/me met a guy who is only 37 the other day, it must be phanesOct 15 19:02
starstreakwhat kind of millenial listens to progressive rockOct 15 19:02
reptilian_thrillswhat kind of millenial listens to progressive rock <- lol :DOct 15 19:02
phanesmy gen is xennialsOct 15 19:02
phaneswe're kind of between the Xers and the MersOct 15 19:02
starstreakfair enoughOct 15 19:03
phaneswe watched it all grow upOct 15 19:03
phanesyou guys just use the shit we builtOct 15 19:03
starstreakim the same age tho and i like shit like rap, pop and synthwaveOct 15 19:03
reptilian_thrills<phanes> you guys just use the shit we built <- ok THATS boomer talk right thereOct 15 19:03
starstreakim also 37Oct 15 19:03
phaneseh?  use anything that doesn't rest on the C layer of your OS lately?Oct 15 19:03
reptilian_thrillshell thats the boomer santa song that chevy sang in communityOct 15 19:04
starstreaki use arch/systemd/gnome btwOct 15 19:04
phanescue the shitposting about how rust and go have really made viable foundational progress despite having never breached the niche wallOct 15 19:04
reptilian_thrillsbaby boomer santa! i give you the WORLD!Oct 15 19:04
starstreakgo is funOct 15 19:04
phanesor having formed a standard with which the language can evolveOct 15 19:04
reptilian_thrills<phanes> you guys just use the shit we built 15 19:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Baby Boomer Santa | Community - InvidiousOct 15 19:05
phanesyou guys are making toy cabins out of boomer poop while whining about boomersOct 15 19:05
phanesknow any mellinials who are building viable kernels?Oct 15 19:05
phanesat this point we have the highest hopes for your kidsOct 15 19:06
phanesmaybe their kidsOct 15 19:06
starstreaktheres probably a lot of millenials working on linuxOct 15 19:06
phanesboomer poopOct 15 19:06
reptilian_thrills"your generation INVENTED music!"Oct 15 19:06
reptilian_thrills"i dunno about invented... perfected maybe"Oct 15 19:06
starstreakhaiku osOct 15 19:07
phaneswe spat out a generation of emotionally fragile, broken identities that can't focus on anything long enough to earn the status they cry-scream demands to be givenOct 15 19:07
reptilian_thrills"santa fought at woodstock, and vietnam, and smoked a tonne of acid..."Oct 15 19:07
reptilian_thrillswe spat out a generation of emotionally fragile, broken identities <- thats mostly the an-coms thoughOct 15 19:07
phanesive put up with shit on the reg since the 90s that would break most of y'all lolOct 15 19:08
starstreakreptilian_thrills, whats wrong with anarchyOct 15 19:08
reptilian_thrillsi dunno man i grew up being tortured and terrorised on a daily basis Oct 15 19:08
reptilian_thrillsreptilian_thrills, whats wrong with anarchy <- nothing actuallyOct 15 19:08
starstreakdown with tankiesOct 15 19:09
reptilian_thrills down with tankies <- if onlyOct 15 19:09
reptilian_thrillsbut an-coms are into friendly fire, they always miss the tankies.Oct 15 19:09
starstreakcentrists are the worst thoOct 15 19:09
reptilian_thrills"hey guys, look, tankies" "hold on, let me reload i just pumped 8 magazines into my comrades"Oct 15 19:10
reptilian_thrillsyes everyone should work together to destroy the centristsOct 15 19:10
phanescentrists are fineOct 15 19:10
starstreakWhat do we want!? Wall! When do we want it? Wall!Oct 15 19:10
phanesyou can't get rid of the normiesOct 15 19:10
reptilian_thrills<starstreak> What do we want!? Wall! When do we want it? Wall! <- maybe he save perl (just kidding)Oct 15 19:10
reptilian_thrills <phanes> you can't get rid of the normies <- we can frame them for hate crimesOct 15 19:11
starstreaklol no reptilian_thrills Oct 15 19:11
starstreaki got the best ideaOct 15 19:11
reptilian_thrillstso is innocentOct 15 19:11
phanesyeah but that'll break your own credibility and end your ability to shape society any furtherOct 15 19:11
phaneswhich is notably nonexistent but stillOct 15 19:11
starstreakonce the revolution is over, the centrists will participate in the first annual hunger gamesOct 15 19:11
reptilian_thrills<phanes> yeah but that'll break your own credibility and end your ability to shape society any further <- thats exactly what it does, yesOct 15 19:11
phaneskeep your options opoenOct 15 19:11
phanes*openOct 15 19:11
reptilian_thrills#techrights : 10/15/22 18:11 <reptilian_thrills> <phanes> yeah but that'll break your own credibility and end your ability to shape society any further <- im only humourously endorsing what has already happenedOct 15 19:12
reptilian_thrillsin protest Oct 15 19:12
reptilian_thrillsbut the more i humourously endorse it the more i outline whats stupid about it in fine detailOct 15 19:13
phanesthe reason these stains shit their pants when i get roped in is because i never compromise my morality, which is known to involve a striving for truthOct 15 19:13
reptilian_thrillsfor example: <phanes> yeah but that'll break your own credibility and end your ability to shape society any further <- thats exactly what it does, yesOct 15 19:13
phanesit doesn't sound like much but imagine if all their adversaries did thatOct 15 19:13
reptilian_thrills<phanes> the reason these stains shit their pants when i get roped in is because i never compromise my morality, which is known to involve a striving for truth <- and thats why starstreak mistook me for youOct 15 19:13
reptilian_thrillsi dont. she did.Oct 15 19:13
phanesno you are a crazy flat earth lizard-people conspiracy theoristOct 15 19:14
phanesin your case you should lie about thatOct 15 19:14
reptilian_thrills <phanes> no you are a crazy flat earth lizard-people conspiracy theorist <- crazy perhaps. flat earth no. lizard people (nicks aside) no. youre confusing me with starstreak.Oct 15 19:14
reptilian_thrills <- not an icke guyOct 15 19:14
phanesone of the first things people who oppose truth-lovers do is try to paint them as crazy because they know they won't win the battle of convincing people that they are lyingOct 15 19:14
starstreakearth isn't flatOct 15 19:14
reptilian_thrills <phanes> one of the first things people who oppose truth-lovers do is try to paint them as crazy because they know they won't win the battle of convincing people that they are lying <- and yet ive agreed with every point youve made about cocs and cancel cultureOct 15 19:15
starstreak"<phanes> one of the first things people who oppose truth-lovers do is try to paint them as crazy because they know they won't win the battle of convincing people that they are lying" <- he says right after calling me crazyOct 15 19:15
reptilian_thrillshe says right after calling me crazy <- thats trueOct 15 19:16
phanesso if you spout out a bunch of shit about lizard people and underground cave-dwelling civilizations being hidden in a conspiracy, out of the gate you're reduced to either being crazy or a liar.  you disqualify yourself from the struggles of civilization immediately with it.Oct 15 19:16
phanessurely you know this alreadyOct 15 19:16
starstreaki've done the research and it all points undergroundOct 15 19:16
phaneslolOct 15 19:17
reptilian_thrillsif you spout out a bunch of shit about lizard people and underground cave-dwelling civilizations being hidden in a conspiracy <- and if i dont?Oct 15 19:17
starstreakas above, so belowOct 15 19:17
phanesthat's not even close to what that phrase means starstreak Oct 15 19:17
starstreakthe phrase has multiple meaningsOct 15 19:17
phanesyes and you know none of themOct 15 19:17
starstreakits masonicOct 15 19:17
reptilian_thrillsalso im not sure sanity is a prerequisite for fixing the worldOct 15 19:17
reptilian_thrillsyoud have to be crazy to think its possible and crazier to tryOct 15 19:18
phanesthere are different kinds of crazyOct 15 19:18
whiteniggastarstreak: you're one crazy niggaOct 15 19:18
reptilian_thrills<phanes> there are different kinds of craz <- this is one of my thesesOct 15 19:18
reptilian_thrillscrazy isnt optional. theres only better kinds of crazy and worse kinds-- the key is to go for a better kind.Oct 15 19:18
starstreakautizmophreniaOct 15 19:19
starstreaka combination of autism and schitzophreniaOct 15 19:19
phanesthere's "i think we can make a positive impact on society" crazy and "I think sentient lizards control invisible reigns of human civilization in their unending war with underground neanderthals, because hollow earth" crazy, which comes with a whole bunch of other crazy as the mind disease worsensOct 15 19:19
starstreakthats the kind you wantOct 15 19:19
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starstreakthe moon is hollow tooOct 15 19:20
phaneslolOct 15 19:20
starstreakits a space stationOct 15 19:20
starstreakit mind controls the planetOct 15 19:20
phanesi really hope you're just joking and that you aren't this batshit crazyOct 15 19:20
reptilian_thrills<starstreak> autizmophrenia <- 15 19:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Phoenix - Lisztomania (Music Video) - InvidiousOct 15 19:21
starstreak 15 19:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Invidious: 15 19:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )Oct 15 19:21
starstreakAutizmophrenia, the ultimate in neurodivergence: 15 19:21
reptilian_thrillshigh functioning autistics really only need the right circumstances lent to them for them to help save the worldOct 15 19:23
phanesnot reallyOct 15 19:23
reptilian_thrillsof course you could replace "high functioning autistics" with quite a few other groups in that phraseOct 15 19:23
reptilian_thrills<phanes> not really <- thats one hell of a refutationOct 15 19:23
phanesmost high functioning autists would destroy everything theyve ever loved if they had an influence over anythingOct 15 19:23
*frog (~frog@xa9gyvgunt5tq.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 19:23
reptilian_thrills if they had an influence <- influence comes in degreesOct 15 19:24
starstreak:(Oct 15 19:24
phanesmost high functioning neurotypicals would destroy everything they love tooOct 15 19:24
reptilian_thrillsyour rhetoric implies they would be better off chained up to a wallOct 15 19:24
reptilian_thrillsof course this is a false dichotomoy-- but thats exactly my pointOct 15 19:24
starstreakim autisticOct 15 19:24
phanesnot chained to a wall, just....not in chargeOct 15 19:24
reptilian_thrills<phanes> not chained to a wall, just....not in charge <- youre halfway there alreadyOct 15 19:24
phanesim not autistic but alot of normies think i amOct 15 19:24
reptilian_thrillswho should be in chargeOct 15 19:25
reptilian_thrills<phanes> im not autistic but alot of normies think i am <- too much creditOct 15 19:25
reptilian_thrillsyoure like a horseshoe theory normie-- so normie you seem like a savantOct 15 19:25
phanesmaybeOct 15 19:25
reptilian_thrills"hes almost autistically normie"Oct 15 19:25
phanesthing is thoughOct 15 19:26
reptilian_thrills<reptilian_thrills> who should be in chargeOct 15 19:26
phanesi can go into /most/ areas that are dominated by HFAsOct 15 19:26
phanesand run circles around most of themOct 15 19:26
reptilian_thrills <phanes> and run circles around most of them <- so can any narcissistOct 15 19:26
reptilian_thrillsand while you dont yet strike me as a narcissistOct 15 19:26
phanesnot quite a polymath, i can chase pretty much any endeavour of mind i wantOct 15 19:26
reptilian_thrillssome of your rhetoric is hard to explain any other wayOct 15 19:26
phanessome attributes of narcissism are positive traitsOct 15 19:27
phanesi haver studied them a great dealOct 15 19:27
phanes*haveOct 15 19:27
reptilian_thrillsi can chase pretty much any endeavour of mind i want <- sounds like grayden from what planet are you fromOct 15 19:27
reptilian_thrillshe has a highly evolved mind that can heal any woundOct 15 19:27
reptilian_thrillsso john goodman shoots him in the head and he diesOct 15 19:27
reptilian_thrills"i always thought that heal any wound thing was bullshit"-- one of the aliensOct 15 19:28
phanesyeah if a divergence emerges that can do that, the immediate response would probably be to kill it tbhOct 15 19:28
reptilian_thrillsmissing the point that he was making it upOct 15 19:28
phanesokOct 15 19:29
reptilian_thrillsit was a bluffOct 15 19:29
phanesi meanOct 15 19:29
phanesi dont likeOct 15 19:29
reptilian_thrills"dont bother attacking me, im invincible"Oct 15 19:29
phanesneed your validation manOct 15 19:29
*reptilian_thrills has quit (connection closed)Oct 15 19:29
MinceR15 200140 < reptilian_thrills> "now look, just because i said racist things about jehovah..." *everybody throws rocks*Oct 15 19:31
MinceRStop! Stop, will you?! Stop that! Stop it! Now, look! No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle! Do you understand?! Even, and I want to make this absolutely clear, even if they do say 'Jehovah'.Oct 15 19:31
phaneslolOct 15 19:31
MinceR15 200520 < phanes> you guys are making toy cabins out of boomer poop while whining about boomersOct 15 19:31
MinceRewOct 15 19:31
phanesits true though lolOct 15 19:32
MinceR15 201011 < reptilian_thrills> yes everyone should work together to destroy the centristsOct 15 19:32
MinceRdon't worry, all of the human species are working on itOct 15 19:32
phanesthey destroyed their kids but they built the world with scales that haven't been reproducedOct 15 19:32
MinceRall the humans will be destroyed. including the centrists.Oct 15 19:33
phanesi wonder if they pull his internet connection on days he doesn't take his schizoid medsOct 15 19:34
MinceRwhoseOct 15 19:34
phaneswhoever that nutjob i was just talking to isOct 15 19:35
MinceRlolOct 15 19:35
MinceRno, he just comes and goesOct 15 19:35
starstreakreptilian_thrills is a nutjob?Oct 15 19:35
MinceRhe's one of the saner people here, afaictOct 15 19:35
starstreaki guess everyone is a nutjobOct 15 19:35
phanessorry i might be confusing people.  isn't he the lizard people oneOct 15 19:35
starstreakhe says im a nutjobOct 15 19:35
starstreakphanes, im the one with the conspiracy websiteOct 15 19:35
Helenaho.oOct 15 19:36
phanesoh, i misunderstood.  i misattributed to someone else the batshit insanity that belongs to you.Oct 15 19:36
starstreakphanes, 15 19:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cerberus Investigations - The Neanderthal AgendaOct 15 19:36
phanesim not clicking on thatOct 15 19:36
starstreakreptilian_thrills is actually mateyOct 15 19:37
whiteniggastarstreak: dawg that shit is crazy yoOct 15 19:38
MinceRhi not clicking on that, i'm dadOct 15 19:38
*reptilian_thrills (~reptilian_thrills@dhbexrjppffwu.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 19:38
reptilian_thrillsanyway its shallow ableist thinking that honestly belives hfas cant be in chargeOct 15 19:38
MinceRlolOct 15 19:38
phanesseems like i was reading an article a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that people who believe they were abducted by aliens, believe in lizard people and all that are dealing wiht repressed traumatic events involving much more mundane circumstances that theyre not processingOct 15 19:38
Helenah 15 19:38
MinceRwhat's "hfas"?Oct 15 19:38
reptilian_thrillsit shows shallow thinking about hfas-- shallow thinking about what "in charge" means, and a shallow (selective) take on historyOct 15 19:39
reptilian_thrillsparticularly of the free software movement.Oct 15 19:39
phanesHelenah, is that a tumor?Oct 15 19:39
Helenahphanes: YepOct 15 19:39
reptilian_thrillsphipps would sympathise but his thinking belongs in a prison campOct 15 19:39
*reptilian_thrills has quit (connection closed)Oct 15 19:39
phanesHelenah, dammit i was hoping you'd pull a schwarzeneggar ITS NOT A TUMAHOct 15 19:39
phanessorry to hear that.  malignant?Oct 15 19:39
MinceRlolOct 15 19:39
HelenahI put the green circle there to get people to focus on where they should be looking.Oct 15 19:39
*reptilian_thrills (~reptilian_thrills@dhbexrjppffwu.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 19:39
reptilian_thrillsmincer: high functioning autisticsOct 15 19:39
starstreakwelcome back reptilian_thrills Oct 15 19:40
MinceRicOct 15 19:40
Helenahphanes: Maybe I'm not human but instead humanoid. :3Oct 15 19:40
MinceRi think no one should be in chargeOct 15 19:40
reptilian_thrills<MinceR> i think no one should be in charge <- thats why i kept asking phanes who should be in chargeOct 15 19:40
reptilian_thrillsman dominates man to his own detrimentOct 15 19:40
phanesreptilian_thrills, what is shallow thinking is the belief that humans don't align to sociopolitical hierarchies at an instinctual level with drivers that can't be overcome without destroying everyoneOct 15 19:40
MinceRand i will have my way, but probably through a really painful processOct 15 19:40
reptilian_thrillsbut i dont think smashing archy is the answerOct 15 19:41
MinceRit will smash itselfOct 15 19:41
reptilian_thrillsi think archy is a bomb, and if you smash it we dieOct 15 19:41
reptilian_thrillsif you disarm it and then dismantle it, great.Oct 15 19:41
MinceRand once all the humans are dead, none of them will be able to be in charge of anything or anyoneOct 15 19:41
reptilian_thrills <MinceR> it will smash itself <- yeah but you dont care if we dieOct 15 19:41
Helenahreptilian_thrills: I'm an HFA. :3Oct 15 19:41
reptilian_thrillsyouve already accepted the worse optionOct 15 19:41
MinceRi do care, but i don't have significant control over itOct 15 19:41
reptilian_thrillsothers would like to disarm and dismantle itOct 15 19:41
reptilian_thrills<MinceR> i do care <- ok but some people who care havent given up yetOct 15 19:42
MinceRtoo bad, they don't have significant control over it eitherOct 15 19:42
phaneswhat is also shallow thinking is that you need to be perpetually happy to experience a good lifeOct 15 19:42
Helenahreptilian_thrills: Accepted what worse option?Oct 15 19:42
reptilian_thrillsand theyre PROBABLY deluded, but if they try thats a good kind of deluded, especially if theres any chance of it workingOct 15 19:42
reptilian_thrills <phanes> what is also shallow thinking is that you need to be perpetually happy to experience a good lifeOct 15 19:42
reptilian_thrills <- oh im against mandatory happinessOct 15 19:42
MinceRwell, might as well pass the time in some wayOct 15 19:42
MinceRit doesn't hurt to tryOct 15 19:42
reptilian_thrillsits a viceOct 15 19:42
MinceRreptilian_thrills: Friend Computer disapproves.Oct 15 19:43
*Helenah is confusedOct 15 19:43
reptilian_thrillsmandatory happiness is mind control, gaslighting, bullyingOct 15 19:43
HelenahI'm not sure what I've accepted...Oct 15 19:43
phanespursuing happiness and joy is a fiend mindsetOct 15 19:43
MinceRis it?Oct 15 19:43
phanesyesOct 15 19:43
reptilian_thrills"im sorry you were beaten and raped. just be positive!"Oct 15 19:43
HelenahRight, well I'm still confused! :DOct 15 19:43
MinceRsounds like there are even more fiends than i thought there wereOct 15 19:43
phanesit's the same mentality that wants to rob you and sell your things to buy methOct 15 19:43
MinceRincluding nonhumansOct 15 19:44
reptilian_thrills"really if you put your mind to it everything will be fine"Oct 15 19:44
HelenahSo please clear up the confusion! :3Oct 15 19:44
reptilian_thrillsthere are even more fiends than i thought there were <- personally im not surprisedOct 15 19:44
HelenahOr I'm just going to flush this entire conversation out of my brain and it will be to me like it never happened.Oct 15 19:44
MinceRlolOct 15 19:45
reptilian_thrillsi have faith in humanity, but ive seen a lot of fiends.Oct 15 19:45
reptilian_thrillsi know more are lurkingOct 15 19:45
reptilian_thrillsonly i figured out its not the majority of humanity so its coolOct 15 19:45
reptilian_thrillsif you spend too much time around liars it makes you cynicalOct 15 19:45
Helenahreptilian_thrills: Seriously dude, ignoring me just isn't cool...Oct 15 19:45
reptilian_thrillsand liars ARE "in charge"Oct 15 19:45
phanesi want to say most people are just oxygen conversion machines peppered with moments of experience Oct 15 19:45
reptilian_thrillsthats why its so fucking dubious that phanes focuses on the neurodiverse when all the cunts destroying the world are normiesOct 15 19:46
reptilian_thrills(except the an-coms. but its complicated)Oct 15 19:46
reptilian_thrillswe need the an-coms, imo.Oct 15 19:46
phanesi have no issue with the neurodiverseOct 15 19:46
phanesi just don't think they should be in charge most of the timeOct 15 19:46
reptilian_thrillsbut theres a nuanceOct 15 19:46
reptilian_thrillsand they dont do nuance well, which is why theyre always saying  nuanceOct 15 19:46
Helenahphanes: Explain?Oct 15 19:46
reptilian_thrills<phanes> i just don't think they should be in charge most of the time <- thats fair but also makes the whole thing a bit mootOct 15 19:46
reptilian_thrillsthey ARENT in charge most of the timeOct 15 19:47
reptilian_thrillsthey likely never would beOct 15 19:47
HelenahJust because someone is neurodivergent, doesn't mean they're not capacitated to be in say leadership roles.Oct 15 19:47
phanesHelenah, HFAs tend to lack empathy which is a critical experiential component of leadershipOct 15 19:47
HelenahAnd they can actaully make very good leaders.Oct 15 19:47
reptilian_thrillsunless you mean a real example-- like something non-thereticalOct 15 19:47
Helenahphanes: I definitely have empathy.Oct 15 19:47
reptilian_thrillsat that point we dont have to argue about abstractionsOct 15 19:47
reptilian_thrillswe can just talk about historyOct 15 19:47
reptilian_thrillsthe best example is stallman, and the whole movement is a dumpster fire that spent decades trying to dethrone himOct 15 19:47
reptilian_thrillsgranted he should have stepped down. just not entirely.Oct 15 19:48
reptilian_thrillsand not under any circumstances like this dumpster fireOct 15 19:48
phaneshe is someone that needs to delegate portions of his leadership to cover his blind spotsOct 15 19:48
phanesand doesn't have the sense toOct 15 19:48
reptilian_thrills the whole movement <- which no longer existsOct 15 19:48
phanesbecause he struggles with empathyOct 15 19:48
HelenahOh dear...Oct 15 19:48
reptilian_thrillsbecause he struggles with empathy <- its a shame you dont understand autism betterOct 15 19:48
reptilian_thrillsmost people dontOct 15 19:48
MinceR15 204707 < Helenah> Just because someone is neurodivergent, doesn't mean they're not capacitated to be in say leadership roles.Oct 15 19:48
HelenahStallman will shoot someone down for their differences in a heart beat just for the sake of it...Oct 15 19:49
MinceRno one isOct 15 19:49
HelenahAnd yep he really lacks empathy.Oct 15 19:49
phanesnot everyone who says things you don't like misunderstands what they're talking aboutOct 15 19:49
MinceR"leadership" is one of the most harmful memes inhabiting humansOct 15 19:49
HelenahHe can't even try to place himself in someone elses shoes and try to imagine what it would be like.Oct 15 19:49
reptilian_thrillsnot everyone who says things you don't like <- strawmanOct 15 19:49
reptilian_thrillswhat youre saying isnt entirely accurateOct 15 19:49
reptilian_thrillsits not about preferenceOct 15 19:49
HelenahSo therefore he can never have a true understanding of other peoples differences.Oct 15 19:49
HelenahThis extends into misogyny with him btw.Oct 15 19:49
reptilian_thrillssometimes youre going to meet someone who knows more about a subject (or an aspect of that subject) than you doOct 15 19:50
phanesHelenah, exactly why he needs to use a reverential leadership style that delegates most of the decisions to othersOct 15 19:50
reptilian_thrillsyou dont seem prepared for that to happenOct 15 19:50
reptilian_thrillsyou seem used to being right about everythingOct 15 19:50
reptilian_thrillsor more rightOct 15 19:50
phanesreptilian_thrills, happens all the time.  it just isn't happening now.Oct 15 19:50
Helenah18:49:11            phanes | not everyone who says things you don't like misunderstands what they're talking aboutOct 15 19:50
reptilian_thrillsok well youre only 37Oct 15 19:50
*phanes shrugsOct 15 19:50
reptilian_thrillswhen you grow up youll understand betterOct 15 19:50
HelenahI'm not sure if the "like" thing was because you interpreted me as not liking something you said.Oct 15 19:50
HelenahBut I for certain haven't once been hurt.Oct 15 19:51
*reptilian_thrills has quit (connection closed)Oct 15 19:51
phanesHelenah, no that was directed to reptilian_thrillsOct 15 19:51
HelenahOh!Oct 15 19:51
HelenahYes, I agree with that but even the top most members of the board would prefer to favour him over members of the organisation under themselves so a lot of people need removing even if he is to change his ways of doing leadership.Oct 15 19:52
phanesHelenah, and to stallman's credit on that topic, he was hit with some stuff that takes a rather nuanced and adversarial perspective to navigate Oct 15 19:52
HelenahhmmOct 15 19:52
HelenahWell I wouldn't fault the guy 100% but he has done things which is asking for trouble such as the time when he picked his toes and ate whatever he got off them, skin, nail, whatever. It wasn't his action that was the problem, it was the time and place it was done in, the fact that he was the centre of attention by lots of people.Oct 15 19:54
phanesof courseOct 15 19:54
HelenahAnd most people don't want to watch someone else pick at their feet.Oct 15 19:54
HelenahAnd you're bound to have people saying things to him.Oct 15 19:54
phanesthe pedo email thread was...unfortunateOct 15 19:54
*reptilian_thrills (~reptilian_thrills@6v8cjbvydcdre.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 19:54
reptilian_thrillsi mean if i wanted to talk to simon phipps i could just talk to simon phippsOct 15 19:55
reptilian_thrillsi dont need this cheap cloying knockoff versionOct 15 19:55
Helenahpedophilia is very taboo, just talking about it can get you into a lot of shit even if your points are valid and even right.Oct 15 19:55
phaneshe should've had the self awareness to realize what he was stepping into as he explored his morality internallyOct 15 19:55
reptilian_thrillsbe careful or youll end up like eric s raymondOct 15 19:55
phaneswhat's wrong with ESROct 15 19:55
Helenahreptilian_thrills: Explain?Oct 15 19:55
HelenahAnd what's with the constant stream of vagueness?Oct 15 19:56
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MinceR(cat) 15 19:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-King Of The Stump by FurLined on DeviantArtOct 15 19:56
HelenahOh yeah I forgot, I'm just wasting my time asking you questions, you pretend I'm not even here.Oct 15 19:57
HelenahSo the question I asked? It doesn't matter, forget it.Oct 15 19:57
phanesive walked into hit jobs where groups were asking questions designed to fabricate a scandal to try to exploit what they would perceive as a moral chink in the armor, but recognized it and responded in a way that revealed their intentOct 15 19:57
phanesstallman can't do thatOct 15 19:58
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Stable Kernels: Linux 6.0.2, Linux 5.19.16, Linux 5.15.74, Linux 5.10.148, and Linux 5.4.218Oct 15 19:58
phanesbecause he doesn't have the self-awareness and empathyOct 15 19:58
phanesthis is why I say HFAs struggle with leadership of humansOct 15 19:58
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MinceRso whatOct 15 19:58
phanesor is rather a great example of whyOct 15 19:58
MinceRsociopaths lack both tooOct 15 19:58
MinceRand yet they lead most peopleOct 15 19:59
phanessociopaths or psychopathsOct 15 19:59
MinceR(incredibly badly, but most people don't seem to mind)Oct 15 19:59
reptilian_thrillsits funny how alt-right bullshit is so mainstream nowOct 15 19:59
MinceRafaict the formerOct 15 19:59
phanessociopaths generally tend to destroy themselves before they get too far into a leadership trackOct 15 19:59
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Android LeftoversOct 15 19:59
MinceRreptilian_thrills: well, ruscism is mainstreamOct 15 19:59
reptilian_thrillsi mean its the pendulum swing, the pendulum took the fucking dmtOct 15 19:59
MinceR:)Oct 15 20:00
Helenahsociopaths and psychopaths can actually be helped with CBT but most don't recognise they have a condition and one needs to recognise things in them are an issue before they'll get help with them.Oct 15 20:00
reptilian_thrills<MinceR> reptilian_thrills: well, ruscism is mainstream <- fairest point made this weekOct 15 20:00
HelenahThere are success stories out thereOct 15 20:00
MinceRCock/Ball Torture?Oct 15 20:00
*phanes reads CBT as "cock and ball torture"Oct 15 20:00
reptilian_thrillscognitive behavioural therapyOct 15 20:00
phaneshaha beat me to itOct 15 20:00
reptilian_thrillsor sth like thatOct 15 20:00
HelenahMinceR: It's not ABA, ABA is cruel.Oct 15 20:00
MinceRthere's also "Computer Based Training" but i haven't seen that used in decades...Oct 15 20:00
phaneswhat about ABBA?Oct 15 20:00
HelenahThough sociopathy and psychopathy are usually brought on by a childhood so it can remit when a trauma happens again later in life.Oct 15 20:00
phanesoh shit my boomer is showingOct 15 20:00
reptilian_thrillsphanes is to psych what roy is to covidOct 15 20:01
reptilian_thrillshe should go on tour with ben shapiroOct 15 20:01
reptilian_thrillsnot because of politics, just because of styleOct 15 20:01
HelenahCBT doesn't force you to be a different person, nor does it dog train you to be a different person.Oct 15 20:01
HelenahIt just teaches you ways on dealing with situations and processing them.Oct 15 20:01
phanesreptilian_thrills, i grew up being bombarded by psychological theory, dad was a phd in abnormal psych with a minor in philosophyOct 15 20:01
HelenahABA however I compare to dog training.Oct 15 20:01
MinceRafaik people with ASPD don't _want_ to be different, but they do want you to _believe_ they're differentOct 15 20:02
reptilian_thrillsthis whole approach is going to be so dated in a decade or twoOct 15 20:02
MinceRprobably all approaches will beOct 15 20:02
phanesHelenah, is 100% right, you can't "teach" a sociopath or narcissist to experience empathy.  You can teach them to emulate it and express it, but it's ultimately an experience that is missing.Oct 15 20:02
reptilian_thrillswell its so cloyingly pseudointellectualOct 15 20:02
HelenahMinceR: Every ASPD person is an individual though so there are exceptions where the ASPD sufferer has used their own initiative to seek treatments such as CBT.Oct 15 20:02
reptilian_thrillsbut its more detail-oriented than pseudointellectualism usually isOct 15 20:03
HelenahIt's not about making them non-ASPD and it never can do that.Oct 15 20:03
reptilian_thrillsand thats the only thing it brings to the tableOct 15 20:03
reptilian_thrillsbut its opponents tend to do the same Oct 15 20:03
reptilian_thrillsso it becomes a giant dick waving contest among giant dicksOct 15 20:03
reptilian_thrillsbut its also completely bullshit, and thats where the novelty has a half-life of about 2 secondsOct 15 20:04
*phanes hops on his dick and rides a giant wave across the horizonOct 15 20:04
HelenahThere is one who spoke of his experience on Youtube and he said he supports the treatment had seeked out arguing it helped him.Oct 15 20:04
Helenah*he'dOct 15 20:04
reptilian_thrills"this argument optimised for youtube and twitter"Oct 15 20:04
Helenahreptilian_thrills: Do NOT turn this into something it's not!Oct 15 20:04
MinceR   ( )Oct 15 20:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Cyanide & Happiness ( 15 20:04
HelenahI know who you are...Oct 15 20:04
reptilian_thrillsthey always think theyre presenting something newOct 15 20:05
reptilian_thrillsbut you can go back 100 years and find the same old bullshitOct 15 20:05
reptilian_thrillssometimes its 50, thats close enough tooOct 15 20:05
phanesthe really damaging disorders like NPD, BPD, APD have a really low treatment success rate because the nature of their disorder precludes them from believing they need it.  NPD in particular.  There are 0 cases of rehabilitated narcissists.Oct 15 20:05
Helenahreptilian_thrills: All you want to do is tell people they shouldn't have gone to a doctor.Oct 15 20:05
reptilian_thrillsof course if you built the fucking pyramids, thats totally different...Oct 15 20:05
HelenahAnd that doctors should never be trusted.Oct 15 20:05
HelenahI'd be dead now if it wasn't for doctors.Oct 15 20:06
phanesdepends on the doctorOct 15 20:06
HelenahI didn't even /whois you, I relied purely on typographical stylometrics.Oct 15 20:06
Helenahphanes: Yep, it does.Oct 15 20:06
HelenahBut you could say that about anyone whether they work in medical or not.Oct 15 20:06
phanesmost us doctors will watch you dieOct 15 20:06
phanessome will tinker with you /until/ you die Oct 15 20:07
phanesthere's a quiet credibility crisis happening in expert fields in the united statesOct 15 20:07
HelenahA doctor of mine told a professor who kept asking for tumour samples "No" arguing to the professor it was too risky.Oct 15 20:07
phanesso if you find one that really knows their specialization and is saving lives, that's gold that should be recognizedOct 15 20:07
HelenahYep agreedOct 15 20:08
reptilian_thrillsanyway, elitism is the same problem (in practical terms) as cancel cultureOct 15 20:08
HelenahThis doctor put my health before research.Oct 15 20:08
reptilian_thrillsbasically you need a certain percentage of humanity on board to fix this bullshitOct 15 20:08
HelenahThat's good of him.Oct 15 20:08
phanesit's the same way with cops.  every once in a while one of them saves a life.  that doesn't detract from the massive LEO culture problem that kills shitloads of people every year.Oct 15 20:08
reptilian_thrillsand elitism and cancel culture are more interested in disqualifying people rather than getting to businessOct 15 20:08
reptilian_thrillsits a distraction-- and that would be fine, but they get stuck thereOct 15 20:08
reptilian_thrillsthey dont go back to actually fixing anythingOct 15 20:09
phanesin all fairness alot of people need disqualified Oct 15 20:09
phanesits just hardly ever the people that need itOct 15 20:09
reptilian_thrillsso you end up with a small fraction of the forces needed for "enlightenment" or "tikkun olam" or "progress" or anything like thatOct 15 20:09
Helenahphanes: Did I show you this 15 20:09
HelenahI think I didOct 15 20:09
reptilian_thrillsin other words its masturbatory, its self-congratulatingOct 15 20:09
Helenahbut not sure if it was you who responded or MinceR Oct 15 20:09
phanesthe ones that need destroyed often end up having too much control over the narrative when you occassionally destroy themOct 15 20:10
reptilian_thrillsits very intense navel-gazing Oct 15 20:10
reptilian_thrillsfapping in the mirrorOct 15 20:10
reptilian_thrillsi think its the most boring thing in the world. and we all do itOct 15 20:10
phanesHelenah, yeah -- is your tumor malignant?Oct 15 20:10
reptilian_thrillsbut some people present it as a solution. its not.Oct 15 20:10
Helenahphanes: YepOct 15 20:10
HelenahAnd they've told me it is.Oct 15 20:10
phanesyank it in a mirror reptilian_thrills?  I can truthfully say I don't do that.Oct 15 20:11
reptilian_thrillsits the very reason mincer thinks the world is hopelessOct 15 20:11
HelenahAnd told me that it's very slow progressing, most likely won't kill me.Oct 15 20:11
reptilian_thrillseither way, the world is full of shitOct 15 20:11
HelenahBut they're going to be doing 2 whole genome sequencesOct 15 20:11
phanesthe world is full of shitOct 15 20:11
reptilian_thrillsthe question is whether its also hopeless (spoiler: its definitely closeOct 15 20:11
HelenahOne of my tumour, one of my saliva then compare the differenceOct 15 20:11
Helenahthey said that it's very new technology, most likely won't return a solution.Oct 15 20:11
HelenahHe said that or he just watch and monitorOct 15 20:12
phanesi realized young that i had been lied to about almost everything I knew, and I am still integrating that realization into my worldview today a lie at a time Oct 15 20:12
reptilian_thrillseveryones going to fap in the mirror. some think thats the solution to the worlds problemsOct 15 20:12
reptilian_thrillshitler did it, stalin did it, the democrats do it, ben shapiro does itOct 15 20:12
phaneslikeOct 15 20:12
phanesliterally almost everything we are told is a lieOct 15 20:12
phanes"diversify your investment portfolio to get rich"Oct 15 20:13
phanesnoOct 15 20:13
Helenahphanes: AgreedOct 15 20:13
phanesthe people that get rich don't diversifyOct 15 20:13
Helenahphanes: AgreedOct 15 20:13
phanesthat's what rich people do to /stay/ richOct 15 20:13
phanesthe people that get rich go hard into something fairly risky and come out a winnerOct 15 20:13
HelenahThough they don't have to do it to stay rich.Oct 15 20:13
reptilian_thrillsmjg does it and phanes doesnt get the connectionOct 15 20:13
reptilian_thrillsthey should just fuck alreadyOct 15 20:13
phanesreptilian_thrills, mjg does what?Oct 15 20:14
Helenahfaps in the mirrorOct 15 20:14
HelenahapparentlyOct 15 20:14
reptilian_thrillssorry for shipping you with everyone mjgOct 15 20:14
Helenahaccording to reptilian_thrills Oct 15 20:14
reptilian_thrillsits pure rhetoric i swearOct 15 20:14
Helenahreptilian_thrills: You really hate my guts, don't you? :)Oct 15 20:14
HelenahAdmit it.Oct 15 20:14
HelenahIt won't hurt me.Oct 15 20:14
phanesreptilian_thrills, i suspect mjg is a highly impressionable narcissist that is surrounded by much more sinister people that are exploiting that impressionability for their own gains and that when he starts realizing he's just puppeting what his gal's hand up his ass is getting him to say through an indoctrination that we'll all have to witness his trump-like narcissistic collapseOct 15 20:15
techrights-news’Linux’ Foundation Games Social Control Media Sites to Defraud Clients | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 20:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ‘Linux’ Foundation Games Social Control Media Sites to Defraud Clients | TechrightsOct 15 20:16
HelenahEQ (Empathy Quotient) by Psychology Tools:Oct 15 20:16
HelenahYour score was 55 out of a possible 80.Oct 15 20:16
HelenahScores above 30 are generally not indicative of an Autism Spectrum disorder.Oct 15 20:16
HelenahHigher scores indicate greater levels of empathy.Oct 15 20:16
HelenahAbout the empathy ^Oct 15 20:16
phaneshe is in a heteronormative relationship being misrepresented as gender-fluid culture conformance and is puppeting lovecruft's antics to the point that it's nearly destroyed him already.  Like, it's in a blind spot right now, but when that guy realizes what's been done to him he's going to have an absolute meltdown.Oct 15 20:18
techrights-newsE88: Tech Talk w/ Rashad Morton - Senior Software Engineering, Black Tech Cloud Networks Inc. - Invidious ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 20:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | E88: Tech Talk w/ Rashad Morton - Senior Software Engineering, Black Tech Cloud Networks Inc. - InvidiousOct 15 20:18
techrights-newsINTEL code LEAKS, Ubuntu Pro goes free, Nextcloud takes on Google and Apple - Linux + FOSS News - Invidious ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 20:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | INTEL code LEAKS, Ubuntu Pro goes free, Nextcloud takes on Google and Apple - Linux + FOSS News - InvidiousOct 15 20:19
Helenahphanes: What is your opinion on LGBT+ people? Even talk of the letters individual for more in-depth information.Oct 15 20:19
Helenah*individuallyOct 15 20:19
phanesHelenah, what's your opinion on CIS people?Oct 15 20:19
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 20:20
HelenahWhat's CIS?Oct 15 20:20
HelenahLike cisgender?Oct 15 20:20
techrights-news10 Useful lsof Commands in Linux With Examples 15 20:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-10 Useful lsof Commands in Linux With Examples | LinuxCloudVPS BlogOct 15 20:20
phanesHelenah, 15 20:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What does cis mean? — TransHubOct 15 20:20
HelenahThey're people whose gender is in-lign with some binary social construct.Oct 15 20:20
Helenah*inlignOct 15 20:21
phanes"some"Oct 15 20:21
HelenahYeah, they're still individualsOct 15 20:21
phanesno not "some"Oct 15 20:21
HelenahHonestly though giving a kid a doll because they got a vagina is a social construct.Oct 15 20:22
phanesit's important not to misrepresent the default norm for almost all of human history spanning geos and times as anything but that.Oct 15 20:22
MinceRCommonwealth of Independent StatesOct 15 20:22
phanesnow, granted, it's reprehensible that marketers exploited this -- hence the doll thingOct 15 20:22
HelenahYep, they do exploit it.Oct 15 20:23
techrights-newsEmpirical evidence that Microsoft openwashing and false “engagement” are being used to make money by diluting the brand “Linux” 15 20:23
phanessame with christmasOct 15 20:23
HelenahThere was this boy who liked nail polishOct 15 20:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ‘Linux’ Foundation Games Social Control Media Sites to Defraud Clients | TechrightsOct 15 20:23
phaneseveryone knows santa loves rich kids more than poor kidsOct 15 20:23
Helenahbut hated marketers for marketing it as a girls only thing.Oct 15 20:23
HelenahArguing that what marketers are doing just stigmatised him for being a boy who likes nail polish.Oct 15 20:23
Helenahphanes: YepOct 15 20:23
HelenahI think all these social constructs are doing is creating damaging divides.Oct 15 20:25
phanesand those gender-reinforcing quirks have always been a thing, too.  pink, purple used to be masculine colors, some cultures had men wearing robes or kiltsOct 15 20:25
MinceR"Of course the Emperor protects! It's just that He protects me better when I'm in a full carapace suit."Oct 15 20:25
phanesHelenah, no archetypes are extraordinarily important parts of human civilizationOct 15 20:25
phanesHelenah, that doesn't mean they can't change over timeOct 15 20:25
HelenahI believe there would be less trans people for example if people weren't placed into one of two groups.Oct 15 20:26
HelenahAgreedOct 15 20:26
MinceRhuman civilization would be a good ideaOct 15 20:26
phanesHelenah, its important also to recognize that all of our values around this are culture-specific and time-specific -- in 200 years our descendants will probably find our openness to the current archetypes objectionable (including possible LBQTG+ archetypes)Oct 15 20:26
MinceRit's incredibly optimistic to think there will be descendants of ours 200 years from nowOct 15 20:27
phaneswe have a tendency to believe we've found the summon bonum, the highest aspiration of ethical perspective in our times, basing that ideal entirely off of contemporary archetypesOct 15 20:27
phaneswe have always done thisOct 15 20:28
whiteniggayo dawg, ur shit is dry afOct 15 20:28
phanes"the best we know of based on the things we currently know about are the best that it can be"Oct 15 20:28
phaneswhitenigga, dude you don't know dry then, I havent even talked about the categorical imperative or how hegel didn't understand KantOct 15 20:29
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — 10 Most Popular Linux Distros Available Out There in 2022Oct 15 20:29
whiteniggaplease dontOct 15 20:30
MinceRDon't Repeat YourselfOct 15 20:30
MinceRthat's the DRY principleOct 15 20:30
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Why Is NixOS Popular Again? ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 20:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Why Is NixOS Popular Again?Oct 15 20:30
reptilian_thrillsif ive said it once ive said it a thousand times: dont repeat yourselfOct 15 20:31
techrights-newsArdour 7.0 released 15 20:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Oct 15 20:31
reptilian_thrillsits worth saying twiceOct 15 20:31
HelenahSpeaking of repeating...Oct 15 20:31
*phanes mumbles something about whitenigga's tendency towards glorification of his innately anti-intellectual perspective to try to validate himself in a world that is much more complex than he is prepared to deal withOct 15 20:31
techrights-news[PATCH v2 0/4] Introduction of HP-BIOSCFG driver - Jorge Lopez 15 20:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [PATCH v2 0/4] Introduction of HP-BIOSCFG driver - Jorge LopezOct 15 20:31
HelenahMy brain goes "WTF" when I read an article and see a paragraph has been used 2 or 3 times at different partsOct 15 20:31
HelenahMy brain goes "I read it already, why are you a broken record?" lolOct 15 20:31
reptilian_thrillsif ive said it once, ive said it a million times: dont exaggerate!Oct 15 20:31
techrights-newsFujitsu and Japanese Uni want internet 'endorsement layer' - El Reg ⚓ ䷉ Source: The Register UK | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 20:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fujitsu and Japanese Uni want internet 'endorsement layer' • The RegisterOct 15 20:32
whiteniggaphanes: blah blah blah Oct 15 20:32
whiteniggaur such a nerd dawhOct 15 20:32
whiteniggadawgOct 15 20:32
reptilian_thrillsthe shoe fitsOct 15 20:33
reptilian_thrills/me pumps it and makes it fit even betterOct 15 20:33
techrights-newsBluestar 6.0.1 is out 15 20:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-BluestarLinux download | SourceForge.netOct 15 20:33
*phanes hands whitenigga his size 20 shoes and walks awayOct 15 20:33
techrights-newsBillBC on the competition 15 20:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Google to close Stadia cloud service and refund gamers - BBC NewsOct 15 20:34
whiteniggaphanes: nigga pleaseOct 15 20:35
whiteniggaknow what im sayinOct 15 20:35
MinceRyet another clown computing success storyOct 15 20:35
whiteniggagnomisayinOct 15 20:35
techrights-news"Kara Sherrer Contributing Writer"?? No, Webspam for diploma mills. Writer? Maybe. Of SPAM. 15 20:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Kara Sherrer, Author at TechRepublicOct 15 20:35
Helenahphanes, MinceR, :3 15 20:36
phaneswhitenigga, no i don't know what im saying, your dialog is mostly grunts and appeals to a mindset that represents deliberate degeneracy and belongs in a field doing manual labor Oct 15 20:36
HelenahThat one is CT.Oct 15 20:37
HelenahThough they won't give me many of them unless they absolutely need them and also won't give me any of them if they think the risks of the scan outweigh the risks of my cancer.Oct 15 20:37
MinceRHelenah: yeah, and it also has your name on itOct 15 20:37
HelenahMinceR: It's everywhere anyway.Oct 15 20:37
starstreak😇Oct 15 20:38
Helenahstarstreak: HiOct 15 20:38
phanesHelenah, i have often wondered how many people walk around with serious medical conditions they don't know about because our medicine has only just barely begun to advance and is stunted by our current research models Oct 15 20:38
MinceRand ageOct 15 20:38
starstreakHelenah, hi :)Oct 15 20:38
Helenahphanes: Well people don't realise they're developing microcancers all the time, most of which are nothing.Oct 15 20:38
HelenahMinceR: That's everywhereOct 15 20:38
MinceRwe will develop nanocancer™Oct 15 20:39
HelenahHi hi starstreak :DOct 15 20:39
HelenahCells can escape apoptosis.Oct 15 20:39
phanesHelenah, we need to be talking to more sociologists and statisticians about cancer :POct 15 20:39
Helenahand then pass on the reason why they were able to escape it in the first place onto new cells.Oct 15 20:39
HelenahWhich also do the same thingOct 15 20:39
AdmFubarm 15 20:39
Helenahnext thing you have this ever growing massOct 15 20:39
HelenahThat just is too stubborn to give upOct 15 20:40
Helenahphanes: YepOct 15 20:40
starstreakhi hi Helenah :)Oct 15 20:40
whiteniggastarstreak: i just read everything on your site and thats some crazy shit dawgOct 15 20:41
whitenigganice artwork thoughOct 15 20:41
Helenahwhitenigga: You think you're cool, don't you?Oct 15 20:42
HelenahWell you're not.Oct 15 20:42
HelenahSo STOP acting like you are!Oct 15 20:42
whiteniggastarstreak: you deserve the CrazyNigga awardOct 15 20:42
HelenahInfact just do whatever you want, I'm merely expressing.Oct 15 20:42
phanesHelenah, the world needs people who can clean hotel rooms and flip burgers too, it's one of the foundational layers of societyOct 15 20:43
whiteniggaHelenah: i know im cool, gnomisayinOct 15 20:43
Helenahwhitenigga: People who claim they "know" they are cool are most likely not cool.Oct 15 20:43
HelenahYou can wear shades, it doesn't make you cool.Oct 15 20:43
whiteniggaHelenah: did you wake up and drink haterade dawg?Oct 15 20:43
Helenahphanes: YepOct 15 20:43
Helenahwhitenigga: I'm not hating anyone and redact the "dawg".Oct 15 20:44
HelenahI'm no dawg.Oct 15 20:44
HelenahInfact do as you please, I'm just merely expressing.Oct 15 20:44
whiteniggaalright girl sorryOct 15 20:45
HelenahThere's no need to apologise. :)Oct 15 20:45
HelenahYou don't realise it today, but you will realise it tomorrow. Right now you probably think I'm merely digging at you but tomorrow you will realise that I wasn't digging at you, wasn't hating you or anything like that, I was sending a subtle warning that this "cool act" of yours will backfire back onto you.Oct 15 20:46
HelenahAnd it won't be me doing the backfiring, it will be some outwardly spoken other person.Oct 15 20:47
techrights-newsTechRepublic (ZDNet Sister Site) a Pusher of Diploma Mills, Roping in ’Linux Today’ | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 20:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TechRepublic (ZDNet Sister Site) a Pusher of Diploma Mills, Roping in ‘Linux Today’ | TechrightsOct 15 20:48
phanesit reminds me of when the boss's kid stumbles into the board meeting and starts asking questions, and most of the people just politely entertain the outbursts and non-relevant questionsOct 15 20:48
phanesmeanwhile 3/4 of the room is looking around to see who's going to wheel him back to the reception lobby so they can wrap up the meetingOct 15 20:48
phanesthey don't hate the kidOct 15 20:48
HelenahYep, often people approach things politely, even passively and then one day they say something.Oct 15 20:48
phaneshe just needs to be in the toy roomOct 15 20:48
HelenahPlenty of people probably tolerated whitenigga's cool acts without whitenigga even realise that's happening, one of these people will some day say something to him.Oct 15 20:49
phanesim pretty vocal about itOct 15 20:49
HelenahBelieve me, I had a teacher called Mr Ramsden, I called him Mr Ramsbottom for 2 years before he finally backfired against me.Oct 15 20:50
phanesmost of my backlash from when i was an arrogant teenager was internal tbhOct 15 20:50
phanesremembering a teacher who had a neck vein that i poked on a dare who was genuinely just passionately trying to teach high schoolers about earth scienceOct 15 20:51
phanesalot of people have a fuckhead phaseOct 15 20:51
techrights-newsConan package manager compiled in OE 15 20:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Conan package manager compiled in OEOct 15 20:52
HelenahI bet he didn't like that.Oct 15 20:52
phanesshe didn't and acted like she didn't noticeOct 15 20:52
HelenahOH she woops sorryOct 15 20:52
phanesi was like 15 and took the non-response as weakness instead of ignoring the fuckhead so she could teach the classOct 15 20:52
HelenahMost teachers in my school days were women btw.Oct 15 20:53
Helenahrarely any men.Oct 15 20:53
phaneswhitenigga, gnoimsayin?Oct 15 20:53
HelenahIt was soo one gender and less of the other.Oct 15 20:53
whiteniggaphanes: its gnomisayinOct 15 20:54
HelenahI wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with men scared of working with kids.Oct 15 20:54
*starstreak has quit (Quit: Leaving)Oct 15 20:56
techrights-newsUbuntu Once Again Angered Users by Placing Ads in the Terminal 15 20:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Canonical displays controversial 'ad' in shell update prog (UDPATEDx2)Oct 15 20:56
HelenahSociety seems to find it soo easy to accuse men of being potentially dangerous.Oct 15 20:57
phanesin all fairness we areOct 15 20:58
HelenahYet women are just as capable.Oct 15 20:58
phanesyepOct 15 20:58
techrights-newsCanonica: Ubuntu is CentOS and you need "Pro" for RealValue(R). Also, Ubuntu means "Debian with ads".Oct 15 20:58
HelenahI've watched a woman rag the hair of another woman in college, it took 5 members of staff 2 of them being security guards to get her off the other person while the other person was screaming out in pain.Oct 15 20:58
techrights-ipfs-bot ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▃▄▆▇▄▅▃▇▅▄▅▅▄▄▇▅▆▇▆▆▂▁▇▅▅▆▆▅▄▂▇▃▄▂▅▁ avg(k/sec) 25.60 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▁█▁▁█▂▁▂▃▁▁▁▁▁▁▂▁▅█▂▁▁▁▆▁▂█▁██▁▁ avg(k/sec) 105.53▕ swarm size (avg): 142.66  ⟲Oct 15 20:59
HelenahIt wasn't as simple as getting her off when she's hold of someones hair.Oct 15 20:59
phanesoh some women are vicious to each other in ways most men can't learn to beOct 15 20:59
HelenahAgreedOct 15 20:59
phanesespecially high school and collegeOct 15 20:59
phanesthose girls were just absolute demons to each otherOct 15 21:00
HelenahYep, I was eating my dinner at the time when a load of thuds suddenly started behind me, it shat me up.Oct 15 21:00
phanesthe dudes would beat each other up occassionally but the girls were like psychological warfareOct 15 21:00
Helenaha load of computers went flying off the desk including one I was on...Oct 15 21:00
HelenahI well freaked out... lolOct 15 21:00
HelenahThat's cause she had dragged this girl onto the desk, pinned her down to it and started ragging out her hair.Oct 15 21:00
phaneswhat is "ragging"Oct 15 21:01
phanesi dont know that termOct 15 21:01
Helenahphanes: Pulling it out but with a repetitive tugging actionOct 15 21:01
HelenahI can do it tooOct 15 21:01
Helenahit hurts the mostOct 15 21:01
HelenahYes I've actually done it myself...Oct 15 21:01
phanesthats horribleOct 15 21:01
HelenahI'm guilty of itOct 15 21:01
schestowitz[TR]also in workspacesOct 15 21:01
Helenahthat was once and one time only in high schoolOct 15 21:01
Helenahbut what I did was nothing in comparison to this...Oct 15 21:01
HelenahThis just left a room in trash...Oct 15 21:02
phanessome of the girls i went to high school and college with were at like war with each other, not like beat each other up war but pretend to make up and be friends long enough to seduce boyfriend + dadOct 15 21:02
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Oct 15 21:02
HelenahDamnOct 15 21:02
techrights-newsTP-Link network equipment hijacks some DNS requests 15 21:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TP-Link network equipment hijacks some DNS requests | Ctrl blogOct 15 21:03
HelenahAlso women are better at doing social manipulation.Oct 15 21:03
HelenahI'm saying all this as a woman.Oct 15 21:03
HelenahI'm honest.Oct 15 21:03
phanessome are yesOct 15 21:03
phanesi was caught in the web of a black widow once and had to lose a couple limbs to get outOct 15 21:03
phanesit practically defined my 20s and im still processing itOct 15 21:03
phanesthat was my first exposure to NPDOct 15 21:04
phanesshe was diagnosed by our couples therapist shortly before all hell broke looseOct 15 21:04
techrights-newsThis is a security problem only if the malware gets to the system in the first place 15 21:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Researchers detail new C2 attack framework targeting Windows, macOS and Linux | SC MediaOct 15 21:05
phanestherapist calls me out for a quick meeting and is politely trying to warn me to get very far away very fast Oct 15 21:05
phanesi didn't listen because i didn't know how the disorder worked yetOct 15 21:05
HelenahOh dearOct 15 21:05
phanesyeah my guts are all over maineOct 15 21:05
HelenahThey have what I call a "grapple hook", it's their first thing they doOct 15 21:05
HelenahSo once they have you hooked to them, bonded tightOct 15 21:06
HelenahThey then manipulated the fuck out of youOct 15 21:06
Helenah*manipulateOct 15 21:06
phanesin all fairness we were engaged and living together and by the time I realized what was going on it was already way too scary and painful to avoid any damageOct 15 21:06
HelenahhmmOct 15 21:06
phaneslike the social isolation was so subtle that i didn't even realize i was isolated until it was way too lateOct 15 21:06
HelenahI don't blame you for not listening at first, you probably didn't have any idea if it was ridiculous or not.Oct 15 21:07
phanesi didn't even know people could think like that back thenOct 15 21:07
phanesand appear to be normalOct 15 21:08
HelenahI've encountered narcissists too but because of my brick wall barrier that seems to go up against them, they then try to use a proxy person to get to me.Oct 15 21:08
phanesyeah i didn't have any of thatOct 15 21:08
phanesi spent like 15 years trying to expose what she was doing to meOct 15 21:08
phanesthey have a way of going to other people in the web and pretexting anything you might sayOct 15 21:09
HelenahSo did she already have an NPD diagnosis or was it picked up on, I assume when talking to her without you present?Oct 15 21:09
HelenahThat's a psychological tacticOct 15 21:09
Helenahspeak to both together, then each one individually separatelyOct 15 21:09
phanesyepOct 15 21:10
HelenahTo see how they changeOct 15 21:10
phanesit was after individual sessionsOct 15 21:10
HelenahAnd she would've said a right load of things in the comforts of a therapist she wouldn't say to you.Oct 15 21:10
phanestogether i was the demonOct 15 21:10
phanesyepOct 15 21:10
phanesexactlyOct 15 21:10
phaneshorrible shitOct 15 21:10
HelenahThis is where therapists are crafty.Oct 15 21:10
HelenahThey know how to get the information they want out of peoples brains.Oct 15 21:10
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Today's 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 HowTos ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 21:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's howtosOct 15 21:11
HelenahIt's a good thing, you got a warning because of it.Oct 15 21:11
phaneseh, i just wish i knew now back then the damage wouldn't have been anywhere near as severeOct 15 21:11
phanes*just wish i knew then what i know nowOct 15 21:11
phanesthe "storm" that comes with that kind of split i was just not prepared forOct 15 21:12
HelenahBelieve me though, how you approached what was warned to you is normal btw.Oct 15 21:12
phanesyou're right about using proxies as weaponsOct 15 21:13
phanesit was everybody manOct 15 21:13
phanesi tell ya what thoughOct 15 21:14
Helenahnarcissists are never satisfied with themselves and what they have, they will always see what others have and how they are as better than themself and their own things. So if they take physical things from you for example keeping a hold of your debit card like what they want is one of your personality attributes which they can't just take, it's inside youOct 15 21:15
Helenahthen they will abuse the shit out of you for those good attributesOct 15 21:15
phanesthat whole saga prepared me like crazy for both the corporate world and f/oss shitOct 15 21:15
HelenahLike I said "grapple hook", they put on a charm and get you close and get you comfortableOct 15 21:15
phanesbecause tech is unnaturally saturated with cluster BsOct 15 21:15
HelenahThen the devil comes out to play with youOct 15 21:15
techrights-newsTypiCMS: a Modular Open-source CMS based on Laravel 15 21:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TypiCMS: a Modular Open-source CMS based on LaravelOct 15 21:15
Helenahphanes: That's trueOct 15 21:15
phanesi can spot them a mile away these daysOct 15 21:16
phanesi have some trouble with the covert subtypeOct 15 21:16
phanesthey can get under my radar for a whileOct 15 21:16
techrights-newsG-Droid: An Alternative Android Store for Open Source apps ⚓ ䷉ Source: Medevel | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 21:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | G-Droid: An Alternative Android Store for Open Source appsOct 15 21:16
techrights-news"Recently I’ve worked a lot with multithreading and wanted to share a very simple but useful tool. However, Qt-experts won’t be surprised." 15 21:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Runnning lambda functions on a specific thread with Qt - Linus JahnOct 15 21:17
HelenahBtw, I met my gf on IRC like... 8 years ago and a month into our relationship, some dimwhit on IRC basically warned her that I'm a narcissist and that she should get away from them asap. My gf didn't listen and is still with me 8 years on finding that what was told her wasn't true...Oct 15 21:18
phanessounds like a rival tried to do a role reversalOct 15 21:18
HelenahApparently I was coming across as "charming"Oct 15 21:18
HelenahWhich I'll admit I wasOct 15 21:18
Helenahbecause well she was newOct 15 21:18
Helenahand the love was new...Oct 15 21:19
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Plasma 5.26 and Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 in Manjaro ARMOct 15 21:19
*starstreak (~starstreak@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 21:19
phanesmine tried to do that a couple times but you can just wait it out and shit becomes apparent if the sabotage of the narcissist doesn't work immediately.  the ones that hurt is when they sabotage with something you didn't see them say, but you know they said something, and the person they said it to just disappears over itOct 15 21:19
reptilian_thrillswbOct 15 21:19
HelenahhmmOct 15 21:20
starstreakreptilian_thrills, thanksOct 15 21:20
phaneswhich is frequent and unfortunate but is just part of life after you get out of a narcissist's controlOct 15 21:20
techrights-ipfs-bot(ℹ) Planet Gemini updated. Latest complete date at gemini:// and so far today at gemini:// with 3-day aggregate at gemini:// 15 21:20
HelenahYep I walked away from a narcsissistOct 15 21:20
HelenahI was putting my barrier up against her which she couldn't breakOct 15 21:20
phanesgrey rock?Oct 15 21:21
schestowitz[TR] 15 21:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-A Narcissists Prayer - Album on ImgurOct 15 21:21
Helenahto the point she was telling my girlfriend behind my back "You see those alien statues over there? It's like I'm talking to one of those with her"Oct 15 21:21
HelenahYep she had human sized alien statues... in her living room which was too small for even a sofa...Oct 15 21:21
HelenahlolOct 15 21:21
starstreaklol wutOct 15 21:21
Helenahstarstreak: She couldn't get through to my mind.Oct 15 21:22
HelenahSo she compared me to her statues behind my back.Oct 15 21:22
HelenahThen not long after...Oct 15 21:22
Helenahmy gf broke up with me TWICEOct 15 21:22
phanesHelenah, im still on the fence about whether they believe the things they say or if its a largely subconscious thing the really manipulative ones are doingOct 15 21:22
Helenahand I had no idea why but she was telling me I was a child, I was lazyOct 15 21:22
Helenahand that I was using her for everythingOct 15 21:22
Helenahand I was like "Woah woah woah where is this coming from?"Oct 15 21:22
reptilian_thrills/me counts the desksOct 15 21:22
HelenahEventually found out the narcissist had stuck all that in her head...Oct 15 21:23
phaneslike if you listen to what theyre saying about you long enough you can see how they arrived at that but also can see that's broken and distorted, but it gives the impression they believe itOct 15 21:23
techrights-newsYou Can Now Install TUXEDO OS on a Regular Computer: Here’s How 15 21:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — TUXEDO Computers Releases Live ISO of Its Ubuntu-Based TUXEDO OS Linux DistroOct 15 21:23
Helenahphanes: They believe it.Oct 15 21:23
HelenahI'm telling you, they believe it.Oct 15 21:23
phanesi think sometimes they doOct 15 21:23
phanesother times its so obviously a lie that im just like "i know even you don't believe that"Oct 15 21:24
HelenahThough yeah, probably some expert manipulators take it furtherOct 15 21:24
HelenahShe didn't know meOct 15 21:24
HelenahShe knew me for a MONTHOct 15 21:25
Helenahand already she was trying to get into my life which didn't work because of the barrierOct 15 21:25
Helenahshe opened my girlfriend right up though like she took a scapal to her...Oct 15 21:25
phanesafter a while i started to realize that these people do not have internal compasses for truth and that the things they say are just kind of an amalgamation of defense mechanisms in a broken mind that is so overcompensating for having no foundation that its enough just to give the appearance of normalcy for themOct 15 21:25
Helenahnot literally scalpal, it's metaphorical.Oct 15 21:25
techrights-news"In this video I cover several difficult to understanding programming concepts to help you gain some new clarity." 15 21:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Difficult Programming Concepts Explained - InvidiousOct 15 21:25
HelenahWell this is how she came across to my gf was "normal" and "genuine"Oct 15 21:26
Helenahbut I could see right through itOct 15 21:26
Helenahmy gf was befriending a devilOct 15 21:26
Helenahbut saw a cuddly kitten.Oct 15 21:26
phanesi do know this though:  they think it's funnyOct 15 21:26
phanesat some level they get genuine enjoyment from the damage they causeOct 15 21:26
HelenahI have no front. If you ever met me in real life then what you see is what you get and how it actually is.Oct 15 21:27
techrights-newsNetBSD Blog ⚓ ䷉ Source: NetBSD | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 21:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NetBSD BlogOct 15 21:27
HelenahAnd you will really love that honesty.Oct 15 21:27
phanesHelenah, i am much more agreeable in person than on IRCOct 15 21:27
phanesalot of folks i butt heads with on IRC i end up making friends with in person at conventionsOct 15 21:27
HelenahSometimes I'll agree to avoid argument and confrontationOct 15 21:28
techrights-news"The MyDeal site is hosted by Amazon in the US, according to Internet services company Netcraft, and appears to use ASP.NET, technology sold by Microsoft.",-2-2m-users-affected.htmlOct 15 21:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-iTWire - Woolworths subsidiary MyDeal suffers data breach, 2.2m users affectedOct 15 21:28
HelenahYou want to know what made this narcissist 10 times worse towards my gf about me?Oct 15 21:28
HelenahIs the fact I stood up, had a right yelling at her, slammed her doors on the way out.Oct 15 21:28
HelenahMiddle finger apparently went up behind my back followed by calling me a child, I was told this later.Oct 15 21:29
phanesi had to avoid all of that because any sign or expression of anger was used as a weapon against me to support a big scary man narrative as she was trying to find someone who could be worked up into assaulting meOct 15 21:29
HelenahShe got anger once and most the time blanks instead of what she wanted.Oct 15 21:29
phanesthat didn't start until after the splitOct 15 21:29
phaness/split/discard/Oct 15 21:29
phanesby the time the hoover came around i had processed enough to realize what was going on and had educated myself some on the patternsOct 15 21:30
phaneswhole thing backfired on her a bitOct 15 21:30
techrights-newsThe above are only some among more fake ‘articles’ found when searching for “Linux”; they’re not actually articles, they’re more like a network of spamfarms; these ZDNet ‘ads’ already taint news sites as noted before 15 21:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TechRepublic (ZDNet Sister Site) a Pusher of Diploma Mills, Roping in ‘Linux Today’ | TechrightsOct 15 21:31
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — TUXEDO Computers Releases Live ISO of Its Ubuntu-Based TUXEDO OS Linux DistroOct 15 21:31
*parsifal_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)Oct 15 21:31
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@hi99dmvtfyew8.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 21:32
HelenahI never saw her again.Oct 15 21:32
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Walmart is starting to really piss me off.Oct 15 21:32
HelenahI opted for avoidance at all costs.Oct 15 21:32
schestowitz[TR]sstarting?Oct 15 21:32
HelenahDaemonFC: So don't shop there then, it's your choice.Oct 15 21:32
schestowitz[TR]we boycott asda just because walmart owns it... since it began owning itOct 15 21:32
phanesHelenah, i would like very much to hold that one accountable but am unclear on any means to do soOct 15 21:32
DaemonFCEvery year they try to bump up Mandy's 401(k) contribution by 1% of his pay, without asking, and you have to go in and select "NO CHANGE". I already have it set at 6%, which is the most they will match.Oct 15 21:32
DaemonFCThis year they did it, YET AGAIN.Oct 15 21:33
phanesi have a very deeply engrained sense of and desire for justice that is left in wantingOct 15 21:33
HelenahDaemonFC: They are getting to you and hurting your head.Oct 15 21:33
schestowitz[TR]they have like 2 million workersOct 15 21:33
schestowitz[TR]if they screw them for $1k a year that's 2 billion more iin profitsOct 15 21:33
*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@22agg6qj8dxhg.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 21:34
reptilian_thrillsif they screw them for $1k a year that's 2 billion more iin profit <- thats okay, phanes will teach a few of them how to be morally upstandingOct 15 21:34
reptilian_thrillswhich seems to consist mostly of talking on the internet about how youre smarter than everyone elseOct 15 21:34
HelenahSometimes I can get firey at my gf phanes I'll admitOct 15 21:34
HelenahBut it rarely happensOct 15 21:35
reptilian_thrillsand how you dont believe in revolution because its dumbOct 15 21:35
phanesthere's nothing wrong with being angryOct 15 21:35
techrights-newsFree Software Foundation Does Not Endorse Debian! - Invidious ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 21:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Free Software Foundation Does Not Endorse Debian! - InvidiousOct 15 21:35
HelenahWell like the cat going on my surfaces and knocking everything on the floor and her never doing anything about it is my biggest gripe at the moment...Oct 15 21:35
phaneswhat you do when you are angry is whether your anger is a problem or notOct 15 21:35
HelenahAnd she's like "Well it's a cat"Oct 15 21:35
reptilian_thrillsfake revolution is better. everyone line up and blow george, look at his cool hat!Oct 15 21:35
Helenahand I'm like "Well everything is still going on the floor all the time and you will never pick it up, ever"Oct 15 21:35
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Anything more than they match is a liability.Oct 15 21:36
HelenahCats shouldn't be on surfaces.Oct 15 21:36
DaemonFCWe're already maxing out the match and the IRS SAVERS CREDIT.Oct 15 21:36
DaemonFCSo there's no reason to put even $1 more into this thing.Oct 15 21:36
HelenahBut that aside...Oct 15 21:36
schestowitz[TR]yes, the match is the sole incentiveOct 15 21:36
HelenahWe deeply love each otherOct 15 21:36
HelenahOur love is strongOct 15 21:36
schestowitz[TR]your own contribution might never come back to youOct 15 21:36
schestowitz[TR]it's there to cushion a dying economy with gamblingOct 15 21:37
schestowitz[TR]people setting aside future money to ganble on a syramid scheme and prop it upOct 15 21:37
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Videos: Debian, Programming Concepts, FOSS News, and More ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 21:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Videos: Debian, Programming Concepts, FOSS News, and MoreOct 15 21:38
Helenahphanes: 15 21:40
*oarion7 (~anonymous@user/oarion7) has joined #techrightsOct 15 21:41
reptilian_thrills 15 21:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You) (Official Video) - InvidiousOct 15 21:41
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: 15 21:41
phanesHelenah, interesting.  I'm also O-Oct 15 21:41
phanesD3, huhOct 15 21:41
HelenahThough I've just had to tell someone vitamins are not toys and shouldn't just be taken blindly as they were considering to do just that, take it blindly.Oct 15 21:41
HelenahWhich means unknowingly overdosing on vitaminsOct 15 21:41
schestowitz[TR]Helenah: trying to understand thatOct 15 21:41
Helenahthinking they're some magical health pillsOct 15 21:42
Helenahand they're notOct 15 21:42
phanesyeah you gotta be careful with alot of thatOct 15 21:42
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: It's for the reward system of the brainOct 15 21:42
HelenahI was unknowingly chasing dopamineOct 15 21:42
Helenahphanes: I've known people buy multivitamins to take and they just take them, no blood test, no nothing.Oct 15 21:42
phanesi played with my serotonin and dopamine systems a little in my mid-20s and had some good results but i also knew more about that kind of stuff back thenOct 15 21:42
HelenahIt is annoying!Oct 15 21:42
phanesit also wasn't sustainableOct 15 21:43
schestowitz[TR]exerciseOct 15 21:43
phanesi had a potassium deficiency a few years back that almost killed meOct 15 21:43
Helenahphanes: I'm forcing my system to produce more.Oct 15 21:43
phanesthey didn't notice until i was in like stage 2 hypertensionOct 15 21:44
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: It's not exercise that's needed.Oct 15 21:44
schestowitz[TR]sometimes I make many typos here before I stanb and/or do light exerciseOct 15 21:44
HelenahBecause what happens in my case is...Oct 15 21:44
HelenahOne the surge of dopamine is producedOct 15 21:44
Helenahit's taken further around the brainOct 15 21:44
schestowitz[TR]endorphin Oct 15 21:44
Helenahso it's flushed out immediatelyOct 15 21:44
Helenahbut my endorphines aren't the problem.Oct 15 21:44
schestowitz[TR]like I said, not my areaOct 15 21:44
schestowitz[TR]i'm not a medical doctor, just a phdOct 15 21:45
HelenahAhOct 15 21:45
HelenahMe neitherOct 15 21:45
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phanesya gotta be careful with sero and dopa systems, if you produce too much of one the other can shut offOct 15 21:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Android: Trekarta, Digital Wallets, and G-DroidOct 15 21:45
Helenahphanes: YepOct 15 21:45
schestowitz[TR]anyway, exercise helps feel good and also does good to the bodyOct 15 21:45
phanesyour brain has all these regulatory functions that are not well understoodOct 15 21:45
HelenahInteresting fact, Psychopaths produce too much oxytocin.Oct 15 21:45
HelenahWay more than what they needOct 15 21:45
Helenahit's a cuddly love hormone BUTOct 15 21:45
HelenahIt can make you a monster if it's high all the timeOct 15 21:46
phanesyou also have to treat those systems like a circuit, just making more dopa or sero doesn't mean your uptake or consumption in the brain is doing what you think it isOct 15 21:46
phanesyou can numb out those receptors by overproducingOct 15 21:46
phaneswhich then triggers other regulatory functionsOct 15 21:47
phanesthis is why I believe SSRIs are dangerous and should never be usedOct 15 21:47
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Security Leftovers ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 21:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Security LeftoversOct 15 21:47
HelenahThat's fact with with all nutrient.Oct 15 21:47
reptilian_thrillsthats what she saidOct 15 21:48
Helenahaltering the level of one affects the level of othersOct 15 21:48
Helenaheither through your body not producing enough of itOct 15 21:48
Helenahor through your body not absorbing enough of itOct 15 21:48
HelenahSame goes for other things tooOct 15 21:48
schestowitz[TR]deficiency can be fixedOct 15 21:48
schestowitz[TR]supplementsOct 15 21:48
schestowitz[TR]excess is another issueOct 15 21:48
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: Yes butOct 15 21:48
Helenahthat's not listening to what we're sayingOct 15 21:48
HelenahLike apparently vitamin C reduces the effectiveness of ADHD medsOct 15 21:49
schestowitz[TR]oOct 15 21:49
HelenahThat's resorting to the "supplement" ideaOct 15 21:49
phanesif someone has a balanced diet and a deficiency there's usually another causeOct 15 21:49
Helenahthat everyone buys intoOct 15 21:49
schestowitz[TR]heredetaryOct 15 21:49
Helenahwith no proper basis to why they're doing itOct 15 21:49
phanesthis whole idea of a "chemical imbalance" without an external cause seems dubious and dangerous to meOct 15 21:49
schestowitz[TR]*hereditary Oct 15 21:49
HelenahYepOct 15 21:49
Helenahphanes: AgreedOct 15 21:49
HelenahLike I said, I checked things out.Oct 15 21:49
Helenahmost people don'tOct 15 21:49
HelenahI went at it seeing it as experimental tooOct 15 21:50
Helenahso I wasn't blinding myselfOct 15 21:50
HelenahAnyway, I feel better.Oct 15 21:50
phaneslike when i had a potassium deficiency it i was actually having kidney issues because of a supplement i was takingOct 15 21:50
HelenahhmmOct 15 21:50
HelenahYepOct 15 21:50
phanesso, sure, supplementation with potassium helpedOct 15 21:50
HelenahaldosteroneOct 15 21:50
phanesbut i needed to stop taking the supplement causing the problemOct 15 21:50
Helenahit regulates sodium and potassiumOct 15 21:50
HelenahIf your kidneys can't maintain aldosterone levels then your sodium and possassium levels will be wrongOct 15 21:51
HelenahYou may end up peeing it all out or not peeing enoughOct 15 21:51
reptilian_thrillspart of being morally upstanding is knowing who is (naturally) better than everyone elseOct 15 21:51
reptilian_thrillslike from birthOct 15 21:51
Helenahaldosterone helps you retain water tooOct 15 21:51
Helenahso you don't flush too much out in one goOct 15 21:51
phanesreptilian_thrills, "better" sounds like bullshitOct 15 21:52
reptilian_thrillsi know it sounds like some colonial bullshit, but actually its really so fucking profoundOct 15 21:52
phaneswho is "better" than everyone else?  blonde haired, blue eyed aryans?Oct 15 21:52
schestowitz[TR]pro tip: never give any medical mdetails onlineOct 15 21:52
HelenahI at current have no latest work on my aldosterone levels phanes Oct 15 21:52
phanesthe concept that some people are better than everyone else is at the core of most of society's problems tbhOct 15 21:53
reptilian_thrillsespecially to bill gatesOct 15 21:53
reptilian_thrillsor github, through your universityOct 15 21:53
HelenahAnd... BAM!Oct 15 21:53
schestowitz[TR]bully de blanc poudly said she was bipolarOct 15 21:53
HelenahUrea and electrolytes:Oct 15 21:53
phanesand always has beenOct 15 21:53
HelenahName                                       Result              Normal RangeOct 15 21:53
HelenahSerum sodium                               141 mmol/L          133 - 146 mmol/LOct 15 21:53
HelenahSerum potassium                            4.2 mmol/L          3.5 - 5.3 mmol/LOct 15 21:53
HelenahSerum urea level                           4.6 mmol/L          2.5 - 7.8 mmol/LOct 15 21:54
schestowitz[TR]to brag her solutoion was "open source"Oct 15 21:54
HelenahSerum creatinine                           78 umol/L           45 - 84 umol/LOct 15 21:54
HelenahGFR calculated abbreviated MDRD            > 90 ml/min/1.73sqm N/AOct 15 21:54
schestowitz[TR]of course this was later used against herOct 15 21:54
schestowitz[TR]there are strong data protection laws for medical data for very good reasonsOct 15 21:54
schestowitz[TR]and special elevated status to medical info of high-porofile well-kknown peopleOct 15 21:54
schestowitz[TR]the regimes ned to remind peopleOct 15 21:55
*phanes is pretty sure D3 supplementation would increase a cornucopia of cancer risks btwOct 15 21:55
schestowitz[TR]your medical privacys is a rightOct 15 21:55
schestowitz[TR]and giving it away is only your own faultOct 15 21:55
*psydroid2 has quit (connection closed)Oct 15 21:55
schestowitz[TR]there are many reasons not to discuss that, esp. not onlineOct 15 21:56
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: I don't mind giving it away...Oct 15 21:56
schestowitz[TR]to a friend = one personOct 15 21:56
schestowitz[TR]online=anyoneOct 15 21:56
HelenahI want to go into the grave with it all given away...Oct 15 21:56
reptilian_thrills of course this was later used against her <- yeah i dont think pocock had the rightOct 15 21:56
schestowitz[TR]Helenah: yes, but you are not obliged toOct 15 21:56
DaemonFCThey're offering Critical Illness insurance.Oct 15 21:56
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: CorrectOct 15 21:56
schestowitz[TR]and youi need to give it away only onceOct 15 21:57
schestowitz[TR]and the cat is out of the bagOct 15 21:57
schestowitz[TR]the paste our of the tubeOct 15 21:57
HelenahSerum prolactin level:Oct 15 21:57
HelenahName                                       Result              Normal RangeOct 15 21:57
HelenahSerum prolactin level                      544 mU/L            < 496 mU/LOct 15 21:57
Helenah:DOct 15 21:57
HelenahhahaOct 15 21:57
techrights-newsGet stock and crypto price data using shell terminal on Linux 15 21:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 403 @ )Oct 15 21:58
HelenahYou guys want genetic information too? :DOct 15 21:58
HelenahlolOct 15 21:58
schestowitz[TR]"UPLOAD YOUR DATA"Oct 15 21:58
DaemonFCIt says it's a Section 125 plan, under the tax code. That means I can deduct his premiums over the year from our taxable income. $20,000 lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosis of certain illnesses, plus some other benefits thrown in for $2.22 a pay period. ($1.11 per week). So like $57.72 per year. Plus, that's a top-line income tax deduction.Oct 15 21:58
phanesi have deliberately avoided being genetically profiledOct 15 21:58
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: :DOct 15 21:58
DaemonFCNot a terrible offer.Oct 15 21:58
schestowitz[TR]Along the lines of *Show us your tits" [not me]Oct 15 21:58
schestowitz[TR](meme)Oct 15 21:58
Helenahphanes: Lol there are like too many copies of my genome out there to even count!Oct 15 21:59
schestowitz[TR]some people uploaded theirt DNA dataOct 15 21:59
HelenahWhat choice do I have?Oct 15 21:59
HelenahlolOct 15 21:59
schestowitz[TR]it was later used against their relativesOct 15 21:59
reptilian_thrills/me finds some nice pictures of tits for royOct 15 21:59
reptilian_thrillsdont worry, i saw them in a treeOct 15 21:59
schestowitz[TR]they wanted to find relatives or somethiingOct 15 21:59
schestowitz[TR]or "help science"Oct 15 21:59
schestowitz[TR]they helped policeOct 15 21:59
schestowitz[TR]and hurt their loved onesOct 15 21:59
*GNUmoon2 has quit (connection closed)Oct 15 22:00
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: I have research grade genome sequencing.Oct 15 22:00
Helenahwhole genomeOct 15 22:00
schestowitz[TR] 15 22:00
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@w432nk8im23p8.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 22:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: The FBI’s Diabolical Plan to Create a Nation of Suspects | River Cities' ReaderOct 15 22:00
phanes 15 22:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Imagebin - Somewhere to Store Random ThingsOct 15 22:00
schestowitz[TR] 15 22:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | If You Think Your DNA Is Anonymous, Think Again!Oct 15 22:01
schestowitz[TR] 15 22:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The ethics of catching criminals using their family’s DNAOct 15 22:01
schestowitz[TR] 15 22:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Your DNA Test Could Send a Relative to Jail - The New York TimesOct 15 22:01
reptilian_thrillsif-you-think-your-dna-anonymous <- how the fuck could it beOct 15 22:01
schestowitz[TR] 15 22:01
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: You are telling me this like I went to a website and bought a saliva kit...Oct 15 22:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Home DNA kit company asks you to upload your family tree for the FBI | ZDNETOct 15 22:01
schestowitz[TR] 15 22:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Man Charged With Rape After Uploading His DNA to Ancestry SiteOct 15 22:01
HelenahI haven't spent a single penny...Oct 15 22:01
reptilian_thrillsits like a username you can never change, or unlink from yourselfOct 15 22:01
DaemonFC"Partners generally do not qualify as spouses or dependentsOct 15 22:01
DaemonFCfor federal income tax purposes. Therefore, the value ofOct 15 22:01
DaemonFCcompany‑provided medical (including the HRA) coverageOct 15 22:01
DaemonFCthat relates to your partner, or your partner’s children, isOct 15 22:01
DaemonFCgenerally considered imputed income and taxable to you"Oct 15 22:01
DaemonFCSounds like Matt GULAG should step on it and get married.Oct 15 22:01
DaemonFCFor tax purposes.Oct 15 22:02
reptilian_thrillsbiometric data isnt a password, its a usernameOct 15 22:02
DaemonFCWhile he bangs everyone at the open sores conference.Oct 15 22:02
phanesDaemonFC, that would be un-anarchist to get married, and it also makes him less disposable so she'd never go for itOct 15 22:02
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: You are telling me this like I went to a website and bought a saliva kit...Oct 15 22:02
schestowitz[TR]<techrights-news> ➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Tools for Linux Users to Not Miss Out On ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 22:02
HelenahI haven't spent a single penny...Oct 15 22:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Tools for Linux Users to Not Miss Out OnOct 15 22:03
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: You are telling me this like I went to a website and bought a saliva kit...Oct 15 22:03
HelenahI haven't spent a single penny...Oct 15 22:03
HelenahlolOct 15 22:03
schestowitz[TR]Tools for Linux Users to Not Miss Out OnOct 15 22:03
schestowitz[TR]what a toolOct 15 22:03
reptilian_thrillslinux users are tools?Oct 15 22:03
starstreaklinucks btwOct 15 22:03
schestowitz[TR]don't miss outOct 15 22:03
reptilian_thrills"sorry miss"Oct 15 22:03
HelenahI'm a linux user. :3Oct 15 22:03
HelenahI ain't no toolOct 15 22:03
starstreaki use arch linucks btwOct 15 22:03
reptilian_thrillsin communist russia arch linucks uses youOct 15 22:04
HelenahWho wants to see my chest and spine too while you're looking at my head and inner ear? :DOct 15 22:04
DaemonFCschestowitz[TR], Might as well get the insurance that comes pre-tax.Oct 15 22:04
HelenahhahahaOct 15 22:04
DaemonFCB-)Oct 15 22:04
reptilian_thrills/me checks starstreaks laptop for malwareOct 15 22:04
reptilian_thrillsits over 9000!Oct 15 22:04
reptilian_thrillsmalware, malware everywhereOct 15 22:04
schestowitz[TR]attack surface broadOct 15 22:04
reptilian_thrillsattack surface broad <- she doesnt like being called thatOct 15 22:05
Helenahdibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabbleOct 15 22:05
Helenahdibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble dibble dabble Oct 15 22:05
starstreakreptilian_thrills, Packages: 1737 (pacman)Oct 15 22:05
reptilian_thrills1737 malware foundOct 15 22:05
*Helenah huggles up to cat starstreakOct 15 22:05
schestowitz[TR]leetOct 15 22:05
starstreak:)Oct 15 22:05
reptilian_thrillsdrake meme: attack surface broad <- nahhOct 15 22:05
schestowitz[TR]hamper of chocsOct 15 22:06
reptilian_thrillsattach surface dame <- :)Oct 15 22:06
schestowitz[TR]Helenah: leave britney ALONE!!Oct 15 22:06
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: NO!Oct 15 22:06
starstreakschestowitz[TR], :)Oct 15 22:06
starstreaklolOct 15 22:06
*Helenah huggles up to cat starstreak some moreOct 15 22:06
starstreak:3Oct 15 22:06
reptilian_thrillsnorton is like tech support scamOct 15 22:07
reptilian_thrillswe found 1000 malware!Oct 15 22:08
reptilian_thrillsthose are cookies.Oct 15 22:08
reptilian_thrills"theyre very malicious cookies!"Oct 15 22:08
techrights-news"It is difficult to do stargazing in the evenings in my yard because of all the people walking in and out of the apartment building, and the bright lights when people drive out of their garages" gemini:// 15 22:08
reptilian_thrillstheyre SUPERCOOKIESOct 15 22:08
reptilian_thrillscookie monster? super cookie?Oct 15 22:08
HelenahI'm not sure how your DNA can just simply incriminate you. Lets say a knife is found with your DNA on it, just that alone isn't conclusive, there needs to be more than that to go off.Oct 15 22:08
reptilian_thrillscookie monster to rescue! OM NOM NOM NOM NOMOct 15 22:08
HelenahAs you may have held it but not been the one who used it.Oct 15 22:08
reptilian_thrills/me checks arch linux for cookiesOct 15 22:09
HelenahSo I don't believe the police would just go off the fact your DNA was on that knife...Oct 15 22:09
HelenahI don't buy it...Oct 15 22:09
reptilian_thrillsOMG, this is crawling with malware!Oct 15 22:09
reptilian_thrillsthere are cookies ALL OVER THE PLACEOct 15 22:09
techrights-news"End-to-end encryption would have to be thwarted by scans on all cell phones." 15 22:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | EU chat control negotiations kick off: Commissioner Johansson defends controversial surveillance law before LIBE committee – Patrick BreyerOct 15 22:09
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: ^Oct 15 22:09
schestowitz[TR]k00kiesOct 15 22:09
reptilian_thrillsyour netstat is very infected with internet virusOct 15 22:09
schestowitz[TR]hand of MA K))Ks!Oct 15 22:10
starstreakoh noes! not internet virusOct 15 22:10
Helenahreptilian_thrills: cookies aren't classified as malware.Oct 15 22:10
HelenahNor can they be.Oct 15 22:10
reptilian_thrillsyou should connect with the secure vpn to let us diagnose your bank account, i mean computerOct 15 22:10
HelenahGet your facts right about cookies before you make dumb claims...Oct 15 22:10
HelenahJesusOct 15 22:10
reptilian_thrillspress the four-flag window key Oct 15 22:10
schestowitz[TR]cookies are bugsOct 15 22:10
schestowitz[TR]not bugs in the cookieesOct 15 22:10
reptilian_thrillsand hold down rrrrrrrOct 15 22:10
reptilian_thrillsnot bugs in the cookiees <- reptilian cookies!Oct 15 22:11
schestowitz[TR]hands off MA K00Kies!Oct 15 22:11
starstreakrrrrrrrrrrrreptoidzOct 15 22:11
reptilian_thrillscookie monster: "that okay, me not hungry"Oct 15 22:11
phanesgrubhub thinks taco bell and chipotle sell "tacos"Oct 15 22:11
Helenahschestowitz[TR]: So yeah, my genome. :DOct 15 22:11
reptilian_thrills/me adds reptilian cookie monster to queueOct 15 22:12
Helenahphanes: They don't? o.OOct 15 22:12
phaneshell noOct 15 22:12
HelenahWhy have a name like taco bell then?!Oct 15 22:12
HelenahDamnOct 15 22:12
HelenahlolOct 15 22:12
phanesi agreeOct 15 22:12
reptilian_thrillsCRICKETS! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOMOct 15 22:12
starstreakcrickets are deliciousOct 15 22:12
starstreakdeep fried nom nom nom nomOct 15 22:12
reptilian_thrillsthey stay crunchy even in milkOct 15 22:13
HelenahListening to Vangelis. :3Oct 15 22:13
schestowitz[TR]Vangelis is goodOct 15 22:13
psydruidThe Four HorsemenOct 15 22:14
phanespsydruid, yes?Oct 15 22:14
reptilian_thrills/me opens a reptoid chip shop called "fish n chirps"Oct 15 22:15
psydruid 15 22:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Invidious: 15 22:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights--> | Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen (video) - InvidiousOct 15 22:15
psydruidVangelisOct 15 22:15
psydruidRoussosOct 15 22:15
phaneslol i bought a gibson les paul and ever since, every single forced ad on youtube and facebook is a guitar commercialOct 15 22:15
schestowitz[TR]reptilian_thrills: may contain potatoOct 15 22:17
mjg59_phanes: The same document that resulted in you finally agreeing to stop deadnaming my partner also provides the appropriate pronouns to describe themOct 15 22:17
schestowitz[TR]trace of potatoOct 15 22:17
mjg59_phanes: So I'd appreciate it if you referred to them correctly in that respectOct 15 22:18
reptilian_thrillsyou got peanut butter in my cricketsOct 15 22:18
reptilian_thrillsyou got crickets in my peanut butterOct 15 22:18
schestowitz[TR]butter? gross!!!Oct 15 22:18
Helenahmjg59_: Hi :3Oct 15 22:18
phaneshey mjg59_ shut the fuck upOct 15 22:19
reptilian_thrillsif your bitter butter makes your batter bitter, get better butter to make your batter betterOct 15 22:19
HelenahWoah!Oct 15 22:19
HelenahGuys?Oct 15 22:19
Helenah:(Oct 15 22:19
schestowitz[TR]phanes: muting worksOct 15 22:19
*Helenah has phanes and mjg59_ make out and kissOct 15 22:19
HelenahNow be good friends nowOct 15 22:19
phanesdude is such a f*cking victim bottomOct 15 22:19
schestowitz[TR]when pigs flyOct 15 22:19
mjg59_phanes: Deliberately misgenderng people doesn't make you look like the good guyOct 15 22:20
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 15/10/2022: Sparky 2022.10 Special Editions and Ardour 7.0 | TechrightsOct 15 22:20
reptilian_thrillsif a frog had wings he wouldnt bump his arse when he hoppedOct 15 22:20
phanesmjg59_, yeah, well, the core of your premise fails because only one of us is resting purely on outward appearances by fabricating slightsOct 15 22:20
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Programming LeftoversOct 15 22:21
phanesso put some salt on it and learn to persevereOct 15 22:21
mjg59_I'm pretty sure I'm not fabricating the fact that you're referring to my partner using female pronouns when they're not femaleOct 15 22:21
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Today's 𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴 Leftovers ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 22:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — today's leftoversOct 15 22:21
schestowitz[TR]when I was 22 people defamed me onlineOct 15 22:21
schestowitz[TR]claiming I had changed gendersOct 15 22:21
reptilian_thrillsclaiming I had changed genders <- its possible mjg was in on thatOct 15 22:21
schestowitz[TR]and at the time mjg59_  was saying transphobic shit, in his wordsOct 15 22:21
schestowitz[TR]not meOct 15 22:22
HelenahI am confused cause me and phanes were talking about gender earlier and I found nothing wrong with what they said...Oct 15 22:22
mjg59_schestowitz[TR]: Yeah that was inappropriate of theOct 15 22:22
schestowitz[TR]but now he tries to use that schtick against meOct 15 22:22
phanesmjg59_, yes, yes, in no way are you in a heteronormative cis relationship and misusing a very real cultural movement that very much does need recognized in society to boost your twitter followers to appear relevantOct 15 22:22
reptilian_thrillsnow he tries to use that schtick against me <- mostly because he considers you a bad allyOct 15 22:22
mjg59_phanes: I'm pretty clearly not in a heteronormative cis relationship?Oct 15 22:22
reptilian_thrillsthough at least you dont misgender his partner (afaik)Oct 15 22:22
HelenahWoah yo guys :(Oct 15 22:22
schestowitz[TR] 15 22:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | They Tell Us Linus Torvalds is Sexist But Evidence Suggests Otherwise | TechrightsOct 15 22:22
*Helenah criesOct 15 22:22
schestowitz[TR]imagine they picks on Torvalds for THISOct 15 22:22
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #techrightsOct 15 22:23
schestowitz[TR]just amazingOct 15 22:23
reptilian_thrillstorvalds is uselessOct 15 22:23
phanesmjg59_, you are very clearly in a heteronormative relationship that you are calling something else to posture as a victim occassionallyOct 15 22:23
schestowitz[TR]you would struggle to find ANYTHING sexist he said in 30+ yearsOct 15 22:23
reptilian_thrillshes done more harm than goodOct 15 22:23
schestowitz[TR]and everything he said is in mailing listsOct 15 22:23
reptilian_thrillsto both gnu and to bsdOct 15 22:23
schestowitz[TR]so ample data setOct 15 22:23
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 22:23
reptilian_thrillsyou would struggle to find ANYTHING sexist he said in 30+ years <- too busy selling out to be a bigotOct 15 22:23
Helenahphanes, mjg59_, Is it really that difficult for you to both like start a new with each other putting the past behind you?Oct 15 22:23
HelenahI feel like I'm being er... "nosey"Oct 15 22:23
schestowitz[TR]going back to the 1990s "dumb blonde" jokes cultureOct 15 22:23
Helenahbut I'm really not trying to...Oct 15 22:23
HelenahIt's just... all this is happening in this channel.Oct 15 22:23
mjg59_phanes: Uh I'm super unclear on what you're suggesting here - my partner has been out as non-binary since long before I met themOct 15 22:23
Helenaho.oOct 15 22:23
Helenahmjg59_: So is it possible?Oct 15 22:24
phanesHelenah, in order for that to be the case he would need to write letters of apology, publicly, to each individual person he has spent his career defaming and fabricating scandals againstOct 15 22:24
reptilian_thrillsdumb blonde jokes never diedOct 15 22:24
reptilian_thrillstheyre all "himbo" jokes nowOct 15 22:24
HelenahOhOct 15 22:24
reptilian_thrillshimbos are real ofcOct 15 22:24
schestowitz[TR]in the 1990s  "yo momma so fat" jokes were alxso fashionaableOct 15 22:24
phanesHelenah,,%20Matthew/Oct 15 22:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Index of /database/Garrett, MatthewOct 15 22:24
schestowitz[TR]now few would make themOct 15 22:24
reptilian_thrillsand tbh we still make fun of dumb blondes, only now theyre called kardashians and its cool b/c theyre privilegedOct 15 22:24
schestowitz[TR]because of all this culture changeOct 15 22:24
Helenahphanes: But how does it affect your mental health if like everytime you encounter mjg59_, you have something like... idk how to put it... to sayOct 15 22:24
Helenahlike of this natureOct 15 22:25
mjg59_Helenah: Chris has a bunch of things he objects to about me, but in this case I'm just asking him to stop misgendering y partnerOct 15 22:25
mjg59_Which seems like a pretty easy thing for him to do, so I'm unsure why he's refusing toOct 15 22:25
Helenahphanes: So mjg59_ isn't like debunking what you just said about them.Oct 15 22:25
reptilian_thrills<schestowitz[TR]> in the 1990s  "yo momma so fat" jokes <- yo mamma so problematic she gets cancelled from the intellectual dark webOct 15 22:25
phanesHelenah, if you read through that index, you'll see over a decade of him using things much like this to posture as a victim to try to rely on that community to be his internet warrios and he's destroyed his credibility with itOct 15 22:25
phaneslike literally nothing this guy says is realOct 15 22:25
reptilian_thrillsyo mammas so problematic even stallman bans herOct 15 22:26
HelenahI forgot the "justice" thing you said but now I remember.Oct 15 22:26
reptilian_thrillsyo mammas so problematic mjg cant evenOct 15 22:26
schestowitz[TR]you momma so dumb blonde?Oct 15 22:26
Helenahphanes: Is this you trying to achieve a justice?Oct 15 22:26
*Helenah looksOct 15 22:26
mjg59_phanes: dude you're pretty clearly on the wrong side of reality in reference to my partner's genderOct 15 22:26
schestowitz[TR]btw, I bring this up partly due to mxoOct 15 22:26
schestowitz[TR]alex olivaOct 15 22:26
reptilian_thrillswhat has he done nowOct 15 22:26
schestowitz[TR]turns out some people dug up messages he sent as a student in brazilOct 15 22:27
phanesmjg59_, i give absolutely zero shits what you or your partner call themselves or anything else Oct 15 22:27
schestowitz[TR]with some dumb blonde jokesOct 15 22:27
reptilian_thrillsoh for gods sakeOct 15 22:27
schestowitz[TR]maybe 1980sOct 15 22:27
schestowitz[TR]or 90sOct 15 22:27
reptilian_thrillswait, thats not newOct 15 22:27
schestowitz[TR]to discredit or blackmail himOct 15 22:27
mjg59_phanes: If you give zero shits, then using the correct pronouns costs you nothing, right?Oct 15 22:27
schestowitz[TR]to secure the rms "cancel move"Oct 15 22:27
reptilian_thrills <schestowitz[TR]> to discredit or blackmail him <- that reminds me of the uhf scene where weird al goes through al capones glove compartmentOct 15 22:27
reptilian_thrills"AHAAA! ROOOAD MAPS!!!!!!"Oct 15 22:27
phanesmjg59_, stop victim posturing or you'll just simply be ridiculed and ignored until you're contributing productivelyOct 15 22:27
DaemonFCGreat. The server crashed before I could finish the application.Oct 15 22:28
schestowitz[TR]"YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT RICHARD SAID IN 1970!!!"Oct 15 22:28
DaemonFCWalmart LOVES Microsoft.Oct 15 22:28
schestowitz[TR]it doesOct 15 22:28
schestowitz[TR]even cross-pollinatinngOct 15 22:28
schestowitz[TR]the managersOct 15 22:28
reptilian_thrillsalex oliva was a HUGE transphobe 20 years agoOct 15 22:28
mjg59_phanes: I'm unclear on how asking you to gender my partner correctly is *me* being a victimOct 15 22:28
reptilian_thrillshe and i ran a camp to reeducate them into cishetsOct 15 22:28
phanesmjg59_, nobody's buying your shit man.  give it up.Oct 15 22:28
mjg59_phanes: Dude there is something extremely wrong with youOct 15 22:28
reptilian_thrillsin rio de janieroOct 15 22:28
phanesmjg59_, yet here i am completely unmoved, how about that. Oct 15 22:29
Helenaho.oOct 15 22:29
reptilian_thrillswe kept them all in shock collars (for their protection) and kuhn was the wardenOct 15 22:29
mjg59_phanes: Eh. If you want to look transphobic it's your choiceOct 15 22:29
reptilian_thrillsi mean head counselorOct 15 22:29
phanesmjg59_, nobody buys that shit either.Oct 15 22:30
phanesyou're used upOct 15 22:30
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #techrightsOct 15 22:30
frogi want to fully remove GNU toolchain and GNU buildsystem, and rollback linux to v2.4 if possibleOct 15 22:30
mjg59_phanes: I've asked you to gender my partner correctly, you've refused, I guess we're doneOct 15 22:30
reptilian_thrillseven cross-pollinatinng <- is that what they call it nowOct 15 22:30
starstreakphanes, I'm trans and I think you're being transphobicOct 15 22:30
phanesmjg59_, you were done 5 years ago man.  im still going just fine.Oct 15 22:30
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #techrightsOct 15 22:30
frogi don't care if you're all trans or homoOct 15 22:31
schestowitz[TR]mjg59_ has done nothing significant for yearsOct 15 22:31
reptilian_thrillsanyway, there was a rebellioin, they all broke loose and now half of brazil is transOct 15 22:31
schestowitz[TR]did not even marryOct 15 22:31
schestowitz[TR]but spent years here in irc, ventingOct 15 22:31
reptilian_thrillsso basically we lost. but im not mad, i actually think they were right all alongOct 15 22:31
reptilian_thrillswe made some mistakesOct 15 22:31
psydruidexcept being a Microsoft booster and future Microsoft employeeOct 15 22:31
reptilian_thrillsand future Microsoft employee <- this is funny but i doubt itOct 15 22:31
reptilian_thrillsi get the "he already works for microsoft" angleOct 15 22:32
reptilian_thrillsits one of those things thats true a certain way, just not literallyOct 15 22:32
HelenahPaolo Bonzini noticed something a little awkward in the Linux kernel support code for Microsoft's HyperV virtualisation environment - specifically, that the magic constant passed through to the hypervisor was "0xB16B00B5", or, in English, "BIG BOOBS". It turns out that this isn't an exception - when the code was originally submitted it also contained "0x0B00B135". That one gotOct 15 22:32
Helenahremoved when the Xen support code was ripped out.Oct 15 22:32
HelenahAt the most basic level it's just straightforward childish humour, and the use of vaguely-English strings in magic hex constants is hardly uncommon. But it's also specifically male childish humour. Puerile sniggering at breasts contributes to the continuing impression that software development is a boys club where girls aren't welcome. It's especially irritating in this caseOct 15 22:32
Helenahbecause Azure may depend on this constant, so changing it will break things.Oct 15 22:32
HelenahSo, full marks, Microsoft. You've managed to make the kernel more offensive to half the population and you've made it awkward for us to rectify it.Oct 15 22:32
HelenahSo erm... and how would this affect and offend me?Oct 15 22:32
reptilian_thrillsdfc worked for them Oct 15 22:32
HelenahWhy would I make this a problem for myself if I ever saw such in code?Oct 15 22:32
reptilian_thrillsi always assumed in a less limited capacityOct 15 22:32
reptilian_thrillsdue partly to not knowing exactly what a microsoft mvp wasOct 15 22:33
reptilian_thrillsif id been cynical enough (point for mincer) i could have guessedOct 15 22:33
phanesmjg59_, btw on a completely unrelated topic, how is drafting those apology letters going? Oct 15 22:33
Helenahmjg59_: Is your name Paolo Bonzini?Oct 15 22:34
mjg59_Helenah: NoOct 15 22:34
phanesmjg59_, i also assume these letters will include retractions for the lies you've told about peopleOct 15 22:34
psydruidIt's me, PaoloOct 15 22:34
psydruidOr noOct 15 22:35
techrights-newsPeople write proprietary software just for a salary. No personal pride or recognition in it.Oct 15 22:35
psydruidIt's me, MarioOct 15 22:35
reptilian_thrills/me wonders who actually thinks it fucking matters that oliva made some dumb blonde jokesOct 15 22:35
mjg59_phanes: I remain unaware of any lies I've told about people.Oct 15 22:35
reptilian_thrills20-30 years agoOct 15 22:35
reptilian_thrillssarah meiOct 15 22:35
reptilian_thrillsgrand inquisitorOct 15 22:36
reptilian_thrillsiceOct 15 22:36
phanesmjg59_, you can pretend that but literally anyone who can read and has an internet connection has an indexed list of just the ones i know about and have documented in an indexed, chronological orderOct 15 22:36
reptilian_thrillsso she knows all about going after south americans, ehOct 15 22:36
reptilian_thrills"get back on your side of the wall!"Oct 15 22:37
reptilian_thrills"fence"Oct 15 22:37
phanesmjg59_, you can deny that you are aware of this, but I know factually that you have seen it many times Oct 15 22:37
reptilian_thrills"your side of the fence!"Oct 15 22:37
mjg59_phanes: Me calling Kevin Kofler a dick is a lie?Oct 15 22:37
reptilian_thrillswhat do we want? fence! when do we want it? fence!Oct 15 22:37
schestowitz[TR]mei oh mei!Oct 15 22:37
techrights-news➲ 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⨦ (NEW): Today in Techrights ⇨ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 15 22:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tux Machines — Today in TechrightsOct 15 22:37
phanesmjg59_, no that's just you cherry picking a detail out of context when you found yourself unable or unwilling to address the totality of what was saidOct 15 22:37
starstreakreptilian_thrills, attack surface btw! :DOct 15 22:37
reptilian_thrills1700 malware and countingOct 15 22:38
mjg59_phanes: Ok, so you're not saying that your list is totally a list of me saying lies. Can you let me know what subset of the list contains me telling lies?Oct 15 22:38
phanesmjg59_, if you can't bring yourself to be an honest person, bring yourself to be a much quieter person -- you are outclassed and no amount of misrepresentation will win you any battles with me.Oct 15 22:38
reptilian_thrills/me runs malware updatesOct 15 22:38
techrights-news(How do you pronounce BeOS?) 15 22:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Old Vintage Computing Research: Going where BeOS NetPositive hasn't gone before: NetPositive+Oct 15 22:39
phanesmjg59_, there's just not an argument to have.  improve or fade into obscurity and shame.Oct 15 22:39
reptilian_thrillssarah mei: if you dont fire stallman and oliva imma put oliva in a concentration camp because hes not progressive enough!Oct 15 22:39
techrights-newsWorld's first fusion reactor will be open in UK by 2040 ⚓ ䷉ Source: Interesting Engineering | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 15 22:39
reptilian_thrillsokay eva braun, calm the fuck downOct 15 22:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | World's first fusion reactor will be open in UK by 2040Oct 15 22:39
mjg59_phanes: I'm sorry to break it to you, but other than you literally nobody cares about youOct 15 22:39
HelenahRise up like a tower, allow the wind to strengthen your back as it blows you aboutOct 15 22:39
reptilian_thrills/me checks sarah meis rootsOct 15 22:39
HelenahCome back ever bigger and strongerOct 15 22:39
phanesmjg59_, good thing it's not about me, then; you are failing to hit your mark.Oct 15 22:39
reptilian_thrillsyou never know...Oct 15 22:39
Helenahmjg59_: I don't care about phanes? o.OOct 15 22:40
reptilian_thrillsyou can only make fun of dumb blondes when theyre alt-rightOct 15 22:40
HelenahThen why was I touched by his NPD story?Oct 15 22:40
techrights-newsJust boycott Walmart. It hates people, why should people tolerate that? 15 22:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Walmart makes a deal to automate and own the last mile - RetailWireOct 15 22:40
schestowitz[TR]DaemonFC: ^Oct 15 22:40
HelenahWhere as you on the other hand, I don't really know you at all.Oct 15 22:40
phanesthat would be the "obscurity" blade on the "obscurity and shame" swordOct 15 22:41
HelenahOhOct 15 22:41
mjg59_Helenah: You should consider the possibility that he's lying about itOct 15 22:41
phanesoh, am I a big liar now?Oct 15 22:41
Helenahmjg59_: But I can't prove it or disprove it.Oct 15 22:41
phaneslol "this 3rd party archive list of events is a lie"Oct 15 22:41
mjg59_Helenah: True! But he did write a lengthy series of blog posts about it and then weirdly removed his name from itOct 15 22:42
reptilian_thrillsfaux news: dumb blondesOct 15 22:42
phaneslike it's even sourcedOct 15 22:42
Helenahmjg59_: But that could mean anything.Oct 15 22:42
reptilian_thrillsentire democratic party: sacredOct 15 22:42
HelenahLike I can't find out why phanes would do that, nor can you.Oct 15 22:42
reptilian_thrillseveryone connected to ice: mixed bagOct 15 22:42
HelenahWe don't know phanes in real life.Oct 15 22:42
mjg59_He's also lied about not altering the contents of a Twitter accountOct 15 22:43
phanesmjg59_, one of us has a long and documented history of exposing bad actors and the other has a long and documented history of being called out for lying about peopleOct 15 22:43
HelenahBut phanes claims you lie so.Oct 15 22:43
*Helenah shrugsOct 15 22:43
mjg59_When actually he renamed that twitter account and deleted some tweets from itOct 15 22:43
reptilian_thrillsHe's also lied about not altering the contents of a Twitter account <- i hope you sent him to the principals officeOct 15 22:43
phaneslike you literally have no power hereOct 15 22:43
mjg59_And then created another account under the original nameOct 15 22:43
phanesit won't workOct 15 22:43
reptilian_thrillsi would write a note to his parentsOct 15 22:43
mjg59_Which isn't a big deal, other than the repeated claims that he didn't do thatOct 15 22:43
reptilian_thrillsWhich isn't a big deal, other than the repeated claims that he didn't do that <- agreedOct 15 22:44
mjg59_Like, dude, just admit you created a twitter account to harass people under someone else's nameOct 15 22:44
reptilian_thrillsfwiw i honestly find it hard to trust oliva. im not sure hes dishonest (in any broad or meaningful way)Oct 15 22:44
HelenahI'm going to be honest here...Oct 15 22:44
HelenahYou seem to be calling each other the same thing, a liar.Oct 15 22:44
reptilian_thrillsto harass people under someone else's name <- it would be better to admit who he was harassing, if harassing them was so importantOct 15 22:44
reptilian_thrillswho was he harassing?Oct 15 22:44
HelenahHow am I... supposed to make sense of that? DOct 15 22:45
Helenah:DOct 15 22:45
HelenahI can't!Oct 15 22:45
phanesevery time he does this i work on presenting the content a little more cleanly to highlight the pattern in a more obvious wayOct 15 22:46
Helenahreptilian_thrills: I've also changed my name on accounts but there was certainly no sinister reason to me doing so.Oct 15 22:46
*phanes clears his scheduleOct 15 22:46
HelenahSo why would I take your reason for phanes changing name on an account as the valid one?Oct 15 22:46
starstreakSmoke weed every dayOct 15 22:47
mjg59_reptilian_thrills: He created a twitter account called void_witch2 to harass people who signed the RMS letter, when void_witch belonged to one of the people who had signed itOct 15 22:47
HelenahEven if you said the reason was non-sinister, why would I take that reason as a valid one?Oct 15 22:47
phanesand there's a new entryOct 15 22:47
reptilian_thrills when void_witch belonged to one of the people who had signed it <- this is poor form imoOct 15 22:47
mjg59_Helenah: is the weird blog websiteOct 15 22:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Truth about the Punches-Pawloski EngagementOct 15 22:47
reptilian_thrillsalso i didnt know he was harassing people who signed the letter :)Oct 15 22:48
phanesi wasn'tOct 15 22:48
mjg59_Helenah: If you visit the live copy at every reference to "Chris Punches" has been replaced with "Jerry Thibodeau"Oct 15 22:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Truth about the Punches-Pawloski EngagementOct 15 22:48
phanesthat's just a twist he adds to itOct 15 22:48
reptilian_thrills/me smiles insideOct 15 22:48
reptilian_thrillsbut in all seriousness i have no idea what he said soOct 15 22:48
reptilian_thrillssome of it may be unfair Oct 15 22:48
reptilian_thrillslike i get why roy points so many unfair/unsubstantiated claims at youOct 15 22:49
phanesits a defensive fabrication he's created to justify his initial defamation of meOct 15 22:49
techrights-news"The planned “European Digital Identity” is intended to give EU citizens access to public and private digital services and enable them to pay online" 15 22:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | European Digital Identity: EU Parliament wants decentralized data storage and right to anonymity – Patrick BreyerOct 15 22:49
reptilian_thrillsits sort of divine justice because... i mean assuming you did anything like thatOct 15 22:49
reptilian_thrillsbut just because youre the local face of the cancel mob doesnt mean we can blame you for everything eitherOct 15 22:49
techrights-news“In these times of war, it is absolutely crucial to still be able to make anonymous payments to support those that are the most at risk of being persecuted." 15 22:49
reptilian_thrillsunless thats also part of the joke...Oct 15 22:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pirates are against the new rules on crypto assets which will ban anonymous payments – Patrick BreyerOct 15 22:49
reptilian_thrillsbut tbh i dont think its anything as clever as that Oct 15 22:50
reptilian_thrillsi think its not ironic scapegoating (which i would find funny) but actual scapegoatingOct 15 22:50
reptilian_thrillsand my biggest problem with that isnt that its unfair to you of courseOct 15 22:50
reptilian_thrillsits that its too fair to EVERYONE ELSEOct 15 22:50
reptilian_thrillsits like if 1000 people shot a guy and you execute the one that drove the carOct 15 22:51
HelenahSo who is Chris and who is Courtney?Oct 15 22:51