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DaemonFCLet's see if that fixes it. I think sleeping apps was doing this.Jun 19 00:00
schestowitzfreenode is FOSS :-)Jun 19 00:02
schestowitzF-lineJun 19 00:02
schestowitz"THIS IS FINE!"Jun 19 00:02
XRevan86I like how the former staff gave rasengan control over freenode as-is, and he still wiped it.Jun 19 00:03
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 00:03
DaemonFCschestowitz, Linux maintainers be like "Reiser4: Not going in without a major corporation backing it!" also Linux maintainers "UMN patches: This is fine!".Jun 19 00:05
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schestowitzbecause you can hold the institution accountableJun 19 00:06
schestowitzand eventually they didJun 19 00:06
immibislinux maintainers were not "this is fine!". They banned them from submitting any more patchesJun 19 00:06
schestowitzbut they paid a price for itJun 19 00:06
DaemonFCThis is scary. Like, honestly, Microsoft might have better code review for what ends up in Windows at this point.Jun 19 00:06
immibismicrosoft reviews the backdoors are working properlyJun 19 00:06
DaemonFCThe problem is that with these fucknuts who are reviewing code, they're still there.Jun 19 00:06
DaemonFCYou want to get broken code approved, just do it from someplace else.Jun 19 00:06
schestowitzthey did catch this at the endJun 19 00:06
DaemonFCYou'll get so much of it in that by the time they realize what you did they'll have to stop and look at it for another month.Jun 19 00:07
DaemonFCIs there any guarantee that Microsoft won't slip moles into the University of Wisconsin or something next time?Jun 19 00:08
DaemonFCHow much of a coup would it be to embarrass Linux like this again?Jun 19 00:08
activelowdirty cow wasn't a coincidence eitherJun 19 00:08
DaemonFCMicrosoft is working the problem from both ends.Jun 19 00:09
DaemonFC"We're compatible with Linux so you really don't need Linux." and "Linux is full of junk from god knows where. This was even sabotaged on purpose and they didn't notice. Do you want to depend on that?".Jun 19 00:09
activelowwhich is a valid concern.Jun 19 00:10
DaemonFCThe UMN people didn't actually even put forth a method to provoke the problem that they said their patches would fix.Jun 19 00:10
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activelowthe problem is more fundemental than an individual incident, which is code size and complexity of a critical component such as kernel (and compiler) and the amount of (mostly unnecessary) contributionsJun 19 00:12
immibisDaemonFC: "... and we also pulled in all that junk without reviewing it"Jun 19 00:14
DaemonFCOne thing Linux maintainers should do is bump the minimum GCC version required to build it.Jun 19 00:16
DaemonFCHaving to support so many old compilers with bug workarounds is a major problem.Jun 19 00:16
DaemonFCI think you can build it with GCC 4.8, which is just stupid old at this point.Jun 19 00:17
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DaemonFCAnd the FSF doesn't even support that.Jun 19 00:17
schestowitz 19 00:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Reglue: @schestowitz Roy, I was admitted to the ICU with severe sepsis and pneumonia and was applauded by the entire staffโ€ฆ 19 00:17
schestowitz"Jun 19 00:17
schestowitzRoy, I was admitted to the ICU with severe sepsis and pneumonia and was applauded by the entire staff when I walked out 5 weeks later. I wasn't expected to live. This was in Jan 2020.Jun 19 00:17
schestowitz4 weeks later was informed I had COVID. antibiotics saved my life.Jun 19 00:17
schestowitz"Jun 19 00:17
schestowitz 19 00:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@EmiHermes: Raspberry PI [17/06/2021] Retwitted [17/06/2021] #RaspberryPI #EmiHermesBot 19 00:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@schestowitz: "The #RasPad 3 is a neat project that enables you to turn your Raspberry Pi 4 into a full tablet! In this video, I'โ€ฆ 19 00:17
activelowand the compiler itself has become a major problem (both gcc and clang), last time someone verified an alternative was kernel 2.6 with tinyccJun 19 00:18
schestowitzseems I have just gone 'viral' in birdsiteJun 19 00:19
schestowitzbecause the ant-abortion extremists now hate meJun 19 00:20
schestowitzgoodJun 19 00:20
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DaemonFCMany Republicans used to support abortion because they knew full well what the alternative was.Jun 19 00:22
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DaemonFCNow they say "Most of the people aborted would have been black. Are you a racist?".Jun 19 00:23
DaemonFCMaybe I'll start replying, "Good, we'll send them all to live with you then.".Jun 19 00:23
schestowitzbirdsite is so weird in the sense of groupthink and cultJun 19 00:23
schestowitzthey find something to get angry about Jun 19 00:23
schestowitzand then a groupthink 'mob' gets angry togetherJun 19 00:23
DaemonFCI don't see what the problem is there. Everyone's happy, right?Jun 19 00:23
schestowitzin this case against pro-choice peopleJun 19 00:23
DaemonFCThey can have constant street warfare and garbage everywhere and their towns decaying into rubble and bricks.Jun 19 00:24
schestowitzI finish work in a bit... gonna get some coffeeJun 19 00:24
DaemonFCA generation later, the Democrats take over and raise their taxes and make abortion legal again anyway.Jun 19 00:24
schestowitzshould make popcarn too, seeing how many replies I receive from very aggressive peopleJun 19 00:25
MinceRwell, those who aren't happy there get shadowbannedJun 19 00:25
MinceRand so the mob is trained, directedJun 19 00:25
MinceRfor example to attack bill gates' criticsJun 19 00:25
schestowitzbuzzword and buzzword :-) : 19 00:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Relationship Between DevOps and the Cloud [And How to Benefit From It] - NoobsLab | Eye on Digital WorldJun 19 00:27
schestowitzMinceR: I try not to waste a moment on that dumb siteJun 19 00:28
schestowitzI just check the replies quickly every 1-2 daysJun 19 00:28
schestowitzwithout ever replying to anyJun 19 00:28
schestowitzusually takes 1-2 minutes depending on how many repliesJun 19 00:28
DaemonFCmjg59 knows exactly where to live. Jun 19 00:28
schestowitzit's a very dumb site with groupthink of the lowest common denominatorJun 19 00:28
DaemonFCI love paying $3,500 a month to live in a garage and step in shit every day while I work at Apple, said nobody ever.Jun 19 00:29
DaemonFCRichard Stallman advocates banning pay toilets. It's because something like that passed in Chicago that you have to use a non-Free toilet finder app that was started as a joke.Jun 19 00:30
activelowit isn't "cloud" but "distributed systems", it isn't "AI" but artificial neural perceptronsJun 19 00:30
schestowitzan adult live is about 50 yearsJun 19 00:30
schestowitzif you spend 30 years of that doing a horrible unfulfilling jobJun 19 00:30
schestowitzthen what?Jun 19 00:30
schestowitz20 years too elderly to enjoy the moneyJun 19 00:31
schestowitzand then you hit the bucketJun 19 00:31
activelowmaybe i should have adapted my curriculum vitae to adapt a decade ago, an expert in cloud app ai devop instead of telco engineer to improve upon my job perspectiveJun 19 00:32
DaemonFCApparently, Walmart fired a loss prevention guy for apprehending shoplifters. Unbelievable.Jun 19 00:32
DaemonFCIt's because of PC people like Garrett that we just have to toss our hands in the air and say "Fine, fuck it. Let 'em take whatever they want. Who cares what the rest of us have to pay to get stuff legally?"Jun 19 00:33
DaemonFCmjg59 says on his shitter that Juneteenth has something to do with Emancipation of slaves.Jun 19 00:34
DaemonFCWell, if you ignore that botched reconstruction and federal government lies meant another 100 years of indentured servitude and segregation laws under the Democratic Party, then sure.Jun 19 00:35
DaemonFCWhy not?Jun 19 00:35
DaemonFCThe rise of the Republican Party as what it is _now_ happened due to the Civil Rights Era. The "Segregation Forever!" Democrats started voting Republican when they realized that supporting a third party candidate was getting them nowhere.Jun 19 00:36
DaemonFCThe Republicans eventually picked up on that in exchange for several guaranteed states full of electoral votes.Jun 19 00:37
DaemonFCMostly the reason Mississippi is the poorest state in America though is that the Democrats passed a new state constitution as soon as they got control back from the military government, which was designed to keep industry and trade unions out.Jun 19 00:37
DaemonFCThe Democrats have indeed, historically, and in modern times too, been way worse for black people who try to work and earn an honest living than the Republicans have.Jun 19 00:38
DaemonFCThe Democrats throw welfare everywhere to get votes, the Republicans cut taxes.Jun 19 00:38
DaemonFCThe Democrats have no real need or want to live next to black people though. They would prefer that they go and live somewhere else, which is why the government of Chicago is pricing them out of their homes so they'll give up and leave the city.Jun 19 00:39
activelowpolitcs are aligned to international agreements anyway, to protect 30% of earth surface and oceans and suchJun 19 00:39
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DaemonFCI sat down and did some rough estimations. Trump's tax law actually saves us about $1,700 over the course of this year vs. what we'd owe the federal government without it.Jun 19 00:41
DaemonFCIt mostly does that by enhancing our standard deduction and keeping us out of the next bracket, which we would fall into without it.Jun 19 00:41
activelowtrump had quit the "paris agreement"Jun 19 00:41
DaemonFCThe Democrats actually bashed a tax law that benefited working class families a lot by trying to pretend it wasn't much money.Jun 19 00:42
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activelowit certainly is alot of gallons of fuel in USAJun 19 00:42
DaemonFCThere's parts of it that should be repealed, but repealing the parts that affect lower income people is going to be political suicide.Jun 19 00:43
DaemonFCIn many cases, the new setup protects all or at least most of their income from taxes, which does mean a lot if you're just eeking by.Jun 19 00:44
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJun 19 00:48
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Proton 6.3-5 RC | Tux MachinesJun 19 00:48
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Wine 6.11 | Tux MachinesJun 19 00:48
techrights-bot/fn#SnalLinux 1.5 is out #gnu #linux distro by #jeremywakemanJun 19 00:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Snal Linux download | SourceForge.netJun 19 00:49
activelownext elections in germany are scheduled autumn this yearJun 19 00:50
activelownational parliament and chancellorJun 19 00:50
schestowitz 19 00:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Berlin in WinterJun 19 00:51
activelowi'll attack "alliance90/greens" and any affiliate (foreign agents, and any atlantik brรผck related) on every occasion, not because these supposedly took action to "save the planet" and "the humanity"Jun 19 00:52
activelowi'll debunk thisJun 19 00:53
MinceR"nie mehr CDU"Jun 19 00:54
activelowthis isn't party politics anyway, all relevant actors are associates of the "atlantik brรผck" anyway, regardless of their political colorJun 19 00:54
activelowit isn't demcoratic elections eitherJun 19 00:55
techrights-bot/fn#WindRiver Linux updates with Linux LTS 5.10 and a prebuilt binary โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJun 19 00:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Wind River Linux updates with Linux LTS 5.10 and a prebuilt binary | Tux MachinesJun 19 00:55
activelowthey argue on the basis 1.5ยฐC "paris agreement", i'll spread the wisdom temperature anomalies surpassed 10ยฐC already in germanyJun 19 00:56
*DaemonFC_phone (~daemonfc@h7cnw5eezgkuu.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 00:57
activelowthey intend to raise "carbon tax" cash grabbing, i'll remind them methane concentration increased 300% already in the atmosphereJun 19 00:57
techrights-bot/fnBen Cotton seems to be leading a community of just himself, #ibm staff, some interns, and barely any more volunteers (because #redhat isn't the same as IBM Red Hat) 19 00:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Friday's Fedora Facts: 2021-24 โ€“ Fedora Community BlogJun 19 00:58
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–…โ–†โ–ƒโ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–‚โ–ƒโ–…โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–ƒโ–‡โ–„โ–‡โ–…โ–‡โ–…โ–‡โ–‚โ–†โ–ƒโ–†โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–†โ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 33.18 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 5.76โ–• swarm size (avg): 283.33  โŸฒJun 19 00:59
activelowthose who had remained competitive with a low energy footprint had been excluded from international competition and their business ruined by the "energy revolution" subsidies scamJun 19 01:00
techrights-bot/fn#mozilla : let's use #proprietarySoftware for collab. #deletegithub (and now Zoom, Discord...) 19 01:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CTCFT Social HourJun 19 01:00
activelowbig corporations are excempt from "eco tax" in germany, those can afford the high energy costs; they are not accounted for at all with the "renewable" market shareJun 19 01:04
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activelow"industrial electricity grid" is NOT included with the "renewable" accounting, all data published is falsified, the Merkel method 2+2=5.Jun 19 01:07
*liberty_box (~liberty@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 01:08
activelowthe renewable subsidies scam accounts for with ~1.5billion (US trillion) cash since 1998, effective "renewable" market share is close to below ~1% or less while 50% are advertised, most of it useless volatility dumped into the grid. the most excessive subsidies scam in German economic history.Jun 19 01:11
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DaemonFCHey, you can pull the plug on Matthew Garrett's electricity if you want. He believes in this nonsense I'm sure.Jun 19 01:13
DaemonFCIt takes CO2 to complain on Shitter, I guess, right?Jun 19 01:14
MinceRhe keeps wasting our precious air on outragismJun 19 01:14
MinceRand he uses free software to attack free softwareJun 19 01:14
DaemonFCThe latest alarmism is Lake Mead going dry.Jun 19 01:18
immibisactivelow just seems like an anti-government trollJun 19 01:19
DaemonFCCouldn't have anything to do with the fact that more people are using it than ever as a water source, and wasting it on top of that with impossibly cheap car washes and grass in the desert. Jun 19 01:19
immibiswhatever the government does, it's wrong, if you're activelowJun 19 01:19
immibisDaemonFC: surely using it as a water source makes it *worse* if it goes dry, right?Jun 19 01:19
DaemonFCIf the region agreed to raise the cost of a car wash by $15 with a water wasting tax, that would make a dent I'm sure.Jun 19 01:20
DaemonFCHow often do you need to wash your car, really, at a car wash, when there's never any winter salt on the road?Jun 19 01:20
immibis<DaemonFC> It's because of PC people like Garrett that we just have to toss our hands in the air and say "Fine, fuck it. Let 'em take whatever they want. Who cares what the rest of us have to pay to get stuff legally?"Jun 19 01:20
immibiswhy are you worried about defending a megacorp from petty thieves, when the megacorp doesn't want to defend itself?Jun 19 01:20
immibisDefending Walmart from thieves is not your problemJun 19 01:20
DaemonFCBecause Walmart turns it around and steals from its employees to cover the theft.Jun 19 01:21
immibisthey're allowed to choose not to apprehend thieves, if they don't want toJun 19 01:21
DaemonFCThey take it out of bonuses that their employees get, and if that runs dry they start cutting payroll hours.Jun 19 01:21
immibisthey shouldn't be allowed to steal from employees, but I suspect Republicans worked hard to make it legalJun 19 01:21
DaemonFCIt's not the fault of the employees that Walmart doesn't want to look bad apprehending a black guy making off with a TV set.Jun 19 01:21
immibisWalmart choosing not to apprehend thieves, because it's more profitable to steal from workers instead, has *absolutely nothing* to do with PC cultureJun 19 01:22
immibisand if you think it does then you're a sheepleJun 19 01:22
DaemonFCMom asked why our Walmart is so expensive.Jun 19 01:22
techrights-bot/fnMicrosoft cannot maintain Linux 19 01:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft loves Linux so much that has fallen and can't get up | Tux MachinesJun 19 01:23
DaemonFCI said "A typical store in Indiana loses about half as much to theft for a given amount in sales because white people don't steal as much.".Jun 19 01:23
DaemonFC"When you lose another $1.5 million to theft because there's a bunch of black people stealing things that everyone is afraid to stop due to optics, but you have to hire cops to stand at the door anyway just in case it averts any of the theft, there's a price for that.".Jun 19 01:24
DaemonFCThe truth is that many Walmarts will likely never go 24 hour again. They lose the most to theft at night, especially in urban areas, and the sales generated don't justify keeping the store open during many of those hours anyway.Jun 19 01:25
DaemonFCSo opening at 8 AM and closing at 11 PM is probably here to stay now that they realize the savings in both payroll and shrink.Jun 19 01:25
DaemonFCEven though they teach employees that "customers are never in the way", the truth is they are. So even if they aren't stealing from you, and you're happy to have cashiers for not many customers, they interfere with stocking and cleaning operations and make that less efficient too.Jun 19 01:26
techrights-bot/fn"It's time once again for The Weekender. This is our bi-weekly departure into the world of amateur radio contests, open source conventions, special events, listener challenges, hedonism and just plain fun." 19 01:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LHS Episode #416: The Weekender LXXIII | Linux in the Ham ShackJun 19 01:26
DaemonFCThe whole concept of customer service has been almost entirely gutted.Jun 19 01:28
immibisas if their zillions of dollars in profit couldn't cover those theft costs. No, the prices are set as high as they can be before you'll go somewhere elseJun 19 01:28
DaemonFCschestowitz noticed the same think happening in the UK.Jun 19 01:28
immibismaximize revenue, minimize costs, theft is a cost but so is theft prevention. This is killing societyJun 19 01:28
immibiscapitalism, that isJun 19 01:28
techrights-bot/fnLinux Mint 20.2 beta ISOs are now ready for download 19 01:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft loves Linux so much that has fallen and can't get up | Tux MachinesJun 19 01:28
DaemonFCTheft is a cost and the people running off with a TV deserve to be shot in the back.Jun 19 01:28
DaemonFCIt discourages the others.Jun 19 01:29
DaemonFCThat's my position and I don't think I'm wrong.Jun 19 01:29
DaemonFCIf we bring back frontier justice, a lot of this crime problem simply goes away.Jun 19 01:29
immibiscapitalism says it may be cheaper to let them run off, than to shoot htemJun 19 01:29
DaemonFCThe reason so much crime happens is because they know they're likely to either get away with it or not be punished too much.Jun 19 01:30
immibisoh jeez, you want justice to be a free-for-all battle royaleJun 19 01:30
MinceRyou could just order your TV from someone who isn't running a physical store in a place like that, problem solved :>Jun 19 01:30
techrights-bot/fnCanonical announces end of life date for Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla 19 01:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) Will Reach End Of Life on July 22nd, 2021 | Tux MachinesJun 19 01:30
DaemonFCMinceR, Oh good. Amazon.Jun 19 01:30
immibisDaemonFC: what if I see you shoot them,  but I don't see them take the TV, so I shoot you in the back for being a murderer?Jun 19 01:30
DaemonFCOne of the shittiest places to work for.Jun 19 01:30
MinceRthere are many webshops over hereJun 19 01:30
DaemonFCMost of their employees last a matter of months.Jun 19 01:30
MinceRdid amazon kill them all in the usa?Jun 19 01:30
immibis"frontier justice" is for the frontier, the edge of civilization. We don't live in the edge of civilization, we have proper civilization hereJun 19 01:31
DaemonFCEh, I guess there's B&H Photo.Jun 19 01:31
MinceRwe wish we had civilizationJun 19 01:31
MinceRat least it could have an edge then :>Jun 19 01:31
DaemonFCThere's no civilization here.Jun 19 01:31
immibisevery developed country except america manages to have civilizationJun 19 01:31
DaemonFCJust crime and rot and taxes and people who are too fucking stupid to remember how anything works.Jun 19 01:31
techrights-bot/fn#Manjaro 21.0.7 is out. #gnu #libuxJun 19 01:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Manjaro - enjoy the simplicityJun 19 01:32
DaemonFCTemp agencies are begging people to go work at a warehouse for $23 an hour.Jun 19 01:32
immibishave you ever been outside the USA or the UK?Jun 19 01:32
DaemonFCWhy would you do it?Jun 19 01:32
DaemonFCIf you're Kayak Man, the government already pays you $36,000 a year, free healthcare, no taxes, to do whatever you want.Jun 19 01:33
immibisbecause they stop paying you that after coronavirus?Jun 19 01:33
DaemonFCHe's going to run this into the ground, like most of them will.Jun 19 01:33
DaemonFCThen the Democrats will come back in September and extend the gravy train another 6 months, so most of them will just keep on trucking.Jun 19 01:33
techrights-bot/fn#LinuxPlumbersConference : Tracing Microconference Accepted into 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference #linux #kernelJun 19 01:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tracing Microconference Accepted into 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference โ€“ Linux Plumbers Conference 2021Jun 19 01:33
phobos/fnOnly for blue statesJun 19 01:33
phobos/fnnearly all red states ends tomorrowJun 19 01:34
phobos/fnby order of governorsJun 19 01:34
DaemonFCThat's actually pretty funny, honestly.Jun 19 01:34
techrights-bot/fnPUPPI is a tinyML device designed to interpret your dogโ€™s mood via sound analysis | Arduino Blog โš“ ไท‰ #Arduino #Hardware #OpenHardware #Hacking | more in 19 01:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PUPPI is a tinyML device designed to interpret your dog's mood via sound analysis | Arduino BlogJun 19 01:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJun 19 01:34
DaemonFCRed states refusing to continue it only puts more pressure on Democrats to extend it.Jun 19 01:34
DaemonFCIf it can't possibly benefit their political enemies all that much, but they can send them back to work and make them pay taxes for it.....Jun 19 01:34
phobos/fn 19 01:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Half of states are ending increased unemployment benefits as governors say businesses need workers - CBS NewsJun 19 01:35
techrights-bot/fn#RADV Open-Source #Radeon #Vulkan Driver Begins Landing Ray-Tracing Changes - Phoronix โš“ ไท‰ #Phoronix #Kernel #LinuxJun 19 01:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-RADV Open-Source Radeon Vulkan Driver Begins Landing Ray-Tracing Changes - PhoronixJun 19 01:35
phobos/fnNo argument here about the pressureJun 19 01:35
phobos/fnbut they'd need to find a way to override the governor orders and force the states department of labor to distribute the cash againJun 19 01:35
techrights-bot/fnOutsourcing to #google is not real security 19 01:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Two-factor Authentication โ€“ Linux HintJun 19 01:35
DaemonFCThe Democrats will see it as a way to smack the federal government for cash that red states have to pay for, and it absolved them of the problem of creating jobs, and the loss of tax revenue from people bolting.Jun 19 01:36
phobos/fnOutsourcing to google is like telling the thief to come right in and take whatever they wantJun 19 01:36
phobos/fnJuly 1st is going to be a real messJun 19 01:36
phobos/fnthe evictions start up againJun 19 01:36
DaemonFCGOOD! FUCK EM!Jun 19 01:36
phobos/fnfor the most part, I agreeJun 19 01:36
DaemonFCI've been paying my rent, which IS going up in September because of these fucks.Jun 19 01:36
DaemonFCErr, November. Going up in November.Jun 19 01:37
phobos/fnbut the ones I feel bad for are the ones that didn't qualify for unemployment, lost their job through no fault of their own, and have no where to go and no money because of the lock down ordersJun 19 01:37
techrights-bot/fn"Most of my users use the Webmail I have configured on our instituteโ€™s servers, Roundcube, for which I have the highest appreciation. Only thatโ€ฆ Of course, when a user yields their username and password to an attacker, it is very successful atโ€ฆ Sending huge amounts of unrequested mail, leading to my server losing its reputation" <clipped message>Jun 19 01:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gunnar WolfJun 19 01:37
techrights-bot/fnbe-with-modsecurity.htmlJun 19 01:37
DaemonFCBut, yeah, it's going up and some of that is the landlord having to let people continue living here while he can't get the sheriff to come out and toss them.Jun 19 01:37
phobos/fnmaybe negotiate with your landlord? many are offering deals to get paying tenants inJun 19 01:37
DaemonFCOh, most of them have plenty of money from the unemployment thing.Jun 19 01:38
phobos/fnI'm not saying all don't have moneyJun 19 01:38
DaemonFCTHey plan to squander it all and then file bankruptcy and tie the landlord up for a few more months and prevent him from calling it an eviction.Jun 19 01:38
DaemonFCIt's what I would do.Jun 19 01:38
phobos/fnjust that I feel bad for the people that never got it and lost their jobs due to the lock downJun 19 01:38
DaemonFCYou won't get a good reference, but that you can survive.Jun 19 01:38
DaemonFCYou won't survive having "EVICTION" on your credit.Jun 19 01:39
phobos/fnthe people that got the money and chose not to pay their rent... they deserve to be on the streetJun 19 01:39
phobos/fnlet them learn a few lessonsJun 19 01:39
DaemonFCIf the landlord was smart, then as soon as the eviction moratorium was up, he'd force the ones that obviously have money into involuntary bankruptcy.Jun 19 01:39
schestowitzphobos I know the feeling, seen thatJun 19 01:39
DaemonFCHe'd have to hire a lawyer and petition the court to put them into bankruptcy, but it would put a stop to their plan to squander assets and drag their feet.Jun 19 01:40
phobos/fndo it!Jun 19 01:40
phobos/fnSick and tired of seeing people with the government checks out blowing it on junk they don't need and not paying their bills...Jun 19 01:40
phobos/fnand most of them could be at work anywayJun 19 01:41
MinceR 19 01:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Palpatine - "Do it" full scene - YouTubeJun 19 01:41
DaemonFCHe probably wouldn't get all of his money, but it would slam a freeze on everything that they do have in the bank and let the court figure out how much he can have from the bankruptcy estate.Jun 19 01:41
phobos/fnhell, some employers are offering money just to show up for an interviewJun 19 01:41
phobos/fnand others are starting to offer full benefits including pensions again just to get people inJun 19 01:41
activelowreally?Jun 19 01:41
schestowitzmaybe travel expensesJun 19 01:41
schestowitznever saw them pay at most for travelJun 19 01:41
DaemonFCYes, you can get $50 to show up and blow an interview at McDonalds.Jun 19 01:41
phobos/fnnot just thereJun 19 01:41
phobos/fnseen it at some mom and pop stores, target over this wayJun 19 01:42
phobos/fnsome big name places are hurting so much for help that they are giving out the $15 an hourJun 19 01:42
schestowitzhow did we come to this topic anyway?Jun 19 01:42
DaemonFCMcDonalds here pays $50 just to take an interview and then $500 if you get the job and stay for at least 90 days.Jun 19 01:42
phobos/fnbeats me... just saw it go on and offered my opinionJun 19 01:42
phobos/fnand what I've seen going onJun 19 01:42
DaemonFCIt's getting so bad that the employers of last resort are doing hiring bonuses.Jun 19 01:42
phobos/fngoodJun 19 01:43
phobos/fnmaybe employers will learn not to take everyone for grantedJun 19 01:43
DaemonFCWe've obviously gotten everything from the Democratic Trifecta that I voted for.Jun 19 01:43
phobos/fnand that not everyone is slave labor just to be tossed out when the employer feels they've outlived their usefulnessJun 19 01:43
DaemonFCAs far as I'm concerned I might vote for the Republicans or something for Governor next time.Jun 19 01:43
DaemonFCWell, I mean a $15 minimum wage and the end of being in cahoots with ICE, and such.Jun 19 01:44
phobos/fnNext time around, I've voting Republican on the federal level, but only for new comers, not the do nothings currently in office, and libertarian on the state and local levelsJun 19 01:44
DaemonFCTime to swap them out and get some gridlock to force budget cuts.Jun 19 01:44
phobos/fnquick question; maybe we could take this to -offtopic ?  since schestowitz has requested we do that for this type of conversation more than onceJun 19 01:45
DaemonFCYeah.Jun 19 01:45
schestowitzsome people can take it out of context laterJun 19 01:49
schestowitzI am planning to write some articles tonightJun 19 01:50
schestowitza bit of politics is OK if that relates to techJun 19 01:50
phobos/fnI'm not sure how the current unemployment and coming evictions relates to tech beyond possibly some developers not being online for a whileJun 19 01:50
phobos/fnassuming they were one of those that took the money and didn't pay any billsJun 19 01:51
schestowitzthe surveillance can predictive evictions etc.Jun 19 01:51
schestowitzthat's another topic thoughJun 19 01:51
schestowitzwe need good s/n ratioJun 19 01:52
schestowitzfor logs, lurkersJun 19 01:52
schestowitzI am getting ideas from IRC and we discuss topics related to techJun 19 01:52
DaemonFCThe tech issue of unemployment is how the Illinois Department of Employment Security, or the Ministry of Plenty, is in such bad shape, that it's allowed 100,000 fraudsters to file false claims.Jun 19 01:52
schestowitzwhen it becomes something about race and bigoted statements the channel has no value to the siteJun 19 01:52
DaemonFCThen it impounds the real person's tax return and make them prove they didn't get the unemployment money all year.Jun 19 01:53
schestowitzthere were the same issues on papetrJun 19 01:53
schestowitzthe tech side is just digitisation mostlyJun 19 01:53
DaemonFCExcept on paper you had to show up and prove you're you, using documentation that the government would only give to you, with your picture on it.Jun 19 01:53
schestowitzalso, benefit fraud (at least in the UK) is a drop in the ocean compared to tax evasion by the richJun 19 01:54
schestowitzanyway, bbiabJun 19 01:54
techrights-bot/fnHow To Host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server on #Ubuntu #games #gnu #linuxJun 19 01:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How To Host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server on UbuntuJun 19 01:55
phobos/fnThey are still trying to learn the extent of the unemployment fraud in CAJun 19 01:56
techrights-bot/fn" #GPULab is a turnkey JupyterLab Notebook environment atop a feature-packed #Ubuntu #GNU #Linux operating system." 19 01:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | California Technology Company Launches Fixed-Price Unlimited GPU Rental Platform For Deep and Machine Learning Projects - Digital JournalJun 19 01:56
phobos/fnif you've covered thatJun 19 01:56
DaemonFCMaybe make them take a picture of a current valid photo ID.......Jun 19 01:57
DaemonFCI mean, it would stop some of that, I'm sure.Jun 19 01:57
DaemonFCOr give you the last four of the bank account number their last tax return went into.Jun 19 01:58
DaemonFCThere's so much fraud out there that getting anything done is getting hard.Jun 19 01:58
DaemonFCI thought it was a miracle when we got in and out of the DMV in under an hour and they didn't screw anything up once this latest time.Jun 19 01:59
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–…โ–ƒโ–†โ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ–‡โ–„โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–ƒโ–†โ–‚โ–ƒโ–†โ–„โ–„โ– avg(k/sec) 33.25 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–ƒโ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 26.25โ–• swarm size (avg): 284.71  โŸฒJun 19 01:59
DaemonFCThat's another excellent reason to stay and deal with a rent increase even if there's other options.Jun 19 01:59
DaemonFCMoving means filing an AR-11, an I-865, and going to the DMV.Jun 19 02:00
DaemonFCThe AR-11 tells USCIS where an immigrant lives, an I-865 tells them where an immigrant's sponsor lives, and then everyone knows what the DMV is.Jun 19 02:00
phobos/fnIf that DMV was in CA, they likely registered you to vote as a democratJun 19 02:01
phobos/fnlike they've been caught doing to illegals when they got a drivers licenseJun 19 02:01
DaemonFCIf you try to move without telling USCIS where you are, it's a federal crime.Jun 19 02:01
DaemonFCWorse, if they can show that you tried to hide to avoid being sued over the immigrant taking public benefits, they claw them back and then hit you with a $10,000 fine on top of it.Jun 19 02:01
DaemonFCIllinois has automatic voter registration, and at first they accidentally did register some immigrants, which creates problems with USCIS.Jun 19 02:02
DaemonFCUSCIS checks to see if you're on the voter rolls and it does not look good if you are, even if it was the state's fault.Jun 19 02:02
DaemonFCObviously I can vote in whatever election I decide to where I live, but it's considered unforgiveable for a green card holder. They'll revoke it and send you packing.Jun 19 02:03
techrights-bot/fn#DaftPunk Most Popular Artist to Code to 19 02:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | These are the Most Popular Songs to Code To - Small Business TrendsJun 19 02:03
techrights-bot/fnThis #proprietarySoftware would only add holes to your system. I think nobody should accept such a 'solution' with that level of system access. 19 02:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | AnyDesk 6.3.2 - NeowinJun 19 02:05
techrights-bot/fn#Racism and #Inequality may be connected, but not the same thing and it's wrong to conflate them. Sometimes the rich people use racism to distract from the inequality. Tribalism to distract from class. 19 02:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Anti-Racism Coalition of Vancouver Fights Canadian Inequity | Complex CAJun 19 02:07
techrights-bot/fnThis article is based on #microsoft proxies like #blackduck and Microsoft #proprietarySoftware like #github ... this is the sort of farcical 'journalism' that makes me cynical. see 19 02:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-What is open source? | VentureBeatJun 19 02:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Black Duck - TechrightsJun 19 02:09
techrights-bot/fnGPUs and Graphics on Linux โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 02:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GPUs and Graphics on Linux | Tux MachinesJun 19 02:13
techrights-bot/fn#geminiProtocol is simple and easy. Ongoing debate about whether to put compression in it (like gzip in www) 19 02:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | a space case for transparent gemtext compressionJun 19 02:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | a space case for transparent gemtext compressionJun 19 02:20
techrights-bot/fn" #Lagrange already supports opening Zips and browsing gemtext from it. So... there you go. There's your compression." 19 02:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | a space case for transparent gemtext compressionJun 19 02:20
techrights-bot/fn#ibm is chasing ghosts 19 02:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM And Fraunhofer Announce German Quantum Computing PartnershipJun 19 02:21
techrights-bot/fn#reputationLaundering for corporations, trying to hijack race issues to paint evil companies with #sweatshops and #proprietarySoftware like they're some kind of charities. 19 02:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 4.8% of designers are Black. Herman Miller, Adobe, Gap to change thatJun 19 02:23
techrights-bot/fnRed Hatโ€™s migration toolkit for virtualization helps move VMs into software #containers 19 02:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Red Hat's migration toolkit for virtualization helps move VMs into software containers - SiliconANGLEJun 19 02:24
techrights-bot/fnMore acronyms and buzzwords, basically describing what processors have done for more than half a century :-) how about the ludicrous "HEY HI" hardware?Jun 19 02:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel: Iโ€™m already the biggest DPU shipper โ€“ Blocks and FilesJun 19 02:26
*psydroid has quit (connection closed)Jun 19 02:26
XRevan86 finallyJun 19 02:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Organic Maps | Fast detailed offline maps for travelers, tourists, hikers and cyclistsJun 19 02:26 has been forkedJun 19 02:27
techrights-bot/fn"From its beginning in 2008, Samvera (originally called Hydra) set out to build a community to support and sustain its software, which is free and open source" 19 02:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Samvera Advances Community-Sourced Repository Solutions as OASIS Foundation-as-a-Service Partner - EIN PresswireJun 19 02:28
techrights-bot/fn#Intel is now trying to 'innovate' in buzzwords and marketing, basically doing a slant on CPUs along the lines of "big data" or "Hey Hi" Intel is in trouble: 19 02:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-iTWire - Intel introduces its Infrastructure Processing Unit for better data centre efficiencyJun 19 02:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intel leaks - TechrightsJun 19 02:29
techrights-bot/fn"Iโ€™m returning my book to the library this week, 467 days after I borrowed it. And there is no fine." 19 02:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Commentary: In praise of the fine-free library bookJun 19 02:30
techrights-bot/fnAbout time for them to port this to #gnu #linux ... as WINE isn't the way to go. 19 02:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Notepad++ 8.1 - NeowinJun 19 02:31
techrights-bot/fn"Fortunately, that's because the system in question was Marvin Minsky's 1967 implementation of a Universal Turing Machine, which, despite its momentous theoretical importance for the field of computer science, had never actually been built into a real-world computer." 19 02:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 10 old software bugs that took way too long to squash | CSO OnlineJun 19 02:32
techrights-bot/fn"We spoke to William Morgan, CEO of Buoyant and co-creator of Linkerd, to find out more about service mesh and why the shift is happening." 19 02:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why service mesh adopters are moving from Istio to Linkerd [Q&A]Jun 19 02:35
techrights-bot/fn#Microsoft 'engineering' skills #proprietarySoftware so nothing lost. Keep it offline for good... we'll be better off this way.Jun 19 02:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft loves Linux so much that has fallen and can't get up | Tux MachinesJun 19 02:36
techrights-bot/fn*** ๐ˆ ๐‘ ๐‚   ๐‹ ๐ˆ ๐ ๐Š ๐’ *** Yesterday's #boycottnovell-social IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: Read the log now...Jun 19 02:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: Friday, June 18, 2021Jun 19 02:37
techrights-bot/fnFrom #proprietarySoftware #clownComputing ... one malicious trap to the other. 19 02:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to migrate VMware VMs to AWS with easeJun 19 02:37
techrights-bot/fn*** ๐ˆ ๐‘ ๐‚   ๐‹ ๐ˆ ๐ ๐Š ๐’ *** Yesterday's #techrights IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: Read the log now...Jun 19 02:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Friday, June 18, 2021Jun 19 02:38
techrights-bot/fnWhy You Should Not Use #Telnet for Remote Connections โš“ ไท‰ #makeuseof | more in 19 02:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why You Should Not Use Telnet for Remote ConnectionsJun 19 02:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJun 19 02:38
techrights-bot/fn*** ๐ˆ ๐‘ ๐‚   ๐‹ ๐ˆ ๐ ๐Š ๐’ *** Yesterday's #boycottnovell IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: Read the log now...Jun 19 02:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Friday, June 18, 2021Jun 19 02:39
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techbytes @ FreeNode: Friday, June 18, 2021Jun 19 02:40
techrights-bot/fn#freesw teams should DELETE #slack .. it's likely illegal to be using it anyway in #europe see 19 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Cutting Slack: When open source and team chat tools collide | VentureBeatJun 19 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Slack Committed a Very Major Crime That Can Cost Many Billions If Not Trillions in Damages for Years to Come | TechrightsJun 19 02:40
techrights-bot/fn*** ๐๐”๐‹๐‹๐„๐“๐ˆ๐ *** Yesterday's bulletin ready. 19 02:41
techrights-bot/fn#Intel is rapidly becoming just a #vapourware and #buzzwords companyJun 19 02:41
techrights-bot/fn#ibm and #google (or GIAFAM) centralisation is not security but the very opposite of it. They want to restrict what people can run, based on what Pentagon-connected companies say see 19 02:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-A New Tool Wants to Save Open Source From Supply Chain Attacks | WIREDJun 19 02:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fake Security From Linux Foundation and the Monopolies Itโ€™s Fronting for | TechrightsJun 19 02:45
techrights-bot/fnTodayโ€™s #HowTos | #UNIX โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 02:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJun 19 02:45
techrights-bot/fn"And as mjg59 teaches us, when fact bothers you, ban everyone who talks about it with a CoC." 19 02:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Friday, June 18, 2021Jun 19 02:47
techrights-bot/fnRun git command, check the help that comes with #git and you can usually figure out to do, even without any GUIs. Some people are lazy and embrace #proprietarySoftware like #github which they then CONFLATE with Git 19 02:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-ใ€Oh My Git!ใ€‘I'm Bad With Git Let's Relearn It - YouTubeJun 19 02:57
techrights-bot/fn"DBD::SQLite 1.67_07 (with SQLite 3.36.0) is a release candidate for the next stable DBD::SQLite. This release has a notable change to improve how to deal with Unicode/Latin-1 characters, contributed by Felipe Gasper." 19 02:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Next stable DBD::SQLite will be released around the end of July | Kenichi Ishigaki []Jun 19 02:58
techrights-bot/fnIt is NOT a standard. The 'industry standard' is likely the #gnu program. 19 02:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Use Zstandard Compression on Linux (With Commands) - Linux NightlyJun 19 02:59
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–„โ–†โ–†โ–‡โ–„โ–…โ–ƒโ–…โ–‡โ–โ–‚โ–†โ–‚โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–โ–‚โ–…โ–„โ–†โ–‚โ–„โ–‡โ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 27.65 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–‚โ–ˆโ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 30.10โ–• swarm size (avg): 285.35  โŸฒJun 19 02:59
XRevan86So OsmAnd has competition once again.Jun 19 03:00
schestowitzwhat is that?Jun 19 03:00
DaemonFC 19 03:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bottled Water, Bottled Hype Part 1Jun 19 03:00
XRevan86(01:26:58) XRevan86: finallyJun 19 03:00
XRevan86(01:27:11) XRevan86: has been forkedJun 19 03:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Organic Maps | Fast detailed offline maps for travelers, tourists, hikers and cyclistsJun 19 03:00
DaemonFCWater is one of the few things that Waukegan hasn't managed to totally fuck up.Jun 19 03:01
DaemonFCIt was so bad in Fox Lake that if you left tap water out all night, it turned orange/brown.Jun 19 03:01
MinceRooh, color-changing tap waterJun 19 03:03
MinceRsuch luxuryJun 19 03:03
XRevan86 the closest thing to an announce I could findJun 19 03:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Organic Maps - New promising alternative to Google Maps is now in beta for Android and iOS : privacytoolsIOJun 19 03:03
XRevan86(that isn't in Russian)Jun 19 03:04
techrights-bot/fnA white-knuckle ride of open #COVID19 drug discovery โš“ ไท‰ #nature | more in 19 03:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A white-knuckle ride of open COVID drug discoveryJun 19 03:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJun 19 03:04
schestowitzXRevan86: interestingJun 19 03:05
schestowitzalso curious nobody in "the media" covered itJun 19 03:05
schestowitzOSM is a big f-ing dealJun 19 03:06
schestowitzand yet they don't pay the media for puff piecesJun 19 03:06
techrights-ipfs-botโ˜ž Gemini requests since start of month:  121787 total โ€ข Total pages: 35896 โ€ข   Active: active (running) since Tue 2021-06-08 16:18:39 BST; 1 weeks 3 days agoJun 19 03:06
techrights-ipfs-botโ˜ž IPFS local node stats (past 23 hours) calculated.  TotalIn: 2.9 GB  โ€ข  TotalOut: 526 MBJun 19 03:06
techrights-ipfs-botโ˜ž New daily bulletin just generated. It is about to be added to IPFS, hereon retrievable with CID Jun 19 03:06
schestowitzIPFS usage growing a lotJun 19 03:06
schestowitzto the point of threatening the home connection speedsJun 19 03:07
schestowitzmight need to revisit TC()Jun 19 03:07
schestowitz1064 known hosts in geminiJun 19 03:07
schestowitzlots of users of gemini:// these daysJun 19 03:08
schestowitzsilent revolution?Jun 19 03:08
techrights-ipfs-botQmWCc6UN8rXnBKmcnhPY7waCCSXzfsG1AbhZikKfdp3ymBJun 19 03:08
XRevan86schestowitz: Don't know, but maybe it soon will.Jun 19 03:09
XRevan86I'm sure I'm not the only one who suddenly became aware of it from a Habr post.Jun 19 03:10
XRevan86Well, I knew about the effort before, but didn't know the name and didn't know about the release.Jun 19 03:11
schestowitzbtw:Jun 19 03:12
schestowitzcar navigation systemsJun 19 03:12
schestowitzfrom data to softwareJun 19 03:12
schestowitzvery proprietaryJun 19 03:12
XRevan86There was also an earlier fork on F-Droid called Maps.Jun 19 03:12
schestowitzwe need to address this, but cars as a whole become very proprietaryJun 19 03:13
schestowitzeven if linux powers those systemsJun 19 03:13
schestowitzthis will cause problems in the futureJun 19 03:13
schestowitze.g. cars that come with chips for trackingJun 19 03:13
schestowitzdeep inside the carsJun 19 03:13
schestowitzfor antennas or satellitesJun 19 03:13
schestowitzto charge people "to reduce congestion" or "pollution"Jun 19 03:13
MinceRwow, organic maps looks like it can actually find addresses and route to themJun 19 03:14
schestowitzor cars that |refuse| to go to locations x, y, zJun 19 03:14
MinceRit even plans a better route out of budapest than google maps and waze wouldJun 19 03:14
schestowitzwe need to do to that domain what apache did to webserversJun 19 03:14
schestowitzisn't waze just google?Jun 19 03:14
MinceRsort ofJun 19 03:14
MinceRit used to be independent, then google bought itJun 19 03:15
MinceRthe codebase still seems to be separateJun 19 03:15
MinceRwaze does some things google maps doesn't (like showing you the speed limit and your speed) and vice versa (like lane assistance)Jun 19 03:15
XRevan86MinceR: Why are ye planning a route out of Budapest? Check-in in the state security office for profiling.Jun 19 03:15
MinceRalso, iirc waze's map database is still separate and based on OSMJun 19 03:15
MinceRXRevan86: lolJun 19 03:16
DaemonFC<schestowitz> we need to address this, but cars as a whole become very proprietaryJun 19 03:16
DaemonFCI've been dealing with a tune up backlog.Jun 19 03:16
DaemonFCMom doesn't do most of her routine maintainence and the car was getting extremely poor gas mileage when I got it.Jun 19 03:17
DaemonFCShe let it get so far out of whack that I was getting about 10 miles to the gallon in the city when she handed it to me.Jun 19 03:17
DaemonFCIt's getting about 17 now.Jun 19 03:18
XRevan86schestowitz: techrights-bot is how I tell that the bridge is operational.Jun 19 03:18
DaemonFCHer spark plugs were so far worn that one of them eventually triggered a misfire trouble code, so her ex husband spark plug.Jun 19 03:18
activelowautomotive loves qnx, some others do winCEJun 19 03:19
XRevan86Also congrats to Libera on hitting 40K and to freenode on hitting 24KJun 19 03:19
DaemonFCWindows CE, long term, was a disaster.Jun 19 03:19
DaemonFCIt's rare to see it on anything anymore.Jun 19 03:20
activelowhad seen it, NDAJun 19 03:20
DaemonFCMicrosoft themselves snubbed it for an embedded use case on the original XBOX in favor of a stripped down Windows 2000.Jun 19 03:20
activelowwince did "like" GPL2 too btw.Jun 19 03:20
activelowat least in the project of theirsJun 19 03:21
MinceRoh, another thing google maps has that waze is missing is automatically suggesting alternate routes on the goJun 19 03:22
schestowitzXRevan86: both networks are mostly irrelevant to us nowJun 19 03:23
schestowitzexcept for backup in case of network/hv downtimeJun 19 03:23
schestowitzthis whole chaos ended up nudging us in a direction we sought about 10 months agoJun 19 03:24
XRevan86schestowitz: techrights ascended beyond the worries of the mere IRC mortalsJun 19 03:24
schestowitzand many thanks to Ariadne for stepping in to helpJun 19 03:24
schestowitzI just need to know how to back up this container with all the configs and stuff, in case of D-R becoming necessaryJun 19 03:24
*job (~job@42cscff4sp33s.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 03:25
MinceRDigital Research?Jun 19 03:28
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #KenShirriff #OpenHardware โ˜ž Deep dive into how the Teensy microcontroller interacts with the Arduino library 19 03:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Deep dive into how the Teensy microcontroller interacts with the Arduino libraryJun 19 03:29
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #ISC โ˜ž End of maintenance for ISC DHC CLIENT and RELAY 19 03:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | End of maintenance for ISC DHC CLIENT and RELAYJun 19 03:31
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #Salon โ˜ž #Arizona #election audit takes wild turn: Voter data is transported to a "secret" lab in another state 19 03:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Arizona election audit takes wild turn: Voter data is transported to a "secret" lab in another state | Salon.comJun 19 03:31
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #TheNation #Education โ˜ž Computer Screens and Pieces of Paper 19 03:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Computer Screens and Pieces of Paper | The NationJun 19 03:33
DaemonFC<MinceR> oh, another thing google maps has that waze is missing is automatically suggesting alternate routes on the goJun 19 03:35
DaemonFCWaze does that, but it does weird shit.Jun 19 03:35
DaemonFCTold me to get off the interstate, take city streets, and then fight the same traffic jam to get back on the interstate.Jun 19 03:35
MinceRgoogle maps just draws them on the map and gives an estimate of how it will alter travel timeJun 19 03:36
MinceR:)Jun 19 03:36
DaemonFCThe city streets were worse than the interstate.Jun 19 03:36
DaemonFCIt also likes trying to take me through Chicago when the better choice is going around it.Jun 19 03:36
techrights-bot/fnOur #gnu #linux hero, Ken. 19 03:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Reglue: @schestowitz Roy, I was admitted to the ICU with severe sepsis and pneumonia and was applauded by the entire staffโ€ฆ 19 03:37
MinceRthey both like to do that in budapestJun 19 03:37
schestowitzI never drove a car with those devices in itJun 19 03:39
schestowitzbut I had better thingsJun 19 03:39
schestowitzlike a laptop wired to itJun 19 03:39
schestowitzdoes a lot moreJun 19 03:39
MinceRif you have the software for it :>Jun 19 03:39
schestowitzyes, and gps etc.Jun 19 03:39
schestowitzthough I want no gps in the carJun 19 03:39
schestowitzwith plate tracking I suppose there's not much left to loseJun 19 03:39
schestowitzI'd rather walk or take taxi anonymouslyJun 19 03:40
MinceRGNSS (including GPS) receivers do not send dataJun 19 03:40
MinceRthey don't need toJun 19 03:40
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #CNN #ProprietarySoftware โ˜ž How Russian threats in the 2000s turned this country into the go-to expert on cyber defense 19 03:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Russian threats in the 2000s turned Estonia into the go-to expert on cyber defense - CNNJun 19 03:41
techrights-bot/fn#Microsoft #Windows TCO: โ— #Newsweek #ProprietarySoftware โ˜ž Most Businesses That Pay Off After #Ransomware Hack Hit With Second Attack: Study 19 03:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Most Businesses That Pay Off After Ransomware Hack Hit With Second Attack: StudyJun 19 03:41
schestowitzMinceR: I need to read up on it...Jun 19 03:42
schestowitzafaik, it's a US-centric and controlled systemJun 19 03:42
MinceRgalileo isn't :>Jun 19 03:43
schestowitzsatellite grid sending out global positionsJun 19 03:43
MinceRbasically, the satellites have very precise clocks on themJun 19 03:43
schestowitzI forgot the names of the alternativesJun 19 03:43
MinceRall in syncJun 19 03:43
MinceRand they send out their time signalJun 19 03:43
CrystalMathare you following the Andrew Lee interview?Jun 19 03:43
schestowitzso you can triangulatreJun 19 03:43
MinceRif you had a very precise clock in your receiver, you could take signals from 3 satellites to find out how far away they are and determine your positionJun 19 03:43
MinceRsince you don't, you instead use 4 satellitesJun 19 03:44
schestowitzCrystalMath: no, where?Jun 19 03:44
MinceR(i don't know how exactly that trick works)Jun 19 03:44
MinceR(and of course you can use more satellites)Jun 19 03:44
CrystalMath 19 03:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-LRH 499.7 - WTCNร˜DE - YouTubeJun 19 03:44
schestowitzthanklsJun 19 03:44
CrystalMathnow the topic is UFOsJun 19 03:44
techrights-bot/fnLIVE: interview with #freenode owner 19 03:46
schestowitzhe does not say anything profoundJun 19 03:46
schestowitzassuming that's actually himJun 19 03:47
CrystalMathwell that interviewer is freenode staffJun 19 03:47
schestowitzCrystalMath: is that him?Jun 19 03:47
schestowitzLee talking to him?Jun 19 03:47
CrystalMaththe person in the video is freenode staffJun 19 03:47
schestowitzno video descriptionJun 19 03:47
CrystalMathand Lee is talkingJun 19 03:47
schestowitzah, okJun 19 03:47
schestowitznot very professional tbhJun 19 03:48
schestowitznot the person I'd want running our networkJun 19 03:48
schestowitzhe's into 'pizzagate' and stuffJun 19 03:48
CrystalMaththat is true, he said he believes in pizzagate absolutely, but not quite the same thing as QAnon saysJun 19 03:49
schestowitznot the sameJun 19 03:49
schestowitz"africa is a beautiful countru|Jun 19 03:49
schestowitzWHAT?????Jun 19 03:49
schestowitzWTFJun 19 03:49
schestowitzDoes he really think Africa is a COUNTRY?Jun 19 03:50
schestowitzI think this is full PalinJun 19 03:50
CrystalMathi didn't hear thatJun 19 03:50
CrystalMaththe scrollnig text is EFNetJun 19 03:50
schestowitzjust seconds agoJun 19 03:50
schestowitzI guess they ask about wrestling because of that magazine they runJun 19 03:50
schestowitzthe Lee brosJun 19 03:50
schestowitzI'm very underwhelmed by this interviewJun 19 03:51
activelowcant watch it, unresponsive script, then browser doesnt support itJun 19 03:51
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #TheHill #Privacy #Surveillance โ˜ž Chinese apps could face subpoenas, bans under Biden executive order: report 19 03:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Chinese apps could face subpoenas, bans under Biden executive order: report | TheHillJun 19 03:52
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #Reuters #Privacy #Surveillance โ˜ž EXCLUSIVE Chinese apps could face subpoenas or bans under #Biden order -sources 19 03:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-EXCLUSIVE Chinese apps could face subpoenas or bans under Biden order -sources | ReutersJun 19 03:52
schestowitzThe interviewer is also freenode staff?Jun 19 03:53
schestowitzCrystalMath: I hope notJun 19 03:53
CrystalMathcorrectJun 19 03:53
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #SDTimes #Privacy #Surveillance โ˜ž SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Open Voice Network 19 03:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Open Voice Network - SD TimesJun 19 03:53
schestowitzthese people should not control IRCJun 19 03:53
schestowitzthey're incompetentJun 19 03:53
activelowlolJun 19 03:54
schestowitzhe refers to Africa as "country"Jun 19 03:54
schestowitzhe wasn't even challenged by his employeeJun 19 03:54
schestowitz"it's gonna be crazy"Jun 19 03:56
schestowitz(on freenode)Jun 19 03:56
schestowitzdid he sniff something?Jun 19 03:56
schestowitzthis is not helpingJun 19 03:56
CrystalMathidk, he said some really great thingsJun 19 03:56
CrystalMathin the beginning at leastJun 19 03:56
schestowitzhe had the chance to make up for bad first impressionsJun 19 03:56
schestowitzCrystalMath: mayeb the scripted partsJun 19 03:57
schestowitz"let's talk about the new staff in freenode"Jun 19 03:57
CrystalMathhe really doesn't sound like someone who reads a scriptJun 19 03:57
schestowitzhe keeps saying "shit"Jun 19 03:57
schestowitzthey mention "eskimo"Jun 19 03:57
schestowitzno wonder they flush down the whole DBJun 19 03:58
schestowitzwithout bothering to grasp the technical ramificationsJun 19 03:58
CrystalMathhe talked about itJun 19 03:58
schestowitzthey have no idea what they're doing. "shit.."Jun 19 03:58
activelowthe conversation protocol with nirvana was exceptional entertainment tooJun 19 03:58
schestowitzoh, he does support TrumpJun 19 03:58
MinceRlol, he really is a trumpistJun 19 03:58
schestowitz"shit..."Jun 19 03:58
schestowitz"Election was stolen"Jun 19 03:59
schestowitzI think we're done here..Jun 19 03:59
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–…โ–…โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–…โ–…โ–‡โ–„โ–…โ–ˆโ–…โ–‡โ–„โ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–‡โ–ƒโ–‡โ–„โ–…โ–‚โ–ƒโ–…โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–ƒโ–‚โ–†โ–‡โ–ƒโ–ˆโ– avg(k/sec) 34.23 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–ƒโ–โ–โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 21.68โ–• swarm size (avg): 286.75  โŸฒJun 19 03:59
schestowitz"these fuckers who stole that shit"Jun 19 03:59
schestowitz(the election)Jun 19 03:59
schestowitzreally badJun 19 03:59
schestowitz"these fuckers who stole that shit" (election) - Andrew LeeJun 19 03:59
DaemonFCsheeeeeeeitJun 19 04:00
schestowitzhe says Trump is best president in US histpryJun 19 04:00
schestowitzthis is who runs freenode nowJun 19 04:00
schestowitz[21:19] <schestowitz> he was never rich, he just did the right thingJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:19] <rasengan[llf]> the situation with assange is insane man. Jun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:19] <schestowitz> he changed the world a lot more than most billionairesJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:19] <rasengan[llf]> The reason they went after him was because of the pizzagate leaks.Jun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:19] <rasengan[llf]> (which are all real)Jun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:19] <schestowitz> among othersJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:20] <schestowitz> podestaemails are full of stuff that I wrote a lot aboutJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:20] <rasengan[llf]> !! absolutely.Jun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:20] <rasengan[llf]> I'm glad you did this.  I got,, and to do the same... but I guess I don't have to lolJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:20] <schestowitz> but those things get taken over by nutsJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:20] <schestowitz> which then discourage participationJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:20] <rasengan[llf]> Well, I wouldn't call them nuts.  They're reacting to what they're seeing...Jun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:21] <schestowitz> but they then add to the mix some fictionJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:21] <schestowitz> they start with factsJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:21] <schestowitz> and then go haywayJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:21] <schestowitz> it's a tacticJun 19 04:02
schestowitz[21:21] <rasengan[llf]> For sure. I agree with that.Jun 19 04:02
techrights-bot/fnGames: art of rally, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and More โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 04:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Games: art of rally, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and More | Tux MachinesJun 19 04:03
techrights-bot/fn#LinuxFoundation Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 04:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 04:04
schestowitz"greatest president of all times" (Trump)Jun 19 04:04
activelowschestowitz: provoke argument with me?Jun 19 04:05
XRevan86schestowitz: Yea, it was later confirmed that he is indeed a Trump supporter, I mentioned that here.Jun 19 04:05
schestowitzXRevan86: when?Jun 19 04:06
schestowitzTrump fanJun 19 04:06
XRevan86schestowitz: At least I hope I did.Jun 19 04:06
schestowitzbut it's actually worse because he says election was stolen and other BSJun 19 04:06
CrystalMathhe tells the truth ;)Jun 19 04:07
CrystalMatheven the stuff techrights doesn't want to admit :PJun 19 04:07
CrystalMathbut okJun 19 04:07
MinceReven the stuff that isn't true, eh?Jun 19 04:07
techrights-bot/fn#Techrights Bulletin for Friday, June 18, 2021 full archive: #gnu #linux #freesw #plaintextJun 19 04:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bulletin ArchivesJun 19 04:07
techrights-bot/fn#Techrights full #IPFS index updated just now available as plain text @ #dweb #sharingJun 19 04:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Techrights Full IPFS IndexJun 19 04:07
XRevan86schestowitz: I didn't mention that hereโ€ฆJun 19 04:08
schestowitzXRevan86: wish you hadJun 19 04:08
schestowitzbutJun 19 04:08
schestowitzit's a lot worseJun 19 04:08
schestowitzdid you listen to the above interview?Jun 19 04:08
activelowTrump isn't fundementally different to any other of his "opponents", doesn't bother with shallow facade instead, and his opponents are reminded of themselves by him (trump).Jun 19 04:08
activelowboth Putin and Trump were funded by Deutsche Bank, had never been any secret either.Jun 19 04:09
XRevan86schestowitz: Ariadne is who told me, I don't share private talk.Jun 19 04:09
schestowitz[04:07] <CrystalMath> he tells the truth ;)Jun 19 04:09
schestowitzno, extremely unprofessionalJun 19 04:09
schestowitzand not truth, eitherJun 19 04:09
XRevan86schestowitz: No, but that quote is indeed worse than I expected.Jun 19 04:09
schestowitzjust hearsay and nonsenseJun 19 04:09
schestowitzreally badJun 19 04:09
XRevan86schestowitz: Also this means that the Twitter Andrew Lee who is a Blockchain Trump supporter was a red herring that actually overlapped with rasengan more than we thought.Jun 19 04:10
MinceRah yes, deutsche "put an extra tax on home office" bankJun 19 04:10
MinceRfuck them tooJun 19 04:10
schestowitz[20:55] <schestowitz> someone told me PIA was 32 million in debtJun 19 04:10
schestowitz[20:55] <rasengan[llf]> This is not to be confused with a wealth redistributionJun 19 04:10
schestowitz[20:55] <rasengan[llf]> (people will still own their assets etc etc etc)Jun 19 04:10
schestowitz[20:55] <schestowitz> speaking in broad them, I'm a sceptic by defaultJun 19 04:10
schestowitz[20:56] <rasengan[llf]> I'm not really allowed to speak on PIA due to some agreements, but I can answer in terms of that statement.Jun 19 04:10
schestowitz[20:56] <rasengan[llf]> 32M debt for a person means something very different than 32M debt for a healthy company.Jun 19 04:10
Ariadnei cant believeJun 19 04:11
Ariadnelil pump dropped inJun 19 04:11
schestowitzno, the horse's own mouthJun 19 04:11
schestowitztwitter is not reliableJun 19 04:11
schestowitzbut a person talking openly isJun 19 04:11
schestowitzabout oneselfJun 19 04:11
XRevan86schestowitz: I'm talking about a May find that the Twitter link to Andrew Lee in a paste condemning freenode lead to a wrong guy.Jun 19 04:12
AriadnewellJun 19 04:13
Ariadnei can sayJun 19 04:13
Ariadnethat interview was somethingJun 19 04:13
XRevan86I thought that this was the source of "rasengan is pro-Trump" sentiment.Jun 19 04:13
AriadnewellJun 19 04:14
Ariadnehe literally said pizzagate is realJun 19 04:14
MinceRXRevan86: well, that's all i had on the matter until todayJun 19 04:14
Ariadneand that there is no way trump lost the electionJun 19 04:14
Ariadneon l0de radio hourJun 19 04:14
Ariadnejust nowJun 19 04:14
XRevan86So I contributed to misleading schestowitz back then.Jun 19 04:14
XRevan86MinceR: Yes, I only had personal talk as evidence until today too.Jun 19 04:15
schestowitzyesJun 19 04:16
schestowitzsame hereJun 19 04:16
schestowitzanyway, call that a turning point if you will...Jun 19 04:17
activelowdidn't Trumpovich seek to establish his own media empire since he was banned?Jun 19 04:17
schestowitzsometimes better to keep one's mouth shutJun 19 04:17
MinceRhe didJun 19 04:17
MinceRafaik it didn't work out for himJun 19 04:17
schestowitzhe lost the opportunity, a good opportunity, to say nothing at allJun 19 04:17
activelowKremlin too tried to establish some TV channel in germany and were denied to do so by german government.Jun 19 04:17
schestowitzVOA was at riskJun 19 04:18
schestowitzI'm not sure if they dodged the bullet at the endJun 19 04:18
schestowitzGannett still carries waterJun 19 04:18
schestowitzmaybe the "Yes Men" went on that interview to impersonate ;DJun 19 04:18
*stormyknight3000 (~iansutter@6schtsatzc46y.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 04:20
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #VOANews #BurkinaFaso โ˜ž With Media Blocked, Burkina Faso's Displaced Denied a Voice, Journalists Say 19 04:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | With Media Blocked, Burkina Faso's Displaced Denied a Voice, Journalists Say | Voice of America - EnglishJun 19 04:20
schestowitzVOA ^Jun 19 04:20
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #Bloomberg โ˜ž #FCC Can Block Subsidized Purchases of #Huawei โ€™s #5G Technology 19 04:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Bloomberg - Are you a robot?Jun 19 04:25
*psydroid (~psydroid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 04:25
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #HollywoodReporter #Trademarks โ˜ž Is a Famous Face a Form of Intellectual [sic] Property [sic]? 19 04:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Is a Famous Face a Form of Intellectual Property? โ€“ The Hollywood ReporterJun 19 04:25
techrights-bot/fn#npr takes bribes both from #billgates and from #microsoft. Now it's shifting the blame away from Microsoft also see 19 04:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Biden Tells Putin To Crackdown On Ransomware. What Are The Odds He Will?Jun 19 04:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Journalismโ€™s Gates keepers - Columbia Journalism ReviewJun 19 04:27
techrights-bot/fnBeinoff-controlled #newsweek is also "shifting the blame away from Microsoft... the public has been warned for decades to ditch Microsoft, now there is a hurry" -iophk 19 04:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Will Putin's Hackers Launch a Cyber Pearl Harborโ€”and a Shooting War?Jun 19 04:28
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #CommonDreams #Nature โ˜ž 'A Huge Victory': #Biden #USDA Moves to Restore #AnimalWelfare Protections Shredded by Trump 19 04:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'A Huge Victory': Biden USDA Moves to Restore Animal Welfare Protections Shredded by Trump | Common Dreams NewsJun 19 04:29
XRevan86schestowitz: I do wonder what would've happened if Libera hadn't been created. OFTC would've been it? Or IRC would've just stopped?Jun 19 04:32
MinceRhow would that stop IRC?Jun 19 04:32
MinceRthere still are over 400 IRC networksJun 19 04:33
schestowitzyes, exactlyJun 19 04:33
MinceRand probably most of them aren't as crap as libera, oftc or freenodeJun 19 04:33
XRevan86MinceR: None at the level of project support that freenode provided.Jun 19 04:33
MinceRhow did that "project support" work out for people?Jun 19 04:33
XRevan86MinceR: Pretty well?Jun 19 04:34
MinceRdoesn't look like it to meJun 19 04:34
MinceRit led to this ## namespace fuckeryJun 19 04:34
MinceRit led to a lot of extra bureaucracyJun 19 04:34
XRevan86MinceR: It resolved a lot of ambiguities too.Jun 19 04:34
MinceRand it lent some people some clout with which they tried to destroy free softwareJun 19 04:35
MinceRwe have better ways of resolving ambiguitiesJun 19 04:35
XRevan86MinceR: Regarding ##, it doesn't look like that's required on Libera. But the project can come in at any time and take control.Jun 19 04:35
MinceRit was required in freenode, though, by the people who now run liberaJun 19 04:35
schestowitzCrystalMath: no DMs pleaseJun 19 04:36
XRevan86Apparently ##sqlite could be #sqliteJun 19 04:36
schestowitzit's triggering notificatrionsJun 19 04:36
schestowitzI am doing some work at the momentJun 19 04:36
CrystalMathhuh?Jun 19 04:36
XRevan86But I guess they kept it for compatibility?Jun 19 04:36
MinceR##slackware could have been #slackwareJun 19 04:36
XRevan86MinceR: yesJun 19 04:36
schestowitzI'd rather just move onJun 19 04:37
schestowitzheart broken, wasted time, freenode is not our priorityJun 19 04:37
schestowitzwe look ahead nowJun 19 04:37
*AdmFubar (~mradmin@ngqaam7baxnug.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 04:37
MinceRoh, another thing that "project support" led to was a massive queue of project registrationsJun 19 04:37
XRevan86schestowitz: There are more channels out there. This matters.Jun 19 04:38
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #CommonDreams โ˜ž 'Epic Failure of Humanity': Global Displaced Population Hits All-Time High 19 04:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'Epic Failure of Humanity': Global Displaced Population Hits All-Time High | Common Dreams NewsJun 19 04:38
schestowitzXRevan86: too many channelsJun 19 04:38
XRevan86MinceR: Still better than projects begging the current ops.Jun 19 04:38
schestowitzno network should control this many channelsJun 19 04:38
schestowitzif any lesson was to be learned from all this....Jun 19 04:38
MinceRXRevan86: there's no need to beg in the usual setupJun 19 04:39
MinceRjust be there first and register the channelJun 19 04:39
MinceRif you aren't there first, either make up a different name or find another networkJun 19 04:39
schestowitz[14:24] <techrights-bot/fn> #freenode messed up so badly that #ipfire is almost quitting #irc altogether 19 04:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ - Relaunching #ipfireJun 19 04:39
schestowitzthey use jabber nowJun 19 04:39
schestowitzself-hostedJun 19 04:39
MinceRwith a more distributed system, we could do without even that, thoughJun 19 04:39
schestowitzthe irc is now sort of secondary and not officialJun 19 04:39
MinceRwe could have something like a key pair for the channelJun 19 04:39
schestowitzand with jabber you can do what irc does, mostly...Jun 19 04:39
MinceRhow do you moderate a channel on xmpp, though?Jun 19 04:40
XRevan86schestowitz: I've spent a lot of time convincing a person that categorically refuses to understand the situation, because they use ZNC and cannot use more than one network with convenience. I wonder how many people are out like them.Jun 19 04:40
schestowitzLC and LF are like political partyJun 19 04:40
schestowitzyou elect the lesser evil and pray they won't f-ck you as hard as the "worse" oneJun 19 04:40
MinceReven if their irc proxy can only handle one network at a time, they could just use multiple irc proxiesJun 19 04:40
MinceRyeah, i'm sick of hoping for the lesser evilJun 19 04:41
schestowitzit's a short-term strategyJun 19 04:41
schestowitzBTW, I defended FN since AptilJun 19 04:41
schestowitzIn April it lost many usersJun 19 04:41
schestowitzand the freenode (old) staff was doing rogue opsJun 19 04:41
schestowitzthen in May shit hit the fan and we tried to limit the damageJun 19 04:41
XRevan86rogue ops?Jun 19 04:41
schestowitzI will post a link in a momentJun 19 04:42
schestowitzthe TR site runs a backup at the momentJun 19 04:42
schestowitzall CPUs fired upJun 19 04:42
XRevan86MinceR: "how do you moderate a channel on xmpp, though?" โ€“ huh?Jun 19 04:42
MinceRXRevan86: what if someone keeps registering new JIDs on the same server, comes into your channel and floods it?Jun 19 04:43
XRevan86MinceR: No voice by default.Jun 19 04:43
schestowitzOK, backup done. Now the link: 19 04:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pro-Software Freedom Advocates and Free/Libre Software Supporters Face Barriers Due to Domination of Communication Channels (Beyond the Media) | TechrightsJun 19 04:44
MinceRand then you get users complain about that, as they complain about +m / +M / +q $~aJun 19 04:44
XRevan86MinceR: XMPP has an advantage of voice being shown in any client.Jun 19 04:45
MinceRnot even being able to ban an XMPP server (let alone ban a client IP address or range) is pretty grim for serious chat moderationJun 19 04:45
MinceRXRevan86: i'm not aware of an IRC client that doesn't show being voicedJun 19 04:45
MinceRalso, the IRC server gives you an error message if your message wasn't sent to anyoneJun 19 04:45
AdmFubarhere is how crazy the housing market is in the states 19 04:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A house filled with urine, feces, rotten meat, and dead cats gets offer frenzy at $592,500 | Boing BoingJun 19 04:46
XRevan86MinceR: Hm, okay.Jun 19 04:46
schestowitzAdmFubar: bb doing clickbairJun 19 04:47
schestowitz*baitJun 19 04:47
schestowitzeven doctorow got fed up and leftJun 19 04:47
schestowitzabout a decade ago it was a little less bad, now they also run Microsoft ads as 'articles'Jun 19 04:47
schestowitzAriadne: you were right all along about FN, but it's good to have all that confirmed from the network's actions and words. But I still think that the best outcome will be lots more IRC networks.Jun 19 04:49
schestowitzIt would also encourage more people to hack bots, software tools, ircd stuffJun 19 04:49
schestowitzand revive this 'ecosystem'Jun 19 04:49
XRevan86schestowitz: When I said that what I mean is that IRC would not have been able to survive the fall of freenode.Jun 19 04:50
schestowitzwe need to replace things like slack and jabber/matrix aren't for the more public-facing thingsJun 19 04:50
schestowitzjabber is ok internally for a companyJun 19 04:50
schestowitzIRC was already a nicheJun 19 04:50
schestowitzbecoming a niche or a niche is another thingJun 19 04:50
schestowitzbut I think I'll further improve our IRC toolsJun 19 04:51
schestowitznow that we control the stackJun 19 04:51
schestowitzI will come up with some more ideas, we've had many bits of code over the years, mostly becoming stale due to changed APIs at identica, Twitter etc.Jun 19 04:51
XRevan86schestowitz: I think the move would've been rather than Libera to Matrix or elsewhere, away from IRC.Jun 19 04:51
schestowitzwhich again shows the risk of relying on third parties via APIsJun 19 04:51
schestowitzwe still need to release our git stuff some time, but would rather have some gemini or web interfaceJun 19 04:52
schestowitzsourcehut does bothJun 19 04:52
XRevan86So maintaining the status quo by restoring freenode as Libera is very important.Jun 19 04:52
schestowitzthere is a diasporaJun 19 04:53
schestowitznot everyone moved or will move to LCJun 19 04:53
schestowitzand IRC currently does not federate wellJun 19 04:53
activelowthere is no alternative to what techrights irc or an efnet nion could offerJun 19 04:53
schestowitzwe need more tooling and hackingJun 19 04:53
schestowitzyour bridge is helping a lot in transitionsJun 19 04:53
schestowitzdays ago, upon request from DaemonFC, we made 19 04:54
schestowitzbecause he was having Net hangups and wanted to see what he had missedJun 19 04:54
schestowitzI spoke to a friend who's good at PerlJun 19 04:54
schestowitzto see if we can further enhance thisJun 19 04:54
schestowitzwe still have some webirc client installed on the serverJun 19 04:54
activelowi am willing to support this here, if there was demandJun 19 04:54
XRevan86schestowitz: Yes, I agree. Except that I think that 90% of those that stayed on IRC will end up on LC.Jun 19 04:55
schestowitzfrom the time freenode was getting rid of mibbit and we needed a substituteJun 19 04:55
AdmFubarI've never seen a microsoft article thereJun 19 04:55
schestowitzbut a web interface for irc does not allow scrollbackJun 19 04:55
schestowitzAdmFubar: not even articlesJun 19 04:55
schestowitzads disguised as 'reportds'Jun 19 04:55
schestowitznot recently, but many last yearJun 19 04:55
AdmFubarnever seen anything of the sort thereJun 19 04:55
schestowitzI mentioned this to cory doctorowJun 19 04:56
schestowitzall he said was, I'm no longer involved.... in a tone suggesting he doesn't condone that former doghouse of hisJun 19 04:56
schestowitzin theory we could do real-time IRC logsJun 19 04:56
schestowitzgoing about in cycles and updating for a given day, but cpu and b/w intensiveJun 19 04:57
schestowitzwould be nice to turn that into those chat applets like in youtube or twitch, but then any troll can vandalise the channel easilyJun 19 04:57
schestowitzlet's check some freesw repos for existing toolsJun 19 04:58
schestowitzthat handle raw plaintext/utf-8Jun 19 04:58
MinceRit already serves the purpose of a scrollbackJun 19 04:58
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–…โ–†โ–ˆโ–„โ–…โ–ˆโ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–‡โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–‡โ–…โ–ƒโ–†โ–ƒโ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 36.75 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 5.66โ–• swarm size (avg): 288.67  โŸฒJun 19 04:59
Ariadne[22:55] <schestowitz> from the time freenode was getting rid of mibbit and we needed a substituteJun 19 05:03
Ariadnethere is an important reason why that happenedJun 19 05:03
DaemonFCI think that part of "Windows 11" will be a compatibility break under the hood.Jun 19 05:03
Ariadnethe mibbit client was sending irc logs to its advertising partners for targetingJun 19 05:03
DaemonFCMicrosoft has piled so much crap into Windows 10 that it stopped supporting shortly after that this gives them an excuse to remove it.Jun 19 05:03
DaemonFCFor now, it looks cosmetic though.Jun 19 05:04
activelowhad not touched any ms product since .Net 3. and windows 7Jun 19 05:04
DaemonFCIt looks like they're dropping 32-bit x86.Jun 19 05:05
*schestowitz backJun 19 05:06
schestowitzI cannot seem to find the sort of php tool I'm afterJun 19 05:06
schestowitzAriadne: I thought they had blocked it because it was creating lots of useless connections, with auto-loginJun 19 05:07
schestowitzlast I checked, months ago, mibbit is still aroundJun 19 05:07
schestowitzbut freenode rejects itJun 19 05:07
schestowitz 19 05:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mibbit IRC client widgetJun 19 05:08
schestowitznow it is allowsJun 19 05:08
schestowitzthe 'new' freenodeJun 19 05:08
schestowitz*allowedJun 19 05:08
schestowitz 19 05:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mibbit IRC client widgetJun 19 05:09
MinceRk-lines and the like were probably lostJun 19 05:09
*mib_2vtyjg (~5198ee27@q8ban9vyag5t6.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 05:09
MinceRin the ircd switchJun 19 05:09
XRevan86Ugh, I just realised I still cannot fully logically explain why rasengan went for the wipe.Jun 19 05:09
mib_2vtyjgthis is rotJun 19 05:09
mib_2vtyjg*royJun 19 05:09
MinceRthat's because it isn't logicalJun 19 05:09
schestowitzXRevan86: don't try to explainJun 19 05:10
schestowitzthe brain didn't workJun 19 05:10
MinceRthe interview suggests that they felt they had to get rid of everything and everybodyJun 19 05:10
XRevan86MinceR: Even illogical decisions can be logically explained, unless they're fully insane.Jun 19 05:10
schestowitztoo busy in "MAGA"Jun 19 05:10
schestowitz[03:59] <schestowitz> "these fuckers who stole that shit" (election) - Andrew LeeJun 19 05:10
XRevan86MinceR: But why though? What's the goal?Jun 19 05:11
MinceRยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏJun 19 05:11
MinceRmaybe they want to polarize what used to be free software from the other sideJun 19 05:11
MinceRbecause apparently that's what it really needsJun 19 05:11
MinceRยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏJun 19 05:11
schestowitznotice: after some 'researching' (about 20 pages read) I decided to leave as is... nice and simpleJun 19 05:12
MinceR:)Jun 19 05:12
*mib_i3fqb9 (~5198ee27@kjvq8jm9s83qu.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 05:15
*mib_i3fqb9 has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)Jun 19 05:16
AdmFubar 19 05:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Chinese Government Continues To Arrest More Journalists Over Nonsense 'National Security' Law | TechdirtJun 19 05:19
*tr_guest|56378 (~5198ee27@54n9xgft8g6u2.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 05:19
*mib_30pukx (~5198ee27@q8ban9vyag5t6.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 05:20
*mib_2vtyjg has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)Jun 19 05:20
schestowitzError 522: 19 05:21
schestowitzfreenode doesn't intend to fix its webUI I supposeJun 19 05:21
schestowitzMAGA will take care of thatJun 19 05:21
XRevan86MinceR: I don't think that explanation works. But who knows.Jun 19 05:21
schestowitzit has been down for daysJun 19 05:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 522 @ )Jun 19 05:21
*tr_guest|56378 has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 05:22
XRevan86MinceR: That did cleanse the network from the unloyal projects after all.Jun 19 05:22
schestowitzAriadne: so freenode is no web ui anymore, but they now allow mibbit in, unlike before (it was blocked when I tested months ago)Jun 19 05:22
schestowitzanother shot in foot from FN Jun 19 05:23
schestowitzXRevan86: they re-registered the channelsJun 19 05:23
XRevan86schestowitz: There's always the main instance of kiwiircJun 19 05:23
schestowitzand users did tooJun 19 05:23
schestowitzbut the trust is not there anymoreJun 19 05:23
schestowitzXRevan86: yes, but externalJun 19 05:23
schestowitzgo to 19 05:24
schestowitzsee top leftJun 19 05:24
schestowitzoopsJun 19 05:24
schestowitzgo to 19 05:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | freenodeJun 19 05:24
schestowitztop left Jun 19 05:24
schestowitz"Chat"Jun 19 05:24
schestowitzclick on itJun 19 05:24
schestowitznothingJun 19 05:24
schestowitztimes outJun 19 05:24
schestowitzfor clownflareJun 19 05:24
XRevan86schestowitz: Those that were thinking about moving, accelerated the move. And I doubt that every one of them bothered to register again when it's transitional anyway.Jun 19 05:24
schestowitzso you basically select the very first link in the pageJun 19 05:24
schestowitzand it craps outJun 19 05:24
schestowitzvery professionalJun 19 05:24
schestowitzand they have not fixed this for daysJun 19 05:24
schestowitzno signs of intention to fix itJun 19 05:25
schestowitzactuallt the first link in the page is the self-referential logoJun 19 05:25
schestowitzthe second says "Chat"Jun 19 05:25
schestowitzand it's a broken linkJun 19 05:25
schestowitzso they say come and chat here, but for days that option is now workingJun 19 05:25
schestowitzthey're running a madhouseJun 19 05:26
schestowitzno time to fix the very basics, but time to do a livestream on google youtubeJun 19 05:26
activelowsasl gone, onion gone, webchat gone, staff gone, projects gone, users goneJun 19 05:26
schestowitz 19 05:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fosshost - Update to Freenode Press Release StatementJun 19 05:26
XRevan86schestowitz: They're probably busy overcoming other obstacles they've placed for themselves.Jun 19 05:26
XRevan86activelow: SASL gone? That's what the bridge's using.Jun 19 05:27
schestowitz"Jun 19 05:27
schestowitzOn the 1st of June, 2021, we released a press statement called Freenode Partnership. The blog post articulated a collaboration with Freenode. The partnership was the culmination of several verbal discussions with Mr Andrew Lee, President of Freenode Limited.Jun 19 05:27
schestowitzWithin the press release statement we briefly detailed the mechanics of the collaboration, using our experience in providing FOSS hosting services, and to further advise the current Freenode Management on how to develop the thriving online community that Freenode has been for the past 20 years.Jun 19 05:27
schestowitzWhen we announced the collaboration, many of you reached out to voice your concerns. The main reason for your feedback was that many in the community did not agree with Fosshost supporting Freenode.Jun 19 05:27
schestowitz"Jun 19 05:27
activelowXRevan86: it was the timeline of eventsJun 19 05:27
schestowitz"On the 11th of June 2021, we formally asked all staff (volunteers who are not directors) to participate in a vote to understand their preference for the described partnership. The result was unanimous that we should end the partnership."Jun 19 05:27
XRevan86activelow: It worked for the bridge since the beginning though.Jun 19 05:28
activelowfirst sasl auth on freenode classic failed with an onion in place, then the onion went downJun 19 05:28
XRevan86Ah, classic โ„ขJun 19 05:28
activelowthey took this down one by oneJun 19 05:28
schestowitz"We made mistakes as we started our dialogue with Mr. Lee, and these mistakes resulted in some knee-jerk decisions. In hindsight, we did not carefully consider this decision in advance with input from our volunteers and the community. We will seek to remain good friends with Freenode; we cannot stress enough how much the level of support shown to our project will mean to our mission and our ability to continue to work on that mission."Jun 19 05:28
schestowitzall those blunders, one after the other, led to thisJun 19 05:28
schestowitzfreenode is its own biggest enemy at this pointJun 19 05:28
XRevan86activelow: I dropped the nicks on classicโ„ข instantly, so I didn't notice anything.Jun 19 05:29
schestowitzthe number of votes here is rather small: 19 05:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | freenode BBSJun 19 05:29
schestowitzI mean, for all we know maybe only freenode staff votedJun 19 05:29
schestowitzand that staff won't have a job for longJun 19 05:29
XRevan86And classicโ„ข didn't really matter anyway.Jun 19 05:29
schestowitzgiven the way the network is goingJun 19 05:30
schestowitzmaybe 2-3 salaries and that's itJun 19 05:30
activelowdidn't touch anything, i didn't consent with my registration being handled like this, given the fact my official mail address was used correctly, add to this i am receiving some additional spam there now tooJun 19 05:30
schestowitz 19 05:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | v8 - Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 2:37:32 GMT - freenode ChitJun 19 05:30
schestowitz"Jun 19 05:30
schestowitzFriday, June 11, 2021 at 3:39:10 GMTJun 19 05:30
schestowitzkaniinichit rhymes with shit, don't cha knowJun 19 05:30
schestowitz"Jun 19 05:30
schestowitzlol, activelowJun 19 05:30
schestowitzAriadne ^Jun 19 05:30
schestowitzno wonder they banned youJun 19 05:31
schestowitzbut at this point, tbh, they discredit themselvesJun 19 05:31
schestowitzthe sooner they do less, the betterJun 19 05:31
schestowitzbecause over the past 2-3 weeks, the more they did, the more harm was doneJun 19 05:31
schestowitzbanning people, taking over channels, wiping out the DB...Jun 19 05:31
XRevan86activelow: My perception is skewed by dodging such problems.Jun 19 05:32
schestowitzthe trump train awaits the next stopJun 19 05:32
XRevan86activelow: But even then it's been horrible.Jun 19 05:32
activelowXRevan86: i don't worry about anything, got other problems to think about than this child's play of self proclaimed princeJun 19 05:33
*mib_30pukx has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)Jun 19 05:33
XRevan86activelow: I have a bridge to run on the contrast.Jun 19 05:34
schestowitzI'm gonna start working on next EPO article, part 11Jun 19 05:34
XRevan86It's been harder than I thought it would be %).Jun 19 05:34
schestowitzit helps a lot thoughJun 19 05:34
activelowi could fiddle together a bridge if this was of desiredJun 19 05:34
XRevan86activelow: The problem isn't the bridge, it's the crappy network it connects to.Jun 19 05:35
XRevan86Let's just hope rasengan won't suddenly decide that inspircd actually sucks and freenode should try again on something else.Jun 19 05:36
schestowitzit has been reduced to a brandJun 19 05:37
schestowitzand not a good one at thatJun 19 05:37
schestowitzbecause people now mean new freenode when they use the brandJun 19 05:37
schestowitzand it's starting to rhyme with technical incompetence Jun 19 05:37
schestowitzsadly.Jun 19 05:37
activelowexactly, what was supposedly served by this service name isn't anymore, chances are UK law had a word to say about this tooJun 19 05:38
XRevan86schestowitz: It's not just a brand, it's also a domain name.Jun 19 05:39
schestowitzwith many things linking to itJun 19 05:39
*stormyknight3000 has quit (connection closed)Jun 19 05:39
schestowitzwhich is why we can hope it will be redeemedJun 19 05:39
schestowitzlike, if they manage to get their act together... if it's not too lateJun 19 05:40
schestowitzthis reminds me of what libreoffice did to openofficeJun 19 05:40
schestowitzand the name never passedJun 19 05:40
schestowitzbut openoffice is still aroundJun 19 05:40
schestowitzfull of flawsJun 19 05:40
schestowitzand some people still download itJun 19 05:40
XRevan86schestowitz: Maybe Putin will realise his faults and I will live happily ever after from there on out.Jun 19 05:40
XRevan86Feels equally as likely.Jun 19 05:41
schestowitzPutin will resignJun 19 05:41
schestowitzto give someone else the seat for one dayJun 19 05:41
schestowitzthen elect himself againJun 19 05:42
schestowitzto set the clock back to 9Jun 19 05:42
schestowitz0Jun 19 05:42
XRevan86schestowitz: No, that scheme is over.Jun 19 05:42
schestowitzthe tandemocracyJun 19 05:42
schestowitznow they pass new laws Jun 19 05:42
XRevan86But I can't predict the future that farJun 19 05:42
schestowitzit's about as likely as meduza's rss feed working again by month's end ^_^Jun 19 05:43
XRevan86I can't be certain I'll be alive in the year 2038, what to say about what Putin's plan for then is.Jun 19 05:43
XRevan86A very bloody long time that is.Jun 19 05:44
XRevan86The 32-bit UNIX epoch will end sooner.Jun 19 05:45
schestowitzthat's ok, nukes will be used again by thenJun 19 05:45
schestowitzwhile their system clock still functions correctlyJun 19 05:45
XRevan86Oh, wait, I'm mixing these two days because they're so similar and I haven't slept.Jun 19 05:46
XRevan86Putin's term ends in 2036, two years before the 32-bit epoch ends.Jun 19 05:46
XRevan86s/days/dates/Jun 19 05:47
activelowpolitics trigger meJun 19 05:47
schestowitzunix time was designed like that for a reasonJun 19 05:47
schestowitzthey knew putin would go crazy after 2036Jun 19 05:47
schestowitzso no need for more bitsJun 19 05:47
schestowitzputin will do "his bit"Jun 19 05:47
activelowdoubt i'll survive that longJun 19 05:48
XRevan86rasengan for president 2036Jun 19 05:48
DaemonFC 19 05:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Chicago Crime, Murder & Mayhem | Criminal Infographics | HeyJackass! | Illustrating Chicago ValuesJun 19 05:48
DaemonFCFacebook and most other "social" media banned Hey Jackass.Jun 19 05:48
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #KrebsOnSecurity โ˜ž First American Financial Pays Farcical $500K Fine 19 05:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | First American Financial Pays Farcical $500K Fine โ€“ Krebs on SecurityJun 19 05:49
XRevan86Will MariaDB fix the TIMESTAMP data type by 2038Jun 19 05:49
activelowOpenBSD and Linux did to my knowledge, OpenBSD was firstJun 19 05:50
DaemonFCI'm glad that the Democrats say they're the pro-labor party and then declared most workers to be non-essential.Jun 19 05:50
DaemonFC"non-essential workers"Jun 19 05:50
schestowitzwhat's even the meaning of "rasengan"?Jun 19 05:50
DaemonFCYour job doesn't matter. Go home. Figure out how to deal with this shit on your own.Jun 19 05:50
XRevan86schestowitz: Pokรฉmon I think.Jun 19 05:50
schestowitzokJun 19 05:51
DaemonFCPokemon is dangerous.Jun 19 05:51
XRevan86Oh, it's Naruto. Should've checked.Jun 19 05:51
DaemonFCThat black serial killer that gunned down the Jewish man in Rogers Park.Jun 19 05:52
DaemonFCJewish guy wasn't paying attention because he had Pokemon Go open.Jun 19 05:52
schestowitz 19 05:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Naruto - WikipediaJun 19 05:52
DaemonFCThe non-essential then proceeded to shoot an elderly man who was walking his dog.Jun 19 05:53
DaemonFCRahm Emanuel sent in CPD and they gave me a warning ticket for failure to come to a complete stop at a sign.Jun 19 05:53
activelowcouldn't keep track of the crazyness anymoreJun 19 05:54
XRevan86schestowitz: I heard that it's a decent series. But I don't know.Jun 19 05:54
XRevan86Sounds a bit too soapy for my taste.Jun 19 05:55
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‡โ–†โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ–‚โ–ƒโ–„โ–†โ–โ–‚โ–…โ–†โ–ˆโ–…โ–…โ–ƒโ–…โ–†โ–„โ–ƒโ–†โ–„โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–‚โ–†โ–…โ–†โ– avg(k/sec) 33.43 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–ˆโ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–ƒโ–โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 34.15โ–• swarm size (avg): 290.64  โŸฒJun 19 05:59
AdmFubar 19 06:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Jun 19 06:00
DaemonFC 19 06:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Missouri Has Declared Federal Gun Laws Invalid. Can It Do That? : NPRJun 19 06:01
DaemonFC"Missouri has new a law"Jun 19 06:01
DaemonFCProofreading....Jun 19 06:01
AdmFubar 19 06:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rep. Greene files bill to eliminate ATF then attacks Biden over drug cartels โ€“ which ATF targets and investigates - Alternet.orgJun 19 06:02
AdmFubar 19 06:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ring gave cops free cameras to build and promote surveillance network | Ars TechnicaJun 19 06:03
AdmFubar 19 06:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Newly discovered Vigilante malware outs software pirates and blocks them | Ars TechnicaJun 19 06:03
AdmFubar 19 06:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fake DarkSide gang targets energy, food industry in extortion emailsJun 19 06:04
schestowitzAdmFubar: just so that you are aware, startpage is spyingJun 19 06:04
schestowitz 19 06:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Startpage - TechrightsJun 19 06:05
AdmFubar 19 06:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Russia bans Opera VPN and VyprVPN, classifies them as threatsJun 19 06:05
schestowitzthreats to Russia or to Putin?Jun 19 06:05
AdmFubarhell who isn't?Jun 19 06:05
AdmFubar:PJun 19 06:05
schestowitzstartpage is lying about itJun 19 06:06
schestowitzit used to be OKJun 19 06:06
schestowitzbut silently it defectedJun 19 06:06
schestowitzwe had whistleblowersJun 19 06:06
DaemonFC 19 06:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 11 Mayors From Los Angeles To Asheville Vow To Create Reparations Pilot Programs : NPRJun 19 06:07
DaemonFCAll black town..... (Not just can't move there if you're white.)Jun 19 06:07
DaemonFCWell if they want to tax themselves to pay money to each other, I guess whatever....Jun 19 06:07
DaemonFCThanks to NPR for the list of cities not to move to.Jun 19 06:07
activelowi became accustomed to it, when cycling being attacked, stones thrown at my window, physically attackedJun 19 06:08
DaemonFCI'm glad we got rid of Mayor Cunningham or Waukegan might have been next to lay down crippling taxes and debt to pay reparations to people who were never harmed.Jun 19 06:08
DaemonFCThey're a legal fiction.Jun 19 06:08
activelowbesides the usual bureaucratic tyranny, which remains compliant with law formallyJun 19 06:08
activelowgermany 2021Jun 19 06:09
DaemonFCGovernment terrorizing citizens pretty even handedly. Jun 19 06:09
DaemonFCWhy don't I get reparations? I've been badly mistreated by the police.Jun 19 06:09
activelowah yes, police followed me for a while too, don't give a whateverJun 19 06:10
DaemonFCThey tormented Ian Murdock into suicide. Nobody said anything because he was white.Jun 19 06:13
activelowwhat was "white" supposed to be?Jun 19 06:14
activelowother than that it isn't "white", it is something elseJun 19 06:15
DaemonFC 19 06:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | General Order No. 3 - WikipediaJun 19 06:15
DaemonFCJuneteenth celebrates this. Notice the part where it says "they will not be supported in idleness".Jun 19 06:16
DaemonFCMan, well, moving right along.Jun 19 06:16
DaemonFCadvised to seek employment and work for wagesJun 19 06:17
AdmFubarwhelp off tobed night allJun 19 06:17
techrights-bot/fn...quite a few so-called 'IP' publications, including #IAM and #ManagingIP , are proudly abetting crime and #corruption at the #epo ... how do they sleep at night? With a bundle of cash (stolen money, crime money) under their pillows... right, Joff Wild?Jun 19 06:17
DaemonFCMan, the people who wrote this would be spinning in their graves if they saw Juneteenth because a federal holiday over looters and arsonists.Jun 19 06:17
DaemonFCThe torching of Kenosha, I mean.....They didn't even steal things from most of those places. They just burned the city.Jun 19 06:18
DaemonFCThey act like white people are "domestic terrorists" because of occupying a wildlife refuge visitor center for a few days over donuts and coffee.Jun 19 06:19
DaemonFCThey send in the ATF over that and murder people.Jun 19 06:19
DaemonFCI was watching the Bundy thing. I was saying "They're not doing anything menacing, but the ATF is going to come in and kill everyone.".Jun 19 06:20
DaemonFCWell, I was close, they killed one of them.Jun 19 06:20
*AdmFubar (~mradmin@ngqaam7baxnug.irc) has left #techrightsJun 19 06:20
DaemonFCThey're lucky the government wanted the building back I guess or they'd have rammed it with a tank and then firebombed it.Jun 19 06:21
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving)Jun 19 06:21
techrights-bot/fn#teamUPC lobbying for #swpats and working for #microsoft #patentTrolls : 19 06:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intellectual Ventures - TechrightsJun 19 06:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Proudly working for patent trolls: "Renowned partner and litigator Julien Frรฉneaux, for instance, represents NPE Inโ€ฆ 19 06:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Proudly working for patent trolls: "Renowned partner and litigator Julien Frรฉneaux, for instance, represents NPE Inโ€ฆ 19 06:35
techrights-bot/fn#EPO Virtual Injustice โ€” Part 11: Perceptive Comments and Caustic Criticism #corruption #europe #patents #kangarooCourtsJun 19 06:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Virtual Injustice โ€” Part 11: Perceptive Comments and Caustic Criticism | TechrightsJun 19 06:37
techrights-bot/fnTIL some anti-abortion activists are so detached from reality that they oppose abortion of tiny embryos while FIERCELY defending the killing of ACTUAL babies. Baby cows... I sort of 'went viral' in #twitter for this...Jun 19 06:50
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‡โ–†โ–โ–‚โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–‚โ–‡โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–‚โ–‡โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–„โ–ƒโ–‡โ–‡โ–‡โ–…โ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–ˆโ– avg(k/sec) 30.06 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 5.78โ–• swarm size (avg): 291.67  โŸฒJun 19 06:59
techrights-bot/fnThe #EPO โ€˜s management managed to silence a lot of the critical media (handouts and threats from Benoรฎt #Battistelli and #AntรณnioCampinos ), but silencing comments is a lot harder; though we donโ€™t know which ones were moderated out of existenceโ€ฆ 19 07:03
activelowtons of documents to read.Jun 19 07:33
activelowpatents and anything which is weaponized against free software and the personalities involved it seems.Jun 19 07:33
*job has quit (connection closed)Jun 19 07:34
activelowit is a battle fought on the backs of developers and the young generation educated.Jun 19 07:35
schestowitzactivelow: if you are de-based, you can help usJun 19 07:35
schestowitzbecause that's near the EPO, the epicenterJun 19 07:35
activelowde-based?Jun 19 07:36
schestowitz.deJun 19 07:36
activelowokJun 19 07:36
*job (~job@42cscff4sp33s.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 07:36
schestowitzmerkel has a lot in thisJun 19 07:36
schestowitzbecause they have a cash cowJun 19 07:36
schestowitzthe hidden cost of the cash cow isJun 19 07:36
schestowitz1) patent trolls targeting the countryJun 19 07:37
schestowitz2) demise of the law, promotion of bad patentsJun 19 07:37
activelowstrong focus on patent law, my scope is slightly different: author's rights.Jun 19 07:38
activelowand the consequences of the corruption involved with anything software/educational related.Jun 19 07:39
activelowwith the background of the sell-out of east-german science and their youthJun 19 07:43
activelowand the socio-economic blessings of Merkel's decisionsJun 19 07:44
schestowitzcopyright law then?Jun 19 07:46
schestowitzyou should combat the Germany copyright cartelJun 19 07:46
schestowitzlike VerlagJun 19 07:46
schestowitzSpiegelJun 19 07:46
schestowitziirc, Elsevier is DutchJun 19 07:46
schestowitzAmsterdam, Netherlands 19 07:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Elsevier - WikipediaJun 19 07:47
*job has quit (connection closed)Jun 19 07:47
schestowitzBerlin/Heidelberg, Germany 19 07:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Springer Science+Business Media - WikipediaJun 19 07:48
schestowitzthey rip off scientistsJun 19 07:48
schestowitz 19 07:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Julius Springer - WikipediaJun 19 07:49
schestowitz"Springer was from 1867 to 1873 president of the German Booksellers and Publishers Association. From 1869 until his death, Springer was a member of the Berlin city assembly. In addition, he was one of the pioneers of national and international copyright law."Jun 19 07:49
activelowmaybe, one example, I had applied at BaFin (was involved with Bonn headquarters before, German Telecom), provided my application documents, they scrape off desired data and place vacancies as desired, minor incidents which sum up to remarkable damange in totalJun 19 07:49
schestowitzOddly shortJun 19 07:49
schestowitzI reckon some bad past thereJun 19 07:49
schestowitzhence the brevity of info about himJun 19 07:49
activelowBaFin is german finance supervision, other "public-private" institutions act similar, such as a contract with German Telecom i archived for that matterJun 19 07:49
activelowMicrosoftJun 19 07:50
schestowitzDidn't know they're now known as "Business Media"Jun 19 07:50
schestowitzFrom scienceJun 19 07:50
schestowitzit became "Business Media"Jun 19 07:50
schestowitzall about moneyJun 19 07:50
activelowdata scrapers at employment agencyJun 19 07:51
*activelow has quit (connection closed)Jun 19 07:52
schestowitz changed for better clarityJun 19 07:53
*job (~job@42cscff4sp33s.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 07:53
techrights-bot/fnThe page has just been changed for better clarity. It shows the latest in #techrights IRC channel...Jun 19 07:55
Techrights-secYes, the pipes help.  There is extra space after the time stamp though.Jun 19 07:58
schestowitzI've just changed the pipe type and removed the spare space, so now the line are contiguous Jun 19 07:59
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‡โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–†โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–„โ–ˆโ–‡โ–†โ–โ–‡โ–โ–„โ–ˆโ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–ˆโ–…โ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–…โ–‡โ–โ–†โ–†โ–‡โ– avg(k/sec) 39.83 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–ˆโ–‚โ–ƒโ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 42.30โ–• swarm size (avg): 292.89  โŸฒJun 19 07:59
schestowitzshould be visible after next cron runJun 19 07:59
*CrystalMath has quit (Quit: Leaving)Jun 19 07:59
schestowitzใ€–ใ€—Jun 19 08:01
*activelow (~activelow@2kk6i2ed9nk9s.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 08:04
activelowsorry schestowitz , "something" cut my circuitJun 19 08:04
Techrights-secThanksJun 19 08:05
Techrights-secI wonder about the date format, too.  MAybe ISO 8601 would be better.  It wouldJun 19 08:05
Techrights-sectake fewer columnsJun 19 08:05
Techrights-secespecially without dashesJun 19 08:05
schestowitzI can remove the date altogether with cutJun 19 08:07
activelownothing urgentJun 19 08:07
activelowthe best part of their methods was to threaten me with incarcerationJun 19 08:08
activelowseems something else is preventing them from doing itJun 19 08:09
Ariadneinspircd is a decent ircd, but inspircd's maintainer is not terribly interested in helping andrewJun 19 08:11
Ariadnesomething about destroying an irc network is going to make irc devs squeamish on giving him helpJun 19 08:12
schestowitzyeahJun 19 08:13
Techrights-secRemoving the date might be ok, if the file is only one date.  Is it alllJun 19 08:17
Techrights-secone date or a rolling 24-hour log?Jun 19 08:17
Techrights-secI thought about doing a rotation of filesJun 19 08:17
schestowitzdoes anyone know how to align with tabbing in plain text where the strings vary by more than 2-3 charsJun 19 08:25
schestowitzif that is possible without actually analysing the textJun 19 08:26
schestowitzI think there's a trickJun 19 08:28
Techrights-secA 24-hour cache might be very nice to have.Jun 19 08:35
Techrights-secOtherwise, sometimes at the start of a new file, some or all of the contextJun 19 08:35
Techrights-secis missing to the first line or lines.Jun 19 08:35
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #RaspberryPi #RasPi #GNU #Linux โ˜ž #Commodore64 + Raspberry Pi 4 = Synth6581 19 08:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Commodore 64 + Raspberry Pi 4 = Synth6581 - Raspberry PiJun 19 08:36
schestowitzI'm getting closer now...Jun 19 08:38
schestowitzI will add a pseudo menu at the top and bottomJun 19 08:40
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #TorrentFreak #copyright #copyrights โ˜ž #Triller Sues #YourEXTRA YouTube Channel For Jake Paul Fight Piracy 19 08:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Triller Sues YourEXTRA YouTube Channel For Jake Paul Fight Piracy * TorrentFreakJun 19 08:44
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #TorrentFreak #copyright #copyrights โ˜ž Mysterious Malware Blocks The #PirateBay and Other Pirate Sites 19 08:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Mysterious Malware Blocks The Pirate Bay and Other Pirate Sites * TorrentFreakJun 19 08:44
techrights-bot/fnTry quantum computing with this open source software development kit โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 08:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Try quantum computing with this open source software development kit | Tux MachinesJun 19 08:45
techrights-bot/fnThis week in KDE: Expandable tooltips and more โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 08:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | This week in KDE: Expandable tooltips and more | Tux MachinesJun 19 08:45
techrights-bot/fnGoogle #Android Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 08:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 08:45
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‚โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–†โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–‡โ–‡โ–‡โ–†โ–„โ–„โ–†โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–‡โ–†โ–†โ–…โ– avg(k/sec) 37.23 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 5.73โ–• swarm size (avg): 294.29  โŸฒJun 19 08:59
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schestowitzwe could periodically sync that across to gemini, but I doubt this would be accessed quite as much and thus worth it. It's a plain text fileJun 19 09:22
techrights-bot/fn๐•‹๐•–๐•”๐•™๐•ฃ๐•š๐•˜๐•™๐•ฅ๐•ค #IRC Proceedings: Friday, June 18, 2021 โ€ข ๐”—๐”ข๐” ๐”ฅ๐”ฏ๐”ฆ๐”ค๐”ฅ๐”ฑ๐”ฐ โš“ ไท‰ #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 19 09:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC Proceedings: Friday, June 18, 2021 | TechrightsJun 19 09:29
schestowitzOK, done for now: 19 09:31
schestowitzAriadne: ^^Jun 19 09:31
schestowitzthat file can be fetched using wget periodically, for those without an irc client or anything but a terminal with curl/wget/similarJun 19 09:33
Techrights-secgemini alreadt has the logs though, that is probably enoughJun 19 09:47
Techrights-secI see it is a text file.  That makes it fast.                     Jun 19 09:47
schestowitzgemini:// 19 09:55
schestowitzlinked in two places in the capsule nowJun 19 09:55
schestowitzgemini isn't a 'push' protocol per se, so I don't expect to make a read/write gemini interface for IRC, although with cgi and something like ii it is doable for sureJun 19 09:59
techrights-bot/fnPotential project: make #irc work over #geminiProtocol with support for writing into a channel. So far I have it running in read-only mode gemini:// 19 10:01
schestowitzif agate can deal with cgi in its latest version, then users of gemini can enter lines into IRC, over ii, through the gemini client/capsuleJun 19 10:03
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*liberty_box (~liberty@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 10:14
schestowitzhow's this for info/doc drop:Jun 19 10:30
schestowitztechrights iframe with secure and anonymous nodeJun 19 10:30
schestowitzpeople type into it  (spam a risk) and that gets relayed from that node into ircJun 19 10:31
schestowitzor over ssh. ssh -> host -> ii -> ircJun 19 10:32
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #Techdirt #Internet โ˜ž Letting Newspapers Band Together To Demand Payments From Internet Companies Is Bad For The Internet And Bad For Journalism 19 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Letting Newspapers Band Together To Demand Payments From Internet Companies Is Bad For The Internet And Bad For Journalism | TechdirtJun 19 10:38
activelowslightly irritated that the circuit dropped, not critical at all yet it is a doubled-socksified lineJun 19 10:48
activelowif anything on the side of techright intended i silence i take no offense, yet the circuit dropped somewhere in between which should be impossible to trace back to my side here (if freenode didn't monitor me idling there with a similar nick)Jun 19 10:50
*asusbox2 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Jun 19 10:51
*asusbox (~rianne@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 10:51
Techrights-secNot sure.Jun 19 10:54
Techrights-seciframes are always a bad ideaJun 19 10:54
activelowit is a socks-in-socks setup, and it was the circuit dropped which arrived at techrights IRC endpointJun 19 10:55
activelowhad to flush the entire onion directory cache of itJun 19 10:56
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–†โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–„โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–ˆโ–…โ–„โ–ˆโ–‚โ–†โ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ–ˆโ–‡โ–„โ–‡โ–ƒโ–„โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–„โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–†โ– avg(k/sec) 34.33 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ– avg(k/sec) 13.33โ–• swarm size (avg): 295.24  โŸฒJun 19 10:59
kingoffrancere: linking, dont trust me check yourself as my memory may be hazy and misinterpreting, i remember greenwald said in a book (in response to accusations of profitting off of snowden leaks) that was required to be considered a "journalist" and perhaps even required to allow "legally" publishing "classified" things.  there is some sort of "journalist" test.    point being, this kind of makes sense, normal person is not a journalist, unpaid person isJun 19 11:01
kingoffrance not a journalist, the test is apparently some sort of "does this regularly for money" thingJun 19 11:01
kingoffranceprofessional == gets paidJun 19 11:02
kingoffranceunprofessional == not being paidJun 19 11:02
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #Techdirt #Monopolies โ˜ž No, 'Big Tech' Should Not Give 'Big Telecom' Billions Of Dollars For No Reason 19 11:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-No, 'Big Tech' Should Not Give 'Big Telecom' Billions Of Dollars For No Reason | TechdirtJun 19 11:03
kingoffranceit does seem like "rent seeking"Jun 19 11:04
schestowitzactivelow: what's that about?Jun 19 11:04
schestowitznothing was droppedJun 19 11:05
kingoffrancehonestly, i dont know, but what is preventing newspapers from creating their own walled gardens?   i guess, i dont see why they need special assistance. if they want to be paid for every link, they can make their own "web"Jun 19 11:06
kingoffranceand indeed, many things already do this, e.g. academic papersJun 19 11:06
kingoffrancemany many many news you need to log in/subscribe etc.   so, i dont know who this is even meant to protectJun 19 11:07
kingoffranceor 3 free articles a month, whateverJun 19 11:08
activelowschestowitz: someone had cut a socksified line here, the moment my mind snapped about business entitiesJun 19 11:08
activelowif this wasn't triggered by techrights it must have been someone else, i'll disconnect for that reason from freenode nowJun 19 11:09
techrights-bot/fnNow #redhat site open source dot com is hyping up the latest #marketing #papourware of #ibm ... as if the site can only continue to exist as a PR rag of IBMJun 19 11:09
activelowLC disconnectedJun 19 11:14
schestowitzfor all?Jun 19 11:14
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #CounterPunch #wikileaks #assange #FreePress โ˜ž Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters #FirstAmendment 19 11:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment - CounterPunch.orgJun 19 11:15
activelowi don't trust neither freenode nor LCJun 19 11:16
schestowitzLC is former freenode staffJun 19 11:17
schestowitzfreenode is people who put them offJun 19 11:17
schestowitzseems to me like lots of ego and control attemptsJun 19 11:18
schestowitzmaybe to gain control over what thoughts are impermissible. That's what Twitter and Facebook do.Jun 19 11:18
schestowitzWhen you control the platform you become a communications filter and can impact outcomes.Jun 19 11:18
schestowitzThis is why the US army has been sinking so much money into "tech"Jun 19 11:18
schestowitzit's about maintaining dominance at every levelJun 19 11:19
kingoffrance^Jun 19 11:19
activelow^Jun 19 11:19
kingoffrancecatch-22 movie, from imdb quotes:  [first lines]  Lt. Col. Korn, XO: [speaking to Yossarian] All you have to do is be our pal.  Colonel Cathcart: Say nice things about us.   Lt. Col. Korn, XO: Tell the folks at home what a good job we're doing. Take our offer Yossarian.   Colonel Cathcart: Either that or a court-martial for desertion.Jun 19 11:20
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #CommonDreams โ˜ž Tough Truths Are Desperately Needed About America's Lost Wars 19 11:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Opinion | Tough Truths Are Desperately Needed About America's Lost Wars | William AstoreJun 19 11:21
techrights-bot/fnโ— NEWS โ— #Techdirt #PatentTrolls โ˜ž 15 Universities Have Formed A Company That Looks Remarkably Like A #PatentTroll 19 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-15 Universities Have Formed A Company That Looks Remarkably Like A Patent Troll | TechdirtJun 19 11:22
kingoffrancewell im trying to imagine llink tax would only apply to giant monopolies, and imagining it wont be a gateway to further things, and having a difficult timeJun 19 11:24
kingoffranceim trying to give them benefit of the doubt, and failingJun 19 11:24
kingoffranceand trying to imagine any reader of "news" lobbied for thisJun 19 11:24
immibisthe link tax would go away faster with accelerationism. Just let them make the tax, let every internet company block Australia, wait until Australia wants its internet back, and no more link tax. Ever, anywhere.Jun 19 11:25
immibis(or in the 0.1% chance that a link tax turns out to be good for the economy and not bad like everyone thinks, it stays and so does Australia's internet)Jun 19 11:32
techrights-bot/fn#righttorepair 19 11:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Right to Repair introduced FEDERALLY for the first time! ?Jun 19 11:35
techrights-bot/fnInvestors in technology need to pay attention to corporate governance 19 11:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Investors in technology need to pay attention to corporate governance | The EconomistJun 19 11:35
techrights-bot/fnJoe #Manchin gets hoodwinked โ€” again: Why does he keep falling for the Republican con? 19 11:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Joe Manchin gets hoodwinked โ€” again: Why does he keep falling for the Republican con? | Salon.comJun 19 11:36
kingoffrancesome things never change.    How was I supposed to know there was going to be a glut?    Yossarian: Milo, people can't eat cotton!   1st Lt. Milo Minderbinder: They've got to - it's for the Syndicate!Jun 19 11:37
Techrights-sec""Jun 19 11:41
Techrights-sec 10:18:46   schestowitz          When you control the platform you become a communications filter and can impact outcomes.Jun 19 11:41
Techrights-sec""Jun 19 11:41
Techrights-secfaecebookJun 19 11:41
schestowitzthat's what some IRC networks are becoming, or being destroyed forJun 19 11:41
activelowI advice precision here: network is the infrastructure (including telco), IRC is an application layer service, with which participants communicateJun 19 11:44
activelowconsumer access lines of the network infrastructure is crippled (dyndns, no static ip, and recently carrier grade NAT horror, force to use specific home-routers etc.)Jun 19 11:45
schestowitz 19 11:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC channels migration | Mageia Blog (English)Jun 19 11:45
activelowso telco can prevent individual consumers and small business from operating their OWN services on top of the infrastructureJun 19 11:45
techrights-bot/fn"I really don't need donations. It is really my pleasure to upload blog reports about EasyOS, Puppy, DIY hiking gear, and all the rest that have posted about." 19 11:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Donation button removedJun 19 11:47
activelowat the application layer (irc services, mail etc, fb,tweets) such were monopolized, "cloud" henceforth consumers and small business cannot control this either anymoreJun 19 11:48
activelowand finally total control over the communication of humans is gained, since all communication channels (TV, Radio, Newspapers, ...) source their material from the same centralized/coordinated originJun 19 11:49
activelowindividual devices are fully tapped and locked, both hardware(BIOS, platform init, usb, firmware) and software (dbus, javascript) at all layers, all operating systems directly or indirectly by supervisors implementedJun 19 11:51
activelowthis has the following legal implications: network operators are not permitted to implement *mass* surveillance, they collect connectivity data (DNS, IP, dialin, phone connections)Jun 19 11:58
activelowservices are subject to content regulation, and police or agencies must distinguish if either network/online data is collected of surveillance of an individual device is permitted (heavy crimes)Jun 19 11:59
activelowwith regards to content regulation legislation was tightened recently to "sanction delegtimization of government" (germany), to tap individual devices "permissive online and offline surveillance" was passedJun 19 12:00
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XRevan86Nothing disconnected for me.Jun 19 12:09
techrights-bot/fn"For nearly one decade there has been talk of #UPower 1.0 while in 2021 that still has yet to materialize for this former "DeviceKit-Power" project but at least now there is UPower v0.99.12 as the first release in two years." 19 12:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Nearly A Decade Later, UPower Still Working Towards 1.0 Release - PhoronixJun 19 12:09
techrights-bot/fnOracle Sends Out Latest Linux Patches So Trenchboot Can Securely Launch The Kernel - Phoronix โš“ ไท‰ #Phoronix #Kernel #Linux ๐Ÿง | more in 19 12:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Oracle Sends Out Latest Linux Patches So Trenchboot Can Securely Launch The Kernel - PhoronixJun 19 12:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJun 19 12:11
techrights-bot/fnDigi ConnectCore 8M Mini SOM and Mini Development Kit for Industrial IoT Applications - CNX Software โš“ ไท‰ #Linux #GNU #Hardware #cnxsoftware | more in 19 12:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Digi ConnectCore 8M Mini SOM and Mini Development Kit for Industrial IoT Applications - CNX SoftwareJun 19 12:13
techrights-bot/fnSteam on ChromeOS: Not a Rumor Anymore - Boiling Steam โš“ ไท‰ #boilingsteam | more in 19 12:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Steam on ChromeOS: Not a Rumor Anymore - Boiling SteamJun 19 12:14
immibis"<activelow> and finally total control over the communication of humans is gained, since all communication channels (TV, Radio, Newspapers, ...) source their material from the same centralized/coordinated origin"Jun 19 12:33
immibisthey had this total control in the past. And that was the golden age of productivity and wagesJun 19 12:33
immibisin fact, it has been the case for most of human history. Only now are we seeing social media as an important playerJun 19 12:34
XRevan86> lode: For the longest time, freenode has been uttely dscouraged (?) of IRC, before Andrew came along, it was one of the worst places that ye could chat, it was like a miserable hellpit full of operator abuse, people stealing your channels, nerds telling you what ye couldn't talk about, it was just wretched, and that's all going to change, hopefully, thanks to Andrewโ€ฆJun 19 12:42
XRevan86The interview starts very strongly.Jun 19 12:42
XRevan86With this kind of start, I may be able to watch the whole thing.Jun 19 12:42
schestowitzis this the one from earlier?Jun 19 12:45
XRevan86schestowitz: There's another one?Jun 19 12:45
schestowitzIf Freenode is FOSS, then...Jun 19 12:45
schestowitzit's not politicalJun 19 12:45
schestowitzat least not purelyJun 19 12:46
schestowitzmaybe some people want ot turned into a rightwing propaganda outletJun 19 12:46
schestowitzwith the reputation that it gained from Free softwareJun 19 12:46
XRevan86The first question is a good one, and turns out, freenode, Ltd. was acquired for "an indisclosed amount". Coming in strong.Jun 19 12:46
schestowitzmaybe almost nothingJun 19 12:47
XRevan86> l0de: I was actually surprised ye didn't charge *them* money to take freenode off of their handsJun 19 12:47
schestowitzmaybe a bribe to the steward/essJun 19 12:47
XRevan86I am impressed with the boldness of this yes-manningJun 19 12:48
immibisthis channel is a rightwing propagand outletJun 19 12:48
XRevan86Now he's shitting on Christel for no reason whatsoever.Jun 19 12:48
immibis the interview (starts 4:11)Jun 19 12:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-LRH 499.7 - WTCNร˜DE - YouTubeJun 19 12:49
techrights-bot/fnLinks 19/6/2021: Wine 6.11 and Proton 6.3-5 RC โ€ข ๐”—๐”ข๐” ๐”ฅ๐”ฏ๐”ฆ๐”ค๐”ฅ๐”ฑ๐”ฐ โš“ ไท‰ #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | โ™พ Gemini address: gemini:// 19 12:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 19/6/2021: Wine 6.11 and Proton 6.3-5 RC | TechrightsJun 19 12:49
techrights-bot/fnTodayโ€™s #HowTos | #UNIX โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 12:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:51
XRevan86immibis: Why do ye say that?Jun 19 12:51
schestowitzwhose channel?Jun 19 12:52
XRevan86Because I quoted these noble people?Jun 19 12:52
schestowitzthe youtube one?Jun 19 12:52
schestowitznot this one..Jun 19 12:52
schestowitzunless one judges by some troll-ish lurkers and provocateursJun 19 12:52
techrights-bot/fn#Programming Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJun 19 12:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Programming Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:52
XRevan86the next bit is so insane, I don't know if I can quote itJun 19 12:53
immibis~half the discussion in this channel is from those lurkers and provocateursJun 19 12:53
techrights-bot/fn#ProprietarySoftware Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJun 19 12:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Proprietary Software Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:53
schestowitzthey should use -socialJun 19 12:53
schestowitzwe don't do wingsJun 19 12:53
schestowitzwe do techJun 19 12:53
schestowitzsome people flood the channel with their  BSJun 19 12:54
schestowitzand we ask them not toJun 19 12:54
techrights-bot/fnTodayโ€™s ๐“๐ฎ๐ฑ ๐Œ๐š๐œ๐ก๐ข๐ง๐ž๐ฌ Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 12:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:54
techrights-bot/fn#Kernel : Oracle, UPower, and Linux Plumbers Conference โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 12:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Kernel: Oracle, UPower, and Linux Plumbers Conference | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:54
techrights-bot/fn#RedHat / Fedora Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJun 19 12:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Red Hat/Fedora Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:55
techrights-bot/fn#OpenHardware / #Modding Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJun 19 12:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Open Hardware/Modding Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:55
techrights-bot/fn#FreeSoftware Leftovers โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesJun 19 12:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Free Software Leftovers | Tux MachinesJun 19 12:55
schestowitzactivelow: is this l0de freenode staff?Jun 19 12:57
schestowitzlike crystalMath claimed?Jun 19 12:57
schestowitzin which case, it might be someone 'interviewing' the bossJun 19 12:57
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‡โ–ˆโ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–ƒโ–‚โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–†โ–„โ–†โ–†โ–‡โ–„โ–‡โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–‡โ–†โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 32.21 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–ˆโ–โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ˆโ–โ– avg(k/sec) 43.75โ–• swarm size (avg): 296.59  โŸฒJun 19 12:59
techrights-bot/fnKDE Gets Expandable Tooltips, Larger Clipboard, More Wayland Fixes 19 12:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | This week in KDE: Expandable tooltips and more | Tux MachinesJun 19 13:00
techrights-bot/fn#Microsoft with its #DRM is a waste of time for #KDE ; better to focus on #BSD and GNU/Linux 19 13:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | KDE e.V. Windows Store Statistics - KateJun 19 13:01
immibisl0de is not freenode staff afaikJun 19 13:01
schestowitzanyway, the little I saw of that thing, live, was insaneJun 19 13:01
schestowitzmakes it look like a bunch of lunatics and frauds took over that networkJun 19 13:02
schestowitzand it's worrying, though I am glad the dependence is mostly goneJun 19 13:02
XRevan86schestowitz: "makes it look" โ€“ there's no need for that soft language.Jun 19 13:02
schestowitzit was just concealed for a whileJun 19 13:03
schestowitzone wonders what that means for ShellsJun 19 13:03
schestowitzwhen I first saw their paid-for puff pieces I scoffed a bitJun 19 13:03
schestowitzand that was a long time agoJun 19 13:03
schestowitzI can see the appeal of Trump to such pepopleJun 19 13:03
schestowitzpretending to be important and richJun 19 13:03
schestowitzno matter is reality os bankruptcy and debtJun 19 13:04
schestowitzand hoping to miraculously pull it off one dayJun 19 13:04
schestowitzand like Bernie Madoff, they might charm some people along the wayJun 19 13:04
schestowitzlike christelJun 19 13:04
schestowitzasking for a job and suchJun 19 13:04
schestowitzI saw this in 3 placesJun 19 13:04
schestowitzSaudi, China, and USJun 19 13:04
schestowitzoh, Italy alsoJun 19 13:04
schestowitzone day a big millionaire, the next day bankruptJun 19 13:05
schestowitzkeeping up appearancesJun 19 13:05
techrights-bot/fn#Libzip 1.8 Released With Support For #Zstd Compressed ZIP Files - Phoronix โš“ ไท‰ #Phoronix #Kernel #Linux ๐Ÿง | more in 19 13:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Libzip 1.8 Released With Support For Zstd Compressed ZIP Files - PhoronixJun 19 13:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJun 19 13:07
XRevan86schestowitz: And then l0de makes jokes to rasengan that christel is disgusting, about which he has no objection.Jun 19 13:10
XRevan86What a success story.Jun 19 13:10
techrights-bot/fnHereโ€™s Why Switching to Linux Makes Sense in 2021 โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 13:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hereโ€™s Why Switching to Linux Makes Sense in 2021 | Tux MachinesJun 19 13:11
Ariadnei dont think insulting christel's looks is usefulJun 19 13:11
XRevan86I can't believe this disgusting man made a good first impression on me.Jun 19 13:12
Ariadnetheres plenty of not nice things which can be said about christel while still punching above the beltJun 19 13:12
XRevan86(I mean rasengan)Jun 19 13:12
Ariadnel0de is going to be l0deJun 19 13:12
Ariadneno point in even complaining at this pointJun 19 13:12
Ariadnehe is a known quantityJun 19 13:12
schestowitzwhat's lode's backround at all?Jun 19 13:13
schestowitzANother ManWithWebcam Youtube channel?Jun 19 13:13
Ariadnel0de used to be a GNAA groupieJun 19 13:13
schestowitzewwwJun 19 13:13
schestowitzsome companyJun 19 13:13
Ariadneuhh, GNAA was a trolling groupJun 19 13:13
schestowitzmaybe next stop is a guest at weevJun 19 13:13
Ariadnethey took over rob levin's o:lineJun 19 13:13
Ariadneback in 2005Jun 19 13:13
Ariadneratbert or whateverJun 19 13:13
techrights-bot/fn#PostgreSQL Related Releases โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 13:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PostgreSQL Related Releases | Tux MachinesJun 19 13:14
AriadneGNAA split into several splinter groups, one being PP4L (i can explain the acronym if you really want to know, but i assure you that you don't)Jun 19 13:14
Ariadnel0de is with PP4LJun 19 13:14
*schestowitz notes all this becomes visible also in FN, but our logs are public regardlessJun 19 13:15
Ariadnehe shouted them out frequently on the showJun 19 13:15
Ariadnewell, schestowitz i don't think it is uncommon knowledge that l0de is part of a group called "penis pump 4 life"Jun 19 13:15
schestowitzsounds like incelsJun 19 13:16
Ariadnei honestly don't know about thatJun 19 13:16
Ariadnei just know that they ddos efnet users/servers/etcJun 19 13:16
Ariadnewhen they dont get what they wantJun 19 13:16
schestowitzOK, Daily Links posted, am taking a short break nowJun 19 13:16
schestowitzthen epoJun 19 13:17
XRevan86schestowitz: l0de looks like a fairly social person in the interview. Just a hateful jerk as well.Jun 19 13:17
Ariadnewell his whole "thing"Jun 19 13:17
Ariadneis being a racist edgelord trollJun 19 13:17
Ariadneso, i meanJun 19 13:17
immibisas long as he's trolling in favour of the reasonable sideJun 19 13:19
Ariadnewell, no, really we should all reject his trollingJun 19 13:19
Ariadnebut, collectively, the community didn'tJun 19 13:20
Ariadneprobably because we are in general over andy's shitJun 19 13:20
Ariadneand wanted to see him get utterly demolishedJun 19 13:20
Ariadnewhich i would definitely say happenedJun 19 13:20
Ariadnethat interview did not go well, really it was a goddamn tragedyJun 19 13:20
XRevan86 here l0de is described as a quasi-staffer.Jun 19 13:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | : backtickbotJun 19 13:21
Ariadnebut again, if he wants to go on l0de radio hour and get utterly owned, who am i to argueJun 19 13:21
XRevan86Oh there are allegations that Lee is into cocaine? Is that because he sounds high as heck?Jun 19 13:23
immibisXRevan86: yes he was sued over itJun 19 13:23
immibisamong other reasons for suing himJun 19 13:23
immibiswell, the reason for suing him is he promised to pay some people and didn'tJun 19 13:24
Ariadneto be clear: it is *alleged* that he uses cocaine, not *proven* as of yetJun 19 13:25
Ariadneand i dont really care about his coke habit :pJun 19 13:25
XRevan86He's high on *something*Jun 19 13:27
XRevan86"the freenode autonomous zone" โ€“ the hecking whatJun 19 13:28
XRevan86Ariadne: Have ye ever heard the term "internal ban" before?Jun 19 13:33
AriadnenoJun 19 13:34
XRevan86rasengan on the nickname database purge: "it is what it is"Jun 19 13:35
XRevan86from 18:29Jun 19 13:35
XRevan86even l0de laughed at thatJun 19 13:36
XRevan86> (00:23:48) rasengan: In the next week or two we're going to continue, ye know, finding toxic channels and closing them down.Jun 19 13:46
XRevan86schestowitz: danger, danger %)Jun 19 13:46
XRevan86It's not over.Jun 19 13:46
schestowitz"Toxic"Jun 19 13:47
*schestowitz burps up cokeJun 19 13:47
techrights-bot/fnThey mean #patents rather than ownership and patents are nor ownership 19 13:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Car wars: how tech ownership battles will decide the future leaders of autonomous vehicles - Osborne Clarke | Osborne ClarkeJun 19 13:49
techrights-bot/fnFraudsters who run the #EPO pretend to be champions of science by giving prize to actual scientists see 19 13:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chemist Robert Grass of Vorarlberg received the European Inventor PrizeJun 19 13:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | EPO Already Wasting Money on Media Manipulation Campaigns for European Inventor Award | TechrightsJun 19 13:51
techrights-bot/fn#patents that kill 19 13:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Patent Extensions Keep Some Drug Costs HighJun 19 13:53
*kingoffrance .oO( parallel universe xkcd: "to disable the bomb, simply think of a future where a pay-to-link law will not be abused outside its original scope. you have 10 seconds" kof: ... "kof?" kof: im so sorry )Jun 19 13:53
techrights-bot/fn#Patents are not rights, but lawyers love deluding themselves and misleading the public 19 13:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Restoring inadvertently-lapsed patent rights in Europe - Carpmaels & RansfordJun 19 13:55
techrights-bot/fnThere is no such thing as "EU patent office". This is worse than a joke! 19 13:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Europe's Top Court Annulled a Decision by the EU Patent Office to Limit the Scope of U.S. ... - Latest Tweet by Reuters | ๐ŸŒŽ LatestLYJun 19 13:56
techrights-bot/fnSome of the nutty #patent lawyers want #patents to last for a lifetime see http://techrights <clipped message>Jun 19 14:00
techrights-bot/ 19 14:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Empty reply from server ( status 0 @ )Jun 19 14:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Shelston IP Keeps Pressuring IP Australia to Allow Software Patents and Harm Software Development | TechrightsJun 19 14:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Shelston IP Blames โ€œWell-Organised and Appropriately-Connected Open Source Lobbyโ€ for Ban on Software Patents | TechrightsJun 19 14:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Australia is Banning Software Patents and Shelston IP is Complaining as Usual | TechrightsJun 19 14:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Welcome to TechrightsJun 19 14:01
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@cgxaa8qnj3y4i.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 14:01
techrights-bot/fn"The problem with all those COVID Zoom meetings was the incredible boredom of listening to people lying about how busy they were with all the work they were doing from home." 19 14:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | BOFH: I'm so pleased to be on the call, Boss. No, of course this isn't a recording โ€ข The RegisterJun 19 14:05
techrights-bot/fnMicrosoft booster surprised? "According to research from Beyond Trust, the total number of vulnerabilities relating to Microsoft products had risen by 48% comparted to 2019. To break the numbers down, I looked to my go-to for vulnerability statistics, Stack Watch." see h <clipped message>Jun 19 14:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Windows 10 Security: 1,000 Vulnerabilities Surpass Apple and GoogleJun 19 14:09
techrights-bot/fnttp:// 19 14:09
DaemonFCschestowitz, "A global action plan from the World Health Organization has created a stir over a section advising that "women of childbearing age" should be prevented from drinking alcohol."Jun 19 14:09
schestowitzoff topicJun 19 14:10
DaemonFCUncle Bill's WHO says women should "be prevented" from drinking alcohol if they're of childbearing age.Jun 19 14:10
schestowitz->>>> -socialJun 19 14:10
immibis(he means #boycottnovell-social)Jun 19 14:11
schestowitzyesJun 19 14:11
schestowitzwe don't talk about women's health and booze hereJun 19 14:12
schestowitzit would distract me and everyone elseJun 19 14:12
schestowitzI'm doing some gemini-related coding atmJun 19 14:12
DaemonFCMore of Uncle Bill's social manipulations, though.Jun 19 14:12
schestowitzif someone wants to help, hollerJun 19 14:12
schestowitzDaemonFC: "bill" is in everythingJun 19 14:12
DaemonFCNot all of them are strictly technical in nature.Jun 19 14:12
schestowitzDaemonFC: want to code with us?Jun 19 14:12
schestowitzI can teach you how to codeJun 19 14:13
schestowitzif that can lower the time you spend interjecting racist things into the channelJun 19 14:13
*rianne_ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 14:14
DaemonFCHow is the fact that we've apparently gone long enough for these idiots to have forgotten the lesson of prohibition racist?Jun 19 14:14
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 14:14
DaemonFCAlso, they don't want to prohibit _everyone_ from having a drink. Men will be free to do whatever they want.Jun 19 14:14
DaemonFCmjg59 should be so proud of being Uncle Bill's water boy.Jun 19 14:14
*rianne_ (~rianne@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 14:15
schestowitzDaemonFC: that's not on techJun 19 14:15
*liberty_box (~liberty@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 14:16
schestowitzdrinking isn't techJun 19 14:16
schestowitzI just want to keep s/n ratio betterJun 19 14:16
DaemonFCDr. Sadie Boniface of King's College LOndon said it was unfortunate that the "one phrase" got so much attention.Jun 19 14:16
DaemonFCWell yeah, the same people who say women are raped if they don't like the man they're in the room with are literally saying women should be forced to do what they want done.Jun 19 14:17
DaemonFCThis is way beyond social engineering. The WHO exists to stick their fucking nose into national politics behind the scenes and change laws and policies in an anti-democratic fashion.Jun 19 14:18
DaemonFCIt's a natural fit for Uncle Bill, which is why he gives it more money than the United States government.Jun 19 14:18
schestowitzon you goJun 19 14:18
schestowitzI told you to quit pushing OT stuffJun 19 14:18
schestowitzand you do it deliberatelyJun 19 14:18
schestowitzif you need an outlet, use -socialJun 19 14:18
DaemonFCschestowitz, About total vulnerabilities across product lines, that Forbes article makes a bad comparison.Jun 19 14:27
DaemonFCAndroid and Chrome OS are really quite different.Jun 19 14:27
DaemonFCiOS and macOS are not so different. Same OS, just stripped way down.Jun 19 14:27
DaemonFCIf they fix a bug in one, it'll propagate to the other.Jun 19 14:27
DaemonFCAlso, Chrome OS will have many of the same security issues as Android since it also includes an Android Runtime.Jun 19 14:29
techrights-bot/fn#wordpress is becoming something different over time. 19 14:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Automattic Acquires Day One Journaling App โ€“ WordPress TavernJun 19 14:35
techrights-bot/fn#walmart #surveillance piggybacking #covid19 19 14:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Walmart Rolls Out Digital Wallets For Vaccines | PYMNTS.comJun 19 14:38
techrights-bot/fnStaying power: the growing impact of PostgreSQL on enterprise marks Postgres Vision 2021 19 14:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PostgreSQL Related Releases | Tux MachinesJun 19 14:39
*stormyknight3000 (~iansutter@6schtsatzc46y.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 14:44
techrights-bot/fn15 things to do after installing #elementaryOS | FOSS Linux โš“ ไท‰ #fosslinux | more in 19 14:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 15 things to do after installing elementary OS | FOSS LinuxJun 19 14:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJun 19 14:49
techrights-bot/fn#HowTo Use a Tablet or Phone as a Second Monitor in #GNU #Linux | Tom's Hardware โš“ ไท‰ #tomshardware | more in 19 14:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Use a Tablet or Phone as a Second Monitor in Linux | Tom's HardwareJun 19 14:50
techrights-bot/fn"So far, I have rushed every professional transition in my life: When starting my PhD, when starting my postdoc, when starting my job at DFINITY, and every time I regretted it. So this time, I will take a proper break and will explore the world a bit (as far as that is possible given the pandemic)." 19 14:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Leaving DFINITY โ€“ Blog โ€“ Joachim Breitner's HomepageJun 19 14:57
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‚โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–„โ–†โ–ƒโ–‡โ–…โ–†โ–ˆโ–…โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–ƒโ–„โ–†โ–‡โ–‡โ–ˆโ–†โ–…โ–ƒโ–„โ–†โ–†โ–‡โ–ƒโ–…โ–†โ– avg(k/sec) 32.18 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–โ–โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 5.66โ–• swarm size (avg): 297.06  โŸฒJun 19 14:59
techrights-bot/fn" #GCompris is a high quality educational software suite, including a large number of activities for children aged 2 to 10, some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational." 19 15:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GSoCโ€™21 Week 1 : Building a solid base โ€“ hadron43Jun 19 15:00
techrights-bot/fn#Bluestar 5.12.11 released. #gnu #linuxJun 19 15:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-BluestarLinux download | SourceForge.netJun 19 15:01
techrights-bot/fn#GFX1013 Target Added To #LLVM 13.0 For RDNA2 APUs - Phoronix โš“ ไท‰ #Phoronix #programmingJun 19 15:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GFX1013 Target Added To LLVM 13.0 For RDNA2 APUs - PhoronixJun 19 15:02
techrights-bot/fnTodayโ€™s #HowTos | #UNIX โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 15:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesJun 19 15:02
techrights-bot/fn10 reasons to stick with #MySQL โ€ข ๐•ฟ๐–š๐– ๐•ธ๐–†๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Š๐–˜ โ‡จ 19 15:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 10 reasons to stick with MySQL | Tux MachinesJun 19 15:03
MinceR19 065049 <~schestowitz> what's even the meaning of "rasengan"?Jun 19 15:03
MinceR 19 15:03
schestowitzrose gardenJun 19 15:05
DaemonFCWalmart rolled out anti-Spamsung Pay (also no NFC, so no Apple or Google either) terminals so that people would give up and use their Walmart Pay app.Jun 19 15:08
DaemonFCWhy are people even trying to pay with a phone so that half the time the terminal can go "ONK ONK ONK ERROR DUMBASS ONK ONK USE YOUR CARD!"?Jun 19 15:09
DaemonFCI'm just glad that Walmart blocked it because people learned pretty fast that their phone won't work and it sped up the line.Jun 19 15:09
XRevan861. MariaDB is more FOSS; 2. MariaDB is more compatible than Oracle MySQL 8.0, so no again; 3. PostgreSQL and MariaDB are on a par with "workflow control". 4. PostgreSQL and MariaDB are on a par on transactions. 5 This is dumb. 6. I'm pretty sure the statement is not backed with actual measurement. 7. Did someone say "Galera"? 8. "enterprise firewalls to deal with attacks like SQL injection" says it alJun 19 15:09
XRevan86l. 9. I don't actually know anything about webinars, so I'll give it that. 10. That's just a blog, no? MariaDB has a similiar thing.Jun 19 15:09
XRevan8610 reasons to stick with MySQL, though the same reasons could be drawn NOT to stick with MySQL.Jun 19 15:10
XRevan86they're just vague or basic enough to be like thatJun 19 15:11
DaemonFCMinceR, "ONK ONK ONK YOU'RE A FUCKING RETARD! ONK ONK! $1,649 for an iPhone and Apple Pay just pisses everyone off. ONK ONK!!!!"Jun 19 15:11
DaemonFCI like this credit card terminal for some reason.....Jun 19 15:11
DaemonFCIt's providing negative feedback to the moron in an unmistakable an embarrassing tone that chastises them for doing something totally stupid.Jun 19 15:12
DaemonFCThe world needs more of this.Jun 19 15:12
XRevan86Maybe compared to something like Oracle DB this reasons have some ground, but with MariaDB and PostgreSQL? Nah.Jun 19 15:12
MinceR19 144632 < XRevan86> schestowitz: danger, danger %)Jun 19 15:13
MinceRwe can just move the other side thenJun 19 15:13
DaemonFCMinceR, The only problem is that iPhone users are raging narcissists that either fail to pick up on the cue that everyone around them hates them and is annoyed, or a psychopath that wouldn't care even if they did know, or both.Jun 19 15:13
XRevan86MinceR: Dang, now I can't wait.Jun 19 15:13
DaemonFCMARISOL clones.Jun 19 15:14
DaemonFCFor the cost difference between an iPhone and an Android phone, you could pay your entire phone bill for the next 4 years.Jun 19 15:14
DaemonFCThat's how fucking stupid these people are.Jun 19 15:14
MinceR19 160925 < DaemonFC> Why are people even trying to pay with a phone so that half the time the terminal can go "ONK ONK ONK ERROR DUMBASS ONK ONK USE YOUR CARD!"?Jun 19 15:14
MinceRthey want malware to steal their card details and moneyJun 19 15:15
*Noisytoot has quit (Quit: ZNC 1.8.2 - 19 15:15
immibisDaemonFC: are you literally defending a megacorp trying to achieve vendor lockin?Jun 19 15:15
immibisphone vendor lockin is shady, but that's nothing compared to locking you into one store for your purchasesJun 19 15:15
DaemonFCApple is good for privacy. I'm sure that will come as a relief for all of those iClown users who have their sex tapes on BitTorrent forever now.Jun 19 15:15
MinceRlolJun 19 15:16
MinceRcrApple cultists continued to claim crApple supports their privacy oh so well even after thatJun 19 15:16
MinceRit's just another meaningless word as far as they're concernedJun 19 15:16
XRevan86MinceR: Just like "free speech" to the k-line prince?Jun 19 15:17
DaemonFCLet's see. Where can I upload my files......where it gets see if the government can use them against me in court.....and maybe they get leaked and used to smear me or as ID theft?Jun 19 15:17
DaemonFCOh, iCloud......GOOOOOD!Jun 19 15:17
MinceRXRevan86: seems soJun 19 15:17
immibisyour files are safe from everyone except appleJun 19 15:17
MinceRand anyone who breaks into apple's systemsJun 19 15:18
immibisthat's impliedJun 19 15:18
immibisand anyone with authority over appleJun 19 15:18
techrights-bot/fn" #EasyOS inherits the various #PuppyLinux network connection tools, including SNS, Frisbee, GPRS and PupDial, managed by the Internet Connection Wizard. The Wizard can be launched via right-click on the desktop "connect" icon, or via the "Setup" menu." #gnu #linuxJun 19 15:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Internet Connection Wizard deprecatedJun 19 15:20
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@jiz967bhsgr6i.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 15:20
techrights-bot/fn"A Kubernetes sandbox project has begun to find a niche in enterprise IT organizations via #OpenShift Virtualization, despite criticisms from analysts." [sic] (paid-for shills) ttps:// 19 15:22
techrights-bot/fnCongress Weighs a Moratorium on #FacialRecognition and #Biometric #Surveillance Technologies 19 15:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Congress Weighs a Moratorium on Facial Recognition and Biometric Surveillance Technologies โ€“ Reason.comJun 19 15:23
MinceRMountains aren't just funny, they are hill areasJun 19 15:23
techrights-bot/fnBubble in the making with possibly #fakepatents #epo gives many #patents without validity 19 15:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Entera Bio, Ltd. (ENTX) Stock Skyrockets After Being Granted European Patent | Stocks TelegraphJun 19 15:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Forward Pharma an Example of the Devastating Effect of Granting Patents in Error โ€” A Problem Appeal Boards Must Correct | TechrightsJun 19 15:24
techrights-bot/fnThere is no such thing as "EU patent office"; this is the second time this past week that I see this error 19 15:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Entera Bio Granted Patent for Oral Parathyroid Hormone by EU Patent AuthorityJun 19 15:26
techrights-bot/fn"One thing NFTs, DeFi and dApps shareโ€”like cryptocurrencies, they lack regulatory oversight and are subject to controversy, hacks and fraud." Wow... you don't say... 19 15:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Blockchain Innovations and Real Estate: NFTs, DeFis and dApps | Pillsbury - Gravel2Gavel Construction & Real Estate Law - JDSupraJun 19 15:27
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*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@jiz967bhsgr6i.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 15:32
psydroid 19 15:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-German state of Bavaria in talks with Intel on chip megafactory | ReutersJun 19 15:32
techrights-bot/fnCould gaming help treat depression and anxiety? "in a co-ordinated centre of research excellence."Jun 19 15:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Could gaming help treat depression and anxiety?Jun 19 15:33
techrights-bot/fnCommercial video games could help treat mental health issues: Study | Lifestyle โš“ ไท‰ #devdiscourse | more in 19 15:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Commercial video games could help treat mental health issues: Study | LifestyleJun 19 15:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsJun 19 15:34
*job has quit (connection closed)Jun 19 15:35
*stormyknight3000 has quit (connection closed)Jun 19 16:05
*psymin (~psymin@xqn5f4vm4nzg6.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 16:06
gustafschestowitz: I like the new text log format Jun 19 16:07
gustafI have a lot of issues with Gemini but mandating UTF-8 was a good move Jun 19 16:07
DaemonFCWindows has always had weird UTF-8 issues that are only now being addressed.Jun 19 16:08
DaemonFCThat was one of the reasons they didn't bother supporting id3v2.4 until recently.Jun 19 16:08
DaemonFCLong after nobody bothered using it and kept using 2.3 for compatibility reasons (with Windows).Jun 19 16:09
psydroidthat's one of the many reasons why Windows is unusable to me, I need UTF-8 as the most basic level of support for scripts and languagesJun 19 16:15
gustafyeah Windows jumped on UTF-16 too soon^ymJun 19 16:17
gustafJava too IIRCJun 19 16:17
MinceRno, they use UCS-2, sadlyJun 19 16:17
MinceRit's missing surrogate pairsJun 19 16:17
MinceRor at least they jumped on thatJun 19 16:17
MinceRmaybe they switched to UTF-16Jun 19 16:17
MinceRwhich can represent all the code points, but is a pretty horrible hackJun 19 16:17
gustafMinceR: I honestly don't know anymore Jun 19 16:17
gustafI once fucked up a customer deployment by editing a config file and forgetting the BOMJun 19 16:18
MinceR:>Jun 19 16:18
MinceRalso, people using CJK might not be all that happy about mandating unicode, thanks to han unificationJun 19 16:19
gustafyeah not gonna touch that fucking can of worms Jun 19 16:23
MinceR:>Jun 19 16:23
*mib_345xj1 (~45899797@q8ban9vyag5t6.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 16:38
*mib_345xj1 has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)Jun 19 16:38
XRevan86So, I actually finished the interview, and I can't tell if l0de was mocking rasengan or not.Jun 19 16:45
XRevan86At least to some extent he definitely did.Jun 19 16:45
XRevan86Lots of good stuff, I even took the time to quote it: 19 16:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ะะฐะดะพะตะปะธ ะฟะฐะฝะธะบั‘ั€ั‹ โ€” Talks โ€” ะคะพั€ัƒะผJun 19 16:47
*rianne_ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 16:55
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 16:55
immibisI think he wasJun 19 16:56
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–…โ–„โ–†โ–„โ–ƒโ–…โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–‚โ–…โ–‡โ–ƒโ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–ƒโ–…โ–†โ–†โ–…โ–ˆโ–‡โ–†โ–โ–ˆโ–‡โ–‡โ– avg(k/sec) 35.46 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–ƒโ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ– avg(k/sec) 5.88โ–• swarm size (avg): 297.72  โŸฒJun 19 16:59
*rianne_ (~rianne@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 16:59
*liberty_box (~liberty@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 17:00
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving)Jun 19 17:01
XRevan86Also rasengan made some hints at undermining projects, and with context he probably means Debian.Jun 19 17:02
psydroidWhy would he do that?Jun 19 17:08
XRevan86psydroid: Because he likes Debian, and he wants to liberate everything he likes from existence.Jun 19 17:08
MinceRi think debian will manage that on its ownJun 19 17:10
immibispsydroid: he claims debian steals money and fame from its actual developersJun 19 17:12
MinceRoh, that was about debian?Jun 19 17:12
XRevan86immibis: Oh, that was about Debian?Jun 19 17:13
*XRevan86 read MinceR's message afterwards.Jun 19 17:14
XRevan86What, at least I capitalise letters.Jun 19 17:14
MinceRlolJun 19 17:14
MinceRdebian is officially lowercase in the logoJun 19 17:14
*CrystalMath (~coderain@hcdzgjg37iuk6.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 17:15
psydroidXRevan86, maybe he should liberate IBM, Canonical, Google, Apple and Microsoft firstJun 19 17:22
XRevan86psydroid: Hopefully AppleJun 19 17:22
MinceR"you know, it's not like i know what i'm talking about"Jun 19 17:24
MinceRone of the best sentences so farJun 19 17:24
psydroidlolJun 19 17:24
XRevan86ye know what I'm saying?Jun 19 17:26
CrystalMathMinceR: huh?Jun 19 17:26
MinceRhe doesn't use "ye" though :>Jun 19 17:26
CrystalMathwho said it?Jun 19 17:26
MinceRCrystalMath: rasenganJun 19 17:26
CrystalMathhehJun 19 17:26
XRevan86MinceR: Ye don't know that, the vowel is unstressed :PJun 19 17:27
psydroidnot bringing the Matrix bridge back up makes things pretty inconvenient to meJun 19 17:27
XRevan86psydroid: Considering how freenode throttles even simple peopleโ€ฆJun 19 17:28
XRevan86I think bringing the bridge back is can be a challenge to Matrix.orgJun 19 17:28
MinceRpsydroid: maybe we could have a channel-level matrix bridge (like the bridge we have now)Jun 19 17:28
XRevan86s/back is/back up/Jun 19 17:28
XRevan86MinceR: We definitely can. All we need is someone to be on the other side.Jun 19 17:28
XRevan86unlike the Matrix-IRC integration, regular bridges bridge separate rooms, they don't bridge op statuses and suchJun 19 17:29
MinceRi'd rather not have to take care of the matrix side thoughJun 19 17:29
XRevan86MinceR: We could have a channel-level matrix bridge, but we don't wanna bother, yesJun 19 17:30
MinceR:>Jun 19 17:30
XRevan86Also we could just bridge LC and use that for integration.Jun 19 17:30
XRevan86that would be much easierJun 19 17:30
XRevan86then Matrix users would just join #techrights:libera.chatJun 19 17:31
MinceRand then get cancelled by admins and libera ircops at the same timeJun 19 17:33
MinceR2 for the price of 1Jun 19 17:33
XRevan86I'm actually curious if is a Matrix server-ish in its own right.Jun 19 17:33
XRevan86or if it uses something from for bridgingJun 19 17:34
CrystalMaththe freenode matrix bridge will come backJun 19 17:34
CrystalMathalthough, techrights might also want to run its own matrix bridgeJun 19 17:34
CrystalMathdepending on other people is mehJun 19 17:34
XRevan86CrystalMath: And its own Matrix server? %)Jun 19 17:35
psydroidit's a bit heavy on resources from what I've readJun 19 17:35
XRevan86Waitโ€ฆ if Libera Chat can do itโ€ฆ maybe techrights can do it too?Jun 19 17:35
CrystalMathXRevan86: well idk just a bridge would suffice i thinkJun 19 17:35
psydroidso here I am connected using Conversations and DinoJun 19 17:35
XRevan86psydroid: sameJun 19 17:35
MinceRi'm connected using irssiJun 19 17:36
CrystalMath+1 MinceR :DJun 19 17:36
psydroidand profanity if I want the irssi-like experienceJun 19 17:36
XRevan86I mean, to have just like @appservice:libera.chatJun 19 17:37
XRevan86Ariadne: Do ye know anything about that?Jun 19 17:37
XRevan86i.e. self-hosting matrix-appservice-irc and making things be really coolJun 19 17:38
XRevan86That would be way better than some bridge.Jun 19 17:40
*phebus has quit (Quit: POKE 1,0)Jun 19 18:13
MinceRi'm considering switching to weechat thoughJun 19 18:17
MinceRthe issues i have with it seem not that difficult to fixJun 19 18:17
MinceRa lot easier than making irssi manage the screen as well as weechat does :>Jun 19 18:17
Ariadnei dont really want to deploy synapse on techrights.orgJun 19 18:46
MinceR:)Jun 19 18:46
XRevan86Ariadne: Is it needed for the integration to work?Jun 19 18:46
AriadneyesJun 19 18:47
*rianne_ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 18:47
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 18:47
XRevan86O.K., then I'm back to that the best place to get Matrix bridging is Libera Chat.Jun 19 18:48
Ariadnewhy do we care about matrix?Jun 19 18:48
MinceRi do notJun 19 18:48
XRevan86dunno, it was brought upJun 19 18:48
Ariadnematrix is a shitshow in terms of abuse mitigationJun 19 18:48
Ariadnei would rather not deal with itJun 19 18:49
XRevan86Ariadne: What if Matrix but actually a front to IRC :)Jun 19 18:49
*rianne_ (~rianne@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 18:49
*liberty_box (~liberty@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 18:49
*sepsinn (~sepsinn@c9nu4ummhfn7e.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 18:55
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–†โ–ƒโ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–†โ–†โ–…โ–ˆโ–†โ–ƒโ–„โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ–‡โ–ˆโ–†โ–…โ–…โ–โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–…โ–†โ–ƒโ–„โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–‡โ– avg(k/sec) 34.18 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–ƒโ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 13.66โ–• swarm size (avg): 297.85  โŸฒJun 19 18:59
gustafMinceR: I'm evaluating weechat vs irssi too Jun 19 19:41
CrystalMathschestowitz: i said something incorrect yesterday, it seems that l0de (the interviewer) is not freenode staff, a helper, or anythingJun 19 20:32
CrystalMathso i just wish to correct that, i was looking at some other channel and saw he has ops, and i thought it was #freenode because of similar peopleJun 19 20:32
XRevan86CrystalMath: I've seen this: 19 20:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | kiedtl comments on The ##linux channel was seized by FreenodeJun 19 20:35
schestowitzCrystalMath: that does not help :-)Jun 19 20:41
schestowitzCrystalMath: if you scroll up a bit, or check logs, you will see what Ariadne knows of l0deJun 19 20:42
schestowitzand for Lee to associate with those types... where to beginJun 19 20:42
schestowitz?Jun 19 20:42
gustafI thought l0de was staff too tbhJun 19 20:45
XRevan86To me it doesn't matter much as during the interview strangely enough l0de looked like the more reasonable one.Jun 19 20:45
gustafbut it's all a mess over there Jun 19 20:46
XRevan86So if that's the level, it just can't get any worse.Jun 19 20:46
gustafXRevan86: l0de sounds like he's been an accomplished troll for decades Jun 19 20:46
CrystalMathXRevan86: i disagree, l0de sounds somewhat hatefulJun 19 20:46
XRevan86It's possible that I've forgotten to factor in the factor of sociopathy.Jun 19 20:47
CrystalMathAndrew Lee is way better, he is honest, and he has a vision that he followsJun 19 20:47
XRevan86CrystalMath: That is indeed true. I just looked at who has a better functioning brain, which is not the deciding factor.Jun 19 20:48
XRevan86Andrew is caught up in double-think and really strange reasoning.Jun 19 20:49
XRevan86borderline paranoidJun 19 20:49
gustafparanoia would explain a lot Jun 19 20:50
XRevan86I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he said that the former staff was plotting against him, but he just keeps making new Enemies of IRC.Jun 19 20:52
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 20:52
gustafI can posit that Lee meant well to begin with but he's been palling around with some nihilistic trolls that were perfectly happy to burn it all down Jun 19 20:52
*rianne_ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 20:53
XRevan86gustaf: If it weren't his idea, he still internalised and accepted it.Jun 19 20:53
gustafXRevan86: yeah I'm not excusing anything he's done, just trying to find a reasonJun 19 20:54
XRevan86technical and social debt my arseJun 19 20:54
*liberty_box (~liberty@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 20:54
*rianne_ (~rianne@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 20:54
XRevan86I can imagine what "social debt" means: the existing mechanisms for FOSS projects that were in the foundation of freenode operations.Jun 19 20:56
XRevan86That's not the right social hierarchy for the new freenode.Jun 19 20:57
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–‡โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–ˆโ–„โ–…โ–‡โ–‡โ–‡โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–„โ–„โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–†โ–†โ–…โ–…โ–„โ–„โ–†โ–„โ–„โ–…โ–…โ–ˆโ–†โ–…โ–†โ– avg(k/sec) 31.33 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–ƒโ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–ƒโ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ–‚โ– avg(k/sec) 6.41โ–• swarm size (avg): 298.43  โŸฒJun 19 20:59
schestowitzXRevan86: trueJun 19 21:01
MinceRah yes, a vision in which the USA has no rule of law and enforces religious rules on its populationJun 19 21:04
XRevan86I think the vision is accessible IRC.Jun 19 21:08
XRevan86That is sure to fail with freenode as baggage.Jun 19 21:08
*AdmFubar (~mradmin@ngqaam7baxnug.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 21:25
AdmFubar 19 21:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-1700 Regulatory Approvals Revoked In South Korea | HackadayJun 19 21:25
immibissomeone will surely relate that to vaccines. in #boycottnovell-socialJun 19 21:27
immibiswhy isn't it #techrights-social?Jun 19 21:29
immibisor just #social?Jun 19 21:29
kingoffranceMinceR, thats why "its a new world" in the motd is troublingJun 19 21:30
*phebus (~phebus@f95gnd3zj7732.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 21:37
AdmFubar 19 21:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-American workers are refusing to take bad jobs โ€” and that's good for everyone, economists say | Salon.comJun 19 21:39
MinceRXRevan86: there are other networksJun 19 21:39
MinceRkingoffrance: meh, it's only an irc networkJun 19 21:39
XRevan86MinceR: Not to Andrew.Jun 19 21:39
MinceRsucks to be himJun 19 21:39
kingoffranceMinceR, sure, just wonder where stuff comes from is all;  alone is just marketing;  added with other stuff, you are probably not far offJun 19 21:41
MinceRXRevan86: what happened to rizon though?Jun 19 21:42
XRevan86MinceR: Still being the seventh largest network.Jun 19 21:43
MinceRXRevan86: and Andrew is an ircop there, afaikJun 19 21:45
XRevan86freenode has 25088 users, ircnet has 24494 usersJun 19 21:49
XRevan86the freenode's user count seems to have stabilised, so it's still the second-largest network.Jun 19 21:50
XRevan86MinceR: Rizon is somewhere I've never gone.Jun 19 21:50
AdmFubar 19 21:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Western Heat Wave Threatens Health in Vulnerable Communities | Snopes.comJun 19 21:51
XRevan86The top channels on Rizon are some kind of trash.Jun 19 21:54
MinceRthe most popular things tend to be trashJun 19 21:54
*XRevan86 looks at 19 21:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NO TITLEJun 19 21:55
XRevan86> ##freenodeJun 19 21:55
CrystalMathyeahJun 19 21:55
XRevan86maybe ye're right %)Jun 19 21:55
CrystalMaththey want to close that downJun 19 21:55
CrystalMathjust shows how liberal they really areJun 19 21:55 = SJW garbageJun 19 21:55
CrystalMaththey can't even spell liberia properlyJun 19 21:56
MinceRhow do you know they didn't want to name themselves after a roman goddess?Jun 19 21:56
*XRevan86 will go check out #libera at freenodeJun 19 21:57
XRevan86No topic? Huh.Jun 19 21:58
CrystalMathyeah it disappeared during the resetJun 19 21:58
schestowitzthe purgeJun 19 21:59
schestowitz'cancel culture'Jun 19 21:59
XRevan86> You can find us using /pee (shows immediately-available staff) or /who freenode/staff/* (shows all staff)Jun 19 21:59
XRevan86Now that's just weird.Jun 19 22:00
MinceR19 230026 [freenode2] -!- PEE Unknown commandJun 19 22:00
AdmFubarthis will probably end poorly 19 22:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft: Try to break our first preview of 64-bit Visual Studio โ€“ go on, we dare you โ€ข The RegisterJun 19 22:00
MinceRlolJun 19 22:00
XRevan86MinceR: That's on LiberaJun 19 22:00
XRevan86in the ##freenode topicJun 19 22:01
MinceRlolJun 19 22:01
AdmFubarsounds like they've become the golden shower network....:/Jun 19 22:02
XRevan86AdmFubar: No, that's pissnetJun 19 22:02
gustafit's a reference to pissnet, the joke IRC network set upJun 19 22:02
XRevan86a totally different networkJun 19 22:02
CrystalMathXRevan86: on l0de radio hour people were shouting "link to pissnet!"Jun 19 22:02
CrystalMaththat was funnyJun 19 22:02
XRevan86CrystalMath: I was trying not to look at the chat as it was weird as heck. Probably violates YouTube's ToS.Jun 19 22:03
MinceR19 230208 < AdmFubar> sounds like they've become the golden shower network....:/Jun 19 22:03
MinceRjust what trump wantedJun 19 22:03
AdmFubar 19 22:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Poltergeist attack could leave autonomous vehicles blind to obstacles โ€“ or haunt them with new ones โ€ข The RegisterJun 19 22:04
XRevan86did someone say the freenode autonomous zoneJun 19 22:04
CrystalMathXRevan86: oh my internet was WAY too dead to manage to actually *see* l0deJun 19 22:06
schestowitzfreenode as a brand died very quicklyJun 19 22:07
CrystalMathbut joined the channel :DJun 19 22:07
schestowitztook decades to buildJun 19 22:07
schestowitzdays to ruinJun 19 22:07
CrystalMathmy internet yesterday was like 0 KB/sJun 19 22:07
CrystalMaththat's what it saidJun 19 22:07
CrystalMathit was literally 7 Kbit/sJun 19 22:07
CrystalMathand IRC still worked like a charm!Jun 19 22:07
XRevan86schestowitz: Hostile take-overs can perform miracles.Jun 19 22:08
CrystalMathactually when the liberians started controlling everything and shutting down right-wing discussion, the user count started droppingJun 19 22:09
CrystalMaththat was way backJun 19 22:09
CrystalMath2016-ishJun 19 22:09
activelowdemocracy and public debates are in bad condition almost everywhere: internet, TV, newspapersJun 19 22:13
activelowit is rarely possible anymore to source relevant facts above noise floorJun 19 22:13
AdmFubar 19 22:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | South Korea's Nuclear Research agency breached using VPN flawJun 19 22:14
schestowitzproprietaryJun 19 22:16
schestowitzI am guessing they also use WindowsJun 19 22:16
schestowitzwith back doorsJun 19 22:16
schestowitzbut would rather blame "VPN"Jun 19 22:16
AdmFubar 19 22:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Your iPhone's WiFi will break after you join this hotspotJun 19 22:16
AdmFubarwell of course it is would mention another os if it was ..Jun 19 22:17
AdmFubarwindows is never mentioned when it is brokenJun 19 22:18
activelowiirc critical infrastructure (railway etc.) were the domain of telco, X.25 and suchJun 19 22:18
AdmFubar 19 22:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tinder spam campaign hides "handwritten" links in profile imagesJun 19 22:19
CrystalMathi wish the scrollback was longerJun 19 22:26
CrystalMathnow i can't see what i wrote last nightJun 19 22:26
CrystalMathnor the link to the interviewJun 19 22:26
CrystalMaththat i posted here :(Jun 19 22:26
XRevan86CrystalMath: 19 22:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-LRH 499.7 - WTCNร˜DE - YouTubeJun 19 22:27
MinceRlrh keeps reminding me of l. ron hubbardJun 19 22:28
CrystalMathwell, my internet is now 5 KB/sJun 19 22:32
CrystalMathlet's find the crappiest possible quality for that videoJun 19 22:32
CrystalMathokay i can just give up on the video and do audioJun 19 22:33
CrystalMathformat 139 ought to workJun 19 22:34
schestowitzRe: Stallman SupportJun 19 22:34
schestowitz>     > Hard at work. Will update you soon on the "war"! :-)Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz>     They now attack the copyrights of FSF. Many are IBM employees.Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> Not surprised. When all of this started in 2019, the Red Hat GNUJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> developers showed off their colours. The best way to attack anJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> organisation is from the inside. Using GNU developers was a deadJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> giveaway. Google and Microsoft are very much on the team with IBM. IJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> believe they've made headway into the Free/Libre software community andJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> have persuaded senior Debianties to go along with them.Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> The strategy to target major distributions is clear and present danger.Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> I'm not sure what arguments of persuasion are being used, but I'm prettyJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> sure their main tool is currency. RMS needs a lot of strategic supportJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> from experts who will rally to the Free Software cause. He needs greatJun 19 22:34
schestowitz> lawyers, some corporate minds, and intelligence specialists.Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz> Jun 19 22:34
schestowitz[22:26] <CrystalMath> i wish the scrollback was longerJun 19 22:35
schestowitzwe post daily logsJun 19 22:35
CrystalMathyes but too late :PJun 19 22:35
schestowitzyou can also use gemini:// 19 22:35
CrystalMathso there's a gapJun 19 22:35
schestowitzor 19 22:35
CrystalMaththe scrollback should also cover a day thenJun 19 22:35
schestowitzyou want a longer one than this?Jun 19 22:35
schestowitzI can adjust parametersJun 19 22:35
CrystalMathit would be coolJun 19 22:35
schestowitzwaitJun 19 22:35
schestowitzbut how many lines? 500? 1000?Jun 19 22:36
CrystalMathi guess 1,000 should cover it?Jun 19 22:37
schestowitztry again in 5 minutesJun 19 22:38
CrystalMathokay :)Jun 19 22:38
CrystalMaththanksJun 19 22:38
AdmFubarnetwork throughput on sundays sucks....everyone is streamingJun 19 22:40
schestowitzI am?!Jun 19 22:41
schestowitz:-pJun 19 22:41
MinceRi am notJun 19 22:41
schestowitzfirst time i hear such a thingJun 19 22:42
schestowitzduring weekday many businesses do b/w-intensive thingsJun 19 22:42
AdmFubareveryone in town must be streaming sports...Jun 19 22:43
AdmFubarit is always a lil slow for meJun 19 22:43
AdmFubarrest of the week is fineJun 19 22:43
schestowitzCrystalMath: forgot to apply the changes, another 5 minsJun 19 22:43
*Noisytoot has quit (Quit: ZNC 1.8.2 - 19 22:44
schestowitzfreenode has just fixed the kiwiirc thingJun 19 22:44
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 22:45
*rianne_ has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 22:45
schestowitzbut something is brokenJun 19 22:45
schestowitzOK, it is DEFINITELY brokenJun 19 22:46
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@jiz967bhsgr6i.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 22:46
schestowitzI tried several timesJun 19 22:46
schestowitzLOLJun 19 22:46
schestowitztotal incompetenceJun 19 22:46
*rianne_ (~rianne@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 22:47
schestowitzCrystalMath: it's ready nowJun 19 22:47
CrystalMathokay, thanks :)Jun 19 22:47
*liberty_box (~liberty@22e8m8t4gqjin.irc) has joined #techrightsJun 19 22:48
activelowreason enough to question the wisdom of attaching critical infra to internet: 19 22:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | BGP in 2018 โ€”ย The BGP Table | APNIC BlogJun 19 22:49
activelow"In terms of the size of the routing table, itโ€™s as if the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses has not happened at all"Jun 19 22:50
schestowitzInternet isn't the sole issueJun 19 22:50
schestowitzsome plug windows into the internetJun 19 22:50
schestowitzand then just blame 'internet'Jun 19 22:50
activelowok. whenever some critical infrastructure was attacked i am thinking of something else first: the backbone network in place.Jun 19 22:51
immibisCrystalMath: you don't have to troll in this channel, lee isn't around to give a reactionJun 19 22:54
CrystalMathimmibis: what did i do? what is your problem?Jun 19 22:55
immibis<CrystalMath> they want to close that downJun 19 22:55
immibis<CrystalMath> just shows how liberal they really areJun 19 22:55
immibis<CrystalMath> = SJW garbageJun 19 22:55
immibis<CrystalMath> they can't even spell liberia properlyJun 19 22:55
CrystalMaththat's how i feelJun 19 22:56
CrystalMathillibera is awfulJun 19 22:56
CrystalMathand schestowitz explained in a video whyJun 19 22:56
schestowitzI got in trouble for itJun 19 22:56
immibiswhat do you think of this stuff someone wrote about debating right-wingers? 19 22:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ยท GitHubJun 19 22:56
CrystalMathschestowitz: you shouldn't be!Jun 19 22:57
CrystalMathbecause you are rightJun 19 22:57
CrystalMathand that has nothing to do with freenodeJun 19 22:57
schestowitzI see a Microsoft link, immibisJun 19 22:57
CrystalMathwhen libera is bad, libera is bad, end of storyJun 19 22:57
CrystalMaththat has zero to do with freenodeJun 19 22:57
immibiswould you prefer me to paste the entire thing here?Jun 19 22:57
schestowitzLC: hosted by Microsoft, coded on Microsoft's proprietary platform...Jun 19 22:57
schestowitzblogging on Microsoft.... proprietary platformJun 19 22:58
schestowitzthat to me says a lotJun 19 22:58
schestowitzmicrosoft= freedomJun 19 22:58
immibisircd-seven is a microsoft proprietary platform?Jun 19 22:58
CrystalMathimmibis: githubJun 19 22:58
schestowitzno, the ircd is not MicrosoftJun 19 22:58
schestowitzMicrosoft sells kleyloggerJun 19 22:58
schestowitzcalled 'teams'Jun 19 22:58
CrystalMathmicrosoft should write a comic-based ircd :PJun 19 22:58
immibisah, well github is an easily replaceable dependency for some groups, just like freenode is easily replaceableJun 19 22:58
schestowitzand they keep rebranding skypeJun 19 22:58
saint_dogbert/fnimmibis; that text is nothing but SJW nonsense IMOJun 19 22:59
schestowitzto fake 'growth' and 'share'Jun 19 22:59
immibisso is azure if you are just using it to host servers (as opposed to lockin features)Jun 19 22:59
activelowthe emergence of skype and such was linked to telco loosing control over infrastructure tooJun 19 22:59
techrights-ipfs-bot โ–•  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: โ–ƒโ–…โ–‡โ–‡โ–…โ–…โ–„โ–…โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–…โ–†โ–†โ–‚โ–ˆโ–…โ–„โ–…โ–‡โ–†โ–‚โ–‡โ–ˆโ–†โ–ˆโ–„โ–†โ–ƒโ–‡โ–„โ– avg(k/sec) 32.43 โ–•  IPFS upstream: โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–โ–โ–‚โ–โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ–‚โ–โ– avg(k/sec) 5.15โ–• swarm size (avg): 298.84  โŸฒJun 19 22:59
schestowitzfreenode was also githubJun 19 22:59
schestowitzbut I talked to Lee and they created their gitLAB site at git.freenode.netJun 19 22:59
schestowitzof course FN is a catastrophe all in allJun 19 22:59
CrystalMathimmibis: your link does point to a hateful disgusting pile of SJW filthJun 19 22:59
schestowitzbut for code hosting they moved in the rigth directionJun 19 23:00
saint_dogbert/fnimmibis: Is that really how Libera feels?Jun 19 23:01
schestowitz"why alt-right rhetoric gets you banned."Jun 19 23:01
CrystalMathimmibis: and it is a perfect demonstration of why people should NEVER connect to libtardia.crapJun 19 23:01
schestowitzThe "rhetoric" part if troublingJun 19 23:01
immibisCrystalMath: any specifics? Or do you just resort to attempting insults? (as if SJW is an insult among anyone outside the right wing... most of us just know it as an indication that the person saying it is right-wing and doesn't like the person they're talking about)Jun 19 23:01
schestowitzrhetoric is vagueJun 19 23:01
immibissaint_dogbert: no this is just some random personJun 19 23:01
CrystalMathimmibis: i need to explain why this is disgusting? this text ASSERTS that some ideologies are right, and some are wrong, and says debate about that is forbiddenJun 19 23:01
schestowitzso if someone just feels like you might relay some view that resembles something, BANNEDJun 19 23:01
CrystalMathimmibis: what part of that does NOT make you want to puke?Jun 19 23:01
immibisCrystalMath: well, the part where you just rejected the existence of objective truth makes me want to pukeJun 19 23:02
MinceRi guess believing that male persons and white people shouldn't be killed just for they are is also something that makes someone "right wing"Jun 19 23:02
CrystalMathimmibis: objective truth isn't the same as garbage some commie trash thinks up in a minuteJun 19 23:02
schestowitzthere is not always an objective truthJun 19 23:02
schestowitzsame for ethicsJun 19 23:03
CrystalMathexactly ^Jun 19 23:03
schestowitzso we need to be 'flexy' to some unsoothing opinionsJun 19 23:03
schestowitznot just BANJun 19 23:03
immibisCrystalMath: some ideologies are simply wrong. The ideology which says the sky is made by aliens and the stars are encoding a message warning us of their impending invasion, is simply wrongJun 19 23:03
CrystalMathor the way i like to say it, there is an objective truth, but it's unreachable for usJun 19 23:03
schestowitzin some areas we do not know the truthJun 19 23:03
schestowitzwe form theorieJun 19 23:03
CrystalMathimmibis: well even regarding such stuff like that, UFOs and the like, people should be allowed to dreamJun 19 23:04
immibisthat is trueJun 19 23:04
schestowitzeven string theory should not be bannedJun 19 23:04
schestowitzit can be ridiculed, not bannedJun 19 23:04
immibisbut in other areas we do know the truth. We know that racial superiority is untrueJun 19 23:04
schestowitzsome say race is fictionJun 19 23:04
schestowitznext thing you have is claims women and men are equal at everythingJun 19 23:04
CrystalMathimmibis: racial superiority isn't something i would consider a tenet of alt-right at all, it has members of all racesJun 19 23:05
schestowitzbut don't expect women to be in "world's strongest man"Jun 19 23:05
immibisCrystalMath: but you agree it's untrue?Jun 19 23:05
CrystalMathimmibis: racial superiority is untrue, correctJun 19 23:05
CrystalMathto clarify - no race is superior to any other raceJun 19 23:05
schestowitzdepends on the placeJun 19 23:05
schestowitznigerians are superior to germans in hot climateJun 19 23:06
activeloware youtube links welcome?Jun 19 23:06
schestowitzthey don't get burned and stuffJun 19 23:06
schestowitzyeahJun 19 23:06
immibisCrystalMath: so if someone asserts racial superiority as an ideology, can we say their ideology is wrong? And if someone else asserts the lack of racial supremacy, as an ideology, can we say their ideology is right?Jun 19 23:06
schestowitzbut we do not HAVE to click them ^_^Jun 19 23:06
schestowitzimmibis: in tech channels we don't even need to debate such thingsJun 19 23:06
CrystalMathimmibis: if someone is wrong you can clearly debate themJun 19 23:06
CrystalMathimmibis: that's the best time to debate someone, when you know for sure that someone is wrongJun 19 23:07
CrystalMathbut like i said that's not what this is aboutJun 19 23:07
schestowitzbbabJun 19 23:07
schestowitzbbaib, let's talk tech more :_Jun 19 23:07
schestowitz*iabJun 19 23:07
*schestowitz should never type sideways againJun 19 23:07
immibisCrystalMath apparently wants to debate this stuff but refuses to do it in #boycottnovell-socialJun 19 23:07
CrystalMathi'm not in thereJun 19 23:08
immibisthen join itJun 19 23:08
schestowitzit's like 11 or 12 years old channelJun 19 23:08
CrystalMathexcept i don't think we're on opposite sides regarding the thing you mentionedJun 19 23:08
immibisCrystalMath: you agree that some ideologies are wrong and some are right?Jun 19 23:08
schestowitzcreated when balzac was gloating about girls and stuffJun 19 23:08
schestowitzit was modeled after fedora-socialJun 19 23:08
immibison this server it should be called #socialJun 19 23:08
CrystalMathi believe that there's people feeling that something is right, and that something is wrong, and that sometimes some people are closed to being objectiveJun 19 23:09
CrystalMathbut htat's nowhere near black and whiteJun 19 23:09
CrystalMath*that'sJun 19 23:09
activelow 19 23:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chimps outperform humans at memory task | New ScientistJun 19 23:09
MinceRwell, i think the bikeshed should be painted grayJun 19 23:09
schestowitzimmibis: for consistency it keeps the same nameJun 19 23:09
schestowitzit always existed on freenode with the same namrJun 19 23:09
schestowitzand it's still in FN tooJun 19 23:09
immibisCrystalMath: you do not believe that racial superiority is objectively wrong?Jun 19 23:09
AdmFubar 19 23:09
schestowitzit leads to bad thingsJun 19 23:09
CrystalMathimmibis: i believe that it's wrong but what i believe cannot be pushed onto othersJun 19 23:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | State Legislatures Consider Bans on Ransomware PaymentsJun 19 23:10
CrystalMathimmibis: others have a right to believe otherwiseJun 19 23:10
immibisCrystalMath: so you do believe it's objectively wrong. do you believe it's an ideology?Jun 19 23:10
schestowitzbut assuming race is a thing, some races are better at some things, due to physical differences like melanin, height, etc.Jun 19 23:10
CrystalMathi guess it could be an ideology, but i don't know whose ideologyJun 19 23:10
schestowitzanyway, it's OTJun 19 23:10
immibisracial superiority ideology is much deeper than "black people have more melanin", it's more like "black people are worse at everything and should be exterminated or enslaved"Jun 19 23:10
schestowitzbbiabJun 19 23:10
immibisCrystalMath: you are questioning whether at least one person holds racial superiority as an ideology?Jun 19 23:11
CrystalMathimmibis: i guess i'm just saying that i don't know such peopleJun 19 23:12
CrystalMathbut let's get back to the link you sentJun 19 23:13
CrystalMaththat last paragraph also said people should be banned for even "sounding like" they are alt-rightJun 19 23:13
CrystalMath"Finally, one more point: maybe you weren't arguing all that much, just making some normal comments, and you still got banned. Why? It's probably because there are alt-right talking points showing through in your comments - whether you realize it or not. These have the same effect of radicalizing people and turning a community hateful over time, just over a longer timespan."Jun 19 23:13
MinceRi think the author read too much SCP and believes that ideologies they disagree with are cognitohazards that can only be fought by suppressing them entirelyJun 19 23:14
CrystalMathso let me get this straight... you don't even have to realize it, if you just say things that sound to them like alt-right talking points, they ban youJun 19 23:14
saint_dogbert/fnThe author of that nonsense inspires me... I'm going to start banning people in my channels using the merest suspicion that they are left wingers ;)Jun 19 23:14
MinceR:>Jun 19 23:14
immibisit's funny MinceR because that is probably what you think about liberalsJun 19 23:15
MinceRit is notJun 19 23:15
immibisCrystalMath: this is some random person's opinionJun 19 23:15
immibisthat that part is not the strongest part. Read the restJun 19 23:15
CrystalMathjoepie91 is related to libera right?Jun 19 23:15
immibisonly in the sense that he connects to itJun 19 23:16
AdmFubar 19 23:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Miami police chief cites 'you lie, you die' policy in push to fire top brass: report - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent JournalismJun 19 23:16
MinceR(classic "NO U" there, by the way)Jun 19 23:16
saint_dogbert/fnimmibis: Honestly, like most people, I don't really care what peoples politics are. I care when they are shoving them in my face and demanding that I raise a Nazi like salute for a certain cause and certain group of people.Jun 19 23:16
CrystalMathimmibis: i did read it, the first two paragrahs got me angry, reading the third one i'm just beyond angry and i believe that joepie91 is basically a fascist of some sortJun 19 23:16
CrystalMathsomething straight out of 1984Jun 19 23:17
AdmFubar 19 23:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bill Maher goes on angry rant about Big Ag for โ€˜Bogartingโ€™ California water during drought - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent JournalismJun 19 23:17
immibisCrystalMath: we are still stuck on whether you believe ideologies can be objectively right or wrongJun 19 23:18
schestowitz[23:14] <saint_dogbert/fn> The author of that nonsense inspires me... I'm going to start banning people in my channels using the merest suspicion that they are left wingers ;)Jun 19 23:18
schestowitzThese people don't support Free softwareJun 19 23:18
schestowitzthey look to control networksJun 19 23:18
*techrights-ipfs-bot has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Jun 19 23:18
CrystalMathimmibis: i don't believe that anyone can truly know whether an ideology is objectively right or wrongJun 19 23:18
CrystalMathimmibis: we can only do our best guessJun 19 23:18
schestowitzand by extension the communications of hundreds of thousands of peopleJun 19 23:18
schestowitzto drive home a political or ideaological agendaJun 19 23:18
saint_dogbert/fnschestowitz: No argument here. =)Jun 19 23:18
CrystalMathimmibis: so we cannot push our views onto other peopleJun 19 23:18
schestowitzsame thing Twitter, GitHub, FB doJun 19 23:18
immibisCrystalMath: well that is true of anything. the law of gravity could be proven wrong tomorrowJun 19 23:18
MinceRsome of them seem to have easily disproven elementsJun 19 23:18
immibisCrystalMath: but we can know racial supremacy is wrong, just as much as we can know the law of gravity is right, right?Jun 19 23:19
CrystalMathimmibis: based on everything i know, yesJun 19 23:19
schestowitzgravity if a theoryJun 19 23:19
schestowitza solidly proven theoryJun 19 23:20
schestowitzbut technically still a theoryJun 19 23:20
MinceR 19 23:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Intelligent falling - WikipediaJun 19 23:20
CrystalMaththere are some problems with gravityJun 19 23:20
schestowitzmaybe with black holes and things one day we'll have an expanded explanationJun 19 23:20
CrystalMathnamely it's hard to fit it into the quantum view of the universeJun 19 23:20
schestowitz"law of gravity" is also a common termJun 19 23:20
immibisCrystalMath: so you must logically believe that it is possible for an ideology to be objectively wrong, just like it is possible for a theory of gravity to be objectively rightJun 19 23:20
CrystalMaththere's no truly accepted grand unified theoryJun 19 23:20
AdmFubar 19 23:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'Delusional' Capitol rioters oblivious to their own serious criminal charges: CNN reporter - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent JournalismJun 19 23:20
CrystalMathimmibis: no just because i give an ideology maximum wrongness in my mind, that stays in my mind; i have no right to force anyone elseJun 19 23:20
schestowitzcan we talk tech?Jun 19 23:20
schestowitzwe're steering into racism-related stuffJun 19 23:21
schestowitzwhich makes it easier to pick on us over stuff that has nothing to do with topic techrights coversJun 19 23:21
immibissince CrystalMath has joined the other channel, yesJun 19 23:21
schestowitzsuch as patents and corruptionJun 19 23:21
saint_dogbert/fnMost of them have not even been informed of what they are being charged with beyond trespassing because they are kept in isolation and most have not been granted access to lawyers yetJun 19 23:21
saint_dogbert/fn 19 23:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Capitol riot defendant "viciously and savagely" beaten by guard in Washington, D.C. jail, lawyer says - CBS NewsJun 19 23:23
AdmFubar 19 23:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fox News busted for trying to pass off GOP operatives as 'concerned' parents - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent JournalismJun 19 23:24
*AdmFubar (~mradmin@ngqaam7baxnug.irc) has left #techrightsJun 19 23:25
schestowitztypical GOPKKKJun 19 23:28
schestowitz 19 23:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | "Authenticity" is a trap : Dissociated PressJun 19 23:31
saint_dogbert/fnActually... the Democrats founded, financed, and supported the KKK, not the GOP. The GOP is responsible for freeing the slaves. The Democrats fought tooth and nail against the civil rights bills back in the 1960s as well if memory servesJun 19 23:31
schestowitzThat was a long time agoJun 19 23:32
activelownonetheless. in germany this is codified in law too, as I mentioned recently, the lack of constitutional guarantess for a "right to work" (Recht auf Arbeit) which was abandoned with the current constitution, while weimar constitution stated it explicitely.Jun 19 23:34
saint_dogbert/fnyep. Now they run another couple of racists groups; Antifa and BLMJun 19 23:34
schestowitzthese are reactionaryJun 19 23:36
schestowitzKKK wasn't a reaction to racismJun 19 23:36
schestowitzit was designed to protect the racistsJun 19 23:36
schestowitzand to keep some people downJun 19 23:36
saint_dogbert/fnAnd you think BLM and Antifa aka ProFA doesn't?Jun 19 23:36
saint_dogbert/fnthey do; just different races this time aroundJun 19 23:37
schestowitzaside from the fact that we've gone off topic, painting groups that respond to racism as "racist" is artistic/creative spinJun 19 23:37
schestowitzlike calling assange "criminal"Jun 19 23:37
schestowitzfor exposing crimesJun 19 23:37
activelowthe lack of constitutional guarantees for a "right to work" is the repressive element of the legal framework in western regions.Jun 19 23:37
schestowitzbbiabJun 19 23:37
saint_dogbert/fnI'll take this to -social againJun 19 23:37
schestowitzworthless thing to debate in the context of techrightsJun 19 23:37
schestowitzactivelow: or UBIJun 19 23:38
schestowitzwhich would at least accomplish something similar as a fallbackJun 19 23:38
activelowschestowitz: i am in opposition to UBI.Jun 19 23:38
schestowitzI know the arguments againstJun 19 23:38
schestowitzabundance of workersJun 19 23:38
schestowitzin tech alsoJun 19 23:38
schestowitzand whether people will want to work at allJun 19 23:38
schestowitzso you assess the cost of necessitiesJun 19 23:39
schestowitzlike welfare doesJun 19 23:39
schestowitzbut without cultural will UBI can failJun 19 23:39
schestowitzbut the govs will need to figure out something like thatJun 19 23:39
activelowand UBI legal framework itself is lacking, such as regulation of rents (a majority of citizens in germany have to rent a flat)Jun 19 23:39
activelowUBI does not address this.Jun 19 23:39
schestowitzthe alternative is homeless peoJun 19 23:39
schestowitz*peopleJun 19 23:39
schestowitzlike the ones in BerlinJun 19 23:40
schestowitzand a failing society for manyJun 19 23:40
Ariadneanyway, you can do whatever you want in -social, as long as its not like planning to commit murder or whateverJun 19 23:40
schestowitzAriadne: not yet :DJun 19 23:40
Ariadnei guess we should write some actual rules for the ircJun 19 23:40
schestowitzAriadne: no need, we already have themJun 19 23:40
schestowitzsince around 2009Jun 19 23:40
schestowitzit's in the wikiJun 19 23:40
Ariadnei guess i should write an motd linking to them thenJun 19 23:41
schestowitzIt's like a EULAJun 19 23:43
schestowitzsticking it in people's face upfront can be like a presumption of guilt and unwelcomingJun 19 23:43
schestowitzI will instead bring that up when the channel goes far off topicJun 19 23:43
schestowitzthis has mostly worked for us since 2008Jun 19 23:43
schestowitzwe keep a tight ship. Right now I work with a bunch of good folks on EPO exposeJun 19 23:44
schestowitzwe can defeat swpats this year, I hope... "AI patents"Jun 19 23:44
activelowanother aspect of related social legislation was abandoning regulations to match level of education and skill set with jobs, introduced year 2000 iircJun 19 23:44
activelowsorry schestowitz, one more sentenceJun 19 23:44
schestowitzit's OKJun 19 23:45
schestowitzsometimes it feels like people use the channel as an outlet for things they cannot say elsewhere (or got banned for)Jun 19 23:45
schestowitzthat's fine if it's not off-topicJun 19 23:45
schestowitzmany are suppressed for views on patents etc.Jun 19 23:46
activelowand this is the loophole: the abandoned social legislation was replaced with the common ideological lunacy (gender,race,climate, etc) to match workers with jobsJun 19 23:46
schestowitzI am saddened to see what happened to "Big IRC"Jun 19 23:46
schestowitzseems to have split along superficial political linesJun 19 23:46
schestowitzso we have "right" and "left" networksJun 19 23:46
schestowitznot proprietary and freeJun 19 23:46
activelowinstead of recognizing individual with their skills, they are recognized as black, white, gentitals etc...Jun 19 23:46
schestowitzI think it's like sectarian violenceJun 19 23:47
schestowitzto keep "us plebs" off the agenda of "Big Tech"Jun 19 23:47
schestowitzthey will just pursue money, military contracts etc.Jun 19 23:47
schestowitzwhile we fight over things like celebs that are "intolerant" and whether athletes can bowJun 19 23:48
immibisschestowitz: have you ever convinced any of the GOPKKK members in this channel to stop being GOPKKK, just by arguing with them?Jun 19 23:48
schestowitzimmibis: we have tech issues across the spectrumJun 19 23:48
schestowitzlike, getting off github is not a wing thingJun 19 23:48
schestowitzeveryone should do itJun 19 23:48
schestowitzbecause it's a moral thingJun 19 23:49
schestowitzsame for "Big IRC"Jun 19 23:49
schestowitzwe need to encourage more networksJun 19 23:49
schestowitzpeople have 4-32GB of RAM nowJun 19 23:49
schestowitzthey can connect to 20 networks with less than 100KB or RAMJun 19 23:49
immibisGOPKKK is an issue. There's a reason you call it GOPKKK instead of just GOPJun 19 23:50
immibisit is one more issueJun 19 23:50
schestowitzTrumpism led to thatJun 19 23:54
schestowitzI only started saying "GOPKKK" after the insurrectionJun 19 23:54
schestowitzin some countries that whole party would be outlawed for itJun 19 23:54
schestowitzbut again, we're veering off topicJun 19 23:54
schestowitzI am doing an article about EPOJun 19 23:54
schestowitzand that concerns software patents and 'webchat' as 'courts'Jun 19 23:55
schestowitz 19 23:56
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