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baronhk[m]1MinceR, the guy who started Internet Explorer at Microsoft left and founded a company he says will eventually create a direct neural interface to control machines with your mind.May 21 00:00
baronhk[m]1Facebook recently bought them out.May 21 00:00
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: you use PIA and Mandy does too, right?May 21 00:00
schestowitz__For Japanese animeMay 21 00:00
XRevan86rasengan: Who even is KindOne?May 21 00:00
baronhk[m]1I configured his copy of Chrome to use PIA as a proxy.May 21 00:00
baronhk[m]1It lets you exempt Hulu and Netflix that way.May 21 00:01
XRevan86And why would anyone even do such a thing!?May 21 00:01
schestowitz__"for the lols"May 21 00:01
schestowitz__"shits and giggles"May 21 00:01
kingoffrance^ too much of this stuff reeks of that ritual thingMay 21 00:02
kingoffrance"you're all alone"May 21 00:02
baronhk[m]1I use it with Wireguard at the OS networking level so it covers my torrents.May 21 00:02
kingoffrancetruth is not consensusMay 21 00:02
kingoffrancemajority may or may not be correctMay 21 00:02
kingoffranceirrelevantMay 21 00:02
schestowitz__that worked in TwiterMay 21 00:02
MinceR21 010021 < baronhk[m]1> MinceR, the guy who started Internet Explorer at Microsoft left and founded a company he says will eventually create a direct neural interface to control machines with your mind.May 21 00:02
MinceRlolMay 21 00:02
MinceRwhat a sales pitchMay 21 00:02
baronhk[m]1I see much less protocol overhead with Wireguard than OpenVPN on Windows or Linux.May 21 00:02
schestowitz__but the counter-petition thwarted the narrativeMay 21 00:02
MinceR"finally you can wire something developed to the same quality standards as IE directly to your brain!"May 21 00:03
kingoffrancejust got up and read the scrollback, i was gonna say also:   re: (quoting quoting) <schestowitz__> I think attacking a specific organisation is worse than attacking a  <schestowitz__> class defined by a behaviour."      trttl " it's hard to believe that people are actually this confused"       <-- well, it is more of scalia's "formalism" type "rule of law". it appears at first glance to be "behavior, not appearance" but then "class defined bMay 21 00:03
kingoffrancey behavior" seals it.   i guess you can't have class war without divyying ppl into classes first lolMay 21 00:03
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: very few lines of coeeMay 21 00:03
schestowitz__*codeMay 21 00:03
baronhk[m]1<MinceR ""finally you can wire something "> Security Zones and ActiveXMay 21 00:03
schestowitz__in (linux) at leastMay 21 00:03
MinceR:>May 21 00:03
baronhk[m]1We all know how that ended.May 21 00:03
kingoffrance"class defined by behavior" is basically another "some ppl are above the law"May 21 00:04
baronhk[m]1Microsoft ended up bogged down trying to support both standards and the mess it created trying to hijack them within the same browser.May 21 00:04
baronhk[m]1Still is for another decade.May 21 00:04
*psymin has quit (Quit: Leaving)May 21 00:05
baronhk[m]1Putting IE rendering mode into Edge is just as ugly as having it in EdgeHTML Edge.May 21 00:05
schestowitz__EdgeHTML LOLMay 21 00:05
schestowitz__MSIE rebrandedMay 21 00:05
schestowitz__AZ COVAXMay 21 00:06
XRevan86schestowitz__: Both are dead now.May 21 00:06
baronhk[m]1Well, it was basically IE 11 Standards Mode without any compatibility renderers.May 21 00:06
schestowitz__who? what?May 21 00:06
schestowitz__edge and html? :-)May 21 00:06
schestowitz__I wishMay 21 00:06
XRevan86Although, no, Microsoft will keep support for Trident until 2029 apparently.May 21 00:07
schestowitz__let's go to gemini..May 21 00:07
baronhk[m]1Then they started adding more stuff to it while IE rotted.May 21 00:07
XRevan86schestowitz__: I meant Trident and EdgeHTML.May 21 00:07
baronhk[m]1In 2015, there was very little rendering difference between IE 11 Standard Mode and EdgeHTML.May 21 00:07
baronhk[m]1But by last year there definitely was.May 21 00:07
schestowitz__well, those are irrelevant nowMay 21 00:08
schestowitz__thankfullyMay 21 00:08
schestowitz__Microsoft is mostly faking importance nowMay 21 00:08
baronhk[m]1Well, Chromium as the only engine out there is a big problem.May 21 00:09
baronhk[m]1At the rate Microsoft was going, EdgeHTML would have been open sourced eventually.May 21 00:09
schestowitz__for years nowMay 21 00:09
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: nobody would adopt itMay 21 00:09
schestowitz__no point to...May 21 00:09
*wineroots has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)May 21 00:10
baronhk[m]1Apple is not going to adopt Chromium but they've given up on their own extensions model in Safari. Copied the one from Chrome.May 21 00:10
baronhk[m]1WebExtensions is going to be missing from GNOME's browser for quite a while because a lot of that is not related to the engine.May 21 00:11
techrights-botProfilePress Rebrands and Repurposes WP User Avatar, Now a Membership Plugin, Users Revolt via the #WordPress Review System 21 00:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ProfilePress Rebrands and Repurposes WP User Avatar, Now a Membership Plugin, Users Revolt via the WordPress Review System – WordPress TavernMay 21 00:12
baronhk[m]1Some is, some isn't. There's quite a lot you have to do in the browser shell to get GUIs and stuff running.May 21 00:12
baronhk[m]1Even SeaMonkey has compatibility problems.May 21 00:12
XRevan86> (17:27:58) amdj: rasengan: tomaw doesn't claim to be anything. christel resigned and we (all, collectively) elected tomaw to the head of staff position. tomaw had nothing to do with it. if you're going to keep up with these lies I'm going to mute you.May 21 00:13
baronhk[m]1One reason why EdgeHTML was never going to have a lot of extensions even if it copied the API was because Microsoft still had to convince developers to port the extension to Edge, test it, and put it in their store.May 21 00:14
baronhk[m]1Very few ever bothered.May 21 00:14
techrights-botBut... will #icc also investigate #nato bombing that left #libya in utter ruin, with a #uk role? 21 00:14
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: Firefox somehow doesn't have that problem.May 21 00:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Supporting the ICC Prosecutor's ongoing investigations in Libya - GOV.UKMay 21 00:14
XRevan86But I guess it's because Edge users weren't the creating extensions type.May 21 00:15
techrights-botAlternative solution: release the animals to their natural habitat? 21 00:15
*xvx (~xvx@ has joined #techrightsMay 21 00:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Scottish zoo celebrates being able to welcome back visitors after lockdown | The NationalMay 21 00:15
*GNUmoon (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsMay 21 00:17
XRevan86(17:28:54) eeeeeta: rasengan: a few days ago you instructed the freenode staff to give kevinp admin accessMay 21 00:17
baronhk[m]1<XRevan86 "But I guess it's because Edge us"> When that news article said cops in Texas asked that guy how he ended up with so much child porn and they wanted to know where he got it and he said "Bing", I was dismayed.May 21 00:18
baronhk[m]1Then the New York Times called them out on it.May 21 00:18
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: Thank goodness he didn't say "Searx" or something.May 21 00:19
baronhk[m]1For many years, over a decade, people could just get on Bing or Windows Live Search and entire CP search terms and it would just bring it up in the video tab.May 21 00:19
baronhk[m]1At the same time, Microsoft said it was providing PhotoDNA to law enforcement, it was showing people things that should have been in PhotoDNA on Bing.May 21 00:20
baronhk[m]1*enter search termsMay 21 00:20
baronhk[m]1I mean, it was pretty brazen. Any other search company that spent fifteen years with that kind of mess and no filters would have been raided by federal agents and shut down.May 21 00:21
techrights-bot"People on the internet often talk about his past "problematic" behavior, when doing so they usually link you, directly or indirectly, to one of the articles reviewed here." 21 00:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Low grade "journalists" and internet mob attack RMS with lies. In-depth review.May 21 00:22
baronhk[m]1Many search engines don't return anything pornographic at all to avoid exactly this sort of accusation.May 21 00:23
XRevan86MinceR: Actually, there's something even worse than human relations here: ownership.May 21 00:23
XRevan86ownership disputes that isMay 21 00:23
baronhk[m]1 21 00:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Marvel President Kevin Feige Says He Regrets 'Doctor Strange' WhitewashingMay 21 00:24
baronhk[m]1Do something to avoid racism, get accused of racism.May 21 00:24
baronhk[m]1Roy doesn't get how this is all interconnected. We're dealing with a plague of these folks who complain about everything while the company they work for is 99% white, including them, and maybe a touch past that. Like Matthew Garrett.May 21 00:25
baronhk[m]1What are they doing about this problem?May 21 00:26
baronhk[m]1mjg59 was working for a company full of white men who was making dragnet software targeting black people to sell to the cops and running contracts to help ICE put kids in cages.May 21 00:27
schestowitz__XRevan86: everyone wants to own that networkMay 21 00:27
schestowitz__now they have their own networkMay 21 00:27
schestowitz__and they competeMay 21 00:27
baronhk[m]1Whatever takes the focus off of himself, apparently.... That's part of where Cancel Stallman comes from.May 21 00:27
schestowitz__same with fedora etc.May 21 00:28
baronhk[m]1A refusal to recognize that he did more damage at Google than Stallman ever could by a one liner on an obscure blog.May 21 00:28
schestowitz__they didn't like the idea they volunteer and doesn't share ownershipMay 21 00:28
schestowitz__like red hat did with people who reported bugs in fedora erc.May 21 00:28
schestowitz__etc.May 21 00:28
baronhk[m]1Bugs reported on Fedora just rot.May 21 00:29
baronhk[m]1Two or three years later your email is swamped with a once per day reminder that this bug has seen no further activity.May 21 00:29
baronhk[m]1It has been this way for a while even when the fix is obvious.May 21 00:29
techrights-bot#Google brings #Linux app support on #ChromeOS out of beta 21 00:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chrome OS’s Linux app support is leaving beta | Tux MachinesMay 21 00:30
baronhk[m]1schestowitz In one case I was just asking for them to include a dependency on gstreamer's 32-bit MP3 codec package when the user installed wine so that the WoW64 implementation of DirectShow would work.May 21 00:31
baronhk[m]1Totally ignored.May 21 00:31
*sebsebseb (~sebastian@unaffiliated/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsMay 21 00:31
sebsebsebMinceR:  schestowitz__ pingMay 21 00:31
sebsebsebanyone here?May 21 00:31
baronhk[m]1Microsoft has been much better about documenting the Windows API lately.May 21 00:31
sebsebsebbaronhk[m]1: uh not sure who you are but ok someone hereMay 21 00:32
sebsebsebso i just seen a story aoutMay 21 00:32
sebsebsebfreenode being sold off to a korean prince bbasicallyMay 21 00:32
sebsebseband lots of the freenode staff leavingMay 21 00:32
XRevan86sebsebseb: Meet rasenganMay 21 00:32
sebsebsebXRevan86: what's rasengan ?May 21 00:32
XRevan86sebsebseb: A korean prince bbasicallyMay 21 00:32
sebsebsebXRevan86: yeah so   apparnatly he taking it over a bit or somethingMay 21 00:32
sebsebseband its not likedMay 21 00:32
schestowitz__noMay 21 00:33
schestowitz__he took over ages agoMay 21 00:33
XRevan86sebsebseb: I mean, he's actually here.May 21 00:33
schestowitz__but the staff raises a stink nowMay 21 00:33
sebsebsebXRevan86: what in the channel ?May 21 00:33
XRevan86sebsebseb: yeaMay 21 00:33
sebsebsebXRevan86: oh reallyMay 21 00:33
sebsebsebwowMay 21 00:33
sebsebsebsounds like christel sold it to help sponser freenode live tooMay 21 00:33
sebsebsebor somethingMay 21 00:33
sebsebsebi only just starrted reading stuffMay 21 00:33
sebsebsebao he's in here doing what jono bacon used to do then :DMay 21 00:34
XRevan86Yea, and the domain ended up in Freenode, Ltd.May 21 00:34
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: Microsoft Paul 21 00:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Microsoft Details Deprecated and Removed Features in Windows 10 Version 21H1 - Thurrott.comMay 21 00:34
sebsebsebkeep ana eye on the potentially controversial channelMay 21 00:34
sebsebsebbut saying that if we got a korean prince in this channel, that's  kind of cool in  way, isn't it :D ?May 21 00:34
XRevan86So when a head of staff tried to secure control over the domain holding account rasengan took action to regain access.May 21 00:35
baronhk[m]1Deprecation and removal usually improves Windows more than what they add.May 21 00:35
sebsebseb 21 00:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Developers Flee Open Source Project After ‘Takeover’ By Korean Crown PrinceMay 21 00:35
baronhk[m]1Things have really backed up this much.May 21 00:35
sebsebseb 21 00:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | On freenode and its commitment to FOSS - freenodeMay 21 00:35
sebsebsebso is it more of a don't trust Korea thingMay 21 00:36
sebsebseba bit liike how people don't just trust the Russians all the time  wink wink at XRevan86 :DMay 21 00:36
baronhk[m]1"Personalization roaming. Roaming of Personalization settings—like wallpaper, slideshow, accent colors, and lock screen images—is no longer being developed and might be removed in a future release, Microsoft says."May 21 00:36
XRevan86It's actually very weird that they call him that in the title.May 21 00:36
XRevan86is that for click-bait?May 21 00:36
techrights-bot#SUSE Linux announces SUSE Edge, SUSE Hybrid IT, SLES 15 SP3 and more #opensuse #gnu #linuxMay 21 00:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | SUSE and SUSECON Leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 00:37
schestowitz__XRevan86: yesMay 21 00:37
CrystalMathremember when vice posted unbiased truthful articles?May 21 00:37
XRevan86That title describes a person in practically no way whatsoever.May 21 00:37
schestowitz__CrystalMath: ages agoMay 21 00:37
sebsebsebso techrights won't be running off to some other network then, but magiea channels might, it was on one of the mailkng ists there that i just saw an email to do with thisMay 21 00:37
schestowitz__like really investigative stuffMay 21 00:37
CrystalMathschestowitz__: i don't remember :PMay 21 00:37
schestowitz__then they losr fundingMay 21 00:37
XRevan86sebsebseb: Yea, we're getting a split.May 21 00:37
baronhk[m]1In the Windows XP beta days, Bill Gates said eventually you'd just log in and your settings and stuff would just be there regardless of the PC you were using.May 21 00:37
baronhk[m]1Nice to know that this was implemented and then backed out.May 21 00:37
schestowitz__went for provocation and witch-hunts insteadMay 21 00:37
sebsebsebXRevan86: why since the don't trust korea stuff?May 21 00:37
sebsebsebXRevan86: oh no it's korea, they mus do something badMay 21 00:37
XRevan86sebsebseb: A prince? In my IRC? It's more likely than ye think.May 21 00:38
sebsebsebuh hold on, russia, china,  the us,  and even britian, have all done bad things in the past :DMay 21 00:38
schestowitz__[00:36] <sebsebseb> so is it more of a don't trust Korea thingMay 21 00:38
schestowitz__sebsebseb: he's AmericanMay 21 00:38
schestowitz__it's racist to call him thatMay 21 00:38
XRevan86sebsebseb: Freenode, OFTC, LiberaChatMay 21 00:38
schestowitz__he spent his life there, from birth to adulthood afaikMay 21 00:38
sebsebsebschestowitz__:   uh the article said korea ?May 21 00:38
sebsebsebschestowitz__: i only just got on itMay 21 00:38
XRevan86sebsebseb: The channels will get more spread out around those three networks.May 21 00:38
schestowitz__not sure if they even speak any hangul in the homeMay 21 00:38
sebsebsebhadn't finnished reading yetMay 21 00:38
sebsebsebschestowitz__: so he's more american, but with links to korea ?May 21 00:39
schestowitz__I covered this in video this morningMay 21 00:39
schestowitz__it's a racist adageMay 21 00:39
schestowitz__like calling people who are not EUROPEAN American something elseMay 21 00:39
sebsebsebif  schestowitz__ trusts him with freenode 's data, then its probably good enough :)May 21 00:39
schestowitz__like Indian-AmericanMay 21 00:39
schestowitz__like they're not "really" USianMay 21 00:40
schestowitz__it's colonialist mentalityMay 21 00:40
sebsebsebuhmm got splitMay 21 00:40
sebsebsebwhen things  changed to pump.ioMay 21 00:40
sebsebseband  lots of stuff got ruintedMay 21 00:40
sebsebsebbut I guess it won't be like that agian, but for Freenode IRC againMay 21 00:40
schestowitz__sebsebseb: it's a privacy company, PIAMay 21 00:40
sebsebsebyeah the comapny with freenode in the thingMay 21 00:40
sebsebsebas one o the projectsMay 21 00:40
sebsebseb?May 21 00:40
schestowitz__but anyway, IRC as a protocol isn't for privacy, unless you self-hostMay 21 00:41
schestowitz__and even then you need to guard who can access whatMay 21 00:41
sebsebsebyeah it's for text chating onlneMay 21 00:41
sebsebsebnot really for private encrypted chatMay 21 00:41
sebsebsebif that's what you meanMay 21 00:41
schestowitz__rightMay 21 00:41
schestowitz__server in the middleMay 21 00:41
sebsebsebwhich is his serverMay 21 00:41
sebsebsebor possiblyMay 21 00:41
sebsebseband these people not trusting that?May 21 00:42
sebsebsebthat's the issue ?May 21 00:42
schestowitz__wikileaks self-hosted ircMay 21 00:42
schestowitz__and people kept stealing or leaking thingsMay 21 00:42
alextee[m]pretty much every channel I'm in is moving or has already moved to libera chat. i wonder what channels will be left on freenode after the migrationMay 21 00:42
schestowitz__breaches and breach of trustMay 21 00:42
schestowitz__and FBI moles like SigiMay 21 00:42
sebsebsebalextee[m]: why ? why have they moved ?May 21 00:42
schestowitz__alextee[m]: I saw noneMay 21 00:42
schestowitz__some have presence in bothMay 21 00:42
alextee[m]sebsebseb: because the freenode staff movedMay 21 00:42
schestowitz__some floated proposalsMay 21 00:42
sebsebsebrasengan: hi :)   looks lke your ok :),  well then that's ok if  idiots move off to other networks since whatever the issue is May 21 00:43
alextee[m]#lad #lv2 #linux-libre #mesonbuild #parabola #guix May 21 00:43
schestowitz__predictions of doom and gloom  are BSMay 21 00:43
sebsebsebis this more lik,e oh no Oracle now have bought out sun microsystems so can't do much with open office lets fork itMay 21 00:43
schestowitz__I saw people talking about movingMay 21 00:43
alextee[m]i think only #gnu and #gnunet are still thinking about itMay 21 00:43
schestowitz__but not much beyond thatMay 21 00:43
sebsebseboh and geez now they have my sqlMay 21 00:44
sebsebsebwe better fork that tooMay 21 00:44
sebsebsebsince that's a direct competer to oracle's stuffMay 21 00:44
schestowitz__bbiabMay 21 00:44
sebsebseboh virtualbox should be ok under oracle though that can be leftMay 21 00:44
XRevan86sebsebseb: LibreOffice and MariaDB are great projects.May 21 00:44
baronhk[m]1The Windows 10 21H1 update program says my computer is not blacklisted.May 21 00:45
baronhk[m]1Well that's nice.May 21 00:45
sebsebsebXRevan86: yes but  Open Office got forked see above as did mysql see aboveMay 21 00:45
baronhk[m]1I updated the BIOS the other day to the latest one I could find.May 21 00:45
techrights-botIs it also free as in #freesw h 21 00:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Future of Low-Code is Open - DevOps.comMay 21 00:45
techrights-botUofSC experts: 2021 #hurricane season 21 00:46
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: It's out of Release Candidacy?May 21 00:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | UofSC experts: 2021 hurricane season - UofSC News & Events | University of South CarolinaMay 21 00:46
sebsebsebrasengan is freenode staff uhmm yeah  just seen that, is this the first time we get freenode staff prpoerly coming here :DMay 21 00:46
baronhk[m]1Yeah.May 21 00:46
techrights-botNovelist #CoryDoctorow on the Problem with Intellectual Property #billgates #robbery #monopoly #scamMay 21 00:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Novelist Cory Doctorow on the Problem with Intellectual PropertyMay 21 00:46
sebsebseboh no XRevan86 has hiajcked freenode and sucked it into the penetgan in russia some how, let's fork it,  a bit like that what we are on about :D ?May 21 00:47
baronhk[m]1You really have to hand it to Microsoft with the Windows 10 upgrades.May 21 00:47
sebsebsebXRevan86: the pentegan i meant the kremlinMay 21 00:47
baronhk[m]1It used to be press F8 to load a driver and now it's just press F to pay respects when it won't reboot.May 21 00:47
sebsebsebor oh it's like when  mirosoft bought out    uh whatever it's caleld the develoepr thing  uh for code mind gone blankMay 21 00:48
XRevan86sebsebseb: It's more of a triangle.May 21 00:48
XRevan86sebsebseb: GitPlex or something?May 21 00:49
baronhk[m]1Apparently, May 2021 isn't a big update.May 21 00:50
baronhk[m]1It removes more legacy crap than the stuff that it features.May 21 00:50
techrights-bot#BillGates set the stage for India’s dire response as more people die his profits will grow. Read 21 00:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bill Gates set the stage for India’s dire response : New FrameMay 21 00:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | While the Poor Get Sick, Bill Gates Just Gets Richer | The NationMay 21 00:50
baronhk[m]1The biggest removal is going to be the Windows 2000/XP display driver model.May 21 00:50
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: Except that it doesn't actually remove it.May 21 00:51
baronhk[m]1?May 21 00:51
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: Edge (Legacy) is still there.May 21 00:51
baronhk[m]1EdgeHTML is part of the WinRT API for now.May 21 00:52
techrights-botWhen your CMS (or similar) is too welcoming... 21 00:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Spammers flood PyPI with pirated movie links and bogus packagesMay 21 00:53
baronhk[m]1So, yeah, they're stuck with it. But the browser part has been removed.May 21 00:53
baronhk[m]1What a mess.May 21 00:53
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: Except that it kind of hasn't?May 21 00:53
baronhk[m]1Can you still reactivate Edge Legacy and use it as a browser?May 21 00:53
baronhk[m]1Up until recently they could be available side by side by flipping a registry bit.May 21 00:54
baronhk[m]1schestowitz__: Jon von Tetzchner posted an article to Vivaldi blog about how Microsoft used IE to try to ruin the web and divert its users to Windows programs.May 21 00:55
sebsebsebjackie something a security enginer for biden cmapin also used t obe on freenode it says at the botom of thatMay 21 00:55
sebsebsebthat's interestingMay 21 00:55
techrights-botLet them eat hype and buzzwords? 21 00:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Ethiopia's blockchain deal is a watershed moment -- for the technology, and for AfricaMay 21 00:55
baronhk[m]1Doesn't see the irony that Vivaldi defaults to Bing, I suppose.May 21 00:55
sebsebsebso it looks like rasengan spent millions and basically bought out freenode, but it's not quite as simple as thatMay 21 00:56
sebsebsebalso does christel still run it like before now or not really ?May 21 00:56
superkuhI'm a bit disappointed with the distorted viewpoint techrights is taking on all of this.May 21 00:57
*superkuh (~superkuh@unaffiliated/superkuh) has left #techrights ("the neuronal action potential is an electrical manipulation of reversible abrupt phase changes in the lipid bilayer")May 21 00:57
techrights-botThe Role of Ethics in #Cybersecurity Studies #linux #kernel #umnMay 21 00:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Here’s Why University of Minnesota is Likely to be Banned from Contributing to Linux Kernel Code | Tux MachinesMay 21 00:57
techrights-bot"In other words, without the white man coming in to tell India and other middle-income countries how to make vaccines and provide them with his money, these countries would not be able to make vaccines on their own." #billgates #racist #whitesupremacist #eugenics 21 00:59
baronhk[m]1The US government is basically treating COVID like getting it under control here means the issue will never be revisited.May 21 01:01
baronhk[m]1I think the truth is they don't want it under control anywhere else.May 21 01:02
kingoffrancesebsebseb, i agree with schestowitz__ -- irc generally someone will have your "data" ; i said other day thats why i hope someone revives 21 01:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Invisible IRC ProjectMay 21 01:02
kingoffrancethe "data" thing i find overblownMay 21 01:02
kingoffranceif you want full-blown decentralized, make it happen :)May 21 01:02
baronhk[m]1They see it as opportunity in disaster, like how US manufacturing thrived after World War 2 and led to decades of prosperity because we were the least affected by the war.May 21 01:02
sebsebsebhmm just seen the freenode   article  from him too May 21 01:02
kingoffranceppl didnt want that 20 years ago, so it diedMay 21 01:02
sebsebsebi see it links to tech rightsMay 21 01:02
kingoffranceppl say they want that, but few actuallydo :)May 21 01:03
sebsebsebso  super who left earoier washt happy with techrights what thought about this i assumeMay 21 01:03
sebsebseblet's read hte linked to techrighs thing from the blog post by rasenganMay 21 01:03
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: Hm, maybe Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe is actually a stub.May 21 01:04
MinceRmaybe he would have preferred for us to embrace cancel culture after such upstanding members of the community practiced itMay 21 01:04
sebsebsebMinceR: system da and pulseaudio wil move to some other network since  this thing I am just reading about :DMay 21 01:05
XRevan86sebsebseb: christel resigned.May 21 01:05
schestowitz__[01:04] <MinceR> maybe he would have preferred for us to embrace cancel culture after such upstanding members of the community practiced itMay 21 01:05
schestowitz__+1May 21 01:05
sebsebsebXRevan86: yeah looks like it by what I just read but why ?May 21 01:05
MinceRsebsebseb: what, they were using IRC? but IRC is not "modern"...May 21 01:05
sebsebsebI guess no Freenode Live in Bristol again unless hmmMay 21 01:05
sebsebsebrasengan: wait if you have millions and sponser freenode,   maybe you can do an event in Bristol again such as Freenode Live, we had two of those and it was great :)May 21 01:05
baronhk[m]1India still has a lot of scammers calling to the US and pretending to be the IRS and stuff.May 21 01:06
schestowitz__"modern" IRCMay 21 01:06
baronhk[m]1I know their government tries to shut it down, but it must be worth a lot of money for them to bother with it.May 21 01:06
schestowitz__like "modern" phonesMay 21 01:06
schestowitz__with 2 cameras and always-on micMay 21 01:06
schestowitz__bring it onMay 21 01:06
rasengansebsebseb: Freenode live will return once covid etc. ;-)May 21 01:06
baronhk[m]1schestowitz__: I think my phone has three cameras.May 21 01:06
schestowitz__:DMay 21 01:06
sebsebsebrasengan: in Bristol again too I hope, my city :)May 21 01:06
baronhk[m]1Yep, three.May 21 01:07
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: yes, sometimes they put several on one sideMay 21 01:07
schestowitz__I was gonna say...May 21 01:07
sebsebsebrasengan: another guy I know who I meet at confrences hwo used to live in Bristol,  always sazid it was ike the best confrence, better than ogg camp the other uk oneMay 21 01:07
schestowitz__5 years ago I saw phones with 16May 21 01:07
rasengansebsebseb: Nice :D Glad you guys enjoyed itMay 21 01:07
baronhk[m]1It's 80% done updating.May 21 01:07
schestowitz__btw, I still do all the writing etc. with a simple text editorMay 21 01:07
baronhk[m]1I wonder how much of a mess it will make for Disk Cleanup.May 21 01:07
sebsebsebrasengan: so I just seen this stuff mentioend on a project i used to be involed with ,  but read the two links the vice, and your blog postMay 21 01:08
sebsebsebrasengan: what's the issue?   you have proper control over freenode, and certain people don't like that ?May 21 01:08
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: A lot, as always.May 21 01:08
sebsebsebrasengan: how come you come here by the way and since when :DMay 21 01:09
baronhk[m]1It looks like they retained the Get Windows 10 app to manage updates for Windows 10.May 21 01:09
sebsebsebrasengan: yeah apparnatly christel over spent last time though for freenode liveMay 21 01:10
baronhk[m]1Why are all my Facebook ads about buying a car.May 21 01:10
baronhk[m]1That's part of what put me into bankruptcy.May 21 01:10
baronhk[m]1Even fixing this piece of shit all the time has averaged out to be under 40% of a car payment alone, nevermind the insurance.May 21 01:10
MinceRmaybe they're monitoring what you say here :>May 21 01:10
techrights-botToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 01:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesMay 21 01:11
sebsebsebMinceR: the hungarian goverment alwasy tracking you :D onnlie and otherwiseMay 21 01:11
schestowitz__Orban is too busy keeping the country fencedMay 21 01:12
schestowitz__to keep the virus from spreading outwardsMay 21 01:12
schestowitz__ 21 01:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hungary COVID: 800,368 Cases and 29,380 Deaths - WorldometerMay 21 01:12
schestowitz__soon 30kMay 21 01:12
MinceRorban is too busy winning wars on all fronts against imagined threats to do anything effective against real threatsMay 21 01:12
baronhk[m]1I'm pretty sure that MinceR can still make it over the chicken wire.May 21 01:12
baronhk[m]1Unless they're shooting people like East Germany did.May 21 01:13
MinceRlately he decided not to order any more of comirnaty, he'll instead just keep telling people to take the unknown material bought from sinopharm for lots of moneyMay 21 01:13
MinceRnobody wants that, of courseMay 21 01:13
baronhk[m]1<MinceR "orban is too busy winning wars o"> Gay marriage!!!!!May 21 01:13
MinceRwe'll reach herd immunity be having the rest of people get infectedMay 21 01:13
MinceRand then they'll do a victory lap.May 21 01:13
*baronhk[m]1 jumps in wearing a devil costume and wielding a chainsawMay 21 01:13
MinceRs/be h/by h/May 21 01:14
XRevan86sebsebseb: The company was created to manage Freenode Live exactly.May 21 01:14
sebsebsebXRevan86: yes it says a confrence...May 21 01:14
sebsebsebin the vice linkMay 21 01:14
sebsebsebthe confrence  would be free nnode live  i thoguht when reading thatMay 21 01:14
sebsebsebsince that was the only freenode confrenceMay 21 01:14
baronhk[m]1MinceR: I felt like mocking the FOID law more in my appeal, but I won the appeal.May 21 01:14
MinceR:)May 21 01:14
baronhk[m]1No need for victory laps I guess, even though they're fun.May 21 01:14
sebsebsebmaybe she did sell something off christel to help with the event, and then over spentMay 21 01:14
schestowitz__Hungary now at 3,048 deaths per millionMay 21 01:14
sebsebseband then more recently things got messy so she resignedMay 21 01:15
baronhk[m]1If you can kill with a chainsaw, shouldn't they be against the law?May 21 01:15
schestowitz__the virus turns out not to be afraid by "strong leader"May 21 01:15
techrights-ipfs ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▆▃▄▁▆█▁▂▆▄▁▁▂▅▅▅▂▅▇▆▄▂▅▄▆▂▁▂▅▅▃▁ avg(k/sec) 20.65 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▂▂▁▃█▂▂██▁▂▂▂▁▂▃▂▂▁▂▂▂▂▂▁▁▂▂▂▁▁▂▃▁▂▁ avg(k/sec) 27.48▕ swarm size (avg): 225.19  ⟲May 21 01:15
XRevan86I do wonder why christel transferred the domain to it and if she told anyone. Because it is still unclear to me how a miscommunication of these proportions even managed to occur.May 21 01:15
schestowitz__ask Bolsonaro and Trump, who "faced off" the virusMay 21 01:15
schestowitz__and both got covidMay 21 01:15
schestowitz__also our own cheeto nazi, bojoMay 21 01:15
MinceRthis is why orban prefers fighting imagined threatsMay 21 01:15
sebsebseband she sold whatever to rasengan and some of the prevosu freenode staffers don't like that, yep that seems to be it, oh wellMay 21 01:15
MinceRthose are much more difficult to lose againstMay 21 01:15
sebsebsebif  Freenode still has good projects on it and suchMay 21 01:16
sebsebsebfor open soureMay 21 01:16
sebsebseband is a nice network :)May 21 01:16
sebsebseband some other channels too that aren't realy open source, and also starts having events again such as freenode liveMay 21 01:16
sebsebsebthen I guess so be it :)May 21 01:16
baronhk[m]1Cheeto Hitler still controls the Republican Party even though it's pretty obvious he's not coming back.May 21 01:16
sebsebsebfreedom of choise, people that don't like stuff can go else whereMay 21 01:16
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: McCarthyismMay 21 01:17
schestowitz__Trumpism with a maskMay 21 01:17
sebsebsebas for the korean stuff  as I think like schestowitz__ wsas trying to say earlier, that can be racism basically or dependsMay 21 01:17
schestowitz__undermining insurrection probeMay 21 01:17
*sebsebseb has been in South Korea for three zoom meetings this year :DMay 21 01:17
sebsebsebor was that twoMay 21 01:17
baronhk[m]1People are pouring out of states they don't like and moving.May 21 01:17
baronhk[m]1So far, this appears to be benefiting the Democrats in national politics.May 21 01:18
XRevan86sebsebseb: Well, not necessarily, but it's definitely not in good faith.May 21 01:18
sebsebsebXRevan86: which ?May 21 01:18
XRevan86sebsebseb: Laser focus on the prince aspect.May 21 01:18
baronhk[m]1The folks who left California solidified the party's control over Presidential elections in Nevada and Colorado, and Arizona is next.May 21 01:18
sebsebsebzoobab: well  it's the like i put earoier, oh no the koreans might do something badMay 21 01:18
sebsebsebfor XRevan86May 21 01:18
schestowitz__XRevan86: "us" versus "them"May 21 01:18
schestowitz__classismMay 21 01:18
baronhk[m]1So Fox News cheers the death of California when all they really got is another California.May 21 01:19
kingoffrance^ classismMay 21 01:19
baronhk[m]1At least as far as electoral math goes.May 21 01:19
schestowitz__if not, then something race... which they included alsoMay 21 01:19
kingoffranceclass war veiled as mccarthyismMay 21 01:19
schestowitz__with a name like Lee they could say "CHINA!"May 21 01:19
sebsebsebXRevan86: it's a bit like plution bought out access to soething or now owns some company, oh no that's the reussian president he's a bit dodgy, so he might do something bad with itMay 21 01:19
baronhk[m]1Republicans have not won Colorado, New Mexico, or Nevada since W.May 21 01:19
schestowitz__Lee is a common name in China and TaiwanMay 21 01:19
baronhk[m]1They have a big problem there.May 21 01:19
schestowitz__to the average Murcian they're "all the same" anywayMay 21 01:19
sebsebsebXRevan86: or the heweaii and china thing and the usMay 21 01:19
sebsebsebon china may have  spy ware in 5gMay 21 01:20
sebsebseboh no chian may have spyware in 5gMay 21 01:20
kingoffranceim sure they do; do i trust facebook any better? noMay 21 01:20
kingoffrance"us vs them"May 21 01:20
schestowitz__VICE is partly Murdoch-ownedMay 21 01:21
sebsebsebor maybe even how in certain cities, if you go to the bad part,  or appranat bad part,  you may  have more of a chance at  having your stuff stolen, even if that part was mostly  a worse part way backMay 21 01:21
kingoffranceamerican companies have so much better track record </sarcasm>May 21 01:21
schestowitz__so... who is "them"?May 21 01:21
sebsebsebkingoffrance: yep that's what i mean too May 21 01:21
kingoffrance^May 21 01:21
sebsebsebkingoffrance: uh the usa does bad things too at timesMay 21 01:21
schestowitz__they started much of the hackjob on RMSMay 21 01:21
kingoffranceever-shifting, "not us" schestowitz__ May 21 01:21
kingoffrancethats how you get 1984 :)May 21 01:21
schestowitz__by distorting or helping to distort what RMS had said on the listMay 21 01:21
sebsebsebkingoffrance: but yet people woul genereally trust the usa more than the russians china or even the koreansMay 21 01:21
kingoffranceconsistency doesnt matterMay 21 01:21
sebsebsebor from the western coutnreisMay 21 01:21
sebsebsebkingoffrance: oh and that's just a nick i hope :DMay 21 01:22
kingoffrancesebsebseb, sure, but they shouldnt, not for such a topic anywayMay 21 01:22
schestowitz__VICE makes it sound like MbS bought all of FOSSMay 21 01:22
sebsebsebkingoffrance: if not apaprnatly gogt a korean prince in here now, and also a king of france :DMay 21 01:22
kingoffrancelol   yeah i get ppl flip out on me too lolMay 21 01:23
kingoffranceyeah just a nickMay 21 01:23
kingoffrancei can "relate" lolMay 21 01:23
sebsebsebzoom has chinese linksMay 21 01:23
sebsebsebgoogle face book twtiter is the usaMay 21 01:23
sebsebsebjitis is open souce but i guess the server is in the us or somethingMay 21 01:23
sebsebsebuh it's the internetMay 21 01:23
sebsebsebthings are globalMay 21 01:23
kingoffrance^May 21 01:24
kingoffrancethats why i find most this "oh noez russia" "oh noez china" "oh noez korea" speciousMay 21 01:24
kingoffrancemoney is global too from everything i understandMay 21 01:24
sebsebsebyeah and people from those countires have all put code in the linux kernel i expectMay 21 01:24
MinceRyou can host jitsi wherever you want to, it's free softwareMay 21 01:24
sebsebsebyet we trust it doenst' turn our web cam on LInuxMay 21 01:24
kingoffranceits not just nationalism, or fake nationalism, i dont think any of it is even accurateMay 21 01:24
MinceRafaikMay 21 01:24
sebsebsebwihtout us knowing and thingsMay 21 01:24
sebsebsebbut uhmm iis got over 200 million ines of code now too so uhmmMay 21 01:24
MinceRLinux used to have pretty strong code reviewsMay 21 01:25
MinceRuntil that got in the way of the oligarchs and forced a CoC on itMay 21 01:25
MinceRand muzzled LinusMay 21 01:25
sebsebsebrasengan: Freenode Live 2022  / 2023    Bristol maybe? that would be something :)May 21 01:25
sebsebsebrasengan: it should be Bristol yes :)May 21 01:26
baronhk[m]125 GB for "previous Windows installation".May 21 01:30
baronhk[m]1Yeah, get rid of that.May 21 01:30
*mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)May 21 01:32
kingoffranceeven ppl who say "everything cmoes down to physical borders, some real server at some point"  ....doesnt modern world have extradition agreements?May 21 01:33
kingoffrancei mean even if that was true, theres still other things that make it "global"May 21 01:33
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: What if ye'd want to revert to the previous installation that is virtually identical to the current one?May 21 01:33
baronhk[m]1I guess I just have to live without the remote display model from Windows 2000.May 21 01:34
kingoffrancei would agree with that "class based on behavior better than being for or against specific orgs" if you changed it to "ideas, regardless where they come from" May 21 01:34
kingoffrancediscussion is supposed to be about ideasMay 21 01:35
kingoffrancethe "persons" of all kinds pushing them come and goMay 21 01:36
baronhk[m]1Microsoft Edge (not responding)?May 21 01:37
baronhk[m]1That's my favorite app!May 21 01:37
baronhk[m]1Right after Firefox (not responding)!May 21 01:37
MinceR:>May 21 01:39
MinceRdon't you love applications with no name and a generic icon keeping you from shutting the system down? :>May 21 01:40
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 01:41
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Open Hardware/Modding: RISC-V, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi | Tux MachinesMay 21 01:42
techrights-bot#FreeSoftware Leftovers and Issues • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 01:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Free Software Leftovers and Issues | Tux MachinesMay 21 01:42
techrights-bot#Programming Leftovers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 01:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Programming Leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 01:42
baronhk[m]1<MinceR "don't you love applications with"> It would be funnier if there was even a reason to put most Linux distros on the computer to replace this piece of shit these days.May 21 01:47
baronhk[m]1Unfortunately, the inmates took over the asylum a long time ago and have reimplemented all of the bad ideas, and have still done less QA on those versions than the ones in Windows 10.May 21 01:47
baronhk[m]1It's finally come to a head at Ubuntu.May 21 01:47
baronhk[m]1systemdunce keeps stopping my computers from shutting down successfully, even 8 years later, and there's just no indication they'll ever patch that.May 21 01:48
baronhk[m]1And Fatpaking your programs is all the rage now.May 21 01:48
baronhk[m]1It's getting worse than Windows in some ways.May 21 01:48
MinceRyeahMay 21 01:49
baronhk[m]1The Onedrive application icon is back in the start menu.May 21 01:49
baronhk[m]1But it does nothing since I removed it previously.May 21 01:49
techrights-botLinks 21/5/2021: #LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0 Beta 3 and #PostgreSQL 14 Beta 1 • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 01:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 21/5/2021: LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0 Beta 3 and PostgreSQL 14 Beta 1 | TechrightsMay 21 01:50
baronhk[m]1 21 02:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Oregone? 7 Oregon Counties Vote To Back Seceding, So Citizens Can Vote GOP In Idaho : NPRMay 21 02:01
baronhk[m]1No chance of it, but it's interesting to note that much of the opposition was because they can sell weed to people from Idaho and they wouldn't be able to if the border changed.May 21 02:02
kingoffrance:/May 21 02:03
kingoffrancei dont think legal or not is gonna stop anything :)May 21 02:03
baronhk[m]1Well, they pour over into the counties adjacent to the states where it is illegal and buy weed there.May 21 02:06
baronhk[m]1Illinois has sold more than $180 million in weed to Indiana in the first full year our legalization law was in effect.May 21 02:06
baronhk[m]1The Indiana state government can prosecute people who come in with it, but their law enforcement expenses are racking up while we get their cash.May 21 02:07
baronhk[m]1I'm sorry, $180 million is out of state total.May 21 02:08
baronhk[m]1But a lot of that is IN, because there's really four state borders around us and that's where the majority goes.May 21 02:08
baronhk[m]1We'd be selling more to Indiana except it's also legal in Michigan, so some people buy it there because it's closer.May 21 02:08
baronhk[m]1Abortion will be the same if Roe gets struck down. They'll just open more clinics right across the state line.May 21 02:09
baronhk[m]1Stallman pointed out that Texas is trying to pass a law where anyone can sue anyone for $10,000 if they get an abortion or assist with one.May 21 02:09
MinceRthe freedom to sue people for getting or assisting an abortionMay 21 02:10
baronhk[m]1Basically, under that law if a woman gets an abortion in Texas, I could file a lawsuit in a Texas court against both the doctor and her even though I don't even know her.May 21 02:10
MinceRthe freedom to practice their religion, their wayMay 21 02:11
baronhk[m]1Well, I think all it will do is silence the women who go out of state, because the state still has to gather evidence to bring it into court as a crime.May 21 02:11
baronhk[m]1Theoretically, if Roe is struck down, states could pass laws making it a crime to, as a resident, get an abortion out of state.May 21 02:11
baronhk[m]1How do they enforce that? People narcing on themselves on Social Media would be one way.May 21 02:12
baronhk[m]1Right now, even though having sex with a 17 year old is legal in Illinois, they can still charge you with crimes for it.May 21 02:12
baronhk[m]1Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, traveling to meet a minor, potentially kidnapping, so you have a lot of exposure, but what's the most interesting as it relates to a state's ability to prosecute a crime is "traveling".May 21 02:13
baronhk[m]1Texas could say "Traveling to obtain an abortion." is an offense.May 21 02:13
baronhk[m]1How could they enforce it? The travel to obtain an abortion would have to be related to Texas in some way, they would have to prove you traveled somehow and some distance, and they would have to prove what your primary intent for the travel was.May 21 02:14
techrights-ipfs ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▁▇▃▆▅▆▂▅▆▇▆▁▅▁▁▆▂▄▅▅▅▅▂▅▅▃▅▆▅▁▆▇▁ avg(k/sec) 20.55 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▂█▂▁▁▂▁▂▁▂▃▃▇▂▃██▂█▂▃▂▁▂▂█▃▁▁▂▂▁█▂▁ avg(k/sec) 50.58▕ swarm size (avg): 225.23  ⟲May 21 02:15
baronhk[m]1So basically, you would need to not tell anyone where you were going or why, leave your cell phone at home, don't ever talk about the abortion on an electronic communications device, and preferably find an abortion clinic that destroys patient records quickly even though it is out of state and those records should be covered under HIPAA.May 21 02:15
baronhk[m]1It would also help if you went over there to go shopping or something first and then decided to get the abortion while you were already there, as far as your defense in court.May 21 02:16
baronhk[m]1Stallman says don't be tracked, pay cash.May 21 02:17
baronhk[m]1If you're out of state without permission on probation, your probation officer tends to find out if they want to violate it for something. How?May 21 02:17
baronhk[m]1You're no longer subject to the fourth amendment while you're on probation. If they ask for bank records or cell phone records or anything, they get them because they don't need a warrant. You signed that to avoid going to jail.May 21 02:18
baronhk[m]1It means keep the cell phone at home, don't let anyone take pictures of you out of state, and if you stop for gas or food, pay cash.May 21 02:18
*koo6 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)May 21 02:19
baronhk[m]1Somehow, asking for permission to be in Indiana sounded better in court as "My elderly mother lives there, I have no family in Illinois, and I will stay living here and follow your laws." than "Mom's dropping off her car here and I need to drop her back off in Indiana so I can stop paying the car loan and drive around with my ex's car, who is the reason why I'm here, to make him squirm, while I'm not making theMay 21 02:21
baronhk[m]1payments.".May 21 02:21
baronhk[m]1MinceR: It's not what you say. It's how you say it.May 21 02:22
baronhk[m]1And in all things, it's the thought that counts.May 21 02:22
baronhk[m]1I didn't plug my phone into the car's navigation system because I was worried that it might pass it along to the finance company where the car was at by retrieving GPS coordinates from the phone through Android Auto.May 21 02:24
MinceR:>May 21 02:24
MinceRthe car doesn't have a GPS receiver of its own?May 21 02:25
baronhk[m]1I don't think so. They were calling me every day for almost 5 months asking where it was at.May 21 02:25
baronhk[m]1I told them I'd tell them when I got around to doing so.May 21 02:25
baronhk[m]1Eventually, I drove it down to Joliet and stripped the plates off and canceled the insurance and abandoned it on a dealer lot. Told them they could pick it up there.May 21 02:26
baronhk[m]1So they charged John for late payments, late payment fees, garaging at the dealership, new plates, a new insurance policy, and he had to take a day off work and ride Metra down to Joliet. May 21 02:27
baronhk[m]1Which is about 4.5 hours from Fox Lake changing commuter trains once.May 21 02:27
MinceRin my car, buying the satellite navigation option is equivalent to getting an SD card with the maps on itMay 21 02:27
MinceRthe car already has everything else necessary for itMay 21 02:28
baronhk[m]1My car now has dials and buttons on it.May 21 02:28
baronhk[m]1And a tape player.May 21 02:28
baronhk[m]1The mechanic said he'd buy it from me. I said I didn't want something new.May 21 02:29
baronhk[m]1They always figure out how to make new things worse than an old thing with a lot of miles.May 21 02:29
MinceR:>May 21 02:31
sebsebsebsoon it will be the old skool stuff left on freenodeMay 21 02:33
sebsebsebbut not ubuntuMay 21 02:33
sebsebseband eveyhting els else where :DMay 21 02:33
sebsebsebtechrights will become the most popular channel on freenode !May 21 02:33
kingoffrancelol yeah im kind of wondering if thats how it will play outMay 21 02:34
sebsebsebexcept i have just been trying to get onto the new network and guess whatMay 21 02:34
sebsebsebit's not been workingMay 21 02:34
sebsebsebnice website for it though :)May 21 02:34
sebsebsebkingoffrance: yep when it goes that way i will make a system d lovers channel decidated to mincer on freenode too :DMay 21 02:35
sebsebsebanad one for Apple as well again dedicated to MinceRMay 21 02:35
baronhk[m]1Ubuntu is already a Matrix channel, mostly.May 21 02:36
sebsebsebubuntu is going to move to the other network it seemsMay 21 02:36
sebsebsebgoing by what i have seenMay 21 02:36
techrights-bot*** 𝐈 𝐑 𝐂   𝐋 𝐈 𝐍 𝐊 𝐒 *** Yesterday's #boycottnovell-social IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: Read the log now...May 21 02:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: Thursday, May 20, 2021May 21 02:37
techrights-bot*** 𝐈 𝐑 𝐂   𝐋 𝐈 𝐍 𝐊 𝐒 *** Yesterday's #techrights IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: Read the log now...May 21 02:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Thursday, May 20, 2021May 21 02:38
MinceRi'm surprised that ubuntu hasn't moved to dicksword yetMay 21 02:38
MinceRthey seemed to love every shiny piece of shit that was hyped up ever since they existedMay 21 02:39
techrights-bot*** 𝐈 𝐑 𝐂   𝐋 𝐈 𝐍 𝐊 𝐒 *** Yesterday's #boycottnovell IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: Read the log now...May 21 02:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Thursday, May 20, 2021May 21 02:39
sebsebsebMinceR: Ubuntu iss going strongMay 21 02:39
sebsebsebone of the most popular desktop distros stillMay 21 02:39
baronhk[m]1Maybe Microsoft fixed Chuckdisk /f so it doesn't destroy SSDs.May 21 02:39
sebsebseband reasonably popular for servers and that tooMay 21 02:39
sebsebsebbaronhk[m]1: uhmm soon you can do fsck in the windows terminal  using the linux tools i expect :dMay 21 02:40
techrights-bot*** 𝐈 𝐑 𝐂   𝐋 𝐈 𝐍 𝐊 𝐒 *** Yesterday's #techbytes IRC logs ready. HTML: TEXT: Read the log now...May 21 02:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techbytes @ FreeNode: Thursday, May 20, 2021May 21 02:40
sebsebsebbaronhk[m]1: in fact you may be able to do that alradyMay 21 02:40
sebsebsebin windows 10 May 21 02:40
MinceRsebsebseb: yeah, and billions of flies like to eat shitMay 21 02:40
sebsebseband eating fies is apparnaty going to be good when lack of meat  and things i read the other weekMay 21 02:41
MinceRsebsebseb: but again, windows, which is idolized by systemd people, is more popular than ubuntuMay 21 02:41
sebsebsebMinceR: uh windows dones't have system d ?May 21 02:42
sebsebseb:DMay 21 02:42
sebsebsebor pulse audioMay 21 02:42
sebsebsebor not yetMay 21 02:42
sebsebsebhaMay 21 02:42
techrights-bot*** 𝐁𝐔𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐍 *** Yesterday's bulletin ready. 21 02:42
baronhk[m]1Bill Gates suggested eating bugs to deal with rampant poverty in formerly first world countries.May 21 02:42
baronhk[m]1Very philanthropic of him.May 21 02:42
XRevan86rasengan: What was that about approinting new admins bypassing the staff though? I quoted a mention of that earlier.May 21 02:42
MinceRsebsebseb: it does, if you use WSL2May 21 02:43
MinceRthen again, you can also run ubuntu on WSL2May 21 02:43
MinceRand have a whole pile of crapware crawling on top of each otherMay 21 02:43
sebsebseband KDE GNOME etc or soonMay 21 02:43
MinceRyou mean only gnomeMay 21 02:43
MinceRsince everything else is heresyMay 21 02:43
sebsebsebMincer OS  based on ubuntu via  WSL 2 yep that's coming soonMay 21 02:44
sebsebseband it has system d nad pulse audio as part of itMay 21 02:44
sebsebsebMinceR: it even has a brown colour scheme all over the place :DMay 21 02:44
sebsebseba bit like the old ubuntuMay 21 02:44
sebsebsebbut that was niceMay 21 02:44
MinceRweirdMay 21 02:44
sebsebsebI am talking about uhmm a even more brown themeMay 21 02:44
MinceRi thought they replaced that long agoMay 21 02:45
sebsebsebthey didMay 21 02:45
sebsebsebwith some purple aburgine thingMay 21 02:45
sebsebsebwith some oragne in it too since a communityMay 21 02:45
sebsebsebcompany purple aburgine,    community orangeMay 21 02:45
sebsebsebbut in MinceR OS things look old skool, well even worse than old skoolMay 21 02:45
MinceRthere's no MinceR OS yetMay 21 02:45
sebsebsebthere is it's based on ubuntuMay 21 02:46
MinceRand it won't be called that anywayMay 21 02:46
MinceRand it probably won't have Linux in it either, let alone systemd or gnomeMay 21 02:46
sebsebsebits a bit ike hannah montanta os of 2009, excpt hannah montana os was actsaull good for what it was :)May 21 02:46
sebsebseboh right the windows kenrel instead i see or the old one, since windows will have gone linux by then :DMay 21 02:46
sebsebsebthey will open source the old kenrel for funMay 21 02:47
sebsebsebReact OS will use itMay 21 02:47
sebsebsebthey will blame bugs on MinceRMay 21 02:47
sebsebsebthey Microsoft,  but also React OS, and also the other creaters of mincer osMay 21 02:47
MinceRno, if you want windows, you'd better get windowsMay 21 02:48
sebsebsebthen when people want a theme change,  they can get one that will make it look like Mac OS XMay 21 02:48
MinceRwhat's the point of making derivatives of an OS in a cult where "fragmentation" is evil and so is choice?May 21 02:49
sebsebseblet me ask your co founder of MinceR OS who has asked to stay anoymousMay 21 02:50
sebsebsebhe says for fun and a laiugh, espeically with MinceR  OS and even more so that it's based on ubuntuMay 21 02:50
sebsebseband has system d and pulse audio in it and even that optional mac os x  thems, basically  various things you hateMay 21 02:50
MinceRgnome doesn't ship with OSuX theme yet?May 21 02:50
sebsebsebnope but been able to make it look like a mac for yearsMay 21 02:51
XRevan86It's disturbing that Andrew's version of events omits that admin bit altogether.May 21 02:51
MinceRwhat's so difficult to do about it?May 21 02:51
sebsebsebXRevan86: for that one it's do you trust what rasengan  says, or the former freenode staff, and whyMay 21 02:52
MinceRsebsebseb: how can i trust any of them? as far as i can tell, there's no way to verify them independentlyMay 21 02:52
XRevan86sebsebseb: I have no reason to trust or not trust either party. They even both be more or less right, different pespectives paint different pictures.May 21 02:53
sebsebsebyep that's why  going back to the other subject, they have the mac os x hteme  by default in MinceR  OS, to paint a differnet picture as well :)May 21 02:54
baronhk[m]1Just like in North Korea.May 21 02:54
MinceR:>May 21 02:54
MinceRthey didn't quite get it right in Red Star OSMay 21 02:54
*sebsebseb loves MinceR really :D :) ha haMay 21 02:55
sebsebsebthey need to sort out their serers for libera oterwise there isn't much of a networkMay 21 02:55
sebsebsebi treid to get on a few times earlier and nopeMay 21 02:55
sebsebsebor i got on but not for long or kind of on even eventuallyMay 21 02:55
sebsebsebMinceR: AppleMay 21 02:57
sebsebsebMinceR: IBMMay 21 02:57
sebsebsebMinceR: MicrosoftMay 21 02:58
sebsebsebMinceR: CanonicalMay 21 02:58
sebsebsebMinceR: OraacleMay 21 02:58
MinceRsebsebseb: you've failed, you're outMay 21 02:58
sebsebsebI can think of more tech comapnies if that's what you meanMay 21 02:58
MinceRthose are not tech companiesMay 21 02:59
sebsebsebGoogle, Twiteter, FacebokMay 21 02:59
sebsebsebZoomMay 21 02:59
MinceR3 misspellings alreadyMay 21 02:59
sebsebsebLG, Sony, Huwaaii,   May 21 02:59
sebsebsebTwitter is a typoMay 21 02:59
*sebsebseb rasengan will make MinceR the new God of freenode but its not time yet, whatch out XRevan86 when that happens :d :)May 21 03:00
sebsebsebnot sleeping yet, but want to do some other things tonight etc,    so  may as well leave for now actsaullyMay 21 03:02
sebsebsebi only really cme on earlier since the annoucement i had seen anywayMay 21 03:02
*sebsebseb has quit (Remote host closed the connection)May 21 03:02
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XRevan86Good night all, what a day.May 21 03:55
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techrights-botAwesome Window Rules Make Your Life More Awesome #gnu #linuxMay 21 06:06
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techrights-bot#microsoft #windows breach 21 06:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Colonial Pipeline Lessons: Ransomware (and Security) Steps Everyone Should Take - InternetNews.May 21 06:08
techrights-bot"At the same time, it has came to our attention that certain individuals have been using the situation to impersonate #Gentoo developers on other #IRC networks." 21 06:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Freenode IRC and Gentoo – Gentoo LinuxMay 21 06:13
CrystalMath 21 06:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Jacob Hrbek 🔥: "Andrew Lee is the best thing that ever happened t…" - FreespeechMay 21 06:14
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techrights-bot"I am hopeful for this to be an end to gender and sexual orientation based harassment on the network while promotice a productive working environment for the open-source development" 21 06:20
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Teenager's Guide to Avoiding Actual Work - The Mad Ned MemoMay 21 06:35
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Striking a balance with ‘open’ at Snowflake | Tech ExecMay 21 06:36
techrights-botGoing to release the next part of the #epo series shortly. Deals with #surveillance against #techrights ... by the EPO "Mafia" (what EPO staff calls the EPO!0May 21 06:38
schestowitz__ 21 06:41
schestowitz__Using IRC to expose corruptionMay 21 06:41
techrights-botThe EPO’s War on #Justice and Assault on the #Law — Part 15: The EBA Letter of 8 December 2014 #epo #corruption #surveillanceMay 21 07:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The EPO’s War on Justice and Assault on the Law — Part 15: The EBA Letter of 8 December 2014 | TechrightsMay 21 07:05
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techrights-bot● NEWS ● #IshSookun #Surveillance #Privacy ☞ Proof-of-concept proxy shows user account passwords and private photos can be decrypted 21 07:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Proof-of-concept proxy shows user account passwords and private photos can be decryptedMay 21 07:43
techrights-bot● NEWS ● #TheVerge #Surveillance #Privacy ☞ Senators roll out bipartisan data privacy bill 21 07:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Senators roll out bipartisan data privacy bill - The VergeMay 21 07:43
techrights-bot● NEWS ● #CNBC #Surveillance #Privacy ☞ #Amazon partners with Tile to take on Apple AirTags 21 07:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Amazon partners with Tile to take on Apple AirTagsMay 21 07:44
techrights-botRational #Patent Office Gone Irrational #epo #europe #epc #injusticeMay 21 07:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Rational Patent Office Gone Irrational | TechrightsMay 21 07:49
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opal>But it seems like pretty much the whole catastrophe right now boils down to that. In the same way that “cancel RMS”May 21 09:18
opalthese really arent analogousMay 21 09:18
schestowitz__they are notMay 21 09:35
opalalso hi schestowitz__ May 21 09:36
schestowitz__but there are some points along the way that are similar, like the groupthinkMay 21 09:36
opalyou get around :DMay 21 09:36
schestowitz__opal: May 21 09:36
schestowitz__hiMay 21 09:36
schestowitz__do you want to read a draft of my next post on this?May 21 09:36
opalsureMay 21 09:36
schestowitz__just finished typing, one secMay 21 09:36
schestowitz__it expands on the RMS thingMay 21 09:36
opali dont agree with everything that either side is doing, but the general sentiment that freenode has endured a hostile takeover is still thereMay 21 09:36
schestowitz__it started with dispute, citing "FSF"May 21 09:37
schestowitz__fearing hostile takeoverMay 21 09:37
opali think that part is hard to argueMay 21 09:37
opallee bribed several people and groups, including alpine linuxMay 21 09:37
schestowitz__consensus isn't always truthMay 21 09:37
schestowitz__he did notMay 21 09:37
opalyou heard something different from alpine?May 21 09:37
schestowitz__someone who works for his brother, separate company, offered thingsMay 21 09:37
schestowitz__but it was turned downMay 21 09:37
opalohMay 21 09:37
opalso not leeMay 21 09:38
schestowitz__mostly op privsMay 21 09:38
schestowitz__not moneyMay 21 09:38
opallee actually offered me a staff position here and i intend to take it and at least try to place some order back into freenodeMay 21 09:38
schestowitz__my draft is readyMay 21 09:39
opalive been here for a decade so i know how freenode operatesMay 21 09:39
schestowitz__ 21 09:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Freenode Users Exodus as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Boosted by Those Looking to Gain | TechrightsMay 21 09:39
schestowitz__have a quick look plsMay 21 09:39
opali'll readMay 21 09:39
schestowitz__there will be typos, report if you see them May 21 09:39
schestowitz__opal: we are 'selfish', we want stabilityMay 21 09:39
opal(btw do you object to using https on the site)May 21 09:39
schestowitz__Free software projects don't want to deal with abuse of people like christelMay 21 09:39
schestowitz__opal: no, no objection, technical reasonsMay 21 09:40
schestowitz__gemini uses tlsMay 21 09:40
schestowitz__gemini:// 21 09:40
opalyeah and i'd be willing to work toward stability on hereMay 21 09:40
opalnot a typo but might be worded better:May 21 09:42
opalFor those who claim that Freenode’s violates privacyMay 21 09:42
opalfreenode's whatMay 21 09:42
schestowitz__ah, yes, typoMay 21 09:42
opalahMay 21 09:43
opalso i was wrong, it was a typo :DMay 21 09:43
opal> PIA snooping ‘evidence’ was allegedly fabricated May 21 09:43
opalthat's interesting but i don't think i came across thatMay 21 09:43
opalmaybe i did but years agoMay 21 09:43
opalin any case i didnt pay it much mindMay 21 09:43
opali believe the snoonet change of ownership logs were legit thoughMay 21 09:43
opalgoing through the pdf as wellMay 21 09:46
trttl>They’ve repeatedly proven, even in court, that they don’t log.May 21 09:52
trttlthis is inaccurateMay 21 09:52
trttliirc an employee or someone affiliated with pia at the time said something in court (as a witness? not sure) that to the best of their knowledge pia doesn't logMay 21 09:55
opalif logs havent (so far) been divulged then i guess thats all we can go byMay 21 09:55
schestowitz__can you link it?May 21 09:56
trttli understand but the wording is not accurate in my opinionMay 21 09:56
opalabsence of evidence isnt evidence of absence, etcMay 21 09:56
schestowitz__I did not read about the incident you refer toMay 21 09:56
opali just dont like commercial vpns :pMay 21 09:56
schestowitz__me neitherMay 21 09:56
trttli can't. there was a discussion about this on the pia forums but those got nukedMay 21 09:56
schestowitz__but PIA is afaik one of the few legit onesMay 21 09:57
schestowitz__I need some form of evidenceMay 21 09:57
schestowitz__rasengan might be able to commentMay 21 09:57
techrights-botThe Freenode Users Exodus as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Boosted by Those Looking to Gain • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #IRC #freenode #racism | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 09:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Freenode Users Exodus as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Boosted by Those Looking to Gain | TechrightsMay 21 09:59
trttli think looking into that a bit deeper would worth it because.. there used to be a different story circling around originating from a (supposedly?) ex-employee which contradicts the no-log "proof"May 21 10:02
trttlbut i don't know the details and never cared enough to investigate it because it didn't concern me. i'm not and never been their customerMay 21 10:04
techrights-bot“The Mob Rushes in Where Individuals Fear to Tread.” ― B.F. Skinner, Walden Two • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #freenode #irc | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 10:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | “The Mob Rushes in Where Individuals Fear to Tread.” ― B.F. Skinner, Walden Two | TechrightsMay 21 10:15
schestowitz__trttl: I'm all earsMay 21 10:15
schestowitz__the burden of proof is on the "accuser" :-)May 21 10:16
schestowitz__I've seen no evidence, not even indireactMay 21 10:16
schestowitz__anything more than 'gossip' would be more than indirectMay 21 10:16
schestowitz__maybe in some cases config errors led to unintended loggingMay 21 10:16
schestowitz__but afaik it's not their policyMay 21 10:16
schestowitz__their business would collapse if that was to happen and word came outMay 21 10:17
techrights-botToo much #microsoft #windows #mono and #dotnet in Gemini mailing lists lately. Also, #deletegithub (we don't want Gemini to go that way; it would put geeks off).May 21 10:24
trttli'm not accusing anyone with anything and i pretty much implied i don't know whether there's more to this than just unfounded gossip or notMay 21 10:25
trttlbut something you might want to check if you mention it in an articleMay 21 10:25
trttl>[a vpn] business would collapse if that was to happen and word came out - if this was true then nordvpn wouldn't existMay 21 10:27
schestowitz__"there are some Freenode-related links in the Politics section, they might be removed"May 21 10:29
schestowitz__my friend considers this whole thing "politics"May 21 10:29
schestowitz__trttl: is it profitable though?May 21 10:30
schestowitz__some vpns merely INCREASE the spying, adding to the ISP'sMay 21 10:30
schestowitz__like the one Facebook was pushingMay 21 10:30
techrights-bot"i guess they don't get paid to cancel gates" 21 10:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Wednesday, May 19, 2021May 21 10:31
trttlthey have a vpn service now?May 21 10:34
schestowitz__let me find it...May 21 10:37
schestowitz__ 21 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them – TechCrunchMay 21 10:38
schestowitz__ 21 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Facebook will shut down its spyware VPN app Onavo – TechCrunchMay 21 10:38
schestowitz__ 21 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Here’s how Facebook is spying on you, and what you can do to stop it | Hotspot Shield VPNMay 21 10:38
schestowitz__ 21 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Facebook To Shut Down VPN App That Let It Spy On UsersMay 21 10:38
schestowitz__ 21 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Facebook secretly paid users $20 a month to use VPN spying app | CSO OnlineMay 21 10:38
schestowitz__ 21 10:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-How to Stop Facebook From Spying on Your Internet Activity | PCMagMay 21 10:39
schestowitz__ 21 10:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Facebook's New 'Onavo Protect' VPN is a Spyware App - ExtremeTechMay 21 10:39
schestowitz__ 21 10:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Apple Finally Takes Down Facebook's VPN Spying App | The Motley FoolMay 21 10:39
schestowitz__ 21 10:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Don’t Use Facebook’s Onavo VPN: It’s Designed to Spy On YouMay 21 10:39
trttlkekMay 21 10:42
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techrights-bot#ibm #exodus "But to have as high attrition rates as we did in the past year? In the middle of a #pandemic that all but destroyed the job market? Now that's telling." #redhat 21 11:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The best indicator of IBM's state - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 11:53
techrights-botEmulate the #Sinclair ZX81 home computer with #GNU #Linux • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 #TuxMachinesMay 21 11:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Emulate the Sinclair ZX81 home computer with Linux | Tux MachinesMay 21 11:56
techrights-bot2-key mechanical #USB keypad runs #QMK firmware (Crowdfunding) • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 #TuxMachinesMay 21 11:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 2-key mechanical USB keypad runs QMK firmware (Crowdfunding) | Tux MachinesMay 21 11:56
techrights-botWhy I Switched from #Ubuntu to Manjaro, Personal Story • 𝕿𝖚𝖝𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 #linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 11:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The KDE 3.5 Control Center - Part 2 - Desktop | Tux MachinesMay 21 11:57
techrights-bot#IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 157 available for testing • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 11:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 157 available for testing | Tux MachinesMay 21 11:58
techrights-botToday in #Techrights • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 11:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Today in Techrights | Tux MachinesMay 21 11:58
techrights-bot10 Best #Webmin Alternative tools for #Ubuntu or Linux Servers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 11:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 10 Best Webmin Alternative tools for Ubuntu or Linux Servers | Tux MachinesMay 21 11:59
techrights-bot#Entroware Unveils New Proteus Linux Laptop Powered by Ubuntu 20.04 LTS • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 12:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Entroware Unveils New Proteus Linux Laptop Powered by Ubuntu 20.04 LTS | Tux MachinesMay 21 12:00
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 12:00
techrights-bot#Garuda Desktops Put a New Spin on Linux Looks • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 12:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Garuda Desktops Put a New Spin on Linux Looks | Tux MachinesMay 21 12:00
techrights-botThe illegal #surveillance by Europe’s second-largest institution was a culmination of dictatorial despotism by the institution entrusted to grant patents correctly while respecting the independence of judges • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #epo #corruption | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 12:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The EPO’s War on Justice and Assault on the Law — Part 15: The EBA Letter of 8 December 2014 | TechrightsMay 21 12:10
techrights-botHow the #EPO turned or morphed from patent office into ‘printing press’ for grifting politicians like #BenoîtBattistelli and #AntónioCampinos • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 12:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Rational Patent Office Gone Irrational | TechrightsMay 21 12:11
techrights-botTake a moment to study what actually begets the current split; the grievances don’t merit a fragmentation, which the communities around #Freesoftware aren’t likely to benefit from • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 12:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Freenode Users Exodus as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Boosted by Those Looking to Gain | TechrightsMay 21 12:12
techrights-botPeople may fear defending #Freenode (it’s an unpopular position at the moment), but facts must matter, not caricatures of people with class stigma and racial stereotypes • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 12:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | “The Mob Rushes in Where Individuals Fear to Tread.” ― B.F. Skinner, Walden Two | TechrightsMay 21 12:12
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techrights-bot● NEWS ● #TorrentFreak #copyright #copyrights #au ☞ When Aussies Face a Blocked Pirate Site, 59% Simply Give Up & Don't Try Legal Options 21 14:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-When Aussies Face a Blocked Pirate Site, 59% Simply Give Up & Don't Try Legal Options * TorrentFreakMay 21 14:13
techrights-bot● NEWS ● #TorrentFreak #copyright #copyrights # ☞ Member of Busted Scene Piracy Group SPARKS Avoids Prison Sentence 21 14:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Member of Busted Scene Piracy Group SPARKS Avoids Prison Sentence * TorrentFreakMay 21 14:13
techrights-bot● NEWS ● #Techdirt #Privacy #Surveillance ☞ Defense Department Is Buying Domestic #Internet Metadata From Data Brokers 21 14:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Defense Department Is Buying Domestic Internet Metadata From Data Brokers | TechdirtMay 21 14:13
techrights-bot● NEWS ● #TheNation #billgates #gatesfoundation #corruption ☞ The Fall of the House of Gates? 21 14:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Fall of the House of Gates? | The NationMay 21 14:16
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techrights-bot● NEWS ● #EFF ☞ Fighting Disciplinary Technologies "monitoring performance, confirming compliance...."May 21 14:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Fighting Disciplinary Technologies | Electronic Frontier FoundationMay 21 14:17
techrights-bot● NEWS ● #PIA #GDPR ☞ Better than the EU's GDPR? China's new #privacy law includes a rule for handling personal information after death 21 14:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Better than the EU's GDPR? China's new privacy law includes a rule for handling personal information after deathMay 21 14:17
techrights-botiophk: without using the same words, he's as vehement about Software Freedom as RMS 21 14:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Big Tech Botnets - The Fearsome New TechnologyMay 21 14:21
*baronhk[m]1 < >May 21 14:33
techrights-bot#Google #Android Leftovers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 14:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 14:35
techrights-bot#KDE ’s Author Avatars and Not Phoning Home • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 14:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | KDE's Author Avatars and Not Phoning Home | Tux MachinesMay 21 14:35
techrights-bot#Entroware Proteus is a Linux Laptop for Getting Things Done • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 14:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Entroware Proteus is a Linux Laptop for Getting Things Done | Tux MachinesMay 21 14:35
baronhk[m]1The truth is that Apple can't guarantee that iOS is free of malware because they couldn't pay people who understand how to read code to sit there and review every app submission, line by line. There's not enough money. There's not even enough people in the world.May 21 14:35
baronhk[m]1And it's interesting that they never claimed iOS was malware-free in their testimony, only that it was less of a problem due to the lockdown.May 21 14:36
baronhk[m]1Which means that they felt they would perjure themselves in court and someone would expose them, had they dared to swear by the handshake promise made to iPhone users.May 21 14:37
baronhk[m]1Perjury and the articles that would follow would have been far worse for them than admitting that malware is a problem on the Mac, which they aren't even focused on anymore anyway.May 21 14:38
baronhk[m]1It's not difficult to see where macOS is heading. In ten years, it probably won't exist. Apple will move people over to iOS on an iPad and say dock a keyboard and here's XCode for development.May 21 14:39
baronhk[m]1Because those processors will be powerful enough then.May 21 14:39
techrights-bot#ChromeOS support for Linux apps will exit beta in a few weeks #gnu #linuxMay 21 14:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chrome OS’s Linux app support is leaving beta | Tux MachinesMay 21 14:39
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techrights-botLeaky and Freaky Patent Office • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #swpats #patents #europe #corruption | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 14:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Leaky and Freaky Patent Office | TechrightsMay 21 14:45
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baronhk[m]1schestowitz__: 21 14:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Child marriage is currently legal in 46 states | WGN-TVMay 21 14:54
baronhk[m]1Here's my reply:May 21 14:54
*baronhk[m]1 < >May 21 14:54
schestowitz__"You mean Jeff Epstein's friend, Bill Gates. THE Bill Gates that is now exposed a a sex predator who went around trawling Microsoft for vulnerable women while he had been married for years? The Bill Gates that said he taught his daughter about sex at 7?"May 21 14:55
schestowitz__his wife said thatMay 21 14:55
schestowitz__not billMay 21 14:55
baronhk[m]1The whole thing is a lot, A LOT, creepier than a 17 year old marrying a 21 year old.May 21 14:57
baronhk[m]1They try to deflect from the Epstein connection now by complaining about "child marriage laws".May 21 14:57
baronhk[m]1Which, again, in no state is under 16 and they all have multiple safeguards to make sure it's not some guy in a free candy van.May 21 14:58
baronhk[m]1I would argue that child molesters are not generally going to try to marry a 16=17 year old for sex.May 21 14:59
baronhk[m]1By that age, they've lost interest. The whole child predator thing revolves around a sick attraction to people who do not have adult physical features so why would they marry a 17 year old?May 21 14:59
schestowitz__so gates foundation now lobbies on child marriage?May 21 15:00
schestowitz__I did not open the link btwMay 21 15:00
baronhk[m]1Yeah, apparently. May 21 15:00 #gatesfoundation now lobbies on child marriage. Utterly disgusting. It this the strategy of #billgates now? Legalising his mate Epstein? Posthumously.May 21 15:01
schestowitz__"Our European visitors are important to us."May 21 15:01
schestowitz__I cannot access the articleMay 21 15:01
baronhk[m]1Gates is apparently "on the side of the children". (Sure.)May 21 15:02
baronhk[m]1The study bemoans that out of over 300,000 marriages to people 16-18 in the US in the last 20 years or so, 60,000 would have been sex crimes in the jurisdiction had they occurred outside of marriage.May 21 15:02
techrights-botResponse to article "Child marriage is currently legal in 46 states" (linked to #gatesfoundation money) #billgatesMay 21 15:03
baronhk[m]1Well, that's an awful lot like saying gee, if that $5,000 I walked out of the bank with had been at gunpoint instead of a deposit slip drawn on my account, it would have been bank robbery!May 21 15:03
techrights-bot#TuxedoInfinity Book Pro 14 Linux laptop launched with 3K LTPS #gnu #linuxMay 21 15:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TUXEDO’s Latest Linux Laptop is All About the Screen | Tux MachinesMay 21 15:03
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: how will that improve things for him?May 21 15:04
schestowitz__people online would leap at thisMay 21 15:04
schestowitz__and use that as more proof that he supports sicknessMay 21 15:04
schestowitz__well, other than covidMay 21 15:04
schestowitz__"love child"May 21 15:04
schestowitz__anywayMay 21 15:04
schestowitz__back on topic...May 21 15:04
baronhk[m]1Deflect. Make it look like states sanction "sickness" when there's no evidence of this.May 21 15:04
baronhk[m]1His ties to Epstein don't look so bad if the states allow "child marriage".May 21 15:05
schestowitz__this will eb the downhall of this "foundation"May 21 15:06
baronhk[m]1Sex within marriage is viewed differently by the community than sex outside of marriage, which is why it wouldn't be a crime if you are married to that 16 year old. I also would add, again, that it requires parental approval and a judge agreeing to it.May 21 15:06
schestowitz__as it would embolden people who accuse him of doing things to underage girls/boysMay 21 15:06
baronhk[m]1You don't just slip this one past everybody.May 21 15:06
schestowitz__the arrest in his home notwithstandingMay 21 15:06
schestowitz__anyway, he's finishedMay 21 15:06
schestowitz__I hopeMay 21 15:06
schestowitz__but still no "remove Gates" petitionMay 21 15:06
schestowitz__mjg59 must still be working on the wording....May 21 15:07
MinceR:>May 21 15:07
MinceRmaybe he's just discussing the priceMay 21 15:07
baronhk[m]1He's too busy playing with his doorbell.May 21 15:07
MinceRlolMay 21 15:07
schestowitz__lolMay 21 15:09
MinceR 21 15:09
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techrights-botEurope’s second-largest institution freaks out, seeing that its #corruption is visible for all to see; in the process it resorts to intensive spying on bloggers and even banning of blogs Leaky and Freaky Patent Office • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #EPO #censorship #slapp | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 15:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Leaky and Freaky Patent Office | TechrightsMay 21 15:17
techrights-bot"Attrition is really bad... the VP of C&CS Automation (Al Martin) is tracking 'regretted attrition'... who would have thought #IBM would come to that point!!!" 21 15:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The best indicator of IBM's state - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 15:18
techrights-bot"It is complete BS. Reason is Ibm spends a fortune on #LinkedIn advertisement." #ibm #microsoft #spam 21 15:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Top Companies 2021: The 50 best workplaces to grow your career in the U.S. - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 15:19
techrights-botI know, I am here, therefore I hear, therefore I am. 21 15:21
psydroidBaron's story sounds like mine, my mom had 3 children before the age of 21 and my parents are less than 5 years apartMay 21 15:23
baronhk[m]1We're well into an era where "childhood" is being bumped up into your 20s.May 21 15:25
baronhk[m]1I think it's a function of people living longer.May 21 15:25
baronhk[m]1Also, many people have an easier life than ever before (which is why they live longer).May 21 15:26
baronhk[m]1Where Mandy is from, people die in their 50s all the time and it's just accepted that this is what happens.May 21 15:27
baronhk[m]1It's really depressing to listen to him sometimes because I start talking about what about when we're in our 60s or 70s and he starts saying I'm not going to live that long. I'll be with my mom and dad soon.May 21 15:27
baronhk[m]1That's what kind of a mess the Catholics make when they cause a country to toss the condoms aside and ban abortion.May 21 15:28
baronhk[m]1You have so many kids that you can't care for any of them like you should.May 21 15:28
baronhk[m]1Resources go a lot further in taking care of 2 of them well than they do when you spread it over 5 or 6.May 21 15:29
baronhk[m]1My dad's parents had five kids. Didn't take care of any of them properly.May 21 15:29
baronhk[m]1Half the time there wasn't enough food to go around to get a boloney sandwich.May 21 15:29
schestowitz__x 21 15:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TopicboxMay 21 15:30
schestowitz__# blocked by javascriptMay 21 15:30
baronhk[m]1Dad had to go get a job at 13 so he could feed himself. That's also when he started reading books as kind of an escape.May 21 15:30
baronhk[m]1They had child labor laws back then, but the guy at the TV repair shop just paid him cash.May 21 15:30
schestowitz__x 21 15:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Fall of the House of Gates? | The NationMay 21 15:31
schestowitz__# gates was always a scumbag.  'hero' is a false, artificially created myth,May 21 15:31
schestowitz__# bought and paid for with crooked money.May 21 15:31
baronhk[m]1The disgusting thing about the "tech" economy is that it prevents people from being employed and caring for themselves.May 21 15:31
baronhk[m]1There's a bigger jobs shortage than ever and they're not coming back.May 21 15:31
MinceRmaybe if mainstream media calls attention to what a scumbag gates is, the number of his worshippers will finally decreaseMay 21 15:31
baronhk[m]1Wealth concentrates at the top, with people like Gates and Bezos and Tim Cook.May 21 15:32
schestowitz__MinceR: there's no money in thatMay 21 15:32
baronhk[m]1<MinceR "maybe if mainstream media calls "> Even in the middle of the Gates scandals, WGN quotes his "foundation".May 21 15:32
baronhk[m]1They're clearly focused on helping him make this blow over so he can get back to his eugenics and unethical medical experiments and death by patents. "Charity work."May 21 15:33
MinceRschestowitz__: there's always money in scandals and the attention paid to themMay 21 15:33
MinceRjust not as much as in bribesMay 21 15:33
techrights-bot"You can buy Viscerafest on Steam and yet. The GOG store page doesn't mention it, but the Linux build is there." 21 15:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Fast-paced sci-fi arena-styled FPS Viscerafest has entered Early Access and looks great | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 15:34
baronhk[m]1Eugenics is back. It's just less horrifying this time.May 21 15:34
schestowitz__[15:33] <baronhk[m]1> They're clearly focused on helping him make this blow over so he can get back to his eugenics and unethical medical experiments and death by patents. "Charity work."May 21 15:34
schestowitz__to our credit... :)May 21 15:34
schestowitz__we covered this ages agoMay 21 15:35
schestowitz__over a decadeMay 21 15:35
baronhk[m]1Instead of being held down and physically sterilized, they just make everyone so broke that they restrain themselves from having kids, unless they're middle class or above.May 21 15:35
schestowitz__those articles aged very wellMay 21 15:35
schestowitz__and are even more popular in recent years than a decade backMay 21 15:35
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: military does that tooMay 21 15:35
baronhk[m]1Also, even the MSM admits that more people are having "fertility issues" than ever before.May 21 15:35
schestowitz__for population controlMay 21 15:35
baronhk[m]1Although won't go into the reasons.May 21 15:36
schestowitz__some doMay 21 15:36
schestowitz__some explainMay 21 15:36
schestowitz__I linked to one yesterdayMay 21 15:36
schestowitz__hang onMay 21 15:36
baronhk[m]1It leaves people to guess at what might be causing the sterility. It could be anything, so some people assume it's vaccines.May 21 15:36
schestowitz__[10:05] <techrights-bot> ● NEWS ● #TheEconomist #Overpopulation ☞ Sperm counts are falling precipitously across the rich world 21 15:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Sperm counts are falling precipitously across the rich world | The EconomistMay 21 15:36
techrights-bot"It's releasing on August 31 with #GNU #Linux support on Steam." 21 15:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Sci-fi action-RPG Beyond Mankind launches with Linux support this August | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 15:39
techrights-botRoguelite village-builder Kainga: Seeds of Civilization sounds unusual and has #GNU #Linux plans 21 15:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Roguelite village-builder Kainga: Seeds of Civilization sounds unusual and has Linux plans | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 15:39
baronhk[m]1 21 15:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Rioting amid demonstrations for racial justice may have helped Donald Trump | The EconomistMay 21 15:41
baronhk[m]1Seeing BLM burn down your city helped Trump there. Go figure.May 21 15:41
trttl>They're clearly focused on helping him make this blow over - just checked bill's wikipedia page. there are exactly 3 sentences about his divorce and the article is lockedMay 21 15:41
baronhk[m]1They very nearly caused the second term of Donald Trump.May 21 15:41
techrights-bot"hopefully it will continue the tradition of #GNU #Linux support." 21 15:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Stellaris is free to play for the weekend along with a big Paradox sale ahead of PDXCON | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 15:41
baronhk[m]1People were very sympathetic to BLM at first, when it was peaceful and when they said stop killing people like Floyd.May 21 15:42
schestowitz__trttl: locked, except...May 21 15:42
baronhk[m]1Then when it turned nasty and they started looting and burning, people nearby didn't take kindly to that. People are generally sympathetic, but realize when they're being played for chumps.May 21 15:42
schestowitz__ 21 15:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | If Wikipedia is Controlled by Corporations and Mobs, It Needs to Be ‘Cancelled’ | TechrightsMay 21 15:43
schestowitz__Lots more in 21 15:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Wikipedia | TechrightsMay 21 15:43
baronhk[m]1That's why 22 states are no rejecting the enhanced federal unemployment and making people hunt for jobs.May 21 15:43
schestowitz__long story short, Microsoft pays people to control and edit WikipediaMay 21 15:43
schestowitz__and got caughtMay 21 15:43
baronhk[m]1*nowMay 21 15:43
trttlyeah not surprisedMay 21 15:44
baronhk[m]1<trttl ">They're clearly focused on help"> Wikipedia. The free encyclopedia that any corporate meat puppets can edit.May 21 15:44
baronhk[m]1The only edits I make that aren't usually reverted are about Free Software where there's no interest in sanitizing the article.May 21 15:45
baronhk[m]1When I created a comparison of Snap and Flatpak and it made Snap look worse, Canonical paid someone to come in and revert everything.May 21 15:45
baronhk[m]1None of what I put in there was false, it just reflected poorly on snapd.May 21 15:46
baronhk[m]1Every other distribution that offered Snapd has backed it out.May 21 15:46
baronhk[m]1Linux Mint backed it out and then made a Chromium browser package that always supersedes the empty one that's designed to get the snap on your computer.May 21 15:47
baronhk[m]1What they ought to do is just ditch the version made with Ubuntu and pivot to Debian.May 21 15:47
baronhk[m]1The PPAs in Ubuntu are not active like they used to be anyway, so the "compatibility with PPAs" feature is not as attractive.May 21 15:47
MinceRpivoting to debian won't helpMay 21 15:48
MinceRpivoting to devuan might help, for a whileMay 21 15:48
techrights-bot● NEWS ● #Techdirt ☞ Redditors Launch A 'Rescue Mission' For Embattled #SciHub , With The Ultimate Aim Of Building A Decentralized Version 21 15:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Redditors Launch A 'Rescue Mission' For Embattled Sci-Hub, With The Ultimate Aim Of Building A Decentralized Version | TechdirtMay 21 15:48
MinceRvoid would be a better choiceMay 21 15:48
schestowitz__MinceR: they are closely connected in some senseMay 21 15:49
baronhk[m]1IBM operates like the Gates Foundation.May 21 15:49
schestowitz__afaik, if you use devuan you can quickly migrate to debian if things go underMay 21 15:49
baronhk[m]1"We're donating a billion dollars in development to Linux!"May 21 15:50
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: go onMay 21 15:50
MinceRyes, but devuan is still trying to remain free of crapwareMay 21 15:50
schestowitz__ah, weird analogy May 21 15:50
baronhk[m]1Then they do and it's never been in a worse state than it is now because of that.May 21 15:50
MinceRubuntu and debian and fedora are just slowly and laboriously drifting toward becoming yet another windowsMay 21 15:50
baronhk[m]1Their calculation of a "billion" in "donations" is investing in what makes their own business work, and that's not usually a good thing for others.May 21 15:50
techrights-botI am rather disturbed to see #corporateMedia again acting like a loudspeaker/megaphone for #gatesfoundation and this time for #lobbying in FAVOUR of #childMarriage even in light of 21 15:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past - The New York TimesMay 21 15:51
baronhk[m]1It's like Microsoft being a "contributor" to Linux, and then it turns out it's just laying the foundations for WSL.May 21 15:51
techrights-bot"I left IBM in 2013 when things started looking shaky, and never looked back - but I still have an #IBM pension, which keeps me interested in the future of the company." 21 15:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | So what's going on? - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 15:52
baronhk[m]1A billion dollars worth of taking things in the wrong direction is worse for the users than nothing at all.May 21 15:52
techrights-bot" #IBM has dug its own grave through poor leadership." 21 15:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The best indicator of IBM's state - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 15:53
baronhk[m]1IBM doesn't make money if everything just works fine and there's no need of support tickets, which is very nearly where Linux was before they started meddling.May 21 15:53
techrights-bot"Omg!!! The discrimination that happened under GINNI’s watch and continues under AK does not qualify #IBM to even be considered." 21 15:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Top Companies 2021: The 50 best workplaces to grow your career in the U.S. - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 15:53
baronhk[m]1A long and rewarding career until you're 35.May 21 15:54
baronhk[m]1Seems to be how things go in tech now.May 21 15:54
baronhk[m]1Probably why things have gotten so buggy. Inexperienced developers making so many rookie mistakes.May 21 15:54
baronhk[m]1Keeps salary lowMay 21 15:54
techrights-bot"Ibm was already stuck in retraining new hires, this issue is going to be exacerbated as the hiring ramps up after covid and #ibm refusing to give an increment even for inflation" 21 15:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM is a depressing place to be a developer - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 15:54
MinceR21 165139 < baronhk[m]1> It's like Microsoft being a "contributor" to Linux, and then it turns out it's just laying the foundations for WSL.May 21 15:55
MinceRalso for hype-VMay 21 15:55
MinceRwith incredibly crap codeMay 21 15:55
baronhk[m]1Hyper-V is how WSL2 works.May 21 15:55
baronhk[m]1It turned out that their reversed "Linux" kernel simulator was too awful to even run many applications at all.May 21 15:55
MinceRyeah, but this was well before WSL2May 21 15:56
schestowitz__WSL is a failiureMay 21 15:56
schestowitz__like many other thingsMay 21 15:56
schestowitz__inc. azureMay 21 15:56
schestowitz__with its layoffsMay 21 15:56
schestowitz__and layoffs in linkedin alsoMay 21 15:57
schestowitz__I think Microsoft is like IBM in the sense that much income just comes from "legacy"May 21 15:57
schestowitz__companies still stuck with Microsoft for some old thingsMay 21 15:57
baronhk[m]1Leaked email from Chicago Police more or less confirms they're pulling out of certain neighborhoods now and not policing them much.May 21 15:57
baronhk[m]1"Staffing shortages"May 21 15:57
techrights-bot#Games: Viscerafest, Beyond Mankind, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, and Stellaris • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 15:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Games: Viscerafest, Beyond Mankind, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, and Stellaris | Tux MachinesMay 21 15:58
baronhk[m]1schestowitz__: The email says forced overtime this Summer.May 21 15:58
baronhk[m]112 hours a day 7 days a week in some cases.May 21 15:58
baronhk[m]1I wonder if that will make them less twitchy when deciding whether or not to end someone's life.May 21 15:59
baronhk[m]1This mayor really sucks.May 21 15:59
techrights-bot"Do you want to see other BSD heads online, talk about what you have done since last time?" #bsd #unix #EuroBSDCon #BSDConMay 21 16:01
*zleap (~zleap@unaffiliated/zleap) has joined #techrightsMay 21 16:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Peter N. M. Hansteen: "Do you want to see other BSD heads online, talk a…" - MastodonMay 21 16:01
techrights-bot#pakistan #pk 21 16:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dozens held in Pakistan for trying to lynch brothers accused of blasphemy - policeMay 21 16:01
baronhk[m]1 21 16:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 2 dead after South Shore shooting | WGN-TVMay 21 16:01
baronhk[m]1Instead of looking into consensual marriage with judicial and parental safety checks, perhaps the Gates Foundation should look into saving the lives of underaged people in Chicago who pick up a gun because there are no jobs thanks to Democrats.May 21 16:02
techrights-bot"the cloud isn't being overrun with ransomware yet? And from what I've seen, "the cloud" is largely Ubuntu, RHEL, and their variants, and containers built on "bases" from their packages." 21 16:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | carl_klitscher: " @lightweight the sec…" - Mastodon - NZOSSMay 21 16:02
techrights-bot"you could all be replacing IRC with MUDs but noooo" 21 16:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | pamela :flan_hearts:: "you could all be replacing IRC with MUDs but nooo…" - BSD NetworkMay 21 16:03
MinceRlolMay 21 16:03
techrights-bot"resolution on sports live streams could have easily been written by industry lobbyists." #copyright #corruption #entryism #lobbyingMay 21 16:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Patrick Breyer: " 🇬🇧 This weeks resolution…" - chaos.socialMay 21 16:03
techrights-bot#anthropology 21 16:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | After 36 years these remains pop up on a video to teach about anthropology – neritamMay 21 16:04
baronhk[m]1"Instead of looking into consensual marriage with judicial and parental safety checks, perhaps the Gates Foundation should look into saving the lives of underaged people in Chicago who pick up a gun because there are no jobs thanks to Democrats.May 21 16:04
baronhk[m]1Pervert Gates is trying to deflect from his ties to Epstein by prying into the sanctity of marriage while his own wife says she's disgusted by being married to a sex predator who trawled Microsoft for "dates" while married."May 21 16:04
techrights-bot"Last Jan, Northwell Health was the subject of a viral New York Times story about the thousands of patients it had sued over medical debt, in the midst of a pandemic. The publicity was so bad that the company abandoned its legal campaign of terror." 21 16:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pluralistic: 18 May 2021 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory DoctorowMay 21 16:04
baronhk[m]1"In 11 states, cheating on your spouse is a crime, sometimes a felony. Gates admits that he cheated on his spouse."May 21 16:05
zleapbut is that illegal in Washington State >May 21 16:05
zleap?May 21 16:05
zleapi am sure hanging out with convicted sex offenders is a far more heinous offence regardless of it being illegal or notMay 21 16:06
baronhk[m]1I was wrong. It's 16 states.May 21 16:07
baronhk[m]1No, not Washington.May 21 16:07
baronhk[m]1But he was talking about it being a "sex crime" to have sex with a 16 year old in some states.May 21 16:07
zleaphang on tralled for dates, sounds like one of the RMS alegationsMay 21 16:07
baronhk[m]1Cheating on MALINDA is technically an offense that can land you in jail in many states.May 21 16:07
techrights-botBehind the hate against #freenode there's lots of #groupthink [sic] which begets peer pressure. Same thing that was done to #fsf and #rms months ago...May 21 16:08
baronhk[m]1In North Carolina, you can sue someone for causing your marriage to fall apart.May 21 16:08
zleapwell the freenode thingis about it being bought out by corporate entity rightMay 21 16:08
*downey[i] (sid10506@gateway/web/ has joined #techrightsMay 21 16:08
baronhk[m]1They call it the mother-in-lawsuit.May 21 16:09
zleaplolMay 21 16:09
baronhk[m]1You can file a lawsuit against someone your spouse as cheating on, or anyone who convinced them to leave you.May 21 16:09
baronhk[m]1*wasMay 21 16:09
zleapahMay 21 16:09
baronhk[m]1*on you with, ughMay 21 16:09
baronhk[m]1Well, I think that should be in every state.May 21 16:09
baronhk[m]1It's very common to sue someone in NC for causing the marriage to fall apart.May 21 16:10
baronhk[m]1You can sue your ex, you can sue the person they were cheating on you with, you can sue your mother in law for advising them to file for divorce.May 21 16:10
*phobos (~phobos@unaffiliated/phobos-anomaly/x-6744724) has joined #techrightsMay 21 16:10
baronhk[m]1Some other states have it too, like 3-4 I think.May 21 16:10
techrights-botToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 16:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesMay 21 16:13
MinceR21 170759 < baronhk[m]1> Cheating on MALINDA is technically an offense that can land you in jail in many states.May 21 16:14
MinceRit probably can't, if you spend as much on lawyers as gates doesMay 21 16:14
MinceRhe could probably also get away with raping childrenMay 21 16:14
baronhk[m]1Well, the last time Illinois even tried to enforce its adultery law was 1997, and the charge was dropped by the prosecutor.May 21 16:14
schestowitz__[16:08] <zleap> well the freenode thingis about it being bought out by corporate entity rightMay 21 16:15
schestowitz__it happened a long time agoMay 21 16:15
schestowitz__nobody complainedMay 21 16:15
schestowitz__I was told so at the timeMay 21 16:15
baronhk[m]1It requires adultery and flaunting it, at which point it becomes a Class A Misdemeanor.May 21 16:15
downey[i]schestowitz__: 21 16:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Michael Downey 🇺🇳: "The #PIA logo went up on the #freenode #IRC websi…" - FLOSS.socialMay 21 16:15
baronhk[m]1Technically, mom would have been in violation of Illinois adultery law in 1999, except she lived in Indiana.May 21 16:15
zleapi wasn't sure what is meant my hate against freenodeMay 21 16:16
baronhk[m]1She was boasting to everyone including the goddamned housekeeper that she was cheating on my dad.May 21 16:16
schestowitz__you did not see it maybeMay 21 16:16
schestowitz__all the people looking to burn it downMay 21 16:16
zleapwhat ever has happened (may be due to the way the admin peopke have been treated) but a lot of people are moving off,  May 21 16:16
schestowitz__like it's an objectiveMay 21 16:16
schestowitz__hi downey[i]May 21 16:16
baronhk[m]1I suppose her punishment was Gonad the Barbarian spending all her money on beer and cigarettes while causing her to "walk into a wall" and "fall down the stairs" a time or ten over the next 8 years.May 21 16:16
schestowitz__you badmouthed me in Twitter, IIRCMay 21 16:17
schestowitz__1-2 days agoMay 21 16:17
downey[i]schestowitz__: You recall incorrectly; my Twitter account is private.May 21 16:17
schestowitz__oh, sorryMay 21 16:18
schestowitz__my badMay 21 16:18
schestowitz__ 21 16:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Julian Andres Klode (@JulianKlode): "FreeNode is now controlled by Andrew Lee. Andrew Lee links to blog post by Roy Schestowitz. Roy Schestowitz is known associate of Dan Pocock, who runs a bunch of hate speech attack centers against Debian and related communities." | nitterMay 21 16:18
schestowitz__you appear further downMay 21 16:18
schestowitz__it's not what you saidMay 21 16:18
schestowitz__I saw the name in passingMay 21 16:18
schestowitz__Don't know who klode isMay 21 16:18
baronhk[m]1Ah the bible, it talks at length about people who are so corrupt that they're actually boastful about it.May 21 16:18
baronhk[m]1Which might actually be where the Illinois adultery law came from.May 21 16:19
schestowitz__It's like one of those "HE EVEN SUPPORTED RMS" thing...May 21 16:19
schestowitz__which I think is where I derive some analogies from..May 21 16:19
schestowitz__peer pressureMay 21 16:19
schestowitz__to discourage certain allegiancesMay 21 16:19
schestowitz__Pocock is Pocock, and I don't condone many things he did and wrote, esp. in recent monthsMay 21 16:20
baronhk[m]1I say if you're going to commit crime, you should only do it if you stand to make a lot of money. Like the Joker said, if you're good at something, never do it for free.May 21 16:20
baronhk[m]1The DMCA has become the goto for imposing censorship and then washing your hands of your involvement in it.May 21 16:22
schestowitz__pretty much..May 21 16:22
baronhk[m]1The fact that Cancel RMS was on GitHub should severely undermine the petition all by itself.May 21 16:22
schestowitz__it didMay 21 16:22
schestowitz__among other thingsMay 21 16:22
schestowitz__many thingsMay 21 16:23
schestowitz__that are poor tasteMay 21 16:23
baronhk[m]1Not even so much because of Microsoft, but because of how it has turned it into "Today in the complete joke of Fair Use process.".May 21 16:23
schestowitz__GitHub is not just MicrosoftMay 21 16:23
schestowitz__it'a slso proprietary softwareMay 21 16:23
schestowitz__it's also surveillanceMay 21 16:23
baronhk[m]1Firefox is proprietary software. It's also developed on GitHub, it's also just not very good.May 21 16:23
techrights-bot#SublimeText 4 • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 16:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Sublime Text 4 | Tux MachinesMay 21 16:24
baronhk[m]1They were boasting of Apple's M1 processor and their port to it.May 21 16:24
baronhk[m]1At the same time, Reddit started being flooded by people complaining that the Mac port now tries to allocate itself 52 GB of RAM and then crashes.May 21 16:24
baronhk[m]1jemalloc is getting to be pretty embarrassing really. It's no longer suitable.May 21 16:25
baronhk[m]1But I don't think they have the resources to really do anything about memory management in Firefox anymore. They can barely make minor tweaks to the web platform stuff.May 21 16:26
XRevan86Meanwhile: 21 16:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Introducing Site Isolation in Firefox - Mozilla Security BlogMay 21 16:27
baronhk[m]1Microsoft is working on a flag to "disable warn on unpacked extensions".May 21 16:27
XRevan86(3 days ago)May 21 16:27
schestowitz__[16:23] <baronhk[m]1> Firefox is proprietary software. It's also developed on GitHub, it's also just not very good.May 21 16:27
baronhk[m]1That alone is enough to be worth using it over Chrome in my opinion, if it actually lands.May 21 16:27
scientesyou can't register an account of Libera IRC without an email addressMay 21 16:27
schestowitz__for many purposes Firefox is still the best we have, e.g. for sites that restrict use to very few browsersMay 21 16:27
XRevan86scientes: Just like Freenode?May 21 16:28
scientesdid I really use an email for freenodeMay 21 16:28
baronhk[m]1Site Isolation wasn't even written by Mozilla.May 21 16:28
baronhk[m]1The code has been in there for a while, behind a flag. It's from Tor Browser.May 21 16:28
schestowitz__I don't think I gave email to freenodeMay 21 16:28
scientes^^^May 21 16:28
schestowitz__and I have a registered account for like a decade+ nowMay 21 16:28
schestowitz__I forgot how I configured it back then, but there was def no email verificationMay 21 16:29
XRevan86 21 16:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Nickname Registration - freenodeMay 21 16:29
schestowitz__my password for freenode is just to discourage impersonationMay 21 16:29
scientes^^^May 21 16:29
scientesas it should beMay 21 16:29
schestowitz__and also a IP address condom in some scenario/conditionsMay 21 16:29
schestowitz__email should not be needed for anythingMay 21 16:30
schestowitz__or phone numberMay 21 16:30
schestowitz__many people have many phone numbersMay 21 16:30
schestowitz__and they can set up lots of email addressesMay 21 16:30
schestowitz__millions evenMay 21 16:30
scientesthese days you need a phone number to do anything on internetMay 21 16:30
scientescause they want to be able to come to your house if the need arisesMay 21 16:30
schestowitz__landlineMay 21 16:30
XRevan86schestowitz__, scientes: Regardless of how things may have been, Freenode and LiberaChat both require an E-mail to register.May 21 16:30
schestowitz__household, so impersonal tooMay 21 16:30
scientesyou know they are serious about this because they take the effort to blacklist SIP providersMay 21 16:31
scientesthey want to be able to Brazil-like raid your houseMay 21 16:31
schestowitz__XRevan86: maybe a newer requirementMay 21 16:31
schestowitz__irc should not even depend on having an email account, as is the case, but to REGISTER in IRC I think email should not be neededMay 21 16:31
schestowitz__and what would email  be useful for anyway? Password recovery?May 21 16:31
*guysoft42 (~guysoft@2a0d:6fc1:2:1f00:5434:eec5:9333:3469) has joined #techrightsMay 21 16:32
XRevan86schestowitz__: Probably.May 21 16:32
schestowitz__staff can bypass thatMay 21 16:32
schestowitz__it's like key under doormatMay 21 16:32
trttlif it's just for password recovery then why isn't optionalMay 21 16:32
scientesone account to rule them all, and in the darkness bind themMay 21 16:32
XRevan86 same thingMay 21 16:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | OFTC - ServicesMay 21 16:33
baronhk[m]1<schestowitz__ "for many purposes Firefox is sti"> My bank is now blocking Firefox.May 21 16:33
scientes<baronhk[m]1> <schestowitz__ "for many purposes Firefox is sti"> My bank is now blocking Firefox.May 21 16:33
baronhk[m]1This has been reported to Mozilla, but I doubt that it'll be fixed.May 21 16:33
scientesthey should re-name it Google-fascilitated-bankMay 21 16:33
baronhk[m]1Firefox is the only browser I have a UA override extension installed for.May 21 16:33
baronhk[m]1I just copied the UA out of Microsoft Edge 90 to be used for certain sites.May 21 16:33
scientesfirefox is the fastest and lowest memory usageMay 21 16:33
XRevan86baronhk[m]1: That's the problem with not using the standard de-facto internet explorer.May 21 16:34
baronhk[m]1Every once in a while, I just open edge and figure out what the current UA is and bump it for Firefox in sites that I have an override for.May 21 16:34
scientesXRevan86, and with ActiveX enabledMay 21 16:34
techrights-bot#Linux 5.13 Reverts + Fixes The Problematic University of #Minnesota Patches #sabotage #umnMay 21 16:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Here’s Why University of Minnesota is Likely to be Banned from Contributing to Linux Kernel Code | Tux MachinesMay 21 16:35
scienteshe should get the asshole professor of the year awardMay 21 16:36
techrights-botOpen Source World’s Favorite IRC Network #Freenode is in Turmoil not a phony scandal, but massively over-inflated: 21 16:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Open Source World's Favorite IRC Network Freenode is in Turmoil - It's FOSS NewsMay 21 16:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Panic Over Freenode Isn’t Justified and Its Reaction Mostly Disproportionate | TechrightsMay 21 16:37
schestowitz__[16:33] <scientes> firefox is the fastest May 21 16:38
schestowitz__fattestMay 21 16:38
schestowitz__depends what you compare toMay 21 16:39
trttlfattyfoxMay 21 16:39
schestowitz__hours ago: 21 16:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Freenode Developers Resign From Project Following “Hostile Takeover” by Korean Crown PrinceMay 21 16:41
schestowitz__very important to say KoreanMay 21 16:41
scientesschestowitz__, it uses far less memory than chromeMay 21 16:41
schestowitz__even if he's AmericanMay 21 16:41
schestowitz__scientes: yes, chrome is a messMay 21 16:41
scientesthey should change the name from chrome to "fat-suit"May 21 16:41
schestowitz__but not just for technical reasonsMay 21 16:41
scientesbut that is basically all there isMay 21 16:42
scientesand YouTube still doesn't work on Firefox without UA sniffingMay 21 16:42
scientesbecause of a passive-agressive attitudeMay 21 16:42
scientesjust like they purposefully attacked Edge browserMay 21 16:43
scientesto kill off the competitionMay 21 16:43
MinceRthey learned so much from microsoftMay 21 16:44
scientes^^^^May 21 16:44
scientesas someone that has actually worked with that source codeMay 21 16:44
scientesthey also learned from Java's anti-social tendenciesMay 21 16:44
scientesthey even forked protobuf, a Google projectMay 21 16:44
scientesthey can't even work with other Google guys on that piece of softwareMay 21 16:45
scientes(granted the protobuf creator left Google and created CapNProto, but that is something totally different)May 21 16:45
techrights-botYou can now safely upgrade to Ubuntu 21.04 • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ Well done, #microsoft ... curtailing and controlling #gnu #linux thanks to bully in "SJW" clothing: "ain't done till Linux won't run..."May 21 16:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | You can now safely upgrade to Ubuntu 21.04 | Tux MachinesMay 21 16:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Stallman Was Right About ‘Secure’ Boot (Matthew Garrett’s Work Now Used to Prevent Users Adopting New Ubuntu Releases/Derivatives) | TechrightsMay 21 16:45
techrights-bot"And it led to my first job, that worked out to something like $20/hour or more, because I only worked about 20 hours a week, to make $400. Doing something that still to this day doesn’t really feel like ‘work’, in the sense my father would define it, anyway. In short, a pretty sweet deal." 21 16:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Teenager's Guide to Avoiding Actual Work - The Mad Ned MemoMay 21 16:49
techrights-bot"Adjacent string literals are concatenated into a single string." 21 16:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Smackerel of Opinion: Adjacent C string concatenation gotchaMay 21 16:49
MinceRwhat a gotchaMay 21 16:51
XRevan86 uh, what?May 21 16:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Soviet classic The Irony of Fate is getting a Hollywood remake — The Calvert JournalMay 21 16:51
schestowitz__indeedMay 21 16:52
schestowitz__low on materialMay 21 16:52
schestowitz__and not big audiencesMay 21 16:52
scientesfirefox refuses to load......May 21 16:52
schestowitz__people busy playing with their doorbells, like mjg59...May 21 16:52
scientesschestowitz__, I don't think that man's doorbells ring, if you know what I meanMay 21 16:53
scienteshe works for his masterMay 21 16:53
schestowitz__maybe it's pwnedMay 21 16:53
scientesMicrosoftMay 21 16:53
schestowitz__open telnet port with password "ILoveGoogle"May 21 16:53
MinceRlolMay 21 16:53
techrights-botRecursive #Vim macros: One step further into automating repetitive tasks 21 16:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Recursive Vim macros: One step further into automating repetitive tasks | Enable SysadminMay 21 16:55
techrights-bot"Note that #Oracle and #Cisco are also listed, the only companies that can rival #IBM in getting rid of people. That tells you how truthful this list really is." #MicrosoftMay 21 16:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Top Companies 2021: The 50 best workplaces to grow your career in the U.S. - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 16:57
techrights-bot#ibm " #Kyndryl letters of offer are in the works. It may be a case of how many accept / decline those offers before layoffs are finalized?" 21 16:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | So what's going on? - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 16:57
techrights-bot"A couple of streams back someone told me about an interesting project. Sonic Robo Blast 2, a FOSS Sonic fan game based on the DOOM engine, I knew that I had to go and play it because that sounds amazing." 21 16:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-【SRB2】Yes, This Is A FOSS Sonic Fan Game - YouTubeMay 21 16:58
techrights-bot#freesw Ethics, and how the University of #Minnesota Failed #Linux 21 17:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Here’s Why University of Minnesota is Likely to be Banned from Contributing to Linux Kernel Code | Tux MachinesMay 21 17:00
XRevan86rasengan: (16:00:01) thumbs: 2FA was set a long time ago and Andrew never noticedMay 21 17:00
techrights-bot"It is originally developed by "Anton Reshetov" a web and deskop app developer, who released it under AGPL V3.0." That's our licence of choice, too. #massCode #freesw #programmingMay 21 17:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | massCode: A remarkable free snippet manager for macOS, Windows and LinuxMay 21 17:02
techrights-bot"When asked about choosing the GPLv2 license for the Linux kernel, Torvalds says, “I’m 100% convinced that the license has been a big part of the success of Linux (and Git, for that matter)..." 21 17:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linus Torvalds on the Importance of Open SourceMay 21 17:04
*psymin has quit (Quit: Leaving)May 21 17:06
techrights-botA pair of memory-allocation improvements in #linux 5.13 #kernelMay 21 17:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-A pair of memory-allocation improvements in 5.13 []May 21 17:06
baronhk[m]1"The idea of using Scheme in the browser was abandoned because management decided it had to look like Java."May 21 17:07
baronhk[m]1Oh, politics.May 21 17:07
techrights-bot"A new patch series has been posted implementing #RuntimeVerification (RV) for the #Linux #kernel ." 21 17:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-New Patches Posted For Linux Runtime Verification - PhoronixMay 21 17:08
baronhk[m]1 21 17:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Taking The Witness Stand Friday. Here's Why It's A Big Deal : NPRMay 21 17:08
baronhk[m]1Tim Apple on trial. It's Bill Gates all over again.May 21 17:08
techrights-bot#AMD "Beige Goby" GPU Support Targeting Linux 5.14 Inclusion - Phoronix ⇨ •●• #Phoronix #Kernel #Linux 🐧 | more in 21 17:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-AMD "Beige Goby" GPU Support Targeting Linux 5.14 Inclusion - PhoronixMay 21 17:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsMay 21 17:08
baronhk[m]1This time, Apple has to explain why stealing 30% from developers and causing applications to be more expensive is necessary.May 21 17:09
techrights-bot#ASpeed AST2500 SSIF BMC Driver Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel - Phoronix ⇨ •●• #Phoronix #Kernel #Linux 🐧 | more in 21 17:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-ASpeed AST2500 SSIF BMC Driver Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel - PhoronixMay 21 17:09
baronhk[m]1They're going with "because otherwise there'd be viruses".May 21 17:09
techrights-bot"The x86 architecture makes life relatively easy (in this regard, at least) for kernel developers by providing cache snooping" 21 17:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Noncoherent DMA mappings []May 21 17:09
scientesbut they are the virusMay 21 17:09
techrights-bot"By the time the last pull request was acted on and 5.13-rc1 was released, a total of 14,231 non-merge commits had found their way into the mainline." 21 17:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The second half of the 5.13 merge window []May 21 17:10
baronhk[m]1They're not in defensible territory here, so they have to claim that the monopoly helps the user and hope that the judge and the jury fall for it.May 21 17:10
*stormchaser3000 (~iansutter@unaffiliated/stormchaser3000) has joined #techrightsMay 21 17:11
scientesbut they would shoot both the jury and the judge before they could ever get inside the buildigMay 21 17:11
schestowitz__I read that Microsoft might be using EPIC as a proxy hereMay 21 17:12
schestowitz__but saw no strong evidenceMay 21 17:12
stormchaser3000helloMay 21 17:12
schestowitz__Epic does make a lot of money via WindowsMay 21 17:12
schestowitz__stormchaser3000: 0/May 21 17:12
schestowitz__EPIC the privacy front is also tainted by MicrosoftMay 21 17:13
stormchaser3000I have read several TechRights articles over the past couple of years, but I never knew there was an IRC channel. Then I discovered the kiwi IRC client at the bottom of one article today :DMay 21 17:13
schestowitz__but not the same as the companyMay 21 17:13
schestowitz__stormchaser3000: yes, we have been on freenode since 2008May 21 17:13
stormchaser3000looked at which server it connects to, then pointed konversation to this channelMay 21 17:13
schestowitz__many of the early folks are still here todayMay 21 17:13
stormchaser3000coolMay 21 17:13
stormchaser3000that's pretty close to when I started using GNU/LinuxMay 21 17:13
schestowitz__all the stuff logged and published for transparencyMay 21 17:13
stormchaser3000sounds good :)May 21 17:14
techrights-bot"There is a new application available for Sparkers: #LibreWolf " #sparkylinux #gnu #linux #debianMay 21 17:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LibreWolf – SparkyLinuxMay 21 17:15
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stormchaser3000Microsoft seems to have gotten their grubby little hands on much of the Free Software world :(May 21 17:17
stormchaser3000grubby, oversized, monopolistic hands*May 21 17:17
stormchaser3000while I am happy to see some advances in Free Software, I feel that the coporatization taking place is ruining it for everyoneMay 21 17:18
techrights-botBehind the design of the fresh new #Firefox coming June 1 #www #mozillaMay 21 17:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Behind the design of the fresh new Firefox coming June 1 | The Firefox FrontierMay 21 17:18
schestowitz__stormchaser3000: I know the feelingMay 21 17:20
alextee[m] 21 17:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RMS Richard Stallman the symbol of Freedom - HardlimitMay 21 17:20
schestowitz__[15:15] <techrights-bot> There's a conflict in the #freesw world between optimism and pessimism, I've found. Having spoken to longtime activists. On the one hand, free software is everywhere (libre I mean), but at the same time it's under IMMENSE attacks. For me, the way I see it, those attacks are signs of desperation from losing monopolies. THEY WILL NEVER ADMIT THIS OPENLY!May 21 17:20
schestowitz__I wrote it this weekMay 21 17:20
schestowitz__fight onMay 21 17:20
schestowitz__we'll get thereMay 21 17:20
schestowitz__"there" may varyMay 21 17:20
MinceR 21 17:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Setting the record straight on Freenode [pdf] | Hacker NewsMay 21 17:20
schestowitz__but it's a long war, not one battleMay 21 17:20
stormchaser3000very trueMay 21 17:21
schestowitz__MinceR: yes, saw itMay 21 17:21
schestowitz__we published a local copy of itMay 21 17:21
schestowitz__in 21 17:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Freenode Users Exodus as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Boosted by Those Looking to Gain | TechrightsMay 21 17:21
schestowitz__rasengan is getting a bit of "RMS treatment" atmMay 21 17:21
schestowitz__even if the nature of allegations is very differentMay 21 17:22
schestowitz__RMS is very famousMay 21 17:22
schestowitz__rasengan is not so famousMay 21 17:22
MinceRthey're making him famous :>May 21 17:22
schestowitz__alextee[m]: they put my face in that videoMay 21 17:23
alextee[m]that's a bad comparison imo, RMS did a lot for free softwareMay 21 17:23
schestowitz__MinceR: and freenodeMay 21 17:23
schestowitz__MinceR: look how many people in IRC today and yesterdayMay 21 17:23
alextee[m]freenode ltd is just trying to bring corporate interests into the networkMay 21 17:23
schestowitz__freenode never enjoyed this much 'free press'May 21 17:23
alextee[m]i'd rather have a nonprofit behind itMay 21 17:23
schestowitz__that's where it's goingMay 21 17:23
schestowitz__some sort of council or somethingMay 21 17:23
MinceRsadly, nonprofit isn't helping anything anymoreMay 21 17:24
schestowitz__alextee[m]: some people give money to the FSF to do the workMay 21 17:24
MinceRmozilla foundation is nonprofit, linux-destroying foundation is nonprofitMay 21 17:24
schestowitz__they're cooptedMay 21 17:24
MinceRsfc is nonprofitMay 21 17:24
schestowitz__gates foundationMay 21 17:24
alextee[m]indeed, but it's a step up from a for profitMay 21 17:24
alextee[m]for something like a network geared for free software communitiesMay 21 17:24
stormchaser3000I was on another channel on freenode and I saw someone refer to Andrew Lee as a "trumpist" and I failed to comprehend how someone's political affiliations could be directly tied to trust of that individual...May 21 17:25
MinceRosi is nonprofitMay 21 17:25
schestowitz__alextee[m]: they start this wayMay 21 17:25
schestowitz__roads paved... good intentionsMay 21 17:25
alextee[m]for-profit has bad intentions from the beginningMay 21 17:25
schestowitz__stormchaser3000: people called me that tooMay 21 17:25
schestowitz__even though it's perfectly clear I hate trumpMay 21 17:25
alextee[m]the only interest a for-profit has is to make moneyMay 21 17:25
schestowitz__and cannot stand that political orientation eitherMay 21 17:25
stormchaser3000people are insane :/May 21 17:25
schestowitz__they just project that word onto people they don't agree withMay 21 17:26
schestowitz__stormchaser3000: cartoon on this 21 17:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | “The Mob Rushes in Where Individuals Fear to Tread.” ― B.F. Skinner, Walden Two | TechrightsMay 21 17:26
stormchaser3000yeah, that sounds about right. I guest "trumpist" can be added to the list of "ist" phrases that people use to label those they disagree withMay 21 17:26
schestowitz__maybe say saw "real" in the usernameMay 21 17:27
schestowitz__even though it predates Trump presidencyMay 21 17:27
schestowitz__maybe not his twitter accountMay 21 17:27
schestowitz__but he barely gor noticed till 2015May 21 17:27
schestowitz__>>  Andrew Lee as a "trumpist" aMay 21 17:28
schestowitz__trump is gold "identity politics"May 21 17:28
XRevan86stormchaser3000: They're talking about , a different Andrew Lee.May 21 17:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 400 @ )May 21 17:28
schestowitz__so they don't need to argue regarding what actually happenedMay 21 17:28
schestowitz__like wresting control over the freenode domainMay 21 17:28
schestowitz__first away from rasenganMay 21 17:29
schestowitz__to which he then reactedMay 21 17:29
schestowitz__they cited "FSF"May 21 17:29
stormchaser3000I fail to comprehend humanity at this point. It's like large swath of people are joining some odd cultMay 21 17:29
alextee[m]as a sidenote, i don't like how it's just assumed that anything related to trump is objectively bad. there's lots of people who support himMay 21 17:29
schestowitz__so some of it was motivated by the aftermath of "Cancel RMS"May 21 17:29
schestowitz__alextee[m]: look what alternatives they offerMay 21 17:29
XRevan86stormchaser3000: There's a Trumpist Andrew Lee who is Asian-looking. However, that's not the same Andrew Lee as in Freenode, Ltd. and PIA.May 21 17:29
schestowitz__HRC, Biden...May 21 17:29
schestowitz__all the politicians are support are most loathed by Trump and his followersMay 21 17:30
schestowitz__people whom they issue threats toMay 21 17:30
stormchaser3000ah okMay 21 17:30
schestowitz__Yang is cool 21 17:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Andrew Yang - WikipediaMay 21 17:30
schestowitz__but he never stood a chanceMay 21 17:30
schestowitz__non-conformist for US political systemMay 21 17:31
schestowitz__John and Jane from Kentucky would not vote for someone so... 'foreign'May 21 17:31
stormchaser3000I had heard about yang. It sounds like he had actually sat down and thought about what he was going to try as opposed to just pandering to some political ideology and the group that subscribes to itMay 21 17:31
stormchaser3000not trying to endorse to disavow him, but rather attempting to make an observationMay 21 17:32
schestowitz__" As an outsider who hasn't used IRC or Freenode in over a decade, this situation is impenetrable. Neither the posts by the Freenode volunteers nor this post by Andrew paint a coherent narrative I can follow (maybe I'm just old)."May 21 17:32
stormchaser3000no, it definitely doesn't paint the whole pictureMay 21 17:32
XRevan86schestowitz__: I've been reading Freenode/LiberaChat stuff for two days non-stop and I still haven't figured out the situation.May 21 17:33
stormchaser3000it sounds like Bryan Lunduke might use some of his connnections to get some information on what happened in the freenode dramaMay 21 17:33
CrystalMathXRevan86: Andrew Lee saved freenodeMay 21 17:33
CrystalMaththat's what happenedMay 21 17:33
stormchaser3000if he gets some good information, should I post a link to his information on here?May 21 17:33
alextee[m]i mean, the red flags started in 2018 or whenever freenode ltd got sold. it looks like the recent stuff is just the  tip of the iceberg. many people just don't want corporate involvement, regardless of who is in the wrong hereMay 21 17:34
XRevan86CrystalMath: Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom FightersMay 21 17:34
CrystalMathalextee[m]: really, freenode is for the better now, by farMay 21 17:34
CrystalMathex-freenode staff was horribleMay 21 17:35
CrystalMathi don't want to think about the stuff they did, it fills me with so much anger i can't control itMay 21 17:35
CrystalMathso i would rather forget that ex-freenode staff ever existedMay 21 17:36
MinceRdon'tMay 21 17:36
MinceRmost of them are still there at oftc :>May 21 17:36
CrystalMathMinceR: and at libera.crapMay 21 17:36
CrystalMathi don't really care, thoughMay 21 17:37
CrystalMathi'm now fine with them knowing that i hate them more than i thought hate could be possibleMay 21 17:37
techrights-botIntroduction to machine learning with #Jupyter notebooks | Red Hat Developer ⇨ •●• #ibm #redhat : "Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website." :/May 21 17:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Introduction to machine learning with Jupyter notebooks | Red Hat DeveloperMay 21 17:37
techrights-botBest #Python Frameworks To Create Mobile Apps and Games #programmingMay 21 17:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Best Python Frameworks To Create Mobile Apps and Games – Linux HintMay 21 17:38
techrights-bot#Databases : #MongoDB , Rails, and #MySQL • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #dbMay 21 17:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Databases: MongoDB, Rails, and MySQL | Tux MachinesMay 21 17:39
*mixfix41 (~homefame@unaffiliated/mixfix41) has left #techrightsMay 21 17:40
schestowitz__CrystalMath: let me show you...May 21 17:41
MinceR"we have such sights to show you..."May 21 17:41
schestowitz__ 21 17:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Pro-Software Freedom Advocates and Free/Libre Software Supporters Face Barriers Due to Domination of Communication Channels (Beyond the Media) | TechrightsMay 21 17:41
schestowitz__now that they ragequitMay 21 17:41
schestowitz__maybe I can post some namesMay 21 17:41
schestowitz__I removed from from the articleMay 21 17:41
MinceR:)May 21 17:42
schestowitz__related to the anti-RMS thingMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__for these reasonsMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:08:12 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>heyMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:08:29 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>ive been targeted by some of these same people for yearsMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:08:39 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and am trying to sort it out with oftc and freenode right at this very momentMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:08:51 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and may be able to provide information that will help your effortMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:13:33 BST] <schestowitz__>go aheadMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:13:57 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>im very tired it is late here, but a few years ago i was targeted in much the same way daniel pocock wasMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:14:10 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and it went on for yearsMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:14:29 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>to the point where both oftc and freenode networks' staff got involvedMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:14:49 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>an ancient story now, but, ties in to currentMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:15:06 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>so anyway i was probing into the background w/ molly de blanc at debianMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:15:21 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and was approached by tom wesley (board at OFTC)May 21 17:43
schestowitz__[] [04:15:26 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>who asked me about my role in the RMS thingMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__---------May 21 17:43
schestowitz__seems like a method nowMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__claim someone is "connected" to pocockMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__and then try to cancel themMay 21 17:43
schestowitz__they lobbies fsf to also cancel himMay 21 17:44
MinceRmicrosoft/ibm finally has something that worksMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__*lobbiedMay 21 17:44
MinceRof course they're going to use it on everybodyMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__[] [04:15:31 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>since i did some PR counter-campaign workMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__[] [04:15:43 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>i told him what i knew and was informed he was going to issue a kline by himMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__[] [04:15:54 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>when he did he issued it for both networksMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__[] [04:15:59 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>as he is staff at both networks nowMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__[] [04:16:17 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>i connected to oftc by proxy to talk to their staffMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__[] [04:16:25 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>tomaw had doug freed (dwfreed) step inMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__afaik, they all quit by nowMay 21 17:44
schestowitz__but now you can see what they didMay 21 17:44
opalXRevan86 what do you want to knowMay 21 17:45
schestowitz__they are also connected to oftcMay 21 17:45
stormchaser3000the next thing you know the entire free software community will be labeled as rapists and child molesters or something to that effectMay 21 17:45
schestowitz__they hope...May 21 17:45
schestowitz__but there's resistance to that agendaMay 21 17:45
schestowitz__[] [04:16:31 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>who reissued the klineMay 21 17:45
schestowitz__[] [04:16:36 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and it expired at oftcMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:16:41 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and i cleared it up w/ freenodeMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:16:47 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>by talking to their staffMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:17:00 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>until today dwfreed approached me againMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:17:10 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and issued a kline with no explanation other than "harassment, lol"May 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:17:20 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and this kline was once again on both oftc and freenodeMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:17:31 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>i have worked it out w/ oftc but not freenode yetMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:17:36 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>work in progressMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:17:38 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>butMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__[] [04:18:04 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>the issue here is both of these people are tied up w/ the weirdness around debian/gnome foundation and are leaking into positions of control at freenodeMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__now they try to cancel FREENODE itselfMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__notice the namesMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__I don't mind naming them nowMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__I did not about a month agoMay 21 17:46
XRevan86opal: Is it true that 2FA was added a long time ago and rasengan only incidentally recently noticed that after checking when tomaw contacted him on ownership?May 21 17:46
schestowitz__for obvious reasonsMay 21 17:46
schestowitz__but they they show their cards, some of them as aboveMay 21 17:46
opaloh, questions like thatMay 21 17:46
opali'm aware of the situation in general but not that awareMay 21 17:46
opali could ask around but it'd likely be a game of he-said-she-saidMay 21 17:47
schestowitz__2fa is not a good modelMay 21 17:47
schestowitz__sounds good on paper onlyMay 21 17:47
XRevan86The registrar may be keeping a timeline of when 2FA was added and removed.May 21 17:47
schestowitz__and it leads to many human rights issues, tooMay 21 17:47
schestowitz__"Would you like my urine sample, too?"May 21 17:47
opalperhaps, for account auditing purposes i think a lot of registrars do thatMay 21 17:47
XRevan86schestowitz__: OTP really works.May 21 17:47
opali use totp 2fa where it's supported, but i'd prefer pki authMay 21 17:48
schestowitz__this is a key part:May 21 17:48
stormchaser3000I am planning on writing an article about the Stallman situation (in support of Stallman of course), but I am trying to figure out what angle I should come at it fromMay 21 17:48
schestowitz__[] [04:18:13 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>which is a central hub of activity for the open source community May 21 17:48
schestowitz__[] [04:18:25 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and are using that access control to suppress pro-rms campaigningMay 21 17:48
schestowitz__[] [04:18:49 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>which leads me to believe there will be another wave after all the key players who jammed up their last effort are goneMay 21 17:48
schestowitz__I was warned a long time ago freenode would suffer some fateMay 21 17:48
schestowitz__and that the goal would be to target some peopleMay 21 17:48
schestowitz__I don't want to move to a network controlled by people who witch-hunt people who campaigned for the FSFMay 21 17:49
schestowitz__the whole thing puts in context my concerns for freenodeMay 21 17:49
stormchaser3000yeahMay 21 17:49
schestowitz__all that "letter of resignation" in tandem thing is similar to what osi gnome foundation and others coordinatedMay 21 17:49
schestowitz__and then chose Microsoft as their platformMay 21 17:49
schestowitz__with typescript (Microsoft) codeMay 21 17:49
opaldevault is trying his best to convince staff to refrain from nonfree platforms, going forwardMay 21 17:50
opalwe'll see how that works outMay 21 17:50
stormchaser3000wasn't there also a website started for GNU project maintainers who subscribed to a certain political ideology?May 21 17:50
schestowitz__[] [04:19:38 BST] <schestowitz__>you need to backtrack a bit and explain moreMay 21 17:50
schestowitz__[] [04:19:40 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>alot of the controversy around why i was being klined left and right surrounded that i had uncovered that molly de blanc has previous smear targetsMay 21 17:50
schestowitz__[] [04:20:00 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and that this is all centered around debian and gnome foundationMay 21 17:50
stormchaser3000I don't remember what it was calledMay 21 17:50
opalyeah there was a gnu offshoot siteMay 21 17:50
schestowitz__[] [04:20:06 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>sure ask questionsMay 21 17:50
schestowitz__[] [04:20:24 BST] <schestowitz__>what you imply is that freenode will target us too?May 21 17:50
schestowitz__[] [04:21:11 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>i believe if the tensions increase that the bad actors leaking over from oftc/gnome/debian will absolutely engaged in reputation management operations or access purging to that aim yesMay 21 17:50
schestowitz__rasengan: ^^May 21 17:50
schestowitz__rasengan: that was a long time agoMay 21 17:50
opalmy ears are open with regard to all sides of this situationMay 21 17:51
schestowitz__imagine freenode being 'collateral' hereMay 21 17:51
opali do have my biases but so far no enemiesMay 21 17:51
schestowitz__as in, the above was posted around the same time sms was sent to rasenganMay 21 17:51
schestowitz__and they had a dispute over controlMay 21 17:51
schestowitz__citing "FSF"May 21 17:51
opalgonna /nick xxxxxxxxxx to confuse everyoneMay 21 17:52
opaland get highlighted a bunch :>May 21 17:52
schestowitz__they also apparently tried to muzzle, as freenode staff, pro-RMS peopleMay 21 17:52
schestowitz__and klined themMay 21 17:52
stormchaser3000wowMay 21 17:52
opali support rms and havent been pushed offMay 21 17:52
alextee[m]maybe matrix will be the winner after all this. federated means you don't have to deal with bad admins. but nothing beats the simplicity of IRCMay 21 17:52
stormchaser3000I haven't been on Freenode that much lately so I haven't been aware of all the dramaMay 21 17:52
opalthen again i avoid political talk on this networkMay 21 17:52
schestowitz__[] [04:22:31 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>the small fry fish from that camp are targeting signers of the pro rms letter but not to any real serious impact, the more dangerous influencers will go for the people exposing this or investigating thisMay 21 17:52
schestowitz__[] [04:22:52 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>in my case i can fart out a proxy any time i need to by clicking a button so all it has done is inconvenience meMay 21 17:52
schestowitz__[] [04:24:33 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>freenode is not a 'coherent' entity in that they will have widely variant responses to this situation depending on which staff member you getMay 21 17:52
schestowitz__[] [04:24:46 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>its the ones that are also in with OFTC staff counts that are going to be the problemMay 21 17:52
schestowitz__^ around the time tomaw sms re "FSF"May 21 17:53
stormchaser3000yeah, I don't like matrixMay 21 17:53
opalalextee[m] i've used irc for a decade and don't see it having a future as a platform or a protocolMay 21 17:53
stormchaser3000the protocol is very bloatedMay 21 17:53
opalmatrix isnt much better but i use itMay 21 17:53
schestowitz__afaik, there's no proper 'vetting' fro freenode staffMay 21 17:53
stormchaser3000IRC is simple and easy to use given that you have a good clientMay 21 17:53
alextee[m]yeah  the protocol is really bad, they should have went with a binary protocol at least instead of this JSON messMay 21 17:53
schestowitz__they pick volunteersMay 21 17:53
opalproblem is there are no good clientsMay 21 17:53
alextee[m]but it works ™️May 21 17:53
schestowitz__and they can be subjected to friend-brings-a-friend entryismMay 21 17:53
opaland it is not easy to use if youre an op or admin of anythingMay 21 17:54
schestowitz__IRC is not hardMay 21 17:54
baronhk[m]1I've been reading about this Covenant Eyes thing that Josh Duggar's wife apparently made him install on his laptops and phone.May 21 17:54
stormchaser3000yeah, IRC is easyMay 21 17:54
schestowitz__unless you want to do "special" thingsMay 21 17:54
opalirc's fucking tediousMay 21 17:54
alextee[m]<opal "problem is there are no good cli"> that's a chicken and egg problem. features are still coming out. nheko is not so bad but element is always the most up to dateMay 21 17:54
opalno, this isnt a chicken/egg problem, this is a problem inherent in irc's designMay 21 17:54
baronhk[m]1She must have been hallucinating if she thought this was going to keep her husband in line after everyone knew he was a child molester and a rapist.May 21 17:54
stormchaser3000nheko is not terrible, but I would still prefer something even lighter weight. Quaternion maybe?May 21 17:54
opalit is impossible to make a fully-conformant client due to the number of heuristics necessary to figure out what an ircd supportsMay 21 17:55
schestowitz__ah, makes senseMay 21 17:55
opali've used and hacked on multiple ircds, multiple clients, written a few botsMay 21 17:55
opalirc's shitMay 21 17:55
schestowitz__but it is widely supportedMay 21 17:55
opalobjectively soMay 21 17:55
schestowitz__like http/wwwMay 21 17:55
schestowitz__pure garbageMay 21 17:55
schestowitz__but widely usedMay 21 17:55
opallolMay 21 17:55
schestowitz__so all of us still use it sometimesMay 21 17:55
schestowitz__dns has many issuesMay 21 17:56
opalhttp (1.1) has better design than irc by milesMay 21 17:56
stormchaser3000fair pointMay 21 17:56
schestowitz__and now they add some encryption to it, decades lateMay 21 17:56
*guysoft42 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)May 21 17:56
opaldns is garbage yesMay 21 17:56
XRevan86opal: Also interesting is the situation with the acquisition, how did it happen that christel sold freenode, but the people involved in freenode didn't know what that even meant and weren't involved neither in the sell nor in the company?May 21 17:56
schestowitz__opal: it's also newerMay 21 17:56
stormchaser3000modern http and www is garbageMay 21 17:56
schestowitz__XRevan86: SUDDENLY it became an issueMay 21 17:56
schestowitz__the adsMay 21 17:56
schestowitz__the owenrship etc.May 21 17:56
opalXRevan86 i think it'll clear up a lot of things if you know this key fact: there has never been great communication between freenode staff hereMay 21 17:57
stormchaser3000I ended up being so disillusioned with the whole JavaScript VM running in a web browser thing that I just use PHP to generate simple webpages on my siteMay 21 17:57
XRevan86schestowitz__: Yea, and if the 2FA was there for a while, then rasengan started this.May 21 17:57
opalwith i hope theyre rectifying that. they published which states how they are going to operate nowMay 21 17:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Libera Chat Bylaws | Libera ChatMay 21 17:57
opalmonthly meetings, an actual board, et ceteraMay 21 17:57
stormchaser3000no extra client-side work necessaryMay 21 17:57
opalso hopefully that helpsMay 21 17:57
schestowitz__if you trust those peopleMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__I worried about them a month agoMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__when the shitstorm was brewing silentlyMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__[] [04:25:11 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>Doug Freed is not currently staff but was able to get a kline on freenode at the same time he issued one on oftcMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__[] [04:25:32 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>so there is some relationship there i dont fully understand yetMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__[] [04:25:51 BST] <schestowitz__>fsf uses freenodeMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__[] [04:25:57 BST] <schestowitz__>canonical pays freenodeMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__[] [04:26:09 BST] <schestowitz__>but I never had bad experiences with freenodeMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__[] [04:26:16 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>they are usually pretty goodMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__[] [04:26:31 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>its the ones that are staff at oftc that are staff at freenode that are the problem thereMay 21 17:58
opali believe libera is making efforts to do things rightMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__oftcMay 21 17:58
opalemphasis on effortMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__look who promotes it this weekMay 21 17:58
opalwhether its what everyone ends up agreeing with, whether things will be done right, thats for time to tellMay 21 17:58
schestowitz__some of the people whom I resent for attacking Torvalds and RMSMay 21 17:58
opalsame with freenodeMay 21 17:58
XRevan86schestowitz__: Because then it means that the chain of events started with tomaw asking rasengan a question, rasengan looking into the account, *noticing* a thing and then reacting to it.May 21 17:58
opalunder new management, time will tell what happensMay 21 17:59
schestowitz__oftc is like the osi of ircMay 21 17:59
schestowitz__having more options if a positiveMay 21 17:59
opaloftc has historically been much more dysfunctional than freenodeMay 21 17:59
schestowitz__but what if the people who run that network run amok with censorship?May 21 17:59
opalbut i hear theyre trying to change as wellMay 21 17:59
schestowitz__some of the same people who started doing this in freenodeMay 21 17:59
schestowitz__as staffMay 21 17:59
schestowitz__as if pro-RMS is some sort of pedophiliaMay 21 18:00
schestowitz__we will know soonMay 21 18:01
MinceR> federated means you don't have to deal with bad admins.May 21 18:01
opaldepends how the bans were happening. i know freenode *never* supported political channels, theyre technically off-topic, but freenode left them alone if they caused few issuesMay 21 18:01
stormchaser3000well, I am off for now. Thanks for the enlightening conversation :)May 21 18:01
MinceRnot exactly, ask baronhk[m]1 about it :>May 21 18:01
opalthere are definitely better places for that discussionMay 21 18:01
schestowitz__I,  myself, kept close to my chest thing I had heardMay 21 18:01
schestowitz__I knew about freenode issues aheadMay 21 18:01
opalso did iMay 21 18:01
schestowitz__but did not want to admonish some staffMay 21 18:01
stormchaser3000have a good day everyoneMay 21 18:01
opalcyaMay 21 18:01
*stormchaser3000 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)May 21 18:01
schestowitz__as it would worsen things and break down discussionsMay 21 18:01
schestowitz__but now it seems too late for thatMay 21 18:02
schestowitz__and media isn't trying to mend thingsMay 21 18:02
schestowitz__they're all "FREENODE IS DEAD! RUN AWAY, PEASANTS!!"May 21 18:02
schestowitz__and we might end up running away to some of the elements that raised a stink over a non-issueMay 21 18:02
schestowitz__or not a new issueMay 21 18:02
*lavendereyes has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)May 21 18:03
*lavender- (~lavendere@gateway/tor-sasl/lavendereyes) has joined #techrightsMay 21 18:03
schestowitz__hi, lavender-May 21 18:03
schestowitz__familiar nick, cannot recall where fromMay 21 18:04
baronhk[m]1Someone is sending scam texts claiming to be from the Indiana unemployment office.May 21 18:04
baronhk[m]1I got one a few minutes ago and called the state's 800 number to figure out what was going on. They said there's a text scam going around where they just hit Indiana phone numbers at random and try to get information from you with a link to a fake website.May 21 18:04
baronhk[m]1Anyway....May 21 18:05
techrights-botPIR sensors automatically light up workbench zones | Arduino Blog ⇨ •●• #Arduino #Hardware #OpenHardware #HackingMay 21 18:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PIR sensors automatically light up workbench zones | Arduino BlogMay 21 18:05
baronhk[m]1schestowitz__: I wonder how Covenant Eyes has managed to stay in business.May 21 18:05
baronhk[m]1Are people really so deluded that they think they'll bring a cheater (or worse) back into the fold by installing some crap software on their computers?May 21 18:06
techrights-botMultigen LRU Patches Updated For Addressing Linux's Expensive Page Reclaimation - Phoronix ⇨ •●• #Phoronix #Kernel #Linux 🐧 | more in 21 18:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Resolving timed out after 10518 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )May 21 18:06
XRevan86 21 18:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Resolving timed out after 10519 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )May 21 18:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Resolving timed out after 10518 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )May 21 18:07
baronhk[m]1If people really want to do something, they'll figure out how to get it done. If it was really so easy to control people, then laws designed to stop suicide would have some effect.May 21 18:07
opalschestowitz__ i'll say that the freenode fiasco has encouraged me to move my project channel exclusively to our own irc networkMay 21 18:07
opali could have re-registered the project on libera but i didnt want toMay 21 18:07
opalgood excuse just to redirect everyone over to something self-hostedMay 21 18:07
baronhk[m]1It seems to me that Covenant Eyes is some creepy pseudo-Christian company that makes money off of failing marriages.May 21 18:07
baronhk[m]1Private Christian universities pitch it as a way to make your relationship work.May 21 18:08
baronhk[m]1Whatever makes them want to cheat isn't going to be resolved by a computer program with a subscription fee, which is doing who knows what with the data that it collects.May 21 18:09
baronhk[m]1The divorce rate has reached crisis levels, and it's really embarrassing to the churches and they're throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks at this point.May 21 18:09
scienteswhat is Epic?May 21 18:10
baronhk[m]1Even to the point of "private counseling with pastors" over stuff that should be turned over to the police.May 21 18:10
scientesXRevan86, do you follow hacker news?May 21 18:10
scientesI find that is the usual US delusion of grandeur and arroganceMay 21 18:10
scienteswhich I know toooooooooo wellMay 21 18:10
XRevan86scientes: No, MinceR shared the link and now I read through the comments.May 21 18:10
scientesbaronhk[m]1, that is what she saidMay 21 18:10
schestowitz__XRevan86: seems like a clear summaryMay 21 18:10
scientesbaronhk[m]1, you mean butt sex?May 21 18:10
schestowitz__assuming it is accurateMay 21 18:11
baronhk[m]1Christians tend to think that they "follow a higher law", so they tend to keep evidence of crimes to themselves and even try to destroy it and deal with it internally.May 21 18:12
schestowitz__opal: nice if you have many nodes offhandMay 21 18:12
baronhk[m]1That's where so many scandals involving the Catholics come in.May 21 18:12
schestowitz__and can administer, debug etc. the irc daemonMay 21 18:12
opalschestowitz__ yeah, a few others and i have been running servers for a whileMay 21 18:12
schestowitz__I object to running my own fediverse-compatible thingMay 21 18:12
opalthe network isnt new, i just figured freenode would have been a good "outpost" for people who didnt want to join thereMay 21 18:13
schestowitz__each time something goes wrong, it's a very big job for just one accountMay 21 18:13
baronhk[m]1The Archdiocese of Chicago just reinstated a priest who was investigated for a rape in 1986.May 21 18:13
opalbut since people are scattering to other networks anyway, whats the pointMay 21 18:13
baronhk[m]1Because there wasn't enough evidence.May 21 18:13
schestowitz__opal: a lot of stuff is hard-linked to freenodeMay 21 18:13
opalwhat does hard-linked mean hereMay 21 18:14
schestowitz__it's also a mass appeal/critical mass thing, you would not persuade many people to add another network, and I suppose some irc clients.gateways won't support that eitherMay 21 18:14
opaloh you mean client-wiseMay 21 18:14
schestowitz__or scriptsMay 21 18:14
schestowitz__people developed many things around this infraMay 21 18:14
techrights-bot#Kernel : Latest Linux News From Phoronix, LWN, and Linus #Torvalds Interview • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 18:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Kernel: Latest Linux News From Phoronix, LWN, and Linus Torvalds Interview | Tux MachinesMay 21 18:15
XRevan86 21 18:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | As an ex-freenode staffer, this is simply untrue. You took over with zero trans... | Hacker NewsMay 21 18:16
techrights-botA compact #RaspberryPi RP2040 WiFi board - Meet $12.95 Wio RP2040 mini - CNX Software ⇨ •●• #Linux #GNU #Hardware #cnxsoftware |May 21 18:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A compact Raspberry Pi RP2040 WiFi board - Meet $12.95 Wio RP2040 mini - CNX SoftwareMay 21 18:17
schestowitz__"May 21 18:18
schestowitz__The mail server was working when the whole staff team resigned.May 21 18:18
schestowitz__What happened after then will have entirely been within the control of the freenode management, their administration, and their sponsors.May 21 18:18
schestowitz__Every ex-freenode staffer I have talked to has been exceptionally cautious about damaging the data and systems they tended for literal decades, and to my knowledge none were disrupted.May 21 18:18
schestowitz__"May 21 18:18
schestowitz__I know kaniini had some stuff cut off, but accidentally they claimMay 21 18:18
schestowitz__like expired or deleted certsMay 21 18:18
XRevan86 "The issue with services was not due to the "previous team", but rather due to the sponsor pulling their box"May 21 18:19
schestowitz__that was around the time things already started to rotMay 21 18:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | I see that you are spreading your falsehoods here, too. The issue with services... | Hacker NewsMay 21 18:19
schestowitz__and there were battlesMay 21 18:19
schestowitz__[] [04:26:43 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>e.g. Tom Wesley and his poseMay 21 18:19
schestowitz__[] [04:26:45 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>*posseMay 21 18:19
schestowitz__[] [04:27:43 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>debian crossover and gnome foundation crossover is in every instance ive seen been the common association of every actor involved May 21 18:19
schestowitz__[] [04:28:02 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>including elana hashman and neil mcgovernMay 21 18:19
schestowitz__[] [04:28:47 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>i am currently working on a project that will produce a new linux distribution not based on anotherMay 21 18:19
schestowitz__[] [04:28:55 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>this is when the targeting really startedMay 21 18:19
schestowitz__(in freenode)May 21 18:20
schestowitz__some of those admins have mixed obligations and loyaltiesMay 21 18:20
schestowitz__and since there's no salary, they might prioritise for gain in ways other moneyMay 21 18:20
schestowitz__power and politicsMay 21 18:20
schestowitz__[] [04:29:22 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>one of the debian people named Ikonia (Matt Darcy) started trying to blacklist our contributorsMay 21 18:20
schestowitz__[] [04:29:40 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>and started trying to disrupt that projects' members' relationships with other projectsMay 21 18:21
schestowitz__[] [04:29:49 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>the same strategy as done w/ daniel pocockMay 21 18:21
schestowitz__[] [04:30:16 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>who as it turns out was also targeted by molly de blancMay 21 18:21
schestowitz__[] [04:30:23 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>which was profitable to her careerMay 21 18:21
schestowitz__[] [04:30:58 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>it also helped obscure and deflect the fact that she was having an affair with chris lambMay 21 18:21
baronhk[m]1Apparently, I might have been wrong about minimum marriage age laws.May 21 18:21
baronhk[m]1According to Wikipedia, Massachusetts might still use Common Law.May 21 18:21
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: let's focus on techMay 21 18:21
baronhk[m]1That would set marriage to 12 for girls and 14 for boys. Bill Gates might approve of that.May 21 18:22
XRevan86schestowitz__: Um, what are ye implying?May 21 18:22
baronhk[m]1It seems like that WGN article was written by someone else. It's appearing all over the place now.May 21 18:23
baronhk[m]1The Gates Foundation is pushing this.May 21 18:23
techrights-bot"If #IBM lays you off for being yourself, having fun and saying the truth, it was probably a good thing to happen. If they keep you, it will be in a way you like." 21 18:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | What should an employee do? - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 18:23
baronhk[m]1Most of these "local news" outfits are just copypasta these days for stories that were written by someone else.May 21 18:24
schestowitz__they areMay 21 18:24
schestowitz__same owner a lot of the timeMay 21 18:24
schestowitz__e.g. GannettMay 21 18:24
schestowitz__XRevan86: quoting, not implyingMay 21 18:25
XRevan86> some of those admins have mixed obligations and loyalties; and since there's no salary, they might prioritise for gain in ways other moneyMay 21 18:25
schestowitz__the part I added above was, there seems to be a clique of people in freenode...May 21 18:25
schestowitz__... one with an agenda not necessarily free as in freenoeMay 21 18:25
schestowitz__not free softwareMay 21 18:25
schestowitz__or not free speechMay 21 18:25
schestowitz__they can use powers over freenode to undermine some people/voices/views/projectaMay 21 18:26
schestowitz__[] [04:33:21 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>what im getting at here is that these all involve coordinated behaviours from people all associated with the same projectMay 21 18:26
schestowitz__[] [04:34:32 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>it consistently ties back to debian and their sphere of influence which includes tom wesley, doug freed, and some of the other freenode staff -- not all of them.  freenode's official position will probably stay neutral while these bad actors run amokMay 21 18:26
schestowitz__[] [04:35:41 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>most of this can be verifiedMay 21 18:26
schestowitz__[] [04:36:00 BST] <xxxxxxxxx>if you map these people on a board and look at their project associationsMay 21 18:26
schestowitz__[end of UNREDACTED OLD LOGS]May 21 18:28
schestowitz__those can be correlated with current and future eventsMay 21 18:28
schestowitz__I am watching who says whatMay 21 18:28
XRevan86schestowitz__: So can anyone.May 21 18:29
schestowitz__the forkers might even use something less free speech-respecting than freenodeMay 21 18:29
schestowitz__time will tellMay 21 18:29
MinceRwhen was that last log from?May 21 18:29
schestowitz__MinceR: better not to sayMay 21 18:29
XRevan86schestowitz__: Since they're all from freenode, I'd expect the same policies there.May 21 18:29
schestowitz__as it can add id-related infoMay 21 18:29
schestowitz__XRevan86: expectMay 21 18:29
schestowitz__maybeMay 21 18:29
XRevan86schestowitz__: I'd expect the former freenode policies there rather than here.May 21 18:30
schestowitz__[05:24] <superkuh> I don't want freenode to split. The anxiety I am having over this is making me physically sick to my stomach. I really wish there were a possible reconciliation. But that can't happen if we just ignore what happened and is well documented.May 21 18:30
schestowitz__it make him/her very angryMay 21 18:30
schestowitz__which already does damageMay 21 18:30
XRevan86This is the place that will inevitably see change. Good or bad.May 21 18:30
MinceR"well documented", i.e. allegedMay 21 18:30
schestowitz__the above helps address, I think:May 21 18:30
schestowitz__[05:20] <superkuh> I see no relation to the cancel RMS thing except they used github.May 21 18:30
schestowitz__[05:21] <superkuh> This wasn't a misinterpreted statement.May 21 18:31
schestowitz__[05:21] <superkuh> On the other side, that he hasn't kicked me or others off the network says a lot for his restraint.May 21 18:31
schestowitz__here's another thing:May 21 18:31
schestowitz__[05:18] <superkuh> When this came out on the 16th I was on his side.May 21 18:31
schestowitz__[05:18] <superkuh> I thought he would just clear things up, bring in other voices that confirmed his statements, etc.May 21 18:31
schestowitz__[05:18] <superkuh> You can look in the logs in joepie's log link post.May 21 18:32
schestowitz__[05:18] <superkuh> I asked him to do so. He hasn't still.May 21 18:32
schestowitz__[05:19] <superkuh> ctrl-f 'superkuh' May 21 18:32
schestowitz__now, look intoMay 21 18:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-crown-prince-getting-owned.txt — 21 18:32
schestowitz__ 21 18:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LulzSec chatlogs analysed: who talked to who, and when | LulzSec | The GuardianMay 21 18:32
schestowitz__joepie thereMay 21 18:32
schestowitz__Sabu.. (FBI) mentionedMay 21 18:32
schestowitz__afaik, for years freenode was operationally independentMay 21 18:33
schestowitz__that sort of changed when the cold shoulder was givenMay 21 18:33
schestowitz__like removing rasengan from access to the domainMay 21 18:34
schestowitz__more context in 21 18:34
XRevan86schestowitz__: Which was apparently done a lot earlier.May 21 18:34
schestowitz__the access to domain thing?May 21 18:35
XRevan86schestowitz__: Yes.May 21 18:35
techrights-botBuild your own RPM package with a sample Go program #golang #programmingMay 21 18:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Build your own RPM package with a sample Go program | Red Hat DeveloperMay 21 18:36
schestowitz__which month?May 21 18:36
XRevan86schestowitz__: When christel was still head of staff.May 21 18:37
schestowitz__march?May 21 18:37
XRevan86schestowitz__: I think the question is what year, and the person I asked doesn't have that information. rasengan might have if the registrar keeps the logs (probably does).May 21 18:39
techrights-bot#Appwrite 0.8 Released with a Lot of Privacy and Security Improvements #deletegithub #microsoft #ProprietarySoftwareMay 21 18:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Appwrite 0.8 Released with a Lot of Privacy and Security ImprovementsMay 21 18:40
XRevan86schestowitz__: Or christel might have that information. Don't think well hear from her any time soon though.May 21 18:40
schestowitz__ohMay 21 18:42
schestowitz__you know what I have just realised?May 21 18:43
schestowitz__hacker news links to techrightsMay 21 18:43
schestowitz__I didn't notice url origin beforeMay 21 18:43
XRevan86schestowitz__: It used to be 21 18:43
XRevan86schestowitz__: Now rasengan changed it.May 21 18:43
schestowitz__what happened then? interesting...May 21 18:43
schestowitz__maybe someone removed itMay 21 18:43
schestowitz__like someone with access to that accountMay 21 18:43
XRevan86schestowitz__: No, it's there.May 21 18:44
schestowitz__reminds me of RMS 2019May 21 18:44
schestowitz__when people defaced his siteMay 21 18:44
schestowitz__XRevan86: OK, maybe it was at risk of removal from thereMay 21 18:44
XRevan86Andrews-MacBook-Air.localMay 21 18:44
schestowitz__now it's requested from us 0.5-1 times per secondMay 21 18:44
XRevan86What a poor choice for a laptop %)May 21 18:45
schestowitz__maybe he has a range of laptopsMay 21 18:45
schestowitz__that's a side 'issue'May 21 18:45
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Programming Leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 18:50
techrights-bot#Python #Programming • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 18:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Python Programming | Tux MachinesMay 21 18:50
XRevan86schestowitz__: yesMay 21 18:51
schestowitz__the whole "WHY NOT LINUX!!" thing is a minor thing in the grand scheme of thingsMay 21 18:51
*zleap has quit (Quit: Leaving)May 21 18:52
XRevan86schestowitz__: Has anyone made that point? I just made a passing comment.May 21 18:52
*zleap (~zleap@unaffiliated/zleap) has joined #techrightsMay 21 18:52
techrights-botA look at latest #kde plasma 21 18:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Plasma gets Prettier and more Blurred by the day! — niccoloveMay 21 18:52
schestowitz__XRevan86: I assume he does manager stuffMay 21 18:53
schestowitz__and may need certain programs some of the timeMay 21 18:53
XRevan86schestowitz__: I actually wonder what christel is going through. The actions so far indicate that she doesn't want to deal with stress and maybe that's a sign of severe depression.May 21 18:54
techrights-bot"Qualcomm later confirmed to us that the chipset runs Linux." 21 18:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 520 @ )May 21 18:55
XRevan86schestowitz__: We changed the url to one that doesn't do a file download.May 21 18:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | We changed the url from | Hacker NewsMay 21 18:55
XRevan86that explains itMay 21 18:55
schestowitz__ah, okMay 21 18:55
schestowitz__and isn't NSA PRISM :-)May 21 18:55
rasenganschestowitz__: I think hacker news posted it to HN (eg changed the URL) I apologize! It was originally github.May 21 18:56
schestowitz__it's fine, github has many issuesMay 21 18:56
schestowitz__github is also an attack on us 21 18:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Story About Microsoft’s Plan for GitHub Says a Lot About the Motivations and the Lies Told to Us for Over Half a Decade | TechrightsMay 21 18:56
XRevan86(17:56:41) XRevan86: thumbs: I wonder if christel is okay, has anyone tried to contact her?May 21 18:57
XRevan86(17:57:07) thumbs: I did, she is fineMay 21 18:57
schestowitz__she seems like a nice personMay 21 19:01
schestowitz__also from the global messages she sent across the whole networkMay 21 19:01
schestowitz__not worthy of the abusive language in the resignation letters (some that I saw)May 21 19:02
*xvx (~xvx@ has joined #techrightsMay 21 19:02
*zleap has quit (Quit: Leaving)May 21 19:03
downey[i]revolutions always eat their ownMay 21 19:03
techrights-bot...biggest #covid19 cases (or _new_ cases) figures for #uk today... or today and yesterday... worst in over a month. Just 5 days after reopening pretty much everything.May 21 19:05
schestowitz__downey[i]: just like corporationsMay 21 19:06
schestowitz__human natureMay 21 19:06
schestowitz__corporations are run by very few people... or personMay 21 19:06
*schestowitz__ remembers fighting Novell over its patent collusion with Microsoft, which was very much necessary at the timeMay 21 19:09
schestowitz__2006 Hovsepian <3 BallmerMay 21 19:10
schestowitz__2016 (planB) Microsoft '<3' LinuxMay 21 19:10
*psymin_ (~psymin@fsf/member/psymin) has joined #techrightsMay 21 19:10
schestowitz__Hovsepian is from IBM BTWMay 21 19:10
schestowitz__then Novell COO, CEOMay 21 19:10
schestowitz__IBM <3 software patentsMay 21 19:10
techrights-bot#ibm new building "Looks like East German apartments." maybe put the workers in Poland near all the 'aktion' 21 19:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM Leases 150,000 SF Office Space at CrossPoint in Lowell - post regarding IBM layoffsMay 21 19:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Documentary: IBM Founder (Watson) Gave a Nazi Salute, Admired Hitler, Said Hitler Was Doing the Right Thing | TechrightsMay 21 19:12
techrights-bot"If you don't like the Audacity/Firefox projects you can copy the source code and distribute a fork. This is pretty much the only thing "open source" implies." That's what #freesw is. #opensource is a co-opting, rebranding, attack plan. 21 19:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gemini Digest, Vol 22, Issue 18May 21 19:14
*sbp (~sbp@2001:19f0:6800:1102:5400:ff:fe11:39a1) has joined #techrightsMay 21 19:15
techrights-ipfs ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▆▅▆▇▇▆▇▆▅▃▆▅▃▆▅▆▂▅▆▆▇▆▇▂▅▅▅▅▅▇▅▆▁ avg(k/sec) 27.16 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▂▃▂▂▂▂▂▁▂▁▂▁▁▁▂▃█▂▃▂▃▁█▂▂▁▁▂▃▂▃▁ avg(k/sec) 24.91▕ swarm size (avg): 225.83  ⟲May 21 19:15
techrights-bot1 year update on the #ThinkPad X1 Yoga laptop with #gnu #linuxMay 21 19:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 1 year update on the ThinkPad X1 Yoga laptop – Adventures in Linux and KDEMay 21 19:16
schestowitz__sbp: 0/May 21 19:19
psydroid<techrights-bot "#ibm new building "Looks like Ea"> I know former colleagues of mine who work at IBM Poland in Wroclaw. IBM also contacted me for a job there, but fortunately it never materialised and I got a job at another company a few months later.May 21 19:22
sbphi schestowitz__May 21 19:22
schestowitz__psydroid: they are everywhereMay 21 19:22
sbpI arrived here because I found via the blog post which links to it, which I found as techrights is the only mirror in Google hosting the PDF that rasengan posted to the freenode websiteMay 21 19:24
sbpon reading the log, I found many interesting things, but the one that stood out the most was the information that rasengan and tomaw are preparing a joint statement. does anybody here, including rasengan himself perhaps, have any more information about that?May 21 19:25
schestowitz__I wish to know tooMay 21 19:25
techrights-bot"Dino, packaged as dino-im in Debian, is an #XMPP chat client. Thanks to the hard work of its developers, Dino has been making progress on supporting video and audio calls." #debian #gnu #linux 21 19:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Video calling in Dino in experimental, oh my! — taowa r.May 21 19:27
techrights-botThe #LibreOffice Calc Guide 7.1 is Here! • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #freesw #odf #TuxMachinesMay 21 19:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The LibreOffice Calc Guide 7.1 is Here! | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:28
techrights-bot#Nemo Mobile brings Glacier UX to the #PinePhone and other Linux handhelds • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 19:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Nemo Mobile brings Glacier UX to the PinePhone and other Linux handhelds | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:28
techrights-bot#opensuse Tumbleweed: #KDE Gear, GTK, Btrfs Update in Tumbleweed • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 19:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | KDE Gear, GTK, Btrfs Update in Tumbleweed | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:28
schestowitz__sbp: "Currently, tomaw and I have been working on a joint announcement.  It's really late where he's at so he's sleeping right now." 21 19:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Thursday, May 20, 2021May 21 19:30
sbpI suppose we'll see it when we see itMay 21 19:30
sbpI may have some insight for you regarding this:May 21 19:30
sbp"he’s an American and we lack evidence that he bears any resemblance to Trump"May 21 19:31
sbp 21 19:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Freenode Users Exodus as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Boosted by Those Looking to Gain | TechrightsMay 21 19:31
sbpI expect that Christine was confusing rasengan with the other Andrew Lee on Twitter, the latter of whom takes a very pro-Trumpian stance in his tweetsMay 21 19:31
schestowitz__I'm told another person with the same name supports TrumpMay 21 19:31
schestowitz__yes, wait...May 21 19:31
sbpah, I see the news has already reached youMay 21 19:31
schestowitz__[17:29] <XRevan86> stormchaser3000: There's a Trumpist Andrew Lee who is Asian-looking. However, that's not the same Andrew Lee as in Freenode, Ltd. and PIA.May 21 19:32
XRevan86sbp: Yea, I said that earlier.May 21 19:32
sbpapologies, I missed thatMay 21 19:32
schestowitz__[17:28] <schestowitz__> >>  Andrew Lee as a "trumpist" aMay 21 19:32
schestowitz__[17:28] <schestowitz__> "IF YOU SUPPORT FREENODE, YOU LITERALLY SUPPORT WHITE SUPREMACY!"May 21 19:32
schestowitz__but the myth moves fastMay 21 19:32
schestowitz__calling him something badMay 21 19:32
*wineroots (f24d257755@gateway/shell/ has joined #techrightsMay 21 19:32
schestowitz__I saw the RMS hare going down like thatMay 21 19:33
schestowitz__tooMay 21 19:33
schestowitz__let me show youMay 21 19:33
schestowitz__a gallery of headlines...May 21 19:33
schestowitz__ 21 19:33
schestowitz__replace "jew" with "Korean"May 21 19:33
XRevan86sbp: The avatar is literally a photograph and the people couldn't even fact-check a face.May 21 19:33
schestowitz__or "epstein" with "TrumpMay 21 19:33
sbpI noticed that amongst my friends and other acquaintances on the server, their position on the political spectrum was strongly correlated with how likely they were to move to the alternative networkMay 21 19:33
schestowitz__it's classism and stuffMay 21 19:33
*sbp kept somewhat abreast of the rms situation, indeedMay 21 19:34
sbpwhen he was asked about this in #freenode-staff-discussion, rasengan linked a media article that mentioned both him and the other Andrew Lee in the same sentence. but it was either overlooked or ignored; I don't recall a single person indicating that they understood the implicationMay 21 19:35
sbp20:25:47 <@rasengan> catgirl: 2 - 21 19:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Handshake Revealed: VCs Back Plan to Give Away $100 Million in Crypto - CoinDeskMay 21 19:37
sbpfrom 21 19:37
techrights-bot"Mighty Goose from Blastmode, MP2 Games and PLAYISM was announced recently ready for release on June 5. It looks incredible and it will be supported on #GNU #Linux ." 21 19:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Mighty Goose looks like a stupidly entertaining colourful run and gun game | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 19:37
-rasengan-[Global Notice] We are aware of the Libera Chat spambots and are working to address it. To help mitigate, please set umode +R to prevent non-registered nicks from messaging you. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your support of freenode!May 21 19:38
techrights-bot#Qualcomm reveals tiny Linux-driven 5G NR chipset for IoT • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 19:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Qualcomm reveals tiny Linux-driven 5G NR chipset for IoT | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:39
baronhk[m]1 21 19:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft CEO sticks knife into Bill Gates after affair with staff member was revealed  | Daily Mail OnlineMay 21 19:40
baronhk[m]1From shaking hands with "Grab em by the pussy!" Trump to knifing Bill Gates for the same sort of behavior.May 21 19:41
techrights-botTuxedo takes on Apple's MacBook with new 3K Linux laptop — equipped with Intel's latest 11th Gen CPU #gnu #linuxMay 21 19:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | TUXEDO’s Latest Linux Laptop is All About the Screen | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:43
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: because politicsMay 21 19:46
schestowitz__anyway, it distracts from the real/bigger scandalMay 21 19:47
techrights-bot#Google #Android Leftovers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 19:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:47
schestowitz__either way:May 21 19:47
schestowitz__1) expect less "funded by Gates FOundation" fluffMay 21 19:47
schestowitz__and May 21 19:47
schestowitz__2) almost no more "bill says" puff piecesMay 21 19:47
schestowitz__and that already removes some noticeable proportion of noise-as-newsMay 21 19:48
techrights-bot#Games: Driver 2, Mighty Goose, and Busy Beaver • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 19:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Games: Driver 2, Mighty Goose, and Busy Beaver | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:48
techrights-bot#ClearLinux Offers Up Advantages For Ice Lake Xeon, #CentOS Comes In Strong • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 19:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Clear Linux Offers Up Advantages For Ice Lake Xeon, CentOS Comes In Strong | Tux MachinesMay 21 19:48
techrights-bot#techrights already warned about (and attempted to prevent) #freenode chaos 8 days ago 21 19:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Andrew Lee of Private Internet Access/London Trust Media Increasingly Owns and Controls Freenode (Updatedx2) | TechrightsMay 21 19:55
techrights-bot#OpenHardware /Modding: Seeed Studio, Arduino, #Pinebook Pro • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 20:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Open Hardware/Modding: Seeed Studio, Arduino, Pinebook Pro | Tux MachinesMay 21 20:12
techrights-bot#XMPP /Dino in #Debian , #LibreWolf in Debian-based Sparky, and Next Firefox • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #TuxMachinesMay 21 20:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | XMPP/Dino in Debian, LibreWolf in Debian-based Sparky, and Next Firefox | Tux MachinesMay 21 20:12
techrights-bot#Standards / #Consortia Leftovers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #TuxMachinesMay 21 20:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Standards/Consortia Leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 20:12
techrights-bot#Security and #ProprietarySoftware • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 20:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Security and Proprietary Software | Tux MachinesMay 21 20:12
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techrights-botToday’s 𝐓𝐮𝐱 𝐌𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 Leftovers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 20:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's leftovers | Tux MachinesMay 21 20:24
techrights-botVideos and Shows: Plasma, Sonic Robo Blast 2, and More • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 20:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Videos and Shows: Plasma, Sonic Robo Blast 2, and More | Tux MachinesMay 21 20:25
techrights-botLinks 21/5/2021: #TuxedoInfinity Book Pro 14 and #Qualcomm Putting Linux on Chips • ፕቿርዘዪጎኗዘፕነ ⇨ •●• #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | Gemini address: gemini:// 21 20:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Links 21/5/2021: Tuxedo Infinity Book Pro 14 and Qualcomm Putting Linux on Chips | TechrightsMay 21 20:25
techrights-botThe EPO's War on #Justice and Assault on the #Law -- Part 16 will be published tomorrow morning. #epo #corruption #coverupMay 21 20:29
*AVRS (~AVRS@wikimedia/AVRS) has joined #techrightsMay 21 20:33
techrights-bot#RHEL 8.4 released and here is #HowTo upgrade 8.3 to 8.4 - nixCraft ⇨ •●• #cyberciti | more in 21 20:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RHEL 8.4 released and here is how to upgrade 8.3 to 8.4 - nixCraftMay 21 20:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsMay 21 20:38
techrights-bot#HowTo Install #Lumina Desktop on Ubuntu - Linux Hint ⇨ •●• #LinuxHint #GNU #Linux 🐧May 21 20:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Install Lumina Desktop on Ubuntu – Linux HintMay 21 20:39
schestowitz__AVRS: any updates?May 21 20:41
schestowitz__things seems to be settling down somewhat, I hope...May 21 20:42
XRevan86"any updates?" – on what?May 21 20:42
schestowitz__you know..May 21 20:43
schestowitz__.May 21 20:43
schestowitz__I saw haiku leftMay 21 20:43
XRevan86ahMay 21 20:43
schestowitz__but little apart from itMay 21 20:43
schestowitz__that was 2 days agoMay 21 20:43
XRevan86They left to OFTC, right?May 21 20:43
XRevan86yeaMay 21 20:43
downey[i]XRevan86: 21 20:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Haiku's IRC channels are moving to OFTC! | Haiku ProjectMay 21 20:44
schestowitz__yes, I saw thatMay 21 20:44
schestowitz__I've noticed some censorship in matrix latelyMay 21 20:45
schestowitz__also github, reddit, parler now back only conditionallyMay 21 20:45
schestowitz__but it's not a "wing" thingMay 21 20:45
schestowitz__many treat speech like "passing fed"May 21 20:45
schestowitz__it's the new "woke" or "hip" thingMay 21 20:45
schestowitz__as if speech is the same as violenceMay 21 20:45
schestowitz__if people plan insurrection on parler, that's one thingMay 21 20:46
AVRSno updatesMay 21 20:46
schestowitz__but now with things like "coc" and "hate speech" it extends to new territoriesMay 21 20:46
MinceR 21 20:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | draft-wkumari-not-a-draft-13May 21 20:47
*AVRS has quit (Quit: WeeChat 3.0)May 21 20:51
*AVRS (~AVRS@wikimedia/AVRS) has joined #techrightsMay 21 20:51
*zleap (~zleap@unaffiliated/zleap) has joined #techrightsMay 21 20:51
lockeanarchistschestowitz__: Matrix is becoming like the fediverse, unfortunatelyMay 21 20:54
techrights-bot20 or 10 years ago the #gnu #linux world had far fewer dimensions of divisive politics in the community. I blame corporations for interjecting that, as well as #corporateMedia (keeping us divided and untrusting of people around us, potential allies).May 21 20:55
*inky has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)May 21 20:55
techrights-botIf you are willing to fight fellow developers over the use of the string "master" in a git repo but not fight over things like Military Contractors disguised as "Big Tech", then something is wrong and you've been connedMay 21 20:56
lockeanarchistthey ban ppl, ppl self-host and they ban the instancesMay 21 20:56
lockeanarchistthey ban ppl, ppl self-host and then they ban the instancesMay 21 20:56
schestowitz__[20:54] <lockeanarchist> schestowitz__: Matrix is becoming like the fediverse, unfortunatelyMay 21 20:57
schestowitz__that is enough for me to know we can remain 'on' Matrix only via bridgesMay 21 20:57
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1 was banned by themMay 21 20:57
schestowitz__over something relatively innocuous, iircMay 21 20:57
schestowitz__[20:56] <lockeanarchist> they ban ppl, ppl self-host and then they ban the instancesMay 21 20:58
schestowitz__diaspora has been more forthcoming in that regard, I rarely hear about banned instancesMay 21 20:58
lockeanarchistThe problem with these schisms is that or you participate to a woke instance or you participate from a "freespeech" instanceMay 21 20:59
schestowitz__"you have the right of speech... to speak freely in your own auditorium.., the pathway to which we'll obstruct"May 21 20:59
lockeanarchistif you self host and RT someone from a "freespeech" instance is possible that woke instances ban youMay 21 21:00
schestowitz__BTWMay 21 21:00
schestowitz__RSSMay 21 21:00
schestowitz__same issueMay 21 21:00
schestowitz__IFMay 21 21:00
schestowitz__you rely on planets and other aggregatorsMay 21 21:00
schestowitz__the aggregators become chokepoints with "masters"May 21 21:00
schestowitz__and then can cut you off without anyone noticingMay 21 21:00
schestowitz__hubs like Google News are the sameMay 21 21:01
schestowitz__they're filtersMay 21 21:01
lockeanarchistit is sad that the best middle ground is becoming proprietary things like Telegram. But I always delete my accountMay 21 21:02
schestowitz__Telegram isa  jokeMay 21 21:03
schestowitz__some 'open' clientsMay 21 21:03
schestowitz__no e2eeMay 21 21:03
lockeanarchistDurov broke his promise, he said that he would open the backendMay 21 21:03
schestowitz__prorprietary server sideMay 21 21:03
schestowitz__cooperation with governmentsMay 21 21:03
schestowitz__and censorship I've heard, almost in every countryMay 21 21:03
lockeanarchistI don't care about E2EE if the backend is open and safeMay 21 21:03
lockeanarchistbut now they are indefensableMay 21 21:03
schestowitz__Durov also said his staff was being corrupted for accessMay 21 21:03
schestowitz__e2ee would still be neededMay 21 21:04
schestowitz__because you do not know what binaries they deployMay 21 21:04
schestowitz__and when/whereMay 21 21:04
schestowitz__either willingly or by accidentMay 21 21:04
*inky (~inky@ has joined #techrightsMay 21 21:04
schestowitz__like molesMay 21 21:04
lockeanarchistTelegram says that their clients are reproducibleMay 21 21:04
schestowitz__e2ee takes care of thatMay 21 21:04
lockeanarchistNever verified itMay 21 21:05
schestowitz__lockeanarchist: people get them from stores controlled by NSA companiesMay 21 21:05
schestowitz__it only takes a few bit flips to breakMay 21 21:05
schestowitz__like lowering entropyMay 21 21:05
lockeanarchistMy problem with telegram is that Durov broke his promise because he wants to lock in people inside his platformMay 21 21:06
XRevan86Does anyone here trust Durov?May 21 21:06
lockeanarchistI trust him more than Facebook and that's itMay 21 21:06
lockeanarchistnot that highMay 21 21:06
XRevan86lockeanarchist: That's fair.May 21 21:07
lockeanarchistmaybe google tooMay 21 21:07
techrights-bot#LinuxMint 20.1 Ulyssa Install Guide - If Not True Then False ⇨ •●• #if-not-true-then-false | more in 21 21:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa Install Guide – If Not True Then FalseMay 21 21:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsMay 21 21:08
techrights-bot#HowTo Self-Host Using #Bitwarden - Linux Hint ⇨ •●• #LinuxHint #GNU #Linux 🐧May 21 21:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to Self-Host Using Bitwarden – Linux HintMay 21 21:09
lockeanarchistThe problem with telegram is that they promise safety but when you see it's just a "bro, trust me". They need just to be honest with their usersMay 21 21:09
*sbp has quit (Changing host)May 21 21:11
*sbp (~sbp@apache/doge/sbp) has joined #techrightsMay 21 21:11
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techrights-botToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 21:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | today's howtos | Tux MachinesMay 21 21:12
schestowitz__lockeanarchist: see what happened to them in IranMay 21 21:12
schestowitz__1-2 years agoMay 21 21:12
lockeanarchistschestowitz__: to be fair it happened with a alternative client called "Telegram gold"May 21 21:13
lockeanarchistnot with the official oneMay 21 21:13
techrights-ipfs ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▆▇▆▆▇▅▄▅▇▅▇▃▄▅▅▆▅▃▂▇▅▆▆▄▃▁▄▇▄▅▆▄▁ avg(k/sec) 26.36 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▁▂▂▂▂▃▂▂▁▃▂▂▁▂▂▂▃▂▇▂▂▃▁▂▁▁▃▁▂▂▃▃▁ avg(k/sec) 52.18▕ swarm size (avg): 225.89  ⟲May 21 21:15
schestowitz__never heard of itMay 21 21:17
schestowitz__sounds like the dodgy "freemium" modelMay 21 21:17
schestowitz__"use our shit, buy our gold"May 21 21:17
lockeanarchistschestowitz__: Telegram is officially blocked on Iran, government agents created tampered telegram clients with "bundled vpn" and people installed itMay 21 21:22
schestowitz__seems like almost 6,000 people have downloaded the PDF rasengan wrote, at least from our serverMay 21 21:22
lockeanarchistTelegram Gold was one of themMay 21 21:22
lockeanarchist*in iranMay 21 21:22
techrights-bot#antiX 19.4 available • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 21:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | antiX-19.4 available | Tux MachinesMay 21 21:22
schestowitz__I guess project leaders had some disquiet over the situationMay 21 21:23
schestowitz__over something that's not as big as they were led to thinkMay 21 21:23
techrights-bot"Just like previous titles developed in-house by the teams at PDS, it looks like it will once again be supporting #GNU #Linux with it setup on Steam ready to have Linux system requirements once again (once they're finalised, it's all "TBC" right now)." 21 21:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Paradox Interactive finally announces the hotly anticipated Victoria 3 | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 21:25
techrights-bot"Them's Fightin' Herds is a wonderful fighting game that came to #GNU #Linux officially recently, and with the 2.1.0 update that's out now it looks graphically better than ever." 21 21:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Them's Fightin' Herds looks better than ever with the HD upgrade out now | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 21:25
search_social19:59:10 <+lockeanarchist> The problem with these schisms is that or you participate to a woke instance or you participate from a "freespeech" instanceMay 21 21:26 is a good instanceMay 21 21:26
techrights-bot"...hopefully it will continue the tradition of #GNU #Linux support." 21 21:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Multiple Paradox titles free to play this weekend along with a big sale for PDXCON | GamingOnLinuxMay 21 21:27
*zleap has quit (Quit: Leaving)May 21 21:27
lockeanarchistsearch_social: cool, thanks for the suggestion. looks like a good middle ground May 21 21:30
techrights-bot#gemlogging of microblogging over #GeminiProtocl i.e. gemini:// #freesw #internetMay 21 21:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Lace format Formally Re: [users] Introducing gemthought, a format for micro gemloggingMay 21 21:30
techrights-bot#Games : Crusader Kings III, Victoria 3, Them’s Fightin’ Herds, PDXCON • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 21:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Games: Crusader Kings III, Victoria 3, Them's Fightin' Herds, PDXCON | Tux MachinesMay 21 21:30
techrights-bot#ibm #redhat say you need to replace or shuffle around the buzzword and hype for "success" how about... hiring better engineers? Nope. [meme: man thrown out the window]May 21 21:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Agile: How to make your strategy succeed | The Enterprisers ProjectMay 21 21:31
schestowitz__search_social: it can go offlineMay 21 21:32
schestowitz__lots of quicksands on the web these daysMay 21 21:32
schestowitz__more so than the internetMay 21 21:32
schestowitz__but dns still poses a threatMay 21 21:32
schestowitz__ISPs less soMay 21 21:32
schestowitz__never heard of people being disconnected for objectionable speechMay 21 21:33
schestowitz__not in 'civilised' countries anywayMay 21 21:33
schestowitz__in some countries they just kidnap you and put you in a cell without even a phone, so it's irrelevant what the ISP doesMay 21 21:33
techrights-botStability plus innovation: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 is now GA #rhel #ibm #redhat #gnu #linuxMay 21 21:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Stability plus innovation: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 is now GAMay 21 21:34
techrights-bot#RedHat announced Developer Sandbox and new solutions to help get started with #Kubernetes create/introduce complexity, then offer management-as-a-service (to manage this complexity)May 21 21:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Red Hat Developer Sandbox Latest NewsMay 21 21:37
*psymin_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)May 21 21:42
techrights-bot#Linux 5.13 Release Candidate 3 Fixes 37 Patches From Banned University 21 21:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Here’s Why University of Minnesota is Likely to be Banned from Contributing to Linux Kernel Code | Tux MachinesMay 21 21:42
techrights-botI wonder, will postdocs and students at University of Minnesota (UMN) sue their colleges/universities for compelling them to carry out sabotage to earn degrees, totally destroying their names (and employment/career prospects) in the process? Whose idea was it? Supervisor/advisor? #kernel #linuxMay 21 21:45
techrights-botBest File #Encryption Apps for #GNULinux • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 21:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Best File Encryption Apps for Linux | Tux MachinesMay 21 21:49
techrights-bot#Perl 5.34.0 released #programmingMay 21 21:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Perl 5.34.0 released []May 21 21:51
techrights-bot#GNU #Linux in the Ham Shack (LHS) Episode #413: The Weekender LXXII 21 21:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LHS Episode #413: The Weekender LXXII | Linux in the Ham ShackMay 21 21:53
techrights-bot#openSUSE #Tumbleweed – Review of the week 2021/20 #suse #gnu #linuxMay 21 21:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | openSUSE Tumbleweed – Review of the week 2021/20 – Dominique a.k.a. DimStar (Dim*)May 21 21:54
techrights-bot#IBM / #RedHat : Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 and More • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 21:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM/Red Hat: Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 and More | Tux MachinesMay 21 21:54
techrights-bot#SiFive #HiFive Unmatched #RISCV Developer Boards Begin Shipping - Phoronix ⇨ •●• #Phoronix 🐧 | more in 21 21:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-SiFive HiFive Unmatched RISC-V Developer Boards Begin Shipping - PhoronixMay 21 21:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsMay 21 21:57
techrights-botStop using #DuckDuckGo ... it's just #surveillance of #microsoft in 'privacy' (false, a lie) clothing.May 21 21:59
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techrights-bot#Foamin is a novel sensing method for detecting deformable gestures with conductive foam | Arduino Blog ⇨ •●• #Arduino #Hardware #OpenHardware #HackingMay 21 22:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Foamin is a novel sensing method for detecting deformable gestures with conductive foam | Arduino BlogMay 21 22:02
techrights-bot$99 SBC runs Linux on #RISCV based #Allwinner D1 • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 22:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | $99 SBC runs Linux on RISC-V based Allwinner D1 | Tux MachinesMay 21 22:03
techrights-bot#CSIRO ’s #seL4 project shut down • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #TuxMachines 21 22:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CSIRO's seL4 project shut down | Tux MachinesMay 21 22:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CSIRO - TechrightsMay 21 22:03
techrights-bot#XDC2021 Goes Virtual Again As Annual #Wayland / Mesa / #XOrg Summit - Phoronix ⇨ •●• #Phoronix #KernelMay 21 22:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-XDC2021 Goes Virtual Again As Annual Wayland / Mesa / X.Org Summit - PhoronixMay 21 22:06
techrights-bot#NVIDIA 470 Series To Be The Last Supporting GTX 600/700 Series Kepler - Phoronix ⇨ •●• #Phoronix #Kernel #Linux 🐧 | more in 21 22:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-NVIDIA 470 Series To Be The Last Supporting GTX 600/700 Series Kepler - PhoronixMay 21 22:06
techrights-bot#Dutch #DigitalAutonomy must be based on #FreeSoftware and Open Standards • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #freesw #TuxMachinesMay 21 22:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dutch Digital Autonomy must be based on Free Software and Open Standards | Tux MachinesMay 21 22:07
opalfreenode no longer has sigyn's configsMay 21 22:08
opalmailservers are evidently no longer configured eitherMay 21 22:08
schestowitz__sigyn?May 21 22:12
MinceRantispam botMay 21 22:12
schestowitz__was that removed?May 21 22:13
MinceRstill seems to be connectedMay 21 22:13
MinceRother than that, i don't knowMay 21 22:13
opal< Ariadne> literally, sigyn's config was wipedMay 21 22:13
opalits just a bot that does nothing nowMay 21 22:14
MinceRgreatMay 21 22:14
schestowitz__wiped off things like ips and stuff?May 21 22:14
schestowitz__or the code itself wiped?May 21 22:14
schestowitz__does it retain a list of offenders?May 21 22:14
opalwhatever filters were in place i guessMay 21 22:14
opalsigyn uses heuristics to kill people offMay 21 22:14
schestowitz__"hey hi"May 21 22:14
schestowitz__that's what media calls it nowMay 21 22:15
XRevan86opal: Oh, that donor machine pulling wiped the anti-spam too?May 21 22:15
schestowitz__no  backups or stacks of dumps with configs still intact?May 21 22:15
XRevan86who's the sponsor that did that, by the way?May 21 22:15
opalunsureMay 21 22:15
opaldoubt it was a public server in the first placeMay 21 22:15
techrights-botLinux Plumbers Conference: Scheduler Microconference Accepted into 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference #linux #kernelMay 21 22:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Scheduler Microconference Accepted into 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference – Linux Plumbers Conference 2021May 21 22:17
techrights-bot"In the Cockpit team we recently started to generate and export metrics about our CI, and collect/graph them by a Red Hat internal Prometheus and Grafana instance. But I am not happy with this yet, as it does not yet answer all the questions that we have for it. Also, it is not accessible outside of Red Hat." 21 22:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Deploying Prometheus/Grafana, learning metrics · Martin PittMay 21 22:18
techrights-botThe #Apache News Round-up: week ending 21 May 2021 #freeswMay 21 22:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Apache News Round-up: week ending 21 May 2021 : The Apache Software Foundation BlogMay 21 22:19
*AVRS has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)May 21 22:20
schestowitz__opal: better to sort it all out before, not during, an attackMay 21 22:21
schestowitz__we only recently figured out how to make tuxmachines robust to nasty floodsMay 21 22:21
schestowitz__after 3 months of pain and downtimesMay 21 22:21
opalwell if you want to help out freenode in combating spam with what you know, im sure it'd be welcomeMay 21 22:22
schestowitz__I lack experience with irc daemonsMay 21 22:23
opalif not you then anyone capableMay 21 22:23
schestowitz__i did some openfire but that was itMay 21 22:23
opalmmMay 21 22:23
schestowitz__irc is an important skillsMay 21 22:23
schestowitz__more so if it is becoming rare and hard to findMay 21 22:23
schestowitz__MinceR might know bits and bobsMay 21 22:23
schestowitz__and maybe could use a gigMay 21 22:24
MinceRnot that much, sadlyMay 21 22:24
schestowitz__I'd vouch for him, but not sure if he did backend irc things (I never did)May 21 22:24
MinceRi saw how the spamfilter works in unreal today, which is neatMay 21 22:24
MinceRi've done very little on the ircd side so farMay 21 22:24
schestowitz__kaniini wrote a daemonMay 21 22:24
XRevan86schestowitz__: But kaniini also leftMay 21 22:25
techrights-bot#RHEL 8.4 Released With Tiger Lake Graphics, Expanded #eBPF Support #redhatMay 21 22:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IBM/Red Hat: Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 and More | Tux MachinesMay 21 22:27
XRevan86schestowitz__: I doubt that she'll help.May 21 22:28
techrights-bot#Wine 6.9 • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 22:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Wine 6.9 | Tux MachinesMay 21 22:30
opalyeah she wants no part in freenode operationsMay 21 22:31
opalfocused more on alpine these daysMay 21 22:31
techrights-bot"My Day job has me messing around with QT5. We’re building various RPMs for different RHEL and CentOS versions, and I wanted to get a little more experience on this. Specifically, I wanted to be able to do trial and error on a package that would not pollute our work stream." 21 22:32
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Upgrading QGo to QT5 | Adam Young’s Web LogMay 21 22:32
techrights-bot" #Fedora Linux 32 will reach end of life on Tuesday 25 May. Elections voting is open through 3 June." 21 22:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Friday's Fedora Facts: 2021-20 – Fedora Community BlogMay 21 22:33
XRevan86opal: And moving the Alpine's channels to OFTC of course.May 21 22:33
MinceRoftc seems to be having trouble with spam as wellMay 21 22:33
opallolMay 21 22:33
opaloftc and spam havent changed i guessMay 21 22:34
schestowitz__[22:31] <opal> focused more on alpine these days\May 21 22:34
opali went hard on that network back in the dayMay 21 22:34
schestowitz__alpine is doing very wellMay 21 22:34
MinceRkinkyMay 21 22:34
opalhalf of them probably still hate meMay 21 22:34
opali know tomaw doesnt trust meMay 21 22:34
opaloftc had garbage antispamMay 21 22:34
schestowitz__I need to read up more on themMay 21 22:35
schestowitz__esp. who runs it and how it's governedMay 21 22:35
schestowitz__servers don't run on airMay 21 22:35
opalmove to efnetMay 21 22:35
schestowitz__the cloud doesn't run on gasMay 21 22:35
opalproblem solvedMay 21 22:35
MinceRlolMay 21 22:35
schestowitz__someone needs to pay for and run serversMay 21 22:36
opalon efnet we all know the opers are shitMay 21 22:36
opalthe servers are shitMay 21 22:36
MinceRrun a botnet to keep ops on the channelMay 21 22:36
opalthe channels are shitMay 21 22:36
MinceRrun another botnet to keep my nickMay 21 22:36
opalchanfix has u coveredMay 21 22:36
schestowitz__they have this Utopian idea of IRC just operating from a vacuum and being politics-freeMay 21 22:36
MinceRor notMay 21 22:36
opaljupes are less common now unless you actively piss some groups offMay 21 22:36
opali know the people juping my nick fucked off by nowMay 21 22:36
MinceR"CHANFIX is an EFnet service that can sometimes give back ops when you lose all ops or get taken over by outsiders." (emphasis mine)May 21 22:37
MinceRwhat a glowing recommendation.May 21 22:37
opali.e. under certain conditionsMay 21 22:37
opalnormal operation yeah it gives you ops as appropriateMay 21 22:37
MinceRat least they're honest about it, unlike +R on ircnetMay 21 22:37
schestowitz__lol "sometimes"May 21 22:37
opalbetter than ircnet's servicesMay 21 22:37
opalwhich are: literally nothingMay 21 22:37
opalyeahMay 21 22:37
opalsafechans are a jokeMay 21 22:38
opalrest of the world moved to timestampingMay 21 22:38
MinceRircnet is a jokeMay 21 22:38
opal^May 21 22:38
opalsomething we all can agree onMay 21 22:38
MinceR:>May 21 22:38
opalgot my channel there taken over by splitriding italians lmaoMay 21 22:39
MinceRlolMay 21 22:39
opalfuckin mafiaMay 21 22:39
opaltheyve upped their gameMay 21 22:39
schestowitz__I got death threats from oneMay 21 22:39
opallooolMay 21 22:39
schestowitz__not funny to meMay 21 22:39
opalsorryMay 21 22:39
CrystalMathMinceR: i think i've pretty firmly burnt my bridge to liberaMay 21 22:39
MinceRhow?May 21 22:39
schestowitz__I was told to report to the police, but never botheredMay 21 22:39
opali dont take much online seriously so i just laughMay 21 22:39
schestowitz__he had an old home address of mineMay 21 22:39
schestowitz__from icann iircMay 21 22:40
opalah yeah thats differentMay 21 22:40
opalive only received empty death threatsMay 21 22:40
schestowitz__CrystalMath: goodMay 21 22:40
opali imagine if someones threatening to come to my houseMay 21 22:40
opalwell, god bless the second amendment, rightMay 21 22:40
CrystalMathMinceR: i closed my channel there and now people are told to go to freenodeMay 21 22:40
MinceR:)May 21 22:40
CrystalMaththe one that i had "expanded" as just an outpost, it still linked to freenode in the topicMay 21 22:40
schestowitz__yayMay 21 22:40
CrystalMathi will also release ##techrightsMay 21 22:41
CrystalMathCrystalMath Channel Holding Services, LLC is officially defunctMay 21 22:41
schestowitz__did anyone utter something there?May 21 22:41
CrystalMathi lost a friend over thisMay 21 22:41
schestowitz__CrystalMath: try SexRightsMay 21 22:41
schestowitz__LLCMay 21 22:41
CrystalMathsomeone i knew for 8 yearsMay 21 22:41
CrystalMathbut he really likes ex-freenode staff, i don't know whyMay 21 22:41
schestowitz__I liked christelMay 21 22:42
schestowitz__I lost track of who among staff helped me when I needed things set up or channel configsMay 21 22:42
schestowitz__tomaw was ok (still is, afaik)May 21 22:42
opali can name the staff who klined me and the staff who helped meMay 21 22:43
opalheavy overlap between the twoMay 21 22:43
opallolMay 21 22:43
MinceR:>May 21 22:43
schestowitz__rasengan: "Currently, tomaw and I have been working on a joint announcement.  It's really late where he's at so he's sleeping right now." 21 22:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Thursday, May 20, 2021May 21 22:43
schestowitz__any update on this?May 21 22:43
CrystalMathschestowitz__: ##techrights on libera droppedMay 21 22:43
schestowitz__hopefully nobody spoke thereMay 21 22:43
CrystalMathnopeMay 21 22:44
CrystalMathit was constantly emptyMay 21 22:44
CrystalMathi just squatted it :PMay 21 22:44
schestowitz__also, setting up such channels helps them perpetuate this idea people flock overMay 21 22:44
schestowitz__and can cause panicMay 21 22:44
CrystalMathyeahMay 21 22:44
CrystalMathit's goneMay 21 22:44
schestowitz__like Microsoft keeping deleted github accountsMay 21 22:44
schestowitz__I deleted mine before they announced the takeoverMay 21 22:44
schestowitz__there was nothing of use in that account, it was a placeholder for work (employer)May 21 22:45
schestowitz__[22:41] <CrystalMath> CrystalMath Channel Holding Services, LLC is officially defunctMay 21 22:45
schestowitz__Maybe Andrew wants to buy the assets ;-)May 21 22:45
opallolMay 21 22:46
CrystalMaththe assets have been liquidated, and have a value of $0.00May 21 22:46
schestowitz__codeplex tooMay 21 22:46
schestowitz__thrown in the mix free of chargeMay 21 22:46
schestowitz__like MSN Spaces offloaded onto WordPress/AutomatticMay 21 22:46
schestowitz__and googlecodeMay 21 22:46
schestowitz__CrystalMath: going once, going twice... sold to Roy... for no money!May 21 22:47
*schestowitz__ pours : #techrights @ libra down some riverMay 21 22:47
CrystalMathyes but i don't exactly have anything... yeahMay 21 22:47
schestowitz__*liberaMay 21 22:47
schestowitz__libra as a word was ruined by FacebookMay 21 22:48
CrystalMathi call it irc.liberal.crap sometimes, but you won't like that jokeMay 21 22:48
schestowitz__liberal is also a dying termMay 21 22:48
schestowitz__because it means something corproateMay 21 22:48
schestowitz__like HRC "liberal" or ObamaMay 21 22:48
schestowitz__people on the left aren't attentiveMay 21 22:48
schestowitz__in the UK we have "liberal" democratsMay 21 22:49
trttlhrt liberalMay 21 22:49
schestowitz__who make coalitions to boost Cameron and his fellow crooksMay 21 22:49
opalyeah because all sjws are trannies rightMay 21 22:49
schestowitz__there are very few trans overall (in the world)May 21 22:49
XRevan86opal: Ye definitely won't win kaniini over with that.May 21 22:49
psydroidit may be worth digging into the interests behind libera.chatMay 21 22:50
opalim trans and kaniini knows me full wellMay 21 22:50
schestowitz__liberals is some label that refers to like half the population in the USMay 21 22:50
MinceR"liberal" was stripped of meaning like so many other political termsMay 21 22:50
XRevan86opal: Oh, never mind then :DMay 21 22:50
opallolMay 21 22:50
opalshes on my network rnMay 21 22:50
schestowitz__MinceR: in hungary that was maybe reduced to "not Orban"May 21 22:50
MinceRin hungary, everyone who disagrees with the gypsy king is "left liberal"May 21 22:51
schestowitz__Tyson Viktor FuryMay 21 22:51
baronhk[m]1The Human Rights Campaign (LGBT PAC) lost over two thirds of its members and more or less collapsed over endorsing Hillary in 2016.May 21 22:51
schestowitz__MinceR: and also "Soros shill"May 21 22:52
schestowitz__baronhk[m]1: she had opposed gay marriageMay 21 22:52
baronhk[m]1They kept saying Bernie would lose to Trump and we'd suffer disastrous setbacks. So they helped Clinton, she lost, and we suffered a disaster.May 21 22:52
MinceRindeedMay 21 22:52
MinceRalso, "Gyurcsany"May 21 22:52
schestowitz__she didn't even have to say ANYTHINGMay 21 22:52
baronhk[m]1Illinois passed gay marriage a long time before the court rulings. The Marriage Equality and Religious Fairness Act.May 21 22:53
baronhk[m]1The Religious Fairness part was basically they don't have to officiate if they don't like it.May 21 22:54
schestowitz__to sway the election you now need a group a few millions in sizeMay 21 22:54
*Glyphie44____ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)May 21 22:54
schestowitz__trans voters are probably as many as say... "Vietnamese-Americans"May 21 22:54
MinceRdoes the US have a concept of nonreligious marriage?May 21 22:54
schestowitz__yesMay 21 22:55
schestowitz__civil marriageMay 21 22:55
MinceRgoodMay 21 22:55
schestowitz__same as in most of EUMay 21 22:55
schestowitz__rianne and I had civil serviceMay 21 22:55
MinceRthough it would be better if the state got out of marriage entirelyMay 21 22:55
schestowitz__municipalities do thatMay 21 22:56
schestowitz__then you can certify with statesMay 21 22:56
schestowitz__or natiosnMay 21 22:56
CrystalMathschestowitz__: all done, akick set up, disconnected from the network, friends permantnly lostMay 21 22:58
CrystalMatha thousand curses upon tomaw for doing thisMay 21 22:58
*Glyphie44____ (sid163528@gateway/web/ has joined #techrightsMay 21 22:59
techrights-bot7 best practices to ensure your CI/CD pipeline's #security 21 23:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 7 best practices to ensure your CI/CD pipeline's securityMay 21 23:00
techrights-botOld: #ibm #monopoly with #patents thrown in the mix 21 23:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-IBM and the labors of TurboHercules []May 21 23:02
schestowitz__CrystalMath: what did he do?May 21 23:03
CrystalMathschestowitz__: he decided to stop talking to me forever because i stick with freenodeMay 21 23:03
schestowitz__as a whole you mean?May 21 23:03
CrystalMathoh, tomaw?May 21 23:03
CrystalMathtomaw for starting this messMay 21 23:03
schestowitz__so I don't suppose a joint statement from him and Andrew is still in the makingMay 21 23:03
CrystalMathtomaw quit, so noMay 21 23:03
CrystalMathlater that dayMay 21 23:04
schestowitz__balkanisation of free software commsMay 21 23:04
schestowitz__great stuffMay 21 23:04
schestowitz__some people I can no longer pmMay 21 23:04
schestowitz__inc. kaniiniMay 21 23:04
CrystalMathterribleMay 21 23:04
CrystalMathi just wanted all my friends to stay here at leastMay 21 23:04
CrystalMathbut one was sadly lostMay 21 23:04
schestowitz__maybe will come backMay 21 23:04
schestowitz__can be on bothMay 21 23:04
CrystalMathhe said he won't ever talk to me againMay 21 23:05
CrystalMathbecause i support freenode instaed of irc.liberal.crapMay 21 23:05
MinceRis having multiple irc networks "balkanisation"?May 21 23:05
MinceRi think it's competitionMay 21 23:05
CrystalMathMinceR: if people quit one, that's a problemMay 21 23:05
schestowitz__lol Rob Enderle: "The Windows 21H1 update, and why I won’t miss Windows 10X"May 21 23:05
schestowitz__He still writes? In IDG now...May 21 23:05
CrystalMathMinceR: and they seem to be at warMay 21 23:05
schestowitz__Still shilling MicrosoftMay 21 23:05
CrystalMathMinceR: irc.liberal.crap is still spreading bullcrap stories about PIAMay 21 23:06
schestowitz__[23:05] <MinceR> i think it's competitionMay 21 23:06
CrystalMathand they've sent some spammers here tooMay 21 23:06
schestowitz__yes, that's the 'upside'May 21 23:06
MinceRif you mean the spambots, i doubt those have to do with either networkMay 21 23:06
CrystalMathMinceR: there was spam hereMay 21 23:07
CrystalMathon some channelsMay 21 23:07
CrystalMathand the spammers are spamming about irc.liberal.crapMay 21 23:07
techrights-botRob Enderle in #IDG ... Still shilling Microsoft. Still reaffirming what we've long said about him. #microsoft #enderle #fakeAnalystMay 21 23:08
CrystalMathMinceR: even on LunarIRC we got them!May 21 23:08
MinceRi could start a spam botnet and spam people with saying nice things about you, that wouldn't make you guilty of spammingMay 21 23:08
XRevan86CrystalMath: Of course they do, that's what called an инфоповодMay 21 23:08
MinceRtoday i found out it's called a "Joe job"May 21 23:08
XRevan86infocause literallyMay 21 23:09
XRevan86And that spam damages reputation of both networks.May 21 23:11
baronhk[m]1As long as you do it before the license to marry expires.May 21 23:11
baronhk[m]1<schestowitz__ "yes"> Legally it's the same whether it's a judge or a religious figure officiating.May 21 23:11
XRevan86Freenode for failing to combat spam, Libera Chat for trying to tie it with unsolicited messages, illegal materials, racism, etc.May 21 23:11
techrights-bot#Monopolies #apple 21 23:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Apple App Store profits look 'disproportionate,' U.S. judge tells CEO CookMay 21 23:11
XRevan86CrystalMath: Can ye reference someone from the Libera Chat staff writing negative things about PIA related to this whole thing?May 21 23:13
techrights-ipfs ▕  IPFS downstream, 60 mins: ▅▆▁▆▄▄▆▃▄▃▁▃▄▅▆▄▅▁▃▅▆▆▆▅▃▄▇▅▆▅▆▇▄▅▅▆▇▅▅▆▁ avg(k/sec) 22.76 ▕  IPFS upstream: ▃▁▂▂▁▂▅███▃▃▁▁▁▂▃▂▃▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▁▂▁▁ avg(k/sec) 67.45▕ swarm size (avg): 225.95  ⟲May 21 23:15
techrights-bot#politics #corruption 21 23:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Facebook-backed group adds former lawmakers - POLITICOMay 21 23:15
*inky has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)May 21 23:17
CrystalMathXRevan86: well you know i wanted to back that up with something but, when i did a /who there, i found only one person who is staff and that guy said nothingMay 21 23:17
CrystalMathamdj@libera/staff/amdjMay 21 23:17
CrystalMathi have no clue who that isMay 21 23:17
techrights-botLow Cost #RaspberryPi Alternative #RISCV Board Starts Crowdfunding • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesMay 21 23:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Low Cost Raspberry Pi Alternative RISC-V Board Starts Crowdfunding | Tux MachinesMay 21 23:17
CrystalMathwell it says: Aaron JonesMay 21 23:17
CrystalMathbut i have no clue who that is :PMay 21 23:17
CrystalMathi don't remember that person from freenodeMay 21 23:18
CrystalMathlike, at allMay 21 23:18
MinceRthey were on freenodeMay 21 23:18
CrystalMathtbh the fact that i'm not seeing the names of the ones i consider horrible (fuchs, jess) is somewhat weirdMay 21 23:18
XRevan86> amdj — Services developer, WireGuard mailing list moderator & channel operator, networking & crypto nerdMay 21 23:18
MinceRhm, actually i'm not sureMay 21 23:19
MinceRwhat i do know is that they did sign the anti-RMS letterMay 21 23:19
CrystalMathahMay 21 23:19
CrystalMathscrew him thenMay 21 23:19
MinceRindeedMay 21 23:19
CrystalMath(he has a male symbol next to his name, i presume that means he/him pronouns)May 21 23:19
MinceRcould beMay 21 23:20
MinceRi don't particularly careMay 21 23:20
techrights-bot#techrepublic now posting #Forrester spam. Likely sponsored (paid-for) crap, just like in other sites. These 'analysts' are sellouts with market price: 21 23:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Forrester - TechrightsMay 21 23:21
*inky (~inky@ has joined #techrightsMay 21 23:22
techrights-botShallow BS from 'economists' (pseudo 'science') that speak of "productivity growth" (another baloney) and then attributes that to vague, nebulous buzzwords: "cloud computing and artificial intelligence" 21 23:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How to solve the puzzle of missing productivity growthMay 21 23:23
techrights-bot#Asus #TinkerBoard 2S Review • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines #debian #gnu #linuxMay 21 23:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Asus Tinker Board 2S Review | Tux MachinesMay 21 23:24
CrystalMathschestowitz__: the head of staff of is a signatory of the anti-RMS listMay 21 23:24
CrystalMathnumber #11, all the way high upMay 21 23:24
MinceRneil mcgovern, from oftc, is even above the organizations listMay 21 23:26
schestowitz__isn't it alphabetic?May 21 23:27
MinceRsame as mjg59 May 21 23:27
schestowitz__I can do a search on the git repoMay 21 23:27
schestowitz__I have it in /tmpMay 21 23:27
schestowitz__and see when he was added May 21 23:27
MinceRthere's a separate list for "more important" individuals who signed itMay 21 23:27
schestowitz__what's the usernameMay 21 23:27
MinceRthen the organizations, and then the "less important" individualsMay 21 23:27
MinceRi didn't check for shithub usernames, but you can probably do git blame on the websiteMay 21 23:28
schestowitz__MinceR: the list of "bullies for hire"May 21 23:28
MinceRindeedMay 21 23:28
schestowitz__"hire me"May 21 23:28
schestowitz__"Aaron Jones"May 21 23:29
schestowitz__are you sureMay 21 23:29
schestowitz__1) this is the same personMay 21 23:29
schestowitz__and 2) this is the head?May 21 23:30
schestowitz__"head of staff "May 21 23:30
schestowitz__where does "head of staff" come from?May 21 23:31
schestowitz__if it's just one admin of many, he's not the only oneMay 21 23:31
*XRevan86 hasn't seen the list of the Libera Chat staff.May 21 23:32
MinceRall i've got from the latter are /who libera/staff/* outputsMay 21 23:32
MinceRonly oftc seems to advertise the list of their peopleMay 21 23:32
MinceRa bit strangeMay 21 23:33
MinceRi'd have thought SJWs were proud of what they didMay 21 23:33
schestowitz__$ git log --format= -n 2 $(git log -1 --pretty=format:"%h") | cat -May 21 23:33
schestowitz__Revert "add signature" (#2564)May 21 23:33
schestowitz__Revert #1685 (#2563)May 21 23:33
schestowitz__Per 21 23:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Add FSF response by ehashman · Pull Request #2556 · rms-open-letter/ · GitHubMay 21 23:33
MinceRfleeing the sinking ship?May 21 23:35
psydroidand the spammers are spamming about irc.liberal.crap <- this is starting to look like "spammers <3 freenode" while they are trying to kill itMay 21 23:35
XRevan86Spammers don't really care though.May 21 23:36
techrights-bot"In this boomer vlog, I go a lengthy rant about why working at home sucks and why I've recently rented an office for creating video content. I first started looking for some office space last summer, but a series of natural disasters derailed those plans until now." 21 23:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Working At Home Sucks. Moving Into An Office. - YouTubeMay 21 23:37
XRevan86they'll poke every hole, every ange.May 21 23:37
XRevan86angleMay 21 23:37
psydroidthose spammer slaves have masters tooMay 21 23:43
opalcurrent staff already doing a shit job interfacing with users on hereMay 21 23:45
opalpsydroid theyre hitting all networks not just fnMay 21 23:45
opaltheres nothing conspiratory about it other than causing shit on ircMay 21 23:45
opalMinceR join #libera there and then run /whoMay 21 23:46
techrights-botImproving Application Security with UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer (UBSan) and #GCC 21 23:47
MinceRthey're not necessarily all online at the same timeMay 21 23:47
opalnormally they idleMay 21 23:48
opalthere was a "people" page on, maybe same will be on libera's siteMay 21 23:48
schestowitz__opal: thanks for keeping the place going! much appreciated.May 21 23:49
opali feel like i have to try *something*May 21 23:50
*TechrightsBot-tr has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)May 21 23:50
opalas much as i dislike whats going on and have concerns with how things will plan out long termMay 21 23:50
opalseeing shit like...May 21 23:50
techrights-bot#ibm "The next round of layoffs is scheduled for the week of 5/24. So heads up. I would suspect it will be mostly GTS employees in that round to right size the spin-off to Benadryl… is sorry Kyndryl!!" 21 23:51
opal<sorcerer> Message me again when I'm not on the stats p list or expect a ban. This is your final warning.May 21 23:51
opalthatMay 21 23:51
opallike, noMay 21 23:51
opalfuck off with thatMay 21 23:51
opaldont tell users here thatMay 21 23:51
MinceRlolMay 21 23:51
trttlkekMay 21 23:51
MinceRwell, there are other networksMay 21 23:51
opalindeedMay 21 23:51
techrights-bot"They should have set their HQ in Alabama or Arkansas… that way they would have had a leg up on their expenses…" but #ibm managets spend big... on themselves: 21 23:52
opalsorcerer et al think theyre still on rizon or whateverMay 21 23:52
techrights-bot"For sure the layoffs will not only continue but increase. The next round is coming next week , week of 5/24. The company will have no more that 200-225K employees by the end of Q1 2022." #ibm #redhat 21 23:53
MinceRif they said shit like that to me on rizon, i wouldn't take it any betterMay 21 23:53
opalwhy do you think i dont care for rizon lolMay 21 23:53
schestowitz__[23:50] <opal> i feel like i have to try *something*May 21 23:53
schestowitz__heh, whatever you did...May 21 23:54
schestowitz__bot restartedMay 21 23:54
opalyeah thats a lot of people's feelings toward me lolMay 21 23:54
*TechrightsBot-tr ( has joined #techrightsMay 21 23:54
TechrightsBot-trHello World! I'm TechrightsBot-tr running phIRCe v0.77May 21 23:54
opalsome people want me to burn it all down but i dont have it in me reallyMay 21 23:54
opalfew years ago i would haveMay 21 23:54
opali know people who can burn it down and ill stay out of whatever their plans areMay 21 23:54
schestowitz__burning things is easyMay 21 23:55
opalyeahMay 21 23:55
schestowitz__you start a little flameMay 21 23:55
opalfun for a short whileMay 21 23:55
schestowitz__making things is hardMay 21 23:55
schestowitz__and takes much effortMay 21 23:55
opalgoes out after a bitMay 21 23:55
schestowitz__don't burn thingsMay 21 23:55
opali take that philosophy these days yeahMay 21 23:55
opalits for the betterMay 21 23:55
schestowitz__techrights depends a lot on IRCMay 21 23:55
schestowitz__and we use that exMay 21 23:55
schestowitz__to expose wrongdoingMay 21 23:55
opaloh right you were on before it went down, rightMay 21 23:56
*kupi (uid212005@gateway/web/ has joined #techrightsMay 21 23:56
schestowitz__yeahMay 21 23:56
opaldid you migrate or somethingMay 21 23:56
schestowitz__I spent over a  month chatting to is adminMay 21 23:56
schestowitz__'hrefMay 21 23:56
schestowitz__opal: I gave up on fediverseMay 21 23:56
opalah yeahMay 21 23:56
opalhref's chillMay 21 23:56
schestowitz__3 accounts lost is enough fediverse for meMay 21 23:56
opali seeMay 21 23:56
opalhaha fairMay 21 23:56
schestowitz__3 strikes and allMay 21 23:56
opalyeah instances come and go stillMay 21 23:57
schestowitz__I won't run my ownMay 21 23:57
opalgonna be like that for a whileMay 21 23:57
schestowitz__though kaniini developed something for meMay 21 23:57
opalim planning to set up a "real" instanceMay 21 23:57
schestowitz__and then gave up on the projectMay 21 23:57
opalcrowdfunded oneMay 21 23:57
opalit'll go along with the rest of the services on 21 23:57
schestowitz__social control media is a waste of timeMay 21 23:57
schestowitz__too volatile and noisyMay 21 23:57
schestowitz__bad UIMay 21 23:57

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