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Boycott Novell Contradicts Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

We previously offered and presented a geographical breakdown of Boycott Novell's readership, old Web browsers breakdown, and a look at Linux usage over time. Herein we use data from the past 28 days, as interpreted by AWStats. None of this data was preprocessed in any way.

Windows59374949.7 % 
Windows XP45201237.8 %*
Windows NT20450.1 %*
Windows Me6050 %*
Windows Vista960808 %*
Windows CE3850 %*
Windows 9830220.2 %*
Windows 951530 %*
Windows 2003199501.6 %*
Windows 2000194081.6 %*
Windows 3.xx890 %*
BSD22670.1 % 
OpenBSD3120 %*
NetBSD1460 %*
FreeBSD18090.1 %*
Linux42782235.8 % 
Ubuntu16914214.1 %*
Suse383203.2 %*
Red Hat20960.1 %*
Mandriva (or Mandrake)65760.5 %*
Fedora287802.4 %*
Debian337682.8 %*
Centos10790 %*
GNU Linux (Unknown or unspecified distribution)14806112.4 %*
Macintosh649725.4 % 
Mac OS X648575.4 %*
Mac OS1150 %*
Others1046618.7 % 
Unknown1027568.6 %*
Sun Solaris8570 %*
Symbian OS3530 %*
Unknown Unix system3360 %*
Sony PlayStation Portable2280 %*
OS/2520 %*
CPM280 %*
BeOS170 %*
RISC OS80 %*
AmigaOS80 %*
Irix70 %*
HP UX70 %*
WebTV40 %*

This hopefully helps in combatting the infamous market share lie.


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