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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 8th, 2008 - Part 2


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kevin__last night i was listening to the linux action show and they spoke to a person who is in the military and was trying to get them to switch to linuxDec 08 16:39
kevin__that whole incident would have been avoidedDec 08 16:39
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schestowitzI think they already switchDec 08 17:02
schestowitzRed Hat mostly, servers firstDec 08 17:02
trmanco 08 17:25
trmancoWhich is More Important: Open File Format or Free Software?Dec 08 17:25
kevin__open file formatDec 08 17:26
kevin__that way people can chooseDec 08 17:26
MinceRwhy do i need to choose?Dec 08 17:26
kevin__it's a complicated situationDec 08 17:28
kevin__on one hand, if the file format is free, it seems like the proprietary devs won't implement itDec 08 17:28
twitterNon free software forces you to chose between your freedom and their captured users, aka your culture.Dec 08 17:29
kevin__on the other, if the whole software itsself is free and the content is only available with said free program, they will have to use itDec 08 17:29
twitterIt is better to take both your freedom and encourage free formats.Dec 08 17:29
twitterThese days, actual need for Winblows is rare and can be met with occasional use of other people's computers.Dec 08 17:30
kevin__think about what it would be like if say itunes was free softwareDec 08 17:30
twitterWhy do I need iTunes?Dec 08 17:30
trmanco 08 17:30
trmanco"We will make a new Ogg Theora (with Vorbis audio) opensource/free-based video derivative.  This derivative will play natively in Firefox 3.1 release (v3.1 is due around the end of 2008)."Dec 08 17:31
twitterAmarok is free and better.Dec 08 17:31
kevin__you don't... i don't use it either :)Dec 08 17:31
twitterWhat exactly do you need XP for?Dec 08 17:31
twitterMost things run on Wine.Dec 08 17:31
kevin__me personally, a program called transcenderDec 08 17:31
kevin__i have not tried it in wine though. it uses some nasty drm so it may not work.Dec 08 17:32
kevin__it is used to study for certifications which are *supposedly* vendor neutral :)Dec 08 17:32
kevin__like the A+, Linux+, Net+, etcDec 08 17:33
twitterthis program? obviously not "neutral"Dec 08 17:33
kevin__yepDec 08 17:33
twitterYou might have to use virtual box or parallelsDec 08 17:33
kevin__but i suppose it's more incentive to go after the LPI instead of Linux+ eh?Dec 08 17:34
kevin__i already got the A+ so i don't need it for that thankfullyDec 08 17:35
twitterWine has both success and failure tests 08 17:35
kevin__one guy says everything worksDec 08 17:36
kevin__the other is rated as garbage :)Dec 08 17:37
twitterMost people get their boss to pay for certs like that, see if your boss might also lend you a computer to study.  They get better deals on both certs and Winblows (as I'm sure you know) and should at the very least be able to give you a copy of XP to use.Dec 08 17:37
kevin__i'm unemployed :)Dec 08 17:38
kevin__i finished school about 5 months ago and have just movedDec 08 17:38
schestowitztrmanco: good link, re: ArchiveDec 08 17:38
schestowitzI need to return to posting their videoDec 08 17:39
schestowitzThe producer seems to have begun removing some Oggs, but it's beginning to make sense now (what is happening)Dec 08 17:39
kevin__people really need to push the vorbis/theora formats moreDec 08 17:43
kevin__even guys like the Linux Action Show promote mp3 over itDec 08 17:43
kevin__some guys like the linux outlaws and tllts make them equally easy to access thoughDec 08 17:44
kevin__i always go for the ogg because they don't sound like running water :)Dec 08 17:44
schestowitzHere's new use of the <video> element: 08 17:45
schestowitz[thanks to twitter for the pointer]Dec 08 17:45
twittergot it from /. firehoseDec 08 17:47
twitterthe internet archive news is good to see.Dec 08 17:47
trmancoschestowitz, I found it in a portuguese blogDec 08 17:48
trmancoan article written by RuiDec 08 17:48
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_doughi there, Chrome on a USB device, how to save settings ?Dec 08 17:56
twitterheh, typical M$ threat on /. 08 17:56
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_dougIBM launches Linux Defenders ..Dec 08 17:57
_doug 08 17:57
kevin__i just saw the videoDec 08 17:59
_doughow do I get Chrome to remember settings on a USB device ?Dec 08 18:01
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schestowitzHi, redds2soc; _doug Dec 08 18:11
redds2socHi.Dec 08 18:12
redds2socSeems your site gets a lot of opinions some bizarre others more on topic.Dec 08 18:13
twitterthe bizarre opinions come from the same group of heckler nymsDec 08 18:14
twitterthey seem to have a lot of time on their handsDec 08 18:15
redds2socI admit I'm new to this whole thing.  A friend recommended the boycottnovell site and I wanted to see what it's all about.Dec 08 18:16
twitterI got here through a link on Slashdot about Novell.  I stayed around because Roy is good at finding free software news links.Dec 08 18:18
_dougredd: it's a one stop shop for all things wrong about the IT business :)Dec 08 18:18
redds2socI see that and he has a lot of new links.  I was just trying to get a feel for whether there are differing opinions or whether people are just spamming his site.Dec 08 18:18
twitterThe free software links are good news and largely missing from other sites.Dec 08 18:18
_dougRoy gets upset with al lthe dirty-dealings, I say it's just business :]Dec 08 18:19
twittercrime is not business.Dec 08 18:19
twitterRoy exposes crime.Dec 08 18:19
_dougAny of the top F500 companies didn't get there by playing fair ...Dec 08 18:20
twitterBusiness is something equals do willingly.  Society should protect itself from coercion, unfair trusts and extortion.  What M$ and Novell are up to is outright crime.Dec 08 18:22
redds2socDoug lolDec 08 18:22
trmancoschestowitz, do you mind if I use this < > logo?Dec 08 18:22
redds2socTwitter, not trying to stoke the fire.  Microshaft I understand, they screw everyone.  Novell as far as I understand and I'm not that familiar with them are good corporate citizens how made a huge mistake.  But that's not criminal.Dec 08 18:23
redds2soc**who made a huge mistake.Dec 08 18:24
schestowitzSure, trmanco , go aheadDec 08 18:24
trmancothanksDec 08 18:24
schestowitzIt was free where I got it.Dec 08 18:24
schestowitzI check licences on images I use.Dec 08 18:24
_dougDon't expect much from anti-Novell zeolots ..Dec 08 18:24
_doug 08 18:24
*schestowitz does a big post asking IBM to fight swpatsDec 08 18:25
schestowitzJust in: [opensuse-announce] Wanted: Participants for usability tests of SUSE StudioDec 08 18:26
schestowitzFree labour for MS/Novell?Dec 08 18:27
schestowitzIt's NOT OpenSUSEDec 08 18:27
schestowitz"We can offer people from outside SUSE a compensation of 20 Euros/hour (if you need two hours then 40 Euros) Interested? Then write or call me or Sigi ( "Dec 08 18:27
schestowitz"We still need participants for our usability tests of SUSE Studio. The tests will take place here in Nuremberg are one-time tests and will take about one hour each. You should have knowledge in building Linux packages, but should preferably  be unexperienced with SUSE Studio. "Dec 08 18:27
_dougRAPIDGate patents passports ..Dec 08 18:27
_doug 08 18:27
_doug 08 18:28
schestowitzThis reminds me of Microsoft inviting Seattle bloggers and giving them free gifts like XBox360 for helping with some 'study'Dec 08 18:28
schestowitzBloggers (!!), mind you... not people..Dec 08 18:28
redds2socWhere do you guys/girls (don't want to offend), find this stuff?Dec 08 18:28
schestowitzredds2soc: RSS feedsDec 08 18:28
schestowitzThe guys here help too. _doug posts loads of stuff and so does trmanco and zoobab (in his Web sites)Dec 08 18:29
trmanco:DDec 08 18:29
redds2socWow.  I'll have to set my rss feeder up and keep coming back.  I gotta run.  Thanks for all the info.Dec 08 18:30
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_dougIEEE setting up patent pools ..Dec 08 18:31
_doug 08 18:31
_dougBrickfish€® patents Viral Map ..Dec 08 18:33
_doug 08 18:33
_dougAn example of Brickfish's Viral Map technology can be seen hereDec 08 18:33
kevin__ well i am goin g to give this transcender a shot in wineDec 08 18:33
_doug 08 18:34
_dougLooks like a Flash applet ..Dec 08 18:34
_dougAn interactive map, populated with a data set .. it looks pretty ..Dec 08 18:35
_dougthe GeoView just goes to GoogleMaps ..Dec 08 18:36
schestowitz 08 18:39
schestowitzIs this it? Where are /products/? Let's see..Dec 08 18:40
schestowitz 08 18:40
schestowitzThey don't make chairs, do they. ;-)Dec 08 18:40
_dougI posted link to a demo ..Dec 08 18:40
schestowitzSeems like they sell ideas... not physical products..Dec 08 18:40
schestowitzDo they keep their own code?Dec 08 18:41
schestowitzIs it closed source?Dec 08 18:41
schestowitzIf so, they've got copyrights.Dec 08 18:41
_dougNokia patents handset gestures ..Dec 08 18:41
_doug 08 18:41
kevin__darn... it blew up on me... doesn't get past the splashDec 08 18:41
schestowitzHaha. Dec 08 18:41
schestowitzThe Flash thing says "patent pending"Dec 08 18:41
_doug"Our proprietary tools and technology"Dec 08 18:42
schestowitzAlso, I get warned about click-jacking.Dec 08 18:42
schestowitzSo they sell.......... ideas??Dec 08 18:42
_doug"Brickfish offers an innovative way for brands to engage their target audience online"Dec 08 18:42
schestowitzWhere is shop/products?Dec 08 18:43
_dougSounds like they patented targeted/interactive advertising ..Dec 08 18:43
schestowitzCan't find: -( 08 18:43
schestowitzYou can't 'own' thatDec 08 18:43
schestowitzIt's based on existing logicDec 08 18:43
schestowitzWhat are those Brickfish people... 'innovators'?Dec 08 18:44
schestowitz[Code name for lamers who want to make money uttering words]Dec 08 18:44
_doug"The Brickfish team is led by President and CEO Shahi Ghanem, previously President of NasdaqlistedDec 08 18:45
_dougDivX, Inc.,"Dec 08 18:45
_doug 08 18:45
schestowitz "Microsoft "I'm a PC" collective"Dec 08 18:45
schestowitzI see lots of pro-Microsoft stuff in their site. Maybe it's a source of influence.Dec 08 18:45
schestowitzDivX, another patenter... I think they sue companiesDec 08 18:46
schestowitzThey had some issue with Yahoo! about a week or two agoDec 08 18:46
_dougIf I'm-a-PC is a sample of their innovation, I'm not impressed ...Dec 08 18:46
schestowitzSo he quit DivX and started with patents elsehwere.Dec 08 18:46
*davi18 (i=4f500c79@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellDec 08 18:46
schestowitz_doug: not impressed by PC or by the INNOVA~1?Dec 08 18:47
_dougI'm impressed with the interactive map, just not the idea of using Gates/ScienfeldDec 08 18:47
_doug 08 18:47
_dougBut is it of any use .. ?Dec 08 18:47
_dougsee Xanga 31, I would like to click on it and be able to drill down to the actual data ..Dec 08 18:49
*davi18 has quit (Client Quit)Dec 08 18:49
_doug'Life without Walls' big in Kazakhstan :)Dec 08 18:51
PetoKraushmmDec 08 18:53
PetoKrausLinux Kernel Performance Subsystem - but only on Intels so far.Dec 08 18:53
schestowitzPhoronic?Dec 08 18:56
schestowitz*nixDec 08 18:56
_doug"consumer participation in online advertising campaigns"Dec 08 18:57
schestowitzHaha. The app broke.Dec 08 18:57
_doug'viral marketing' .. can you actually patent that ?Dec 08 18:57
schestowitz " We're very sorry, but the place you're looking for is no longer available."Dec 08 18:57
schestowitzASPXDec 08 18:57
PetoKrausschestowitz: yDec 08 18:58
schestowitzAsk him to mail you spare geatrDec 08 18:58
schestowitz*geaDec 08 18:59
_douglots of fashion sites, what's the name of that company that tried to make money with an online fashion site .. Boo ?Dec 08 18:59
_doug 08 18:59
_doug this is from MS research ..Dec 08 19:00 died with the bubble?Dec 08 19:02
schestowitzI remember seeing it on Sky when I was 17..Dec 08 19:02
schestowitzIt all collapsed Dec 08 19:02
_dougUSPTO sued in patent dispute .. :)Dec 08 19:04
_doug 08 19:04
schestowitz ( IEEE to Set up Patent Pools to Simplify Standards Adoption )Dec 08 19:05
schestowitzHey, IEEE, what about bloody company that have no patents^H^Hnolopolies?Dec 08 19:05
_dougThe Microsoftie who left the Dark Side for Open Source ..Dec 08 19:05
_doug 08 19:05
_doug"Alex Mogilevsky's patented work on background spell-checking had been stolen by OpenOffice"Dec 08 19:06
_doughow by all the rules of logic, can you patent a background-process-spellchecker ?Dec 08 19:07
_dougIf the Microsofties spent less time writing patents and more time writing code, then maybe the OS wouldn't be such an unstable mess and a security nightmare ..Dec 08 19:09
schestowitzWTF?Dec 08 19:14
schestowitzI never read it properlyDec 08 19:14
schestowitzThe author of this contacted me some weeks ago.Dec 08 19:15
schestowitzHe uses works like "steal" too.Dec 08 19:15
schestowitz*wordsDec 08 19:15
-_doug-DCC Chat ( 08 19:24
*Received a DCC CHAT offer from _dougDec 08 19:24
PetoKraushow is his WORK stolen?Dec 08 19:32
PetoKrausisn't it his IDEA?Dec 08 19:33
PetoKrausif they prove the code is actually the same, then we may start talking about "stealing" workDec 08 19:33
_dougschest: contacted about what ? (PM) me ..Dec 08 19:35
_dougChina requires certification oof security software ..Dec 08 19:38
_doug 08 19:38
_dougWhat a good idea ..Dec 08 19:38 moving to Ogg Theora ..Dec 08 19:40
_doug 08 19:40
PetoKrausoh bloody hellDec 08 19:44
PetoKrausmy friend just brought harpsichord he borrowed to our flatDec 08 19:44
PetoKrausit'd be fine, if only he knew to play more than one songDec 08 19:45
PetoKrausseems like the only viable solution is to pay €£120 and move piano my boss doesn't want  (-> i get it for free) to my room.Dec 08 19:45
schestowitzPetoKraus: for stealing one would have to /lose/ the codeDec 08 19:50
schestowitzIf it's plagiarism, then it's copying (in the illegal sense), not stealing.Dec 08 19:50
PetoKrausschestowitz: i am not talking about "stealing" something, i am talking about something "work" vs something "idea"Dec 08 19:51
*DCC CHAT to _doug aborted.Dec 08 19:51
schestowitz 08 19:51
schestowitzTrue, but unless the work is something physical, it's hard to steal.Dec 08 19:52
schestowitzSteal is when someone has something at one's expense.Dec 08 19:53
schestowitzPeople use the word "steal" in this context sparingly.Dec 08 19:53
kevin__they've tried to define "stealing" as doing anything the vendor doesn't likeDec 08 19:53
schestowitzJust as the word terrorism is used to describe things we just don't like like.Dec 08 19:53
kevin__again, if i move a copy of windows from an old pc to a new one, i am "stealing" for exampleDec 08 19:54
schestowitz"If thought can corrupt language, then language can also corrupt thought." --George OrwellDec 08 19:54
kevin__good quoteDec 08 19:55
schestowitz 08 19:55
schestowitzHere is what this tot and his mom were compared to by the MAFIAA: 08 19:56
schestowitzMore recent: "Does She Look Like a Music Pirate?" < >Dec 08 19:56
schestowitz"She spends most of her days sitting on an overstuffed sofa with a heating pad behind her back to ease chronic pain and migraines that have kept her on disability for nearly five years. Her voice is soft and halting. Yet this woman is behind a fierce assault on the music industry and its tactics for combating music piracy on the Internet."Dec 08 19:57
schestowitzThat's a good photo. The colorisation of the sky and all... probably tweaked somehow...Dec 08 19:58
kevin__i have no respect for the music industry... they're using the internet to spread inferior quality files than were available ten years ago (cds) instead of going 24/192 or somethingDec 08 19:58
kevin__music purchased online should be HDDec 08 19:59
kevin__they want to create an artificial upgrade path (128 kbps, 256, etc)Dec 08 20:00
kevin__know what i mean?Dec 08 20:00
schestowitzThis can't be good:  "Sun Microsystems' board is getting some fresh blood with two new independent directors, after its largest investor stepped up involvement in the company."Dec 08 20:00
schestowitzHow is that forcing an upgrade?Dec 08 20:01
schestowitzThey have begun promoting their singers in YouTube.Dec 08 20:01
kevin__it's not a forced upgrade, it's an artificial upgrade pathDec 08 20:01
kevin__"you purchased the 128 kbps version, now pay an upgrade fee for 256kbps files" that sort of thingDec 08 20:02
schestowitzStreaming as a delivery method. They actually have accounts with singers' portfolio and millions of views. AP went down the same route with loads of video reports.Dec 08 20:02
kevin__they've already done this with itunes/itunes+Dec 08 20:02
schestowitzWhat is this itoon thing? :-)Dec 08 20:03
kevin__99 cents gets you 128kbps files with DRM, while $1.30 gets you 256kbps with no drmDec 08 20:03
schestowitzDRM=rentingDec 08 20:03
schestowitzSo it's cheaper to rent files.Dec 08 20:03
*PetoKraus np: Nine Inch Nails - All the Love in the World (With Teeth)Dec 08 20:04
kevin__they're selling people their rights back :)Dec 08 20:04
PetoKrausTrent Reznor Does Not Approve of DRMDec 08 20:04
schestowitzkevin__: they sell nothing, I avoid themDec 08 20:04
kevin__me tooDec 08 20:04
kevin__i still read the articles thoughDec 08 20:04
schestowitzThe analogy from Cory is a good one nonetheless.Dec 08 20:04
schestowitzRIAA/MPAA: serving pirates since 1998Dec 08 20:05
schestowitzCreative Commons: serving people since 1998 (?)Dec 08 20:05
kevin__on the subject of CC, you should hear Rob Costlow's music... it's amazingDec 08 20:06
kevin__on jamendoDec 08 20:06
schestowitzACK 08 20:07
schestowitzGET 08 20:08
trmanco Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word formatDec 08 20:08
kevin__here it is 08 20:09
kevin__track 5 is my favoriteDec 08 20:09
schestowitzHoly hellDec 08 20:09
schestowitzSo much XSSDec 08 20:10
kevin__xss?Dec 08 20:10
schestowitzTook me a minute to get past itDec 08 20:10
schestowitzCross-site JSDec 08 20:10
kevin__ohDec 08 20:10
schestowitzLots os spyware needed to be enabled to get the fileDec 08 20:10
schestowitzFast download. Now, the secret is in getting more big artists to sport their stuff in these sites and people to be aware of these sitesDec 08 20:12
kevin__yepDec 08 20:12
kevin__they also have torrents tooDec 08 20:12
schestowitzIn the mean time, MAFIAA does them a big favour by clogging up P2P, but it also kill the legitimate stuff.Dec 08 20:12
schestowitz*killsDec 08 20:14
_dougWired mag on Ray Ozzie .. 08 20:15
schestowitzOh no.. that that Wired MS fawning.Dec 08 20:15
trmancoGNUnited Nations 0.1 (initial release): 08 20:16
schestowitz0_o "User-agent: Wanderlust/2.15.5 (Almost Unreal) SEMI/1.14.6 (Maruoka) FLIM/1.14.9 (Gojō) APEL/10.7 Emacs/22.3 (i486-pc-linux-gnu) MULE/5.0 (SAKAKI)"Dec 08 20:17
_dougWhy Does Microsoft Always Get A Free Pass? Why Does Big Business Reek So Badly?Dec 08 20:19
_doug 08 20:20
schestowitzSee details about W-EDec 08 20:21
_dougVirus hits nearly 75% of systems on Afghanistan military baseDec 08 20:21
_doug 08 20:21
schestowitz 08 20:22
schestowitzYou can't say "insecure Microsoft" and get away with it.Dec 08 20:22
schestowitz_doug: I need to find people in Wikipedia from W-E IP addressesDec 08 20:22
schestowitzI only found twoDec 08 20:22
_dougWho should be in charge of protecting the Internet: Eric Schmidt, Steve Ballmer, Jeff Bezos and Julius Genachowski ..Dec 08 20:23
_doug 08 20:23
_dougOne sells books, the other sells soap :)Dec 08 20:25
kevin__an operating system vendor :)Dec 08 20:25
_dougtranslation: who is going to protect the Internet from MS Windows ?Dec 08 20:26
kevin__hopefully the community as a whole willDec 08 20:27
schestowitz "However, Radio Free Asia, funded by the U. S. government, reported Wednesday that cafes were being required to install Red Flag Linux even if they were using authorized copies of Windows. " Bwahaha.Dec 08 20:28
schestowitzSpywareNuxDec 08 20:28
kevin__that is a flavor of linux created by the govt right?Dec 08 20:29
schestowitzTrollish Reg: gOS - if at first you don't succeed... < >Dec 08 20:34
schestowitzkevin__: it's for surveillance, AFAIKDec 08 20:34
_doug 08 20:35
schestowitzThere's the same thing in US coffee shopsDec 08 20:35
schestowitzIt's called "Microsoft Windows" and it has back doorsDec 08 20:35
schestowitzBut China wants something like their own Windows, with back doors only for the Chinese, not the CIA and FBIDec 08 20:36
schestowitz"He who controls the back doors..."Dec 08 20:36
schestowitz_doug: page not foundDec 08 20:37
kevin__the only way to be truely secure is to encrypt the whole hddDec 08 20:37
_douggtg ..Dec 08 20:42
*_doug has quit ()Dec 08 20:43
schestowitzkevin__: more secure is not to have a regime of neocons.Dec 08 20:45
schestowitzThe west is still lagging behind when it comes to back-dooring the gnuDec 08 20:46
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 08 20:47
kevin__i remember hearing rumors that there were backdoors in windows.. was that ever confirmed?Dec 08 21:07
kevin__that was forever agoDec 08 21:07
schestowitztrmanco hat tip @ 08 21:08
schestowitzYesDec 08 21:08
schestowitzHold on.Dec 08 21:08
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellDec 08 21:08
schestowitz ... I've accumulated more obvious evidence since then (like Microsoft's Ga^H^HPartner Group confirming it)Dec 08 21:09
twitteroffice failure, very funny.Dec 08 21:13
twitterthe softies should know that the biggest failure of all is the failure to do as you are told.  M$.DOC, F.Dec 08 21:15
schestowitzUnited States of Advertising: (Court Allows Spyware Program to Go Back on Sale)Dec 08 21:17
twitterSafety too, "missed the school entirely" 08 21:17
twitterI'm glad someone thought of the children.Dec 08 21:17
schestowitzArmy life..Dec 08 21:18
schestowitzArmy  nation..Dec 08 21:18
schestowitzMaybe they were raining.Dec 08 21:18
schestowitzMaybe they were training.Dec 08 21:18
schestowitzIt would be sad had the pilot let it kill a whole class after ejecting.. rather than stay in the plane to steer it away from danger zones.Dec 08 21:20
schestowitzBelittled Microsoft... selling tshirts like Mozilla now (and Windows XP for $18).. Microsoft Jumping On The T-Shirt Bandwagon < >Dec 08 21:21
twitterAs usual, the almost free market does better than M$, 08 21:28
schestowitzPerl 6 to break compatibility, support other interpreters < >. Same with Python.Dec 08 21:31
schestowitzOh! And PHP5 tooDec 08 21:31
schestowitzAll the Ps in LAMP... not backward compatibleDec 08 21:31
twitterWhat interpreter are they thinking of?Dec 08 21:31
PetoKrausand?Dec 08 21:32
PetoKrauswhat's bad about breaking backward compatibility?Dec 08 21:32
schestowitzHmmm... weird...  Colin Barker's article (ZDNet UK) had the headline modified.. 08 21:33
schestowitzThe original was insincere as it ignored the rest of Novell's dying business, but it also talked about business, not revenue.Dec 08 21:34
schestowitzZDNET fanboyism for Microsoft Linux?Dec 08 21:34
twittert-shirt comment, "What next Microsoft fragrances?"  M$, smells like ass.Dec 08 21:34
schestowitzPetoKraus: it's bad. PHP4 is no longer receiving patches for security purposes and a lot of software was not adapted to do PHP5Dec 08 21:35
twitterForcing people to change their code is bad and should never be done without a good reason.  I'd like to know what that reason is.Dec 08 21:36
schestowitzAnother unsubstantiated article: OpenSolaris tackles Ubuntu dominance < >Dec 08 21:37
schestowitzis the "1337" (leet) intentional there?Dec 08 21:37
schestowitzSomeone just shoved up the "elite" marker there at the end (I wonder who..) 08 21:38
schestowitz"Imagine if the brakes on your car failed just 1% of the time. For every 100 times you brake 1 time you'd just keep going. How many times do you brake on an average 1 hour trip? Sometimes for mission critical systems even 99.999% isn't good enough. It's not just mission critical systems though."Dec 08 21:40
schestowitz"What about computers. If they made errors once in 10000, with several billion cycles per second, they'd be unusable. Anyway if each patient requires 178 actions then 1% means every patient has between 1 and 2 mistakes made for them per day. I presume some of these actions are trivial otherwise I'd be amazed if anyone survived"Dec 08 21:40
schestowitz 08 21:41
schestowitz "Now, what else can be commented about this, except that “democracy” is a fucked-up word that no one should use with regards to real life?"Dec 08 21:42
trmancoLive Cashback Users Feel Cheated By Microsoft: 08 21:48
kevin__we all feel cheated by msDec 08 21:48
schestowitzThat can't be true. Microsoft doesn't ever betray anyone, does it?Dec 08 21:50
schestowitzMicrosoft has the obligation for tolerating inferior search results and being spied on by the Vole.Dec 08 21:51
kevin__it's like they sell you a car but keep a copy of the keys to steal it back when you're not looking :)Dec 08 21:51
schestowitzMicrosoft is almost brokeDec 08 21:51
schestowitzIt also lobbied heavily for public looting, AKA bailoutDec 08 21:51
kevin__btw schestowitz, that article you posted earlier made me laugh when someone from the RIAA said a mother sits on disability, seeing as how THEY charge full-price for recordings that were made 50 years agoDec 08 21:54
kevin__they own them for eternity!Dec 08 21:55
trmanco 08 21:55
trmancohere we go againDec 08 21:55
trmancoMoonlight goes 3DDec 08 21:55
schestowitz"Business is an opportunity, not a right.." -- [H]omerDec 08 21:56
schestowitzTell me when Icaza goes MicrosoftDec 08 21:56
trmancook I will :-PDec 08 21:57
schestowitzHe should visit them permanently. He's just pooping over the wrong side of the fence by promoting anti-Linux techDec 08 21:57
trmanco"We are merging his patches to make it simpler for Moonlight to be compiled by Windows users. "Dec 08 21:57
schestowitzMicrosoft: "we need to catch up with that well-engineered, secure and stable Linux thing"Dec 08 21:58
kevin__what can moonlight do that flash can't?Dec 08 21:58
schestowitzde Icaza: "we need to catch up with Microsoft... but doing exactly what they do.... poorly"Dec 08 21:58
schestowitzkevin__: FlexDec 08 21:58
schestowitzEven betterDec 08 21:58
kevin__i saw that someone got doom running in flash... pretty freaking amazingDec 08 21:59
schestowitzAnd there's JavaFX and SVG+AjaxDec 08 21:59
schestowitzThese things are mostly used for freakin' videos... we already have Ogg and <video>\Dec 08 21:59
schestowitzSenor de Icaza needs to just work on Silverlight (for Microsoft), not PoisonwareDec 08 21:59
MinceRkevin__: it can give m$ an opportunity to sue over sw patentsDec 08 22:00
schestowitzYes, I know.Dec 08 22:00
*jaded_judas ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 08 22:00
schestowitzThey don't need toDec 08 22:00
schestowitzThey just pull a SCODec 08 22:00
kevin__or they could wait until it got popular and then pull the chair out from under us, so to speakDec 08 22:01
kevin__:)Dec 08 22:01
schestowitzLook, that Moonlight (Linux) thing looks just like Silverlight (UNIX/).... anyone who uses it can purchase SUSE (for peace of mind) or "indemnification" from<whatever>Dec 08 22:01
schestowitzRight now they just let the poison sink a little deeperDec 08 22:02
schestowitzKDE users who want to access Silver Lie videos will quite likely get the Mono fluDec 08 22:02
schestowitzMoonlight is the perfect infection vector, making the Web inaccessible to some who reject Mono.Dec 08 22:02
trmancoLinux Comparison: Fedora and conclusion: 08 22:03
trmancoagain? what are they up too?Dec 08 22:04
kevin__if adobe were to open flash it would probably undermine them thoughDec 08 22:04
schestowitzWeb standards are more establishedDec 08 22:05
schestowitzIt's better to avoid all those 'puginWebbies'Dec 08 22:05
schestowitzWeb standards took many years to evolve nicely.Dec 08 22:06
schestowitzIt also took a long time for many implementations (browers) to appearDec 08 22:06
schestowitzThe blobs don't obery browser functions like back, forward, indexing, etc.Dec 08 22:06
schestowitzThose other 'solutions' try another route from scratch and they break the WebDec 08 22:07
schestowitzFlash only gained traction because of stuff like YouTube.Dec 08 22:07
*jaded_judas has quit ("Changing server...")Dec 08 22:07
schestowitzMicrosoft bribes some companies to plant the XAML trap in places like the Olympic and bring the stack of junk along with it (standard pages like Library of Congress becoming MS lockin)Dec 08 22:07
trmancohey cool, you referred me in this post <v >Dec 08 22:08
trmancothanksDec 08 22:08
schestowitzPeople should sue the Lib. of Congress and Microsoft, which uses Novell to escape current investigations on this matter.Dec 08 22:08
kevin__at least most of the radio stations are smart enough to stream in multiple formatsDec 08 22:08
*jaded_judas ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 08 22:09
*GoblinRFD ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 08 22:09
trmancogrrDec 08 22:10
trmancoI don't have <video> tags yetDec 08 22:10
schestowitzMe neitherDec 08 22:11
schestowitzBut it's there in place for future viewing.Dec 08 22:11
schestowitzMore sites are gradually embracing oggDec 08 22:11
schestowitzI left this comment just 2 minutes ago: 08 22:11
kevin__i've got 2 portable ogg playersDec 08 22:11
kevin__they've been around for years. one just has to do research to find themDec 08 22:12
trmanconice oneDec 08 22:12
trmanco:)Dec 08 22:12
trmancoI hope they replyDec 08 22:12
kevin__i enjoyed going to the store and asking someone about them and they just went blank :)Dec 08 22:13
schestowitztrmanco: they usually do.Dec 08 22:13
schestowitzThey mean well. They previously made some Webcase... only for Mac and Windows users... they mailed me the slides.Dec 08 22:13
schestowitz*WebcastDec 08 22:13
trmancoFirefox 3.1 is outDec 08 22:14
trmanco*beta 2*Dec 08 22:15
schestowitz "1. A method for styling hair to cover bald areas using only the individual's own hair, comprising separating the hair on the head into several substantially equal sections, taking the hair on one section and placing it over the bald area, then taking the hair on another section and placing it over the first section, and finally taking the hair on the remaining sections and placing it over the oDec 08 22:16
schestowitzther sections whereby the bald area will be completely covered."Dec 08 22:16
twitterHere's a comment I just left. 08 22:16
schestowitzThat's apprently a real patent: A patent on combing hair to cover a bald spot (#4,022,227)Dec 08 22:16
*jaded_judas has quit ("KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo")Dec 08 22:17
schestowitztwitter: thanks, I see. I have Thunderbird set up so that my WordPress inbox comes up with popups when something arrives (comments for example).Dec 08 22:17
twitterI've got new respect for Steven Vaughan-Nichols for having pointed out that M$'s patent threats have always been baseless. That does not make M$ less dangerous of malicious, but it's something people should be aware of.Dec 08 22:18
schestowitzI give the /.-bourne stalkers 5 minutes to come and attack twitter with off-topic comments. :-)Dec 08 22:18
schestowitztwitter: SJVN doesn't perceive it the same way as me.Dec 08 22:18
schestowitzHe thought all vendors would sign a patent deal within a yearDec 08 22:19
schestowitzI talked to him about it. He was wrong. Dec 08 22:19
schestowitzNow we have even /less/ deals.... because Linspire is kaputDec 08 22:19
twitterSo he knew the threat was judicial extortion but thought it would be a success?  That's sad.Dec 08 22:20
twitterI'm glad he was wrong.Dec 08 22:20
schestowitzSymbian: pseudopen-source -> When Symbian stops fighting for software patents in the EU and Nokia stops boosting the MAFIAA's DRM, maybe then Symbian will be worth looking into.Dec 08 22:21
twitterI'm going to make a brief timeline of M$'s patent extortion sometime tonight.Dec 08 22:22
schestowitzCool!Dec 08 22:22
GoblinRFDTalking of DRM.....just to lighten the mood...(btw Non UK people might not get this)Dec 08 22:23
GoblinRFDWhat do you call a Police officer that can whistle 10,000 tunes?Dec 08 22:23
GoblinRFDAn Iplod.Dec 08 22:23
neighborleelolDec 08 22:24
GoblinRFDI liked it...:)Dec 08 22:24
schestowitzNancy Gohring is attacking Google again, IMHO: 08 22:24
schestowitzShe previously uses Microsoft puppet to ghostwrite anti-Google things.Dec 08 22:24
schestowitzI wrote about it here: 08 22:25
schestowitzThe coverage from the MSBBC about Net censorship was rather appalling, IMHODec 08 22:26
schestowitzThey didn't defend WikipediaDec 08 22:26
schestowitzThey could have at least quotes people who fought bacl.Dec 08 22:26
schestowitz"Nobody is suggesting that child pornography is defensible, but this episode has exposed how trivially easy it is to block not just an image, but an entire site – even one as popular and important as Wikipedia – thanks to a centralised routeing system." 08 22:27
schestowitzGoblinRFD: NimbleX Linux - 94% satisfaction < >. Just stumbled upon it..Dec 08 22:35
GoblinRFD:)Dec 08 22:51
GoblinRFDI really was impressed at NimbleXDec 08 22:52
GoblinRFDso much so I did a little feature on it.Dec 08 22:52
GoblinRFDMind you, after looking through the LFS site, I want to do my own distro!  One dedicated to emulation....Dec 08 22:53
GoblinRFDMAME, UAE etcDec 08 22:54
schestowitzYou could do a spinDec 08 22:56
schestowitzFedora, PCLOS, even Ubuntu or Slax. Just follow the guides (or use the GUI)...Dec 08 22:56
GoblinRFDmm. If I ever get the time that is.Dec 08 22:57
GoblinRFDIve been looking at so many different projects at the moment.Dec 08 22:57
GoblinRFDand Im still working on a 4k was supposed to be for a demo comp earlier this year....never met the deadline and lost interest in it mostly.Dec 08 22:58
schestowitzI've just got this very funny E-mail from my cousin.Dec 08 22:59
schestowitz*LOLDec 08 22:59
schestowitzIt goes like this: "Late next year, Microsoft will offer a free anti-virus, anti-spyware program to everyone who runs Windows (code-named Morro). And I am COMPLETELY psyched."Dec 08 23:00
schestowitzI’ve tried everything over the years: bloated, intrusive, expensive programs like Norton and McAfee; naggy free programs. And deep in the back of my mind, a little voice keeps saying: “This shouldn’t be my problem.” I’m sure it’s been a hot discussion topic inside Microsoft for years. On one hand, ideally, Windows wouldn’t be so easily invaded by viruses; it’s Microsoft’s job to keep our machines protected.Dec 08 23:00
schestowitz"(According to Microsoft, a staggering 60 percent of Windows users have no virus protection at all.)"Dec 08 23:00
schestowitz"On the other hand, what about all the companies who sell anti-virus software? What will happen to them when Microsoft starts giving away the stuff for free?"Dec 08 23:00
kevin__i'm one of themDec 08 23:00
schestowitzGosh. Microsoft really relies on people being gullible.Dec 08 23:00
schestowitzHaha.Dec 08 23:01
kevin__well i take that back... i have clam av installedDec 08 23:01
GoblinRFDGood ol'MicrosoftDec 08 23:01
schestowitzAnd he goes on (he's much older than me).Dec 08 23:01
schestowitz"It’s a tough decision. And maybe the Microsoft OneCare experiment (its $50-a-year anti-virus suite, which will be discontinued at the end of June 2009) taught Microsoft that other anti-virus companies may still be able to survive even with the 800-pound gorilla in the ring. In any case, in the big picture, the world as a whole will be better off when more PC’s are protected."Dec 08 23:01
schestowitzSome people are as gullible as Microsoft needs them to beDec 08 23:01
schestowitzIt’s a tough decision. And maybe the Microsoft OneCare experiment (its $50-a-year anti-virus suite, which will be discontinued at the end of June 2009) taught Microsoft that other anti-virus companies may still be able to survive even with the 800-pound gorilla in the ring. In any case, in the big picture, the world as a whole will be better off when more PC’s are protected.Dec 08 23:01
GoblinRFDUntil recently my wife thought Microsoft produced Linux...Dec 08 23:02
schestowitzAnd he ends: "And a free, official, continuously updated security suite, provided directly from the mother ship, is exactly what the doctor ordered."Dec 08 23:02
schestowitzYes! Microsoft saves us!Dec 08 23:02
GoblinRFDGod bless MicrosoftDec 08 23:02
schestowitzI told him that it's more Microsoft BS. Anti-virus S/W does not protect PCs. it's snake oil, a scam. 98% of all Windows PCs are vulnerable, even with anti-virus software. About 40% are hijacked. If you want security, you need to abandon Windows. It's a wreck. Even Microsoft admitted this.Dec 08 23:02
GoblinRFDNot according to Andre Da CostaDec 08 23:03
schestowitz"Our products just aren't engineered for security." -- Brian Valentine, Microsoft executiveDec 08 23:03
schestowitzGive him that quoteDec 08 23:03
GoblinRFD"Vista introduced huge improvements to how users kept their personal data secure." Andre Da Costa 25/11/08 Andre's BlogDec 08 23:03
schestowitzJoe Wilcox admitted this tooDec 08 23:03
GoblinRFDDa Co$ta is the man.Dec 08 23:04
schestowitzJoe Wilcox, last week ( ): "`There haven't been any major new malware attacks to suggest increasing Mac  marketshare has generated more malware. Just two weeks ago, I blogged that in fact Apple's increasing marketshare hadn't led to more attacks  Microsoft's marketshare mythology is wrong."Dec 08 23:04
schestowitzSo next time the Microsoft fan (Wilcox) pretends that it's a universal issue, show him the mirrorDec 08 23:05
schestowitzUAC is not securityDec 08 23:05
schestowitz (Vista's UAC security prompt was designed to annoy you)Dec 08 23:06
GoblinRFDMS-Watch has been pretty dull recently.   I havent had much fun.Dec 08 23:06
GoblinRFDtalking of which, an MS-troll to site said:Dec 08 23:06
GoblinRFDto put it in context, I was laughing at the security measures of Vista.  He replied:Dec 08 23:07
GoblinRFDust a little amazing thingy you said: “The only security Vista seems to be good at is preventing the user of it from doing anything without password… That didn’t help security, just made thinks difficult.”Dec 08 23:07
GoblinRFDAnybody heard of sudo?Dec 08 23:07
schestowitzRMS: "Americans should stop giving Reagan credit for making the Soviet Union collapse, and recall Reagan as the president who betrayed America's honor by selling weapons to terrorists to ransom hostages." < >Dec 08 23:08
GoblinRFDIt was funny, I did an article called "Happy Vista users speak out on wordpress" and then went on to link a few unhappy vista customers.....the amount of abuse I got was amazing...Im still sifting through my inbox.Dec 08 23:09
GoblinRFDit must have pressed the right buttons.  I think Ill do another.Dec 08 23:09
schestowitzVista and WP?Dec 08 23:10
schestowitzHow are they related?Dec 08 23:10
*schestowitz wonders if RMS has a apolitical blogDec 08 23:11
schestowitz"This could mean that Bush and his cronies have not won all they hoped for. They sought total control of Iraqi oil for themselves alone." < >Dec 08 23:11
GoblinRFDI was just looking for a few cheap hits, and thought the title would attract Vista fanboys.Dec 08 23:11
GoblinRFD 08 23:11
GoblinRFDand it certainly did that.Dec 08 23:11
MinceRgnDec 08 23:12
GoblinRFDgnDec 08 23:12
GoblinRFDtake care.Dec 08 23:12
schestowitzgnDec 08 23:12
schestowitzThe IEEE keeps sending mass mails to all sorts of people in unrelated fields. That almost counts as abuse..Dec 08 23:12
schestowitzVista /OWNERS//Dec 08 23:13
schestowitz?Dec 08 23:13
schestowitzNo such thing. Only Microsoft owns Vista. Don't people read the EULA?Dec 08 23:13
kevin__i liked the mojave experimentDec 08 23:13
schestowitzThey rent a licence to run a /copy/? It can even be revoked.Dec 08 23:13
kevin__getting users by concieling the truthDec 08 23:13
MinceRstory of their life, kevin__ :>Dec 08 23:14
schestowitzOr showing just some frames selectively.Dec 08 23:14
kevin__yes... earlier today somebody tried to tell me that if you buy a retail copy of xp you can use it foreverDec 08 23:14
schestowitzThey did it later with Vista 7  and corruptible bloggers.Dec 08 23:14
schestowitzkevin__: tell his about China.Dec 08 23:14
kevin__forever being until the activation servers go down or ms shuts downDec 08 23:14
schestowitz ( Microsoft sued in China for black screen of death )Dec 08 23:15
schestowitz ( Microsoft faces second 'black screen' lawsuit )Dec 08 23:15
kevin__oh yeah i heard about that... they were changing peoples' wallpapersDec 08 23:15
schestowitzThe poor people thought they owned their own computers when The Beast O/S was installed on the,Dec 08 23:15
kevin__i see that all the time on the netDec 08 23:16
kevin__people saying "but i own this computer" when DRM discussions are taking placeDec 08 23:16
schestowitzWallpapers... oh yeah... to say the least... Gary McKinnon did that to the US Army.Dec 08 23:16
kevin__makes me chuckleDec 08 23:16
schestowitzOr Pentagon, whetever...Dec 08 23:16
schestowitz*whatever... but Gary is no Monopolist, so it's not OKDec 08 23:16
kevin__hey schestowitz i saw a youtube video where someone sent a brand new vista disk through a shreaderDec 08 23:21
kevin__packaging and all... it was quite funnyDec 08 23:21
schestowitzThat was hugely popular in 2007Dec 08 23:23
schestowitz 08 23:23
*MinceR has quit (Remote closed the connection)Dec 08 23:24
*MinceR (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellDec 08 23:26
kevin__i had to watch it again :)Dec 08 23:27
schestowitzThere are better ones.Dec 08 23:28
schestowitz 08 23:30
GoblinRFDGoing off topic slightly, I was really proud, Ive been named:Dec 08 23:31
GoblinRFD"Another thing is that I think Goblin is an idiot. At least, he is a shiller for Linux. I don't care that he is doing it for free. That is his problem." 3/12/08 Microsoft WatchDec 08 23:31
GoblinRFDand one of my favourite quotes for this week is:Dec 08 23:33
GoblinRFD"it's clear that people still don't get what Vista was all about." EnricoG 03/12/08 Microsoft WatchDec 08 23:33
schestowitzLarry Augustin sells out: 08 23:34
schestowitz2007: It's Time for Microsoft to Put Up or Shut Up < >Dec 08 23:34
schestowitz2008: Larry Augustin helps a Vole project with .NETDec 08 23:34
schestowitzShame on him.Dec 08 23:34
kevin__windows cement :)Dec 08 23:35
schestowitzGoblinRFD: the trolls are a dme/dozen, just like Windows zombies and flawsDec 08 23:36
kevin__i'm getting serious lag today...Dec 08 23:38
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 08 23:39
GoblinRFDI am really looking forward to the release of Windows 7...its just like the first episodes of X-Factor.,you know it will be godawful but its compelling viewing.Dec 08 23:40
schestowitzThey'll speand s*loads when it's out in 2010 or whenever... to make this Mojave seem like something different from Vista.Dec 08 23:41
schestowitzThen the reviews of Vista 7 will come from blogs and Microsoft won't be able to silence themDec 08 23:42
schestowitzBy that stage, Microsoft will have been weak and in debt anyway. it's already getting quite frail.Dec 08 23:42
GoblinRFDBut dont forget: "It will be better next time"Dec 08 23:42
GoblinRFD"Vista greatness = improved security, eye candy, easy of use." - Clintthewooke on Openbytes 07/12/08Dec 08 23:44
kevin__i personally want all the drm ripped out of the systemDec 08 23:47
kevin__as a consumer i shouldn't have to pay to support such things if i don't want toDec 08 23:47
schestowitzYou don't chooseDec 08 23:47
schestowitzThat;'s why FOSS was conceivedDec 08 23:47
schestowitzThe systems are built to accommodate other factorsDec 08 23:48
schestowitzMAFIAA... CIA... they all have demands from and relationships with Microsoft and Apple.Dec 08 23:48
schestowitzThe operating system is not for /YOU/.... it's for you /TO USE/... along with the restrictions and so-called antifeaturs.Dec 08 23:48
kevin__they will only be able to push that so far though before average people decide they've had enoughDec 08 23:49
schestowitzUnless it's too lateDec 08 23:50
kevin__even now the ice is starting to crackDec 08 23:50
schestowitzThey use legiislation (lobbyists and all)Dec 08 23:50
schestowitzThat's why you're seeing me distracted by politicsDec 08 23:50
schestowitzRMS apparently relaised this a long time agoDec 08 23:50
schestowitz"Geeks like to think that they can ignore politics, you can leave politics alone, but politics won't leave you alone." --Richard StallmanDec 08 23:50
schestowitzTell that to DVD Jon dn Phil Zimmerman who got visit from 'the court' of the FBI for writing some code that achieve something they needDec 08 23:51
schestowitzSoftare patents, DMCA... all are examples of ANTI-FOSS laws.Dec 08 23:51
kevin__the DMCA isn't just about locking out free software though. it also exists to exploit peopleDec 08 23:52
kevin__all those innocent users who purchase music from Microsoft's music store and then get a mac for exampleDec 08 23:53
kevin__or linux as the case may be :)Dec 08 23:53
schestowitzOf course.Dec 08 23:54
schestowitzFOSS extends to other areas.Dec 08 23:54
schestowitzCreative Commons, open access, open research, drug industry db sharing and collab, no patents, change of copyrights in practice/use....Dec 08 23:55
kevin__now even the hardware makers are getting involved with things like hdcpDec 08 23:58

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