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SCO News Roundup

GROKLAW will hopefully return to full coverage pretty soon. Just in case, here are the several articles -- including filings from Groklaw -- that cover the SCO situation.

1. SCO to file bankruptcy plan tomorrow

After a great deal of courtroom drama and mounting legal fees, the SCO Group is expected to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan in court tomorrow.

Jeff Hunsaker, SCO’s president, wouldn’t provide exact details of the plan, but he said the reorganization will hopefully help the company come out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which the company filed for in September 2007.

2. SCO: The same procedure as last year?

The SCO Group, currently sheltering from its creditors under Chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy law and still legally embattled with Novell, IBM and Red Hat over rights to Unix, as well as over code alleged to have been copied illegally from Unix into Linux, has evidently allowed an important deadline to slip by. It was supposed to submit a business plan to the bankruptcy court by 31 December, covering its own reorganisation and a settlement with its creditors. That means the company's further destiny now lies in the hands of the judge. If he doesn't grant an extension of time, then in accordance with Chapter 7 of the same law the SCO Group will have to go into liquidation in March 2009.

3. 2008 was still a buyer's market

And through it all, the saga of SCO continues. The company, which declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late 2007, had a reorganization plan announced in March. That called for a $100 million infusion of cash from an investment firm to cover a court-ordered $37 million judgment payable to Novell as a result of failed litigation. But then that order was reduced to a bit more than $2 million, easing the strain somewhat. While revenue from its SCOsource area was zero, (since SCO lost its legal claim that its source code was included in the Linux code base, people apparently felt they didn't need to pay SCO to protect their Linux investments) SCO did create some mobile planning software that had a nice uptake. Along with its Mobile Server and SDK, the future of the company will be decided on the road.

4. New Filings -- Novell's bill of costs

You'll see that SCO, despite telling the media yesterday that it would file a plan today, meeting the December 31st deadline set by the court, instead has filed for another delay.

5. New Filing -- Novell's Opposition to SCO's Motion to Stay Taxation of Costs

One more new filing from Wednesday, this one from SCO v. Novell.

Any more links would be welcome.

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