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schestowitz "According to about 115,000 IT workers have been laid off by American companies since the August polls made it clear that the people who brought us the sub-prime crisis, the Detroit meltdown, and four dollar gas would sweep the trifecta to gain control of the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches of the American government. "Jan 05 00:40
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schestowitz"For the third year running the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has ranked companies in different sectors to estimate the power that these companies have, based upon their patent portfolio. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft came top in the "Computer Software" category and IBM tops the "Computer Systems" chart. " 05 00:43
tessier_I don't really know many IT workers who have been laid off around here.Jan 05 00:49
tessier_In fact, I need to hire a couple of people.Jan 05 00:49
tessier_But I have a feeling they may be hard to find.Jan 05 00:49
schestowitzWhat skillzJan 05 00:50
tessier_Someone who likes FLOSS, knows at least the basics of Linux, and some programming basics, and has enthusiasm for the job...Jan 05 00:50
schestowitzThat wouldn't be those emitted out of MSJan 05 00:50
tessier_I'm still thinking about the job description. Fairly varied skills. I'm thinking I need two people. And another in the future. I'm hoping that the future one will be a Plone expert.Jan 05 00:50
tessier_But that is quite hard to find. I'm working on becoming one myself but have a very long way to go. Will probably have to hire someone else before I get to that point myself. And even then will still need help.Jan 05 00:51
schestowitzIsn't Plone a bit neglected now?Jan 05 00:51
schestowitzLike Zope?Jan 05 00:51
tessier_Just because of the amount of work.Jan 05 00:51
schestowitzI mean, govts still use it.Jan 05 00:51
tessier_neglected? No, they are both very actively developed.Jan 05 00:51
tessier_They are both growing quickly and are excellent competitors to MS Sharepoint.Jan 05 00:51
schestowitzThere's a conference and branch/fork for the purpose and your sites runs it tooJan 05 00:51
tessier_Plone is a CMS for Zope.Jan 05 00:51
schestowitzOhJan 05 00:52
tessier_So they are practically the same thing.Jan 05 00:52
schestowitzI don't know them intimatelyJan 05 00:52
tessier_I know them both pretty well from a user/admin point of view. I'm working on learning to be a developer.Jan 05 00:52
tessier_I have set up a couple different company intranets using it. Very nice.Jan 05 00:52
schestowitzFor Plone?Jan 05 00:52
tessier_Yes.Jan 05 00:52
schestowitzIt reminds me of MoodleJan 05 00:52
schestowitzOr Sakai evenJan 05 00:52
tessier_WebDAV is a great replacement for windows file sharing.Jan 05 00:52
schestowitzGovts give back, like unisJan 05 00:52
tessier_Don't need a VPN, all standard HTTP based, etc.Jan 05 00:53
schestowitzWe had Zope at Manchester ComputingJan 05 00:53
schestowitzI worked there for many years and resigned in 2006Jan 05 00:53
schestowitzI actually did a lot of my thesis whilst working there (paid)Jan 05 00:53
schestowitzAlfresco competes with MS SharePoint too. I never tried it though.Jan 05 00:54
schestowitzI suppose you also deploy Asterisk in San Diego, right?Jan 05 00:54
schestowitzTheir d/l numbers rose by 50% in the past yearJan 05 00:54
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schestowitzThere is healthy demand for F/OSS ATM, but that comes at the expense of those who hunt for monolithic 'boxed' solutions(R). Developers try to monetise in FOSS, but services collect.. just look at Digium versus the Asterisk 'leeches'.Jan 05 00:59
tessier_schestowitz: Yes.Jan 05 01:00
tessier_schestowitz: leeches?Jan 05 01:00
tessier_I haven't deployed any asterisk in SD in quite a while though. It's rather tricky. I haven't decided whether I want to continue to be in that business or not.Jan 05 01:01
tessier_Architectural problems with asterisk, lots of other people already doing it (Although the market penetration is miniscule so there is still tons of opportunity) and risk.Jan 05 01:01
tessier_It bugs me that Asterisk is all written in C and is not very modular. I wish I understood SIP better and could make my own PBX using some higher level language. But I can't justify spending months or years doing that and not making any money. So I get to deploy asterisk in the meantime if I want to be in the phone business.Jan 05 01:02
schestowitzDigium has other companies use its work without bringing much backJan 05 01:02
tessier_I am seriously thinking about offering a whole virtual-office package. Plone for intranet/file serving/content management, Asterisk for phones, etc.Jan 05 01:03
tessier_Yeah, and I'm one of them as long as I'm deploying asterisk.Jan 05 01:03
schestowitzFreeSwitch tries to also overcome some limitations found in AsteriskJan 05 01:03
tessier_The problem is they don't make it so easy to give back and it's hard to give back because telephony is very complicated.Jan 05 01:03
tessier_FreeSwitch is all C also IIRC.Jan 05 01:03
schestowitz       > I am seriously thinking about offering a whole virtual-office packageJan 05 01:03
schestowitzThat's done alreadyJan 05 01:03
tessier_Sure, you need C for performance in the compression routines etc but for the general call flow logic etc. you don't.Jan 05 01:04
schestowitz'Appliances' with FOSS... some Tivoized... EeekJan 05 01:04
tessier_Everything has been done already.Jan 05 01:04
tessier_Should I just go Amish?Jan 05 01:04
tessier_Most places at this point will never be able to deploy FOSS because they don't have the skills.Jan 05 01:04
schestowitztessier: there was a discussion about C vs. OOP in BN todayJan 05 01:04
schestowitz 05 01:05
tessier_I'm not fan of tivoizing the appliances but I don't have a problem with packaging and reselling FOSS.Jan 05 01:05
schestowitz\Yes, that happensJan 05 01:05
tessier_I'm not concerned about the C vs OOP debate. I'm just concerned about using C which is prone to segfaults and buffer overflows in something like a PBX.Jan 05 01:05
schestowitzI lobbied for WordPress to move to GPLv3Jan 05 01:05
tessier_They have already had security and reliability problems because of it.Jan 05 01:05
schestowitzThen Alex King came up with the argument about Vivoizing it.Jan 05 01:05
tessier_Ericsson is on the right track in using Erlang in their systems.Jan 05 01:06
tessier_And C only for the low level device drivers and high performance stuff like compression codecs.Jan 05 01:06
schestowitztessier: there was a massive Asterisk issue a while agoJan 05 01:06
tessier_YepJan 05 01:06
schestowitzOld versions were affecfed.. call-jackingJan 05 01:06
tessier_And some day someone will figure out how to exploit it and use asterisk boxes to route their calls costing people tons of money.Jan 05 01:06
tessier_That's one thing I like about telephony. Security problems can cost people real money.Jan 05 01:07
schestowitzThat sort of happenedJan 05 01:07
schestowitzYesJan 05 01:07
schestowitzISPs alsoJan 05 01:07
tessier_It makes people finally pay attention to security.Jan 05 01:07
schestowitzAssuming limited bnandwidthJan 05 01:07
tessier_ISP's just pass the cost on to customers and do things like restrict servers and block port 25 etc.Jan 05 01:07
schestowitzBa account breaches alsoJan 05 01:07
tessier_They don't really put any pressure on the customers or MS to improve security.Jan 05 01:07
schestowitzIt's soaring and will get worse next year as cybercrime really takes off.Jan 05 01:07
tessier_Unfortunately banks just pass the costs on as well.Jan 05 01:07
schestowitzI wonder how many banks will ponder knowing down their on-line access  cause of itJan 05 01:08
tessier_Hopefully it will reach a point where someone decides to take action.Jan 05 01:08
schestowitzOr require access via live cdsJan 05 01:08
tessier_When I get an account with a bank I should be given a CD with a key on it.Jan 05 01:08
tessier_Live CD isn't a bad idea.Jan 05 01:08
tessier_It's probably one of the few ways to prevent malware from spying  your keyboard.Jan 05 01:08
tessier_Unfortunately it would make online banking unusable for most people.Jan 05 01:08
schestowitzThere are insuurance companies for cars that exclude certain peopleJan 05 01:08
schestowitzLike women-only insuranceJan 05 01:09
tessier_And the live CD would have to support all of the hardware/drivers/wireless/etc. So far impossible.Jan 05 01:09
tessier_Interesting.Jan 05 01:09
schestowitzSo how about non-Windows online banks? :-)Jan 05 01:09
schestowitzThe Live CD approach was taken seriously in Aussie.Jan 05 01:09
tessier_I think you would have a hard time finding enough customers.Jan 05 01:09
schestowitzThey also handed out Linux-powered Eees in CanadaJan 05 01:09
tessier_schestowitz: What do you know about domain registrars? Any particular ones you can recommend?Jan 05 01:09
tessier_I've been with godaddy for years and I am finally getting really sick of their horrible web interface. I bet they have other policies I don't like as well.Jan 05 01:10
schestowitzNot GoDaddyJan 05 01:10
schestowitzBad companyJan 05 01:10
schestowitzI registered mine through my hostJan 05 01:10
tessier_I'm considering gandi. I'm not sure if it is a problem that they are in France or not. Their support so far has been good. I am moving a couple of domains over there.Jan 05 01:10
schestowitzIt reminds me to renew, so that's off my mental burdensJan 05 01:10
tessier_Thinking about moving them all if I like what I see from these test domains.Jan 05 01:10
tessier_godaddy never fails to remind me to renew.Jan 05 01:10
tessier_But the constant upsells and hard to navigate interface is horrendous.Jan 05 01:11
schestowitzRegistration is cheapJan 05 01:11
schestowitzIf it ain't broken..Jan 05 01:11
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tessier_Who is your host?Jan 05 01:11
tessier_I kinda wish I could do all of my domain stuff via GPG through email.Jan 05 01:11
tessier_Used to be able to do that with internic.Jan 05 01:12
tessier_I don't know if anyone does that anymore.Jan 05 01:12
schestowitzCatalyst2Jan 05 01:12
schestowitzRenewals are 2 clicks away.Jan 05 01:12
schestowitzIt registers credit card details, then mails you a linkJan 05 01:13
schestowitz.Clicks are so few it makes you wonder if it's secure (cookie-based)Jan 05 01:13
*tessier_ wonders if there would be any interest in a GPG'd email only secured registrarJan 05 01:13
tessier_Or if such a thing exists yet.Jan 05 01:13
schestowitzNobody uses GPGJan 05 01:14
tessier_I doubt it would be worth it though. So many registrars are out there and hardly anyone cares about security.Jan 05 01:14
tessier_They should.Jan 05 01:14
tessier_I do.Jan 05 01:14
schestowitzI only use it with 3-5 people.Jan 05 01:14
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schestowitzPeople are negligentJan 05 01:14
tessier_So you use it too. And so do those 3-5 people.Jan 05 01:14
tessier_Not everyone. People like you and I generally aren't.Jan 05 01:14
schestowitzIt's too easy to pretextJan 05 01:14
tessier_So that's not nobodyJan 05 01:14
tessier_GPG is easy to pretext?Jan 05 01:15
schestowitzNo, opposite ratherJan 05 01:15
schestowitzE-mail is too vulnerable to pulling of infromation, sometimes p/wJan 05 01:15
tessier_But what about GPG signed email?Jan 05 01:15
tessier_I wish Thunderbird would ship the enigma program by default and nicely integrate it.Jan 05 01:16
tessier_It is very easy to use.Jan 05 01:16
schestowitzYes, I know, but..Jan 05 01:17
schestowitzDon't the users need to install a peripheral program to enable it?Jan 05 01:17
schestowitzI only use GNU/Linux, so I don't have the experience with GPG on other platformsJan 05 01:17
schestowitzI once met the developer of enigmail.Jan 05 01:18
tessier_This is why I said Thunderbird should come with enigma by default.Jan 05 01:18
tessier_Social networking is very popular with everyone wanting to make links etc.Jan 05 01:18
tessier_Seems like if you put the right spin on it people would enjoy having making links with people by having their GPG keys signed which would happen automatically if  you tell it that so-and-so is your friend.Jan 05 01:19
schestowitzSpinwatch: "Tech Jobs May Increase Despite Economic Trends [...] While 853,000 U.S. jobs in all industries were lost in October and November, 9,000 were gained in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics categories of "Computer Systems Design and Related Services" and "Management and Technical Consulting Services," said Foote." 05 01:19
tessier_Purists will say that people will be friends and accept signatures with anyone and this is true. But finally we have a way to hold people accountable for their errors because we will be able to see exactly who "friended" (signed) who so we know who is the douchebag.Jan 05 01:19
schestowitztessier: yes, it should, BUTJan 05 01:19
schestowitzRemember what audience TB targetsJan 05 01:20
schestowitzIt needs to stay lean and simple by default; same with FFJan 05 01:20
tessier_Ultimately TB targets everyone.Jan 05 01:20
schestowitzYes, but it needs to stay simpleJan 05 01:20
schestowitzInstallation is a drag and drop thing.Jan 05 01:20
tessier_They are both far from that. Adding something important like GPG support won't make much difference.Jan 05 01:20
schestowitzOr menu exerciseJan 05 01:20
tessier_And it would remain a drag and drop thing.Jan 05 01:20
schestowitzHow many people use TB anyway?Jan 05 01:21
tessier_I don't know. A huge portion of Linux users.Jan 05 01:21
schestowitzI know it's a lot more than realised (100 million, IIRC?), but it's not enouh for universalityJan 05 01:21
tessier_You don't need universality.Jan 05 01:21
schestowitzMS won't support it; it's too open and decentralisedJan 05 01:21
schestowitzKmail comes with GPGJan 05 01:22
tessier_Just enable signing by default and make it generate a key when installed. Voila.Jan 05 01:22
schestowitzIn fact, KDE has it on by default (3.x)Jan 05 01:22
tessier_The user need know nothing more about it unless they want to.Jan 05 01:22
schestowitzOn Windows machines, GPG would lose validityJan 05 01:22
tessier_MS has been sending HTML and vcards and all kinds of nonsense by default and nobody seems to care. So if these little GPG attachments start to show up nobody will care unless it activates functionality in their email program.Jan 05 01:22
tessier_Lose validity? How so?Jan 05 01:23
schestowitzWith 40% of them being zombies, sooner or later you have cracker party on PGP serversJan 05 01:23
tessier_If something bad happens as a result of a bad signature you will be able to find out who is the zombie and do something about it.Jan 05 01:23
tessier_That currently isn't the case.Jan 05 01:23
*schestowitz thinks he should start pgp-signing his comments in blogsJan 05 01:23
tessier_More than ever we need PKI.Jan 05 01:23
schestowitzProblem is.. nobody (almost) knows how to check this or has the tools to do thisJan 05 01:24
tessier_Social networking sites have these huge web of trust systems but without any PKI. It's a huge waste.Jan 05 01:24
tessier_It should be automatic in your software as it already is with Thunderbird/Enigmail.Jan 05 01:24
schestowitzSo other than being able to tell the court, "look, I didn't write this because..", well... I don't know how useful that 'cruft' would be.Jan 05 01:25
tessier_MS is great at making things easy enough for the average dope to use.Jan 05 01:25
tessier_It wouldn't be all that useful in court.Jan 05 01:25
schestowitzDoubtfulJan 05 01:25
schestowitzPress Start to shut down?Jan 05 01:25
tessier_Non-repudiation isn't really possible.Jan 05 01:25
tessier_I have never met anyone who didn't know how to shut down their machine.Jan 05 01:25
tessier_We like to make fun of "press start" but it works.Jan 05 01:25
schestowitztessier: they might fumbleJan 05 01:25
tessier_fumble?Jan 05 01:26
schestowitzRemember that Microsoft provides state-funded Winfdows /training/Jan 05 01:26
schestowitzThey call it "computer skills"Jan 05 01:26
tessier_Not sure what that has to do with the issue at hand.Jan 05 01:27
schestowitzWindows/MS being easyJan 05 01:27
schestowitzApple is better known for it... even Ubuntu in the *nix worldJan 05 01:27
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tessier_I think they are all pretty easy as lots of people manage to learn to use the systems.Jan 05 01:33
tessier_Most people are still far from professionals who can run their systems reliably but they have come a long way.Jan 05 01:33
tessier_But I think Amiga or Be or anyone interested in making systems for end users could have accomplished similar results. It isn't a special Apple or Microsoft thing. But they have made computers easy to use.Jan 05 01:34
schestowitzMicrosoft harps about R&DJan 05 01:35
schestowitzIt makes it sound goodJan 05 01:35
schestowitz"We spent $6 on Vista blah blah.."Jan 05 01:35
schestowitz*billiobJan 05 01:35
schestowitzHeh. The **cost** of DRM... like the Auckland paper saysJan 05 01:36
tessier_They do quite a bit of R&D.Jan 05 01:36
tessier_Unfortunately most of it is on crappy proprietary lock-in technologies like Vista and DRM.Jan 05 01:36
tessier_But some of it is stuff like Haskell (which benefits F#) and Singularity (which is still proprietary lock-in crap but better than Vista technology-wise)Jan 05 01:37
schestowitzI'm too tired (2AM). Catch you tomorrJan 05 01:47
schestowitzowJan 05 01:47
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tessier_'nightJan 05 01:50
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Omar87 05 06:32
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schestowitzThanks, Omar87. Let's stick to technology for now.Jan 05 08:38
schestowitzOmar87: these are very important issues, don't get more wrong. There are bigger affairs at play.Jan 05 08:52
schestowitzIt's more than just this region. They come together and decide how to move things the way /they/ want (like the deceitful thing that's called "globalisation", which is a deceiving term). The aspiration is still to use aggression and lies to increase just power and wealth and this leads to arms races that jeopardise human kind. But let's stick to technology here.Jan 05 08:52
MinceRgeekingsJan 05 08:52
schestowitz"Sales of music albums fell in 2008 as more fans went online to buy single copies of their favorite songs." < >Jan 05 08:57
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tessierschestowitz: Yet most of them still paid 99 cents per song which is pretty much the same per-song price as a CD despite the vastly lower production and distribution costs.Jan 05 09:23
schestowitzThey at least don't play for "fill"Jan 05 09:25
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tessierIndeedJan 05 09:28
schestowitz*payJan 05 09:32
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schestowitzYuck: 05 10:55
schestowitzOn the other hand: 05 10:55
schestowitzHe's a nice guy.. good speakerJan 05 10:56
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Omar871schestowitz: Speaking of music, don't forget that a wide range of people also prefer to get their music from mininova and isohunt (via torrents), which what MAFIAA calls "piracy".Jan 05 13:05
Omar871Hello all.Jan 05 13:05
schestowitzYes, but that too is a risk to them; not just 'theft' of their own work but also competition which cannot be 'stolen' (copyrights inexistent)Jan 05 13:06
Omar871By the way, I'm one of those people.Jan 05 13:09
Omar871I stopped buying my music a long time ago.Jan 05 13:09
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-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, I've added a new module to our services installation, that may be of interest to those of you with enforce enabled. It may also cause some adverse interactions with auto-identify scripts, however. Please see for more information. Thank you for using freenode and have a great day!Jan 05 13:46
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, terribly sorry to bother you *again* but regardless of how much hairdye I go through, I can't get away from being blonde. Needless to say, my previous global resulted in inadvertedly ddosing the machine hosting the blog and website. Please try again later and for now, call me Homer and watch me Doh!Jan 05 13:55
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isforinsectsthe OLPC MS document was interestingJan 05 16:01
schestowitzI hope to find more.Jan 05 16:07
schestowitzIt needs to be aligned against press coverage from that timeJan 05 16:07
schestowitzNick N. was talking about BillG receiving a memory card at some stage (maybe 2006), but I can't recall when precisely.Jan 05 16:07
*mib_7ujat6 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 16:10
ushimitsudokiI posted it in a comment on olpcnews and the editor contacted meJan 05 16:11
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 16:11
ushimitsudokithere will be a couple of stories on it there soonJan 05 16:11
schestowitzReally?Jan 05 16:12
schestowitzI tried to find his details.Jan 05 16:12
schestowitzI could find contact details.Jan 05 16:12
schestowitzBut I wanted to give him a headsupJan 05 16:12
ushimitsudokiyeah he wrote one and i submitted one that might be used as wellJan 05 16:12
schestowitzWhat's the URL?Jan 05 16:12
ushimitsudoki<crosses fingers>Jan 05 16:12
schestowitzThere was a smear about the poor guyJan 05 16:12
ushimitsudoki 05 16:13
schestowitzSlashdot tried connecting him with IntelJan 05 16:13
schestowitzI took the bait and after Mary Lou Jespen (spelling?) jumped in, people realised it was false.Jan 05 16:13
ushimitsudokiI don't know - his site reads like pretty straight coverage of the projectJan 05 16:14
schestowitzHe hasn't posted about it yet.Jan 05 16:14
ushimitsudokino not yetJan 05 16:14
schestowitzHe used to do lots of negative coverageJan 05 16:14
schestowitzSo PJ, for example, reckoned it was an anti-OLPC siteJan 05 16:14
schestowitzThat was before the Rob Malda smear (well, it was attributed for him... for linking to vnunet, IIRC).Jan 05 16:14
ushimitsudokioh? I confess I don't really follow the OLPC goings-on, but it's not over-the-top obvious bias at leastJan 05 16:15
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schestowitzI didn't follow the site closely enough to know.Jan 05 16:16
schestowitzHe linked to boycottnovell in the pastJan 05 16:16
ushimitsudokiwell then that's all it takes :)Jan 05 16:16
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schestowitzI'd need to look at your quotes again in the future. I found some 'new' material in USENET tooJan 05 16:18
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ushimitsudokicool - i'm still adding them, 1-3 a day i tryJan 05 16:19
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schestowitzThis guy gets it wrong: "While wondering about Microsoft, Intel and the Vista debacle, it might also be worth keeping in mind that, intentionally or not, Intel was made to look like "the bad guy" in the Vista Home / Vista Capable / Vista Certified mess.",10...Jan 05 16:22
trmancohad some problems :| everything back to normal nowJan 05 16:22
schestowitzIntel *IS* the bad guy, not just Microsoft. They wanted to sell their junk PCs for revenue and they asked Microsoft to do this. Jan 05 16:22
schestowitztrmanco: stormy weather or stormy Ubuntu?Jan 05 16:23
schestowitz[or Stormy Peters :-) ]Jan 05 16:23
schestowitzNew: 05 16:24
ushimitsudokiIntel at one point was pretty independent of Microsoft ... it would be nice if they could move back in that directionJan 05 16:25
schestowitzThey do ryJan 05 16:27
schestowitztryJan 05 16:27
schestowitzWatch the article above, which is about their hiring of Cox. They also put efforts into Linux MIDs and free drivers. I don't think it outweighs their many crimes though. They use Linux as "Cheap software" to sell lots of hardware, probably in their usual illegal ways that include bribery, extortion, kickbacks and so on and so forthJan 05 16:28
trmancoschestowitz, stormy psybncJan 05 16:30
trmancothe weather here is niceJan 05 16:30
schestowitzWhat do you make of this? ( CES-Freescale chip targets sub-$200 netbook market ). I caught 4 articles about this.Jan 05 16:34
schestowitz The Mac thing is "BS". It's yet another Linux-only MID/UMPC/sub-notebookJan 05 16:36
ushimitsudokiBlackstone owns Freescale and has ties with MS - to what degree those ties are i am not sureJan 05 16:36
schestowitzMicrosoft's Zune is what arch?Jan 05 16:37
ushimitsudokifreescaleJan 05 16:37
schestowitz 05 16:37
schestowitz (Blackstone hires former Microsoft India chief)Jan 05 16:37
schestowitzI think I brought up this article in IRC... last month.Jan 05 16:38
schestowitzI keep track of where the Microsoft people land to cause harm.Jan 05 16:38
ushimitsudokiare you sure blackstone technology group is the same as blackstone group, L.P. (which owns freescale)?Jan 05 16:39
trmanco 05 16:41
schestowitzushimitsudoki: I don't know. I haven't checked. My recollections about Zune were correct, but it's an incarnation of a Toshiba WinCE deviceJan 05 16:43
ushimitsudokiYeah, me neither - just raising a flag that it's conceivable they are two different companiesJan 05 16:44
schestowitzWTF? I missed this one: "CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket, a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot, law-enforcement sources said." 05 17:05
ushimitsudokidamn that's a pretty good night out right thereJan 05 17:05
schestowitzI've always disliked him, but this is just the slam dunk.Jan 05 17:06
schestowitzSee the first comment:  Microsoft made $1.5 billion from Vista incapable PCs < >Jan 05 17:16
*mib_8uhwui (i=5496ea0f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 17:18
schestowitzOpen Source Solutions - 2 Years In Review < > BUT... only if you use Windows.Jan 05 17:26
schestowitzOpen source audiocast... only for Windows Media Player.Jan 05 17:26
schestowitzEd Hurst is like a softer Beranger when it comes to FOSS and it's still the same: 05 17:27
schestowitzFrom the news : Pinoy open source firm, MS ink unholy alliance ---> The requested URL /INFO20090105144878.html was not found on this server.Jan 05 17:29
schestowitzApache/2.0.54 (Fedora) Server at Port 80Jan 05 17:29
schestowitzAs usual, it's the guy who visited Redmond that writes about it (they changed URLs): 05 17:30
ushimitsudokialright i just got email my olpc story should go up in about an hour ... i'll be in bed by then, but check it out! hooray for my first piece of writing on request! :)Jan 05 17:31
schestowitzDamarillo is there tooJan 05 17:32
schestowitzThey have FOSS people sell out. What a shameful displayJan 05 17:32
schestowitzCongrats, ushimitsudoki Jan 05 17:32
ushimitsudokischestowitz: Thanks! I'm calling it a night ... latersJan 05 17:32
schestowitzYou can also contribute to BN, to be posted with attributionJan 05 17:32
schestowitzOK, good nightJan 05 17:33
schestowitzOpenID lost its big bang, spent December embroiled in internal squabbles < >Jan 05 17:36
*mib_5igyon (i=44e62112@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 18:00
*PetoKraus has quit ("Leaving")Jan 05 18:00
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 18:02
*mib_dgkpsl (i=44e62112@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 18:03
*mib_5igyon has quit (Client Quit)Jan 05 18:03
*mib_dgkpsl has quit (Client Quit)Jan 05 18:03
schestowitz "Overall, I have not been completely impressed with Ubuntu Server so I think I will begin replacing it on all my sites." [with Centos]Jan 05 18:25
schestowitzOn the other hand: Another perfect Intrepid install < >Jan 05 18:27
*captain_1agnus ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 18:31
schestowitzA lot of new Linux devices are being announced today..Jan 05 18:36
*captain_magnus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 05 18:43
schestowitz"Palm is poised to make what some analysts are calling its last stand at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, where it is expected to introduce its long-awaited Linux-based operating system." 05 19:25
MinceRonly the OS, no devices?Jan 05 19:27
tessier_What a shame.Jan 05 19:43
tessier_I've been a Palm fan since the very beginning, around 1995.Jan 05 19:43
tessier_I run a palm mailing list and have since 1995.Jan 05 19:43
tessier_But it is pretty much dead these days, just like the company.Jan 05 19:43
schestowitzThey had layoffs 1-2 months ago. I was very active in supporting them back in the daysJan 05 19:45
MinceRperhaps Nova will bring them to life againJan 05 19:45
schestowitzThey were injected $100 million some weeks ago.Jan 05 19:45
twittergood morning, 2pm here.Jan 05 20:08
twitterI'm still a Palm fan and still think my Handspring Visor is a practical device.Jan 05 20:09
twitterThere's nothing like not needing to change batteries for 4 months.Jan 05 20:09
MinceRthere's nothing like not being able to multitask and the pda killing itself after 13 months of use :>Jan 05 20:10
MinceR(yet i'm desperate enough to seriously consider their nova-based devices in the future)Jan 05 20:11
twitter13 month life?Jan 05 20:11
MinceRmy palm tungsten e2 died after 13 monthsJan 05 20:11
MinceRit had 12 months of warrantyJan 05 20:11
MinceRthen it wouldn't boot and all it did was flash a bar above the palm logoJan 05 20:12
MinceRs/and/at/Jan 05 20:12
twitterMy handspring lasted for seven years.  It died when I dropped it onto concrete and broke the screen.  I replaced the screen from a spare that cost about $5 on ebay.Jan 05 20:12
MinceRthen again, i don't like windows mobile eitherJan 05 20:12
MinceRit fails at basic PIM tasksJan 05 20:12
MinceRalarms randomly break on rebooting and it's completely unaware of DST and time zones.Jan 05 20:13
MinceRalso, the today screen breaks randomly and the only way to work around that is rebootingJan 05 20:13
twitterOpie Works OK with my old ZaurusJan 05 20:15
twitterOn a newer device, I'd try Angstrum.Jan 05 20:16
MinceRon my palm, with the linux image i've tried, opie couldn't get past touchscreen calibration and gpe wouldn't boot at allJan 05 20:16
MinceRon my qtek 9100, linux supports ends at loading the kernel via haretJan 05 20:16
twitterUgh, sorry.Jan 05 20:18
schestowitzMine's been fine since 2004. The older one lasted 2.5 years.Jan 05 20:19
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 20:20
MinceRwhat models do you have?Jan 05 20:32
twitterI carried my handspring all around a nuclear power plant when I first got it.  It was good for walkdowns - reminded me of what I needed to look at and kept me from having to type things into logs.  I stored more than a year of data and all my contacts in it's tiny 2MB memory.Jan 05 20:32
twitterIt was the first Handspring model.Jan 05 20:33
twitterI have the Zaurus 550.Jan 05 20:33
schestowitzmib_8uhwui: M130 and TTJan 05 20:40
schestowitzOops, that was @ MinceR Jan 05 20:40
MinceRicJan 05 20:40
tessier_twitter: You work at a nuclear power plant?Jan 05 20:40
*captain_1agnus is now known as captain_magnusJan 05 20:41
twitterI used to.Jan 05 20:41
MinceRthose are more high-end models than e2, aren't they?Jan 05 20:41
MinceRat least at their timeJan 05 20:41
*kentma1 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 20:44
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 05 20:45
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 20:59
schestowitzHi, Tallken Jan 05 21:00
Tallkenhi schestowitzJan 05 21:01
schestowitzI just posted another set  of links and I use a new format:  If it's bad, holler.Jan 05 21:01
Tallkenwon't read now, but will later :)Jan 05 21:02
schestowitzThey're dropping like flies: "UIQ 'files for bankruptcy' in Sweden" < >Jan 05 21:10
schestowitzObama may militarise NASA to save money < >Jan 05 21:11
twitterAP and NYT have a new model to rejuvenate themselves. 05 21:12
Tallkensave money?Jan 05 21:12
*schestowitz looksJan 05 21:13
twitterYeah, who needs civilian space exploration?  Let's just pool all the decision making at the world's largest and most efficient office space - the pentagon.  That will surely save money.Jan 05 21:13
schestowitzSpeaking of media companies, Britland is feelin' the pinch too: ITV to write down Friends Reunited value, says report < >Jan 05 21:14
schestowitz"ITV, whose online revenue slowed in the first nine months of 2008 with income rising six per cent to €£25m, will announce its full year results on 4 March. It declined to comment on the write down."Jan 05 21:14
twitterNASA only took 0.000tiny % of the federal budget anyway, so no one will really miss it if it goes away, right?Jan 05 21:15
TallkenlolJan 05 21:15
schestowitzNYT: "don't read us! We'll shove cr*p at cha"Jan 05 21:15
Tallkenit'd be a shame if manned operations on space couldn't be possible until 2015Jan 05 21:15
twitterRMS pegged Obama right as a 1970's republican.Jan 05 21:15
Tallkentwitter, ?Jan 05 21:15
schestowitzIt's like the US going /into/ Iraq to 'stop' resentment, despite contrary reports from the CIAJan 05 21:15
twitter?Jan 05 21:16
schestowitz'Solving' an issue by excalating itJan 05 21:16
schestowitzHey! We don't make enough money because of pages suck with obtrusive ads. Solution. Let's add ad value.Jan 05 21:16
schestowitzI /hate/ those sites that make doorway pages to articlesJan 05 21:17
Tallken<twitter> RMS pegged Obama right as a 1970's republican.Jan 05 21:17
Tallken?Jan 05 21:17
schestowitzThat's why I read several articles in parallel sometimes.Jan 05 21:17
schestowitzTallken: let me find it...Jan 05 21:17
schestowitzSomeone writes: "This is very interesting, I wonder is there more stuff in comes that hasn't come out yet. Maybe this is why James Plamondon wants us people dig it up for him."Jan 05 21:19
schestowitzSomeone will be contacting the lawyer ('Susan') in the Comes case and ask her for access to the records, for research purposesJan 05 21:19
schestowitzI tried Conlin about a year ago, but no reply.Jan 05 21:19
twitterRMS on Obama, not friendly at all.   just search for obama.  The 1970's republican tag shows up here: October 2008 (Republicans endorse Obama)Jan 05 21:20
twitter" October 2008 (Republicans endorse Obama)"Jan 05 21:20
schestowitzBloggers now link directly to James' writings.Jan 05 21:20
schestowitzI see people using the "you're a shill argument" or "You're a TE" while linking it it.Jan 05 21:20
schestowitzThe press totally ignores James' bean-spilling  and even my editor in 'the press', whom I contacted about this, prefers not to cover it. This post is part of a series that sheds light on something which, if exposed, will seriously stifle its ability to carry on. It's like pointing a flashlight at a bug.Jan 05 21:21
schestowitztwitter: hehe. Powell endorsed Obama too. It figures. He has Biden in da haus.Jan 05 21:21
twitterIt is still too early to tell how things will go for Obama's administration.Jan 05 21:23
twitterIt's good that people like RMS point out the bad signs.  Obama should know that people who care are watching.Jan 05 21:24
schestowitzYes, he uses the same Cabinet as ClintonJan 05 21:24
schestowitzNot only RMS talks about this.Jan 05 21:25
twitterI hope everyone talks about freedom.Jan 05 21:26
*mib_8uhwui has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 05 21:30
twitterWow, nice link to Slated - calling BillG's IP law / medicine blackmail to account.  Medicines and vaccines would be a lot cheaper if it were not for crazy US patents.  Even though the treaties allow for breaking patents to make medicine, few countries do.Jan 05 21:30
TallkenI'm honestly surprised to see RMS pointing all those things... Never got to that page until now, didn't of its existanceJan 05 21:31
Tallken*didn't knowJan 05 21:31
schestowitzMicrosoft Terminating employee's to save on severance and press release "layoff": 05 21:32
twitterRMS covers a lot of issues.  It's a first rate news service.Jan 05 21:32
TallkenlolJan 05 21:32
schestowitzSelective thoughJan 05 21:33
schestowitzHe doesn't review many areasJan 05 21:33
schestowitzBut the top big issues are not TERROR~1.Jan 05 21:33
schestowitzIt's GLOBAL~1 Jan 05 21:33
schestowitzAnd c:\>nuclear~`Jan 05 21:34
schestowitzIBM Employees Buzzing About Layoff Rumors < > Jan 05 21:37
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 21:38
schestowitzCrime pays: Expert: Microsoft Earned $1.5B From Vista Capable Program > 05 21:39
twitterOnly $4.5B left to break even!Jan 05 21:47
twitterThis is how $60B in cash goes to $0B.Jan 05 21:47
*kentma2 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 21:47
schestowitz4.5? Source?Jan 05 21:48
*kentma1 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 05 21:48
twitterI'm mocking the reputed $6B price tag of Vista.Jan 05 21:48
schestowitzThis does not include the colossal loss of some MS execs, Gates included.Jan 05 21:48
schestowitzI though 4.5 was their bank balance ATMJan 05 21:49
twitterreally?! got a link?Jan 05 21:49
schestowitzThey announe no new products these days. Just vapourware successors like Vista.1 (Windows 6.1)Jan 05 21:49
twitterand layoffs...Jan 05 21:51
schestowitzNOVL is down 4% today: 05 21:51
twitterM$FT managed to climb back over $20 over the last week.  That can't last long.Jan 05 21:52
schestowitz Will the netbook cannibalize the traditional PC market?  [Well, it already *DOES*. Ask the Vole.]Jan 05 21:53
schestowitzThe whole market was up after New Year'sJan 05 21:53
*DarkUranium ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 21:59
schestowitzAhhh... 05 22:03
schestowitzThe ironyJan 05 22:03
MinceRlolJan 05 22:03
*DarkUranium has quit (Client Quit)Jan 05 22:03
schestowitzChrome browser... and they got suckered into a deal of putting Live Search by default in it. Shades of Linspire (the /late/ Linspire)Jan 05 22:03
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 05 22:03
schestowitzJuvenile comments thread (latest): 05 22:05
schestowitzAnonymous said...Jan 05 22:06
schestowitz    Dude, you're killing us.Jan 05 22:06
schestowitz    December 15, 2008 6:03 AM Jan 05 22:06
schestowitzAnonymous said...Jan 05 22:06
schestowitz    pretty please w/ sugar?Jan 05 22:06
schestowitz    December 15, 2008 11:00 AM Jan 05 22:06
schestowitzAnonymous said...Jan 05 22:06
schestowitz    Download please!!Jan 05 22:06
schestowitz    December 15, 2008 12:47 PMJan 05 22:06
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 05 22:07
schestowitzGood headline: Book Tells How Sony Got Duped by Microsoft < >Jan 05 22:09
*tessier_ is now known as allJan 05 22:10
*all is now known as tessier_Jan 05 22:10
schestowitzWe've just made the front page of Linux Today.Jan 05 22:13
schestowitzosweekly seems to be dead (for two days in a row now). Inactive for a long time, but not even reachable now.Jan 05 22:15
*kentma2 has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))Jan 05 22:15
schestowitz Kernel Developers Tracking Down New Year's Eve Leap Second Issue  < >Jan 05 22:24
trmancoit was only on old kernelsJan 05 22:28
schestowitzSJVN: Zune misery mystery solved < >Jan 05 22:30
schestowitzLinux Today links to this thing that looks more like an advert than an article: 05 22:30
schestowitzThe thing is, both Linux Today and this site are from the same network (owner). Sheesh.Jan 05 22:31
Tallkenlol @ leap secondJan 05 22:31
Tallkendidn't know about it, the crashes I meanJan 05 22:31
trmancomy shell server didn't go off lineJan 05 22:31
Tallkenonly around 30 ppl were affectedJan 05 22:32
trmancotoo bad I turned off my comp at 11:45 :|Jan 05 22:33
trmanco*PMJan 05 22:33
schestowitzIt's all the fault of the Large Hadron Collider!!111Jan 05 22:33
schestowitzNo X Server 1.6 Release In Sight < > :-)Jan 05 22:35
schestowitzOops. That was supposed to be a frown. I didn't emot-readJan 05 22:35
trmancololJan 05 22:37
schestowitzPhoronix is self-referencing a lot because it has many articles for each event.  Be aware that BN is self-referential for older facts (with externals in each item) because it's faster to refer by [cref POST_NUMBER].  Had I needed to fetch all the direct references for older things, it would take a very long time for many references that I include.Jan 05 22:37
schestowitzI have a nice plugin for BN cross-referencing. Jan 05 22:37
schestowitzNovell's baby leaves the nest: "Kristian Lyngstol, a Compiz developer, says while the "current situation is rather dark," it is "not without hope." He doesn't sugarcoat the situation, and proposes what's next for project survival. Maybe not exciting, but his statements are precisely why Compiz still has a fighting chance."Jan 05 22:44
schestowitzFrom < >Jan 05 22:44
schestowitzFake news/PR: 05 22:51
MinceRgnJan 05 23:14
schestowitzAt this pace, you'd be in for bedtime at 8 o'clock by the end of the week.Jan 05 23:16
schestowitzThis looks like an MS advert/plant: 05 23:17
MinceRthat would mean i'd actually get enough sleepJan 05 23:18
MinceR:>Jan 05 23:18
schestowitzGlyn started twitting :-S 05 23:24
schestowitzSteve Jobs Addresses Health Concerns in Open Letter < >Jan 05 23:26
schestowitzBoffin brings 'write once, run anywhere' to Cisco hijacks < >Jan 05 23:31
Tallkencya later!Jan 05 23:32
*Tallken has quit (Client Quit)Jan 05 23:34
schestowitzGear Linux advocacy from politicians:  Police 'encouraged' to hack more < >Jan 05 23:40
schestowitzThey misspell "crack"Jan 05 23:40
schestowitz"Goldman Sachs believes the Redmond company is likely to reduce its headcount." 05 23:46
schestowitzMJF says "Microsoft haters": "Despite lots of wishful thinking by Microsoft haters, Microsoft won’t be destroyed in a day." 05 23:48
schestowitzThat's like calling Microsoft "Freedom haters". The hypocrisy knows no bounds.Jan 05 23:48

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