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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 13th, 2009 - Part 1


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schestowitzBN spews dome errors nowJan 13 00:06
schestowitzBN is downJan 13 00:13
schestowitzSoooooo slow........... it's doing like 5,000 pages/hour, I think (can't check Coral). It's turtle speed now... one single Red Hat server.Jan 13 00:16
schestowitzIDG is citing/quoting the 'analyst' that said Android and Symbian would join (of course they didn't!): 13 00:24
schestowitzStill hardly there...Jan 13 01:10
schestowitz└─(01:09 $)─> ping boycottnovell.comJan 13 01:10
schestowitzPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.Jan 13 01:10
schestowitz64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=22 ttl=47 time=104 msJan 13 01:10
schestowitz64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=23 ttl=47 time=104 msJan 13 01:10
schestowitz64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=24 ttl=47 time=104 msJan 13 01:10
schestowitzChina acts to curb antibiotics abuse < >Jan 13 01:11
schestowitzFrom Yahoo! to Google: Delicious Founder Joshua Schachter Joins Google 13 01:12
tessier_BN was just cited on my LUG mailing list. 13 01:46
tessier_First time I've seen anyone from my LUG paying attention to BNJan 13 01:46
schestowitzCool, thanks!Jan 13 01:46
schestowitzWe lost many visitsJan 13 01:46
schestowitzI put it on Coral, but it was too much.Jan 13 01:47
schestowitzBut I did the best I could, so no regrets are necessaryJan 13 01:47
tessier_Lost many visits? How?Jan 13 01:50
schestowitzNo response to their pingsJan 13 01:53
schestowitzWe were up and down, unresponsive much of the timeJan 13 01:53
schestowitzIt's beginning to stablise now, I think.Jan 13 01:53
schestowitzThe issue is that lots of cross-references lead to lots of MySQL queries per visit. There's also room for optimising the page by removing some stuff like related posts (very CPU/RAM-intensive)Jan 13 01:54
neighborleeschestowitz, stunning, windows 7 offers ODF as a 'other format' when saving, imagine that ;)Jan 13 01:55
schestowitzThey do it in order not to loseJan 13 01:55
neighborleeyupJan 13 01:55
neighborleejust nice to see ODF getting its dueJan 13 01:55
schestowitzYes, it won.Jan 13 01:55
neighborlee:))Jan 13 01:55
schestowitzBut Microsoft's crime won't be forgottenJan 13 01:55
neighborleeexactly.Jan 13 01:55
schestowitzIt fought against ODf like fireJan 13 01:55
schestowitzIt even had people firedJan 13 01:55
schestowitzLike Peter QuinnJan 13 01:56
neighborleenice article on gap vs linux..very enlightening, though not to those of us that get whats going on from the start of courseJan 13 01:56
schestowitzI have about 40 more on  the pipelineJan 13 01:57
neighborlee:)Jan 13 01:57
schestowitzI'd have to drop other activities.Jan 13 01:57
schestowitzThere are actually thousands potentially... like 3000Jan 13 01:57
schestowitzI've got time...Jan 13 01:57
neighborleewoahJan 13 01:57
schestowitzDoug posts a lot in USENET these days and it drives the Munchkins bananas. They thought it had been buried.Jan 13 01:58
neighborleeim disgusted burris may indeed take his seat..Jan 13 01:58
neighborleeand that  race card was used its just as disgusting.Jan 13 01:58
neighborleeschestowitz, not sure if I missed something or...but the pdf  gap vs. linux has no attachments ?Jan 13 02:20
schestowitzLet me see..Jan 13 02:21
schestowitzWhat do you mean by attacments?Jan 13 02:22
schestowitz*hJan 13 02:22
schestowitzIt has the PDF linked to it, just tested it... and it's A OK :-)Jan 13 02:22
neighborleewell I downloaded pdf thinking that was all I neededJan 13 02:25
neighborleeis there moreJan 13 02:25
neighborleepdf is tiny content wizeJan 13 02:25
neighborleeall it says , is here you go, see attachments, dont give this out to anyone ;)Jan 13 02:26
schestowitzScroll downJan 13 02:28
schestowitzThere are 30 pages!Jan 13 02:29
neighborleeah crapJan 13 02:29
neighborleeic that now LOLJan 13 02:29
neighborleewell it looked like it was just a short memo, 'with attachments' ;)Jan 13 02:29
neighborleesigh,,a very odd way to write something ;)Jan 13 02:29
neighborleeanyway a very good thing to    get out there, and with this info I cant imagine anyone anymore wondering if we should trust things from Microsoft especially with patents attached LOL ;)Jan 13 02:30
neighborleebush last press conference..what a major DISASTER o_0Jan 13 02:31
neighborleetalk about denialJan 13 02:32
schestowitzBush?Jan 13 02:32
neighborleeyuppersJan 13 02:32
schestowitzI didn't watch it.Jan 13 02:32
neighborleeyou missed nothing.Jan 13 02:32
schestowitzAny dying turkeys in the bg?Jan 13 02:32
neighborleeexcept a headache re: this guy was our president ?? ;))Jan 13 02:32
neighborleeLOLJan 13 02:32
neighborleenope,,,,dying humans, as they fent off disgust over him being our 'president'..Jan 13 02:33
neighborleeEEK gad <Jan 13 02:33
schestowitzPresidents are there for a jobJan 13 02:36
schestowitzIt's not to serve the publicJan 13 02:37
neighborleewell he certainly never got that :)Jan 13 02:37
neighborleehe actually thought the presidency was just for show apparantly <wink>Jan 13 02:37
neighborleeno regard for anything but his own bloated ego.,,the phrase of his legacy surely is: :)Jan 13 02:39
schestowitzHe's not the firstJan 13 02:42
schestowitzIn fact, I think they all are.Jan 13 02:42
schestowitzThey serve those who pay their bills (not the taxpayers)Jan 13 02:43
neighborleemy friend would find that mana from heaven in that he'd see it as more evidence of the whole conspriacy theory on the illuminati and free masonry threat ;)Jan 13 02:45
neighborleeI did however see a very strange public tv talk show  where they mentioned this book called , dr marys monkey I think it was..very provocative stuff !Jan 13 02:46
neighborleeschestowitz, we can hope obama is different in that regard.Jan 13 02:47
neighborleethough atm, that hugely depends who you ask :)Jan 13 02:47
schestowitzDifferent yes..Jan 13 02:47
schestowitzIn some ways... but the system will eat him aliveJan 13 02:47
neighborleemight yupJan 13 02:48
schestowitzIt's not like one person can change the government. He's just a public faceJan 13 02:48
schestowitzPeople move him like a puppet on strings.Jan 13 02:48
neighborleeI think so far , on some small'ish level it already has, with the burris incident'Jan 13 02:48
*anivar (n=anivar@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 13 02:48
schestowitzSame in many other cases where you have familiar faces.Jan 13 02:48
schestowitzHey, anivar Jan 13 02:48
schestowitzWhat's the burris incident? I missed it.Jan 13 02:49
neighborleewell bush certainly got his way, with the iraq war though there were very bright people telling him you should n ot be doing this,,,Jan 13 02:49
neighborleeso I dont know about the whole puppet thing ;)Jan 13 02:49
neighborleewellJan 13 02:49
neighborleeone secJan 13 02:49
schestowitzMoney drives warsJan 13 02:50
schestowitzLogic sometimes drives peace, but never mind.Jan 13 02:50
neighborlee 13 02:50
*schestowitz looksJan 13 02:51
neighborleeI find this whole thing a huge mess with obamaJan 13 02:51
neighborleeobama did not want burris seated, now here he is looking as if he's going to be seated , along with congress seeming to take a pie in the face about it...stupid mess.Jan 13 02:52
neighborleewhat is really sad, is a friend of his got up to talk to press a week or so ago, after burris annouced himself and what was going on,- and said that this burris refusal smacks of racism...I find this whole thing a sad mess and glad I dont live in chicago.Jan 13 02:54
schestowitzLet me seeJan 13 02:54
neighborleeyeah sorry..take a read see what you thinkJan 13 02:55
schestowitzI'm reading it too fastJan 13 02:55
schestowitzAnyway, I trust you that it stinksJan 13 02:55
neighborleewellJan 13 02:55
schestowitzThis was predictale and I write about s/w's involvementJan 13 02:56
neighborlees/w ?Jan 13 02:56
schestowitzSame with the copyrights cartel that Obama already entertains.Jan 13 02:56
schestowitzsofwtareJan 13 02:56
neighborleeah yesJan 13 02:56
schestowitzSee Obama @ BN (search the site)Jan 13 02:56
neighborleeah okJan 13 02:56
schestowitzLots of connections to MSJan 13 02:56
neighborleeoh greatJan 13 02:57
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 13 02:58
schestowitzBoth parties..Jan 13 02:58
neighborleemaybe his change mantra willl include foss which willl help free many people :)Jan 13 02:58
schestowitzThey (MS) put money in all basketsJan 13 02:59
neighborleethis surprises me not ;)Jan 13 02:59
schestowitzButter the two sides of the toast and so on and so forth.Jan 13 02:59
neighborleeyupJan 13 02:59
schestowitzLots of companies do thisJan 13 02:59
schestowitzOil companies tooJan 13 02:59
schestowitzIt's a government driven by the mega-corpsJan 13 02:59
neighborleethast why capitalism is such a horrid thing...its too controlling, but thats me.Jan 13 02:59
neighborleeobama is right at least about one thing wherein he wants to bridge the nasty gap between the classesJan 13 03:00
schestowitzCapitalism is good if implemented rightJan 13 03:01
schestowitzBut hat's a commericial modelJan 13 03:01
schestowitzThe problem is lack of democracy in the USJan 13 03:01
schestowitzIt's only an illusion of choiceJan 13 03:01
schestowitzPeople are given two options, both of which have the same forces behind them, just different faces.Jan 13 03:02
neighborleepeople in important places, all due to money and influence ;)Jan 13 03:02
neighborleeof course we dont have a true demomcracy :)Jan 13 03:02
schestowitzThey also get elevated or elected from secret societiesJan 13 03:02
neighborleeyou mean like skulll and bones etal ?Jan 13 03:02
*anivar has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 13 03:03
schestowitzSame here in the UK, with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both being raised by high class of secret meetings and arragements round trade agreements and such  agenda.Jan 13 03:03
schestowitzNo, no "skull  & bones"Jan 13 03:03
schestowitzThat's too crazy to me.Jan 13 03:03
neighborleeok just checking.Jan 13 03:03
schestowitzI'm talking about meetings you can see.Jan 13 03:03
schestowitzLike annual Bilderberg meetings.Jan 13 03:04
neighborleemy friend  thinks so,,also about masonic people being evil yadda..Jan 13 03:04
neighborleeahJan 13 03:04
schestowitzThe Gates family is there and so are the big ecnomists who probably know what was coming all along (global slump)Jan 13 03:04
schestowitzThey try to maintain dominance in the west despite heavy debt to the east, for example.Jan 13 03:04
neighborleeah icJan 13 03:04
schestowitzBut they don't tell this to peopleJan 13 03:04
schestowitzKeep those 'kids' (little people) ignorant and happyJan 13 03:04
schestowitz"Let them  spend and work heard while 'we' adults  decide what's good for them:Jan 13 03:05
schestowitz*hard .. "Jan 13 03:05
neighborleeyes sadlyJan 13 03:05
schestowitzNothing's new here.Jan 13 03:05
schestowitzMany counries suffer from these issues.Jan 13 03:05
neighborleesure doJan 13 03:05
schestowitzBut the degree/level variesJan 13 03:06
schestowitzAnd there is a LOT of indoctrination that's intended for people not to ever think about it and have the meant to challenge it (e.g. labour unions)Jan 13 03:06
neighborleeI hope education on such things is beefed up in the futureJan 13 03:07
schestowitzIt'll be hardJan 13 03:07
schestowitzThe Internet permitted some of it, but the technophic politicians react frantically.Jan 13 03:07
schestowitz*phobicJan 13 03:08
neighborleeyeah this is indeed trueJan 13 03:08
schestowitzCould be worse... Jan 13 03:08
schestowitz 13 03:08
neighborleeyupJan 13 03:08
neighborleeschestowitz, oh 7 ( vista did not )  now has a 'sticky notes' app on many menu, at top..interesting.Jan 13 03:13
neighborlees/many/mainJan 13 03:13
schestowitzLike tomboy?Jan 13 03:14
neighborleenot sure..dont use tomboy never really didJan 13 03:14
neighborleesimilar I guess ?Jan 13 03:14
neighborleehaven't used sticky notes either so far.Jan 13 03:14
schestowitzBetaVista7.. like Vista, now with extra sticky notes.... Wow7Jan 13 03:14
neighborleeindeedJan 13 03:14
neighborleeand gnome 'roadmap' page still mentions 'tomboy'.Jan 13 03:15
schestowitzMonoboyJan 13 03:15
neighborleeas in 'complete crossplatform support'Jan 13 03:15
neighborleelolJan 13 03:15
tessier"People like Anivar are rightly — or leftly — pissed off." Hah! A pun on communists!Jan 13 03:19
schestowitzCopyleftJan 13 03:20
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schestowitzgnJan 13 03:47
schestowitzDespite the downtimes and the offshoring of service to Coral, there are half a million hits today. Conbined it might be close to a million, I guess.Jan 13 03:58
ushimitsudokiimpressive. i think the coverage of the comes documents is a good thingJan 13 03:59
tessierWhy so many?Jan 13 04:01
tessierWhat happened? Did you get on /. or something?Jan 13 04:01
ushimitsudoki 13 04:02
tessierAh. I've been diligently working my butt off today and haven't had a chance to check /.Jan 13 04:07
twitterCool stuff.Jan 13 04:17
tessier 13 04:18
tessierWhat's up with that?Jan 13 04:18
twitterI waded into this 12 day long shitfest 13 04:24
tessier 13 04:27
tessierhahahaJan 13 04:27
twitterha ha indeed.  They don't have much to say about EDGI do they?Jan 13 04:29
tessierYepJan 13 04:31
twitterhere's another one 13 04:37
twitterlinks back to an older, uglier troll.Jan 13 04:38
twitterThere are a few nicer links too. 13 04:46
twitter 13 04:46
twitterI think the publication has had the correct result.  People are reading the docs and will make decisions based on facts and knowledge rather than guess work.Jan 13 04:51
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mib_5hapirheyJan 13 08:42
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*xads ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 13 09:18
xadshi anyone here have the misfortune of having to admin any netware servers ?Jan 13 09:18
MinceRj0Jan 13 09:23
kentma1schestowitz: hiJan 13 09:28
schestowitzMorning.Jan 13 09:39
schestowitzI still can't disable Coral.Jan 13 09:39
kentma1schestowitz: hi - btw - were you light on news postings yesterday - didn't see many in the digest.Jan 13 09:48
schestowitzSunday?Jan 13 09:50
schestowitzSurprise! Net Censorship Circumvention Tools Sell User Data < >Jan 13 09:51
schestowitzWe get references in CNET to 'moderate' an article about MS in 'open sourceJan 13 09:55
schestowitz 13 09:55
schestowitz What will Obama do with his millions of online 'friends'? < >Jan 13 10:36
schestowitzMicrosoft ad campaign urges more IT spending < >Jan 13 10:42
schestowitz"Microsoft has joined Dell by asking customers to continue paying them during the recession rather than slash spending on IT." Yeah, just max up all the credit... it's good for Microsoft and Dell.Jan 13 10:43
schestowitz "Paris Hilton's Web site has been hacked and is serving visitors a malicious Trojan program designed to steal sensitive information from their computers."Jan 13 10:46
schestowitzShane O'Neill is still posting lots of pro-Microsoft material in IDG. He's worth adding to Credibility IndexJan 13 10:49
schestowitz"Halo 3 addiction doesn't explain or excuse Daniel Petric's shooting both his parents, says an Ohio judge. More specifically, video game addiction, which was never medically established during the trial, did not make Petric any less responsible for murdering his mother and wounding his father, according to the judge." 13 10:52
schestowitzMost CIOs are dinosaurs: out of place in the world that is taking shape, and headed for mass extinction. 13 10:52
schestowitzClassic Case of Revolving Door at Defense Department < >Jan 13 10:57
schestowitzzoobab: missing URL: 13 11:01
schestowitz "The COSMOS New Media Initiative of Comet Media Foundation is developing a network of 'champions' or leaders called GNU Action Pilots (GNU is a popular acronym of the Free Software movement).Jan 13 11:16
schestowitz"Jan 13 11:16
*xads has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Jan 13 11:18
schestowitzre: Novell's OOo FUD: "Talking Points for the Microsoft Trolls? [...] Was this the December talking points list for the Microsoft Trolls? " 13 11:19
schestowitzDispelling the FUD around OOo: There has been a lot of disinfomation and Sun is careful not to say a thing. 13 11:22
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 13 11:32
schestowitzMisspelling of "Novel"  "“All of the site work is being monitored and tested by Novell Geo Environmental, the board’s geotechnical engineer,” said Shriver. “The next phase of this contract will include piping and drainage structures for the storm sewer system leading the pond.”"Jan 13 11:54
*mib_64gfn1 (i=d47b018c@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 13 11:55
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schestowitzGoogle On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market < >Jan 13 12:08
schestowitz"Google may be used to seeing its market share climb, but it looks like the search giant is getting kicked down a rung or two in one country.  Mozilla has decided to make Yandex, and not Google, the default search provider in future Russian versions of Firefox." 13 12:09
schestowitzMourning for the MS press: 13 12:13
schestowitz " China is using an increasing number of paid "internet commentators" in a sophisticated attempt to control public opinion. Usually Bush has copied China, but this time maybe China is copying Bush."Jan 13 12:17
schestowitz"NBC continues presenting one of the Pentagon's paid pundits as an objective and independent expert, neglecting to mention that he has a financial interest in the war. NBC also does not mention that it is owned by GE, which also has a financial interest in the war." 13 12:17
schestowitzEU to ban plasma televisions in battle against climate change < >Jan 13 12:17
schestowitzOhio State study: Greenland's glaciers losing ice faster this year than last year, which was record-setting itself < >Jan 13 12:19
schestowitz"The VAR Guy is betting on a 2010 product launch for the successor to Windows Vista." 13 12:24
schestowitzThe MSBBC is advertising Windows at taxpayers' expense' (again): 13 12:42
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*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omerJan 13 12:50
schestowitzSmallest state leads US into deep recession < >Jan 13 13:28
schestowitz"DEep REceSSION" =  DEPRESSIONJan 13 13:29
schestowitz"Jobs are painfully lacking in Rhode Island, where unemployment stood at 9.3 percent in November, just behind the national leader Michigan. To the dismay of state leaders, this tiny state has persistently been a leader in joblessness as the recession deepens."Jan 13 13:29
schestowitzMaybe Donald Trump will BailEmOut(R)? :-|Jan 13 13:30
schestowitzDRM trap and other nonsense:  Microsoft gets Chinese IPTV deal < >Jan 13 13:52
schestowitzNASA hacker will plead guilty in the UK < > "HAPLESS HACKER Gary McKinnon has told UK prosecutors he will plead guilty to some charges in the UK if he does not have to be extradited to a prison in the US."Jan 13 13:52
PetoKrausi'm gonna try installing W7 betaJan 13 14:22
PetoKrauson Celeron 2400 with 512MB ramJan 13 14:22
PetoKrausjust for the heck of itJan 13 14:22
PetoKraus:D:DJan 13 14:22
schestowitzYou'll drive up their numbersJan 13 14:23
schestowitzIt's better avoidedJan 13 14:23
PetoKrausi'm downloading from torrentsJan 13 14:23
PetoKraus:)Jan 13 14:23
PetoKrauswhat do you think :PJan 13 14:23
PetoKrausand if you believe i'm gonna drive up their numbers, you are wrongJan 13 14:24
PetoKrausthe numbers have been decided even before launchJan 13 14:24
PetoKrausi'd say on about 3.5M+random(200000)Jan 13 14:24
schestowitzIt phones homeJan 13 14:25
PetoKrausi'll repeat myselfJan 13 14:26
PetoKrausthe numbers have been decided even before launchJan 13 14:26
PetoKraussystem req : A computer with a 1-GHz 32-, or 64-bit (x64) processor,Jan 13 14:28
PetoKraus      1 GB of system memory, at least a DirectX 10 graphics card,Jan 13 14:28
PetoKraus      if not even DirectX 9, with over 128MB of graphics memory,Jan 13 14:28
PetoKraus      and a 40 GB hard drive will be more than enough to power Windows 7.Jan 13 14:28
PetoKraus:D what a jokeJan 13 14:28
schestowitz1GN of RAM.Jan 13 14:28
schestowitzGBJan 13 14:28
schestowitzDidn't they say 512 for Vista?Jan 13 14:28
PetoKrausno freaking ideaJan 13 14:28
PetoKrausoff for squash, ttylJan 13 14:29
schestowitzHaha. BetaVista7 might ineeded be fatter than Vista, like benchmarks showedJan 13 14:29
schestowitzre: CPU... sure, it will get there... EVENTUALLY. Just be very patient.Jan 13 14:29
schestowitz40 GB? Graphics card /required/???Jan 13 14:29
schestowitzFor headless servers too??Jan 13 14:30
schestowitzMandy flies flag for small biz bailout <>Jan 13 14:32
schestowitz "The scheme would guarantee loans, for a fee, made by banks to businesses with less than 50 employees." Public!Looting!IncJan 13 14:33
schestowitzYou don't lose the money that you have in the bank, which can't repay you... you just paid through the nose to fund the corrupt banks --collectively speaking -- to ensure what stays there, well... it passed in the form of tax and funneled into the bailout pool. What a dirty scheme.Jan 13 14:34
schestowitz2009 CES Attendance Plummets 22 Percent: Was It By Design? < >Jan 13 14:36
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schestowitzMore ODF support: "At this year's Expo, Araxis Merge was back, and with a nifty addition to its bag of tricks: it can now automatically extract and compare text from Word, Excel, PDF, and Open Document Format documents." 13 14:56
schestowitzStorm Worm botnet cracked wide open < >Jan 13 15:00
schestowitz "Several Sun MySQLers have been denied short stay business visas to Australia - yes, Australia - as they attempted to attend a Linux conference in Hobart, Tasmania."Jan 13 15:19
MinceRsun hates linux anywayJan 13 15:26
schestowitzIt doesJan 13 15:27
schestowitzIt wants to use it to elevate Sun profits though, which is _can_, using OOo, Java, etc.Jan 13 15:27
schestowitzIBM promotes DRM. Wow! What an 'open source' player.. (Supplement Creative Commons with open standards)Jan 13 15:38
MinceR"open source DRM" only fools those stupid enough to want DRM in the first place anyway :>Jan 13 15:39
MinceRif it really is open sourceJan 13 15:40
schestowitzBut you want to! You really do!!Jan 13 15:40
MinceRlolJan 13 15:40
schestowitzWatch the clock tilting..Jan 13 15:40
schestowitzSolution to DRM...Jan 13 15:40
schestowitz_open source_ DRMJan 13 15:40
schestowitzThat's like proposing death by injection to stop death from hungerJan 13 15:41
MinceRi hope they won't force tivoiztion, as that might make it work to some extentJan 13 15:42
MinceRwithout tivoization, i can just change the DRM library to tell me the key :>Jan 13 15:42
schestowitzThey do Palladium.Jan 13 15:42
schestowitzBringing TC to "Linux"Jan 13 15:43
MinceRit isn't really "open source" if the TPM is doing the decodingJan 13 15:43
MinceRand it isn't really "open source" if i can't replace the bootloaderJan 13 15:43
schestowitzWhat would Linus say? To paraphrase the Tivo thing, "I *LIKE* Palladium"Jan 13 15:43
MinceRbut if i do replace the bootloader, the chain of trust is broken and Treacherous Computing becomes useless for that purposeJan 13 15:43
MinceR(i could still be my own root of trust, but that's useless to the bad guys)Jan 13 15:44
schestowitzI'll get around to posting BillG's "security as a lockin" at some stageJan 13 15:44
schestowitzThe bad guys are the usersJan 13 15:44
MinceRgates still counts on people not understanding fundamental security principles?Jan 13 15:44
schestowitzLet me find the slide from MS|MAFIAAJan 13 15:44
schestowitzGutmann had it, I think.Jan 13 15:45
schestowitzNa... I can't think how to search this by queryJan 13 15:45
schestowitz 13 15:45
schestowitzI doubt it's here < >, but have a look.Jan 13 15:46
schestowitzGe removed this from his site, so several of us made copiesJan 13 15:46
MinceRwhy does IBM wants DRM in CC? o_OJan 13 15:47
schestowitz"Possible Microsoft Thinking (ctd) "Jan 13 15:47
MinceRs/ts/t/Jan 13 15:47
schestowitz"Eventually everything is “premium” --> everything is protected"Jan 13 15:48
schestowitzMinceR: I thought the same.. Same on Aye Bee Aim.Jan 13 15:48
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 13 15:48
schestowitz*ShameJan 13 15:48
schestowitzHeh. So old.. 13 15:51
schestowitz 13 15:52
schestowitzIn this week:Jan 13 15:52
schestowitz    * Bugzilla Update to 3.2Jan 13 15:52
schestowitz    * Contributor GiftsJan 13 15:52
schestowitz    * Miguel de Icaza: Mono goes Accessible!Jan 13 15:52
schestowitz    * lowobu: Since when do you use (open)SuSE?Jan 13 15:52
schestowitz    * Nikesh Jauhari: Read-Write Support for NTFS partition on OpenSUSE 11.x Jan 13 15:52
schestowitzCreditsJan 13 15:53
schestowitz    * Jan-Simon Möller (Chief-Editor)Jan 13 15:53
schestowitz    * Sascha Manns (Second Chief-Editor, Main-Newsletter)Jan 13 15:53
schestowitz    * Stephan Binner (Main-Newsletter and Statistics)Jan 13 15:53
schestowitz    * Rupert Horstkötter (Main-Newsletter, openSUSE-Forums) Jan 13 15:53
schestowitzAren't these mostly Novell employees? benJIman ?Jan 13 15:53
benJImanNo.Jan 13 15:53
benJImanAbout half and half.Jan 13 15:54
schestowitzsacha and Rupert..Jan 13 15:54
schestowitzThanks.Jan 13 15:54
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 13 15:57
twitterDRM may be "Open Source" but they can never be free software.  Digital restrictions are the antithesis of software freedom.Jan 13 16:11
twitterAs you noted, hardware restrictions are particularly insidious.  Hard drives and ACPI can betray you.Jan 13 16:13
schestowitzLockin never betrayed MSJan 13 16:13
MinceRit isn't restrictive if it's really open/freeJan 13 16:13
MinceRbecause you can change the code to give you the decoded data or the keyJan 13 16:14
twitterTell that to your Tivo, which is open.Jan 13 16:14
MinceRit isn'tJan 13 16:14
MinceRit's tivoizedJan 13 16:14
schestowitzFree software = self authoritarian.Jan 13 16:14
MinceRwell, at least it isn't freeJan 13 16:14
MinceRis there any official stance on tivo vs open-source?Jan 13 16:14
twitterIf it restricts what you do, it can never be free.Jan 13 16:15
MinceRi mean, have the leaders of the OSI said what their stance on tivoization is?Jan 13 16:15
twitterI don't knowJan 13 16:16
MinceRperhaps they don't dare speak, afraid of making their business connections worseJan 13 16:17
twitterRMS got it right from first principles.  Non free software always tries to make the user so grateful for the task performed that the user will surrender some of their freedom to have the task performed and that's wrong.Jan 13 16:18
twitterHa ha.  I failed one these things a few months ago, 13 16:19
twitter-> Statement: "You have to give up on some things that you start." Suggested response from the cheat sheet: "Strongly disagree." Another statement: "Any trouble you have is your own fault." Suggested response: "Strongly agree."Jan 13 16:20
twitterWhat honest person could answer like that?Jan 13 16:21
schestowitzOSI is associated with companies that might be offended.Jan 13 16:23
twitterThose companies are offensive.Jan 13 16:23
twitterDigital restrictions stand in the way of universally available knowledge, it is a crime.Jan 13 16:25
schestowitzRichard Stallman: “DRM is nearly always the result of a conspiracy of companies to restrict the technology available to the public. Such conspiracy should be a crime, and the executives responsible for it should be sentenced to prison.”Jan 13 16:31
schestowitzzoobab: 13 16:54
schestowitzReader:"I read through everything on this article.  It's not hard to understand why Microsoft was in such a BIG hurry to settle the Comes case and get the court docs taken down.  What a huge embarrassing mess this would have been for them at the time, had it gone further.  It's a good thing people saved copies before it all disappeared from the original site!"Jan 13 17:00
schestowitzMy old cousin in FL: "I guess we got married to the web site [othellomaster] in January 2005, our start date, so this is our 4th Anniversary. Happy Anniversary  TO US"Jan 13 17:01
schestowitzHe does it as a hobby. Blogs are replacing newspapers.Jan 13 17:01
schestowitzEveryone already knows that. Web site, unlike newspapers, don't last just a day. Search engines change this rule of physical age.Jan 13 17:02
schestowitz*sitesJan 13 17:02
schestowitz (ooocon2008 videos on 13 17:19
schestowitz"Apparently because younger people are using their thumbs to text all the time, it's become the digit of choice for activities like ringing doorbells." 13 17:21
PetoKrausi've actually decided i'm gonna do a video-review of W7bJan 13 17:24
PetoKrausjust for the sake of trying my camcorders outJan 13 17:25
PetoKrausand i've got a friend who is accustomed to XP, has been using Debian+e17 for last half a year, and AFAIK never used VistaJan 13 17:25
schestowitzMentionning it is helping itJan 13 17:27
PetoKrausand?Jan 13 17:27
PetoKrausi don't think i should 1) shun a product without trying it (i mean, on technical, not ideological things)Jan 13 17:28
PetoKraus2) by trying it out actually supporting it's useJan 13 17:28
schestowitzArs Technica is linking to BS 'stats': IE continues losing market share to open source browsers < >Jan 13 17:29
schestowitzThey should get reliable sourcesJan 13 17:29

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