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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 19th, 2009 - Part 2


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schestowitzPC sales down in EU (shuuucks horror!) and DSGi announces new chairman in eye of retail storm < >Jan 19 19:11
schestowitzNo upgrade cycle = no forced purchases of Viduh.Jan 19 19:11
PetoKrausFFFFFFFFffJan 19 19:14
PetoKraussnow doesn't go well with footbalJan 19 19:14
PetoKraus*llJan 19 19:14
PetoKrausobama quits? :)Jan 19 19:14
joseschestowitz, i got an error several times (after a long connection wait) trying to post to bn.. will try in a bitJan 19 19:15
PetoKrausschestowitz: they already didJan 19 19:15
PetoKrausspam suing spamJan 19 19:15
PetoKraus;)Jan 19 19:15
schestowitzEek..Jan 19 19:17
schestowitzWho did they sue?Jan 19 19:18
schestowitzSome Linux backers upset about selection of Silverlight to stream Obama inauguration events < > Dems for Crim[inals]Jan 19 19:19
schestowitz "Though not available from the channel's main page or playlists, all videos on the ChangeDotGov  YouTube channel now give the downloading option. The MPEG4 (H.264) file can then be easily added to iTunes and your iPod/iPhone." Greasemonkey already does thisJan 19 19:21
schestowitzAMD to Cut 1,100 Jobs and Slash Salaries Across Company < >Jan 19 19:32
schestowitzOops. 19 19:32
schestowitz UFO man arrested over Obama threats < >Jan 19 19:35
schestowitztrmanco: didn't the Microsoft shill Scott Douglas make similar threats in USENET?Jan 19 19:35
trmancowho is he?Jan 19 19:35
trmancogoes by which nickname?Jan 19 19:36
trmancoor nym?Jan 19 19:36
schestowitzEzekiel (speudonym)Jan 19 19:36
schestowitz*pseuJan 19 19:36
schestowitzHe also threatened to "slit the throat" of Linux usersJan 19 19:36
schestowitzThe US government doesn't mind disgusting AstroTurfs but death threats can have these crooks exposed to arrestJan 19 19:37
trmancoyou showed me some archives messages saying he would slit/kill Linux users throat, so yesJan 19 19:37
trmancoarchived*Jan 19 19:37
schestowitzThere's plentyJan 19 19:39
schestowitzAround the release of VIsta, IIRCJan 19 19:39
schestowitzAlso calls for the death of the US president, although I think it was just suggestion of trials (which I agree with)Jan 19 19:39
schestowitzSearch for "americkkkans" in COLA and you'll see.Jan 19 19:39
trmancoschestowitz, are you sure?Jan 19 19:42
trmancoYour search -  americkkkans - did not match any documents.Jan 19 19:42
trmanco:|Jan 19 19:43
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 19 19:43
joseschestowitz, might this have something to do with the sluggishness _doug was asking about? 19 19:46
tessier_I'm really hoping for a worm which causes serious collateral damage.Jan 19 19:49
tessier_Nothing short of major economic consequences will make people take security seriously and therefore dump windows.Jan 19 19:50
MinceRm$ fanboys will keep blaming the creators of the worm as usualJan 19 19:50
tessier_I want a worm like this one that goes around and randomly flips least significant digits in spreadsheets.Jan 19 19:50
MinceRand ignore the horrible security record of m$ productsJan 19 19:50
tessier_MinceR: We are once again buying Microsoft's jelly doughnut.Jan 19 19:50
MinceRtessier_: that exists already, it's called excelJan 19 19:50
MinceRexcept it introduces greater errors than thatJan 19 19:51
MinceR(pdf) 19 19:52
schestowitztrmanco: try without the "c"Jan 19 19:57
schestowitz"amirikkkan" he wrote, IIRCJan 19 19:57
schestowitz*meriJan 19 19:57
schestowitztessier_: Morris for Windows?Jan 19 19:57
trmanco 19 19:58
trmancoyepJan 19 19:58
schestowitzMinceR: doubtfulJan 19 19:58
MinceRstill, that worm would be a nice idea anywayJan 19 19:58
schestowitzThe cost of the damage (lost data etc.) will be paid by _all_ of usJan 19 19:58
MinceRwith a very subtle spreading algorithm and slowly increasing error rate :>Jan 19 19:58
schestowitzThen  MS will say "all operating systems are not secure"Jan 19 19:58
schestowitzSheesh :-)Jan 19 19:58
MinceRthey'd eventually find out and be very scaredJan 19 19:58
schestowitzBrian Valentine, Microsoft executive: "Our products just aren't engineered for security."Jan 19 19:59
schestowitzAt least they are not "masturbating monkeys in a circus," according to LinusJan 19 19:59
MinceRthey aren't?Jan 19 19:59
schestowitzThey areJan 19 19:59
schestowitzI see twitter stuffJan 19 19:59
schestowitz"OMG! How can I not become one of these...err... 10+ million victims?"Jan 19 20:00
schestowitzAnswer: "Install Linux"Jan 19 20:00
MinceRi keep saying thatJan 19 20:00
tessier_Even if Linux is worm-free because of the small market share (which I strongly dispute) it's still safer.Jan 19 20:02
schestowitzIt runs on many serversJan 19 20:03
schestowitzAnd devices too.... TiVo, Android, Google DCs etc. No major problems reported there.Jan 19 20:04
schestowitzMind you, Windows SERVERS are now being own3d by this worm.. it's not a desktop thing requiring IE and some surfing or an attachmentJan 19 20:04
MinceRlinux also runs on supercomputers and on embedded systemsJan 19 20:06
trmancoeven the people who program Windows get ownedJan 19 20:10
trmancoprivate\genx\shell\inc\prsht.w:Jan 19 20:10
trmanco/ we are such morons. Wiz97 underwent a redesign between IE4 and IE5Jan 19 20:10
schestowitzMinceR: MS tried mainframesJan 19 20:10
trmancoprivate\shell\ext\ftp\ftpdrop.cpp:Jan 19 20:10
trmancoWe have to do this only because Exchange is a moron.Jan 19 20:10
MinceRyes, and there was that marketing stunt with crayJan 19 20:10
trmancoprivate\shell\shdoc401\unicpp\desktop.cpp:Jan 19 20:10
trmanco/ We are morons. We changed the IDeskTray interface between IE4Jan 19 20:10
schestowitzThere was an attack code published... for MAINFRAMES!Jan 19 20:10
trmancoprivate\shell\browseui\itbar.cpp:Jan 19 20:11
trmanco/ should be fixed in the apps themselves. Morons!Jan 19 20:11
trmanco <- oldJan 19 20:11
schestowitzre: Cray "here, have some money to live, announce to the world that WCSS (??) is great"Jan 19 20:11
schestowitztrmanco: what's that about?Jan 19 20:11
trmancoWindows 2000 source codeJan 19 20:12
schestowitzOh, that one.Jan 19 20:12
trmancowhen it got partly leakedJan 19 20:12
schestowitzI think I saw itJan 19 20:12
MinceRthat kuro5hin article is a praise of winblows.Jan 19 20:12
trmancoprivate\mvdm\wow32\wgfont.c:Jan 19 20:12
trmanco* This thunk implements the undocumented Win3.0 and Win3.1 APIJan 19 20:12
trmanco* GetCurLogFont (GDI.411). Symantec QA4.0 uses it.Jan 19 20:12
trmanco* To implement this undocumented API we will use the NT undocumented APIJan 19 20:12
trmancoOMGJan 19 20:12
MinceRthey just love undocumented APIs, don't they?Jan 19 20:13
schestowitzAttack Unleashed for New Microsoft Mainframe Bug: "| Hackers have released code that could be used to take control of a server running Microsoft's Host Integration Server 2006, used to connect mainframe  applications to Windows PCs." Yes, that's why people want Windows on supercomputers... superzombies.Jan 19 20:13
schestowitzThe whole 'world' (read: IBM) runs Linux on mainframes. No muss, no fuss.Jan 19 20:13
MinceRthat's what gives them some of the unfair advantages when they try to take over the market of an application.Jan 19 20:13
trmancoMinceR, I guess soJan 19 20:13
schestowitzThen Microsoft puts it on a meager amount and BANG! Virus.Jan 19 20:13
schestowitzIBM tries commoditizing the platform with Linux, in order to kill MicrosoftJan 19 20:14
schestowitzBut it's not all good. They just want to sell non-Free software in other parts.Jan 19 20:14
trmancoI wonder how long the Windows 2008 HPC super computer in Japan is going to last without being compromisedJan 19 20:14
schestowitzOr replaced for technical reasonsJan 19 20:15
schestowitzI've seen it before.Jan 19 20:15
schestowitzAnnouncement about super-Windows... then "meh"... they switch back to LinuxJan 19 20:15
trmancothere are actually 4 with 2008 and 1 with 2003Jan 19 20:16
schestowitzhpc500?Jan 19 20:17
trmancoLOLJan 19 20:17
schestowitztop500?Jan 19 20:17
schestowitzCan't recall it.Jan 19 20:17
trmancoyesJan 19 20:17
trmancomore like HPC 1988Jan 19 20:18
MinceRif ibm kills microsoft, that's all rightJan 19 20:19
trmancoWindows HPC Server 2008 /Launch Veranstaltung/ Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt / 16.10.2008Jan 19 20:19
MinceRthey should have done it long agoJan 19 20:19
MinceRit's in great part ibm's mistake that microsoft is aroundJan 19 20:19
trmancoThe most powerful system outside the U.S. is the Chinese-built Dawning 5000A at the Shanghai Supercomputer Center. It is the largest system which can be operated with Windows HPC 2008.Jan 19 20:20
trmancoit in ChinaJan 19 20:20
trmancoit'sJan 19 20:20
schestowitzWhy games are NOT the key to Linux adoption < >Jan 19 20:20
trmancoI saw this earlierJan 19 20:21
schestowitzChina... where the govt decides everything and is in bed with BillJan 19 20:21
trmancomaybe Bill is in bed with ChinaJan 19 20:21
trmanconot the other way around :-PJan 19 20:22
schestowitzSame thing. It takes two to do a collusionmJan 19 20:23
schestowitzSummary of Gates@China: 19 20:24
schestowitz 19 20:28
schestowitzYay! Send them to Guantanamo bay... white-collar crime for a change... 19 20:32
schestowitzIf there were rich American, would they even be put on trial at all??Jan 19 20:32
schestowitzOS News has its editor /still/ posting lots of 7apourware advertising.Jan 19 20:37
schestowitzOther complained as well... maybe a good candidate for deletion now that Thom talks for Microsoft more than he delivers new.Jan 19 20:38
schestowitz"Well tonight is my computer night. I get home and find that the computer isn't functioning. What normally happens at this point is that I log into the firewall gateway to find that NTL has dropped signal. Tonight that wasn't the case. The firewall had a disk error that EXT3 isn't able to check - I think the disk itself has become faulty." 19 20:44
schestowitzHe's hosting mirror of COLA news..Jan 19 20:44
schestowitzWot?? "Mary Lou Jepsen: You are most welcome. I read Groklaw as I'm able (it's blocked in China though). " 19 20:53
schestowitzIs there a Web-based checker for China's blacklist?Jan 19 20:53
schestowitzHow to Check If Your Website Is Blocked In China or Not < >Jan 19 20:55
schestowitzBN is not blocked in China: 19 20:57
schestowitzBetter to say nice things about China or else... ;-)Jan 19 20:57
schestowitzSomeone could write to Opera's CTO and suggest they finally Free up their browser... they are not muchly opposed to it... 19 21:04
schestowitz 19 21:05
schestowitzWe have just made Digg's front page 'by proxy': 19 21:08
schestowitzGeez... watch the Microsoft AstroTurf in Digg. For a fact they do it in Slashdot (it's confirmed), so probably in Digg tooJan 19 21:09
trmanco'by proxy' :-PJan 19 21:15
schestowitzLike a patent troll... proxifyingJan 19 21:16
schestowitzCNET has the trolll. :-)Jan 19 21:16
schestowitzSomeone has just mailed me about it.. I had no ideaJan 19 21:17
schestowitzThe guy who submitted has BN in his blogroll... he runs Royal HeheJan 19 21:17
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 19 21:19
trmancoyep, good guyJan 19 21:19
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 19 21:20
schestowitzI llke his posts because they are ALL advocacy-orientedJan 19 21:20
schestowitzRami something..Jan 19 21:20
schestowitzFrom Saudi Arabia I think...Jan 19 21:20
trmancoyepJan 19 21:21
trmanco"Linux advocate, blogger, football (soccer) lover, Digger, social media addict, and an all-around geek. Check my lifestream on "Jan 19 21:22
trmancois he on cola?Jan 19 21:22
trmanco:-PJan 19 21:22
schestowitzNo.Jan 19 21:22
schestowitzI never spoke to him.Jan 19 21:22
trmanco 19 21:23
trmancoI just started following himJan 19 21:23
schestowitzMicrosoft's anti-FOSS buddies: 19 21:23
schestowitz 19 21:24
trmancotrillion :OJan 19 21:25
schestowitzYes.Jan 19 21:27
schestowitz1 million millionsJan 19 21:27
schestowitzPeople can't perceive it easily. If a billion is a lot, think about 1000 of them.Jan 19 21:27
schestowitzUS debt: 10 trillionJan 19 21:27
trmancojust stumbled upon this -> 19 21:28
trmancoI wonder how much my country has in debtJan 19 21:28
trmanco...Jan 19 21:28
schestowitz"I've seen Microsoft people attend competing software special interest groups looking to get members over to their software and these lambs just let Microsoft speak." 19 21:31
schestowitzThis is annoying.. they always find some lackeys who let them inJan 19 21:31
schestowitzIf they say "no", they'll respond "but I'm a nice guy" or "you're such an MS hater"Jan 19 21:31
schestowitztrmanco: why did you find it? (I link to it a lot)Jan 19 21:32
trmanco520 million eurosJan 19 21:32
schestowitzThat's nothing.Jan 19 21:32
trmancoschestowitz, found it on Google for a search on "non biased linux stats"Jan 19 21:32
trmancosomething like thatJan 19 21:32
schestowitzAmerica's debt is about 10,000,000 million dollarsJan 19 21:33
schestowitz /s/America/US/Jan 19 21:33
trmancowe have 10 million peopleJan 19 21:33
schestowitztrmanco: I fueled this blog post like 20 times...Jan 19 21:33
trmancothe US has 200 million +/-Jan 19 21:33
schestowitzIt's a scientist who wrote it, so it helps credibility with "you're a fanboi" excuseJan 19 21:34
trmancoschestowitz, I like that article, I've seen it a couple of times tooJan 19 21:34
trmancoyou pointed me to it onceJan 19 21:34
schestowitzI often doJan 19 21:34
schestowitzCause I don't have need to 'rewrite' what he didJan 19 21:34
schestowitzHe points to: i) data; ii) methods. Both are fraudulent at best, IMHOJan 19 21:35
schestowitzBN stats for JanuaryJan 19 21:35
schestowitzWindows167455850.1 %Jan 19 21:36
schestowitzLinux117171535.1 %Jan 19 21:36
schestowitzCheckmate... Linux is close to beating Windows. Case closed.Jan 19 21:36
schestowitzSays my 'study'Jan 19 21:36
schestowitzLinux 2.6 kernel Storage Tuning Tips < >Jan 19 21:37
trmancoyayJan 19 21:37
*schestowitz has just begun linking Comes petition to smoking guns (exhibits)Jan 19 21:38
schestowitzI wrote about this yesterday: 19 21:38
schestowitzMartin Luther King  today........Jan 19 21:42
schestowitzMaybe I should post relevant videos...Jan 19 21:42
josesoon it will be "yesterday"Jan 19 21:43
schestowitzI happened to watch these yesterday. Mind what he says about Martin Luther... John William Templeton looks at Free Open Source Software and African American culture and innovation 01 (2004) 19 21:43
joseok, not exactly "soon" but evening is almost here on the east coastJan 19 21:43
schestowitzjose: yes, Carla almost forgotJan 19 21:43
schestowitzI put some pointers there.Jan 19 21:43
josei forgot as well for a whileJan 19 21:43
schestowitz 19 21:44
schestowitzGoogle doesn't care about him anymore?Jan 19 21:44
schestowitzI'm pretty sure they made a tribute before...Jan 19 21:44
josethat link about the 1% linux share was good.Jan 19 21:44
schestowitzMaybe just for US visitors..Jan 19 21:44
schestowitzjose: what do you see in 19 21:44
joseyou are right!Jan 19 21:44
joseearlier today they did have their little tributeJan 19 21:44
schestowitzI don't get it in the UKJan 19 21:44
joseodd they'd remove it so soonJan 19 21:45
schestowitzMaybe they localize [sic]Jan 19 21:45
josewell, i did get it earlier but not nowJan 19 21:45
josemaybe a cookie or somethingJan 19 21:45
schestowitzThe never-dying cookie from Google :-||Jan 19 21:45
josei hadn't thought about the localize thing but of course.. since holidays vary so much around the world... duhJan 19 21:45
schestowitz"Never accept a cookie from a stranger... or Google"Jan 19 21:46
joseupdateJan 19 21:46
josegoogle does have itJan 19 21:46
josei went to start page just nowJan 19 21:46
schestowitzOKJan 19 21:46
schestowitzIn I fetch time of dateJan 19 21:46
joseto clarify.. the has it but the page does notJan 19 21:46
schestowitzUsing JS it gets user's time... on PHP I can only fetch server time (Belfast)Jan 19 21:47
schestowitzOr London actually.Jan 19 21:47
schestowitzSJVN ran out of material: 19 21:47
josebesides using websites that likely will be visited by windows more (eg,, etc)..Jan 19 21:47
schestowitzI notice that he /always/ pushes all his posts into LTJan 19 21:48
joseyou can always have windows send queries unto the internet..Jan 19 21:48
joseto websites that are members of that marketing groupJan 19 21:48
joseand might such a group have a greater than average number of MS gold partners as members?Jan 19 21:49
schestowitzAdieu, Michel Rocard - et Merci "Free software loses a good friend in the European Parliament: Michel Rocard, fierce opponent of software patents, is resigning. Sad day, but thanks, mon vieux." Did anyone pull a Quinn? ;-)Jan 19 21:49
schestowitzMicrosoft's antithesis on the Web:  The Digital Preservation Coalition < >Jan 19 21:50
trmanco 19 21:50
trmanco:|Jan 19 21:50
trmanco 19 21:50
schestowitzHe's spamming DiggJan 19 21:52
schestowitzShout-spamming and SEO networks. So I don't care much for him anymore (pavs)Jan 19 21:52
trmancoOT: 19 21:54
schestowitzSeagate gets what it deserves other than layoffs: Complaints flood Seagate over hard drive problems < >. They preinstall Windows softwrae on raw h/wJan 19 21:54
schestowitztrmanco: good linkJan 19 21:55
schestowitzTwo points:Jan 19 21:55
schestowitz1. Blloomberg is one among many 'big' sites that are foolish enough not to <title> their pages (I don't know why)Jan 19 21:55
trmancoyou like it? hmm, I just thought it would be partly ignoredJan 19 21:56
schestowitz2. I often wonder how much of these boats, buildings, planes, etc. are 'on loan' in the sense that the US will have to get rid of these and pay off debt. The same goes for big companies whose value is in a freefall (becoming prey to Chinese companies)Jan 19 21:57
trmanco<title>Jan 19 21:57
trmanco 19 21:57
trmanco            Worldwide</title>Jan 19 21:57
trmanconon related titleJan 19 21:57
schestowitzYesJan 19 21:57
trmancothey should find a good groups of programmers to fix the siteJan 19 21:57
schestowitzBad hypertext tooJan 19 21:57
trmancoand integrate RSS on it, we are not living in the internet ice ageJan 19 21:58
schestowitz \n\template\n\WorldwideJan 19 21:58
trmancothey should get rid of the table bloat template tooJan 19 21:58
schestowitzI hadn't realised there was no RSS either.Jan 19 21:58
schestowitzIt's complicatedJan 19 21:58
schestowitzThey have a CMS.Jan 19 21:59
trmancoI get their updates from newslookupJan 19 21:59
schestowitzThey also build and shape the articles to fit existing layoutJan 19 21:59
schestowitzThat's why I hardly change (nor /can/ change) BNJan 19 21:59
schestowitz" To contact the reporter on this story: Adam Haigh in London at "Jan 19 21:59
schestowitzWhy not comments?Jan 19 21:59
trmancoyeah, no comments I haven't checked thatJan 19 22:00
trmancoanother good point to remodel the website templateJan 19 22:01
schestowitzThe interaction model is brokenJan 19 22:02
schestowitzLike old-style InquirerJan 19 22:02
schestowitzThey inherit the limitations of physical paper as though these are DESIRABLEJan 19 22:02
trmanco 19 22:02
schestowitzI saw the same thing in academiaJan 19 22:02
schestowitzI set up Wikis for us to coedit papersJan 19 22:02
trmancothey should follow marketwatch's exampleJan 19 22:02
schestowitzBut they carry on sending E-mails with attachments aroundJan 19 22:03
schestowitz(and make conflicting edits)Jan 19 22:03
trmancothey changed layout recently, and they changed to a better and more clean oneJan 19 22:03
schestowitzMarketWatch does too much Dvorakism.Jan 19 22:03
trmancowhat is that?Jan 19 22:03
trmancoDvorakism?Jan 19 22:03
schestowitzTheStreet redesigned tooJan 19 22:03
schestowitzThey sacked one of their horrible 'comedians'Jan 19 22:03
schestowitzJohn C DvorakJan 19 22:04
schestowitzIDG links to its masters at IDC with lies about Linux: 19 22:05
trmanco 19 22:05
schestowitzClassic for my next part abott IDC corruptionJan 19 22:05
schestowitzThey measure revenue, not growtthJan 19 22:05
schestowitzThat's the 'Microsoft standards' for measuring thingsJan 19 22:06
schestowitzIt makes Linux (free) look bad.Jan 19 22:06
schestowitzGillen and his Gang of liars must be getting paid well for these lies.Jan 19 22:06
trmanco"Paris because sex sells, unlike Vista........."Jan 19 22:09
trmancoOMGJan 19 22:09
schestowitzParis?Jan 19 22:11
schestowitzParis and Vista... both built upon plastic surgeries.Jan 19 22:11
schestowitzAnd America (US) is sometimes compared to a nation 'on steroids' (exploiting energy or money it does not really have)Jan 19 22:12
trmanco 19 22:13
schestowitzParis with glasses *lOL*Jan 19 22:16
trmancoWindows10174471 %Jan 19 22:19
trmancoLinux3004620.9 %Jan 19 22:19
trmancoUnknown102257.1 %Jan 19 22:19
trmancoMacintosh9420.6 %Jan 19 22:19
schestowitzThe comments here are horrid, buried, and many are probably MS lackeys: 19 22:19
schestowitztrmanco: source?Jan 19 22:19
schestowitzOpenMaina?Jan 19 22:19
trmancoone of my sitesJan 19 22:19
trmancoyesJan 19 22:19
trmancoI consider it a little biasedJan 19 22:19
schestowitzWe suck in all the "Linux" 'market share'Jan 19 22:19
schestowitzWe leave nothing to ParisHilton and all kinds of rubbish that lends data to 'surveys'Jan 19 22:20
trmancoI wonder what is unknownJan 19 22:20
schestowitzCould be LinuxJan 19 22:20
schestowitzSurely not WindowsJan 19 22:20
schestowitzA lot of "Windows" is  zombie trafficJan 19 22:20
schestowitzMSIE.Jan 19 22:20
trmancoFirefoxNo6698446.7 %Jan 19 22:20
trmancoMS Internet ExplorerNo5752740.1 %Jan 19 22:20
trmancoUnknown?91846.4 %Jan 19 22:20
trmancoOperaNo29092 %Jan 19 22:20
trmancoSafariNo28021.9 %Jan 19 22:20
trmancoMozillaNo21101.4 %Jan 19 22:20
trmancoGoogle ChromeJan 19 22:20
trmancoI better start 'educating' my visitors in this browser partJan 19 22:21
schestowitzPull a SlatedJan 19 22:21
schestowitzHe blocks all IEJan 19 22:21
tessier_I used to have a javascript popup for anyone who was using IE.Jan 19 22:22
schestowitzIf I blocked IE in BN, only 10% would be turned awayJan 19 22:22
schestowitztessier_: good ladJan 19 22:22
joseotoh, you want windows using people to read bnJan 19 22:22
joseI'm going to go very soon.Jan 19 22:23
MinceRwhat's zombie traffic looking for? vulnerabilities in the web server?Jan 19 22:23
schestowitzM$pinner:  Microsoft Attacked By EU For Same Practices That Apple/Linux Use : 19 22:23
tessier_I didn't block them from the site, just made them see a warning that told them something better was available.Jan 19 22:23
schestowitz$pin $pin $pin $pinJan 19 22:23
schestowitzMinceR: all sort of stuff, even DDOS.Jan 19 22:24
MinceRtessier_: i think the best way is putting up a yellow(?) bar like what IE itself usesJan 19 22:24
MinceRiirc someone did thatJan 19 22:24
*schestowitz been hit by DDOS before.. all MSIEJan 19 22:24
MinceRschestowitz: oh, i thought this was over the web generallyJan 19 22:24
schestowitzMinceR: WordPress does thisJan 19 22:24
MinceRhuh?Jan 19 22:24
schestowitzThe admin panel puts an icon at the bottomJan 19 22:24
schestowitzLinks to 19 22:25
MinceRoh, thatJan 19 22:25
MinceRi thought it does DDoS :)Jan 19 22:25
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 19 22:27
josewarn ie users they are surfing unsafelyJan 19 22:27
josei think that's what you said, roy.. or something like that come to think of itJan 19 22:27
josesee you people later.Jan 19 22:27
Tallkenschestowitz, !!!!Jan 19 22:27
MinceRo/Jan 19 22:27
Tallkenschestowitz, you've been mentioned by C|netJan 19 22:27
Tallken!!!!!!Jan 19 22:27
*jose has quit ("Leaving")Jan 19 22:28
schestowitzHeyJan 19 22:28
schestowitzYes, I know, but it's not exciting.Jan 19 22:28
schestowitzThe /. link last week (to EDGI) was more helpful to FOSS. It showed new things.Jan 19 22:29
TallkenI haven't been following any site, the C|Net one just kinda popped up hereJan 19 22:29
TallkenI gotta go, just came here to warn ya in case you didn't know already :)Jan 19 22:29
Tallkencya!Jan 19 22:29
schestowitzTallken: cnet mentioned us some days agoJan 19 22:30
schestowitzIt's also in Digg's front pageJan 19 22:31
Tallkencool :DJan 19 22:31
schestowitzI want the EU commission to see this stuffJan 19 22:31
schestowitzThey have lots of things to pick up... better than the Opera stint.Jan 19 22:31
trmancoschestowitz, confirmedJan 19 22:32
trmancofissssshy is backJan 19 22:32
trmanco... or maybe a new person is reaing you logs and posting'em to colaJan 19 22:32
trmancoreading*Jan 19 22:32
*schestowitz looksJan 19 22:32
schestowitz"roy"Jan 19 22:33
trmancoI don't get itJan 19 22:33
trmancowhy d they all use gmail accountsJan 19 22:33
schestowitzHe's being stupidJan 19 22:34
schestowitzHe's just sending people to our site, trmanco Jan 19 22:34
trmancoyeah,Jan 19 22:35
trmancobut stillJan 19 22:35
schestowitzDrawing out one line among like 1000... including your picksJan 19 22:35
twitterMore like someone at M$ is throwing chairs over all the Comes vrs M$ postings.Jan 19 22:35
schestowitzThey are wasting their times reading IRCJan 19 22:35
trmancothese 'sometimes' personal attacks should stopJan 19 22:35
schestowitzShouldn't they be cr*apflooding Slashdot?Jan 19 22:35
twitterI like the Matt Asay link.Jan 19 22:35
twitterHe gives M$ too much credit about their "crossing the line"Jan 19 22:36
*Tallken has quit (Client Quit)Jan 19 22:36
twittertoday's story has that nice quote about changing TCO model to get the right results.Jan 19 22:36
twitterI hope this gets some loving, but It's already been modded down. 19 22:37
twitterThe EDGI story that front paged probably got a lot of attention in Redmond, and you have kept it coming since.Jan 19 22:38
twitterThe wiki has great potential.  Have you posted the list of "interesting" documents there so that other people can help you convert to text?Jan 19 22:38
schestowitzYes, sort ofJan 19 22:42
schestowitzWould you help us?Jan 19 22:42
schestowitzI have begun linking from the petition.Jan 19 22:42
schestowitzIt's NOT available elsewhere. Other lawyers can now pick it up, along with goof scans of evidence.Jan 19 22:42
schestowitzI envision each doc having a synopsis (I produced full text for some) and then linked to from several overview pages that cover a topic (like tags)Jan 19 22:43
schestowitzSo you arrive at the Wiki, choose a topicJan 19 22:43
schestowitzYou are then presented with a one line summary to each exhibit on this topicJan 19 22:43
schestowitzUpon clicking, you get extended summary, maybe full text and also the full PDF (that's the easy part)Jan 19 22:44
schestowitzI have about 400 posts in BN that cover Comes (posted since 2006)Jan 19 22:44
twittervery cool, of course I'd like to helpJan 19 22:46
schestowitzOkay, here's what we can do.Jan 19 22:47
schestowitzEventually, we'll publish the polished stuff (with attributions where suitable)Jan 19 22:47
schestowitzIn the Petition, I've begun chaining pages by adding "(c/f "[[PAGE_NAME]]")"Jan 19 22:48
schestowitzThis corresponds to existing pagesJan 19 22:48
schestowitzAnother thing that needs doing is tidying up of the memos already there.Jan 19 22:48
schestowitzOver 200 are pending addition.Jan 19 22:49
schestowitzTomorrow I'll do a post on IDC.Jan 19 22:49
twitterwhere is the Petition?Jan 19 22:49
schestowitzHold on.Jan 19 22:49
schestowitzYou'd enjoy reading it too if you haven't.Jan 19 22:50
twitter:)Jan 19 22:50
schestowitzPart 1: Part 2: 19 22:50
schestowitzMost of the heavy stuff is in part 2Jan 19 22:50
schestowitzI had to slice it to be scalable.Jan 19 22:50
schestowitzWe don't worry about layout at this stage. We'll do a template laterJan 19 22:51
schestowitzit's about linking and gathering the evidence ATMJan 19 22:51
schestowitzNeed to merge these: 19 22:52
schestowitzAll That Matters for Now is Out-of-the-Box Experience < >Jan 19 22:54
twitterI see the text page.  Lots of good stuff by Doug MentholJan 19 22:56
twitterMentohlJan 19 22:56
schestowitzYes, pseudonymJan 19 22:57
twitterSo, do you have a pile of pdfs to look at?  Linking from the petition looks like something you have a handle on.Jan 19 22:58
schestowitzSome things that I’d miss on moving from Linux to Windows < >Jan 19 22:58
schestowitzYes, I don't have all the PDFs (about 2.2GB on BN), but I might do thatJan 19 22:59
schestowitzThere are already 3 complele mirrors that I know of.Jan 19 22:59
schestowitzSo making complete archival record id not necessaryJan 19 22:59
schestowitzgotthefacts, antitrust.slated and EDGE-OP are good 'backup'Jan 19 22:59
twitterWhat I'd like is directions to interesting pdfs and the ability to put the text into the wiki.  If you could make a list of those, pointing to edge-op and friends, I can get to work when I have time.Jan 19 23:00
twittersynopsis would be a good startJan 19 23:00
twitterfull text for the really interesting stuff, like their attack on Walmart.Jan 19 23:01
twitterAn author name on the wiki would be sufficient attribution for me.  :)Jan 19 23:02
twitterwiki keeps track of diff, right?Jan 19 23:02
schestowitzExcellent.Jan 19 23:02
schestowitzWe already have many memos that have small extractionsJan 19 23:03
schestowitzAbout 60 of them in the WikiJan 19 23:03
schestowitzSynopsis can either be portions of interest or explanation of what's insideJan 19 23:03
schestowitzThe page title is not the Doc number (e.g. PX04226) but something memorableJan 19 23:03
schestowitzLike... this is the "Gates versus Linux BIOS" smoking gunJan 19 23:04
schestowitzIt's easier to locate this way tooJan 19 23:04
schestowitzIdeally, once done:Jan 19 23:04
twittercool, but we can't forget the original title or we will duplicate work.Jan 19 23:04
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Jan 19 23:05
schestowitzYou have a page on a topic/subject.. say Gartner.. with an indictment containing 10 documents with one line summaries, related blog posts, maybe press coverage, etc. The curious can move on to the PDFs to judge for selfJan 19 23:05
schestowitzIf we can shoot down the anal-ysts, then old CIOs that literally have lunch with Microsoft will no longer matterJan 19 23:05
schestowitzCIOs are already being thrown aside... it's an aged conceptJan 19 23:05
schestowitzYou can search the Wiki for dupesJan 19 23:06
schestowitzPut a substring of the doc #.Jan 19 23:06
schestowitzLike "px0333" and see what comes upJan 19 23:06
schestowitzIt's then possible to merge information too.Jan 19 23:06
twittera table with page name, linking to op-edge, synopsis and text status would help us organize the work of getting the text out.  from there, you can weave the story that the facts create.Jan 19 23:06
schestowitzWhat if you want to slice the table by topic?Jan 19 23:07
twitterthat is something you topic pages do.Jan 19 23:07
schestowitzAlso, some exhibits belong in more than one topic, so one page per topic would be goodJan 19 23:07
schestowitzThen it's linked to from all relevant topic, in due time.Jan 19 23:07
twittertopic pages can link back to the text pagesJan 19 23:07
schestowitzYes.Jan 19 23:07
schestowitzThink of a non-tree-strctured siteJan 19 23:08
twitterthe table I'm thinking of is just a work pageJan 19 23:08
schestowitzOne where there are very diverse relationships between pages... like WikipediaJan 19 23:08
twitterright, it is a wikiJan 19 23:08
schestowitzBut it will take work.. I do it every day and two more people do the same.Jan 19 23:08
schestowitzAnd it'g GNU licencedJan 19 23:09
schestowitzYou can replicate the whole thing and forkJan 19 23:09
schestowitzI don't own anything there... it's intended to inform, that's allJan 19 23:09
twitterrightJan 19 23:09
schestowitzThe more places it appears in, the merrier. BN is not a business but a campignJan 19 23:09
schestowitz*signJan 19 23:09
twitteryou are talking to someone named "twitter" :)Jan 19 23:09
schestowitztwitter is no business either, yet.Jan 19 23:10
schestowitzIt's weird how many FOSS people go there.Jan 19 23:10
schestowitzThere are AGPL-lic-ed alternativesJan 19 23:10
twitterI had my name before the microblogJan 19 23:10
twitterha haJan 19 23:10
schestowitzSee 19 23:11
schestowitzHe wrote to me the other dayJan 19 23:11
twittercoolJan 19 23:11
schestowitzHe's a huge advocate.. he likes my workJan 19 23:11
twitterEveryone likes your workJan 19 23:11
schestowitzNot really.Jan 19 23:12
tessier_SweatyB doesn't.Jan 19 23:12
tessier_BillG doesn't.Jan 19 23:12
schestowitzMicrosoft's trolls don'tJan 19 23:12
tessier_There's a whole lot of folks who hate Roy's guts! ;)Jan 19 23:12
schestowitzBut they are convicted criminalsJan 19 23:12
schestowitzWhich doesn't mean much in the US if you are richJan 19 23:13
twittertoo bad.  well, I've got a little something to do.  I'll be back later.  let me know if you make that list.  shoot it to me by email and I'll be able to work on making text and let you know if anything interesting is in it.Jan 19 23:13
schestowitzThanks.Jan 19 23:14
schestowitzI want to turn the petition (public domain sort of) into a primer to Microsoft crime. There, I said "crime".Jan 19 23:14
schestowitzThe meat of that petition makes you go crazy if you think what they got away with. "Fucking off" businesses and "tilting them into a death spiral" by bribing, sabotaging, etc. They really don't want this stuff visible to the broad publicJan 19 23:15
MinceRgnJan 19 23:16
schestowitzOne person wrote last week to say the DOJ was insane to go with the Netscape storyline because that was PEANUTS... the rest if proper crime, but revisionism from trolls makes it misunderstoof.Jan 19 23:16
schestowitz "A friend of mine was telling me how she went to buy a new computer, asked to have Linux on it, and was told “Linux is not good for you at home” and that she shouldn’t worry, they’ll just install her Windows XP and all the things she really needs, “for free”. Yes this happened in China, but it probably already happened elsewhere."Jan 19 23:18
*r0ver is now known as r0ver|brbJan 19 23:26
schestowitz'Lost in Space' robot actor Bob May dies < >Jan 19 23:27
*tessier ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 19 23:28
schestowitz:-( Gentoo Newsletter - An Alternative Solution 19 23:29
schestowitz "Thank you for taking the time to expose one of the distinguishing characteristics of a segement of our current generation of technology journalists. They don't dig for the facts to verify and build credible evidence for their ascertions. "Jan 19 23:31
schestowitzThat's the guy who said Linux was created by HP and IBMJan 19 23:32

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