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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 19th, 2009 - Part 1


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schestowitzOK, done. be sure to watch the video... it'll make you smile.Jan 19 00:04
MinceRgnJan 19 00:11
twitter*lookingJan 19 00:27
schestowitzEeek! Someone just mailed me this: 19 00:31
schestowitzHe says: "See image attached,, they kreep in from anywhere...."Jan 19 00:31
schestowitzIt's also hard to block these in BN. They use many different domains (channel)Jan 19 00:32
schestowitzWhy Google Employees Quit < >Jan 19 00:33
twitterhe he, that's a good version of his rant.Jan 19 00:36
twittergotta go help the wife, bblJan 19 00:36
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twitterbitch slap for dan 0-brain and vista 7Jan 19 01:59
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tessier 19 04:27
tessierThis is the blog of a former microsoftie which a lot of other microsofties seem to read.Jan 19 04:27
tessierThis particular article is no smoking gun or anything but who knows if something interesting might appear there in the future.Jan 19 04:28
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schestowitz "It was this document that led government to adopt the open document format as the national standard for government documentation."Jan 19 08:53
schestowitzEdward Said, "The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations"  < >Jan 19 08:54
schestowitz"According to a US report, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is considering a liver transplant." 19 08:57
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MinceRgeekingsJan 19 09:43
schestowitz Does anyone do Dutch?Jan 19 11:02
schestowitzIn case someone wondered about the Wiki: We put unorganised smoking guns there, fetch the text from the docs, link to then (eventually it'll be internal links), link to press coverage and when it's presentable it becomes public.Jan 19 11:07
trmancofishy is backJan 19 11:13
schestowitzNo WAY!!Jan 19 11:19
trmancomaybe notJan 19 11:22
trmancobut waitJan 19 11:23
trmanco 19 11:24
trmancousing chromeJan 19 11:24
trmancomaybe notJan 19 11:24
trmanco 19 11:26
schestowitzIt smells fishyJan 19 11:32
schestowitz Glyn: 'Windows worm numbers 'skyrocket' " - keep those factual, descriptive headlines coming, BBC people"Jan 19 12:56
schestowitzMicrosoft almost merged with Novell 17 years agoJan 19 13:55
schestowitzOMG.Jan 19 13:58
schestowitzBrad Silverberg: "look what znix is doing! cut those fuckers off."Jan 19 13:58
schestowitzThey dared to support something other than Windows.Jan 19 13:58
zoobabtestJan 19 14:01
schestowitzACK.Jan 19 14:02
schestowitzI will post that with context soon.Jan 19 14:02
MinceRwho's znix?Jan 19 14:03
schestowitzI'll post that in context soon.Jan 19 14:05
schestowitzThey 'dared' not to support MS-DOSJan 19 14:05
schestowitzI'm reading the petitionJan 19 14:05
schestowitz 19 14:05
schestowitzPlease don't edit because I'm already doing it right now. VERY interesting.Jan 19 14:06
schestowitz90 pages or so..Jan 19 14:06
schestowitz"Microsoft’s collaboration with Intel and Compaq was almost identical to Microsoft’s more recent collaboration with the same firms against Linux"Jan 19 14:07
schestowitz"Microsoft sent two managers to Japan to express Microsoft’s anger over the arrangement. Microsoft also threatened to raise the price of Windows to Hitachi if Hitachi installed Be’s boot manager on its computers."Jan 19 14:10
schestowitzMicrosoft... the Stalin regime of the 90s.... you've got to read the petition.. Jan 19 14:11
schestowitz"Microsoft has targeted the competing operating system by pressuring Intel, as well as various major OEMs such as Dell and Compaq, to boycott Linux."Jan 19 14:11
schestowitz In late 2000, for instance, Microsoft executive Joachim Kempin described his plan of retaliation and coercion to shut down competition from Linux: "I am thinking of hitting the OEM harder than in the past with anti-Linux actions" and ...Jan 19 14:12
schestowitz..will "further try to restrict source code deliveries where possible and be less gracious when interpreting agreements - again without being obvious about it," continuing "this will be a delicate dance."Jan 19 14:12
schestowitz" In March 2002, a Gateway marketing executive (Anthony Fama) testified before Judge Kollar-Kotelly in State of New York et al. v. Microsoft, Case No. 98-1233 (CKK), about how Microsoft used its MDA program in order to force OEMs to market Microsoft’s operating system exclusively"Jan 19 14:16
schestowitz"These restrictive agreements exited before 2000 but, in 2000, Microsoft ratcheted the restriction up so that OEMs are forced to forfeit all discounts otherwise earned if they ship any "naked machines" to consumers."Jan 19 14:17
schestowitz"Microsoft described its campaign as a "jihad" to win the "browser war." Microsoft embarked on that "jihad" because winning the "browser war" was essential to its ability to preserve the applications barrier to entry and to thereby preserve ..."Jan 19 14:27
schestowitz"Microsoft would be the sole supplier of browsers for use with Windows 95 and successor operating systems, and that Netscape would be the sole supplier of browsers for operating systems other than Windows 95 and its successors. Netscape refused to participate in Microsoft’s patently unlawful market allocation scheme."Jan 19 14:29
schestowitzSo once again Microsoft broke the law.Jan 19 14:29
schestowitz"Microsoft’s Vice President in Charge of the Platforms Group told industry executives: "We are going to cut off [Netscape’s] air supply. Everything they’re selling, we’re going to give away for free.""Jan 19 14:30
schestowitzThat's the CEO of VMware... Microsoft MOLEJan 19 14:30
schestowitz"I was quite frank with him [Scott Cook, Chairman of Intuit] that if he had a favor we could do for him that would cost Us something like $1M to do that in return for switching browsers in the next few months I would be open to doing that."Jan 19 14:31
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schestowitz"...failing to provide preferential treatment for Microsoft’s Interact browser, was deletion from the Windows desktop. Even the largest Interact Access Providers were unwilling to risk thisJan 19 14:49
schestowitzpenalty."Jan 19 14:49
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schestowitz"Microsoft also hopes to leverage its .NET market power to increase its market share in the adjacent market of embedded devices." <<--- this is something that was shown yesterdayJan 19 14:56
schestowitzThat's why Miguel et al (Microsoft lobbyisys) try to put Mono on devicesJan 19 14:56
MinceR150343 <@schestowitz> Microsoft almost merged with Novell 17 years agoJan 19 15:14
MinceRdo you have an article on this?Jan 19 15:14
schestowitzIt's not very newJan 19 15:17
schestowitzNoorda spoke to Gates at the time, IIRCJan 19 15:17
ushimitsudokiHa check out this headline: "    Microsoft and IE hit with EU antitrust attack" 19 15:17
schestowitzGates told Noorda he had power over the govt., sort ofJan 19 15:18
schestowitzushimitsudoki: I've just been reading about Netscape (many pages)... what a bunch of criminals they are I'm reminded..Jan 19 15:18
schestowitzIt's a miracle they were not embargoed a decade agoJan 19 15:18
schestowitzNone of what they do is make better products. They map competitors and destroy them one by one... they still can't manage with Google...Jan 19 15:19
trmancoWindows 7 has ODF supportJan 19 15:26
trmancobundledJan 19 15:26
PetoKraushow?Jan 19 15:26
trmancodon't knowJan 19 15:26
trmancothats what they sayJan 19 15:26
trmancohtt p:// -bumper-list-of-windows-7-secrets.aspxJan 19 15:27
twitterI wonder if my PDA can do Google docs.Jan 19 15:27
trmancojump to 15Jan 19 15:27
twitterif so, I can say that my PDA has ODF supportJan 19 15:27
twitterand that it will work better than anything from M$Jan 19 15:28
trmancoNovell is putting some good sense into Microsoft, or is this some dirty trick?Jan 19 15:28
twitteryou have to ask?Jan 19 15:28
trmancoWell, you don't have to reply to my question if you don't want toJan 19 15:30
MinceRperhaps they've realized that they can't bribe every single government on the planetJan 19 15:30
trmancoI wonder how ODF standard compliant it isJan 19 15:30
MinceRthat's another concernJan 19 15:30
schestowitzEEE in Vista7?Jan 19 15:30
MinceRconsidering that i've heard that not even their ooxml implementation complies with their own standardJan 19 15:30
trmancomaybe the just want to screw upODF with MicrostandardsJan 19 15:30
twitterwhen you can't bribe, lieJan 19 15:30
twitterjava, c, html, asci, bitmap, is there anything M$ has touched that they have not used to their advantage by making non standard?Jan 19 15:32
twitterM$ is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.Jan 19 15:33
trmancomaybe notJan 19 15:33
schestowitz 19 15:37
schestowitzThey could make 'Windows-flavoured' ODFJan 19 15:38
schestowitzLike they did with Java when they fought Java and Netscape.Jan 19 15:38
trmancothey could? I think they areJan 19 15:38
schestowitzIf you can't beat it, (embrace and extend) extinguish itJan 19 15:39
schestowitzIf they can injure Sun using Novell with Go-OOXML, then they are freer to abuseJan 19 15:39
schestowitzJust watch what they did in WMware, which is now operated by Microsoft lackeysJan 19 15:39
schestowitzVMware won't sue Microsoft because that's like MS suing MSJan 19 15:40
twitterLooking at your patent troll article.  The dating service targets are sinister.  So much for my PeerBook alternative to FaceBook.Jan 19 15:41
schestowitzI'm doing one about NC now..Jan 19 15:45
schestowitz 19 15:45
schestowitzFriend says : "I'm just curious (and I know there's probably no way to know for sure) if posting these documents online could have an impact on the current European anti-trust investigations into Microsoft.  I sure hope so.  Anyway, I'm glad to see all of these things being organized and made public. "Jan 19 15:46
schestowitz"Maybe it isn't so far-fetched to think Microsoft will fail soon, or at least be hit hard enough with fines to greatly reduce its money supply.  "Jan 19 15:46
twitterDistributed Lack of Purchasing attack (DLoP)Jan 19 15:48
schestowitzI get port-scanned several times a day now by Wintendo boxes... this hardly even happened before the latest worm outbreak.Jan 19 15:55
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twitterniceJan 19 16:07
schestowitzWanna read something fun and help me out?Jan 19 16:08
twittersureJan 19 16:08
twitterbeats that pathetic Vista7 secrets list of KDE like stuff and Windows annoyances.Jan 19 16:08
schestowitzI'm posting this prematurely (could use more proofreading): 19 16:09
twitterWhat's to read?Jan 19 16:09
schestowitzWe now have evidence that: (i) Microsoft has FUD tours organised; (ii) TCO is a Microsoft measure (Gartner is just a well-paid mouthpiece)Jan 19 16:09
schestowitzSee if you come across something awry while you read it.Jan 19 16:10
twitterOKJan 19 16:10
schestowitzI'm putting together so many dynamite refs for future use... EDGI; Allchin's "I'm scared (of Linux)"; Gartner corruption...Jan 19 16:11
twitterWell written and yes, explosive evidence of corruption.Jan 19 16:15
twitternice findJan 19 16:16
twitterSo, any TCO study that favors M$ has been a M$ controlled thing since 1997.Jan 19 16:18
schestowitzYesJan 19 16:18
twitterWow, they really screwed themselves with that one.Jan 19 16:20
schestowitzUse this when people utter "TCO"Jan 19 16:20
twitterI may have found a typo from a quote "we am driving the case study team"  from "the needed case studies"Jan 19 16:35
twitterthis may be original to the memoJan 19 16:36
schestowitzAh.. I see..Jan 19 16:36
schestowitzFixedJan 19 16:37
schestowitzI do the copying of text quickly and rely on my spellchecker, so it's probably my fault (haven't checked)... at least we have the original to accompany.Jan 19 16:37
twittercoolJan 19 16:38
schestowitzLet's link from the petition < > to exhibits we put in the Wiki. :-)Jan 19 16:39
schestowitzIdeally, we should be able to reproduce the Comes case in a sense.Jan 19 16:39
schestowitzI posted the petition in USENET (relevant part of it anyway)Jan 19 16:39
schestowitzReply: "No wonder Microsoft wanted to settle Comes quick and get the incriminating documents off-line.  Too bad they weren't quick enough."Jan 19 16:39
schestowitzWe got copies of all/most of themJan 19 16:40
schestowitzThe good news is, it doesn't matter if it was settled about 2 years ago... some of the evidence is decades old and never been seen by the publicJan 19 16:40
schestowitzSo we can take our time to nicely lay out the DYNAMITEJan 19 16:40
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trmancoschestowitz, do you still read Asay?Jan 19 17:11
trmancohere, have a peak -> 19 17:11
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schestowitztrmanco: I don't (unless it's linked to from somewhere)Jan 19 17:19
trmancosee that linkJan 19 17:20
trmancohe uses a post of yoursJan 19 17:20
schestowitzAh, that's nice.Jan 19 17:20
schestowitzHe cited BN last week as well.Jan 19 17:20
trmanco:-PJan 19 17:21
schestowitzI'll repost in COLAJan 19 17:22
schestowitzThat's why MS was so scared for the Comes caseJan 19 17:24
schestowitzI'm almost done with the petition. Should I post it in BN?Jan 19 17:24
trmancoyes, why notJan 19 17:26
schestowitzI want to interlink firstJan 19 17:26
schestowitzI have some volunteers who organise the smoking gunsJan 19 17:26
schestowitzWe can improve the petition, extending it with hyperlinksJan 19 17:26
schestowitzWill you be interested in reading the petition?Jan 19 17:28
schestowitzIt's like a REALLY good booksJan 19 17:28
schestowitz*bookJan 19 17:28
schestowitzTeaches you about the comp. industry tooJan 19 17:28
schestowitzIf you read it via Wiki, then you can mend typos as you go along readin.Jan 19 17:29
trmancopetition? what petition? did I miss something?Jan 19 17:29
trmancothis -> 19 17:31
trmanco ?Jan 19 17:31
trmancoit hugeJan 19 17:31
trmancoits*Jan 19 17:32
confignakhi there ..Jan 19 17:37
confignakthis is all still relevent, yea ?Jan 19 17:38
confignakschest ?Jan 19 17:39
*jose ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 19 17:41
schestowitzHey, joseJan 19 17:41
schestowitzhey, confignak Jan 19 17:41
schestowitzI am doing the petitionJan 19 17:41
schestowitzPolishing up nowJan 19 17:42
confignakGood,Jan 19 17:42
schestowitzI think I'll link it to exhibits it talks aboutJan 19 17:42
joseschestowitz, you can email me if you have comments to this 19 17:42
schestowitzIt covers everythingJan 19 17:42
confignakIt's a lot of text,Jan 19 17:42
schestowitzAARD code... OS/2.. BeOSJan 19 17:42
joseI probably should change it (besides some obvious changes necessary for a new format)Jan 19 17:42
schestowitzI just need to enhance it with help ;-) adding links to exhibits (PDF) with summaries and articles from the pressJan 19 17:43
joseit's a first draft that doesn't include a gentle intro nor good running examplesJan 19 17:43
schestowitzjose: brilliant, let me seee..Jan 19 17:43
josethnx but call it "brilliant" after you read itJan 19 17:44
joseif you still feel that wayJan 19 17:44
josein any case, it's a contributionJan 19 17:44
confignakYou need to boil these article down into a set of links off a main page that summerises the whole thing ..Jan 19 17:44
schestowitzYes!Jan 19 17:45
schestowitzjose: I've bookmarked it. Do you edit it some more?Jan 19 17:45
joseprobably after i sit back relax and then reread it (not today)Jan 19 17:45
confignak| title |Jan 19 17:45
confignaktext text text | links | text  text  text  text   text  text  text  text  text   text  text  text  text  text   text  text  text  text  text  text  text | links |  text  text  text  text  text  text& nbsp; text  text  text  textJan 19 17:45
confignakuse a standard template for all the pages ..Jan 19 17:46
josei want to write something many can understand, but this draft might serve as a first version that might be fine for nowJan 19 17:46
confignak 19 17:46
confignaklater ..Jan 19 17:47
*confignak has quit ()Jan 19 17:47
joseemail me if you read all of it and think it's fine or have questions/suggestions.. so as a first draft it's probably mostly ready i guessJan 19 17:47
schestowitzThanks. I will do.Jan 19 17:48
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_dougMS Silverlight To Stream Obama Inauguration EventsJan 19 17:57
_doug 19 17:57
joseschestowitz, i was re-reading and I want to make a point clearer.. even if mono core is safe from patents (if you want to believe that) it doesn't mean your mono app relying on mono core will be since it might overlap with extension characteristics that ms has patented..Jan 19 18:00 fact, the point of the section on extensions may not be that clear.Jan 19 18:00
schestowitz_doug: yea, seen thatJan 19 18:00 fact, all of it may need some fixing.. i understand it, but I've been thinking about this for a while and i also wrote it so know what i meantJan 19 18:01
schestowitzIsn't that adorable?Jan 19 18:01
josei'll probably want to re-read in a few days and see what i thinkJan 19 18:01
schestowitzjose: I found some good bits on .NET in Iowa stuff..Jan 19 18:01
schestowitzIt's really  a must-readJan 19 18:01
schestowitzjose: thanks.Jan 19 18:02
josedon't keep me waitingJan 19 18:02
schestowitzIn what sense?Jan 19 18:02
josewas iowa what ms really wanted to have removed from the public record? or does ms really want everything removedJan 19 18:03
*schestowitz reads LTJan 19 18:03
josedon't keep me waiting over the links to the iowa stuffJan 19 18:03
schestowitzMicrosoft settled super quickly Jan 19 18:03
schestowitzThe site then lockedJan 19 18:03
joseyupJan 19 18:03
schestowitzgrouchy had grabbed  a copy ;-)Jan 19 18:03
joseso what did you find and howJan 19 18:03
schestowitzGoogle Cache had some tooJan 19 18:03
joseoh okJan 19 18:03
schestowitzSo it made torrentJan 19 18:03
joselove torrentJan 19 18:03
schestowitzTens of thousands of pagesJan 19 18:03
schestowitzThe MAFIAA says the torrent protocols is 'ileggal"Jan 19 18:04
schestowitz*illegalJan 19 18:04
josewhen you post raw material, others can do some of the work.. works greatJan 19 18:04
joseileggal is not a problem ;-)Jan 19 18:04
schestowitzKeep people from sharing 'stuff' (like crime evidence)... keep the "helpless and divided", depending on 'producers' and responsible adults(C) for 'content)Jan 19 18:05
schestowitzjose: yes, it's on Big G tooJan 19 18:05
schestowitzSo people fish this stuffJan 19 18:05
schestowitzjose: see 19 18:05
schestowitzSo it's already getting wider publicityJan 19 18:05
schestowitzI hope you have a raw  copy of 19 18:06
josei wrote to the obama campaign disappointed about them helping to protect monopoliesJan 19 18:06
schestowitzMail me if you want this postedJan 19 18:06
josethe letter was thrown together oddly, but at least i got some points through to express disappointment as a constituentJan 19 18:06
schestowitzjose: some person has just proposed a petition: 19 18:07
joseok, will let you know then.Jan 19 18:07
joseif i take over 2 weeks to get back to you, you can go aheadJan 19 18:07
joseif by raw copy, you mean the original text essay, then yesJan 19 18:08
josewould it help/hinder if i add some markup? it might be fake mark-up but maybe help you out.. i may not do that thoughJan 19 18:09
schestowitzyes, pleaseJan 19 18:14
josedo you prefer a (anchor) tags be used instead of inline text urls?Jan 19 18:15
_dougI guess englisg isn't his first language :)Jan 19 18:16
_doug 19 18:16
_doug"The Internet is a supreme reserve for bag, tutoring, and going"Jan 19 18:17
_doug"When aquatics the cyberspace you are downbeat to supervise into harmful software twisted for the exclusive belief of incoming legwork notebook and then sabotaging from the inside."Jan 19 18:17
joseschestowitz, it's always good when less controversial sites/authors link to you.Jan 19 18:17
jose_doug, that's a remarkable sentenceJan 19 18:18
jose:-)Jan 19 18:18
_dougyea, BabelFish translation ?Jan 19 18:19
joseyes, that's what I was thinkingJan 19 18:19
josean auto jobJan 19 18:19
_dougis the net very sluggish recently ?Jan 19 18:19
_dougbrowsing slow, slow DNS lookup ?Jan 19 18:21
josei haven't noticed.. from florida, USJan 19 18:24
josethe isp might be the key here (?)Jan 19 18:24
_dougcrapola, I ran Wireshark and noticed a lot of dropped packets, are the telecoms injecting fake reset packets to disrupt peer-to-peer ?Jan 19 18:26
schestowitzjose:  in what sense?Jan 19 18:26
schestowitzOh, I see...Jan 19 18:26
schestowitzjose: anchor is betterJan 19 18:26
*schestowitz was distracted by post on Microsoft shillJan 19 18:27
_doug"Dear Valued Customer .. An attempt to access your abbey Online Banking was denied on:"Jan 19 18:28
_doug:)Jan 19 18:28
_dougThe link goes here :)Jan 19 18:29
schestowitzget the eff's kit for testing the throttling... Jan 19 18:29
_doug 19 18:29
schestowitzProject Switzerland or something they call it........Jan 19 18:29
_dougquery: KOREANJan 19 18:31
_dougsnoooozeeee ..Jan 19 18:36
schestowitzCould be an out-of-control ActiveXJan 19 18:36
_doug      .-.Jan 19 18:37
_doug     (/^\)Jan 19 18:37
_doug     (\ /)Jan 19 18:37
_doug     .-'-.Jan 19 18:37
_doug    \\) (//Jan 19 18:37
_doug     \ | /Jan 19 18:37
_doug      \|/Jan 19 18:37
_doug      \|/Jan 19 18:37
_dougjgs   /Y\Jan 19 18:37
_dougare you talking to me ?Jan 19 18:37
schestowitzAre these hand?Jan 19 18:42
schestowitz*sJan 19 18:42
_dougDUNNOJan 19 18:43
schestowitzLet me post something fun..Jan 19 18:44
schestowitzHere: 19 18:44
schestowitzTell me what you think.Jan 19 18:44
_doug              _             _Jan 19 18:44
_doug        I I   :  .'\   /`.  :   I IJan 19 18:44
_doug        I b__:   . .`~'. .   :__d IJan 19 18:44
_doug        I p~~:   . `._.' .   :~~q IJan 19 18:44
_doug        I I   :   ./   \.   :   I IJan 19 18:44
_doug         \`.   :   `---'   :   ,'/Jan 19 18:44
_doug          \`.   `..     ..'   ,'/Jan 19 18:44
_doug           \`.     ``~''     ,'/Jan 19 18:44
_doug            \`               '/    - mfjJan 19 18:44
_doug             \\             //Jan 19 18:45
_doug              ~             ~Jan 19 18:45
_dougThat image would make a great company logo @)Jan 19 18:46
_dougi51kbs .. very slow ...Jan 19 18:47
_dougThis happened elsewhere, the connection is massive for the first few weeks, then goes all sluggish ..Jan 19 18:47
schestowitzmjf: Mary Foley Jo?Jan 19 18:48
MinceRlooks like a half TIE InterceptorJan 19 18:48
MinceRwell, little more than halfJan 19 18:48
_dougyea .. it got cropped :?Jan 19 18:48
schestowitzThat's the Starship Enterprise's engine.Jan 19 18:48
schestowitzStar trekking to impose US harvesting in other planets. ;-)Jan 19 18:48
_doug      ,-.Jan 19 18:49
_doug     |66AJan 19 18:49
_doug    (|  `M\Jan 19 18:49
_doug   _>\   |M)Jan 19 18:49
_doug   '-_)=(_,'Jan 19 18:49
schestowitzThe  accusing Klingons of being "anti-Americans"Jan 19 18:49
schestowitzIs that a frog or a tux?Jan 19 18:49
_dougtux ..Jan 19 18:50
schestowitzVery oblique.Jan 19 18:50
schestowitzHere's a plan for Wiki editJan 19 18:51
schestowitzSince the petition has no links (other than cross-paragraph links), how about we add links to exhibits+summaries?Jan 19 18:51
_doug            .-""""-.Jan 19 18:51
_doug         |\__\    /__/||Jan 19 18:51
_doug          \    ||    /Jan 19 18:51
_doug           \        /Jan 19 18:51
_doug            \  __  /Jan 19 18:51
_doug             '.__.'    'Jan 19 18:51
_doug              |  |Jan 19 18:51
schestowitzThen, we can also have links to articles that relate to exhibitsJan 19 18:51
_doug              |  |Jan 19 18:51
schestowitzOn exhibit pages we have summariesJan 19 18:52
schestowitzWe have links to related newsJan 19 18:52
_dougI can't really concentrate right now, I feel beer is calling ...Jan 19 18:52
schestowitzAnd also, if coverage of them exists in BN (blog), then it'll be linked alsoJan 19 18:52
schestowitzBeer at 7?Jan 19 18:52
_dougThey jsut stiopped paying me to browse the Internet ..Jan 19 18:53
_dougIt's frigging monday already ... :(Jan 19 18:53
_dougre: "a plan for Wiki edit", write up an editing stylesheet, give examples ...Jan 19 18:54
_doug                  oJan 19 18:54
_doug                  |Jan 19 18:54
_doug                ,'~'.Jan 19 18:54
_doug              |   ____|_Jan 19 18:54
_doug              |  '___,,_'         .----------------.Jan 19 18:54
_doug              |  ||(o |o)|       ( KILL ALL HUMANS! )Jan 19 18:54
_doug              |   -------         ,----------------'Jan 19 18:54
_doug              |  _____|         -'Jan 19 18:55
_doug              \  '####,Jan 19 18:55
_doug               -------Jan 19 18:55
_dougnot much conversation going on here, why not bump anyone who doesn't contribute ?Jan 19 18:55
benJImanAs opposed to people who spam the channel with ascii art?Jan 19 18:56
schestowitzbenJIman: you're here for Novell, no?Jan 19 18:56
schestowitzI'm adding linkage in the Wiki right now..Jan 19 18:56
_doug ___________________          _-_Jan 19 18:56
_doug \==============_=_/ ____.---'---`---.____Jan 19 18:56
_doug             \_ \    \----._________.----/Jan 19 18:56
_doug               \ \   /  /    `-_-'Jan 19 18:56
_doug           __,--`.`-'..'-_Jan 19 18:56
_doug               `--.____,-'Jan 19 18:56
benJImanYes, they pay me to watch this channel.Jan 19 18:56
schestowitzYou get compensated in other waysJan 19 18:57
_doughi benJIman, I sooo missed you ?Jan 19 18:57
_dougat least I gave free entertainment :)Jan 19 18:57
schestowitz "Netcraft January 2009 Web Server Survey: Apache up 1%, Microsoft down 0.9%; even wider gap for active sites "Jan 19 18:57
schestowitzNot enough host 'incentives'..........\?Jan 19 18:57
_doug,dP""8a "888888b,  d8b    "888b  ,888"Jan 19 18:58
_doug88b   "  888  d88 dPY8b    88Y8b,8888Jan 19 18:58
_doug`"Y8888a 888ad8P'dPaaY8b   88 Y88P888Jan 19 18:58
_douga    Y88 888    dP    Y8b  88  YP 888Jan 19 18:58
_doug`"8ad8P'a888a  a88a;*a888aa88a   a888aJan 19 18:58
MinceRspam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam spamJan 19 18:58
*MinceR sings the Spam SongJan 19 18:58
schestowitzThey give a bad name for the dietary product those crackers..Jan 19 18:58
_doug      .--..--..--..--..--..--.Jan 19 18:58
_doug    .' \  (`._   (_)     _   \Jan 19 18:58
_doug  .'    |  '._)         (_)  |Jan 19 18:58
_doug  \ _.')\      .----..---.   /Jan 19 18:58
_doug  |(_.'  |    /    .-\-.  \  |Jan 19 18:58
_doug  \     0|    |   ( O| O) | o|Jan 19 18:58
_doug   |  _  |  .--.____.'._.-.  |Jan 19 18:58
_doug   \ (_) | o         -` .-`  |Jan 19 18:58
_doug    |    \   |`-._ _ _ _ _\ /Jan 19 18:58
_doug    \    |   |  `. |_||_|   |Jan 19 18:59
schestowitzMaybe the companies behind real spam will sue the pressJan 19 18:59
_doug    | o  |    \_      \     |     -.   .-.Jan 19 18:59
_doug    |.-.  \     `--..-'   O |     `.`-' .'Jan 19 18:59
_doug  _.'  .' |     `-.-'      /-.__   ' .-'Jan 19 18:59
schestowitzLike the "netbook" suitJan 19 18:59
_doug.' `-.` '.|='=.='=.='=.='=|._/_ `-'.'Jan 19 18:59
_doug`-._  `.  |________/\_____|    `-.'Jan 19 18:59
schestowitz_doug: enoughJan 19 18:59
_doug   .'   ).| '=' '='\/ '=' |Jan 19 18:59
_doug   `._.`  '---------------'Jan 19 18:59
_doug             ||       ||Jan 19 18:59
_doug             ||_.-.   ||_.-.Jan 19 18:59
_doug            (_.--__) (_.--__)Jan 19 18:59
*_doug has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 19 18:59
benJImanNought point nine percent? Stop the presses!Jan 19 19:00
tessier_At least he's obedient. Like my dog.Jan 19 19:00
joseschestowitz, when you spoke about having a raw copy, were you talking to me? Did you ask because you think re-printing from LT might be a problem?Jan 19 19:02
schestowitzYesJan 19 19:02
schestowitzNoJan 19 19:02
schestowitzOops.. I mean yes to the former, no to the matterJan 19 19:02
joseokJan 19 19:03
schestowitzOf course copy and paste from page or source is possible, but maybe you use an editor to do that (I use Kate)Jan 19 19:03
joseok, so if i don't get back to you on this in a couple of weeks, feel free to edit as you which and post if you wish.Jan 19 19:03
schestowitzThanks!Jan 19 19:04
josei'll send you an email with the text if you want it, though copying from lt (firefox to kate) should work i would thinkJan 19 19:04
schestowitzI've just done Slated's.Jan 19 19:04
joses/which/wishJan 19 19:04
schestowitzA little strong in terms of language: 19 19:04
schestowitzMiguel won't like it either (he reads us)Jan 19 19:05
MinceRbenJIman: i know it hurts you, but apache still has greater market share than iis :>Jan 19 19:05
schestowitzObama quits'..................... .................................  spam recruits zombie drones < >Jan 19 19:06

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