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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 20th, 2009 - Part 2


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seller_liarseller_liar: I will folow a patternJan 20 16:38
seller_liarschestowitz: I will follow a patternJan 20 16:39
seller_liarschestowitz: Shill NameJan 20 16:39
seller_liarschestowitz: Microturf pageJan 20 16:39
seller_liarschestowitz: Simple descriptionJan 20 16:39
seller_liarschestowitz: EvidencesJan 20 16:39
schestowitzThat'll be goodJan 20 16:39
schestowitzWikimedia can do tables tooJan 20 16:39
schestowitzLet me checkJan 20 16:40
seller_liarschestowitz: No , I will change the patterJan 20 16:42
seller_liarschestowitz: Shill name - (linked with personal page)Jan 20 16:42
seller_liarschestowitz: Simple descriptionJan 20 16:42
seller_liarschestowitz: Microtuft page and other linksJan 20 16:43
schestowitzBelkin President Disavows Fake User Review Offers < >Jan 20 16:43
schestowitzI'm not sure if they can be believedJan 20 16:43
schestowitzseller_liar: thanks a lot for this.Jan 20 16:43
schestowitzWe'll improve it over time.Jan 20 16:43
seller_liarschestowitz: You 're welcomeJan 20 16:44
seller_liarschestowitz: please put restricted control over these pages because m$ shills can attack somedayJan 20 16:45
schestowitzI'm editing the indexJan 20 16:45
schestowitzseller_liar: it might become sub-sonly when it begins being vandalisedJan 20 16:46
schestowitzThese pages are  not _yet_ publicJan 20 16:46
seller_liarschestowitz: if possible ,update  to gnu fdl 1.3Jan 20 16:46
schestowitzThe other wikis I have in other domains get vandalised so I locked themJan 20 16:46
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 20 16:46
schestowitzDone.Jan 20 16:47
schestowitz1.Jan 20 16:47
schestowitz1.3Jan 20 16:47
seller_liarschestowitz: thanks!Jan 20 16:47
schestowitzYou can grab anything you likeJan 20 16:48
schestowitzThe more people are made aware, the betterJan 20 16:48
schestowitzMost of the Wiki is currently a workspace to organise evidence of Microsoft's crimes.Jan 20 16:48
schestowitzit'll increasingly serve also as an index to BN posts (about 5400 of them)Jan 20 16:48
schestowitz+ about 10000 antitrust exhibitsJan 20 16:49
seller_liarschestowitz: the wiki stores all differences?Jan 20 16:52
schestowitzWe've just made the front page of Linux TodayJan 20 17:00
schestowitzLots of people find out the Truth about the Gartner GroupJan 20 17:00
schestowitzseller_liar: yes, everything you put itJan 20 17:00
seller_liarschestowitz: Finally , this is very good ,ethics in action!Jan 20 17:01
schestowitzThat's the beauty of the WikisJan 20 17:01
schestowitzWe had 13000 page views in the p[ast 12 hoursJan 20 17:01
seller_liarschestowitz: in m$ shill list put only boycottnovell links  ?Jan 20 17:01
seller_liarschestowitz: for exampleJan 20 17:01
schestowitzThere is a known Microsoft shills there.Jan 20 17:02
seller_liarschestowitz: Ms shill name (-Personal page)Jan 20 17:02
schestowitzhe's trying to attack the evidence.Jan 20 17:02
seller_liarschestowitz: Simples descriptionJan 20 17:02
seller_liarschestowitz: Boycottnovell evidenceJan 20 17:02
schestowitzSome Munchkins that has harassed Linux Today for /years/Jan 20 17:02
seller_liarschestowitz: and microturf pageJan 20 17:02
schestowitzThey used to censor himJan 20 17:02
schestowitzseller_liar: yes, that sounds very reasonableJan 20 17:02
schestowitz'Finished' work from the Wiki we can later publish for big(ger) attentionJan 20 17:03
seller_liarschestowitz: Then , the standard will be:Jan 20 17:03
schestowitzI have some more Comes antitrust items coming.Jan 20 17:03
seller_liarMsshill name (link to personal page)Jan 20 17:03
seller_liarsimple descriptionJan 20 17:03
seller_liarmicroturf pageJan 20 17:03
seller_liarboycottnovell evidencesJan 20 17:03
schestowitzWindows is winning: 20 17:03
schestowitzIt spreads.Jan 20 17:03
schestowitzseller_liar: better to link to evidence we have.Jan 20 17:04
schestowitzLike sample of work or antitrust E-mails.Jan 20 17:04
schestowitzIn Enderle's case for example we have some 'leaked' E-mails between him and the MS lackeysJan 20 17:04
schestowitzSo that's a major smoking gun that seals the deal... nothing to do with biases in his writings.Jan 20 17:04
seller_liarschestowitz: wikileaks have some info tooJan 20 17:05
schestowitzI'll add a page for the UKJan 20 17:05
schestowitzI wants to add some people from the British pressJan 20 17:05
seller_liarschestowitz: goodJan 20 17:05
schestowitzBuddies of MS.. having meals togetherJan 20 17:05
seller_liarschestowitz: Yes , UK have deep conexions with m$ sometimesJan 20 17:06
seller_liarschestowitz: It's possible to put the country flag in front of name?Jan 20 17:07
seller_liarschestowitz: Oh no, forgot itJan 20 17:07
seller_liarschestowitz: I thinks it 's better to use the current modelJan 20 17:08
schestowitzWhich one?Jan 20 17:10
schestowitz Jan 20 17:11
schestowitzDon't worry too much about layout. It's work in progress.Jan 20 17:11
seller_liarschestowitz: Organize m$ shill acording to countriesJan 20 17:11
seller_liarschestowitz: OkJan 20 17:11
schestowitzseller_liar: yesJan 20 17:11
schestowitzAmericanDream(C) bursts: Acer Gives Warning < >Jan 20 17:11
schestowitzIBM..Jan 20 17:25
schestowitzWhat an arrogant bunch..Jan 20 17:25
schestowitzI've just told their VP: "I express my opinion; you disagree and censor me, and that's just not fair."Jan 20 17:25
seller_liarschestowitz: Ibm buys knowledgeJan 20 17:26
schestowitzYes, that's my criticismJan 20 17:26
seller_liarschestowitz: ibm taticts are :Jan 20 17:26
seller_liarschestowitz: start some stupid and obvious researchJan 20 17:26
schestowitzHe doesn't want people to see opinions against itJan 20 17:26
schestowitzSo he just mailed meJan 20 17:26
seller_liarschestowitz: patent theJan 20 17:26
schestowitz"Give me a break!" says the subject lineJan 20 17:26
seller_liarschestowitz: patent the "invention"Jan 20 17:26
seller_liarschestowitz: HAHAJan 20 17:26
schestowitzTheir other employees send mails too.Jan 20 17:26
seller_liarschestowitz: Attacking you?Jan 20 17:27
schestowitzThey want people to suck up to their precious 'IP;Jan 20 17:27
schestowitzGiven the quality of some IBM patents, they should be ashamed of themselvesJan 20 17:27
schestowitzYesJan 20 17:27
schestowitzVP even... vice presidentJan 20 17:27
seller_liarschestowitz: Ibm have a lot of money ,and buys a lot of knowledgeJan 20 17:27
seller_liarschestowitz: Because this I don like big corporationsJan 20 17:28
seller_liarschestowitz: All big corporations tries to monopolise everythingJan 20 17:28
schestowitzHis censorship is utterly stupidJan 20 17:28
schestowitzI've just got more mail, re: wikipediaJan 20 17:28
schestowitz"Their repeated attempts to revise history shows up Wiki as a not too reliable source, maybe shaming them into corrective action" 20 17:28
schestowitzAs you know, we had a big post about it in BNJan 20 17:28
schestowitzMicrosoft's revisionists in WiipediaJan 20 17:28
seller_liarschestowitz: I know ,about thisJan 20 17:28
seller_liarschestowitz: Jimmy hughhJan 20 17:28
schestowitzYesJan 20 17:29
schestowitzAnother person thoughJan 20 17:29
seller_liarschestowitz: Post on boycottnovell wikiJan 20 17:29
schestowitzHe was just part of the editing groupJan 20 17:29
schestowitzSome guy with a pseudonym removed itJan 20 17:29
schestowitzseller_liar: I willJan 20 17:29
schestowitzI have lots more to add to it.. yetJan 20 17:29
seller_liarschestowitz: Can you give a list name? I will put in m$ shill lisJan 20 17:29
seller_liar*listJan 20 17:29
schestowitzAs for IBM, I can't help thinking about the 'masturbating moneys' remark from LinusJan 20 17:29
schestowitzIBM is pro-software patentsJan 20 17:30
schestowitzSay something against it and they get nervousJan 20 17:30
seller_liarschestowitz: Of course, Ibm puts 8 or 10 patents everydayJan 20 17:30
schestowitzIn BN we censor NO comment.Jan 20 17:30
schestowitzWow! 8 patents... how... INN-OVA-TIVEJan 20 17:30
schestowitzWhen I patent typing on keyboard while using mouse?Jan 20 17:30
schestowitzOr one-click shopping? Has someone 'owned' it yet?Jan 20 17:31
schestowitz 20 17:31
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 20 17:33
schestowitzI apologised for the impulsive comment either way. IBM's 'friend' from the north west (Microsoft) has just found someone to put money in: 20 17:34
*seller_liar (i=c91bae4d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 17:38
seller_liarschestowitz: IBM likes economical crisisJan 20 17:39
seller_liarschestowitz: Because it absorbs all market and transforms in a big monopolyJan 20 17:39
schestowitzYes, I knowJan 20 17:40
schestowitzSweepup timeJan 20 17:40
schestowitzMany people also run to Google's SaaS because this jail is a short-term saving opportunityJan 20 17:41
schestowitz"APPLE Messiah Steve Jobs has been too sick to work for his toy-making company, but is apparently well enough to work for another Mickey Mouse outfit. Jobs has applied for re-election on the board of Disney." < >Jan 20 17:42
schestowitz They have already fired 100,000 in this companyJan 20 17:43
schestowitzSpeaking o Big Blur[sic]:  Skype joins hands with IBM < >Jan 20 17:44
schestowitzMicrosoft drone pings BN: 20 17:46
schestowitzThis reminds me to add him to 'poison pen' listJan 20 17:46
*schestowitz added two people.Jan 20 17:47
seller_liarIBM is not big blue , is the nazi big beastJan 20 17:48
schestowitzHa!Jan 20 17:48
schestowitzBelkin busted after all.Jan 20 17:48
schestowitz"A bloke, possibly called Mark Bayard who, funnily enough, turned out to be a Belkin emplyee, posted the request on Amazon's Mechanical Turk web  site. He was rumbled by the Daily Background." < >Jan 20 17:48
schestowitzThe CEO denies it all... makes him look like a liar and jerkJan 20 17:49
schestowitzThis also violates EU laws, so they can be suedJan 20 17:49
schestowitzWindows kills: 20 17:50
seller_liarschestowitz: this is the cause of lack of ethics in societyJan 20 17:51
schestowitzThey need to release fast for investors.Jan 20 17:51
seller_liarschestowitz: people don t worry about software which hospital usesJan 20 17:51
schestowitzNever mind if it's easy to hijack. What matter is that people might payJan 20 17:51
schestowitzSure, they assume the hospital is liableJan 20 17:52
trmancoLOLJan 20 17:52
trmancoMoonlight 1.0 is outJan 20 17:52
schestowitzIf you due there because the system is down and there's no surgery, then, welll. too badJan 20 17:52
trmancojust in time for the Obama thingy ?Jan 20 17:52
schestowitzIt's a "computer problem".. not "Windows problem"Jan 20 17:52
schestowitzObama spoke about electronic records last nightJan 20 17:52
schestowitzGiven the mess that's Windows-based healthcare in the US, this might be a mistakeJan 20 17:53
schestowitzPaper is more reliable then Wintendo machines for dectorsJan 20 17:53
schestowitzThey also leak out patient databases.Jan 20 17:53
schestowitzTomorrow I'll post something approp. about thisJan 20 17:54
trmancoI jusr patched my 2.6.28 kernel to ar schools todayJan 20 17:54
seller_liarschestowitz: the sad thing is people does not do nothingJan 20 17:54
schestowitzAllchin et al talk about the Swiss Cheese that's Windows... BUT not in pubilic.Jan 20 17:54
trmancojust* at*Jan 20 17:54
trmancoschool*Jan 20 17:54
schestowitzWhy patch manually?Jan 20 17:54
trmancoI tuned my config file a little bit moreJan 20 17:54
schestowitzWTF?Jan 20 17:54
schestowitzYou hax0rJan 20 17:54
trmancostill have some errors but it bootsJan 20 17:55
trmancogem isn't working at full on the i945 intel cardJan 20 17:55
schestowitzAnother goodbye to bubbles: Empire Direct goes titsup < >Jan 20 17:55
trmancobut you can see a good graphic improvementJan 20 17:55
seller_liartrmanco: hey trmancoJan 20 17:56
schestowitzNot many computer businesses will survive this year, esp. consumer electronics and all that, as opposes to servicesJan 20 17:56
seller_liartrmanco: can you update octaiver matt profile?Jan 20 17:56
trmancoschestowitz, I like doing it my way, It's cool, and you have your own custom kernelJan 20 17:56
trmancoI started compiling my own kernel at 2.6.28Jan 20 17:56
schestowitzWhoaJan 20 17:57
schestowitzThe Belkin CEO liedJan 20 17:57
schestowitzThis is priceless.Jan 20 17:57
trmancoso I'm a newbie at kernel compiling, but I can get it to minimally function correctlyJan 20 17:57
schestowitzBelkin boss 'extremely sorry' for cash-for-good-reviews plan < >Jan 20 17:57
trmancoseller_liar, that trollJan 20 17:57
schestowitzEarlier he denied all the allegationsJan 20 17:57
trmancodon't feed crapJan 20 17:57
schestowitzThey should be suedJan 20 17:57
schestowitzWho would sue them though?Jan 20 17:57
schestowitz"According to an open letter from Belkin big cheese Mark Reynoso, the "unethical practice" was conducted by "one of our employees", who offered cash in exchange for good reviews."Jan 20 17:58
seller_liartrmanco: 20 17:58
seller_liartrmanco: please look and update octaiver profileJan 20 17:58
schestowitzMicrosoft must be doing this too... and many other companies tooJan 20 17:58
schestowitzCan't trust reviews on the Web.Jan 20 17:58
trmancoLOLJan 20 17:58
schestowitzIn Google Groips, my profile got rating-spammed tooJan 20 17:58
trmancomehJan 20 18:00
seller_liartrmanco: put the link site of octaier in wikiJan 20 18:01
seller_liartrmanco: I don t rememberJan 20 18:01
trmancoseller_liar, neither do I, but I can look for it, just wait until I finish reading COLAJan 20 18:02
seller_liartrmanco: please cite the octaiver homepage hereJan 20 18:04
seller_liarschestowitz: I have forgot the homepage linkJan 20 18:05
trmancoyep, I'll paste that crap hereJan 20 18:05
seller_liartrmanco: thanks!Jan 20 18:05
trmancoIt is running on Windows+IIsJan 20 18:05
seller_liartrmanco: probablyJan 20 18:05
schestowitz 20 18:06
trmancoseller_liar, it really is, I checkedJan 20 18:06
seller_liartrmanco: please give me the linkJan 20 18:10
trmancowaitJan 20 18:11
trmancoseller_liar, you sure are anxiousJan 20 18:11
seller_liartrmanco: okJan 20 18:11
seller_liartrmanco: no I'm not , I was trying to put a list of bra/pt  trollsJan 20 18:11
trmancomicroturfs has com PT trollsJan 20 18:12
schestowitzFULLSix?Jan 20 18:13
trmanco 20 18:13
schestowitzFullSIX?Jan 20 18:13
trmancowhat is that?Jan 20 18:14
trmancoseller_liar, found it 20 18:15
seller_liartrmanco: thanks!Jan 20 18:15
trmancoseller_liar, there is another oneJan 20 18:17
seller_liartrmanco: tell meJan 20 18:17
trmancolivebetas (dot) comJan 20 18:17
schestowitz " Docket Update: New Bankruptcy Filings - UPDATED - AutoZone, Too - Members Only"Jan 20 18:18
trmancohe is not just anti linuxJan 20 18:18
schestowitzIs PJ reluctant to show SCO work in public now?Jan 20 18:18
trmancohe doesn't like macs tooJan 20 18:18
schestowitzCould be a Luddite or a henchman.Jan 20 18:19
trmancomicrosoft fanboyJan 20 18:21
trmancohe is "all about microfoot", he even has a technet subJan 20 18:21
seller_liartrmanco: livebetas is a phising siteJan 20 18:21
trmancophising?Jan 20 18:21
seller_liartrmanco: the link is correct?Jan 20 18:21
trmancowaitJan 20 18:22
seller_liartrmanco: try livebetas.comJan 20 18:22
trmancoseller_liar, .netJan 20 18:22
trmancosorryJan 20 18:22
trmancomy mistakeJan 20 18:22
seller_liartrmanco: okJan 20 18:22
seller_liartrmanco: Are there some evidence of this site attacking gnu linux?Jan 20 18:25
seller_liartrmanco: It's a heavy pro ms , but I need some evidence of attacking linuxJan 20 18:25
trmancoseller_liar, 1 secJan 20 18:26
seller_liartrmanco: okJan 20 18:27
schestowitzCaught AstroTurfing: Bad Belkin Bayard Business.. < >Jan 20 18:28
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 20 18:40
*seller_liar (i=c91bae4d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 18:45
schestowitz 20 18:50
schestowitzCapital~1 B0rkedenJan 20 18:50
schestowitzDisappointed Belkin customer can band up and sue the company now for faking status.Jan 20 18:51
schestowitzWhat Microsoft fans say about imminent layoffs: 20 18:58
benJIman 20 19:03
schestowitz 20 19:19
schestowitz ( Fresh warning on China bird flu)Jan 20 19:29
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 19:31
*kapipi has quit (SendQ exceeded)Jan 20 19:31
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 19:32
*jose__ ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 19:34
jose__schestowitz.. that thing i wrote yesterday doesn't make sense to me this morning..Jan 20 19:35
jose__this should be better.. for now..Jan 20 19:35
jose__ 20 19:35
schestowitzThanks.Jan 20 19:35
schestowitzI wondered about this.Jan 20 19:35
schestowitzI was just about the leave (gym closes at 10), but I'm reading this quickly.Jan 20 19:36
jose__let me know if you think you can tell what the point of the comment isJan 20 19:36
schestowitzOKJan 20 19:37
trmanco 20 19:37
schestowitzI wonder what it would be liked had Microsoft and Novell merged in 2992Jan 20 19:37
schestowitzThey almost did.Jan 20 19:37
schestowitzjose__: group these comments and send them to me, pleaseJan 20 19:38
trmanco2992?Jan 20 19:38
jose__1992Jan 20 19:38
schestowitz1992Jan 20 19:38
trmancookJan 20 19:38
schestowitzbblJan 20 19:38
*jose__ has quit ("Leaving")Jan 20 19:47
*tessier has quit ( 20 19:49
*ChanServ has quit ( 20 19:49
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-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, it would appear one of our sponsors are having some issues with their connectivity. As a result we've lost one of our client (leaf) servers along with services. We hope to have things back to normal asap. Jan 20 19:51
trmanco 20 19:59
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* gives channel operator status to ChanServJan 20 20:07
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-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, Everything is back to normal now (services included) -- bgp issues with uunet as the cause of the problem. Apologies for the inconvenience and have a good day.Jan 20 20:09
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*moogstrap (i=c13fc5f6@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 20:29
moogstrapah, it works nowJan 20 20:30
moogstrapthe connection froze the moment I tried to type anything before. So, does RMS fly first-class or not?Jan 20 20:32
tessier_moogstrap: NoJan 20 20:37
moogstrapoh goodJan 20 20:37
moogstrapnow I knowJan 20 20:38
moogstrapI saw an interesting thing about astro-turfing earlier: and 20 20:42
tessier_ Microsoft: Forget Yahoo, buy PalmJan 20 20:43
tessier_moogstrap: Yeah, I posted that url yesterdayJan 20 20:43
moogstrapdohJan 20 20:44
moogstrapI've had a long weekendJan 20 20:44
moogstraphow about this? win7 as a free upgrade, but it's the only article I've seen on the subject: 20 20:45
moogstrapoh wait. no there are a few others tooJan 20 20:46
moogstrapwtf. oh. this is old, old newsJan 20 20:46
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 20 20:54
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trmanco | "If you're an <> or Twitter user, you can direct aJan 20 21:08
trmancocomment to "obamainaugural" on Twitter asking them why the officialJan 20 21:08
trmancostreaming format is Microsoft's Silverlight and not Ogg Theora. PublicJan 20 21:08
trmancoevents like this should be broadcast in publicly accessible freeJan 20 21:08
trmancoformats, not used as levers to gain market share and control overJan 20 21:08
trmancocitizens for proprietary software companies like Microsoft.Jan 20 21:08
trmanco"Jan 20 21:08
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 21:11
trmancoDigg is suffering from a Digg effectJan 20 21:58
MinceRdigg is suffering from the m$ and crApple fanboy effectJan 20 21:58
trmancothat tooJan 20 21:59
schestowitzCousin says: "I guess that most investor portfolios will take a 5% drop today. In case you are not fast at arithmetic, that is a $5000 loss for each $100,000 invested. [...] I can’t help but wonder if this was a negative reaction to Obama’s installation, or due to signs of something else on the horizon, like a couple of big banks about to collapse."Jan 20 22:01
schestowitzMS down 6.5%Jan 20 22:02
MinceRbusiness doesn't like the new corporate puppet?Jan 20 22:02
schestowitzNo.Jan 20 22:04
schestowitzMy friends get offended when I call him that... though I supported himJan 20 22:04
schestowitzIBM's VP slagged me off for suggesting this.Jan 20 22:05
MinceRwell, he's still better than McBushJan 20 22:05
MinceRand WJan 20 22:05
MinceRdoesn't make him any less of a corporate puppet though.Jan 20 22:05
schestowitzMS to buy Palm (Linux)? Nonsensical.Jan 20 22:06
schestowitzHe needs to sack everyone in the White House...Jan 20 22:07
schestowitzAnd send Bush to trial.Jan 20 22:07
schestowitzTrial, not prison.Jan 20 22:07
MinceRthey can't buy everyone using linux on mobile devices.Jan 20 22:08
schestowitzThough Bush too was a puppet of people who deceived himJan 20 22:08
schestowitzThey too need to be sent to a non-US court like The Hague.Jan 20 22:08
schestowitztrmanco: the inauguration is like a sporting event... brought to you by Microsoft executives.Jan 20 22:09
schestowitzBallmer, Smith, gates and their spouses... among many other corporate people to whom this is slush fund.Jan 20 22:09
trmancoschestowitz, There is some footage in OGGJan 20 22:10
schestowitzNOVL is down 5%... below $3.5Jan 20 22:10
trmancoschestowitz, see: 20 22:10
schestowitztrmanco: belated?Jan 20 22:10
trmancodon't know what "belated" meansJan 20 22:10
schestowitzNot live in this case?Jan 20 22:11
trmancoschestowitz, not sure, I haven't checkedJan 20 22:18
schestowitzbrbJan 20 22:19
*The (i=63ee6975@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 22:24
*The has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 20 22:36
tessier_Experts are warning that hackers have yet to activate the payload of the Conficker virus.Jan 20 22:41
tessier_I'm hoping for serious collateral damage.Jan 20 22:41
MinceRso am iJan 20 22:42
schestowitztwitter: unleash Change Powa on 'em.Jan 20 22:53
schestowitzMatt Lee from the FSF: "Both of these are useful measures against C#, and potentially good ways of doing things JavaScript is the best dynamic scripting language, with a sweet spot between familiar syntax and power, and Vala’s idea of translation to C worked well for the old d2c Dylan compiler." 20 22:54
schestowitzJimbo Wales: "Jimmy Carter: “Obama can change our reputation in ten minutes”" He changed Wall Street (aka FraudStreet) rpetty fast....Jan 20 22:56
schestowitzKelly Fiveash  is a bit of a MS pen in The Reg.Jan 20 22:58
schestowitzI sense a strong patternJan 20 22:58
trmancoOT: 20 23:01
schestowitz*LOL* 20 23:01
schestowitzinv(GARTNER)=RENT RAGJan 20 23:02
tessier_'"Of course, the real problem is that people haven't patched their software," he added.' -> 20 23:02
tessier_No, the REAL problem is that the software sucks.Jan 20 23:02
schestowitzRPCJan 20 23:02
schestowitzMaybe they learned from past experiences...Jan 20 23:02
schestowitzMany MS patches render machines dysfunctional if not unbootable (mostly Vista and SP1)Jan 20 23:03
schestowitzOur post about Get the Facts has impact here too... Jan 20 23:06
schestowitz 20 23:06
schestowitzApache Holds Steady Market Share, Still Dominating Microsoft IIS < >Jan 20 23:08
MinceRgnJan 20 23:10
schestowitzThe bribing charity killers slash prices too... (Intel cuts prices by up to 48 percent)Jan 20 23:18
schestowitzTop Android man is leaving..  Jan 20 23:20
schestowitz 20 23:20
schestowitztrmanco might like this: (Short Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 new feature list)Jan 20 23:25
moogstrapanother "win7 will kill linux" article. But this time it's Linux and Apple's fault! 20 23:44
*mib_ats6yn (i=47b13382@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 20 23:46
schestowitzPaul Rubens is not a trollJan 20 23:46
schestowitzSome people labeled him a shill, but let me read it quickly.Jan 20 23:46
*mib_ats6yn has quit (Client Quit)Jan 20 23:47
schestowitzSensationalist from what I can gather... overstating his case to support exaggerated hypothesis (headline)Jan 20 23:48
tessier_Paul Rubens? Isn't that Pee Wee Herman?Jan 20 23:48
schestowitzLinux, unlike OS X, is not just a desktop platform (in _practice_)Jan 20 23:48
tessier_Paul Reubens seems to be the correct spelling.Jan 20 23:48
schestowitzHow many devices out there run Linux whilst Microsoft shouts frantically about the 5% market share od WincE?Jan 20 23:48
moogstraphe praises Ubuntu et al. It's just the "you guys blew it. Big time" that addled meJan 20 23:48
schestowitzRemember (from the other day): "Linux has over 50% market share" (DVRs I think)Jan 20 23:48
schestowitzmoogstrap: he ALWAYS praises UbuntuJan 20 23:49
schestowitzPeople in some sites I visit blasted him for itJan 20 23:49
schestowitzThis blindness is badJan 20 23:49
schestowitzMandriva is just as good. Ubuntu is overhyped and such reporters perpetuate this hype.Jan 20 23:49
moogstrapyeahJan 20 23:50
moogstrapbut that's everywhereJan 20 23:50
schestowitzUbuntu Faster Than Windows XP Feedback < >Jan 20 23:54
moogstrapfor good measure: a cocounter-argumentJan 20 23:55
moogstrapcounter evenJan 20 23:55
schestowitzmoogstrap: it's a cyclic thing. Like in Microsoft's memos.... it becomes consensus or convention think -- no matter how wrong.Jan 20 23:55
schestowitz*conventionalJan 20 23:55
moogstraphrmm. you see it a lot on ./ -- for a lot of people, Linux IS UbuntuJan 20 23:56
moogstrap/. *Jan 20 23:56
schestowitzThey feed the talking points ("Killer(R)")Jan 20 23:56
schestowitzThey recite the MicrosoftSlogan(R)Jan 20 23:57
schestowitzLike peopleready.Jan 20 23:57
schestowitz 20 23:57
schestowitz"Some dust is being kicked up about a group of bloggers who have accepted payola for endorsing Microsofts ad campaign named ‘People Ready’. The particulars of the indiscreations are being batted around blogger land and some well known journalists have chimed in their thoughts. But the community as a whole seems divided on the subject if ethics for bloggers should apply the same as it does for journalists."Jan 20 23:58
schestowitzFrom people-read to "Linux killer"? ;-) j/kJan 20 23:58
moogstrapI think "primetime" is the most hated of all FUD-words. It's mine anyhowJan 20 23:58
schestowitzYesJan 20 23:58
schestowitz"Ready for desktop" is FUDJan 20 23:59
schestowitzI've said this for yearsJan 20 23:59
schestowitzIt poses readiness as a questionJan 20 23:59
schestowitzIs Linux "ready" for the desktop (yet)?Jan 20 23:59
schestowitzIs VIsta?Jan 20 23:59
schestowitzDefine readyJan 20 23:59
schestowitzAre users ready for change?Jan 20 23:59
schestowitzSo all these gimmicks have psychological impact on readersJan 20 23:59

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