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Eye on Security: Microsoft Blamed for Windows Security Issues; GNU/Linux as Comparator

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Summary: Some links about security in Windows compared to GNU/Linux

Windows Security: is Microsoft innocent?

Until it can stand tall and proclaim it is doing just that, and perhaps more importantly the end user can believe as much, in the same way that they believe Apple and the various flavours of Linux, I am afraid that I cannot actually think of a single reason why I shouldn't blame Microsoft until the cows come home.

'Strong' Passwords May Not Be All They're Cracked Up to Be

Last year, Microsoft’s Hotmail service lost several thousand user passwords in just this way.

Compound Vulnerabilities

Between the patching, the re-re-reboots, the war against malware, and disasters like this one, wouldn’t the world be much further ahead to use GNU/Linux instead? If GNU/Linux lacks features that users of IT feel is important, they could spend their money on improving GNU/Linux instead of keeping that other OS alive, sometimes. All these billions could be put to better use.

Watch the author being trolled or possibly AstroTurfed by "amicus_curious", who posts elsewhere under various names and acts as some sort of a PR/spin agent. Other new examples include the comments on this post (as well as many more).

For a long time M$ sold licences the same price everywhere but lately, in order to block un-licensed software and GNU/Linux, they have seriously cut prices in places like China. If SCOTUS decides that the first-sale rule applies to importations, M$ will face stiff competition by importations of its own products. M$ could respond by not selling in foreign markets, or cutting prices globally. Both would seriously impact the bottom line but would finally force the monopoly to compete on price everywhere and not just to stifle competition. It is silly to charge $100+ in the USA for stuff that sells for $3 in China. They could modify the EULA, perhaps (if this is not covered already), but on what basis would the BSA prosecute?

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