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EPO and IAM: a Marriage of Convenience

From a video released by the EPO just 2 days ago


Summary: IAM, which is paid by the EPO's PR firm (FTI Consulting), provides the EPO with propaganda or talking points, using a very unscientific 'survey'

TECHRIGHTS is aware that the EPO, along with its PR team, enjoys a network of supporters. They typically serve the party line of Battistelli.

Yesterday we found this rather awkward reading of a script by Benoît Battistelli (one among several propaganda videos released on 3/3, the "EPO propaganda day", in an effort to manufacture positive press coverage when it's sorely needed for distraction), complete with the old talking points (debunked here before), UPC propaganda, and figures from IAM, which is being paid by the EPO (recall the ~$1,000,000/annum FTI Consulting contract). See the screenshot above. For those who wonder where this data comes from, it is "IAM readers", i.e. hardly a good enough and statistically-meaningful (or neutral) pool of people to poll. It's also easy to game. Here is the 2012 report and a screenshot to help get past the paywall:

2012 at IAM

From 2015:

2015 at IAM

In the above video, with the IAM Survey 2015 logo in the background, Battistelli says (or reads someone's script): "More users have confirmed that they're highly satisfied with the quality of our products."

Battistelli calls this an "independent survey". What a joke! It's like listening to a Shell/BP/Exxon executive commenting on the effect of his/her company on global warming. They pay PR firms to mislead the public about it.

Battistelli cares about (or knows about) science and statistics as much as waste management does. He makes up for this ignorance with attitude that terrifies.

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