Bonum Certa Men Certa

Biden Won The US Election, But the Challenges Ahead Have Only Just Begun

We all need to pressure Biden quite soon (but not too soon)

Biden won

Summary: We need to remind people that Biden is no champion of freedom (now that he almost officially won the election and it's hard to imagine anyone taking it away from him)

THE OTHER day (before the election) we said we'd refrain from blasting Biden until after his campaign more or less secures the outcome (which we correctly foresaw).

Civil rights activists oughtn't celebrate too soon. Biden isn't left-leaning, he's no populist and when it comes to "tech rights" (like privacy or sharing) he's no champion at all. He was in fact one of the worst his party had to offer (at the time of the nomination race).

"Contrary to myths, Trump did not stop wars (it's merely an illusion) and he helped bank[st]ers/billionaires far more than Obama even did (even after the Bush era financial meltdown)."Over the next few days we're going to formulate what we think ought to happen next in terms of activism; to prevent Biden 'campaigning' for the plutocrats who sponsored him (the likes of Donald Trump) we need to constantly remind him that his constituents and people who went out to vote for him (risking COVID-19 infection, unless the ballots were sent from home) shouldn't be let down the way many were let down by Obama/Biden, paving the way to Trump and 4 years of Trumpism (basically loads of corruption and a crimes galore).

Look backContrary to myths, Trump did not stop wars (it's merely an illusion) and he helped bank[st]ers/billionaires far more than Obama even did (even after the Bush era financial meltdown). The country is deep in debt (exceeding GDP) while the likes of Bill Gates see their wealth soaring (they pocket bailout money). Microsoft too was bailed out by Trump... as though it deserved billions in cash infusions, unlike people who became homeless and hungry (some had become so infuriated by this institutional abandonment and voted Trump in a "protest vote").

Anyway, in order to better understand why Biden isn't trustworthy (except compared to Trump, a low standard to compare anyone to) consider his strong ties to the RIAA, which is currently assaulting Free software together with Microsoft.

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