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The European Patent Office Isn't About Patents Anymore and It's Run by Clueless People

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Summary: Today's EPO management, basically a cabal of friends gathering around EPOnia for huge salaries and bonuses, doesn't know what it takes to run a patent office; it compensates for it by pretending to be little but a Public Relations office

THE EPO is not acting like a patent office anymore. It's just a cash cow that uses patent grants and renewals to generate cash. Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos are just cash generators that deplete or stomp on patent law for the sole purpose of money passage. Does the German government care? Well, Germany benefits from it financially (by ignoring morality and justice deficits). What about the rest of Europe? Many other states hooked up with the EPO, but the treaty they all agreed on (EPC) is an obsolete piece of paper that's routinely violated.

"As if medicines and vaccines could not be developed until a patent system existed in EPOnia."Today's EPO lacks an identity and the video above goes through the latest "news", according to EPO management. (warning: link)

Spoiler: it's not news and it's not actual. It's not factual, either.

The Office is posing as art gallery, hangs out with schoolgirls (no connection to patents), and makes false claims about the relationship between patents and the pandemic. In our Daily Links we've already included well over 100 different articles about the harms caused by patents in that area, in effect killing many people (needlessly!) just to keep the cost of remedies artificially high. This, to us, is a more pressing/urgent issue than European software patents. People literally die because of these patents. The EPO openly celebrates such patents. As if medicines and vaccines could not be developed until a patent system existed in EPOnia.

Maybe all this was long in the making; the EPC lacked safeguards, including government oversight (immunity has done great harm). Today's Office (or "Org") is run by sociopaths who 'farm' chinchillas for their skin and fur; or chronic liars such as Christoph Ernst.

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