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Announcement: Updating Our Keys (Don't Be Alarmed by Warnings)


Summary: Important notice to people who read the site over the gemini:// protocol

THIS is just a quick announcement. Last month we updated our self-signed SSL keys, for those who insist on HTTPS although we do not formally support HTTPS. But more importantly, due to a security patch, hours ago we updated Agate (for gemini://) and this involved a transition to a new standard for server verification. If your Gemini clients/browsers moan about the key+certificate pair having been changed by the Techrights capsule, don't worry. It's not an imposer. We patched Agate and had to change the pair. It's not a security risk. We just swapped files. The new pair, like the previous one, should be good for almost a decade.

"...over time we're enhancing the Gemini experience of Techrights because there are many practical benefits."In terms of traffic in Gemini, this month it's looking like we might serve over 200,000 pages (over gemini:// alone). Gemini space is growing very fast. If you're new to this whole thing, start here. We aren't outsourcing "trust" to the corporate Linux Foundation ("Let's Encrypt") and over time we're enhancing the Gemini experience of Techrights because there are many practical benefits.

As promised, there's a big series about the EPO on the way. We're getting back to the Benoît Battistelli days because António Campinos is nakedly attacking judges, whom he's also pressuring to unlawfully allow European software patents. There will likely be ongoing attempts to deplatform us, one way or another.

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