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Techrights Statement on Phoronix

Summary: Techrights will refrain from linking to Phoronix any longer and urges others to do the same

IN LIGHT of a recent incident,

AND IN LIGHT of a lack of response when asked to clarify the nature of it (repeated requests for clarification; a presumption of innocence),

TECHRIGHTS henceforth considers PHORONIX a compromised blog or 'bought' news site.

The matter was considered internally and various possible explanations were being carefully considered (for transparency, it is in IRC logs).

A lack of transparency adds further to distrust and the independence/objectivity is imperilled.

This adds up given prior observations regarding other firms.

We expect that given enough time spin can be crafted and an "alternative" explanation will be given. We urge people not to accept spin.

CONSEQUENTLY, Techrights will not be linking to that site or its forums anymore.

Moreover, Techrights cautions readers to treat with suspicion the content therein.

Phoronix comment

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