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How the EPO is Like Putin's Russia

Summary: Looking carefully at the way Team Battistelli and Team UPC operate, they're no better than RT and Sputnik, but their lies are being tolerated and even spread by European politicians; the EPO is a massive stain on the EU's reputation/credibility, contributing to deaths and instability instead of advancing science

Political analogies/metaphors are a sensitive and potentially distasteful thing at the moment. Many people grieve. Then again, EPO corruption is no laughing matter either. It costs lives; not only EPO examiners die because of depression and suicides (depression begets health issues that shorten one's life). As a result of patent monopolies -- e.g. patents on vaccines -- millions of human being die needlessly each year.

In this post I wish to quickly explain why the EPO is a lot more like Putin's Russia (or Putin's regime, not the same as Russian people), not 'civilised' Europe, and what can be said about Ukraine's rush to embrace the EU as if the EU is the beacon of freedom. As Team UPC has demonstrated to us, the EU is also happy to embrace and cover up lawlessness, in the name of supposed 'unity' (like United Russia).

Austria, Slovenia, Ramsay, and UPCBearing in mind this is a precarious topic -- albeit one that António Campinos is happy to exploit for political gain -- we'll choose softer terms.

Russia is often condemned for spying on and censoring its population. How about the EPO? Yes, it does the exact the same thing on many level. So tick that box, António!

Team UPC and ConstitutionsConstitutional aspects in Russia are being routinely disregarded by the dictator. Does the same thing happen in the EPO? Yes, UPC is a violation of Conventions, Constitutions and so on. The EPC (Convention) is very routinely violated, along with the Vienna Convention. Constitutions were violated also last year by António's fudge factory. So out the window goes adherence to the most fundamental law. The EPO is run by opinionated fundamentalists who understand no language other than money.

Hotline Stalin: 'Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don`t let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?' -Joseph StalinNext, what about freedom of association? Over the past year ILOAT has repeatedly blasted the EPO for attacks on these rights. Did the EPO comply with rulings? Barely. It wrote a dozen words about it and moved on as if nothing happened...

EPO data scandalWhat about privacy? The privacy of examiners and stakeholders is being grossly violated. As an EU person, António very well understands that, but he chooses to sweep his violations under some rug while hiring old friends to pretend there's compliance. Just like in Russia...

Navalny, Google and more: the curious case of the ‘Smart Voting’ trademarkDoes the EPO tolerate dissent? No, not even from its own judges, whose task is to scrutinise the Office. So tick that box, António! You may look very different from Putin, but your temper tantrums give your true self away. Vodka is no wine, but the net effect is the same. You're drunk on power!

Doesn't matter if it's illegal if my puppets vote for itSpeaking of power, who's keeping that under check? The man from the Eastern Bloc?

The EPO is a deeply defunct institution. That the European officials (EU/EC/EP) do nothing on the matter is a total embarrassment to Europe. Speaking of which, the EU has hardly done anything for the Ukrainian people. It's mostly "token" support, as skin-thin/surface-level platitudes are seen as opportunistically desirable in appeasement of tyrants like Battistelli and Campinos, who bought a lot of their support from countries formerly under the thumb of the Soviet Union.

These lousy politicians think that posting a flag and pressing "like" on stuff will save people from shelling.

EPO Rating Cartoon

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