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The Latest EPO Greenwashing Spin is Truly a Hoot

Video download link | md5sum 9832b7a044c4d189e0853bea9e430b26 EPO Lowers the Bar, Compensates With Greenwashing Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The EPO is making the services worse (whilst increasing the fees); to compensate for the removal of traditional processes that don't require a computer or electric sockets the EPO resorts to Public Relations and doublespeak

Greenwashing is a frequently-practised ritual of the EPO's management. They casually drop terms like "sustainability" or "renewable" to cover up the EPO's misconduct. The practice is so frequent that we've quit covering the issue as often as it turns up, again and again and again...

Green vehiclesThis latest example of it (warning: link), which is only hours old, did merit a comment. The EPO keeps presenting itself as a champion of the environment, usually for granting monopolies on things that can save the planet (hence limiting the availability of certain technologies).

The EPO is generally full of patent examiners with a scientific background, so these puff pieces with lots of euphemisms inside them probably don't fool the examiners. But the target audience of these puff pieces isn't the examiners. The managers cannot manipulate minds that aren't gullible. They just try to keep politicians and regulators off their backs.

Green parking
A parking slot reserved for cars that send their emissions to the power plants

Credit to MinceR for those photos (original source unknown)

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