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Effectively Responding to Fake News in the Age of Corrupt EPO Management, Controlled by Team UPC/Litigation Lobby

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Summary: We've decided to make extensive use of Flameshot (GPLv3-licensed) to efficiently rebut the endless lies from patent maximalists and spinners of the EPO

THE amount and the frequency of fake news about the EPO grew during the term of António Campinos. Publishers dare not criticise him, unlike Benoît Battistelli. But why? He has been no better than Battistelli, based on EPO staff representatives. On a technical and legal basis they're the same. From an EPC perspective, both routinely violated the EPC and sought to grant European software patents (to fake 'growth' or 'production').

"As if no person in the world exists other than staff of patent litigation giants."At the same time we also see no journalism at all about the UPC. Instead we see never-ending propaganda composed by litigation firms, sponsored by litigation firms, or quoting litigation firms. As if no person in the world exists other than staff of patent litigation giants.

The above video shows the latest approach we're adopting in an effort to tackle or at least respond to this problem. I show the process of leveraging Flameshot to produce the following:

A Long Courtship For Unity – As Europe’s Unitary Patent System Is Going Live Soon, Consultations About A Unitary Supplementary Protection Certificate Gain Momentum - JD Supra:  They want us to think so; MoFo is FALSE; SPCs ARE NOT RELATED, Unitary Supplementary Protection is not UPC

After recording the video I did 4 more. It only took about 10 minutes:

EU Unified Patent Court Spurs Delight And Fear For Experts by Law360: Whose delight? And why?

CBA Studio Legale's Mattia Dalla Costa: Unitary Patent Court: It is Time. You said the same in 2012.

Patent profiteer Marisol Cardoso: Loaded and false statement 'The Unitary Patent Era Is About To Begin: What To Expect?'

Illegal:  Unified Patent Jurisdiction and Unitary Patent finally in the starting blocks! You have said this for over 10 years; Conflict of interest from profiteers

The lies from Team UPC won't stop. We'll be showing some more in the coming few days.

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