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Twitter is Not as Important as the Media Wants Us to Believe

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Summary: Twitter tells me that more than a month after I left entirely the number of so-called 'impressions' suddenly quadrupled (or more); this might suggest doctoring by Twitter (which wants to inflate its perceived value) as valuations are now discussed, more so amid a potential takeover -- a reportedly hostile acquisition assured to doom the platform (millions of people won't invest time in one-man cults)

THE social control media platform known as Twitter is overhyped and unhealthy (by design). It's unhealthy to any functioning society because it seeks to increase polarity. That's just how Twitter drives up engagement (their word) and sells advertisements.

Twitter has over the years turned a blind eye to a lot of abuse; not abuse in the speech sense but gaming of the platform (like selling fake "followers" to people). Twitter benefits from a false perception of scale. Facebook did the same thing and they both got sued for it (Twitter even settled and paid out a lot of money).

In the video above I wanted to share something that I noticed last week. Amid talks about the somewhat remote possibility of Twitter becoming just "Musk Social" it seems like Twitter is inflating so-called 'impression' counts. It did this years ago, so why not again?

"We reckon that the social control media bubble will burst faster than anyone has ever imagined."As I stressed earlier this year and last year, Twitter grew increasingly irrelevant for a number of years. Like Facebook, they've long abstained from admitting it. Twitter now boosts (promotes tweets of) celebrities and politicians. Like Gulag with GulagTube, Twitter reckons it can make more money by imitating mainstream media and broadcast television. This won't end well; sooner or later users realise they're being conned and this is why there's currently a lot of dissent among longtime GulagTubers. They've turned to shilling ("influencing") and some are being banned for it. See, only "authorised" celebrities and brands are permitted to do this.

We reckon that the social control media bubble will burst faster than anyone has ever imagined. This bubble is based on the false assumption that one must participate in social control media to get noticed (or get canceled!) and this delusion will evaporate faster than anyone thought possible. Watch what happened to Spotify earlier this year.

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