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Sustainability of Crime at the European Patent Office (EPO), Europe's Second-Largest Institution

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Summary: The Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation has voted for corruption; it wants violations of the law to carry on for several more years and it all boils down to money (they get paid more if they support breaches of laws, constitutions, and treaties)

THE EPO has doubled down on the existing corruption and mismanagement and having just written a quick post to take note of it I decided to do a quick video, which ended up longer than expected.

The EPO published many buzzwords today (extensive catalogue of meaningless terms, including the word "Sustainability" or "Sustainable" mentioned nearly a dozen times*) to hide the fact that António Campinos failed to achieve peace with staff and is constantly breaking the law (to facilitate assaults on the staff and promotion of illegal software patents).

"Campinos should have never been in positions of power..."This is the sort of thing that inevitably happens when the wrong people are put in charge**. Campinos should have never been in positions of power; he is unqualified, so what does he care, bagging more money by doing a job he is clearly unable to do?

Unless of course the goal of this job is a demolition or handover to the litigation lobby**. As an unprofessional liar, Campinos fits the bill. He's easier to control as a misfit in his position, just like Jim Zemlin at the Linux Foundation.

""Dental" bribes? Campinos can do even better than that!"Suffice to say, delegates failed to do their job. No wonder, according to staff survey, nobody trusts what they say. They're seen as complicit.

"Dental" bribes? Campinos can do even better than that! Since there's no oversight, he won't be prosecuted for it. So he bought himself another term. So what? Who will hold him accountable for it? _______ * This shameless greenwashing (warning: link) of crime gives a bad name to climate activism. Corporations have hijacked the vocabulary of Earth justice. This harms the activists. ** As someone put it earlier this week: "The EPO needs a 1960s or 70s manager. Someone who grew through the organisation and knows the work being done. An engineer/chemist/scientist, not an MBA, nor a politician. But that is true for most companies and organisations…"

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