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Microsoft Layoffs Are Huge and Engaging With Microsoft Lowers Your Employment Prospects

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Summary: Microsoft is where people's careers end (even if they delude themselves otherwise); it seems poetic that LinkedIn is dying, having become little but a massive waste of money and a liability

THE video above goes through this morning's article by Ryan, which is shown using Lagrange in Debian (instead of Kristall in KDE Neon as previously planned).

People are fooling themselves if they think LinkedIn truly improves employment/business prospects, just as many still think that Facebook will improve a true (not virtual) social life. Addictive gamification can mislead oneself about one's objective progress.

"Microsoft is attacking GNU/Linux because Windows is a "burning platform" (to use Elop's term) and many Microsoft products/services are worthless, declining things (some were merely acquired by Microsoft when they were on a high)."The video then speaks about Microsoft's deep problems, which the media helps Microsoft hide. Earlier this year I spoke to people close to Microsoft about the layoffs (before the media said anything). They also knew about the hiring freeze about a month before mass layoffs (about 10% of all staff) were announced and then distracted from (false reports that only 1% were impacted were quickly spread by Microsoft's media assets or "moles" in key publishers).

Microsoft is attacking GNU/Linux because Windows is a "burning platform" (to use Elop's term) and many Microsoft products/services are worthless, declining things (some were merely acquired by Microsoft when they were on a high). People who swim close to the Microsoft shark only gain useless, outdated skills; that won't lead to any employment or any good employment. Microsoft is dying in the server space already (an irreversible trend as we've just noted in a previous video/article) and on the desktop/laptop/client side -- mobile included -- Microsoft lost more than half of its relative share in less than a decade.

"It is important to note that the kind of people who would work at Microsoft would not be advantageous for others to hire," an associate reminds us today, as "they'd fail on both technical skills and, especially, ethics."

"Furthermore they appear to prioritize loyalty to Microsoft as a movement over even the survival of their new paymasters. In effect they remain employed by Microsoft but with another company paying the paychecks instead."

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