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Microsoft Firing 10%, Not 1%, of Staff (Microsoft Lies to the Media, Figures One Order of Magnitude Off)

Summary: Microsoft's loyal servants in the media jumped onboard and leaped into "damage control" mode (PR as "media") with this fictional "reality" where only a "small percentage" of staff gets laid off (those talking points come from Microsoft's media operatives, who have lied for the company for well over a decade)

THINGS at Microsoft are a lot worse than the corporate ("mainstream" or "tech") media wants you to know.

As noted several weeks ago: "Microsoft announced that it would lay off 18,000 employees over the next year. This includes 12,500 in the company’s sales, marketing, and engineering divisions. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella cites a “more streamlined” organization as the reasoning behind this move. [...] Microsoft says that they will be laying off 18,000 employees over the next 12 months. However, they will not be going into further details about who will or won’t be affected by these layoffs. The company says that it is taking this step to make itself “more agile and move faster”. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has stated that the layoffs are a part of a plan to transform Microsoft from a P.C. software company to a cloud-first company."

"There are whistleblowers who fear that speaking out would endanger a severance package whilst inflation soars"This "clown-first company" rhetoric is old, meaningless, and shallow. It doesn't even mean anything. Azure itself has had layoffs. It's not growing, it's just that more stuff gets rebranded as "Azure" to fake ongoing momentum-building.

Quite a few groups are being scuttled entirely, and now there's one more getting named: "Yep MLX org consisting of 300+ folks was fully eliminated."

Stay tuned. Surely more units are being shut down. We just don't know the names yet. There are whistleblowers who fear that speaking out would endanger a severance package whilst inflation soars.

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